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Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 2/25/08 - Canada; Tuesday 2/26/08 - U.S.A.

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Sami: I just can't imagine Grandpa Shawn not being inside to greet us, you know, not being there to give us a hug and share his latest joke. This place is just so him. I don't know. I mean, it's just so warm and friendly and comforting.

Belle: Yeah.

Sami: It's never gonna be the same, is it?

Belle: Our family's never gonna be the same.

Sami: Yeah. We just got to focus on Grandma Caroline.

Belle: Yeah. Come on.

Caroline: Oh. Oh. Thank you.

Sami: Hi, grandma.

Caroline: Thanks for coming.

Sami: Of course. We w wouldn't be anywhere else.

Caroline: Hi, sweetie.

Belle: Hi, Caroline.

Caroline: Thank you. Listen... we were just making the arrangements for grandpa's funeral -- Father Jansen, Roman, Shawn, and I.

Roman: Yeah, we decided we're just gonna try to keep everything pretty simple.

Sami: I know that's how grandpa would like it.

Shawn D.: Hey, did you talk to my mom before you came back here?

Belle: Yeah, I just called her. She's on her way to the hospital. Bo had to be taken down for more testing.

Fr. Jansen: Bo and Hope are in my prayers.

Caroline: Well, I am usually the babysitter. [Laughs] Where are all the babies?

Belle: Ciara and Claire are with Maggie at Mrs. Horton's, probably gorging themselves on doughnuts. [Laughter]

Caroline: So, where are the twins? Oh.

E.J.: There we go. Whoa! Hey. This thing is like maneuvering a battleship. [Grunts]

Steve: Come on, sweetness. Stephanie and I weren't kidding about you pretty much staying in bed until you have that baby.

Kayla: You know what? This baby is fine or Lexie would have never released me from the hospital.

Steve: You can't be too careful.

Kayla: What about your ribs?

Steve: Well, I like my ribs with a nice spicy Memphis dry rub.

Kayla: I am serious.

Steve: So am I. My mouth is watering. My ribs are -- they're fine.

Kayla: And so is the baby.

Steve: Will you just humor me? Come here. Sit down. Come on. I'm like a first-time dad. I'm nervous about everything. And I'd feel a whole lot better if you'd just go in there and lie down and give that bun in the oven a little quiet time to rise. Can you do that?

Kayla: Promise me you will never use that metaphor again.

Steve: Only if you promise to go in there and lie down and get some rest.

Kayla: I don't need any more sleep. I'm good.

Steve: I didn't say sleep. I said rest.

Kayla: All right. One hour, tops. All right?

Steve: Deal.

Kayla: And then I'm going jogging.

Steve: Over my dead body. Hey, hey, hey.

Kayla: Don't tempt me. Careful. Take it easy.

Steve: Yeah. How soon can you meet me? Right? Okay, I'll be right there. Hey.

Stephanie: You scared me. Geez.

Steve: We got to stop meeting like this. I was just on my way out.

Stephanie: What's wrong? Is mom okay? Did -- did something happen to the baby?

Steve: No.

Marlena: Your front door was open.

John: I knew you'd be coming. I gave you a call. Been busy with my half brother's papers.

Marlena: I see that.

John: It's fascinating. So far it all seems legitimate. Probably haven't gotten to the good stuff yet.

Marlena: And why would you tell me that?

John: I want to see Stefano. Can you get me in to see him?

Marlena: Stefano is in a catatonic state. He can't respond to anyone or anything. So I'm not sure what you hope to gain by seeing him.

John: Well, for starters, he's my half brother.

Marlena: I don't want to think about that, please.

John: It's the real deal. No denying it. That sick, twisted bastard is my family.

Marlena: We both know that Stefano never knew that or that Colleen was your mother.

John: Well, then I guess God does have a sense of humor.

Marlena: I wonder how Stefano would react to hearing that news.

John: No idea. But I want to be the one to tell him. So, come on. It could be fun.

Sami: E.J., I hope they haven't been any trouble.

E.J.: No, actually, they let me off easy today.

Caroline: Sami, you could have dropped them off with Maggie and Alice. You know, they're looking after Ciara and Claire.

Sami: Yeah, and it sounds to me like they already have their hands full.

E.J.: And also, any opportunity I get to spend with these two, I love.

Sami: He's gotten really good at looking after them.

Caroline: Oh. I'm sure he has.

Sami: Uh, I'm gonna make sure they don't need a changing.

Roman: You know what, Ma? I think we better get finished up. Tim's got to get back to St. Luke's.

