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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 2/26/08 - Canada; Wednesday 2/27/08 - U.S.A.

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Roman: Oh. [Chuckles] Hey, Doc.

Marlena: Hey, Roman. I went by your place to see if you wanted a ride, but you'd left.

Roman: Yeah, I thought that -- I just kind of wanted to spend a few minutes alone with pop. That's all.

Marlena: Do you want some more time?

Roman: No, no, that's all right. Actually, no. Please sit down. Stay.

Marlena: It's a nice picture. He's got a good smile.

Roman: Yeah. Yeah. He always did. Ma chose it. It took her forever to pick out the perfect one. You know, Doc... as our parents... start to get older, we try to prepare for the inevitable. But when it happens... it's just still -- still hard. It's still very hard. Oh, pop. Pop. Oh, I'm gonna miss you. I am so, so gonna miss you.

Marlena: I'm so sorry.

Bo: Hey.

Belle: Hey.

Bo: Come on in.

Shawn D.: Dad, I got your suit. Where do you want me to put it?

Bo: Thanks. Just at the end of the bed. That's fine. Thanks. Hey, kid.

Chelsea: Are you feeling okay?

Bo: I'm feeling just fine. Don't worry about me.

Lexie: Okay. You're good to go whenever you're ready, but take it easy.

Bo: Okay. I will. Thanks for doing that for me.

Lexie: Of course.

Hope: Can I talk to you outside for a second?

Lexie: Sure.

Hope: Thanks. Be right back.

Bo: All right.

Shawn D.: Let's get you out of bed.

Hope: How was he today? Any change?

Lexie: No. No. His vitals are the same. He's stable for now.

Hope: I need for you to tell me the truth. Am I gonna lose my husband?

Caroline: Hello, everyone. I'm sorry to have made you wait so long.

Steve: Oh, you didn't make us wait.

Kayla: Have you had anything to eat this morning?

Caroline: Uh, no. I couldn't.

Kayla: Well, you should eat something.

Stephanie: I'll go make some oatmeal.

Caroline: I don't think there's time.

Kayla: No, there's plenty of time. Come on. Let's sit down. Let me take this. Okay. I'll just put this on the chair.

Caroline: Oh, Frankie called earlier, and he said, "I'm sorry I couldn't make it," but he would promise he would come home soon.

Max: Yeah, I talked to him earlier. He said he felt bad about not being here.

Steve: Yeah, well, you got all of us. If you need anything, we're right here for you.

Caroline: Honestly... I don't think I can make it through the day. [Crying]

Kayla: Of course you can, Mom, because we are all gonna be here with you.

Kimberly: Kay's right, Ma. You have the love and support of your family. We're gonna get through this together now.

Steve: Hey.

Caroline: Kimmy.

Kimberly: Oh, Ma.

Caroline: Oh, Kimmy. Oh, my goodness. When did you get in?

Kimberly: I just came straight from the airport.

Kayla: You know, I could have picked you up at the airport.

Kimberly: I know you would have, honey. A lot's going on today. Come here. Get over here. It's been such a long time.

Kayla: Too long.

Kimberly: Yeah. Hey, ma told me the big news. You, get over here, and congratulations to you -- baby number two.

Steve: Thanks, Kim.

Kimberly: Where's baby number one? Oh, my.

Steve: Look at her.

Kimberly: You're not a baby anymore. Come here. Look how you've grown.

Stephanie: Where are Jeannie and Andrew?

Kimberly: They're in England with their dad. All three of them wanted to come, but they couldn't get a flight out in time.

Max: Have Shane and the ISA figured out who tampered with John's plane?

Kimberly: The last time I talked to him, they didn't have any leads.

Max: Well, whoever sabotaged the plane is responsible for pop's death, so...

Caroline: Max, I don't think you should think about that today. You should think about celebrating your father's life.

Steve: That's right. We need to focus on the happy times we had with Papa Brady. That's what he would have wanted. Right?

Caroline: And he would be so pleased to know his family came together to honor his memory.

Kimberly: How's Bo? Is he gonna be able to make it?

Kayla: He's still weak, but he insists on coming. I just hope it's not too much for him.

