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Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 2/4/08 - Canada; Tuesday 2/5/08 - U.S.A.

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John: I was sent to kill you, and that's. . . [Irish accent] what I'm planning to do.

Colleen: I think God has other plans for me. you'll be condemning yourself.

John: To hell, I suppose.

Colleen: Hell would be a walk in the park as to what you'll be facing if you slit my throat.

Shawn: Thank God I have you back. Shh.

Belle: Help us, please!

Shawn D.: Belle! Back up! Belle!

Bo: Freeze or I'll shoot!

Belle: Don't shoot her.

Bo: Let go of the child now.

Rob: Lower your gun! Lower it!

Rob: You want to play chicken, pal?

Bo: You will not get off of this pier. You're surrounded.

Rob: You shoot me, you got to go through this little girl.

Belle: Oh, my God, Bo!

Claire: Mommy!

Bo: Claire, it's gonna be okay. It's gonna be all right. Hand over the child.

Belle: Please, she's terrified. Just give her to me.

Rob: No.

Philip: Put her down and you walk.

Rob: Yeah, right.

Bo: Put the weapons down. Put them down. Back off.

Rob: Back up.

Shawn D.: Give me my child.

Rob: Back up! Back up!

Belle: He's gonna shoot!

Philip: Belle! Belle! I got her! Go!

Bo: Shawn! Go, go, go!

Bo: Shawn, what happened to you? Where are my men?

Shawn D.: There was an accident. They were forced to stop. I stayed on the van, broke the window out, and I almost had her.

Philip: Where's Claire?

Shawn D.: He hot-wired the van. I was so close.

Bo: I put an APB out. Don't worry. We'll find her.

Shawn D.: Where's Belle? What happened?

Philip: I dove in after her. She's on her way to the hospital.

Shawn D.: Is she all right?

Bo: It was pretty serious. She went into cardiac arrest.

Philip: But she's okay.

Shawn D.: Does she know about Claire?

Philip: I-I. . . I had to tell her she was fine. Belle wasn't strong enough for the truth.

Bo: Let's get you to the hospital.

Philip: Hey, Shawn, it's up to you to tell Belle about Claire when it's time. I'll back off.

Shawn D.: Thanks.

Bo: Come on. Let's go.

Shawn D.: No, no, I got to get to the hospital and make sure Belle's all right.

Bo: I'll drive you.

Shawn D.: No, Dad, I want to drive myself, okay?

Shawn: You know, you nearly died, Belle. And if it wasn't for Philip, you probably would have. When that guy grabbed Claire and he knocked you in the water, I was forced to make an impossible decision. But I knew I had to save our daughter. And I tried. I did. I tried, and I failed. And now they have Claire. Look, I know that we've been through this before when we thought we lost Claire at sea, but we got her back. And we're gonna get her back this time. She's gonna be at home, right where she belongs.

Bo: What are you talking about? You came here to Ireland 'cause you had to bring pop.

Steve: That's not the only reason.

Bo: Then what?

Kayla: Um, we got the test results back right after you and Hope came here -- you know, that last-minute physical that you both took.

Bo: What about them?

Kayla: Well, the preliminary report wasn't what we thought it was gonna be.

Bo: What was it?

Kayla: It was troubling. And I didn't want to blurt it out over the phone. So, we knew that pop needed to come here. We volunteered because we also wanted to talk to you. We're gonna have to do some more tests.

Steve: We need to get you back to the States right away.

Hope: Your pop's fine. Exhausted, of course, but he's fine.

Kayla: Good. Thanks, Hope.

Hope: Sure, no problem. What are you talking about?

Billie: So, what makes you think that Crawford Decker is gonna stop going after Chelsea?

Victor: Well, I asked him not to.

Chelsea: You can't trust him, grandpa. The guy thinks I killed his son. He's determined to see me pay for it.

Victor: Oh, I don't think so. Crawford's a reasonable man.

Kate: Crawford is anything but reasonable.

Victor: Well, then maybe he's come to his senses. I simply made him a proposition, and he accepted.

Chelsea: What was it?

Victor: You really want to know?

