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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 3/13/08 - Canada; Friday 3/14/08 - U.S.A.

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Hope: He's getting weaker by the minute. I don't know how much longer he's gonna last.

Steve: He'll last as long as he has to. I know Bo. He's not gonna give up. You can't give up on him, either.

Hope: You and Shawn said he was making preparations.

Steve: Well, he's just making sure he's got everything covered. That's normal. Hope, Shawn and I both told him not to think so negative. Now, you can't start thinking that way, either.

Hope: Oh, you don't need to give me a pep talk. Bo and I have been to hell and back. We're gonna make it through this.

Steve: There you go. That's the ticket. You know, things aren't real until they happen. And right now, Bo is alive. He's fighting. You hold on to that.

Hope: I am.

Steve: You know I'm right here with you. I'm not going anywhere. Neither is Bo.

Kayla: We have a compatible donor.

Shawn D.: Thank God. Who is it?

Kayla: Do you think that you could come back to the lab with me for a minute?

Shawn D.: Yeah, sure.

Belle: What's going on?

Kayla: I just need to spend some time with Shawn.

Belle: Is it bad news?

Kayla: No, no, it's good.

Shawn D.: Should my Mom hear it, too?

Kayla: Actually, I'd really like to speak with you alone first, if that's all right.

Shawn D.: Yeah, okay, sure. I'll be right back.

Victor: Caroline, you shouldn't be out here alone.

Caroline: Oh. I was on my way to the hospital, and...the thought of actually losing Bo just hit me. I just kind of stopped. [Sighs]

Victor: I know this is an incredibly difficult time for you. I mean, going through all of this with Bo so soon after losing Shawn.

Caroline: [Sobbing] I can't lose Bo.

Victor: We won't lose him, Caroline.

Caroline: Do you really think if we find a donor that your friend Dr. Jonas is capable of saving Bo?

Victor: Well, I won't lie to you. We both know it's a very risky and very experimental procedure. But I do know Daniel, and I know that he'll do his very best.

Caroline: Maybe his best is not enough. Is that what you're saying?

Lexie: Okay, they paged the anesthesiologists. They're on their way. The OR's have been reserved, prep and assist teams assembled. The blood is being brought up from the blood bank, along with the diathermy equipment you requested.

Daniel: I still want to review your checklist for the donor.

Lexie: You want me to look for peritoneal adhesions before attempting to remove the section.

Daniel: Yes, and I will be doing the same. If everything is not perfect, this transplant can be over before it's started.

Lexie: We have matching blood and tissue type. The haplotype numbers, the antibody screens are compatible. The donor is young and healthy. There's no reason not to anticipate a successful surgery.

Chelsea: Hey, Luke, uh, can I get another one of these, but this time, go easy on the orange juice?

Luke: You got it.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Kate: I have been looking everywhere for you.

Chelsea: You found me.

Kate: Well, it wasn't easy. You turned off your cellphone. You weren't at the hospital. You weren't at the sorority house.

Chelsea: But you managed.

Kate: Yes, I did.

Chelsea: Did it ever occur to you that, I don't know, maybe I don't want to be found?

Kate: I thought that you might want to talk.

Chelsea: No. No, because if I wanted to talk, I wouldn't have turned my phone off.

Kate: Baby, look, I understand how upset you are about what's happening to your dad.

Chelsea: What's happening to my Dad. My Dad is dying. He needs a donor, and they can't find one. Don't you think I checked? Don't you think I called that hospital every half an hour? No news. No donor. No chance. Thank you.

Kate: And getting drunk is going to help how?

Chelsea: Mm, it numbs the pain.

Kate: You're acting like your dad is already buried. He's not dead yet, Chelsea.

Chelsea: No...but he will be, thanks to me. Because I am Chelsea Benson Brady, otherwise known as the kiss of death.

Kate: I can't believe you're acting like this.

Chelsea: Like what? I'm just being honest.

Kate: No, you're being ridiculous.

Chelsea: I don't think so.