Lexie: The truth is I don't want to speculate on Bo's chances until we have a diagnosis. We've run additional tests, including a biopsy, so we'll have some information soon.

Hope: "Soon." I still can't believe we still don't know what's wrong with him. At least if we did, we could form some plan of attack and we could beat this thing. I'm sorry. I just feel [Exhales sharply] I feel helpless.

Lexie: I know. I know. But just having you by his side goes a long way towards his recovery.

Hope: Do you think he's strong enough to attend the service?

Lexie: I'd rather have him here, where we can keep him under constant supervision, but I -- it's his father's funeral.

Hope: I know. Of course. And you'll be there in case he needs medical attention?

Lexie: Oh, yes. Yes, yes. I will be there. Just make sure he doesn't exert himself and just get him back here as soon as possible, okay?

Hope: I will. He has to be okay.

Marlena: John. I didn't know you were coming.

John: I figured I'd pay my respects. From what I understand, the man was my uncle. Makes us cousins, right?

Roman: Apparently, yeah.

John: Didn't mean to interrupt. Continue your cuddle party.

Marlena: Ooh. You sound a little jealous to me.

John: No. I just think you're a little cozy for a divorced couple. I mean, where's all the bitterness and resentment -- all that fun stuff?

Roman: Well, uh, our relationship was never like that. We've remained close all these years.

John: I can see that. I didn't mind?

Marlena: No. No, not at all. You knew Roman and I were just friends. And you were very secure in our relationship. In fact, the three of us stayed very close.

John: Right.

Roman: No, John. Really. I mean, you and I -- we had our problems in the beginning, but we worked things out. We were good.

John: Well, in that case... I owe you a hug.

Chloe: Hi, Sami. I'm very sorry about your grandfather.

Sami: Thanks. Any word on Brady?

Chloe: No. Not yet.

Sami: That's too bad. We probably would have found him by now if you had come forward when you should have.

Chloe: Since when do you care about Brady so much?

Sami: He's my family. My mother is devastated right now. The fact that you didn't have the decency --

E.J.: Sorry. I don't believe, uh, we've had the pleasure. I'm E.J. DiMera.

Chloe: Hi. I'm Chloe Black. Very nice to meet you.

Sami: She's a world-famous opera singer, E.J. It's so odd that you haven't heard of her.

Philip: If he hasn't, it's because he's too busy ruining other people's lives.

E.J.: Hello, Philip. I hope you're well. I've missed our scheming.

Philip: Tell me something, Sami. Have you even talked to my brother recently, or have you been too preoccupied to care that he's in prison?

Sami: [Scoffs]

Roman: What's, uh, what's going on?

Sami: Nothing, Dad. I talked to Lucas today, and he is so sad he can't be here, and he sends you his condolences.

Philip: He was a good man. I'm sorry for your loss.

Roman: Thank you, Philip. I appreciate that.

Philip: We'll see you inside.

Sami: [Scoffs] Dad, I, um, also talked to Will, Austin, Carrie, and Eric. They're all very sorry that they can't be here.

Roman: Well, they tried. It just wasn't possible, so -- we will have plenty of family here today... including cousin John.

Sami: He is different, isn't he?

Roman: Oh, yeah. He is different.

Steve: Sorry to interrupt. I think we better get going.

Max: The last time I checked, we all didn't fit in one car.

Kimberly: No, don't worry about it. I have a rental. Let me drive you to the church, all right?

Victor: Actually, I was hoping to do that.

Kimberly: Why don't you guys go ahead? I'll make sure that ma gets to the church.

Kayla: Are you sure?

Kimberly: I can handle it.

Kayla: Let's go, you guys.

Max: All right.

Steve: All right.

Caroline: Okay.

Victor: Kimberly, it's nice to see you again. Sorry it has to be under such unfortunate circumstances.

Kimberly: Why are you here, Victor?

Victor: Well, as I said before, I wanted to take your mother to the church.

Kimberly: You've caused this family so much heartache. I don't know. Excuse me. I just find it a little odd you want to be a source of comfort right now.

Caroline: Kimberly, that's all in the past.

Kimberly: Is it?

Caroline: Yes.

