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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 3/4/08 - Canada; Wednesday 3/5/08 - U.S.A.

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Caroline: I'm sorry. We're not open yet.

Victor: I was just wondering if I could talk you into selling an old friend a cup of coffee.

Caroline: Well, might be able to manage it. Come in. Come in.

Max: Hey, Nick, um, I got to get over to the pub and help my mom get ready to open up. Um...what did you want to see me about?

Nick: My grant project.

Max: Right. Uh, what's it for again?

Nick: To study the efficiency of alternative fuel sources and apply them to everyday living.

Max: It's definitely a worthy cause and obviously important to you.

Nick: Yeah, it is. So my question is, why are you trying to screw it up?

Stephanie: Wait.

Chelsea: [Breathlessly] I can't believe I actually let you guys convince me to do this when I should be at the hospital with my dad.

Morgan: Honey, you needed the break. We had to work off all that tension.

Stephanie: Using energy can give you energy, and you're gonna need all of your strength to be there for your dad.

Morgan: We're gonna make sure you eat right, exercise, and get plenty of rest till your daddy's home from the hospital and well again.

Chelsea: Thanks, but I'm not so sure that that's gonna happen.

Stephanie: Stop. No negative thinking, okay? My mom, Lexie, and all the other doctors -- they're gonna find out what's wrong with him.

Morgan: She's right. And they will.

Chelsea: Well, thank you for your positive thinking...and for being such a good friend.

Stephanie: We're more than just friends. We're...sisters. And we're there for each other no matter what.

Morgan: That might be easier said than done.

Stephanie: What do you mean?

Morgan: Well, that's just it. In a couple of days, we could be at each other's throats.

Marlena: You really have to start locking that front door.

John: More important things to do.

Marlena: Oh, my goodness. So, you're still going through Stefano's paperwork?

John: Yeah, his lawyers sent over a bunch of sealed envelopes and files that the old man had in a safe-deposit box. You wouldn't believe how much money and property that old man had stuffed away.

Marlena: I really don't care, and I wish you didn't, either. [Doorbell rings]

John: Would you get that for me, please?

Marlena: Sure.

Victor: So, how are you holding up?

Caroline: Oh, I'm sick with worry about Bo.

Victor: I called the hospital the minute I woke up this morning.

Caroline: So did I. No change is better than getting worse.

Victor: Yeah, I suppose. But if they don't find out what's causing his pancreas to shut down soon --

Caroline: They will. What really brings you here so early?

Victor: I needed someone to talk to. First person I thought of was you.

Chelsea: What do you mean we're all gonna be at each other's throats?

Morgan: It's just we're all going after the same thing. [Cellphones ringing] Are you gonna answer that?

Chelsea: No. It could be about my dad.

Stephanie: You should answer it. [Ringing continues]

Chelsea: Hello? Yes, this is Chelsea.

Stephanie: Hello?

Morgan: Hi, this is Morgan.

Stephanie: Yeah, that sounds good. I'll see you then.

Morgan: Oh, no, it's not too short notice. No, no, I appreciate it. Thank you.

Chelsea: Okay, I'm gonna have to get back to you. Bye.

Stephanie: I guess we all got the same call.

Chelsea: Now I know what you meant when you said we're all going after the same thing. It's already starting.

Max: What are you talking about? How can I screw up your grant, especially if you haven't even gotten it yet?

Nick: Exactly.

Max: Well, I don't know what you're talking about. Look, I got to get to work, and I have no time for this.

Nick: Max, Max, I really, really want to get this research grant. It could make a big difference to a lot of people, not to mention what it could do for my career.

Max: Okay. So, what's your point?

Nick: My point is that I could really use the support of my friends right now, especially from the person that I thought was my best friend.

Max: Well, if that's me, I'm flattered, and you have my support.

Nick: Do I?

Max: Of course you do.

Nick: Morgan told me that you ripped a page out of my notebook. Why did you do that, Max?

