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Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 3/10/08 - Canada; Tuesday 3/11/08 - U.S.A.

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John: And why exactly are we here?

Marlena: Bo's pancreas is failing, and he could be dying.

John: Well, that explains why you're here. I'm here because?

Marlena: Because you were a close friend of his. And because you're his cousin.

John: I keep forgetting about the Brady part.

Marlena: Maybe because you're so focused on becoming all DiMera.

Steve: Excuse me. We're relatives of Bo Brady. Can you tell us, has there been any change?

Nurse: Not that I know of. You'll have to speak with his physician.

Steve: Right. Baby, why don't you go to Uncle Bo's room and I'll catch up with you?

Stephanie: Okay.

Steve: Hey. What are you doing here? You're supposed to be protecting my wife.

Bo: They're still talking about my condition, aren't they?

Hope: You're quite a puzzle.

Bo: Do I get a gold star for stumping them?

Hope: No. Lexie said that she and Kayla may have found a way to help you.

Bo: Well, what is it?

Hope: I don't know all the details. Actually, I'd rather have them explain every detail to you.

Bo: Come on.

Hope: Just, Brady...I want you to drink your water and try to relax. Drink.

Lexie: No. Uh, would you excuse us for a moment?

Kay: Why wouldn't you at least mention this living-donor transplant procedure right away?

Daniel: I was hoping there would be other options.

Kayla: Why wouldn't you at least mention it?

Daniel: Well, mainly because, odds are, it won't be successful. I've lost as many patients as I've saved. And not only is it relatively new, it's extremely dangerous for the recipient. Oh, and the donor, so I'm a little hesitant to recommend it.

Kayla: But this procedure may be the only thing that saves Bo's life.

Victor: Well, if that's the case, you have to do it.

Max: [Clears throat] Mom.

Caroline: Max, did something happen?

Max: No. No, no, no. I came down here to light a candle for pop and say a prayer for Bo.

Caroline: Oh, well, I was just saying the rosary. Would you like to join me? Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, mother of God...

John: It really bothers you that I have control of DiMera's money, doesn't it?

Marlena: It bothers me that you're so excited about it. Are you coming with me to see Bo and his family or not?

John: I'll be there in a little while.

Marlena: Do you just not care about him at all, is that it?

John: I didn't say that. I don't like hospitals.

Marlena: Oh.

John: So, go on. I'm gonna get some air.

John: Hey, Wingman.

Steve: Now, listen. I'm not paying you to drink coffee. You're supposed to be shadowing my wife.

Man: I am. She's in her brother's room with the other doctors. I got it covered.

Steve: Get in there and don't let her see you.

Man: That's what I was doing here.

Steve: Just go.

Stephanie: So, was he the one who's watching over Mom or the one who's watching over me?

Caroline: Glory be to the father, and the son, and the holy spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be. World without end. Amen.

Max: Amen. Well [Clears throat]

Caroline: Did you close the pub?

Max: Yeah. Uh, everything's all locked up. I wanted to clean up. I didn't clean up. I was thinking I'd do it first thing in the morning. Or maybe, like, right after my community service.

Caroline: It's all right. It'll get done.

Max: I know, but I don't want you to do it. I should have done it before I left, but I wanted to get over here and see if there's anything I needed to do.

Caroline: I'm glad that you're here.

Max: Well, I just want to help.

Caroline: You are. I appreciate it. You're really stepping up, Max. Your father would be very proud of you.

Max: Think so?

Caroline: I know so.

Bo: It can't be good that they don't want to talk in front of us.

Hope: Brady, I'm sure they're just discussing the procedure that Kayla told me about.

Bo: If there was any kind of treatment, they'd already be doing it.

Victor: What is this operation that you're referring to?

Chelsea: Did you really find something that could help my dad?

Daniel: Yes, it's a remote possibility.

Victor: "Remote"? Kayla sounded much more positive.

Daniel: It might be because she wants it to be true.

Kayla: Well, we all do.

Shawn D.: Did you fin something that could help my dad or not?

Daniel: There are always radical procedures one could try. However, I'm not going to get everybody's hopes up about a procedure that just may not be doable.