Kate: You're getting drunk.

Chelsea: "-Er" -- drunker. I'm getting drunker, and you are not my Mom.

Kate: No, I'm not your mom, but I am your grandmother, and I am telling you to stop this nonsense and go and be there for your family.

Chelsea: Why? Why? So more of them can get sick and die? I'm a jinx, Grandma.

Kate: Chelsea, you are no such thing. That is a ridiculous, ridiculous idea.

Chelsea: It's not ridiculous if it's true. Think about it. Everybody that my life touches dies. There's my adoptive parents. There's Zack. Ford Decker. Grandpa Shawn. And now...my Dad.

Kate: Okay, that is enough.

Chelsea: That was really helping.

Kate: No, no, I don't think so.

Chelsea: What if -- what if I was the person that died, you know, and I just broke the curse? What do you think about that?

Kate: I think that that is the booze talking, and I think that you don't really believe that.

Chelsea: I do, though.

Kate: Honey, come on. I'm gonna take you home, and I'm gonna sober you up, and then we're gonna go see your dad.

Chelsea: Why? Why would you want to do that?

Kate: Because I love you.

Chelsea: Careful, Grandma. If you love me too much, it's not really good for your general, overall health.

Caroline: Do you think the chances are good of getting a donor?

Victor: I think they're better than average.

Caroline: Dr. Jonas told me that even if the operation's successful, Bo's body could reject the transplant.

Victor: Let's just take things one at a time, shall we?

Caroline: Yeah. Well, I think the odds would be good for Shawn or Roman. Oh, Kimberly is being tested in L.A., and if she's a match, she'll fly in. She's just frantic about Bo. I wish I could give her good news. Of course, Kayla's pregnant, so she can't even be considered.

Victor: I would have been a viable match, but Daniel wouldn't even consider me because of my heart condition, my age. Told him I'd gladly give my life for my son.

Caroline: Oh, Victor, please. Shawn already did that. Do you think Bo could live with the thought of knowing both his fathers died to save his life?

Victor: Of course not. I never even thought of it that way.

Caroline: Philip...is Bo's biological half brother. Do you think he might be a match?

Victor: Could be. He's being tested. I know he'd be a willing donor if he was a match. We've already talked about it.

Caroline: Oh. Can they operate on him with his disability?

Victor: I asked Daniel about that, and he said other than the fact that he's lost part of his leg, he's perfectly healthy. Listen, we can go on speculating about this all day.

Caroline: Well, whoever it is -- putting themselves at an enormous risk.

Victor: Yes, they are. Why don't we get back and see if there's any news?

Caroline: Right.

Hope: We should have heard something by now. I'm afraid that means they haven't found a compatible donor.

Steve: You know, they would have told us if they came up empty. You know, they're probably just not finished with all their testing.

Hope: Steve.

Steve: And then they probably are looking for some other things.

Hope: They said there weren't any other options at this point.

Steve: Well, what do you think, they're just gonna stand there and do nothing and let him die? Do you think Lexie or Kayla would let that happen? No. Hope, you know, from what Kayla told me about this partial pancreas transplant, it's like an experimental thing. They've got to keep checking and rechecking everything before they go through with it.

Hope: We're running out of time.

Steve: You got to trust that the doctors know what they're doing. Hope, you've been so strong. Now, you wouldn't let Bo give up. I'm not gonna let you give up, either.

Hope: I'm not giving up. I could never do that. I'm just scared. I'm very, very scared.

Steve: I know.

Lexie: Okay, everything's ready. All that's left is to inform the donor and make sure we have their consent.

Daniel: They already signed a form when they agreed to be tested.

Lexie: It's one thing to volunteer for something in theory. Quite another to actually put your life at risk.

Daniel: You think there's a chance they may change their mind.

Lexie: No. No, I don't.

Shawn D.: All right, I'm here. So, what's with all the secrecy? Why don't you just tell me who the donor is? Oh, my God. It's me, isn't it?