Billie: No! Chelsea. No, no, she doesn't want to know.

Victor: Your mother is wise beyond her years.

Roman: Excuse me. Your butler let me in.

Victor: I was expecting you.

Billie: Is that the autopsy report?

Chelsea: What does it say

Roman: The coroner says Ford Decker died from falling down the stairs.

John: Killing you will damn me to hell? [Laughs] Ah, that's rich. Look, lady. I was condemned a long time ago. Now shut up. I got a job to do.

Colleen: You're not a cold-blooded killer. This is Stefano's hatred not yours.

Colleen: I know, John. I feel the conflict in you. You don't want to kill me.

John: Want is not an issue. I have to. I have to or I'll never find peace.

Colleen: The way to peace is not to kill me. If you murder me, you'll never find peace.

[Door opens]

Shawn D.: Whoa.

Belle: Sorry.

Shawn D.: It's no problem.

Belle: I feel like I should pinch myself. I just can't believe we got her back.

Shawn D.: Yeah. When your child's endangered, it makes you realize what's important.

Belle: Yeah, it does. Shawn. . .

Shawn D.: Look, I know we have a lot to talk about. But while we're here, I'd much rather just focus on what's going on with my Great-Aunt Colleen, you know, and enjoy having our daughter back.

Steve: Okay, here we are.

Kayla: Got it?

Shawn D.: Yeah.

Steve: Sit down. Take a breather.

Shawn D.: That's a good idea.

Kayla: Have a seat right here.

Shawn D.: All right.

Shawn D.: Let's go say hi to grandpa. Hi, grandpa.

Shawn: Shawn, Belle, my precious little granddaughter!

Belle: Want to say hi to great-grandpa? Kisses. Floating kisses.

Shawn: You got her back. Oh, bless you! Oh!

Steve: I'm so glad we were able to bring your pop over here. He's got one hell of a surprise waiting for him, doesn't he?

Belle: Is something bothering you?

Shawn D.: Steve and Kayla -- something's off.

Belle: Maybe. Or maybe you're just being paranoid. Come on. Look at what we just went through. We chased our daughter halfway around the world, not knowing if she was dead or alive. But she's fine. She's here. She's safe. So, kick back, close your eyes, shut your brain off for a while.

Shawn D.: I can't. I'm worried. I know something's wrong.

Belle: Shawn, Steve and Kayla brought Grandpa Shawn here to meet Colleen. That's all.

Shawn D.: I think there's something more. I feel it.

Bo: Here you go.

Hope: Thank you. So, um, what were the three of you talking about, hmm?

Bo: Colleen and her bag of surprises.

Kayla: Oh! I tell you, when I saw that little Claire, my heart practically jumped out of my chest.

Bo: Yeah. Did you see how big her eyes got when she saw her mom and dad?

Hope: Yeah, it's just -- my God, it's so wonderful to see them all together again.

Kayla: And what about pop? Seeing his sister -- I thought he was gonna faint.

Hope: Thank God he didn't.

Steve: Hey, I was right there, ready to catch him if he went down. And my wife, the good doctor, was there in case his heart stopped. Weren't you, sweetness?

Kayla: I wasn't worried about his heart. I know that he's a nice, strong, old Irish man. Fainting, maybe. I just didn't want him to break anything.

Bo: He wouldn't have fainted.

Hope: Well, all in all, I would have to say this was a pretty great day.

Bo: Yep.

Steve: Yeah, good day. Hey, you know what? I haven't had a chance to look at the countryside at all. How about you guys? Want to take this outside?

Bo: No, I think I'll sit here, share a cup of coffee with my sis, and catch up.

Steve: Hope, want to head outside with me? Come on. Let's go.

Hope: Sure. I'll, um, be right back in a second.

Bo: All righty.

Steve: Get that on.

Chelsea: See? He fell down the stairs, like I said.

Roman: We never doubted your story, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Okay. So, what does this mean, then? Am I off the hook? There's no way I could have killed Ford, right?

Roman: Crawford Decker claims you pushed his son.

Victor: But she didn't.

Billie: That's right. She didn't. And there are witnesses that say she didn't.

