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Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 3/12/08 - Canada; Thursday 3/13/08 - U.S.A.

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Hope: Hold on, Brady. You hang in there. Dear Lord, please... don't take him from me.

[Knock on door]

Ava: Yeah. What do you want?

Eddie: The woman in the picture that's talking to Patch...

Ava: Yeah?

Eddie: I don't think that's her.

Ava: Of course it's her.

Eddie: We've been looking into it and think that gal's somebody else.

Ava: Would you look at the picture?

Eddie: Yeah, I saw them.

Ava: Come on, look at her. It's obvious. This is the bitch who stole Patch from me.

Eddie: I don't think so.

Steve: Oh, baby. That was --

Kayla: Nice.

Steve: Yeah.

Kayla: And beautiful.

Steve: Yeah. Beautiful.

Kayla: And you know what? I think it did the trick. Kind of put things in better perspective.

Steve: Well, that's why I brought you here.

Kayla: [Chuckles] Well, thank you. I was just following the doctor's orders.

Steve: That's a pretty good compliment coming from a doctor.

Kayla: [Chuckles] You know what? Hospital.

Steve: Okay. But the next time you need a break, don't fight me. Sometimes you need to step back and catch your breath.

Kayla: Well, if this was meant to catch my breath, you didn't do a very good job.

Steve: Well, you know what I mean.

Kayla: Oh, I do. You know that I do.

Daniel: Okay, what do we have as far as blood-type matches?

Lexie: I've got three potentials.

Daniel: Tissue types?

Lexie: I'm working on it.

Daniel: Well, you need to pick up the pace because it's not like we've got a month or two to do this thing.

Lexie: You don't think I'm working as fast as I can? Bo is one of my best friends. What is he to you, huh? Another check mark on your life/save column?

Daniel: You think that's what this is about? If that was it, I'd walk away from this one, because the odds are sure as hell stacked against me.

Lexie: Us.

Daniel: Us.

Lexie: [Sighs] Okay. I apologize. That was uncalled for.

Daniel: No worries. Let's just work together and save Bo's life.

Lexie: Yeah. Whoa, take a look at this.

Daniel: What do you got?

Kayla: Okay, you can have your shirt back...reluctantly.

Steve: Really? You want to keep that shirt?

Kayla: [Chuckles] Like that, I do.

Steve: Ah, thank you, baby. I always like it when you dress me.

Kayla: [Chuckles]

Steve: Well, that's good. You've had your break.

Kayla: You gonna go back to the hospital, too?

Steve: Yeah. I want to be there in case Bo needs anything.

Kayla: I know it's frustrating for you, too.

Steve: It is. It's hard to see him down like that and I can't do anything about it.

Kayla: I know what you mean.

Steve: But you are doing something, Sweetness. And you know what? You're gonna save his life.

Kayla: I'm gonna try.

Lexie: Look at the histocompatibility antigens.

Daniel: No lymphocyte replication. Did you run a polymerase chain?

Lexie: It's the same.

Daniel: Oh, dude, we are locked on. I mean, that is excellent news, doctor.

Bo: [Breathing shallowly] [Mumbles]

Hope: Shh.

Bo: Hey, Fancy Face.

Hope: Hey, hey, hey. You -- shh, shh. Save your energy.

Bo: Doing that well, am I?

Hope: Take it easy. Shh. Hi, honey. Belle. Hey, look who's here. Hi, sweetheart. Hey, Belle.

Belle: Hi.

Hope: Hi, honey.

Bo: Hey, come on. You can do better than that.

Shawn D.: Come on, get well, Dad.

Bo: Do my damnedest.

Shawn D.: Look, you're gonna make it.

Bo: That's the plan. Belle.

Belle: Hey. How you doing?

Bo: I need you to do something for me. No matter what...you be there for my son. He loves you an awful lot.

Belle: I'm gonna be there for him, and so will you.

Hope: Yes, you will be. Got a lot of things marked on the calendar for you. For us.

Bo: Oh, yeah? Like what?

Hope: "Like what"? The first is to have you walk out of this place.

Bo: Okay.

Hope: Okay.

Shawn D.: Hey, Claire still needs you to teach her how to skip rocks.

Belle: Mm-hmm.

Kayla: What did you find?

Lexie: Well, of the three blood-type matches we have, one tissue type with the same leukocyte antigens.

Daniel: The haplotype numbers with the patient are 1, 8, 11, 639. What kind of numbers do you got for the donor?