Victor: I still say if there's any possibility it can help Bo, we have to try it.

Daniel: A-- mm. Okay. Is there somewhere we can go to talk privately?

Lexie: Yeah, of course.

Shawn D.: Why don't you just tell us the truth?

Daniel: I'm not trying to be mysterious or difficult here, okay? I know Bo's life hangs in the balance, and I know you all care very much, but I'm not gonna let your desperation drive me to do something that just might make the situation worse.

Lexie: Excuse us.

Chelsea: Is Dr. Jonas really as good as everybody says he is?

Victor: He is.

Shawn D.: Even if this operation's dangerous, he as to go through with it.

Victor: He has to take all the factors into consideration.

Shawn D.: And while he's doing that, my father could die.

Victor: That's not gonna happen, Shawn.

Philip: Everybody, calm down. We all want the same thing. And that's for Bo to get well.

Shawn D.: You're right. I'm sorry. If he does find a way to save my father's life, it'll be thanks to you, Victor.

Victor: I'd move heaven and earth to save Bo.

Chelsea: Come on, Shawn. I want to go see him.

Philip: You okay? Had a few things I was gonna run by you. Might help get your mind off everything.

Victor: Nothing is gonna do that, Philip. Whatever it is, you handle it. I'm gonna go get some air.

Bo: What did the doctor say?

Shawn D.: Only that they're looking into something that they thought could...

Bo: Save my life. It's okay. Everybody's a avoiding saying it out loud, but it's the truth. I'm doing my damnedest to fight this thing.

Shawn D.: I know you are. I just wish there was something I could do to help you.

Bo: Having my family here -- that helps a lot.

Belle: Well, there's another member of your family here that would like to see you.

Stephanie: Come on, Dad. Is he the guy you hired to watch Mom or me?

Steve: That's your mom's guy. But I don't want you to worry. I told you, it's just a precaution.

Stephanie: I know. I just want you to find this woman.

Steve: I'm gonna find her.

Stephanie: So, um, where's the guy who's watching me? I haven't seen anyone.

Steve: Well, he's a professional. You're not supposed to see him. But if anybody gets too close to you, he'll be all over them like white on rice.

Daniel: I'm not sure this procedure is even an option.

Lexie: Okay, just so we're clear -- we're talking about a partial transplant from a living donor.

Daniel: Exactly.

Kayla: Well, shouldn't we start looking now, then?

Daniel: Bo's family are the most likely donors, but there are considerable risks.

Lexie: Well, there q e always risks with these kinds of procedures.

Daniel: Hell, life's a risk, but in this case, two people could die.

Bo: This is a surprise.

Hope: Well, we thought you'd want to see your little princess here, huh?

Bo: Always.

Belle: She really missed you.

Bo: Thanks, baby. I miss you, too.

Belle: When I picked her up, she was watching Great Grandma and Aunt Maggie bake cookies and watching her favorite movie, of course.

Hope: I bet I know which one. The one we've watched with her probably a thousand times. Is that Daddy?

Bo: I love you, little girl. Little princess.

Belle: Maybe I should take her back to Great Gram's. Come on. You want to go?

Shawn D.: You want me to go with you?

Belle: No, no, you stay here with your dad.

Hope: Go with Aunt Belle.

Belle: Come on. Yay, Ciara.

Bo: Thank you.

Philip: I was wondering if I could have a minute or two with Bo.

Hope: I don't want to leave him.

Bo: No, it's -- it's okay. Um, why don't you go with the kids? You know, grab something to eat, stretch your legs, get some fresh air.

Hope: All right. Be right back.

Bo: You had something you wanted to say to me?

Philip: Yeah. I want you to pull through this, so fight like hell.

Bo: So...we're gonna start acting like brothers now, huh?

Marlena: Any change?

Hope: He's getting weaker by the minute. He's trying so hard to be strong for me. I think I'm losing him.

Marlena: Oh, my gosh, honey. Oh, honey.

Victor: I didn't think there'd be anybody out here.

John: They wouldn't let me smoke inside.