Tony: [Clears throat]

Anna: Oh! [Sighs] You scared the heck out of me, Tony.

Tony: Sorry.

Anna: I don't have time for you, Tony. And if you've come here to throw me on my desk again or drag me over to your father's mansion for another little family powwow with John, I don't have time.

Tony: Yes, I can see how busy you've been.

Anna: Get out.

Tony: Ohh. That's a little harsh, isn't it?

Anna: Please?

[Telephone rings]

Anna: Ooh. Hello. Lumburg Advertising. This is Anna DiMera. Oh, yes, I'm surprised to hear from you. Of course we're interested. Well, I had no idea you were planning on moving in that direction, but -- yes, I think we are the perfect firm to help you do that. I'll have my secretary set up a time. Thank you.

Tony: Secretary? Not in yet with the croissants and the lattes?

Anna: Tony, I really do have things to do.

Tony: Yes, and I know exactly what they are. That was a potential client who wants to meet with you for their new product line.

Anna: [Chuckles] How could you know that?

Tony: 'Cause they asked me first.

Marlena: John.

Dr. Rolf: Good morning, Mr. Black.

John: I'm glad you could make it.

Marlena: What's going on here? This man needs to be in prison.

John: He was. I decided not to press charges, and without my testimony, the D.A. didn't have any case, so Dr. Rolf is a free man.

Dr. Rolf: And I will be eternally grateful.

Marlena: This is crazy. After all he's done to you?

Dr. Rolf: I have done nothing, Marlena.

Marlena: Really? How did you convince people that he was dead, Rolf? Hmm? Did you drug him somehow? Just tell me.

Dr. Rolf: I'm sorry. I don't know what you're talking about.

Marlena: This is crazy. This man may not go free.

John: I really can't win with you, can I? I thought that you would be pleased that I had finally done something nice.

Marlena: Do you have any regard for my opinion?

John: Of course I do.

Marlena: If you value my opinion, why do you keep ignoring my advice?

Nick: You're not gonna deny it.

Max: No. I tore a piece of paper out of your notebook.

Nick: Why?

Max: Because I didn't have any and I needed to write a phone number down from one of the vendors at the pub.

Nick: Why did you take my paper?

Max: I just told you, I didn't have any. It was right there. What's the big deal? All it had was a couple of scribbles on it.

Nick: A couple of scribbles? That was the main formula for the whole first series of experiments. My entire hypothesis is built on that.

Max: Okay, well, fine. If you still want it, I have it.

Nick: You do?

Max: Yeah, you want it? Here. That's mine. I need the phone number.

Nick: What are you doing?

Max: I need the phone number. So, have you talked to your advisers about the formula yet? I mean, it couldn't hurt to have someone --

Nick: I couldn't talk to the adviser unless I had the formula, could I?

Max: Good point. Well, now you have it.

Nick: Why are you so interested in this, Max?

Chelsea: What are the odds that we'd all get internship-interview phone calls at the exact same time?

Morgan: Well, our advisers said they'd be making their decision soon, so I guess they're just making all the calls today.

Stephanie: Obviously.

Chelsea: Well, I guess I've been so caught up with everything that's been going on with my grandpa and my dad, I just totally forgot.

Morgan: Oh, I know, honey, but this is important, too. I mean, this is not just about class credit. This is about really getting a leg up for when you graduate. A lot of these places hire people that they intern.

Chelsea: I know that. I just -- I haven't really been able to concentrate on it. You know, I think I'm just gonna call my adviser back and tell her I want to reschedule. I just want to put all my time and energy and attention on my dad right now. You know, I think I'm gonna go finish my run and then go check up on him, so, um...good luck, you guys.

Morgan: Thanks, hon.

Stephanie: Bye, you.

Morgan: I have six interviews lined up for today.

Stephanie: I have four today and three tomorrow.

Morgan: We're probably gonna be seeing a lot of the same people since we're both interested in advertising.

Stephanie: Yes. Um, when's your first interview?