Roman: We all believe you. But Decker's looking for somebody to blame.

Victor: Decker's not a problem. That's all been taken care of.

Roman: All right, Victor. I don't think I'll ask how.

Victor: Ask what you'd like. He simply had a change of heart, that's all. [Doorbell rings] Excuse me.

Billie: Roman, can I see those reports, please?

Crawford: Did you want to see me, Victor?

Victor: Yes, I wanted you to see the results of the autopsy. Come in. Detective Brady, I'd like you to tell Mr.. Decker what you just told us.

Roman: According to the coroner and the CSI report, your son died from a fall down the stairs at the Theta house.

Crawford: Right.

Roman: And there's absolutely no evidence it was anything but an accident.

Crawford: An accident. Right. I can accept that.

Chelsea: [Exhales sharply]

Billie: Wait, wait. Why -- why are you changing your mind now?

Crawford: Just doing the right thing. My son is. . . gone. Nothing I can do to bring him back.

Kate: I'm sorry. I know what that's like.

Crawford: Do you? Have you ever lost a child?

Kate: Actually, I thought that I had lost two. And it was the most painful time of my life.

Crawford: You thought you lost them, but you really didn't.

Kate: No, I didn't.

Crawford: Then you don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Victor: Crawford, may I have a word with you privately?

Crawford: Certainly, Victor.

Victor: Now, I have lost a child. Her name was Isabella.

Crawford: I understand.

Victor: No, I don't think you do. Let me tell you about a couple other of my grandkids. One of them is Chelsea. Now, I can't control how you feel about her.

Crawford: I'm sorry.

Victor: I'm not finished. But what I think I can control is how you act around her. And the way you just acted was inappropriate.

Crawford: Yes. It was.

Victor: What are we going to do about that?

Crawford: I'll apologize.

Victor: Good. You do that. Now, I have to make a phone call. Wait for me in my study. First door on the right.

Marlena: John.

John: You can close your eyes, or you can watch this if you want. Just stay seated.

Marlena: You can't do this.

John: No choice in the matter.

Marlena: You do have a choice. You are no killer.

John: From what I understand, I've done it before, and I'm quite good at it.

Marlena! No! No!

Bo: Damn it.

Kayla: You know, Bo, we have to get the two of you back home.

Bo: Yeah, yeah, I know. But right now I need some specifics. What exactly did those tests say?

Kayla: Elevated bilirubin and high levels of alkaline phosphatase.

Bo: What does that mean?

Kayla: Let's just say it's alarming -- very alarming.

Bo: Life-threatening alarming, what?

Kayla: I would rather not say until we have more tests.

Bo: Kay, the thing -- there have been no symptoms -- none that I've noticed.

Kayla: Well, that happens. But, listen, we are gonna get experts in on this. We're gonna fight it, and we'll beat it.

Steve: It is beautiful here! Just like I thought it would be. So green. Hey, Hope, you think they really have leprechauns here? They'd be right out there.

Hope: What's up with Bo?

Steve: What makes you think something's up with him?

Hope: Because you didn't haul me out here to look for leprechauns.

Steve: I can't take my friend outside to check out the view?

Hope: You know what? I'm not buying it. What is it?

Steve: Isn't she allowed after everything that's happened today?

Hope: What about Bo?

Steve: What about him? He's been through a hell of a couple of days himself, hasn't he? He goes in and meets the aunt who's been dead for half a century? Come on. Then Claire walks in. Am I right?

Hope: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, you're right.

Steve: He's worried about his pop, too -- I mean, physically. After meeting the big sister he thought was dead all those years. I think Bo's doing pretty good for a guy who's been through all that.

Hope: Okay, so, what do you know, hmm? You didn't come all the way here just to bring Grandpa Shawn, did you?

Steve: Hope... we've been friends for a long time, haven't we? And as long as we've been friends, I've tried to always be honest with you, haven't it?

Hope: Yes.

Steve: Now, when Bo found out that Victor was his biological father, he was having a rough time. Who did you turn to?

Hope: You.

Steve: That's right. Did I give you lousy advice?

Hope: No, it was great.