Lexie: I haven't checked that yet.

Daniel: That should have been one of the first things you had checked.

Lexie: Don't do much cross matching, Daniel.

Daniel: I really got my hands full with screening the panel for reactive antibodies. I really can't be holding your hand through all this.

Kayla: You know, Lexie is Chief of Staff. This isn't necessarily her area of expertise.

Daniel: Then I need someone who has expertise.

Lexie: We don't have the time.

Daniel: You got that right. Our patient isn't gonna be waiting around for long.

Kayla: Our patient's name is Bo Brady.

Daniel: I'm sorry, but Bo is in pretty deep guano right now.

Lexie: Daniel, why don't you get back to the P.A.R., okay? Kayla and I will check the haplotype numbers.

Daniel: I think that's a good idea, 'cause we are getting close.

Ava: Do you have any idea what to think about anything?

Eddie: Yeah, sure I do, and I don't think the one that's in the picture's the one you're looking for.

Ava: You have no clue what you're saying.

Eddie: George and me checked it out.

Ava: Oh, yeah? You and George checked it out? Well, you and George wouldn't know two people in love if it bit you on the butt. This bitch -- look at her. Look at how she's holding Patch. I'm talking about body language here, the interplay between two people. They're not just hugging each other. They're holding each other. So why don't you just go on out, fiddle with your little computer, and don't come back in here until you can tell me that I'm right?

Eddie: All right. I'm just gonna find out what I already know.

Ava: This is her. Look at her. Look at the way that Patch is holding her.

Eddie: Yeah.

Ava: He used to hold me just like this. So tight. So tight that I never wanted him to let me go. And someday he's gonna hold me like that again.

Eddie: All right.

Steve: Hey, Beauregard.

Hope: Hi, Steve.

Steve: How's it going, man?

Bo: Never better.

Steve: Oh, I can see that.

Hope: Look at him. He's a mess. And on top of it all, he's really stubborn.

Steve: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Makes it sound like he's almost ready to give up.

Steve: Oh.

Hope: But that's not gonna happen, is it?

Bo: No. Never gonna give up, no.

Steve: I won't let him give up.

Hope: No. No, I won't.

Bo: Could I talk to Steve for a minute?

Belle: Oh, yeah. Bye.

Bo: Bye. Hey, kid.

Hope: Don't let this guy make you think he's leaving us.

Steve: Not a chance. So, what's on your mind, bro?

Hope: He's gonna be fine. He is.

Shawn D.: Yeah, he will be.

Belle: He just looks weak because of the medication.

Hope: Definitely. He's been in a lot of pain.

Shawn D.: Yeah, that's what I thought.

Belle: What did the doctor say?

Hope: The doctors don't say much of anything.

Shawn D.: Even Aunt Kayla?

Hope: Even Aunt Kayla.

Shawn D.: What about the new doctor?

Hope: He just keeps reminding us that this procedure is experimental.

Belle: He's gonna pull through.

Bo: Listen, man, if I don't pull through --

Steve: Hey, man, you know what? If you keep talking that garbage, I will walk out the door.

Bo: Come on. We've been friends an awful long time. Been through a hell of a lot together.

Steve: Yeah, we have. And we're gonna go through this together. I'm here for you, man.

Bo: Yeah, well, I need you to be here for Hope.

Steve: Well, that goes without saying.

Bo: She's a strong woman.

Steve: No doubt.

Bo: This is gonna test her limits.

Steve: I hear you.

Bo: So...what do you say? Can we talk man to man here? No threats of you walking out the door?

Steve: Sure, go ahead.

Bo: This operation... it's, uh, it's not a sure thing. I talked to Dr. Jonas. He really knows what he's doing.

Steve: Yeah, so I've heard.

Bo: And he said that there's a very good chance...that I'm not gonna make it through this.

Steve: Well, you know, he may be a good doctor, but he doesn't know you like I do.

Bo: Yeah, well...he knows that this procedure...is iffy. So I'm asking you...my best friend...that if I don't make it, that you'll be there for Hope and the kids.

Steve: I'll do whatever you ask.

Bo: I'm not asking you to take care of her. She can take care of herself. She'll...sh-- she'll get through this... no matter how hard it hits her.

Steve: It's gonna hit us all hard.

Bo: She will be strong...for the kids and the family, but... she's gonna need a shoulder.

