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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 2/7/08 - Canada; Friday 2/8/08 - U.S.A.

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Sami: [Sighs] Lucas. Allie. E.J., where's Allie? E.J. [Sighs] Hi, sweetie.

Max: Hi, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Hello, Max.

Max: Wow, I didn't know you liked to jog.

Chelsea: Are you kidding me? No, dude, I love it. I come here all the time. It, like, clears my brain.

Max: Really?

Chelsea: Yeah.

Max: Really? Wow. 'Cause I come here every morning, and I've never seen you.

Chelsea: Really? That's weird. Maybe it's because I run really fast.

Max: Right. Of course.

Chelsea: 'Cause, seriously, I just finished.

Max: All right, well, I did, too.

Chelsea: Okay. Do you want to go for a walk or something, catch up?

Max: Uh, sure.

Chelsea: Cool. So, how are things with Steph?

Max: Uh, you know. Uh... I, uh...

Stephanie: Surprise! Happy Birthday!

Nick: Happy Birthday, Max!

Chelsea: You guys left me out to dry.

Kayla: Lexie.

Lexie: Kayla, hi.

Kayla: Hi, listen. I am sorry to cut you off last night, but Steve came in, and then I just never got a chance to call you back.

Lexie: Did you tell him you're pregnant?

Kayla: No. No, not yet. You know, I was thinking maybe I would just wait till we get home and arrange a nice, romantic dinner for two and then surprise him.

Lexie: Oh, that sounds wonderful. I'm so excited for you.

Kayla: Thanks. I know, it's crazy, isn't it? I mean, I have to say I wasn't sure I could really conceive a child at this point in our lives. And then when you told me that I was pregnant, I-I was shocked and just so thrilled.

Lexie: Well, at least I was able to give good news to one of my friends.

Steve: So, Bo, uh, I know Lexie spoke to Kayla yesterday. Did she get ahold of you?

Bo: Yeah. Yeah. This not knowing what's going on is killing me. [Exhales]

Steve: So, Lexie tells you that she's got no idea what's wrong.

Bo: Yeah. Yeah. She didn't want to speculate.

Steve: She wouldn't have sent us all the way over here with the news if she didn't have cause for concern.

Bo: You trying to make me nervous?

Steve: No, I'm not trying to do that. I'm sorry. I'm just gonna feel a whole lot better when we get you home. The doctor's gonna fix whatever's wrong.

Bo: "Fix" being the operative word. You know what? Let's just be positive, okay? [Irish accent] No writing me eulogy yet.

Steve: Hey, hey. Okay. All right. We're gonna sit down. That's it. What's going on?

Marlena: John, please stop doing that. It's really distracting.

John: That's the point. I need a distraction. I'm bored.

Belle: Hey, Mom. Dad. You wanted to see us?

Marlena: Yes. Thank you for coming. I've been going through Colleen's things, and I found a letter. It's addressed to the Brady family.

Shawn D.: What does it say?

Marlena: She's written down the arrangements she would like to have followed after her death. I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty of opening it and reading it.

Shawn: Of course not, Marlena.

Marlena: Thank you. Once you see the specifics, I think you'll agree we can follow those instructions to the letter.

John: For God's sakes, why go to all the trouble? The woman is dead. She's never gonna know the difference.

Marlena: John. She's your mother. How can you be so cold?

John: I just met her. I spent more time bonding with the taxi guy who drove us from the airport. Here, give me that thing and let me burn it. We'll call it a day and go home.

Sami: Are you feeling better? Are you feeling better, sweetie? Hey, E.J. E.J., you got to wake up. You're gonna get a crick in your neck sleeping like that.

E.J.: Oh, sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. I didn't realize I had fallen asleep.

Sami: So, uh, did my baby get any sleep at all?

E.J.: Yeah, I think I got about half an hour or something.

Sami: E.J., I meant Allie.

E.J.: Oh, right. Sorry. [Laughs] She fell asleep about five minutes before I did, I think. I did remember to turn the tub off, at least. The steam seems to have done us some good, just like Lexie said. It seems to have helped with the croup a bit.

