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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 2/28/08 - Canada; Friday 2/29/08 - U.S.A.

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[Equipment beeping]

Anna: This is totally creeping me out.

Marlena: I was pleased that you came to Shawn's wake, but I was surprised that you called and asked me to come over here again.

John: Take your coat off. Stay awhile.

Marlena: Thank you.

John: Coffee?

Marlena: Uh, no, thank you.

John: Did you know that a full-time cook lives in a room behind the kitchen? I had no idea. Scared the hell out of me when he came up behind and asked what I wanted for breakfast. [Sniffs] Makes damn fine coffee.

Marlena: What is all this about?

John: Well, as you know, I'm going over Stefano's financial holdings.

Marlena: Yes, I know. I wish you wouldn't. I wish you would just give all the money away. It's blood money.

John: That's not gonna happen. Anyway, I can't make heads or tails out of a lot of it. I was wondering if you would help me.

[Knock on door]

Sami: [Chuckles] Of course. Hey. Listen, if you're here to see Johnny, he's taking a nap.

E.J.: Really? That's early, isn't it?

Sami: Not when he's been awake since 4:00 A.M.

E.J.: Samantha, why didn't you call me? I would have loved to have helped.

Sami: It's okay. I've got it covered. Um, is there something else? 'Cause I kind of want to lay down while I have the chance.

E.J.: Yes, actually, there is. I wanted to talk about last night.

Sami: I don't know what you're talking about.

E.J.: Yes, you do. Look, you were upset about your grandfather, and you needed some support. And there's nothing wrong with that.

Sami: E.J., listen, the only thing I want to talk to you about is how quickly we can get that annulment.

Bo: [Groans]

Hope: Morning, Brady.

Bo: Morning. Hey. Good news. I made it through the night.

Hope: And you're gonna continue doing that with me for the rest of our lives together.

Chelsea: Hey.

Shawn D.: Oh, thank you.

Chelsea: It's a good thing we got each other, right? I don't think I could get through this alone.

Shawn D.: Yeah. Me either. You know, I wish that... I wish so many things. I wish that we would have been closer, more brother-and-sister-like.

Chelsea: Well, it's kind of hard to be when you don't grow up together.

Shawn D.: Yeah, that is true.

Chelsea: So, no changes, huh?

Shawn D.: Nope. It's the same as it was last night. Dad's pancreas is shutting down.

Victor: Oh, dear God. Bo has pancreatic cancer?

Victor: Why didn't somebody tell me?

Lexie: Tell you what?

Victor: That my son has pancreatic cancer.

Lexie: He doesn't. The biopsy showed no malignant cells.

Victor: Oh, thank God. My daughter Isabella died of pancreatic cancer, so I figured I was gonna lose Bo to it, as well. Well, no signs of cancer is a good thing, right?

Bo: You didn't get any sleep, did you?

Hope: Yeah. Right here next to you. It's a whole lot more comfortable than those lousy beds in Ireland.

Bo: Any of the test results come back?

Hope: Yeah, they did.

Victor: Tell me, damn it, Lexie. What's happening with Bo?

Lexie: His pancreas is shutting down.

Victor: But it's not cancerous?

Lexie: No.

Victor: Well, then what's wrong with it?

Lexie: We don't know. And we need to find out soon.

Bo: So? How long do I have?

E.J.: Samantha, you're pushing me away because you're letting me in.

Sami: Look, E.J., I'm gonna let you in because I don't want our neighbors to know our business. Stefano is in a coma, so there is no reason for us to not go ahead with the annulment.

E.J.: All right. Okay. Fine. You're right. You know, I've just been enjoying playing house. It's been really good to be useful for you and the twins.

Sami: And you have been. You've been really helpful, E.J., but there's a really big difference between letting you help me because you're Johnny's father and letting you go on pretending that we're really man and wife.

E.J.: Okay. All right. Well, I'll go and draw the paperwork up.

Sami: What, you will?

E.J.: Yeah.

Sami: If it's all right with you, I'd like to use Mickey Horton.

E.J.: [Chuckles] Samantha, I really don't think we need to involve a lawyer in this.

Sami: Excuse me?

E.J.: Well, I can take care of it myself. I mean, it's pretty cut-and-dried.

Sami: I don't -- [Babies cry] That didn't last long.

E.J.: Sounds like both of them. Let me help you.

Anna: It seems like he's staring at me.

Tony: Well, he can't see anything. The doctor said there's a muscle tick that has caused the eyes to open. Can you hear me, Father?

Stefano: [Thinking] Yes. But I cannot tell you that.

