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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 2/15/08 - Canada; Monday 2/18/08 - U.S.A.

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Lexie: Any word yet?

Abe: Do not give me the runaround. I want an update on John Black's plane. Well, then who does have the answers? No. No, no. Do not put me on hold. Damn it.

Max: Hey. Still no word on the plane?

Chelsea: No. How is your mom?

Max: She's hanging in there. I told her it's better if she waited home until we know more. I told her I'd call her if anything happens.

Stephanie: Why haven't we heard anything?

Max: Don't assume the worst.

Stephanie: Our families are on that plane.

Max: I know.

Stephanie: They have to be okay.

Chelsea: I don't really have a good feeling about this.

Max: I know. We don't -- hey, Roman, what's going on?

Roman: I got ahold of my contact at the FAA.

Abe: What'd they say?

Roman: They confirm the plane fell out of range and they can't pick it up on radar.

Chelsea: What does that mean?

Roman: That means they lost the signal.

Stephanie: That can't be good.

Roman: All right, the plane was last detected near Greenland. The rescue planes are already on the way. And hopefully this radar thing is just a technical glitch. Then we'll get their coordinates.

Abe: Let's pray they're damn good pilots.

Roman: The FAA will find a signal.

John: Come on. I saved your life once. Do I have to do it again? It's your lucky day. You got a bonus. [Exhales sharply] Damn, it's cold. Where the hell did I land this plane, the North Pole? Hey, Santa Claus! Been a pretty good boy this year. How about a brand-new, shiny jet? It'd make a terrific belated Christmas present. I kind of broke my old one.

Belle: [Groans] Daddy?

Shawn D.: Belle. Belle.

Belle: Where's Claire?

Claire: Can you guys please get off me?

Belle: Claire. Thank God. Are you hurt?

Claire: No.

Belle: Come here, baby.

Shawn D.: Come here, baby. Come here. Come here. You don't have a bruise or a scratch on you. Give daddy a hug.

Claire: I want some juice.

John: She cuts right to the chase. Maybe you are my granddaughter. I want some juice, too -- some grown-up juice. [Chuckles]

Belle: Is everybody else okay?

John: I don't know. Took roll call. No one spoke up. I think they're mad at me because the landing was a little rough.

Belle: Dad...

John: But I'm glad you're okay, Dink.

Belle: It's Tink. Your nickname for me is Tink.

John: Whatever.

Shawn D.: Come on, Belle. We got to go find everybody else. Take Claire. Go find your mom. And I'm gonna go find my mom and dad.

Belle: Come here, baby.

Shawn D.: Come on. Come on. Stay warm.

Belle: You okay? Watch her. I'm gonna go see if everyone's okay.

John: You can't leave me with this munchkin. No offense. [Chuckles]

Belle: Oh, my God. Chloe? Chloe, can you hear me?

Chloe: Did we crash?

Belle: Yeah. I don't know where yet, though. Here. Look at me.

Chloe: Ow.

Belle: You have a pretty bad cut. Here.

Chloe: [Inhales sharply]

Belle: I know. Are you hurt otherwise?

Chloe: I don't think so.

Belle: Good.

Chloe: How is Philip?

Belle: Philip. Philip. He's not responding.

Chloe: Philip. Philip, wake up. Philip, wake up.

Philip: Stop. Stop hitting me. Where's Claire?

Belle: Not a scratch on her. She's with my dad.

Philip: Good.

Belle: Okay. I have to go find my mom. I'll be back.

Claire: Did you find any juice?

John: Not yet.

Claire: Are we going home?

John: This may just turn out to be our home. What do you think about that? Ever live in an igloo?

Claire: Unh-unh.

John: Well, then we better start building one. [Chuckles]

Stephanie: I wonder what they're talking about.

Chelsea: Well, whatever it is, it's serious enough to where they didn't want us involved.

Max: Sometimes Roman treats me like his kid brother and not like an adult.

Chelsea: Well, maybe that's because of your inability to grow a full-on beard.

Max: Wow, that's funny. But I'm serious. He treats me like this young little kid that his parents took in off the street.

Stephanie: Look, I know that your parents are very proud of you. And so is my Uncle Roman. He just doesn't show it as much.

Max: Thanks. I'm just worried about my pop. He shouldn't have gone all the way to Ireland.

Stephanie: Our families are with him, okay? My mom is a doctor. If she didn't think he could make the trip, she wouldn't have allowed it.

Max: I know. But I hope he comes home soon because Ma doesn't do well when he is not around.