Lexie: You're not the donor, Shawn.

Shawn D.: You know I would have done it for my Dad.

Kayla: Of course we do.

Shawn D.: Then who is?

Daniel: We haven't been able to contact them yet, but until we do, we'd rather not say who it is.

Shawn D.: Why all the secrecy?

Kayla: Well, because we all feel until the potential donor is informed, we don't want to tell anybody else.

Daniel: In case they have any last-minute reservations or change their mind about going through with it.

Shawn D.: They can't, not if it might save my Dad's life.

Daniel: You know that they're taking quite a serious risk themselves. They have every right to change their mind here.

Shawn D.: Not if I have any say in it.

Lexie: Shawn, we have no reason to think this person won't agree to be the donor, okay? We just want to inform them first.

Shawn D.: Why haven't you contacted them?

Kayla: Because they're not answering their cellphone, but we're sure that we're gonna locate them soon.

Shawn D.: And what if you can't?

Lexie: Look, everyone who was tested was waiting for the results. We'll find them soon.

Shawn D.: Then you'll be able to go ahead with the transplant and my Dad will be okay, right?

Daniel: We'll do the transplant and hope that it's successful. There's still a chance the pancreas may be rejected. Now, I know it's my mantra here, but one step at a time.

Shawn D.: All right. I understand. So, why did you bring me here?

Kayla: Because we want to tell everyone that we found the donor, but I don't want to upset the family because we haven't found the person yet. But as soon as we do find them, we'll get their consent and the release form signed and then we can start.

Shawn D.: Okay, so, you guys work on finding that donor, and I'll keep everybody from asking too many questions.

Lexie: Voicemail again. This is Dr. Carver. You are a match for Bo. Please call me right away.

Hope: Don't you dare give up on me. You keep fighting. You've got to do some of the work here. Hi.

Bo: Hey. Are you an angel?

Hope: Oh, Brady. Always a comedian. Very funny, very funny.

Steve: Very funny, dude.

Belle: How is he?

Steve: Well, he just woke up. He's kind of weak, but he's awake.

Belle: Good.

Caroline: Have they found a donor yet?

Steve: I haven't heard anything.

Belle: Well, Kayla came up earlier and took Shawn down to the lab.

Victor: Does that mean he's a match?

Belle: I don't know. She didn't say.

Steve: Well, why would she take him down there?

Caroline: Bo isn't going to want Shawn to risk his life.

Belle: I know it's a big risk, but you're not gonna be able to talk Shawn out of it.

Shawn D.: It isn't me. I wish it were, but it isn't.

Caroline: Have they found a compatible donor?

Shawn D.: Yeah, they have, but they can't release a name until the donor signs the proper forms and that might take a little while.

Victor: We don't have time for that. Bo should be getting prepped for surgery.

Shawn D.: I'm sure they will be soon, but for now, things have been put on hold.

Kate: Stop being silly, Chelsea. Your only curse is this stuff you're drinking.

Chelsea: No, it's a blessing in times like these. I'll have another, please.

Kate: No, she won't. She'll have coffee -- strong and black.

Luke: Okay, coming up.

Chelsea: Excuse me, but you can't cut me off.

Luke: Maybe not, but I can. Honey, you're at your limit.

Chelsea: Shows how much you know. I'm not even numb yet. [Chuckles] I want another. What if I -- what if I drank myself to death? And then I could save countless lives in the process.

Kate: Okay, listen to me. I want you to stop this, all right? We're gonna stay here. You're gonna drink that coffee. You're gonna get sober because I don't want your father to see you in this condition.

Chelsea: Yeah, you can't tell me what to do.

Kate: Chelsea, sit down.

Chelsea: Did you just move my stool? 'Cause it's not really funny. I don't want that. I want another drink.

Kate: Okay, listen to me. You're gonna drink this.