Steve: Okay. So, as your friend... I'm telling you that right now you just need to give Bo a little space.

Philip: Hello?

Victor: Philip, what's going on there?

Philip: Hey, Dad, thanks for getting back to me. We found Claire.

Victor: Oh, thank God.

Philip: Yeah. Yeah, it's great news. The woman who kidnapped her brought her here.

Victor: Who is this woman you're talking about?

Philip: Her name is Colleen Brady. She's Grandpa Shawn's sister.

Victor: You think she might have had something to do with Brady's disappearance as well?

Philip: She said she didn't. And for what it's worth, I believe her. She says she went to get Brady in Austria, but he was already gone.

Victor: Well, that's good news about Claire. I'm going to send someone down there to get as much information as they can out of this Colleen Brady.

Shawn D.: Did you see how Steve and Kayla were acting?

Belle: Okay, well, it's Kayla's dad. I'm sure she's worried. What if he freaked out when he saw his sister?

Claire: Mommy?

Belle: Hey, honey. Hi. Did you have a good nap?

Claire: Yeah, I had a good dream, too.

Belle: You did? I also had a good dream, and I didn't even go to sleep.

Shawn D.: I feel like we're still dreaming, being here together.

Claire: Daddy.

Victor: I want Brady found, and I'll do whatever it takes to get him back.

Philip: Colleen has nothing to gain by keeping him, Dad.

Victor: Then why did she kidnap Claire and try to kidnap Brady in the first place?

Philip: According to her, it was to keep them safe from Stefano DiMera.

Victor: What's DiMera got to do with it?

Philip: That's not entirely clear yet. It appears as if Stefano was using John to carry out a mission.

Victor: I'm not surprised. DiMera's a demented son of a bitch. I can't believe I ever did business with him. I still feel guilty about introducing John as the pawn all those years ago.

Philip: Apparently Colleen felt she was the only one who could save the family.

Victor: It sounds like she's got sort of a messianic complex.

Philip: I think her intentions were good.

Victor: Well, I didn't get where I am by trusting people like her.

Philip: She's old. She's frail. And I don't think she leads to Brady.

Victor: All right, well, I'll trust your judgment.

Philip: But...I'll look a little more.

Victor: Please, do that.

Philip: Is there anything else?

Victor: Yeah, when are you getting back? I need the plane. The execs have the other two out.

Philip: I'll be here for a while, but I'll send the plane back. I can get a lift with John or buy a ticket.

Victor: Dig deep, son.

Philip: I will.

[Cellphone rings]

Bo: Brady.

Victor: It's Victor.

Bo: Hey. We found Claire. She's okay.

Victor: Yeah, I heard. I just got off the phone with Philip. That's great news. I just wanted to call, give you an update on Chelsea.

Bo: Is anything wrong?

Victor: No, on the contrary. It's fine.

Bo: Fine?

Victor: Crawford Decker is no longer an issue. After some thought, he decided he didn't want to pursue the matter any further.

Bo: That doesn't sound like the Crawford Decker I know.

Victor: Well, the autopsy showed that his son died from a fall down the stairs. The coroner said that from the way he landed, he must have fallen. So the police are accepting the version from Chelse and the other witnesses.

Bo: Really? Just like that?

Victor: Just like that. It's amazing how these things work out, isn't it?

Bo: Yeah... especially when you're involved.

Victor: Yeah, well, would you like the details of my involvement?

Bo: Uh, no, no, not really. But thanks for whatever it is you did that I don't want to know about.

Victor: You're welcome.

Bo: How about the rest of the girls?

Victor: Well, I can't speak for the police, but it seems pretty obvious that if they're not gonna prosecute Chelsea, they're not gonna prosecute Stephanie or the others.

Bo: Okay, well, I'll talk to you when I get back.

Victor: Don't plan on using my plane. It's gonna have to get back here so that Decker can use it after the funeral.

Bo: Mm. A trip on the Kiriakis dime?

Victor: Least I can do for a grieving father.

Bo: Okay. Thanks for the news.

Kayla: What about Crawford Decker?

Bo: Chelsea's not gonna be charged. Stephanie's in the clear, too.

Kayla: What?