Caroline: I understand. Okay, let's do that.

Fr. Jansen: I'd just like to talk a little bit about some things I might cover in the eulogy.

Roman: You know what, Tim? I think I'd like to do the eulogy if that's okay with you, maybe have some of the other family members speak.

Fr. Jansen: Of course. Caroline, Roman, Shawn, and I can finish this if it's too difficult for you.

Caroline: No! I'm fine. I mean, I should know better than anybody what Shawn would want. I'm sorry. Oh.

Sami: So, Belle, does this mean you and Shawn are back together?

Belle: Yeah, we are. I'm sorry. I was just thinking about Grandpa Shawn and Bo.

Sami: Well, it must help both of you to have each other to rely on.

Belle: Yeah, it does. I think there's a lot of comfort in being with the love of your life. How are you handling all this without Lucas?

Steve: It's not the baby. Your mom is fine. She's in the other room lying down.

Stephanie: Well, what is it, then? You're obviously upset about something.

Steve: Well, I didn't want your mama to know, but my ribs are killing me this morning.

Stephanie: And that's why you were running out and you were gonna leave mom here alone?

Steve: I had an errand to run. I was gonna come right back.

Stephanie: I don't buy it.

Steve: You don't buy what?

Stephanie: Maybe mom can get it out of you.

Steve: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Shh-shh-shh-shh-shh! Wait. Wait right there. Listen. Okay. I just got something I have to deal with.

Stephanie: What is it?

Steve: [Sighs] I can handle it. It's no big deal. It's nothing for you to be concerned about.

Stephanie: Are you sure?

Steve: Yeah.

Stephanie: Papa, I really wish you'd tell me what's going on.

Steve: It's nothing, really.

Stephanie: I know you. You're hiding something, and you're upset about it.

Steve: I can handle it. Just trust me.

Stephanie: Okay, don't take this the wrong way, but sometimes you act before you think.

Steve: This time I know exactly what I'm doing.

Stephanie: What are you doing?

Steve: I'm not having this conversation.

Kayla: What conversation?

Steve: Oh, Stephanie can't believe I put you back to bed.

Stephanie: Hi, Mom.

Kayla: Hi, baby. [Smooches]

Steve: And what are you doing up? You haven't been in there 15 minutes.

Kayla: I got hungry.

Steve: Okay. I'll order you some tea and toast.

Stephanie: How about I go to the store and pick you up some potato chips and onion dip?

Kayla: Ooh, that's exactly what I wanted. How did you know?

Stephanie: I've heard all those stories about when you were pregnant with me. I have a list of all your cravings. It was either the peanut butter and bananas or potato chips and dip.

Kayla: Ooh, that's spooky.

Steve: Okay, then it's settled. You go get chips and dip. You, back to bed.

Kayla: You know, your father is being obnoxiously overprotective.

Stephanie: I can tell.

Steve: I'm gonna keep on being obnoxiously overprotective. And you get back in there or you don't get any chips and dip.

Kayla: [Groans]

Stephanie: I'll be right back.

Steve: Okay.

Stephanie: Goodness.

Steve: [Sighs] Yeah, I got hung up. Can you still meet me? All right, I'm on my way. [Door closes]

Caroline: I know exactly how you feel.

Marlena: John, I'm sorry, but seeing Stefano is not my idea of fun.

John: Okay. Don't come. Just get me in to see him.

Marlena: I wouldn't leave you alone with him.

John: Well, why not? He's comatose.

Marlena: I know, but we have no idea how you might react to being in the room with him.

John: Like...stirring up something in my subconscious?

Marlena: Oh. Yeah, maybe.

John: It might be interesting. What do you think?

Marlena: I'm thinking that anything that gets you your memory back is worth the risk, even...confronting Stefano.

John: Let's go.

Marlena: Now, I'm going to have to call the sanitarium and let them know that we'll be coming by to -- [Doorbell rings] Are you expecting somebody?

John: Who do I know?

Marlena: Abe.

Abe: John and I have unfinished business. Police business.

John: We were just leaving.

Abe: You're not going anywhere.

Marlena: Abe.

Abe: As far as the Salem P.D. is concerned, John was never officially released from protective custody.

John: Yet here I am. Like I said, we were just leaving. Excuse me.

Abe: You know, I haven't forgotten that you snuck John out of the hospital while he was still in custody.

Marlena: John was never officially charged with a crime.

John: And you couldn't because I didn't do anything.

Abe: You were being held for questioning.

John: Which is pretty stupid when you think about it. Considering I have no memory, I couldn't possibly answer any of your questions.