Victor: Yeah, well, you shouldn't be smoking out here, either.

John: Report me. Hand-rolled Cuban. One of DiMera's finest. Would you like one?

Victor: No, thank you.

John: Sorry about what you're going through with your boy. It's a tough break.

Victor: You mean that?

John: I mean everything I say.

Victor: Well, thank you, then.

John: I'm running all of Stefano's business holdings now.

Victor: So I've heard.

John: You and he had an arrangement that was mutually beneficial.

Victor: And?

John: That's all about to change.

Victor: My son may be dying. This is hardly the time or the place to be discussing business.

John: I just thought it was a good time to remember that nothing lasts forever... including the arrangement you and Stefano had regarding the shipyards here in Salem.

Victor: And your point is?

John: He had his way of doing things and I have mine. I've discovered that I'm a quick learner. And one thing I quickly discovered was Stefano wasn't interested in what went in or out of the ports of Salem. But I am. In fact, I've taken a very keen interest.

Victor: If I read between the lines -- which, by the way, is very easy to do in your case -- you're threatening to play hardball with me when it comes to my shipping empire. The question is, why are you giving me a hands-up?

John: Because I'm not my half brother. I'm not duplicitous or manipulative. I just...lay it out there for the whole world to see.

Victor: And that's supposed to intimidate me?

John: Your reaction is not my concern. I'm just saying it like it is.

Philip: Look, Bo... I know we grew up differently... with different sets of parents.

Bo: Yeah. It was more than parents. We had a whole different set of values.

Philip: Yeah. Yeah, we did. But that's because I grew up with our father and you grew up with Shawn. He was a great man, Bo. And so are you.

Bo: Are you saying this because you think I'm dying?

Philip: No, no, I'm not. And I don't think you're gonna die.

Bo: Yeah. Well...if I am, all the money and power and influence in the world isn't gonna stop it.

Philip: Little by little, I'm starting to realize that money and power aren't necessarily the most important things in life. Family -- that's where it's at.

Bo: You don't act like you believe that.

Philip: You're talking about me trying to take Belle away from Shawn, aren't you? I was wrong. I know that. But I really did love her, Bo. So much that I decided to completely back off because I know she's in love with Shawn. I needed you to know that. And I respect Shawn...as much as I respect you. He says what he means. And so do you.

Bo: It's called honesty. You might try it sometime.

Philip: I'll take that under advisement. Get well, Bo. And when you do, you can tell me whenever you think I'm acting like a jerk.

Bo: I'll take it under advisement.

Philip: See that you do.

Hope: Are you all right? Should I call the doctor? Are you okay?

Bo: Yeah, yeah, it's fine. I'm okay.

Philip: I should go.

Bo: Hey, Philip. Thanks.

Philip: Sure.

Bo: I thought you were gonna grab something to eat with the kids.

Hope: Shawn and Chelsea are gonna get me some tea.

Bo: "Tea"? That's not -- you need to eat food.

Hope: "Food"? Brady, when you get out of this place, you and I will go have some real food together.

Bo: So, what's up with the doctors? Are they saying anything? They better hurry up.

Lexie: As chief of staff, I say we should do the transplant if it's our only way of saving Bo, regardless of the risks.

Kayla: I agree.

Daniel: Uh, I'm not on staff here, so you can't make me perform that operation.

Lexie: Are you saying you won't do it?

Kayla: How can you just stand by and let my brother die?

Max: Hey, maybe we should go up and see if we can find out any news.

Caroline: Oh, all right.

Max: Are you okay, Ma?

Caroline: Yes, yes. I was just -- I was asking your father to watch over Bo.

Max: I'm sure he is.

Caroline: We can't lose him, Max. We can't.

Max: No, we won't. We won't. That's not gonna happen.

Caroline: Right.

Max: That's not gonna happen.

Caroline: Yeah.

Stephanie: Hey. Um, my mom's working with Dr. Jonas and Lexie right now.

Caroline: Oh.

Stephanie: I heard that one of the nurses said that there's this new procedure they might be able to try.

Caroline: Well, what are they gonna do?

Stephanie: I don't know, but they're talking about it right now.