Tony: You know, I thought I'd feel something seeing you here like this, but I don't. Not pity, not sorrow. But I had to come. I had to see you.

Anna: Good. You've seen him. Now, can we please get out of here?

Tony: In a minute. I'm not quite finished.

Anna: Okay, well, if you don't mind, I'll wait for you outside.

Tony: You've had nothing but time to think, haven't you? Can't help but wonder, do you have any regrets for what you've done?

Stefano: Marvelous. [Laughs] All right. I'll bet if you had a headache, you would not even be able to recognize it. Rolf has created a wondrous system, don't you think? Oops. That's foolish of me to say. You cannot think. Please, forgive me. Oh. That is even sillier for me to say because you cannot forgive me.

Tony: I wonder if we'll ever know the true extent of all your evil.

John: So, what do you say, Blondie? Want to roll up your sleeves and help me sort through this mess?

Marlena: No.

John: Come on. I'll tell you what -- if you can find any hidden assets or access codes for offshore accounts, I will cut you in for 10%.

Marlena: I wouldn't do it for 10 times that.

John: That would 100%. Then I'd consider you very foolish.

Marlena: John... is the money this important to you?

John: Compared to what?

Marlena: Compared to -- [Doorbell rings] Are you expecting somebody else?

John: Stefano's lawyer.

Claire: Hi, Pop-Pop.

E.J.: There we go. That didn't take very long. New nappy, bottle, burp, pacifier, and they're back to sleep.

Sami: It's definitely easier when you have help.

E.J.: We make a good team, eh?

Sami: [Chuckles] So, what makes you think you can handle the annulment without a lawyer?

E.J.: You sound suspicious.

Sami: Do you blame me?

E.J.: Like I said, it's pretty cut-and-dried.

[Knock on door]

Sami: Huh. Hey.

Man: I'm looking for the guy across the hall, Mr. E.J. DiMera?

E.J.: He's right here.

Man: I have a certified letter for you.

E.J.: Okay.

John: What are you two doing here?

Belle: Claire wanted to see her pop-pop. Can we come in?

John: I'm pretty busy.

Claire: Please?

John: Sure.

Marlena: Come on, little one. I love that you have those great snow boots. They're so cute on you.

Belle: They're new. Come here. Let's get these gloves off. Yeah.

John: Want some juice?

Claire: No, thank you. I already had some.

Belle: There you go. Are you sure we're not interrupting anything?

Marlena: No, not at all.

John: No, just going over some paperwork. And, as it turns out, I need some help. Claire, do you want to be my assistant today? Yeah? Yeah? Think you can handle it, hmm? You do? You do? Okay, I want you to sit right here in this great big chair. There you go. Take this big gold pen and write everything...that you can remember right there.

Belle: Claire really wanted to see you today.

John: I'm okay with that.

Belle: So did I.

John: Why is that?

Belle: Well, we all said goodbye to Grandpa Shawn yesterday, and it just made me think of you and how important you are to me.

John: Well, that's very touching and would make a terrific greeting card. But I'm very busy. Maybe Saturday I can free up some family time.

Belle: Yeah.

Marlena: That was mean.

John: It was honest.

Marlena: He's not himself. You know that.

John: Everything under control? Good. Ready to go home?

Belle: All right, Claire. Looks like pop-pop's busy.

John: I actually like it when she calls me John.

Belle: Fine. That's fine. Claire actually wanted to give this to you. It's her favorite picture of the two of you.

John: Well, thank you, kid.

Claire: What's this?

Tony: What else do you have in store for John? You wouldn't have gone through all the trouble of resurrecting him if you didn't have plans -- some plans -- for his future.

Stefano: [Thinking] Future? What future? He's a man without a past, without a personality, without a memory. And he will never get those back. He will never know how.

Bo: See, this is why I wanted pop to take that oxygen. There's a good chance I'm gonna die --

Hope: You are not going to die.

Bo: Come on, Hope.

Hope: Don't. Don't start with me. You know how cranky I get when I haven't had enough beauty sleep.

Bo: Okay, you win this round.

Victor: What kind of an incompetent organization are you running here?

Lexie: We are doing everything we can.

Victor: Well, obviously it's not enough. You may be willing to sit back and let Bo die the way Isabella did, but I'm not. I'll bring in every damn expert in the world if I have to, but I will not lose Bo.

Caroline: Neither will I.

Tony: I don't know what I hoped to accomplish by coming here. Maybe it was to reassure myself that you couldn't ever hurt anybody else again. Goodbye...Father.

Stefano: Hmm. A man's entire life, everything he knew, everything he remembered has been extracted from his brain and placed on this single little disc. [Chuckles] It's incredible. [Equipment beeping]

John: Not labeled. Probably a blank. So, you ready to go home with mommy? You can come back some other time.