Morgan: Real soon, actually.

Stephanie: Mine, too. Um, guess we should head out?

Morgan: Yeah, you know, just enough time for a quick shower and change, and then it's "here we come, business world."

Stephanie: Yep. Good luck.

Anna: You can't know that the person I just talked to is the same person who called you.

Tony: You're right. So that couldn't be someone who's looking for a firm to market the new line of up-scale products to be sold exclusively through a national discount retailer? Could it?

Anna: Well, all I know is that the person I just talked to and am going to meet with is sure to pick this firm to represent them.

Tony: Oh, Anna, can we stop all this silly competition? We can both win if you just walk out of here and come work with me.

Anna: Work for you is what you mean, isn't it?

Tony: Oh, no, not at all.

Anna: Well, then, we would be equals...partners...and split everything 50/50.

Tony: Well, honey, I do happen to own the firm.

Anna: [Chuckles] See? That's what I thought. No, thanks.

Tony: Do you understand how crazy I am about you?

Anna: Well, I'm crazy about you, too.

Tony: Well, then?

Anna: But I'd have to be really crazy to just give in to you and become some sort of fancy window dressing that you trot along to client meetings. Tony, I want to succeed on my own terms and in my own way.

Tony: Well... good luck with all of this, then.

John: Valuing your opinion should not be confused with having you tell me what to do.

Marlena: Having this man anywhere near you puts you in jeopardy.

John: You're not gonna hurt me, are you, Rolf?

Dr. Rolf: Of course not -- certainly not after the kindness you've shown me.

Marlena: You are such a liar.

Dr. Rolf: I resent that.

Marlena: Heaven knows what Stefano has programmed him to do to you.

Dr. Rolf: I no longer work for Stefano, as he is incapable of providing me with a paycheck.

John: What are you doing here anyway? Come on. What is it?

Marlena: I came to invite you to a little family supper. It would just be the two of us and Belle, Shawn, Claire.

John: Why stop there? What about my nephews and my niece and all those other people you say I'm related to?

Marlena: I thought we'd just start with our immediate family.

John: I've got a lot on my plate right now. I'll let you know.

Marlena: Fine. You do that.

John: She invited me to a family dinner. What do you make of that?

Dr. Rolf: She loves you.

John: Uh-huh. I wonder if she can cook.

Dr. Rolf: [Chuckles]

John: No?

Dr. Rolf: Well, not from what I've heard.

John: How would you know that?

Dr. Rolf: Well, people close to her told me, in a matter of speaking.

John: What people?

Dr. Rolf: Well, I know that you yourself have mentioned it on a number of occasions.

John: And how would you know that?

Dr. Rolf: I, uh, worked closely with you while you were recovering from that terrible hit-and-run. You, um -- you mumbled things while you were unconscious.

John: Including observations that Blondie can't cook?

Dr. Rolf: Among other things, yes.

John: Things that I don't remember now?

Dr. Rolf: Well, it was all jumbled and rather incoherent. Look, I honestly don't remember the majority of it. Um, possibly part memory, part hallucination. Who can really say?

John: If I go to this family shindig, what would I wear? Something causal, like a sweater? Sport coat? A suit coat would be too formal, right?

Dr. Rolf: Well, how should I know? I'm a scientist, not a butler.

John: Wrong.

Dr. Rolf: Excuse me?

John: I saved your butt, Rolf. You got no job. You got nowhere to go, no one to trust. And God knows no one's gonna trust you after your unsavory association with my half brother.

Dr. Rolf: Yeah, so what is your point?

John: I'm offering you a job... as my butler.

Dr. Rolf: Ach du liebe. [Chuckles] No.

John: Have you got a better offer?

Dr. Rolf: Nein.

John: Well, then, you're hired... under one condition.

Dr. Rolf: Which is?

John: You're gonna have to lose that accent. It's really bugging me.

Dr. Rolf: But this is the way I talk.

John: Find another way.