Sami: Yeah. You sound much better, sweetheart. Yes, you do. You sound so much better. Look, E.J., thank you so much for helping me out last night. I was really exhausted. I just went to check on Johnny, and the next thing you know, I woke up on the sofa.

E.J.: That's okay. No need to thank me. I'm just doing what all parents do -- look after our kids.

Kayla: Is everything all right?

Lexie: Sorry. I was just thinking about my patient over there. How's it going?

Kayla: Everything's all right. We're gonna try to get a flight back today. And as soon as we get there, we'll get straight to the hospital.

Lexie: Good. While you're at it, make sure you get plenty of rest.

Kayla: Thanks.

Lexie: Listen, I've got to get to a meeting. You have a safe flight home. I'll see you soon.

Kayla: Okay. [Approaching footsteps]

Hope: Kay, you are actually just the person I was looking for.

Kayla: Really? What's up?

Hope: Well, I get the feeling that you and Steve and Bo are keeping something from me.

Steve: Come on.

Bo: Steve, get off of me. I'm fine. Leave me alone.

Steve: You gonna be all right?

Bo: Yeah, I'll be fine.

Steve: Just tell me what happened.

Bo: It's stress. You'd be stressed if you were me, too, right?

Steve: Yeah, I would.

Bo: I keep thinking about Hope, what she's gonna go through.

Steve: Maybe you should tell her.

Bo: We've been through that. No. We'll just, you know, pretend everything's okay, have a good flight home. You think you could do that?

Steve: Yeah, buddy. I can do that.

John: Have it your way. I just hope dear old mom had the good sense to keep things short and sweet.

Belle: Dad, come on. Try to be a little more sensitive. She was family, even if we didn't know her. And, you know, Shawn Sr. can tell you a lot of great stories about her.

John: Not interested.

Shawn: That's all right. I understand.

Marlena: Well, I don't understand. This is not the John that I know and love, not the man who loved family so.

John: How many times do I have to tell you that I'm not that man anymore?

Belle: Hey, don't let him get to you. Maybe he'll remember some more when we get home and he's readjusted to some familiar surroundings, you know?

Marlena: I hope so. Right now, we should attend to the details of Colleen's service. The, uh, ashes should be arriving very soon, then we'll begin. You know, it's strange to me. She wants to be cremated. It's not the traditional Irish way, but it was her way. So, we will follow her wishes to the letter.

Shawn D.: Sounds good. All right, grandpa, let's go read the letter and find out what it says. Then we'll announce it to the family when we get back.

Belle: I'll stay here and pack with my mom, okay?

Shawn D.: Okay.

Marlena: Thank you, sweetie.

John: I'm heading out, too.

Marlena: John. Please don't be gone long. You'll want to be part of your mother's memorial.

John: Whatever.

Sami: Looks like Allie's finally gonna be able to sleep. You should try to get some rest, too.

E.J.: I'm fine.

Sami: E.J., you should try to get a couple hours. That way, you can help me pack.

E.J.: Pack? Why? What for?

Sami: What do you mean? Stefano's in a coma. It means we get to go home, no more danger.

E.J.: I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Sami: Why? What are you talking about?

E.J.: Samantha, I already explained to you. My father is not a man who gets his hands dirty. Just because he's out of commission doesn't mean that he doesn't have men out there, waiting to complete his instructions.

Sami: We can't just live here forever, you know.

E.J.: What I'm suggesting is that we wait until Abe tells us that it's safe to leave. Let him poke his nose around. Let him investigate some of my father's people. If he says we can leave, we're out. Come on.

Sami: All right. All right. I still think it's stupid. Like, why would someone want to hurt us or kidnap Johnny when Stefano's not even there to raise his grandson?

E.J.: I'm not disagreeing with you. I'm just not taking any chances when it comes to our kids.

Hope: When I came back into the pub yesterday after checking on your dad, the three of you got very quiet. I got the distinct feeling I had walked in on a secret meeting.