Bo: We can breathe easy. It's a good day.

Kayla: Oh! That's great!

Bo: Yeah.

Kayla: That's great.

Marlena: John, don't do it. Don't do it.

John: Stay seated.

Colleen: One last word before I die. And I'm quite prepared to do that. But you must know this -- you'll be killing your mother.

John: I don't believe you.

Colleen: I am your mother.

John: You just told me you were prepared to die. But when the time is at hand, you stall. Sorry, mom. It's not gonna work.

Colleen: Back off, boyo. I can prove it. I know you don't recognize this.

Marlena: Wait! Wait! I do. I do. John... look at this. I found this in your jacket pocket -- the jacket you wore the night of the accident. I felt it was important, so I've been hanging on to it.

John: How'd it get there?

Colleen: That's you, John, sitting on your mother's lap -- my lap.

Kayla: Oh, Steve.

Bo: Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, Crawford Decker has decided to call it quits. He's not going after Chelsea anymore.

Kayla: She's in the clear! Isn't that great?

Steve: Baby! For real?

Bo: For real!

Hope: He's gone back on his promises before. What makes you think you can believe it this time?

Bo: I got it from a very reliable source.

Kate: Thank you. I can't tell you how much this means to us.

Billie: It is wonderful.

Roman: Well, I would like to say I broke the case, but there was nothing to break -- not enough evidence to prove anything.

Kate: That doesn't t I can't thank you.

Crawford: Pardon me.

Roman: You didn't change your mind, did you?

Crawford: No.

Roman: Then what is it?

Billie: Mr.. Decker, I know that you're going through a lot, but that doesn't give you the right to drag Chelsea through it with you.

Crawford: You're right. I'm sorry.

Chelsea: I'm sorry, too.

Marlena: It's the same medallion, John.

Colleen: I kept it for when I would meet you and explain that I was your mother.

John: You knew I was coming.

Colleen: When you first walked through the door, I saw something in your eyes. They were not the same soft eyes of the boy in the picture. They were the hard eyes of Stefano.

Marlena: John... John... Stefano's no longer a problem. He does not control you. He can't ever again. He will never hurt anyone again. He's comatose. He will stay that way until the day he dies.

John: I'm good with that.

Marlena: Okay. Now...would you explain to us how you happen to be John's mother?

Victor: Why don't you wait for me back in the study? I'll be in, in a minute. We can go over all the arrangements.

Roman: Well, I got to get back to the station.

Victor: Thanks for stopping by

Roman: Congratulations, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Roman: Well done, Victor.

Billie: [Sighs]

Victor: Chelsea, you're an amazing young woman.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Victor: You've done a terrific job, Billie. You've taught her well.

Billie: Well, maybe I can put that on my résumé.

Victor: Why do you need a résumé?

Billie: I'm done. There.

Victor: Well, you won't have any trouble finding another job.

Kate: You are very talented, and I know something really good is gonna come along for you.

Victor: Any firm would be lucky to have you.

Billie: Well, at this point, I'd be happy to take a job at a coffeehouse.

Victor: Nonsense.

Billie: Got any leads?

Victor: Well, when can you start?

Billie: What exactly do you mean by when it's obvious I'm offering you a job. Head of security, London office. Are you interested?

Billie: London?

Victor: I know you spent some time there when you were with the ISA. I understood you liked it.

Billie: Oh! I loved it.

Victor: Well, then, you're interested.

Billie: I'm int-- oh, I'm interested. Yes.

Victor: Good. I'll set everything up. Unless, of course, you want to take some time to --

Billie: No, I don't need any time. What do I need time for? I don't -- come here. Unless you don't want me to go.

Chelsea: No. Are you kidding me? You go. You'd be crazy not to. Just, um...only under one condition. And that's that I can come visit you whenever I want -- whenever I want.

Billie: [Laughs] Of course. You just want to come visit me for the boys.

Chelsea: They have nice accents.

Billie: Thank you, Victor. Thank you so much. I'm getting the better end of the bargain.

Kate: Oh, I know you are. Mother.

Chelsea: And as far as grandfathers go, you're okay.