Roman: First the F.A.A. loses radio contact with the plane. Then it goes off radar. What do you think?

Abe: I don't know. There's not much to go on.

Roman: Yeah. Well, I didn't want to say this in front of the kids, but I would feel a hell of a lot better if John Black wasn't on that plane.

Marlena: [Gasps] Belle? Belle!

Belle: Mom -- Mom, I'm right here.

Marlena: Are you all right? Oh, my gosh.

Belle: You're bleeding.

Marlena: I'm okay. Claire. How's Claire?

Belle: She's fine.

Marlena: Everybody else?

Belle: Shawn's with them right now. Mom, put this on your head.

Marlena: I'm okay. Go help everybody else. Go do it. Go on. Go on. Okay, I'll be right there. I'll be -- aah! [Whimpering]

Shawn D.: Mom. Mom. Mom, come on. Come on, Mom. Come on. Come on, wake up. Wake up.

Hope: Shawn?

Shawn D.: Yeah, yeah, it's me. It's me. It's me. It's me. Belle and Claire -- they're safe, all right? They're safe.

Hope: Your dad. Check on your dad.

Shawn D.: Dad, no. Okay.

Hope: Does he have a pulse?

Shawn D.: Yeah. Yes. I got a pulse. It's weak, but he's alive.

Hope: Oh, thank God.

Kayla: [Groans]

Hope: Check on Kay. I'll stay with your dad.

Shawn D.: All right.

Hope: Oh, my God. Bo.

Kayla: Pop. Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! [Sobs] Pop! Pop. Pop.

Shawn D.: Aunt Kayla?

Kayla: I can't believe this.

Shawn D.: Are you in any pain? Are you okay? Oh, God. Is he --

Kayla: Yeah.

Shawn D.: Was it the impact or what? What was it?

Hope: No, honey. Your grandfather gave his life for ours.

Shawn D.: What do you mean?

Kayla: Your grandfather... gave up his oxygen so we could all have it. My pop was always a hero. And he proved it in his dying breath.

Shawn D.: No, no, no. No, no, grandpa. No. No. No.

John: Hey. [Singsong voice] Look what I found.

Claire: Juice!

John: Juice! Juice for you and [Chuckles] Juice for me. Tell you what -- we're gonna have a little toast here, okay? Here's to my skillful landing that got us all down here in one piece -- well, you and I got down here in one piece. The jet didn't do so well. But here is to me. Yeah. Come on. That's it. Bottoms up. Ahh. Claire, I'm gonna give you a little advice here since I'm older. Never, ever leave other kids in charge of your toys. They break them every time. I let these two pilots here fly my jet, and they just jammed up all the controls. Oh, and another thing -- don't take life so seriously. Did you see the way all the adults got all bent out of shape over this little plane crash, hmm? Yeah, well, you know, they got to relax. They got to just smile and kick back with a little bit of juice, right? We got the right idea. We're having fun, aren't we? Yeah. Great. Now -- now -- now... don't drink it so fast. Juice goes right to the head. [Laughs]

Kayla: John. John, have you seen Steve?

John: Yeah, he's over there somewhere.

Kayla: How is he?

John: He didn't seem to be in much pain. Actually, he didn't seem to be feeling much of anything. Ahh. That's good, isn't it? You got the right idea, kid.

Belle: Shawn. Your grandpa's gone? Oh, baby, I'm so sorry. How's your dad?

Hope: He's unconscious. But he's alive. How's your mom?

Belle: She's fine.

Shawn D.: Belle, will you go check on Claire? And if you can find some firewood, will you grab it so we can start a fire?

Belle: Yeah. Here. [Smooches]

Chloe: It's a miracle we survived this crash.

Philip: Yeah. Before you break out the champagne, there might be a little problem.

Chloe: What's that?

Philip: I think my leg is crushed.

Chloe: What?! Why didn't you say anything?!

Philip: Relax. Relax. It's my prosthetic leg. It's stuck underneath this wreckage, and I can't move it.

Chloe: Let me see if I can lift it off your leg, okay? [Both grunting] Oh, my God.

Philip: [Laughs]

Chloe: How can you be laughing at a time like this?

Philip: It's just kind of funny. I mean, if one of my legs was gonna get crushed, it might as well be my fake one, right?

Chloe: True. Okay.

Philip: It's okay. We'll figure this out.

Marlena: [Whimpers] [Gasps]

John: You messed up your hair.

Marlena: I thought you were watching Claire.