Kayla: Are you grilling me? Is this some kind of cop thing?

Hope: I don't need to be a cop to have recognized when you're avoiding eye contact.

Kayla: I'm just hungry.

Hope: Kay, please, talk to me.

Kayla: Look, I--

Steve: Hey, baby. What are you ladies up to?

Kayla: Just trying to order something to eat.

Hope: What were the two of you doing outside?

Bo: Well, just looking for a lucky shamrock.

Shawn D.: Hey, guys. So, we're gonna meet outside in a half an hour for Aunt Colleen's memorial service. She left instructions on what she wants done with her remains.

Bo: Okay. Does your grandpa know?

Shawn D.: Yeah, he's still upstairs. He wants to have a little while to himself.

Kayla: Poor pop, losing his sister twice.

Bo: Yeah, well, the good thing is he's got family this time, including a new nephew in John.

Shawn D.: I don't know how comforting John's gonna be. I mean, he's still kind of... different. Hopefully it's not gonna be much longer till the old John comes back. Belle and Marlena are having a tough time with this new attitude of his.

Bo: Yeah. This new attitude is a real pain in the...butt.

John: What the hell are you guys looking at?

Stephanie: Hey, knock it off! I'm the judge! Aah! Stop! All right, guys, stop! Time's up! Fight's over, people.

Chelsea: Aah! That's cold.

Stephanie: It's judgment time, ready? Chill out. It's over. Fight's over. All right, what do we have here?

Chelsea: My hands are so cold.

Stephanie: Suck it up. Nick. Looks like you took most of the hits. Sorry.

Nick: I did not.

Stephanie: Chelsea. [Clears throat] Good effort. You definitely did better than Nick.

Chelsea: Yeah.

Stephanie: And Max. Let's see. Turn around. [Laughs] Looks like we have a winner!

Max: That's what I'm talking about, okay?!

Nick: You're obviously biased.

Stephanie: It's only right that the birthday boy wins.

Chelsea: Not if the birthday boy's a cheater.

Max: It is not my fault that I'm so good.

Stephanie: Fight's over. Max won. Get over it.

Nick: That was fun.

Chelsea: Yeah, it was. I can't remember the last time we all hung out normally.

Max: I know. Last couple days have been so rough. Come on, that was my last one.

Stephanie: But all of that's over, and we're moving on now. I save my venting for the shrink's couch.

Max: You know, I save my venting for actually throwing more snowballs.

Stephanie: Oh, no, you donít. [Laughs] That's so messed up!

Nick: My money's on Steph.

Chelsea: I don't know. Max won't take it easy on her just 'cause she's a girl.

E.J.: Did you see the news this morning about Lucas?

Sami: I need to talk to you.

E.J.: That doesn't sound good.

Sami: E.J., I really appreciate everything you did last night for Allie, and, just in general, you've been really great with her.

E.J.: But?

Sami: But I feel like I need to remind you that Lucas is Allie's father, not you.

E.J.: I am aware of that.

Sami: I guess I just want to make sure you don't cross any boundaries. I mean, you are great with her, and I appreciate that. And I won't forget how wonderful you were with her last night. But... but, um... you're not her father. And I-I think you need to respect that.

E.J.: I know she's not mine. Okay? But you can't expect me to push her out of my heart just because we don't share the same DNA.

Sami: No, but I can ask you to respect the fact that Lucas is her biological father, not you.

E.J.: True. But, um, if I know anything, Samantha, it's that being a good father is about a lot more than biology. It's about being there when your daughter's sick and staying up all night with her. It's about changing her nappies. It's about having her throw up on you. It's about singing to her until she falls asleep. That's what makes a good father. And I'm sorry. But that is what Lucas gave up when he took matters into his own hands and he decided to shoot me. He didn't just sacrifice his freedom. He gave up on the opportunity to be a father to that girl. I'm sorry if it gets his knickers in a twist. But you know what? At least she has some kind of father figure in her life.