Dr. Rolf: Ach du liebe.

Caroline: What's bothering you, Victor?

Victor: You know, I really shouldn't be burdening you with this. I mean, you're still mourning Shawn and so worried about Bo.

Caroline: Well, so are you. You know, sometimes the best way to get over your own troubles is to help somebody else with theirs.

Victor: Well, that's true.

Caroline: So...talk to me.

Victor: [Sighs] Well, I haven't been sleeping well.

Caroline: Oh.

Victor: I can't concentrate, short-tempered, snapping at Philip and the staff. And ever since I learned what was wrong with Bo, I haven't been able to stop thinking about Isabella... and how she died and that Bo's illness is so similar to hers. That I miss my daughter so much, and I can't bear the idea of losing my son the same way.

Tony: Ah. Tony DiMera.

Morgan: Morgan Hollingsworth. It's very nice to meet you, Mr. DiMera.

Tony: Nice to meet you, too. Please sit down.

Morgan: Thank you.

Tony: So, I've had a chance to look at your records, read your application, letters of recommendation. I must say, quite impressive.

Morgan: Well, thank you. And I have to say, this is an amazing agency. Are all those people out there really working on accounts?

Tony: Oh, I hope so. Well, that's why I'm paying them. So, you're hoping for a career in advertising.

Morgan: Actually, I'm hoping to own my own agency one day. I can only hope, though, that it's as successful as this one.

Tony: Do you know how it got this way? By concentrating on wooing the big accounts and delivering sales beyond our predictions and their expectations, making sure we keep ahead of the trends and outright creating them, and making sure we're targeting the right demographic targets through exhaustive research, focus groups, test marketing.

Morgan: Wow. So, what exactly would be my duties?

Tony: Well, apart from taking notes, possibly taking out perspective clients' children to movies, out for an ice cream, but I'll tell you something -- you'll learn something every day about the business and certainly about yourself, I hope.

Morgan: Well, when do I start? I guess I'm being a little presumptuous, aren't I?

Tony: No, no. Actually, I think it's great that you're very clear about what it is you want.

Morgan: I want this job. I have five other interviews today, but I will cancel them right now if you tell me I can intern here.

Tony: Oh. I'd love you to... on one condition -- I want you to pass this little test I'm about to give you.

[Knock on door]

Anna: Come in. Stephanie. It is Stephanie, right?

Stephanie: Yes.

Anna: Steve and Kayla's little girl, although not so little.

Stephanie: Yes, hi, Anna. Or -- I'm sorry -- is it Mrs. DiMera?

Anna: No, "Anna" is fine.

Stephanie: Wow, I didn't know you worked here.

Anna: Well, I just started recently.

Stephanie: That's great. Well, I had an appointment to be interviewed about a possible internship, but there was no one outside, so...

Anna: Oh, um...that's probably because my secretary is out to lunch, or maybe she's running errands or -- ugh. The truth is I don't have a secretary. [Chuckles] And believe me, honey, you don't really want to be an intern here.

Stephanie: Why not?

Anna: Because this place is barely surviving. I mean, my boss is a voice on the speaker phone. He doesn't care about the company. He doesn't come in at all. And I really -- I really think this company is gonna go under unless I can do something to turn it around, and I don't know how to do that unless I -- never mind. None of this is your problem.

Stephanie: No, tell me, please.

Anna: [Sighs] [Chuckles] Well, okay. What the heck? See, this isn't just business for me. This is...personal. Tony doesn't think I can do this, and I have to prove to him that I can.

Stephanie: What do you care what Tony thinks?

Anna: You know what? I don't. [Chuckles] I mean, I already know what he thinks of me. You're right. I-I shouldn't be doing this to prove myself to him. I should be doing it to prove it to myself. I just have to figure out a way to make that happen.

Stephanie: So, what can I do to help?

Max: I'm your friend, Nick. And I know how important getting this grant is for you, so I just think maybe getting some early feedback from your advisers might help. Or isn't that allowed?