Victor: A lot's changed since you've been away. I'm not proud of the things I did to your parents or to you, but I've made peace with your mother and father.

Kimberly: Good. Glad to hear that, 'cause my parents can be very forgiving people. I still don't think it's appropriate for you to be alone with my mother right now.

Caroline: Kimberly, don't worry. I'll see you at the church. I'll meet you there. Go. Go.

Kimberly: Come here, Ma. I've got my cellphone, in case you change your mind, okay? You know... my mother just lost the love of her life. She's really vulnerable right now, and I'd really appreciate it if you don't take advantage of that.

Victor: I care very deeply for your mother. I wouldn't dream of doing anything to hurt her.

Kimberly: Good. Make sure you don't... or you might have me to answer to.

Victor: You and Shawn certainly did raise some feisty children.

Caroline: Well, they tend to be overprotective.

Victor: Yes, well, you're a very special lady. I'm glad you have so many people around you to protect you.

Bo: You know, I can't imagine life without him.

Roman: Yeah. You can already feel a big, deep, empty hole in the family.

Bo: Yeah. You know, I, uh, I still went to him for advice. [Chuckles] He had an answer for everything.

Roman: Yes, he did. He was a wise man. But, you know, from now on, you can come to me for that.

Bo: [Chuckles] Yeah, right.

Roman: I have been known to offer a wise word or two.

Bo: I'll keep that in mind. You know what else I'm gonna miss?

Roman: What?

Bo: How he made people laugh.

Roman: [Chuckles]

Bo: He always had a funny joke or a story for every occasion.

Roman: Yes, he did. And, again, you can come to me for that, too.

Bo: Your jokes aren't funny.

Roman: Okay. All right. I get the point. Pop can't be replaced. But I am funny.

Bo: No, you're not.

Roman: Maybe not right now, but in the past, I have been known to be very hysterical.

Bo: You don't have a funny bone in your body. Your funny bone isn't funny.

Roman: I have made you laugh.

Bo: Well, maybe at you, but not w--

Hope: Hey, Roman. I'm so sorry. I just spoke to dad and Julie. Ciara's down for her nap, but they definitely have their hands full with all those other kids. What were you two arguing about when I walked up?

Bo: We weren't arguing. We were just -- just missing pop.

Roman: Yeah.

Stephanie: Oh.

Belle: Hey.

Shawn D.: Hey, guys. Have you seen grandma anywhere?

Kayla: Aunt Kimberly's bringing her over.

Belle: Where's Steve?

Stephanie: He's parking the car.

Kayla: I'm gonna head inside.

Stephanie: I thought Chelsea was with you guys.

Belle: Well, I think she's around here looking for Nick somewhere.

Steve: Hi.

Stephanie: Hey. [Smooches]

Steve: Shouldn't we go in?

Shawn D.: Yeah, but we're waiting for grandma.

Steve: I'll wait for her. You go ahead. It's chilly out here.

Shawn D.: Okay.

Steve: Hey!

Lexie: Steve.

Steve: Huh?

Lexie: Are you okay?

Steve: Yeah. The ribs are hurting a little bit, but I'm all right.

Lexie: Well, let me take a look at you.

Steve: I'm -- I'm good. I-I just took another pill. I'll be good. Hey, Abe, I'm glad I found you. Listen, could you pencil me in for a little one-on-one? I just want to talk to you about something.

Abe: Anything wrong?

Steve: No. I just want to ask you a favor.

Abe: Well, yeah, sure. I'll be glad to help.

Steve: Thanks. Okay. Come on. Let's go in.

Victor: Caroline, are you all right?

Caroline: Yes, yes, I will be.

Victor: Should I bring the car around?

Caroline: No. Victor, I appreciate the offer. I don't think it's appropriate for me to go to my husband's funeral with you. People will talk.

Victor: Caroline, you and Shawn and I were very good friends at one time.

Caroline: Yes. It seems like a lifetime ago.

Victor: Even though we were very different, for a while, we were the best of friends. And after all that we meant to each other, I really don't think Shawn would mind if I escorted you to the service.

Caroline: I agree. I think Shawn's looking down from heaven and is grateful, just as I'm grateful, that you're here for me.