Chelsea: I don't want that. Do I look like I need a grandma hovering over me 24/7? I am a grown woman. In fact, I had to grow up too fast. And you -- you are no great giver of advice. Your life is just as messed up as anybody I know, so if you'll excuse me, I need to go someplace that's a little more quiet and a little less populated with overbearing grandmothers.

Kate: Chelsea.

Luke: She still owes me for the drinks.

Daniel: I can't believe you can't find the donor. It's unconscionable. How could they volunteer for something like this, knowing how bad Bo's condition is, and then just simply disappear after being tested?

Lexie: I'm sure there's a good reason.

Daniel: Only if they've been abducted by aliens. Short of that one excuse, there is not one damn decent reason. Because the minute you are tested, you wait by the phone and you stay ready. Otherwise, don't waste my time.

Lexie: They'll be found. I'm sure of it.

Daniel: And if they're not?

Lexie: Well, as you are so fond of saying, doctor, let's just take this one step at a time.

Kayla: It's all right, Shawn. Everybody needs to know. The OR's are ready, and the surgical team is standing by, but we haven't contacted the donor yet. We're looking for them now.

Shawn D.: I'm gonna go call the family, let them know what's going on.

Steve: Is there anything I can do to help?

Kayla: I'll let you know. Right now, I think I need to go fill in Bo and Hope.

Kate: Chelsea? Chelsea! Chelsea? Hey, Nick, it's Kate Roberts. Chelsea hasn't called you, has she? Well, she just ran out of the Cheatin'' Heart a few minutes ago, and -- no, I did try calling her, but her cellphone's turned off. She was, uh, drinking pretty heavily because of her dad. No, no, her car is still in the parking lot. Thank God. Okay, great, yeah. I would really appreciate that. Thanks, Nick.

[Door opens]

Kayla: Are you up for a little more company?

Bo: Sure. Sure. Not that there's anything wrong with the present company.

Hope: Kay, what is it? Oh, my God. Have they found a compatible donor?

Kayla: Yes, we have.

Hope: Oh, my God, Bo. How soon can they do the surgery?

Kayla: Well, Lexie and Dr. Jonas are prepping everything, and the teams are standing by.

Hope: Why can't they just go ahead and do it?

Bo: Hey, take it easy, Fancy Face. I'm sure the doctors know what they're doing.

Steve: You know, it's not like they're taking his tonsils out. This is a complicated thing. I'm sure Dr. Jonas is just making sure all his people know exactly what they're doing.

Kayla: In fact, we've already had a few test rehearsals. Everything has to be perfectly coordinated, but we are on top of this, and I watched Dr. Jonas assemble and brief the team. We are good, and we are ready.

Hope: So, who's the donor?

Caroline: Kayla hasn't told us.

Kayla: You know it's not that I don't want to.

Hope: Then why haven't you? Who's the donor?

Kayla: You see, the problem is that the donor has not been told yet, and it is hospital policy that we don't release any names until they've been officially notified.

Caroline: Well, it has to be somebody in the family, doesn't it?

Kayla: Yes, it is.

Hope: So it really shouldn't be a problem if you tell us first.

Bo: Kay, come on. I got to know who it is.

Kayla: All right. It's Chelsea.

Chelsea: Why does you guys moving back here depend on me?

Bo: Simple -- we'd like you to move in with us.

Chelsea: You want me to move in here, as in this house, your family house?

Bo: Yes, the family house. Hope and I talked about it, and we know that you're working on your relationship with your mom. And we kind of figured you might be more comfortable over here for a little while. Plus, this is where you belong. And you'd be doing me a big favor.

Chelsea: A favor for what?

Bo: Let's sit down. You give me the time to prove to you that I've changed just as much as you have. Um, I haven't really given you a fair shot, and I'm sorry about that. It'll give us a chance to work on this father/daughter relationship.

Chelsea: You're gonna beat this, Dad.

Bo: You bet I will.

Chelsea: No, you will because we're all gonna help you do it. I love you.

Bo: I love you, too, kid.

Kate: If you find her, call me. Thanks. That girl I was with earlier, if she comes back in, keep her here. Call me.