Abe: I still think you're dangerous.

Marlena: Why? Because you and Roman think that Stefano programmed him to be a cold-blooded killing machine?

Abe: Didn't he?

Marlena: John is not Stefano's soldier anymore.

John: You're even prettier when you're angry.

Marlena: I don't believe that John is dangerous.

Abe: Well, I hope you're right. But can we really take that risk?

John: You can't hold someone for a crime that hasn't been committed yet.

Abe: Ah. Yes, I can... for 72 hours.

Marlena: There's got to be some way to prove to you that John is not a threat.

John: I can do that. Just let me make a phone call.

Roman: How are you holding up?

Shawn D.: It's rough. Grandpa's dead, and now my dad might be --

Roman: Hey. Bo's not going anywhere. He's tough. He's strong. They'll figure out what's wrong with him. He'll beat it.

Shawn D.: I know. I'm trying to stay positive.

Roman: Yeah. Well, a lot has hit us all at one time. We haven't even buried pop yet.

Shawn D.: Yeah, I know. I keep expecting him to come in from the back and ask me to go downstairs to the basement and bring a keg up.

Roman: Yeah. You know what? Why don't the two of us do that? We'll get the bar ready for the wake back here after the funeral tomorrow.

Shawn D.: Sounds good. You carry the keg. [Both laugh]

E.J.: You're grieving for your husband. Why would you know let alone care how I'm feeling?

Caroline: Because I know that look -- the look that says, "I've made mistakes and I don't know how to fix them, but I want to."

E.J.: You gleaned all that from a look?

Caroline: Yes, because I've been there. I've made my share of mistakes, but the worst one was betraying my husband and my wedding vows.

E.J.: You know, we -- we don't need to talk about that.

Caroline: Well, I've been forgiven, you know. It was a long time ago. But if I can help you by talking about it, I think I should.

E.J.: Forgive me, but I don't see how talking about it is going to help me.

Caroline: I see how much you care about Sami.

E.J.: Yes, I do.

Caroline: And I think you're really trying to change.

E.J.: I am.

Caroline: So, I believe you. E.J., don't dwell on the mistakes because some good can come from them.

E.J.: I'm sorry. I just don't see how anything good can come from all of the horrible things that my family has done to Samantha.

Caroline: Well, I didn't think any good can come from my affair with Victor. But something did. It was Bo -- my wonderful Bo. So, I had to admit, shockingly, that my worst mistake ended with some good results.

E.J.: Well, I don't suppose I've thought about it quite like that.

Caroline: You don't have to believe me. You can see for yourself. You come to Shawn's funeral. I mean, his death was a tragedy, but it's brought our family closer together and...made us realize that you should live every moment of life to the fullest. And who knows what other good it might bring?

E.J.: Okay. I'll be there.

Caroline: See that you are.

E.J.: I promise.

Stephanie: Mom? Dad?

Kayla: Hey!

Stephanie: Hello!

Kayla: Your dad's not here.

Stephanie: He wasn't in there with you?

Kayla: No. Mnh-mnh.

Stephanie: He, um -- he said he had an errand to run earlier. It must have been really important to leave you here alone.

Kayla: Well, he knew that you would be right back. So, what did you get?

Stephanie: What I promised.

Kayla: Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!

Stephanie: Chips and dip.

Kayla: And tortilla chips and spicy salsa! This was my second choice.

Stephanie: Yeah, mine too. So, what do you say, snacks and TV in the bedroom?

Kayla: If I get to pick the program.

Stephanie: Um, just as long as it's not a bunch of middle-aged women sitting around talking.

Kayla: Oh, right. Anything but that. [Telephone dialing]

Ava: I need your help. Daddy won't let me out of here again. He found out I went to see Patch. Yeah, well, he's back in Salem. And I need you to find out everything there is to know about him. [Laughter]

Steve: Hey, man. That information you gave me -- that did not trace back to Ava. Yeah, I know it's been a while. What do you mean? I'm not crazy. She is here. She got to me, man. She got to me, and people died because of her. Now, you listen to me. I have to find her. I have to stop her before she tries it again... before she hurts somebody else.

Sami: Thank you, Belle. Dad, where did grandma go?

Roman: I think she went out to get some air.

Sami: Grandma. Um, are you sure there's not something else that I can do?

Caroline: No, honey. No. I've got Belle and Shawn and Roman to help if I need them. You just take your babies home and make sure they know how much you love them.

Sami: I love you, Grandma.

Caroline: I love you, too, honey.

Sami: Are you sure you don't want me to stay?