Steve: Okay. Mine...is there for anyone in your family. But I still say you're jumping the gun. This is not a done deal.

Bo: Yeah. Yeah...you got that right.

[Door opens]

Ava: Look at her. Look at that smug expression on her face. She thinks she's something? She's nothing.

Eddie: Well, I did a little research on the web like you asked, and that's not her.

Ava: Oh. You did a little research, huh? Did you do it right?

Eddie: Yeah.

Ava: Okay, so, if the web said that I was the Princess of Borneo, you'd believe it?

Eddie: I know you're not the Princess of Borneo.

Ava: Because you know me, right?

Eddie: That's right.

Ava: Yeah. And I know Patch, and this is the woman he married.

Eddie: The blonde one. That's the one you want.

Ava: What happened in Ireland?

Eddie: Which part?

Ava: The part where you were supposed to disable the plane.

Eddie: We did.

Ava: You were supposed to disable it so it wouldn't take off, not disable it so it would crash.

Eddie: Well, maybe the pilots didn't check the plane good enough.

Ava: They didn't see anything was wrong because you didn't do the job right.

Eddie: We did it. It just didn't break till they was flying.

Ava: Okay, you don't understand, do you? Look, I had it all planned out. The plane was supposed to stay on the ground, everybody was supposed to get off, and then I would have had a chance to talk to Patch.

Eddie: You could have talked to him when he got off at the airport.

Ava: No, I couldn't have. They were getting ready to taxi. There were people all around. It really wasn't conducive to have a little, sweet one-on-one with him, now, was it?

Eddie: They wouldn't have taken off without him.

Ava: Yes, they would have. They were getting ready to, and then he would have been mad at me and blame me for missing the plane. How would that have helped me? Huh? He would have been furious with me. I needed to talk to him alone when he was calm and he was composed. You don't know him like I do. He's got a temper, and he doesn't like to be forced into doing something he doesn't want to do. Look, I have to set the mood. It has to be just right so I can sweet-talk him just the way that I used to. And in order to do that, I have to get him away from his wife.

[Door opens]

Hope: What did he say?

Steve: He's just worried about you.

Hope: But he wasn't talking about giving up, was he?

Steve: No, no, no. He just wants me to lend you a shoulder during all this.

Hope: Thank you. Thank you. Thanks, Steve.

Ava: Don't you dare tell me who you think is and isn't Patch's wife. What, you think I don't know him? Look at her. She's so much more like me than any of the others. And besides, I saw them together.

Eddie: Well, I still think it's this one.

Ava: Yeah, what do you know? You're an idiot. You made the plane crash. He could have died before I ever got to talk to him.

Eddie: You know what? I don't need this.

Ava: You work for me.

Eddie: No, I work for your father. And I've been going behind his back to help you out 'cause I care about you, Ava. You're family. I seen you grow up. Damn, I took care of you when you was little.

Ava: Oh, and you think you're taking care of me now again by being incompetent?

Eddie: No. I did it 'cause I hated what that Patch guy did to you. He broke your heart, and I wanted to see him pay. But I wasn't out to kill him.

Ava: What? You nearly did kill him.

Eddie: Oh, forget it. I don't need this.

Ava: Just go ahead. Get out of here. See ya.

Eddie: You know what? Ever since you've been messed up in the head, I've been feeling kind of sorry for you, but not anymore.

Ava: I am not messed up in the head! Get out!

Kayla: There you go.

Lexie: Got it.

Kayla: Oh, we have a good percentage.

Daniel: Yeah? Look at that. That is tight. I mean, excellent. Good job. Okay, we're almost there. Let me finish the antibody screening and hopefully we can move on.

Steve: Hey, Shawny, your dad wants to talk to you.

Shawn D.: All right.

Shawn D.: You wanted to talk to me, Dad?

Bo: Yeah. Sit down. [Coughs] The women of this family are tough.

Shawn D.: Yeah, that's no secret.

Bo: Yeah. Your mom doesn't take anything from anyone.

Shawn D.: No, she doesn't.

Bo: And Chelsea isn't her daughter, but she very well could be.

Shawn D.: Dad, why are you telling me this?

Bo: Claire. She's gonna be a handful. I can see it in her. She's got that Brady spirit.

Shawn D.: Yeah, she does.

Bo: Yeah, just stands to reason that Ciara's gonna be a spitfire.

Shawn D.: Yeah, no doubt.

Bo: So...never underestimate them.