Claire: You promise?

John: Cross my heart and hope to -- yeah, I promise.

Belle: All right, Claire Bear. It's time to go, but what do you say we come back on Saturday?

[Doorbell rings]

John: Time to go to work.

Richard: John Black?

John: Are you my half brother's lawyer?

Richard: Richard Griffin.

John: Come in. Follow me.

Richard: How do you do? Well, I did what you asked me to, Mr. Black, and I have some very interesting news about Stefano's estate.

E.J.: Thanks. Thanks.

Sami: Anything important?

E.J.: Oh, it's probably something to do with my trust. I get these things all the time. I'll look at it later.

Sami: So, explain to me again why I should trust you to handle our annulment.

E.J.: Well, first of all 'cause it's a piece of cake, basically. You may recall that I did go to law school before I ran off to race cars. Documents are basically binding as long as you file them properly and you get the signatures notarized.

Sami: If it's okay with you, I'm still gonna have Mickey Horton look it over.

E.J.: Sure. Does that mean you're okay with me doing this?

Sami: Yeah, yeah, I suppose.

E.J.: Okay, well, I will go and get started.

Hope: We're not discussing this anymore. This is what's going to happen -- you're going to get well, end of story. And don't even think about fighting with me about it. You're weak. I can definitely take you.

Victor: Caroline, are you sure you should be here?

Caroline: My son is sick. Where else would I be?

Victor: Of course.

Caroline: How is he?

Lexie: Not good. His pancreas is failing.

Caroline: Is there anything that you can do?

Lexie: At the moment, no, but we're working on it.

Victor: Caroline, I promise you, I will not let our son die.

Caroline: I know you mean well, Victor, but you're not God, and it would seem that Bo's life is in his hands right now.

Shawn D.: Hey. You got to take it easy, all right?

Chelsea: How can I, Shawn? Our dad could be dying, and nobody knows how to save him.

Shawn D.: No. Don't say that. He's gonna get through this, you'll see.

Chelsea: What if he doesn't? What if we end up losing him, too?

John: So, what about the old man's money? It's okay. They're family. At least that's what they tell me.

Richard: I see you've been going through Stefano's papers.

John: And the picture that's developing so far is about as clear as mud.

Richard: I'm not surprised. Some of Stefano's holdings are rather complicated.

Marlena: By that do you mean illegal?

Richard: I wouldn't know about that. Stefano had legions of lawyers all around the world. They all handled different things for him. And most of us had no idea what the others were doing. Trust me, it was better that way.

John: And you handle exactly what?

Richard: Personal matters. And I'm the executor of his estate.

Marlena: Then you must be aware of all of his holdings.

Richard: Not at all. As you'll see, the language of the documents he's left are quite specific and at the same time deliberately vague.

John: Let's hear it.

Richard: His other family members should be here.

John: I'll call them. DiMera family meeting number two. You can stay if you like.

Marlena: Oh, I wouldn't miss it.

[Cellphone rings]

E.J.: Hello? Yes. Really? Okay. I'm on my way. That was John. He wants me to go down to the mansion.

Sami: Why?

E.J.: I don't know. You want to come?

Sami: What the hell? I'll get a babysitter, and I guess I should change.

E.J.: That's a good point. Okay. I'm going to change, too.

Anna: [Sighs] Did you have to talk to your daddy's doctor now? Why couldn't you have just called him on the phone?

Tony: Because I wanted to double-check on his prognosis.

Anna: And?

Tony: Well, without ordering tests or starting treatments, I can't see any reason for anything to change.

Anna: Great. Can we go now...please? [Cellphone rings]

Tony: Excuse me. Yes? What, right now? What's this all about? Fine, I'll be right there. That was John. He wants me to go by the mansion.

Anna: Okay, I'll go with you.

Tony: Why?

Anna: [Chuckling] Hey. You're the one who took me away from work to keep you company here. Oh, come on. Let's go. We don't want to keep John waiting, hmm?

Bo: Hey, Ma.

Caroline: You just lay back and rest.

Bo: Oh, I'm not gonna waste the time I have left on this earth resting.

Caroline: Beauregard Aurelius Brady, I never want to hear you talk like that again. You understand me?

Bo: Yes, Ma.

Shawn D.: Hey, come on. We're not gonna lose him.

Chelsea: Why not? I lose everybody I love. There's the Benson's and then Zack and then grandpa. Why should dad be any different?

Shawn D.: Because our dad's a fighter. There's no way in hell he's gonna let something like this get the best of him.