Caroline: I'm sure. Now, I'll see you tomorrow. Okay.

Roman: Bye, honey. I'll see you tomorrow.

Sami: Okay. E.J., you got everything?

E.J.: I think so. You ready, guys? Okay, E.J. Express leaving town. Bye.

Roman: Bye. Ma... listen, Shawn and I put in a fresh keg for tomorrow. Is there anything else we can do for you before then?

Caroline: There is plenty. One thing Shawn prided himself on -- he felt this was the perfect pub for an Irish wake. So, I'm determined that he's gonna have the best sendoff that any Irishman ever had.

Roman: And I am with you on that, Ma.

Shawn D.: Me too.

Belle: What can we do?

Caroline: Well, you got the keg. See that the bar is fully stocked.

Shawn D.: Absolutely.

Caroline: And, Roman, see if the silverware and the glasses and plates are all clean. And, Belle, you and I will start planning the menu. Oh, call the baker and make sure he has enough fresh rye bread. And I got to call the butcher and make sure he has a truckload of corned beef and cabbage. Thank you, honey.

Ava: Look, daddy is very generous. I can get as much money as I want. No, it's other things that he keeps from me. I need to know everything about Patch that you can find out -- where he has been since he left me and everything there is to know about that bitch he married who is carrying his child.

Steve: You saying there's no record of where she's living now or where she's been living? Come on. Yeah, I know about her old man. I know about how he protects his little girl. [Sighs] Well, I don't know. Maybe he's the only one who doesn't think she's crazy. I want you to keep digging. I need to find her. Oh, no. Well, I'm sorry, man. What I do then is none of your damn business. That's right. Listen, don't take this the wrong way, but both you and Ava are a part of my past I want to forget about. Yeah, yeah. I know. Yeah, I appreciate that. I appreciate you trying to help me. But maybe you didn't know this -- when I disappeared from our little circle of friends back then, that was no accident. Now, you listen to me. I got a new life. And I can't let my past touch my family again.

Lexie: When you called, you didn't tell me that Abe would be here.

Abe: And you didn't tell me you were calling Lexie.

Lexie: Why did you ask me to come here, John?

John: This policeman wants to put me back in the hospital. Tell him it's not necessary.

Lexie: Um, John's in perfect health.

Marlena: And I can attest to that.

Lexie: I signed off on his chart.

Abe: It's not a question of his physical well-being. You both know that.

John: He thinks I'm a mindless, crazed, robotic killer.

Marlena: Well, as a trained psychiatrist and the primary consultant to the Salem P.D., I can attest to the fact that this man is a danger to nobody.

Abe: I don't understand why you're both defending him.

John: Because it's true. You don't like me, do you?

Abe: John Black never had a better friend than I. But this man in front of me isn't him. Both of you really think letting this guy run around free is a good idea?

Lexie: Honey, I'm sorry, but I don't think that John is any more like his brother than I am except for some extremely unfortunate biology.

Abe: [Sighs] Okay, look, I'm not gonna fight both of you. But I am going to be watching you closely.

John: Do whatever you want... outside of my house. Shall we?

Marlena: I'm sorry. Lexie.

Abe: So am I.

Belle: Okay, so, we ordered all the food and Shawn and I are gonna pick it up on the way back from the hospital, okay?

Caroline: Yeah.

Shawn D.: Come on, Belle. Let's get these last glasses put away.

Caroline: Okay.

Roman: Listen, Ma, I saw you outside with E.J. What were you two talking about?

Caroline: Oh, I just told him not to be too hard on himself.

Roman: Do you really think a son of Stefano can change?

Caroline: Everyone can change, Roman. You just need someone or something to make you want to do it.

[Door opens]

Kayla: I thought I heard you.

Steve: Hey.

Kayla: Where did you go?

Steve: I got a surprise for you.

Kayla: Really?

Steve: Chips and spicy salsa.

Kayla: Mmm.

Stephanie: I'm way ahead of you. I'm the great predictor of all mom's cravings. Trust me.

Steve: Oh, really?

Stephanie: Mm-hmm.

Steve: I bet you didn't see that one coming, oh great predictor. Careful.

Kayla: I'm sorry.

Steve: Hey. I thought you promised to rest for an hour.

Kayla: Well, it felt like two. No offense, baby.

Stephanie: None taken.

Steve: Well, it hasn't been. Now, back in there.

Kayla: You know, you are not making any friends this way.

Steve: Seriously, Kayla.

Kayla: Yeah, seriously you. You being difficult is not helping me relax.