Nick: Of course that's allowed.

Max: Okay. Then do it. Look, I got to get back to work. I'm sorry. Good luck with all your calculations.

Nick: Bye, Max.

Tony: All right, Morgan. Off the top of your head and as fast as you can, up-scale goods being sold exclusively by a discount consumer chain. Slug lines -- go.

Morgan: Good and cheap. Best quality, better price? You can always get what you want.

Tony: Now, that I like. I'm very impressed.

Morgan: Thank you.

Tony: So, if you want this position of internship... it's yours.

Morgan: Fantastic! You don't have anyone else to interview today?

Tony: Actually, I do have another appointment this afternoon. I'll just have to call them... and cancel it. You know... I don't think I'm gonna get better than you.

Anna: I appreciate your enthusiasm. I really do. But I honestly don't think that you or anyone can do anything to turn this place around.

Stephanie: Are you sure?

Anna: Well, there might be one thing. It's a new ad campaign that could keep the company from going under, but I just don't think we'll get it.

Stephanie: What is it?

Anna: It's an exclusive new product line for a major discount chain -- quality goods for discount prices.

Stephanie: Is that the slogan?

Anna: No, that's the concept, and they've asked us to come up with an ad campaign.

Stephanie: What about a celebrity spokesperson?

Anna: Oh, way too expensive.

Stephanie: Right. Um... celebrity look-alike.

Anna: Or celebrity look-alikes.

Stephanie: You may not be as rich as a star...

Anna: But you can certainly dress, smell, play, decorate, sleep like one.

Stephanie: Everyday people living out their dreams.

Anna: At discount prices. You know, this could work.

Stephanie: I'd love to find out.

Anna: Ugh. Do you know the odds that they'd pick an underdog agency like this one?

Stephanie: Well, I love a challenge, and this sounds exactly like the place I want to be.

Anna: [Chuckling] Oh, honey, this place is definitely challenged. Are you sure?

Stephanie: I have some other interviews lined up today, but I will call them and cancel if you let me intern here.

Anna: Okay. You're hired. [Laughs] Welcome aboard the sinking ship.

Stephanie: Thank you.

John: Were you familiar with any of Stefano's business dealings?

Dr. Rolf: I'm a scientist, not an accountant.

Stefano: A man's entire life -- everything he knew, everything he remembered -- has been extracted from his brain and placed on this single little disk.

Dr. Rolf: So, would you like to tell me what my duties will be?

John: Whatever I want you to do so I don't throw your sorry butt back in jail. She was right, wasn't she? The old John not only would have left you locked up, he would have thrown away that key, wouldn't he?

Marlena: [Shivers] Oh! Mm. Oh. [Laughs] Hi.

Caroline: Hi.

Marlena: Am I too early?

Caroline: No, no, of course not. You're my official first customer.

Marlena: Oh, I'm glad. Any word on Bo?

Caroline: No change.

Marlena: I'm so sorry. If I can do anything at all, please, you know.

Caroline: Thank you, Marlena. What can I get you?

Marlena: Uh, in a little while, maybe a cup of hot tea.

Caroline: So, how is John?

Marlena: Incredibly frustrating for me. He is -- he's not himself at all.

Caroline: You know, what I've done is learned to concentrate on work when I -- there were things I can't do anything about.

Marlena: I thought of that. With this whole business with John, I barely saw any patients.

Caroline: Hmm.

Marlena: I need to see some patients again, even add some news ones.

Caroline: Really?

Nick: I appreciate you looking over my calculations and making sure I'm on the right track.

Man: Yeah, you are. This -- this is most impressive.

Nick: Thank you.

Man: Except...

Nick: What?

Man: ...Something's off here.

Morgan: Chelsea, what are you doing here? I thought you'd be at the hospital with your dad. Oh, my God. Please don't tell me --

Chelsea: No. No, he's still the same. They just took him down for more testing, so I thought I'd come here and wait.