Chelsea: I just felt like I was finally starting to get somewhere with him, you know? I felt like he was finally starting to love me.

Shawn D.: Chelsea, he does love you.

Chelsea: I know that. But it's different when you go from hearing it to actually believing it, you know, to feeling it. I just don't want this feeling to go away. I just don't want him to leave me. Everybody else has. I should at least get to keep him.

Shawn D.: I know. Come here.

Belle: Here you go. You can sit here and color for a little while. Mommy's gonna be right over here, okay?

Claire: Okay.

Belle: Okay. [Smooches]

John: This is everybody.

Tony: So, where's Alexandra?

John: Busy at the hospital.

Tony: So, why did you want to see us?

Richard: John wanted me to go over the distribution of Stefano's personal estate with all of you.

E.J.: Did he, now? That's interesting. I wasn't aware that my father was dead.

Richard: No, but he's permanently incapacitated.

Tony: I was at the hospital this morning. His prognosis hasn't changed.

Richard: And you have decided to discontinue further tests?

Tony: Yes. They told us it probably wouldn't make a difference.

John: So, why spend good money on more doctors when you can put it in your pocket?

E.J.: You know, I think maybe a little harsh, John.

Tony: Not remotely what we were thinking.

John: What were you thinking?

Tony: That the world would be a better place without my father in it.

Richard: Well, you certainly have the right to make that decision. At any rate, the reality is that Stefano does appear to be unlikely to regain consciousness, much less recover. As you might imagine, his empire is quite vast and extremely complicated. And I'm only privy to a small part of it. And I can tell you that even that requires an enormous amount of time and energy to run. It's the kind of responsibility that can only be assumed by a loyal family member.

E.J.: Well, I'm assuming that my father went over all of this in his will.

Richard: Well, it was covered, but as you pointed out, Stefano isn't dead. And prior to his incapacitation, he didn't give anyone his power of attorney.

Sami: Can you just cut to the chase? What do you mean?

Richard: Well, it's up to me, as the executor, to appoint the person most capable of carrying on his legacy.

E.J.: Great. So, which one of us gets that dubious honor?

Shawn D.: Look... I know that we haven't been exactly close. But he's our father. And he needs all of our support right now. We need to be able to lean on and support each other so we can get through this together, okay? I mean, come on. You're not just his daughter, Chelsea, and that means never giving up and never giving in. Dad needs us -- all of us. So, be strong for him. His family is the only thing that's gonna get him through this.

Chelsea: [Sighs]

Bo: Ma -- I'm in bad shape. We just got to face it.

Caroline: Face it, yes, but to say we can do nothing about it? No. No.

Victor: Lexie, how could this be? You said there was absolutely no sign at all that Bo's pancreas was cancerous.

Lexie: As far as the tests have indicated, no. And we've been extremely thorough.

Bo: Lex, we did some research.

Hope: It can't be pancreatitis. Bo doesn't drink excessively. Actually, he barely drinks at all. And he's not diabetic.

Lexie: It's possible it's genetic.

Victor: But you said there was no cancer.

Lexie: No. No. But whatever it is is affecting the same gland as Isabella's cancer. That indicates that your family may have a higher possibility of the pancreas being susceptible to infection or disease.

Caroline: You mean like a family history of diabetes or heart murmur?

Lexie: Something like that, yes. And you were in that motorcycle accident not too long ago.

Hope: Yeah, but the tests and the x-rays, they didn't show any internal damage.

Lexie: No. His body still went through a high degree of trauma. And if his pancreas was already inherently genetically weak, it would be more likely to have an adverse reaction to it.

Bo: Okay, so, uh, bottom line -- it doesn't really matter, does it?

Lexie: Actually, it does. If we know the cause, it can often determine the best course of treatment.

Bo: And if you don't?

Lexie: Your pancreas will continue to lose function until eventually...it shuts down.

Bo: How long could that take?

Caroline: It'll take long enough for Lexie and the other doctors to find out why this is happening and stop it.

Anna: Well, Stefano was loaded, so, uh, who gets to play with all that money?

Richard: Well, Stefano has changed his will a number of times, and even though this is not a formal execution of his will because he's still alive, I believe it serves as an accurate guideline to his wishes.

John: So, who gets it?

Richard: Well, Stefano took his daughter Alexandra out of his will some time ago. And he was furious at you, Antony, and you, Elvis, due to some recent behavior on both your parts that he didn't approve of.

E.J.: Yes, father was a master at dishing out punishment to those who displeased him, eh?

Tony: So, can we stop with the legalese and just tell us, will you?

Richard: Well, the last time he changed his will, he cut both of you completely out of it. The only provision he added was a generous trust for his new grandson, Giovanni.