Shawn D.: Believe me, I won't. Now, why are you telling me this?

Bo: 'Cause it's important to be strong for even the strongest of women.

Shawn D.: You always have been.

Bo: Yeah. Well, you've got to be, too... when you become man of this family.

Shawn D.: Come on, dad. That's not gonna happen for a long time.

Bo: Well...it may be sooner than you think. So, tell me -- are you gonna be there for your mom?

Hope: Steve.

Steve: What?

Hope: You still haven't told me -- why did Bo want to see Shawn alone?

Steve: He didn't say. He just told me to send him in there.

Belle: Bo doesn't think he's gonna make it, does he?

Steve: I don't know what he thinks.

Hope: I find that very odd. You were in there for quite a while with him. What were you two really talking about in there?

Shawn D.: Come on, Dad. You know that I'll always be there for Mom.

Bo: That's all I wanted to hear.

Shawn D.: But so will you.

Bo: I can't pretend nothing's wrong.

Shawn D.: Look, I'm not pretending. I truly believe that you are gonna walk out of this place on your own.

Bo: Yeah. There is that chance.

Shawn D.: Look, Dad, I'm not gonna promise to be the man of the family tomorrow 'cause you're gonna die. 'Cause that's not gonna happen.

Bo: Can't be sure of that, son.

Shawn D.: Yes, I can. You are way too strong to give up on your family. Besides, do you want Belle and Claire and me to have to stick around Salem and not be able to experience the things that we got to when I was little?

Bo: What are you talking about?

Shawn D.: Belle and I agreed that we would take our family and we'd sail around the world together -- the same way that you, Mom, and I did when I was little. And we can't do that if we have to stay here.

Hope: I know exactly what Bo has to be talking to Shawn about. I'm not letting him quit. Steven, I am not letting him quit.

Belle: Hope, Shawn is a Brady and a Horton. It's a tough combination. He can handle his dad.

Steve: Why don't you just let the two of them talk, Hope?

Bo: So, you're gonna guilt me into not dying?

Shawn D.: Whatever it takes. If you die, then my family doesn't get to experience the things that we got to when I was little.

Bo: So, you want me to pull through so you can go sailing?

Shawn D.: Come on, Dad. How do you think it makes me feel for you to tell me to prepare to be the man of the family because you're gonna die, because you're giving up? You're being selfish.

Bo: I'm getting a lecture now, huh?

Shawn D.: Look, I'm all out of cards to play here. I know you, and the last person that you think about is yourself, but you are both the most selfless and selfish person I know.

Bo: Mind telling me what you're talking about?

Shawn D.: I'm talking about how you are so much like Grandpa Shawn was. How do you think that he would have been able to live with himself if he would have taken that oxygen and watched you die?

Bo: This is very different, son.

Shawn D.: You're right. It is. He did what he did for you, his son. Do you think if there was enough oxygen on that plane that he would have taken that mask off?

Bo: You think that's what I'm doing?

Shawn D.: Look, I know you always think of yourself last. But come on, Dad, think of Mom, think of Chelsea, think of Claire, especially think about Ciara who's hardly got to spend any time with her own dad. You know, if I have to make this about me, too, then I will. Think about me and all of the people who love you. How do you think that Grandma Caroline's gonna handle this? She just lost her husband, her lifelong partner, and now she's gonna lose her son?

Bo: Shawn...I don't want to die. Look at me. Believe me, I don't.

Shawn D.: Then don't, Dad. Then you fight. You've got it in you. I can see it in your eyes.

Bo: I'm sorry, son. There are some fights you just can't win.

Belle: I'm gonna go get us some tea, okay?

Hope: You and I both know what Bo's talking to Shawn about.

Steve: Whatever he's talking to Shawn about is between a father and a son.

[Door unlocks, opens] [Door closes]

George: What's up with Eddie?

Ava: I don't know. Why?

George: He's ticked off. He just walked past me and said he quit.

Ava: Maybe he's having a bad day.

George: Obviously he's having a bad day now.

Ava: Look, I'm sorry that Eddie quit, all right? But mostly because now I have to ask you to do a favor for me.

George: No can do. Your father gave me orders, and he's my boss. No newspapers, no computers, and no sneaking out behind me. [Door closes] [Indistinct conversation]

Kayla: And that one. I'll do this one. You do that one.

Daniel: Oh, yeah, baby.

Lexie: The antibody screen?

Kayla: Did you find a viable match?