Caroline: I see. Then they must have found the cause for his pancreas shutting down.

Stephanie: I'm sorry. I don't know.

Ma : Okay, look, let's all go up, and let's see if we can find anything out. Are you, uh, are you coming?

Stephanie: Yeah, I'll be right there. Please, God...watch over and protect my Uncle Bo... and my mom and dad. Please, God, protect my family.

Daniel: Of course I'm not gonna simply watch my patient die. I just want to make sure everyone's aware of the downside.

Kayla: Well, I'll make sure that everybody knows. And I know Bo. He would choose to take the chance.

Daniel: Of course he will, considering the alternative is almost certain death. Bo is not the only one at risk. So is the donor.

Kayla: Well, I know that everybody who loves Bo would put themselves on the line for him.

Daniel: Providing they're compatible.

Kayla: Well, a blood relative's gonna be a match, right?

Daniel: Assuming they're willing. Look, listen, I just need to warn you guys that there are a number of compatibility and matching criteria that must be met.

Kayla: Okay, so then the sooner that we get everybody together and we start drawing blood, the better, right?

Lexie: Right. So, just so we are agreed, we are going to perform the transplant.

Kayla: Yes.

Daniel: All right. If Bo and Hope agree, then, yes. I'll do it.

Chelsea: So, no news yet?

Philip: No. Nobody's been up since you guys went down to the cafeteria. Hope's just sitting in there. They haven't even spoken.

Chelsea: Well, when you kind of have the same connection they have, you don't really need to speak much. That kind of love is special.

Philip: Yeah. It is. I'm really sorry for what you two are going through.

Shawn D.: I know you are. Thank you.

Belle: Hey. Sorry it took me so long to get back. Maggie said that she did want to come by later, and Alice wants to come, too.

Shawn D.: I don't know if that's such a good idea. I don't know if she can handle this.

Belle: Well, she's really worried.

Philip: We all are.

Caroline: Are the doctors inside with Bo?

Shawn D.: No, it's just my mom.

Caroline: Where are they? Stephanie said that they had a new idea that might help Bo.

Chelsea: They were talking about a few different options, but I don't know what they decided on.

Shawn D.: Or if they decided anything.

Caroline: I'm gonna go see Bo.

Max: I'll go with you.

Shawn D.: So, have you heard anything from your mom?

Stephanie: I haven't had a chance to talk to her, but I know she's working as hard as she can with the other doctors to come up with something.

Caroline: How's my boy?

Bo: Hanging in there, Ma.

Caroline: You just continue to do so. Stephanie said the doctors think they have something to help you.

Hope: They're deciding if it's an option.

Caroline: Well, whatever it is, they should try it.

Max: Hey, is there anything I can get anybody?

Hope: Oh, Max, thanks, but, no, thanks.

Max: All right, I just want to let you know I'm doing everything I can to help out at the pub, and if there's anything you need me to do, you know, to help out Hope, Shawn, or you or anybody, you just let me know. I mean, I'm good at laundry, you know? I think it's all those years on the racing circuit. You know, hitting on those single chicks at the Laundromat.

Hope: Max.

Max: I'm just saying, you go in, you pretend you don't know how much detergent to use or --

Bo: I never thought of a Laundromat as a place to pick up chicks.

Max: Second only to grocery stores, man.

Bo: Oh, I'll keep that in mind.

Hope: You will?

Bo: Sorry. I guess I can't.

Hope: No, you won't.

Caroline: Are you in pain?

Bo: Oh, nah. Only a little bit when I laugh.

Max: Okay, well, I'll shut up, then. Look, you get better, man.

Bo: Yeah. Thanks, Max.

Max: You know, I really don't want to have to do your laundry, so...I'm sorry. I got to go.

Daniel: Suppose I'm the one who should run this by Bo and his wife.

Kayla: Well, I'll go set things up in another lab.

Daniel: Now, you're that certain they agree.

Kayla: Well, Hope already did, and I know that Bo will.

Daniel: No, still. They need to be aware of all the possibilities.

Kayla: Steve.

Steve: Hey.