Sami: Hold on a second. I don't want my son to have any of his filthy money.

Richard: It's in trust until he's 21. He can decide for himself at that time whether he chooses to accept it.

E.J.: Okay, but the other trusts are still active, yes?

Richard: I'm sorry. No. They were all cancelled.

E.J.: Really? I was of the understanding that they were reinstated.

Richard: Apparently he lied.

John: I'm paying you by the hour. Who gets the old man's money?

Richard: So far as I know, Stefano has only one surviving blood relative.

John: I had a feeling this was gonna be a lucky day.

E.J.: Wait a second. How is that even possible? My father had no idea that he was related to John. And believe you me, this man is the last person in the world my father would want his money going to.

Richard: I'm the executor of his estate, and all I know is that Stefano made it very clear to me who he didn't want his money and holdings to go to. As his only surviving blood relation, I've decided this man is entitled by default.

Tony: So, are we finished here?

Anna: How much are we talking about exactly?

Richard: Just what I know about is in the tens of millions.

John: There's my new jet.

Marlena: You're not thinking about keeping that money, are you?

Bo: So, I got a chance of beating this, right?

Lexie: You just hang in there until we isolate and identify what's doing this.

Victor: And you're convinced you can do that?

Lexie: There are no guarantees, Victor.

Victor: Well, you won't mind if I get some other opinions.

Lexie: No. No. The more minds working on this, the better.

Chelsea: Hey, are you up for more visitors?

Shawn D.: Is it okay, Lexie?

Lexie: Yeah, sure. Come on.

Bo: Hey.

Chelsea: You're gonna beat this, Dad.

Bo: You bet I will. [Chuckles]

Chelsea: No, you will, because we're all gonna help you do it. I love you.

Bo: I love you, too, kid.

John: You don't think I should keep tens of millions of dollars? For a shrink, I think you're working the wrong side of the couch.

Marlena: I am so disappointed in you.

John: If you lower your expectations, you'll never be disappointed. So, what do I do?

Richard: Well, I'll have the necessary papers messengered to you for your signature, and there's some sealed envelopes that Stefano had me hold for him. I can only assume they contain names of other lawyers to contact or possibly lists of other holdings.

John: Score. Thank you very much.

Richard: My pleasure. Good day. Excuse me.

Marlena: Yes, of course.

Tony: Well, if that's it, I think we'll be on our way.

Anna: Bye.

Sami: Yeah, um, I guess I should get going, too. Mom, I'll see you later.

John: The kid got lucky. I'll send over the amount in terms of the trust.

Sami: Yeah, fine. Whatever.

John: Don't worry about it, nephew. I'm sure the old man would have cut you out eventually. It seems you upset him pretty good.

E.J.: Yeah, I did. I think my biggest mistake was telling Marlena, actually, that you were alive and letting her know where she could find you. Anyway, you can thank me for that later. Take care. Come on, darling.

Belle: Okay. Come on. It's time to say goodbye. Come here. Yeah. Whee! Go say bye-bye.

Claire: Bye.

Marlena: Bye-bye, little one. Thanks for coming. I love you. Ooh, the sweetest.

Claire: Bye-bye, John.

John: Bye-bye.

Belle: Okay. Come on.

John: What?

Marlena: The man I knew would never have taken Stefano's money.

John: What would he have done? Given the money away to charity? Burned down the mansion? Sow the ground with salt?

Marlena: It isn't a joke.

John: You're right. There's absolutely nothing funny about giving away that kind of money.

Marlena: There just has to be a way to reach you. There has to be a way to get John back.

John: I don't think so. I kind of like the man I am. I'm gonna put a couple steaks on and celebrate. You want to stay for dinner?

Marlena: Let me think. No.

John: Okay.

[Equipment beeping]

John: I hope you're enjoying your new life because I'm going to be enjoying your old one. I'm gonna go back to your house, which is now my house. I'm gonna drink your booze, smoke your cigars, eat your food, and sleep in your bed. And time will go by. And before long, it will be as though you never even existed.

Stefano: [Thinking] [Laughs] Oh, John. John, John. You will never know how close you are to finding your true identity and regaining the life I took from you. And the new life that you are pursuing will be almost unbearable for your loved ones to observe. [Laughs] So much so that eventually they may prefer that you had stayed dead and never come back to them at all. [Laughs]

Philip: What's this favor? I can't imagine it's any bigger than what I've already done for you.

Chloe: It is bigger.

Stephanie: What does that mean?

Chelsea: He could die, Stephanie, if they can't do something about it quick.

Abe: Why didn't she just kill you?

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