Morgan: Well, I'll hang with you if you don't mind.

Chelsea: No, I'd like that, actually. Thanks.

Morgan: Sure.

Chelsea: So, how'd your interviews go?

Morgan: Actually, great. I got the one I wanted.

Chelsea: Well, congratulations.

Morgan: Thank you. I just have to make a quick call. Is that okay?

Chelsea: Yeah. Go ahead.

Morgan: Okay. Hello, hi. This is Morgan Hollingsworth. I had an appointment scheduled for later today, and I'm gonna have to cancel.

Anna: Oh, well, I was just about to call you. I've already given the internship to someone else. I am so sorry.

Morgan: Oh, that's okay. Actually, I got one at another firm.

Anna: Oh, well...good for you. Good luck, then.

Morgan: Thank you.

Stephanie: I was hoping I'd find you here.

Chelsea: How did it go?

Stephanie: Really well. I got the internship that I wanted. What about you?

Morgan: Me, too. Yeah.

Stephanie: Good. [Cellphone rings] Oh. Hello?

Tony: Hello, Stephanie? This is Antony DiMera. Um, I see that you have an appointment with my firm this afternoon?

Stephanie: Yes, and I was --

Tony: Well, I'm sorry to tell you that position has been filled. I'm sorry.

Stephanie: No, it's fine. Actually, I just got one with another firm.

Tony: Well, good for you. And good luck.

Stephanie: Thanks.

Chelsea: Why are you two looking at each other like that?

John: Answer me, Rolf. If the old John came back...what would he do to you?

Dr. Rolf: I shudder to think.

John: Then I'm guessing you don't miss him.

Dr. Rolf: [Scoffs] No, I must admit, I don't. He was always a bit of a goody-two-shoes for my taste.

John: From what I heard about him...mine, too. [Chuckles] You know all about Stefano's operations, don't you?

Dr. Rolf: Look, as I have told you time and time again, I'm a scientist.

John: I got that. If this is gonna work, we're gonna have to trust each other.

Dr. Rolf: Yeah, well, I don't have much choice, do I? After all, my life is in your hands. One slip and I'm back in Statesville.

John: Uh-huh. What are you thinking right now?

Dr. Rolf: I was wondering what would happen to me if the old John were to come back.

John: Bad, huh?

Dr. Rolf: Yeah. Marlena was right. I would probably never see daylight again.

John: Hmm. Well, then, consider yourself a very lucky man that he's not coming back.

Dr. Rolf: You're right, Mr. Black. I am a very lucky man that the old John is not coming back. And being your butler is definitely preferable to being incarcerated. So, if you are still offering the job, I will take it.

John: Good. First thing I want you to do is go down to the basement... shut down and lock up that laboratory that's responsible for my genesis and bring me the key.

Dr. Rolf: No, that laboratory is my life's work.

John: Shut it down, lock it up, and bring me the key... or you're gonna be fighting off advances from your cell mate.

Dr. Rolf: Am I expected to live under these constant threats?

John: That's up to you.

Dr. Rolf: I will be right back.

John: [Chuckles]

Marlena: Is this seat taken?

Victor: Oh, Marlena. I wasn't aware you'd come in.

Marlena: You were a million miles away.

Victor: I was thinking about Bo.

Marlena: Of course you are.

Victor: His pancreas is failing, you know.

Marlena: You know that Lexie and everybody at the hospital are doing all they can to diagnose and cure him.

Victor: You know, Isabella died of pancreatic cancer. I supposed I've been struggling with a lot of things... mostly fear for Bo and, quite honestly, a little more awareness of my own mortality than I was prepared for.

Nick: You found an error on this particular page?

Man: A simple but critical one in this sort of calculation. It could have thrown off all the subsequent equations if you continued using this as a constant instead of as a variable.

Nick: You're right. How did I miss that?

Man: In this kind of work, it happens all the time. Ironically, usually with the simplest calculations, we tend not to really think about, so check and recheck everything. That's the key. Don't worry about it. Keep this up and I have no doubt you'll get the grant. Carry on.