Victor: Then I can take you?

Caroline: No. I'm gonna get to my husband's funeral on my own. The church isn't far. I will walk.

Victor: Oh, that's ridiculous.

Caroline: I won't be alone. Shawn will be at my side. He and I are gonna share one last walk... before I have to say goodbye.

Marlena: Oh, Maggie.

Maggie: Hi. Oh. How are things going with John?

Marlena: He's pretty strange.

Maggie: He doesn't remember your life together at all?

Marlena: Well, what's more concerning is that he doesn't care to remember it.

Sami: What he seems to care about the most right now is the DiMera money and power.

Maggie: Hmm. Do you ever think we'll get the John that we knew back?

Marlena: I don't know. I see glimpses of him once in a while. But they're fleeting. He's always just a bit out of reach.

Kimberly: It is so good to see you.

Roman: You too. You look great.

Kimberly: Thanks, big brother. Hey, little brother, how you doing?

Bo: I'm -- who told you I was sick, huh? Was it Kay? You got a big mouth. You know that?

Kayla: It was not me. Why does everybody in this family always think that I'm the blabbermouth? It wasn't me.

Steve: You can't really blame him. You are kind of a chatterbox. You're just too honest. You can't keep a secret.

Roman: I told Kim.

Bo: Well, that figures. You've always ganged up on me. I'm fine, really. I'm just faking this so that I can get some attention.

Hope: Oh, come on. You get plenty of attention. He's going right back to the hospital after the wake.

Bo: You're no fun.

Kimberly: You're lucky you got a wife who puts up with you.

Hope: You know, I tell him that every day.

Kayla: Where's mom?

Kimberly: I left her with Victor. She insisted, okay?

Chelsea: Hey.

Nick: Are you okay?

Chelsea: Yeah, considering the circumstance. I'm just gonna miss him.

Nick: I'm here for you.

Stephanie: We all are.

Nick: Sorry about your dad, Max.

Max: Thanks, man.

Stephanie: Let's go.

E.J.: It's interesting. Even from back here, you can just tell how much your family cares for each other.

Sami: Well, we may not always get along, but...we're a family.

E.J.: Your grandfather did a good job of raising his family. It's very different from what my father did. I'd like to hope that I could do as well as Shawn.

Sami: I'm gonna call Doug and Julie and check on the twins. Excuse me.

E.J.: Sure. Okay.

Victor: Chloe.

Chloe: Hello, Victor.

Philip: I thought you were bringing Mrs. Brady.

Victor: Change of plans.

Roman: I thought you said mom was with Victor.

Kimberly: That's what I thought.

E.J.: Hi.

Caroline: E.J. I'm glad you made it.

E.J.: Well, a promise is a promise. I wasn't about to let you down.

Caroline: Thank you, dear. Thank you.

E.J.: Can I help you?

Caroline: Oh. Yeah.

Bo: Hey, Mom.

Roman: Hey, Mom.

Caroline: Thank you.

Roman: First of all, thank you all for coming. Pop was always real big on "the more, the merrier." Now, believe me, I'm gonna try to do justice to my dad, but I'm also gonna try to make this fairly short and sweet, because that is what pop would want. He would want us to get done here and get over to the pub for the fun stuff. Pop is gonna want us to raise at least a couple pints to his memory, and if that's what pop wants, then that's what I got to make myself do. So with that in mind and also the fact that a few other family members want to speak, I just -- I just want to say this. I am very, very honored that pop was my father. He taught me a lot. Three things, in particular, come to mind. He taught me about hard work. We didn't have a whole lot growing up, but pop always managed to put food on that table. He was a tough sucker. He worked long, long hours at that junkyard of his and fish market. That's why I was so glad -- so glad -- when he was finally able to realize his dream and open his own Irish Pub. And I have John Black to thank for that. John Black put up the money to make that happen. Thank you, John. The second thing pop taught me was...honesty. He wanted all of his kids to do the right thing, no matter how hard it was. And the third thing pop taught me... he taught me about love. He and my mom -- an incredible marriage. I mean incredible. Did they have some rough spots? Ooh-hoo. You bet they did. But they always -- always -- came out stronger. So, pop may be gone from us physically, but I will guarantee you this -- his spirit will live on and on through Bo, Kimberly, Kayla, Max, me -- his entire family. Hard work, honesty, love. That will be his legacy. And I really only have one more thing to say, and that is... thank you, Pop. Thank you for everything. [Smooches] I love you.