Marlena: I'm sorry for the delay, but it took longer than expected to have Colleen's ashes delivered. Did, uh, did Shawn tell you what we're going to be doing?

Bo: Yeah. Yeah, it sounds simple enough.

Marlena: Good. Then I suppose we should begin. Would someone like to say a few words? Shawn?

Shawn: I'm sorry, but I-I don't think I can manage.

Kayla: Pop, it's okay. It's okay. You know what? Your sister knew that you loved her. It's okay. It's okay.

Marlena: John, how about you?

John: I'll pass.

Marlena: I think Colleen might have liked it if she could have had a few words from her only child.

John: I said I'll pass.

Marlena: All right. I think it's appropriate that you be the one to hold her remains.

John: Why are you pressuring me?

Marlena: She is your mother. I'm not sure it's too much to ask that you show her some respect.

John: If it'll get you off my back and move things along, I'd be honored to hold that damn can of dust. Give it up. Great. Now what?

Bo: Now, uh, I'll say a few words, and then we'll scatter her ashes, as she requested.

John: Fantastic. Let's get on with it.

Chelsea: Here's some more hot chocolate. Feel free to pour it yourself because I'm not a good pourer.

Stephanie: Let's have a toast.

Chelsea: Okay.

Max: What are we toasting?

Chelsea: To Max. Happy Birthday.

Max: Thank you.

Chelsea: And to a fun-filled, adventurous, jail-free year ahead.

Max: Hear, hear.

Nick: Hear, hear.

Stephanie: To Max.

Max: To me.

Stephanie: Okay, I have one more toast.

Chelsea: Go for it.

Stephanie: Here's to friends, my three best friends who have stuck with me through all the horrible stuff. Thanks to you and my family, I am not a miserable, emotional mess anymore.

Chelsea: Here's to no messes, emotional or otherwise.

Nick: I will cheers to that.

Max: Me too.

Chelsea: Oh!

E.J.: Sorry. I didn't mean to upset you.

Sami: [Voice breaking] It's not your fault. I'm just, um -- I'm just stressed out.

E.J.: I know. I shouldn't have said anything about Lucas. It's not my place.

Sami: You're right, though. He is gonna pay the price for what he did. And the worst part is that Allie's gonna suffer, too. I mean, who knows how old she'll be when he...finally gets out of prison. I mean... he'll be a stranger to her. I want my daughter to know what it's like... to have a dad. My father was gone for a long time when I was a little kid. And, I mean, I had John, but it was just a confusing mess. And I was really confused and messed up because of it. And I just don't want that. I would never want that for my little girl. [Sniffles] Can you understand that?

E.J.: Of course I understand. But, uh, there's one big difference. I'm me, and Lucas is Lucas. There's no identity crisis, Sami. And this little girl is very special. I have a funny feeling there's gonna be plenty of love to go around.

Sami: Wow, E.J., you're pretty smart for a DiMera.

E.J.: Oh, don't you know? Us DiMeras, we're very, very smart. It's a big problem.

Sami: [Crying] I just want her to know him. What is she gonna do without her dad? What am I gonna do without him? [Sobbing]

E.J.: Come on, sweetheart.

Bo: None of us here really knew Colleen Brady, except, of course, for pop. We did get a glimpse of her life when we read the letters that she and Santo DiMera wrote to each other. We saw a feisty, intelligent, passionate woman who loved her family, her church, and she loved Santo DiMera. They had a powerful connection, the kind of connection that surpasses time, place, and even death. Good, bad, right, or wrong, they loved each other. They had a very strong, deep love. And it was sad that they couldn't find happiness in this lifetime. So, we just have to pray that they find it in the next. A love like that is rare. So, if you're ever lucky enough to find it, you got to hang on to it. Never let it go. And never take it for granted 'cause sometimes life can throw a curve ball at you, and, suddenly, you're gonna have to face the world alone. What we've got to know is that love can overcome any obstacle... no matter how insurmountable it may seem. In the end, true love... survives above all.

E.J.: Samantha, you're the strongest woman I've ever known. You're going to get through this, okay?