Kayla: I'll catch up with you guys.

Steve: What's going on?

Kayla: Uh, Dr. Jonas has done a procedure that might be able to save Bo's life.

Steve: Well, that's great. Isn't it?

Kayla: It's a transplant and not only is it risky, but we have to find a live donor and, most likely, that needs to be a blood relative.

Steve: Oh, sweetness. Come on. I mean, I love Bo like a brother. You know that. But you're pregnant. You can't possibly be thinking of being the donor.

John: So, how's Wall Street? Subprime got you out of hedge funds into bon?

Victor: Stefano and I had a deal.

John: Stefano's in a coma.

Victor: Which I'm sure thrilled you no end, especially since he hasn't been treating you very well lately. Oh, yes, I know everything about what Stefano's done to you. Turned you into some sort of a robot. Certainly not the John that my Isabella fell in love with. You would have never behaved the way you behaved here tonight. So, you want to be some sort of mogul, some kind of hotshot? Well, you've got a lot to learn.

John: Well, like said, I'm a quick learner.

Victor: Not quick enough.

Marlena: What did you say to him?

John: Just discussing business. Probably a bad time.

Marlena: You think? His son might be dying.

John: I was trying to distract him.

Marlena: I think you upset him.

John: Apparently I picked the wrong subject.

Marlena: I'm glad you're still here.

John: Did you miss me?

Marlena: I ran into Lexie and Dr. Jonas. They're considering a radical living-donor transplant for Bo.

John: I've already been a living donor when Stefano stole my kidney. Kind of rules me out. Unless, of course, they want to drug me and steal my pancreas, too.

Marlena: I'd like you to come with me. Maybe there's something that we can do to help.

John: Whatever.

Marlena: Well?

John: It's a Cuban. They won't let me smoke this inside. Be a shame to let it go to waste.

Marlena: Relight it later.

Philip: Dad. Did something happen?

Victor: I'll tell you later.

Philip: You can't do that. Tell me now.

Victor: It's John Black. He's gonna be trouble.

Philip: Personally or professionally?

Victor: Both. Listen, I can't deal with this right now, but as soon as Bo is well, you and I have to form a strategy.

Philip: Of course.

Shawn D.: Hey. So, is there any news?

Daniel: Yeah, there is. Is your mother in there with Bo?

Shawn D.: Come on, is it good or is it bad?

Lexie: It's about a procedure we've discussed with your mother. If it's successful, it could save your father's life.

Victor: So you've decided to go ahead?

Daniel: Well, I think it's the only choice I have right now, provided Bo and his wife agree. So, Shawn, why don't you just go get her? And I don't want your father to get his hopes up until I have explained everything to your mother and she has made her decision.

Shawn D.: I don't think my mom's decision's gonna be an issue.

Daniel: So I've heard. I would just prefer to talk with her, all right? Alone.

[Door opens]

Hope: Hi, honey.

Shawn D.: Hey, Mom, they need to see you outside for a minute.

Hope: Why? What is it?

Bo: Yeah, what's going on?

Shawn D.: They just need to get Mom's permission and sign something.

Hope: Don't go anywhere.

Hope: What is it? It's okay. They're my family.

Daniel: Well, I want to go over a procedure I'd like to try.

Hope: Please tell me.

Daniel: Well, it involves a transplant from a living donor. Now, see, the pancreas isn't like a liver. It's not self-regenerating, but a person can live with a partial one. And what I'd like to do is I would like to take part of the pancreas from the donor and attach that to Bo's failing pancreas. Now, in the past, I have seen some amazing things happen. Sometimes the partial pancreas just sort of jump-starts the failing one, sometimes it just takes over most of the work. Now, that is the best-case scenario. If that happens, there is no reason why Bo can't go home and enjoy some recovery time.

Hope: What happens to the living donor?

Daniel: Well, like I said, their pancreas isn't capable of regenerating. It's going to stay the way it is. Now, they could have a normal life if their recovery is good. Or now they could suffer serious health issues. And that's why I wanted to make this the last resort. This isn't just about Bo. It's about the person who's willing to put their life on the line for him. If this operation fails or if his body rejects the transplant, that's it. He dies. And the donor could meet the same fate.