Luke: Yes, ma'am.

Kate: Chelsea, where the hell are you?

Caroline: Chelsea. Of course. It makes perfect sense.

Victor: No one else was close?

Kayla: No one that Dr. Jonas wants to take a risk with.

Bo: I'm not gonna let her do it.

Hope: Excuse me?

Bo: She could die. And if she didn't, she'd have to live the rest of her life with a partial pancreas. I'm not gonna let her do it.

Hope: Bo, we've discussed this.

Caroline: Listen to your wife, Bo. If you don't do this...

Steve: If you don't do it, you'll die, man.

Bo: Yeah, and I'll know that my family is well taken care of.

Steve: Well, if you do this, you'll be able to take care of them yourself. Don't you think they'd prefer that?

Bo: How great is the risk to Chelsea?

Daniel: Not as great as the risk to you. Is there a problem?

Caroline: My stubborn son has just found out that the donor is his daughter, and he doesn't want her to risk her life.

Daniel: Well, I completely understand. The problem is, Bo, it's not your decision. Chelsea's of age. She had herself tested, knowing full well what the implications were if she was a match. She agreed to the transplant, and you really have nothing to say about it.

Bo: Actually, I do. I'm refusing to go through with the operation.

Hope: Brady, you can't.

Bo: I just did.

Daniel: Release the teams and open up the OR's for the next surgery.

Hope: No, wait. What the hell do you think you're doing?

Daniel: Nothing. If the patient continues to refuse the operation --

Hope: He's not.

Belle: Bo, Chelsea wanted to do this. She wouldn't have been tested otherwise.

Caroline: If Chelsea were here, you know exactly what she would say, don't you?

Bo: Yeah, I do. That kid doesn't always know what's best for her.

Caroline: Well, you're the perfect example of that right now. And I understand that you don't want to risk your daughter's life, but you have to do this, Bo. You have to do it.

Victor: Bo, listen to your mother.

Hope: And to your wife. Please.

Steve: And your friends.

Daniel: What are you gonna do, Bo?

Bo: Pop gave up his life for me. I will not let my daughter do the same thing.

Caroline: How can you possibly not? Do you think Shawn gave up his life for this, for you to die right after him? Oh, Bo, please. I am your mother, and I'm telling you what you have to do.

Bo: Playing the Ma card, huh?

Caroline: Damn straight I am.

Kayla: She's serious, Bo.

Bo: Yeah. Well, so am I. I'm not letting Chelsea do this, so you all can just save your breath. I'm not gonna change my mind.

Shawn D.: I called everyone, the whole family, let them know what's going on. I even tried to call Chelsea, but she's not answering her phone.

Kayla: Well, you got to keep trying.

Shawn D.: Yeah, I know. We will. She's family, so we got to keep her in the loop.

Kayla: No, it's more than that. We need to find her right away.

Shawn D.: Oh, my God. Are you telling me that Chelsea's the donor?

Kayla: Will you all step outside for a second?

Chelsea: Whoa. That's a lot of voicemails. What if they found a donor for Dad?

[Cellphone vibrating]

Victor: It's a lot more serious than you let on, isn't it?

Lexie: It's imperative that we find Chelsea as fast as we can and get her back here so we can begin the surgery.

Victor: I'll get my men right on it.

Steve: I'll do a top to bottom of the hospital. She might still be here with her cellphone off.

Shawn D.: We'll cruise around, check out some of the places she hangs out.

Caroline: Do you really think she left here?

Shawn D.: She was going crazy waiting around, so she just might have. I just wish like hell she would have told us where she was going.

Victor: We have to find her.

Kayla: Call the minute you do.

Steve: How long can Bo last without the surgery?

Kayla: Not too much longer.

Daniel: Except for your failing pancreas, you're in pretty good shape.

Bo: Are you trying to be funny?

Daniel: Not at all. You're strong, relatively good health. All that improves your chances for getting through the surgery and making a fast recovery.