Kimberly: It's true -- pop was known for his temper. And even though, you know, he did get angry from time to time, I soon realized it was only because he cared so much. I wish that I had been around more these past few years. I wish I had a chance to say goodbye. And I hope that he knew how much I appreciated him and I loved him and that no matter how far apart we were, he -- he will always be in my heart. Papa.

Kayla: My pop liked to fish. And when I was little, he would take me out with him. It was such a special time for me because I had his undivided attention. And with four kids in our family, that was hard to come by. It gave us a chance to talk and a chance for him to give me his advice. And, uh, as I got older, the trips became less frequent... but his advice never stopped. And, believe me, he had a lot to say about my relationship with Steve. One of those last fishing trips took place right before my wedding to Steve.

Shawn: You know, when you first married Steve -- I gave you my blessing, but then I had a lot of misgivings, 'cause I just -- I just couldn't imagine that guy making much of a husband, you know?

Kayla: And now?

Shawn: Well, I'll tell you. Now I can lift a drink at your wedding and mean it. [Chuckles]

Kayla: Steve and I were meant to be together, Pop.

Shawn: I know that. I know that now. I do.

Kayla: My father gave me the strength to be the woman I am today. He always told me how proud he was of me. I hope he knows how proud I was of him. [Sniffles] [Voice breaking] I love you, Pop. [Smooches] [Sniffles] I'm gonna miss you.

Bo: Pop wasn't my biological father, but he was my pop in every other way. And I didn't make it easy on him. Growing up, we didn't get along, mostly because I was a big pain in the keister, as he'd say. But he never gave up on me, no matter how much I messed up or how many times the cops called the house 'cause of me. He was always there for me. Even after he found out that I wasn't his blood, he still loved me as if I were his own, and that's a sign of a great man. He had a generous heart -- a heart -- a heart full of love -- for ma, for us kids, adopted kids, grandkids, great-grandkids. He liked nothing more than to... have an excuse to party with the family.

Shawn: I want to make a toast. To my son. Now, in the past, we've had our few differences, but that's just where they're gonna stay. We're gonna leave them in the past. This is to the future, to our family -- the Brady's. We are the best family, and we're never gonna forget that one for second anymore. Here's to my son. Always was, and he always will be. I love you.

Bo: He was a hero. He lived as one, and he died as one. He not only saved my life on that plane, but a thousand times -- it's okay. I'll never forget what you did, Pop -- what you gave me. I love you. Goodbye.

Chloe: May all your days be filled with grace and beauty and all your nights fly swiftly toward the dawn may God's great love go with you on your journey and his spirit be in your song when troubles fall like rain upon your shoulders when sorrow comes and bends you like a bow remember this, we never will forget you our hearts go with you where ever you go and may the Lord bless you and keep you may he make his face to shine upon you and give you peace and give you peace forever and evermore. 

Shawn: I was remembering a promise that I made to you some years ago -- that if you were to say you would marry me, then I would love you forever.

Caroline: Oh, Shawn! Oh, you remembered!

Shawn: Enough of this hugging stuff. Come down here.

Caroline: It's beautiful.

Shawn: Open the present. I want to see you open the present.

Caroline: Oh, my goodness.

Shawn: Yes.

Caroline: Whew. It's beautiful.

Shawn: [Chuckles]

Caroline: May the earth rest easy over you when you're laid under it. May the earth rest so easy that your spirit will up from under it -- up and off... and on its way to God. Goodbye, Shawn. [Crying] I will love you forever.

Anna: DiMera Advertising? Well, DiMera Advertising stinks.

Roman: To pop.

Bo: To you, Pop.

Shawn D.: To Grandpa Shawn.

Everyone: To Shawn.

Hope: Steve. I need him to the hospital right away.

Steve: I'll go get the car. I'll bring him out.

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