Steve: Well, what is?

Kayla: Staying here with my husband and my daughter.

Steve: Okay, well, at least sit down, will you? Will you sit down?

Kayla: Okay. You first.

Steve: Okay.

Kayla: Okay.

Steve: [Sighs]

Kayla: [Sighs] [Laughs] Stop. Stop!

Steve: What?

Stephanie: No, actually, don't. It's probably really good for both of you. On that note, enjoy the chips and salsa. I think I'm just gonna head out.

Steve: Hold on. Don't go, baby.

Stephanie: You know you two want to be alone.

Steve: No, I know I don't want you to go. Really.

Stephanie: Why not? [Equipment beeping]

Stephanie: Does this have anything to do with what we were talking about earlier?

Kayla: What were you talking about earlier?

Steve: Uh, Stephanie and I were just talking about how we're gonna take care of you 24-7.

Kayla: You sure about that?

Steve: Yeah, I'm sure.

Kayla: Hmm. What are you doing?

Steve: I'm just trying to see if I can feel the baby kick.

Kayla: Don't you think it's a little early for that?

Steve: Is it? Well, I'll just keep my hand here until it does.

Kayla: I don't think so.

Steve: Come on, please?

Kayla: No! No!

Steve: Oh, man.

Stephanie: Okay, well, I have stuff to do at the Theta house, so I'm gonna head out, okay?

Steve: Are you going straight there?

Stephanie: Yeah, why?

Steve: I just want to know where you're gonna be, just in case.

Stephanie: In case of what?

Steve: In case your mama needs you.

Stephanie: Okay, Mom, if you need me, call me on my cell. You two have fun.

Steve: We will.

Stephanie: You know what? I really love the fact that you guys are so into each other, but sometimes it's just a little embarrassing. However, I love you more than you'll ever know. But you're still embarrassing.

Steve: Well... we embarrass our daughter. Should we feel bad about that?

Kayla: Do you?

Steve: No, not really. So, you got any more cravings?

Kayla: Maybe some more of these.

Steve: There's plenty more where that one came from.

Kayla: Really?

Ava: Look, I don't care what daddy will do if he finds out because if you don't help me right now, I will tell him about all the times you helped me before. And you know how daddy acts when he's been betrayed. No, it's very, very simple. Nobody walks away from me. Patch did. Yeah, well, now he's gonna have to pay. [Siren wailing]

E.J.: Look, I think your Grandmother Caroline believes in me. Otherwise she wouldn't have spoken to me the way that she did.

Sami: My grandma is confused right now. She's grieving. She doesn't know what she's saying. She -- she misses her husband. I can't believe he's gone. I don't even know the last thing I said to him. It was probably something stupid like, "thanks for breakfast. I'll see you later." I can't believe that we lost another member of our family. I can't beli--

E.J.: Come here. Come here. Shh.

Sami: Sorry.

E.J.: It's okay. Yeah. It's okay.

John: Well, look at you now, big guy. Thought you had it locked, didn't you? All wrapped up in a nice, neat little package. I's dotted, T's crossed. You know what was your undoing? It was your ego, you smug son of a bitch. Thought you were the ultimate puppet master, but you made the biggest mistake. The two people that you brought together were the last two people on earth that you should have ever brought together -- me and my mother. That's right. Colleen Brady. Your nemesis. The woman who broke your father's heart. She and Santo had a bastard kid -- me. I'm their son and your half brother.

Stefano: [Thinking] No, that is impossible!

John: How's that for irony, huh? But you know what? Your plan almost worked. I came this close to cutting her throat ear to ear. But something stopped me. I don't know what it was, but it was a hell of a lot more powerful than your training.

Stefano: [Thinking] I still own part of you, John. I always will.

John: Anyway... we had a hell of a reunion. More for her than me. But at least she didn't die at the hands of her own son. And you're gonna hate this part. She died happy with her family all around her while you, on the other hand -- your family turned on you, deserted you, and condemned you to remain like this for the rest of your miserable days on earth. I hope you're enjoying your new life because I'm going to be enjoying your old one. I'm gonna go back to your house, which is now my house. I'm gonna drink your booze, smoke your cigars, eat your food, and sleep in your bed. And time will go by. And before long, it will be as though you never even existed. Let's go, Blondie.

Stefano: [Thinking] Damn you, John. Damn you and your whore of a mother.

John: Let me drive you to the church, all right?

Victor: Actually, I was hoping to do that.

John: Well, in that case, I owe you a hug.

Hope: I need for you to tell me the truth. Am I gonna lose my husband?

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