Sami: Oh, sure.

E.J.: Listen to me. Allie is not going to know what she's missing. Do you know why? Because you are going to be parent enough for both you and Lucas. Have you seen that girl? She has all of your best and worst qualities. She's stubborn. She's brave. She's fearless. She's strong. She does not need anybody to protect her. She's quite capable of taking care of herself, all right? And as for love, you are going to give her more love and happiness than any child has ever known. And if -- worst case scenario -- everything goes to hell in a handbag, if the chips are really down, if you've got no other options, you give me a call, all right? I'll be right there. You're gonna be fine.

Sami: I wouldn't have thought it possible, E.J., but you said the right thing.

E.J.: Yeah. You know how I do it? I just say lots and lots of things and, eventually, something hits the nail on the head.

Sami: You stupid -- [Cellphone ringing] That's my phone. Hello? Lucas, I-- what do you mean it was today? Yeah. Yeah, I-I'll be right there. Lucas just had his sentence hearing. I have to go. I mean, he's gonna go to the penitentiary. I have to say goodbye. My God.

Max: Who's this one from?

Stephanie: That's from me.

Chelsea: I like the wrapping paper.

Max: It's a good size. Doesn't sound breakable. So, I think it's a good sign.

Stephanie: It's kind of silly. I didn't really have time to get you a real present, so...

Max: Amazing.

Stephanie: Come on.

Max: I know. It's a pony.

Stephanie: It's a horse. I figured every knight in shining armor needs a horse.

Nick: It's a very pretty pony.

Max: You know what? Okay, I love it.

Stephanie: You're welcome.

Shawn: Those were some nice words.

Marlena: I just spoke to John's pilot. He has the plane ready for us to go home in a couple hours.

Philip: Thanks for letting us fly with you, John.

John: Don't thank me. It wasn't my idea.

Hope: I'm gonna go make some tea. Would you like some?

Bo: Yeah, thanks.

Kayla: Pop, I'm gonna go upstairs and get you packed, all right? Stay down here with Bo.

Bo: Want to go sit down?

Shawn: Yeah, why not?

Steve: We'll get some tea.

Belle: Well, I think Claire is ready to go home. She's quite the adventurer.

Philip: And soon she'll get to ride in a big plane high up in the air.

Chloe: Speaking of which, I need to go get my stuff ready.

Philip: Let's go this way.

Shawn D.: You know what? For the first time in my life, I'm glad that my dad is biologically a Kiriakis.

Belle: Why would you say that?

Shawn D.: Because, otherwise, we would be related. Your grandmother is a Brady, remember?

Belle: Oh, my God. I never even thought about that. Actually, that makes me more of a Brady than you.

Shawn D.: Ooh.

Belle: Shawn, um, when we get home --

Shawn D.: We'll figure it out when we get there, Belle.

Marlena: I packed some snacks for Claire on the plane. I put them in your room.

Belle: Thank you.

Marlena: Where did your father go?

Stephanie: All done.

Max: Thank you again for my surprise birthday party. The day's not even over, and it's been one of my most favorite birthdays ever.

Stephanie: I'm glad you had a good time. I did, too.

Max: And I really love my gift, by the way, so thanks.

Stephanie: Actually, um... I have another present for you.

Max: Oh, yeah? What is it?

Steve: I don't understand how you can lose your cellphone, baby. It's practically attached to your head.

Kayla: Well... what did I do with it? That would be the third one I lost this year. I mean, honestly, I'm gonna be really mad. What's my problem? Why can't I hold on to those? I'm gonna look in here.

[Birds squawking]

E.J.: Good luck with Lucas. Come on. Here, let me give you a hand. Let me hold this. Ready? Left arm through. Go. Right arm. Turn around. Let's see. You look great.

Philip: What happens when he does come back? Do you see divorce in the future?

Tony: You do have a tendency to overdramatize.

Anna: You haven't seen anything yet.

Lucas: I don't expect you to wait for me. I just want you to promise that you'll always love me.

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