Bo: But the issue is whether my body accepts the transplant, provided we find that donor, that is.

Daniel: What are you talking about? It's Chelsea. You and she are as close a match as I have ever seen.

Bo: No. I'm not gonna put my daughter through that. It's too risky.

Hope: She wants to do this. She's not going to understand why you won't let her do it.

Bo: Well, then, I'll just have to talk to her. Explain myself to her.

Shawn D.: Excuse me. Has Chelsea Brady been in here?

Luke: I'm sorry. Who?

Shawn D.: Short, brown hair, big brown eyes.

Luke: Oh, yeah, she was in here. She got pretty drunk.

Shawn D.: How long ago did she leave?

Luke: Probably about a half an hour ago.

Shawn D.: Did she say where she was going?

Luke: No.

Shawn D.: All right, thanks.

Luke: Hey, you know what? The lady she was with might have found her.

Shawn D.: What lady?

Luke: She was older, beautiful. Tried to get your friend to stop drinking. You know what? Gave me her card, told me to call her if Chelsea ever came back.

Shawn D.: She's with Kate.

Kate: Chelsea? Chelsea! Chelsea, answer me! [Cellphone rings] Hello?

Shawn D.: Kate, it's Shawn. Is Chelsea with you?

Kate: No, no, she was at the Cheatin'' Heart getting drunk I'm afraid.

Shawn D.: Yeah, I know. That's where Belle and I are now.

Kate: Look, she's upset about her dad. I tried to get her to stop drinking. She took off, but at least she didn't get into her car.

Shawn D.: We keep trying her cellphone, but she's not answering.

Kate: I know, I know. She has it shut off.

Shawn D.: If you see her, call me right away. It's important. I'll fill you in later.

Kate: Okay, I will. Chelsea! Chelsea!

[Cellphone vibrating]

Shawn D.: Come on. Damn it, Chelsea, answer.

[Vibrating continues]

Steve: Okay, I checked everywhere. Chelsea is not in this hospital.

Kayla: I checked earlier, and I didn't have any luck, either.

Victor: She's not at the pub. She's not at Bo and Hope's.

Caroline: And she's not at the sorority, either.

Victor: Where the hell could she be?

Kayla: I don't know, but we got to pray that she shows up soon.

Hope: Kay, why aren't they prepping Bo for surgery?

Bo: [Grunts]

Chelsea: And it was just like losing my Dad again. I mean, losing Mr. Benson.

Bo: Hey, hey, I know what you meant. And he was your dad. He raised you.

Chelsea: Why do bad things keep happening? What if I lose you, too?

Bo: Hey, hey, I'm not going anywhere.

Chelsea: You can't promise that.

Bo: You're right. I can't. But I can promise that I will do everything in my power to always be here for you.

Chelsea: You really mean that?

Bo: Of course I mean that. You're my flesh and blood just like Shawn and Zack.

Bo: No way are you putting your life on the line for me.

Hope: What is it? Is there a problem?

Kayla: Well, we hope not.

Hope: Tell me, what is it?

Caroline: We can't find Chelsea.

Hope: You can't find -- no. Oh, God, no. This isn't possible.

Steve: Hope, listen, don't freak out. We just started looking for her. She's got to be somewhere.

Kayla: And as soon as we find her, we'll get them both prepped and into surgery.

Hope: I need to be with Bo.

Caroline: I should be there, too.

Steve: Listen, if we all go in there, he'll know something's up.

Kayla: Steve's right. Let's just give this a little more time.

Bo: Is Chelsea on her way up?

Hope: She'll be here soon.

Bo: Good. 'Cause I need to talk to her and let her know that I appreciate the offer, but...I'm not gonna let her put her life on the line for me. [Coughs]

Lexie: Are you absolutely positive none of the others are viable as potential donors?

Daniel: We have some blood and tissue matches, but we don't have anyone with the right hapo numbers.

Lexie: Then Chelsea's it.

Daniel: Yes, she is. So we need to find her soon.