Bo: Hope's taking an awful long time signing some forms.

Caroline: We both know it's more than that.

Bo: What we don't know is whether it's good news or bad.

Daniel: I wish I could tell you otherwise, but it is putting two other lives on the line. There's just no way to sugar coat it.

Hope: How many of your former patients have survived this procedure?

Daniel: My former patients have nothing to do with Bo. Every case is unique. There is just no way to predict success or subsequent rejection.

Shawn D.: So, what are the chances that we'll even find a match?

Lexie: Considering that Bo has so many blood relatives here, they're excellent.

Daniel: Yeah, but there are a number of factors that could prevent any of them from becoming a viable donor.

Victor: I want to be tested right away.

Chelsea: So do I.

Shawn D.: Me too.

Max: Me too, but I'm not blood related.

Daniel: That doesn't rule you out, but other factors could -- incompatible blood type, history of diabetes, heart disease.

Victor: Aren't those all calculated risks?

Daniel: They are, but they're risks I refuse to take.

Chelsea: Yeah, but if they could save my dad --

Daniel: Listen, ignoring high risk factors not only compromises the transplant, but as I've said before, it could kill the donor.

Hope: Lex, okay, after hearing all the facts, what do you think?

John: I think you should go for it.

Victor: What the hell do you care? And what do you know about it anyway?

John: Blondie filled me in. And you're right. I don't care -- not really -- which makes me the only person who can be objective. Are you any good at what you do?

Victor: He's the best.

John: You don't do the procedure, he's dead, right?

Marlena: Could you be a little more sensitive, please?

John: It's the truth, isn't it? I mean, what are the alternatives?

Marlena: John.

Lexie: To continue to try to diagnose and isolate the cause of Bo's failing pancreas and then determine the best course of treatment.

John: Sounds like he'll be rotting in his grave by the time you get around to that. When the chips are on the table, got to go for broke, right, Victor?

Victor: I hate to agree with him, but it's true.

Lexie: Hope, it's up to you and Bo.

Shawn D.: If there's even the slimmest chance, I think we should go for it.

Hope: Start the testing. I'll go tell Bo.

[Door opens]

Hope: They think they have a way to save you.

Caroline: How?

Hope: A partial pancreas transplant by a living donor.

Bo: No. No, that's not gonna happen. No one's gonna put their life at risk for me.

Steve: Sweetness, you can't do anything to jeopardize the pregnancy.

Kayla: I know. I'm not even gonna be tested. I just want to get everything all set up so as soon as Bo and Hope agree, we're ready to start testing.

Steve: Okay. How soon will you know if you have a match?

Kayla: Well, Lexie and Dr. Jonas will start running the tests on the blood as soon as it's delivered to them, but it's not a sure thing, even for a blood relative. Even if they find a match, there's this whole criteria that they have to meet. I'm just gonna get everything set up and ready to go.

Steve: Can I do anything to help you with that?

Kayla: All right.

Steve: I want to get tested, too.

Hope: It's not up to you.

Bo: The hell it's not. A transplant is dangerous for a donor.

Hope: Without it, you'll die.

Bo: Well, they'll have to come up with a different way.

Hope: Brady, there is no other way. Everyone who's volunteering to be tested, they know the risk. They're doing it because they l love you. They're doing it because they can't imagine their life without you. I can't -- damn it, do not give up on me.

Bo: No, I'm not giving up.

Caroline: You're damn right you're not. Your father died so you could live. And if he were alive, he'd be first in line out there to give you part of his body so you could keep on living. Bo, you are his legacy, and he's gonna live on through you. And I can't lose -- I can't lose another member of this family. Do you understand me? And I cannot lose you.

Marlena: Your behavior frightens the hell out of me.

John: Well, consider us even. Sometimes you scare the hell out of me, also.

Daniel: If whatever is affecting Bo's pancreas doesn't kill him first, this procedure very well might.

Nick: For a minute there, it kind of seemed like you were trying to ruin my career.

Max: Now why would I want to do that?

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