John: Her parents broke up all the fun. What's with the face?

Marlena: I hate to admit it, but I seem to have dislocated my shoulder, and I'm -- I'm in a hideous amount of pain.

John: Oh. Well, good thing you're a doctor. You can fix yourself right up.

Marlena: I tried that. It -- it didn't work. I'm afraid I need your help.

John: Pressed into duty once again. Heroics ever gonna end around here?

Marlena: Yeah. Knock off the wisecracks. I just need you...to rotate it and pull it out some, okay?

John: Won't that hurt even more?

Marlena: Yes, that'll hurt. That'll hurt. But that's what I need you to do. I may scream, but whatever happens, just keep on doing, okay? Just keep on pulling and rotating.

John: Are you sure this is what you want?

Marlena: Just do it.

John: If you insist.

Marlena: Okay. [Gasps] [Grunting with pain] Aah! Aah!

Kayla: Okay, we got a pulse. Airway is clear. I hear you breathing. Come on, baby. Come on, baby. Talk to me, please. Listen, I just lost my pop. I can't lose you, too. Come on. Please. Listen to me. Listen. There's something I have to tell you. I'm carrying your baby. I was waiting for the right time to tell you, but now... listen, I need you. I need you. Do you hear me? I can't do this alone again. I can’t. Come on. Come on, I need you. Our baby needs you. Come on. [Sobbing] Oh, God.

Abe: Yeah. Uh-huh. All right, I understand. The F.A.A. still can't find John's plane.

Max: This is ridiculous. How hard can it be to track it down?

Stephanie: So, our family has disappeared and no one knows where they are.

Roman: The rescue planes will come up with something.

Chelsea: Do you guys think that Stefano DiMera was behind this?

Abe: Why would you say that?

Chelsea: I don't know, because every time something bad happens to my family, it's because of him.

Lexie: He's been in a coma.

Max: Wow, well, maybe he's been planning this from before, you know? Maybe someone's taking on your family tradition of torturing the Brady’s -- maybe someone like your brother E.J.

Lexie: No, E.J.'s the one who turned Stefano in to the authorities for keeping John prisoner.

Max: Wow, why are you defending him? His sole purpose was to come back to Salem and destroy my family.

Lexie: Max, I truly believe my brother has changed.

Max: Well, your need to believe maybe is just blinding you to the truth, okay, because your family is evil.

Lexie: Max!

Max: You know what? Forget it. Wow. I need some air.

Kayla: [Sobbing]

Steve: Sweetness. Don't cry.

Kayla: Oh, baby! Baby, baby, baby!

Steve: Oh. [Smooching]

Kayla: I really didn't think you were gonna wake up. Oh, God.

Steve: So much racket.

Kayla: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. How do you feel? How do you feel? How do you feel?

Steve: My chest...hurts.

Kayla: I'm pretty sure you have some broken ribs.

Steve: I think you're right. Where's John?

Kayla: I don't know. I don't know. He's somewhere walking around. He's in perfect condition. I don't think he's helping anybody.

Steve: [Moans] I sat on the wrong side of the cockpit, didn't I?

Kayla: Yeah, I think you did.

Steve: Aah. Aah. I heard -- heard a rumor... that I made you pregnant.

Kayla: You heard that, huh?

Steve: So, is it true?

Kayla: Yeah. We did it. We made a baby.

Steve: That's so -- so cool.

Kayla: Yeah. Yeah, it is.

Steve: We made a baby. [Laughs]

Marlena: Aah!

John: Are we done yet?

Marlena: No. No. It didn't happen. Look, you've got to try it again. And this time, just pull and rotate at the same time. And then you'll just -- you'll hear it, or at least you'll feel it pop in.

John: Okay, whatever you say. Are you ready?

Marlena: Yeah. Okay. Aah! Oh. Oh. Oh, finally. Thank you. Thank you.

John: You're welcome. I always had a feeling you liked it when I hurt you. That explains why you stick around.

Marlena: No, it doesn’t. I stick around [Inhales sharply] because I love you. No other reason. Don't forget that, all right? Geez.

Max: Hey, Lexie.

Lexie: Yeah?

Max: You know, I wanted to just apologize for going off on you back there.

Lexie: I understand.

Max: I had no right to take it out on you. Um...you know my biological father wasn't such a great guy, and he was kind of abusive to me.

Lexie: Yeah. Yeah. Well, we're both lucky we weren't raised by our fathers, huh? [Chuckles]

Max: Yeah, I just... you know, sometimes I worry that I'm gonna turn out like him. His blood still runs through my veins.