Lexie: If we don't, we'll have to come up with something else. And don't tell me there isn't anything else we can do.

Daniel: I wasn't going to. I'm sure there is. Just haven't figured out what.

[Cellphone vibrating]

Belle: Aren't you gonna leave her another message?

Shawn D.: I've left more messages than I can count. Her cellphone is on because it's ringing before it goes to voicemail. Why isn't she answering? [Cellphone vibrating]

Kate: Oh, my God. Chelsea! Chelsea. Chelsea, wake up. Wake up. Che-- [Vibrating continues] Hello?

Shawn D.: Kate? It's Shawn. Why are you answering Chelsea's cellphone?

Kate: Because I just found her passed out here in the park, and I'm trying to wake her up.

Shawn D.: Where exactly in the park?

Kate: We're in that little area behind the playground.

Shawn D.: All right, don't move. We're on our way.

Kate: Okay. Chelsea. Chelsea, honey, wake up. Do you hear me? Wake up! Chelsea.

Shawn D.: I need to speak to Dr. Jonas, please.

[Telephone rings]

Daniel: Laboratory.

Shawn D.: Dr. Jonas?

Daniel: Yeah.

Shawn D.: It's Shawn. We found Chelsea.

Daniel: They found Chelsea...

Shawn D.: She's at the park behind the playground, and she's unconscious. She's with her grandmother, and she told me she's been drinking.

Daniel: All right, thanks. I'm on my way. ...But she's unconscious, and she's been drinking. All right, keep the O.R. and the team on standby, and be prepared to do a blood-alcohol and tox screen for when Chelsea gets here. We may have to do a gastric lavage or possibly a hemodialysis. I mean, what the hell was she thinking? I'll be back. Be ready.

Kate: You must have had a lot more to drink than I thought you did. You're probably gonna be out for the night. When you wake up, you're going to be very sorry you did this. Very sorry.

Lexie: We found Chelsea.

Kayla: Oh.

Steve: Great.

Lexie: Shawn called. Dr. Jonas went to get her.

Steve: So, does that mean they can get into surgery as soon as they get here?

Lexie: Maybe not. Chelsea's been drinking.

Kayla: Oh, no.

Lexie: We don't know how drunk she is.

Steve: Why does that matter?

Kayla: Because if there's alcohol in her system, we can't do the surgery.

Lexie: We're keeping the team on standby. We're preparing for a rush detox as soon as she gets here.

Steve: Will that work?

Kayla: It's just a question of whether we can get the alcohol out of her system in time.

Bo: Why hasn't Chelsea been up to see me? What's the holdup?

Caroline: I'm sure Chelsea will be here soon.

Hope: There's something we have to tell you.

Bo: What is it?

Hope: It's about Chelsea. We can't seem to find her.

Bo: Maybe that's God's way of saying she shouldn't go through with this.

Kate: Chelsea, come on, honey. Wake up.

Shawn D.: Kate!

Kate: Over here.

Shawn D.: How is she?

Kate: She's still passed out.

Shawn D.: Wake up, damn it. Chelsea, come on, wake up. Wake up!

Kate: Hey, Shawn, what's with you, okay? Yeah, she's drunk, but given the circumstances, I can almost understand.

Shawn D.: Are you kidding me? This is completely unacceptable.

Kate: You know, I think you're overreacting.

Belle: Shawn, Kate doesn't know.

Shawn D.: Chelsea's a match. She's a donor, and she may be the only person who could save my Dad's life. We got to get her to the hospital and sober her up now. Here you go.

Daniel: All right, call the hospital. You tell them I'm on my way with the donor. We may or may not be able to save Bo's life.

Kate: Oh, my God.

Belle: Chelsea's lost a lot of people in her life.

Hope: Because of her stupidity, she could lose her father as well.

Daniel: My patient's life, your father's life is over.

John: Well, then, my first executive decision is to liquidate Kiriakis shipping.

Philip: There's gonna be a very high price to pay.

John: Yep.

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