Daniel: The answer is... let's get him prepped and into surgery.

Shawn D.: Maybe it's not possible to win every fight, but you are gonna win this one.

Bo: We'll see.

Shawn D.: No, Dad. There is no "we'll see."

Bo: Is this more of your motivational speech?

Shawn D.: Come on, how do you think this looks to everyone who loves you, that you're just gonna roll over? That's not the man that I know.

Bo: Shawn.

Shawn D.: What?

Bo: Come here. I'm tired... physically...emotionally... mentally. I'm sorry, son. I got no more fight left in me. It's...taken every ounce of strength to tell you what I have.

Shawn D.: All right, Dad. Then don't tell me any more. You save your strength and get some rest, all right?

Bo: I'm trying. Believe me.

Shawn D.: You just hang in there. You know, Lexie, Kayla, and Dr. Jonas are gonna find a way to help you. Just hold on.

Bo: I'm trying.

Hope: Shawn. What did your dad say?

Shawn D.: Look, he just wanted to talk.

Belle: That was not just a talk. He called you in there for something.

Shawn D.: Well, we talked about a lot of stuff.

Hope: Did you talk about him getting better?

Shawn D.: I told him he needed to fight.

Belle: We've all told him that.

Shawn D.: I told him that there's a lot of people who love and --

Hope: I didn't ask you what you said, honey. I asked you what did he say.

Shawn D.: I told him not to be selfish and that he had to fight.

Hope: Shawn, please. Answer me.

Shawn D.: He just --

Steve: Hope. You know, Shawn doesn't want to tell you what he talked about with his dad, and I can't tell you what Bo said to me. But I'll tell you this -- he said...he needs to make arrangements.

[Door opens]

Ava: George [Chuckles] Oh, I'm so glad you're back. You know what? I was beginning to think that you might be mad at me. Look, I really hope that Eddie didn't give you the wrong impression. You know, we just had a little tiff, and I may have said something to hurt his feelings, but, you know, I didn't mean it and that I'm really sorry about it. But I'm glad you're back 'cause now we can get back to work.

George: I'm just here to tell you it's time for your therapy session.

Ava: Goody.

George: I'll go get him.

Daniel: We need to get two teams together for surgery. We need a nonspecific protease inhibitor, preferably aprotinin. Who are your two best anesthesiologists?

Kayla: I think Lee and Richter are for sure.

Daniel: Then I want Lee and Richter. Look, I know you both have credentials, but being family and all, I really don't need you breathing down my neck here, so if you guys could just step to the side.

Kayla: Well, I'd really like to stay with Bo if that's all right with Dr. Carver.

Lexie: Certainly, and I will handle the donor.

Daniel: Okay. Get me your four top residents. I'll have them cover assisting prep, but we need to get moving already. So let's rock.

Lexie: Do you want to tell Bo and Hope?

Kayla: Of course.

Daniel: You know, I don't want to put a crimp in things, but is our donor still here?

Hope: What do you mean... he's making arrangements?

Steve: He thinks things need to be in place.

Hope: Before what? Before he dies?

Shawn D.: Look, Mom, just please listen.

Hope: Listen to what? To how your father's giving up his will to live?

Shawn D.: Mom, he's sick. He is just trying to make sure he's got all of his bases covered. You know that's how he works.

Steve: Hope, you got to understand, you're his first priority.

Hope: His first priority should be getting well.

Steve: You know what? I agree with you, but you know how stubborn he is, and you know damn well he won't let anybody tell him what to do.

Shawn D.: I even tried to make it about me.

Hope: What do you mean you tried making it about you?

Shawn D.: I told him that Belle, Claire, and I wouldn't be able to sail around the world if he died, that it wasn't about the sacrifice that he was making. It was about the people that he was leaving behind. Mom, I tried everything and nothing was working. He wants to make preparations for us if...

Hope: You're a good son, Shawn. But that father of yours needs some straightening out.

Steve: Shawn, Shawn.

Hope: Don't you dare pull this. I don't want to hear anything about you making arrangements. Do you hear me? You're alive, and you're going to stay that way.

Bo: I just want you to be ready for anything, Fancy Face.

Daniel: So, where's the donor?

Lexie: Most likely in the waiting room.

Daniel: Most likely. Okay, look, if the donor is not out there, will you get someone in your family to look for them? Now, I don't need you up in my grille for being redundant here, but I want to be clear before we get under way. I would prefer to do a partial resection, but I also want the diathermy equipment available. And I know we didn't find any hemophilic reactions, but I'm expecting a peritoneal adhesion. Can you handle that?