Lexie: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. I had that same concern. In the past, I even let my father talk me into some pretty despicable schemes. But you know what? In the end, I returned to the values and the morals my aunt and my uncle instilled in me. And the same will hold true for you.

Max: You know, I just... I just, um, I owe so much to my parents, and, um...

Lexie: Come here. Come here. We're gonna find your father and everyone else. And we're going to get them back here safely.

Stephanie: Chelsea, stop.

Chelsea: Sorry. I just feel like we should be doing something to help.

Stephanie: Yeah, me too.

Chelsea: I think maybe I should call my mom.

Stephanie: No, let's wait till we have more facts. Uncle Roman seems to have it under control.

Chelsea: Do you know that the last time I saw my dad, he was trying to get me to tell the truth about Ford? Do you know what he said? He said that he was disappointed in me.

Stephanie: Don't think like that.

Chelsea: He -- he said that he loved me, but... still.

Max: [Clears throat] You guys okay?

Stephanie: Yeah. Chelsea's just thinking about her dad.

Max: He'll be home soon. You know, everybody will.

Stephanie: Yeah.

Max: [Sighs]

Shawn D.: All right, here he comes. Mom, why isn't he waking up?

Hope: I don't know. I don't know. He was breathing fine. Oh, God. Something's wrong. Honey.

Shawn D.: Huh?

Hope: Your dad's very sick. I found out right before the plane went down.

Shawn D.: What are you talking about?

Hope: The doctors don't know what's wrong with him yet. But your dad was gonna be admitted into the hospital as soon as we got back to Salem so they could run some more tests.

Shawn D.: Do you think that's one of the reasons why he's not waking up?

Hope: I don't know. I don't know.

Shawn D.: Come on, Dad, wake up. Dad. Come on, Dad. Wake up. Wake –Mom, he stopped breathing. He stopped breathing.

Hope: Oh, my God. [Sobbing] Oh, my God.

Shawn D.: Come on. Come on. Come on.

Hope: Breathe! You can fight, Brady.

Shawn D.: Come on, Dad. Come on.

Hope: Fight! Fight! Breathe.

Chloe: [Grunting]

Philip: [Laughs]

Chloe: I told you to stop laughing, you jerk.

Philip: Sorry. It's just battlefield humor. Sometimes it's the only thing that can get you by in a situation like this.

Chloe: Okay, well, you're gonna have to help me, all right? I'm gonna try to lift it again. And you pull your leg as hard as you can, all right?

Philip: All right.

Chloe: On three. One, two, three.

Philip: [Grunting]

Chloe: [Grunting] Oh, my God, that's heavy!

Philip: I think I'm gonna have to detach my leg so I can help you lift this thing and get it out from under there. Is that gonna weird you out?

Chloe: No. Of course not. Okay. All right.

John: How's he doing?

Kayla: You know, he's really cold. Could you maybe bring us back some blankets? And find Marlena's medical bag and bring it back here. I'd like to examine him.

John: I'll have a look around.

Hope: Breathe.

Shawn D.: Come on, Dad.

Hope: Damn it, Brady, breathe!

Shawn D.: Come on!

Hope: Come on! Come on, God.

Shawn D.: All right, watch out. Watch out. Watch out.

Hope: He's not breathing. I can't get his heart started again. What do I do?

Marlena: Do what you're doing. Just keep on. Keep on.

Hope: Come on, Brady.

Max: Hey. How are you holding up?

Stephanie: I feel like I can fall apart any second.

Max: Come here. Better?

Stephanie: A little. I thought we were all getting a fresh start. You and I finally connected. My parents were happy and ready to have a baby. My family was back together, and everything was back on track. Of course, once again, something terrible happens. It's like we're cursed.

Max: No. No one is cursed.

Stephanie: I thought for the first time in I don't know how long we could just relax, breathe.

Max: Well, look, why don't you take a nice long breath right now? Deep.

Stephanie: [Inhales and exhales deeply] For a long time, it was just my mom and me. We were best friends. And then my dad came back, and we got really close. And now I might be losing both of them.

Max: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Look, hey. You're not losing anyone.

Stephanie: I'm really glad you're here.

John: Here you go.

Kayla: Oh. Thank you.

John: I'm heading out.

Steve: John. Nice... nice landing.

John: Couldn't have done it without you, Wingman.

Steve: Hey, sweetness. You got to sit down, baby. You're doing too much.