Kayla: You two should get home to Chelsea. We've all been through so much, and she's gonna love having her pop's arms around her.

Bo: Yeah, yeah, you're right. We'll see if we can catch the first flight out of here.

Steve: We can take it from here. The top priority's been checked off the list. Claire is back.

Kayla: And we met our aunt.

Bo: Yeah. Hard to believe.

Kayla: No kidding.

Colleen: I pretended to jump off the cliff, which made it even more urgent that Santo never find me.

Marlena: And that child was John.

Colleen: Yes. John. I named you Ryan. And I left me family, me home, me country. I had no choice but to escape. It was a difficult voyage. The only light in me being was the new life that was growing inside me.

John: Feeling any of that light right about now?

Colleen: It may surprise you, John, but I am. You're here. Me family's here.

John: Argentina. Tell me about that.

Colleen: I knew that if Santo found out I was alive, he would desert his family and try and find me. I could never come between a husband and wife.

Marlena: But you didn't know that he still had a wife.

Colleen: No.

Marlena: Then you were guilty of nothing except falling in love.

Colleen: The good sisters said the same thing.

John: What sisters were those?

Colleen: The sisters of St. Bede Venerable Parish. An Irish sister gave me a letter of introduction to the mother superior. And she was kind enough to let me stay. And soon after, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

John: And that would be me.

Colleen: Indeed it was. We lived in the peace and calm of the convent for two happy years. Oh. And the sisters adored you. [Sighs] But finally, the mother superior said that it was time for us to leave. And she said it was no place to raise a boy.

Marlena: What did you do?

Colleen: The sisters gave me what little money they had, but, of course, that soon ran out. And I asked an orphanage to look after you till I could get meself off the streets.

John: So, you abandoned your little baby.

Colleen: Heavens no. I had full intention of bringing you back. I'd made a pact with the headmaster. He was going to allow me to see you every Sunday in exchange for mending socks and clothing. Oh, oh, I lived for those Sundays. Oh, we played together. You had such a grand smile.

John: Go on.

Colleen: [Sighs] Well, I found work as a seamstress in a factory. And I was just about coming to get you, but that was not to be.

John: Why not?

Colleen: I was delirious and in a hospital for two months. When I finally got me strength back, went back

Marlena: Oh, dear Lord.

Colleen: The headmaster had been dismissed, and they said they had no idea where you were. Well, I... I became confused and -- and outraged. And they threw me into the streets.

John: Come on, Mom. You're on a roll. There's got to be more. What is it?

Colleen: Watch it, boyo. From that day on, I existed only to find you. I never stopped looking. I never stopped.

Marlena: When did you find out where he was?

Colleen: Only recently. I found that he was adopted by a ruthless and powerful family, the Alamain’s. There's no telling what they might have done had they known you were a half brother to Stefano DiMera.

John: So, Santo DiMera is my father.

Colleen: Of course. I've only been with one man me whole life, and that was Santo.

Marlena: That seems like such an impossibility.

Colleen: If Stefano had known that John was his half brother, he never would have sent him on a mission to destroy me.

Marlena: Ironic. The two people in the world he would never want near each other -- you and John.

Colleen: It couldn't be more true.

Marlena: When did he find out you were alive?

Colleen: A little over a year ago. But he didn't know where I was. He became obsessed with finding me.

John: Obsession is what rules him.

Colleen: And anger. I never thought he could find me. I never could let him find me. I couldn't even take the risk of contacting me own brother.

Marlena: When did he find out where you were?

Colleen: He never did. He left that little task to my son. Had Stefano known that I had bore his father's child, he never would have brought us together.

Marlena: Then it was fate.

Colleen: No. No. It was God.

Marlena: John. John.

Colleen: You kill me, you'll destroy what's left of yourself.

Marlena: Easy. John!

Kayla: Do you want us to call the airlines for you?

Bo: No, sis, we can take care of it.

Steve: You better get going.

Hope: You really are trying to get rid of us, aren't you?

Steve: Yeah, we are.

Steve: We'll catch up to you.

Marlena: This is what he lived for. It was his sole existence.

Annie: I -- I'm sorry.

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