Nick: Thank you.

Man: You're welcome.

Nick: [Sighs]

[Knock on door]

Tony: Come in.

Ethan: I didn't have it on your calendar, but this woman swears she has an appointment with you.

Tony: Oh, it's all right, Ethan.

Ethan: You're free to see whoever you want whenever you want to, sir, but I'd appreciate it if you could run it by me first so we could avoid any conflicts.

Tony: Of course.

Ethan: These are the storyboards for the client pitches this afternoon at 2:30, 3:30, and 4:00. You have a budget meeting at noon and then lunch with Fred from Wholesome Wholesale Foods at Chez Rouge at 1:30.

Stephanie: Who's your internship with?

Morgan: Tony DiMera's firm. What about you?

Stephanie: Lumburg Advertising, the one that Anna DiMera works for.

Chelsea: Isn't that Tony DiMera's ex-wife?

Stephanie: And Uncle Roman's.

Chelsea: That's not the point. If Tony has his own firm and Anna is working for another one, then that means...

Stephanie: They're going to be rivals going for the same accounts.

Chelsea: Which means that you guys are gonna be, too.

[Cellphone rings]

Max: Yeah, Nick. What's up?

Nick: Look, Max, I just want to know why you tore that page out of my notebook.

Max: I told you, I just tore out a page that it was open to. I mean, are you ever gonna drop this? You got it back.

Nick: I know. I just --

Max: What?

Nick: Nothing. Nothing. I'm s-- I'm sorry. Um...I got to go. [Sighs] It's just a coincidence.

Ethan: And your meeting with Fred to go over the projected out buys for Playful Pooch Puppy Toys is in 15 minutes.

Tony: Uh, thank you.

Anna: Well, I just came by to tell you that I've started assembling my staff and things are going great.

Tony: Things are going great here, too.

Anna: Yes, I see that.

Tony: Oh, Anna, this business was established when I bought it. I've been doing pretty well here now. I love you. You know that? And I want very much for you to succeed.

Anna: Thank you, Tony. That means a lot to me.

Tony: And towards that end, I won't pitch or bid against you. You can have that -- the new product-line account -- if you really want it.

Anna: Tony... I don't want...or need your charity. Ooh. [Door slams]

Marlena: It's very understandable that you would still be in mourning for your daughter, especially in light of what you're going through with Bo.

Victor: Yeah. You know, I don't think I ever really came to terms with Isabella's death.

Marlena: We call that "closure."

Victor: I hate that word.

Marlena: Well, it is a process.

Victor: I suppose. Whatever it is, I haven't had much luck with it.

Marlena: Maybe I could help you.

Victor: I doubt it.

Marlena: We could try. You have nothing to lose.

Victor: No, I suppose not.

Marlena: You could make an appointment with my secretary and come in for one session. If you find that it's not helpful or it makes you uncomfortable, we'll stop right there. You never have to come back.

Victor: I think I just may do that.

Marlena: Good.

Dr. Rolf: The laboratory has been locked, and here is the key as you requested.

John: Is this the only one?

Dr. Rolf: That I have, yes. I'm sure that Stefano had one, but I don't know where it is.

John: I saw a box of keys upstairs. I'll check it out later. Why don't you clean up in here? I'm gonna go to the kitchen, eat some protein, and physically train this body you put back together. I'll see you in an hour and 37 minutes.

Dr. Rolf: Jawohl.

John: Rolf...I'm serious about that accent.

Dr. Rolf: Yes, the old John Black is gone for good. And for my sake, it had better stay that way.

Chelsea: And about dad -- I don't know what I'm gonna do if he doesn't make it.

Hope: He's going to make it.

Steve: What about the plane crash in Greenland?

Abe: Final report of the F.A.A. just came in.

Steve: And?

Sami: I hope you have got a way to figure this out, because otherwise the government is going to deport you.

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