Lexie: Absolutely.

Daniel: All right, good. 'Cause as long as we have our donor ready, I can get into the recipient. Now, I'll start with a distal resection, and then we'll do a pathological scan about 1/4 of a centimeter past the incision. Cool?

Lexie: Cool.

Daniel: And since you're handling the donor now, you'll need to check for peritoneal adhesions before I get in there.

Lexie: Right.

Daniel: I do not want to be caught off guard.

Hope: I'm not gonna be caught off guard because you're not going to die. Do you hear me? Shut up, Brady. This isn't a joke. This is a fight. And if there's anyone I would bet on in a fight, it is you.

Bo: Yeah. Well, this opponent's kind of mean.

Hope: Do you have any idea the amount of people who are praying for you? God has to be listening. But the rest, it's up to you, so fight.

Bo: Okay. You're right. I'm gonna beat this thing. Hell...I feel better already.

Hope: Good. They were sorry." -- "I'm very happy that you had something to do with it and you were able to influence them.

Hope: Hang on, Brady. We have to trust Kayla and Lexie and Dr. Jonas. They know what they're doing. But you have to do some of the work. You got to fight back.

Belle: I know how hard this is.

Steve: You do understand what's going on here, right? He thinks he's gonna die. He just wants to make sure things are in order.

Shawn D.: Steve, he's not gonna die. He just wants to make sure that if anything happens, that we'll know how to handle it.

Steve: I didn't say that I think he's gonna die.

Shawn D.: He can't just give up.

Belle: Why don't we try to focus on getting him some help, okay? Something, anything.

Shawn D.: You think I haven't tried? I pretty much begged him. I even tried to make him feel guilty. I know my mom has been giving him some tough love, but it's not working. There's got to be something else we can do.

Steve: How's he doing?

[Knock on door]

Dr. Neusbaum: Hello, Ava. Are we gonna have another one of those sessions? It's okay if you don't want to talk right now.

Ava: Okay, I'd rather talk than listen to you blathering on and on about me.

Dr. Neusbaum: Good. How are you feeling?

Ava: I'm absolutely wonderful.

Dr. Neusbaum: Well, that's great. Then I guess you don't need me anymore.

Ava: No. See ya.

Dr. Neusbaum: Too bad your father's paying me by the hour and not by results.

Ava: Yeah, it's just such a shame.

Dr. Neusbaum: Have you had any dreams lately?

Ava: I don't dream.

Dr. Neusbaum: Not even when you're awake?

Ava: You think that everything I do is a dream, don't you?

Dr. Neusbaum: No. I think that's one of your issues. Can you tell me what happened today?

Ava: Why? No one ever believes me.

Dr. Neusbaum: I believe you.

Ava: Right. Sure you do. You're so into trusting and believing me. I think that's why you tell me I can't differentiate between fantasy and reality. You know what, Dr. Neusbaum? You can take your little theories about my fantasy world...and you can go straight to hell.

Lexie: This is it, Daniel. I can feel it.

Daniel: Don't get your hopes up too high, doctor. This procedure is still in its infancy. Many surgeons don't even believe it works.

Lexie: But it does.

Daniel: Sometimes.

Lexie: It'll work this time.

Daniel: But still. It's still experimental. I'll admit, we're doing better than we used to.

Lexie: Yes, so now we have a chance.

Daniel: He has a better chance. The donor has a better-than-average chance.

Lexie: Daniel, a chance is all we need.

Kayla: Hi.

Shawn D.: Hey. You come up with anything yet? We got to do something fast. He's fading.

Kayla: Um, do you mind if I talk to Shawn alone for a second?

Belle: No, go ahead.

Kayla: I'm sorry.

Belle: That's okay.

Kayla: Where's your mother?

Shawn D.: She's in there with my dad. What's going on?

Kayla: Well, I don't want to say something to everyone quite yet, but we found a compatible donor.

Shawn D.: Well, who is it?

Daniel: I can't believe you can't find the donor.

Lexie: They'll be found.

Daniel: And if they're not?

Kate: He's not dead yet, Chelsea.

Chelsea: No, but he will be, thanks to me.

Shawn D.: What's with all the secrecy? Why don't you just tell me who the donor is? Oh, my God. It's me, isn't it?

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