Kayla: You know what? I'm fine. The baby's fine. So you can just stop worrying, okay? Here. Let's lift your head up. Come on. There you go. Okay.

Steve: Isn't that a papa's -- papa's job just to worry?

Kayla: Well, you know what? I'm a doctor. And my job is to take care of people. So, why don't you just be quiet and let me do my job, all right? Okay, you know what? I'm gonna lift your shirt up and look for lacerations, all right? Okay?

Steve: I know you. You just...want to see me naked.

Kayla: Oh, yeah, that's it. Okay.

Steve: [Gasps]

Kayla: What? What? What? What? What? What? What is it? What is it?

Steve: [Gasping] I c-can't b-breathe.

Kayla: I think you punctured a lung. I need to listen to your chest. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. It's all right. It's okay. It's all right.

Shawn D.: Come on, Dad. Come on.

Hope: CPR's not working.

Marlena: Open his shirt. I'll be right back.

Hope: Do mouth-to-mouth while I'm doing this.

Shawn D.: All right.

Hope: Okay.

Shawn D.: Come on.

Hope: Come on, Brady.

Marlena: I remembered John had an automated defibrillator in the plane. Luckily it's still in one piece.

Hope: Breathe! Breathe! Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on. Give me one. Where does this go?

Marlena: Down here.

Shawn D.: Come on, Dad.

Marlena: Stand back. I'm turning it on. Stand back. Okay.

Hope: What's happening?

Stephanie: I'm never letting my parents travel without me again.

Chelsea: Any news, you guys?

Stephanie: No.

Lexie: Abe's on the phone. What is it?

Abe: That was the F.A.A. They've come to the conclusion that John's plane is down.

Shawn D.: Did it work?

Marlena: No. He's in v-fib. It'll shock him again.

Hope: Oh! Come on, Brady.

Shawn D.: Come on, Dad.

Marlena: Hope, did he suffer some trauma before the crash?

Hope: Bo found out he was very sick before we left Ireland. Lexie's not sure what's wrong but thinks it's very serious. She wanted to admit him immediately.

Marlena: No wonder she's concerned about him.

Hope: Come on, Brady. You got to breathe.

Shawn D.: Dad, come on.

Marlena: It's gonna shock him again.

Hope: Come on, Brady. Brady, I love you so much. Please come back to me. You got to come back to me.

Bo: [Inhales sharply]

Hope: Oh, God.

Shawn D.: God, come on, Dad. Breathe.

Hope: Oh, thank God.

Shawn D.: Is he okay?

Marlena: Yes, he's got a strong pulse. He's back. He's back.

Chloe: Can you fix it?

Philip: I think so. But I won't be running any marathons anytime soon.

Chloe: [Laughs] Does that mean no piggyback rides as a reward for helping you?

Philip: I thought helping the helpless was its own reward, Chloe.

Chloe: Philip Kiriakis is far from helpless.

Philip: [Chuckles]

Belle: Okay, come on. I need you to watch Claire. For some reason she likes to hang out with you.

John: I'm kind of busy right now.

Belle: I'm gonna go check on the others and make sure they're okay. You be a good girl, okay, baby?

John: Hey, hey, hey, hey. You can't lea-- hi.

Claire: Whoa. Whoa.

John: Scare you?

Claire: Yeah.

John: You know what? I was saving this for a screwdriver. [Both laugh] I'm gonna drink my vodka -- you like that juice, don't you?

Claire: That's a fact.

John: So, what do we do now?

Claire: Go home.

John: That's a good idea. Put your hands over your ears. Real tight. You're gonna like this a lot. Got them over your ears? [Flare gun fires]

Claire: Pretty!

John: Pretty. It's so pretty.

Steve: Is it the baby?

Kayla: No, no. I'm fine. It's just a cramp. Just a cramp.

Steve: Just lie down. Please lie down.

Kayla: It's okay. It's okay. Listen. You're probably gonna puncture a lung. So all we can really do is try to manage the pain. Because if you just take little, shallow breaths, you can get pneumonia. Okay? So, I'm just gonna look for some meds for you, okay? Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, God! I think it is the baby.

Abe: They're some of the strongest people I've ever known.

Lexie: Some are stronger than others.

Steve: We need some help over here.

Philip: We need to help the others.

Stephanie: They're gonna find them.

Max: They have to. Half my family is on that plane.

Belle: Do you think anyone is gonna see those?

John: I hope so. Otherwise we're gonna have to build an igloo, right, Claire?

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