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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 2/1/08 - Canada; Monday 2/4/08 - U.S.A.

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E.J.: Shh, shh. Come on, sweetheart.

[Knock on door]

E.J.: There they are. I know, I know, I know. Shh, shh, shh, shh.

[Baby crying]

E.J.: Thank you for getting here so quickly.

Lexie: Well, you said it was an emergency.

E.J.: She's been up all night. We can't seem to get her to calm down. She's got a fever.

Lexie: Here, lay her down. Let me take a look at her.

E.J.: Oh, I know, sweetheart. Come on, in you go. All right. Do you think it's something serious?

Lexie: How high is her fever?

E.J.: I mean, it hasn't been above 100 -- her temperature -- but feel her. She's cold.

Lexie: Well, you did the right thing calling. Any fever in a baby this age can be serious. Is Johnny having any symptoms?

E.J.: No, he's -- he's fine. He slept right through the night.

Lexie: Where's Sami?

E.J.: She's -- she had to go out.

Lucas: Did you bring Allie?

Sami: Lucas, she's sick. I told you that.

Lucas: If she's so sick, why did you leave her?

Sami: Because you asked me to come here. You said it was important. Look, she's with E.J.

Lucas: I don't want E.J. anywhere near my daughter. I told you that.

Sami: Lucas, I didn't have a choi-- I talked to Lexie. And she's gonna come over in a little bit and look at Allie, make sure she's okay.

Lucas: All right. Just let me know how she's doing. That's all I ask.

Sami: Of course. You know, with her being sick, they probably wouldn't have let me bring her in here anyway.

Lucas: You are gonna bring her here, right, while I'm in prison, to visit me?

Sami: Lucas, you are not going to prison, okay? Your lawyer's gonna find a way to get you out of here.

Lucas: That's not gonna happen.

Sami: I can't believe you have this attitude. Is that what you meant when you said you wanted me to come down here -- so you could say goodbye?

Lucas: Sami, I'm going away. There's nothing anybody can do to stop it.

Philip: It's really beautiful here. Isn't it?

Chloe: I'm sorry. I'm afraid I'm not gonna be very good company.

Philip: I know you're still worried about Brady.

Chloe: I was sure that Colleen had taken him to be safe, like she'd taken Claire. Now I'm just getting more and more worried. I have no idea where he is.

Philip: Aunt Colleen said he disappeared before she could get to him.

Chloe: We both know that he was kidnapped, Philip.

Philip: Are you really worried about Brady? Or are you worried that you're gonna be arrested and charged with his disappearance?

Chloe: Don't be ridiculous. Of course I'm worried about Brady. Let me ask you something, Philip.

Philip: What?

Chloe: You know all that bonding and forgiving with Shawn on the flight over here? Was any of that sincere, or are you just conning him because you're still trying to steal his wife and child?

Philip: Let's keep walking.

Belle: I feel like I should pinch myself. I just can't believe we got her back.

Shawn D.: Yeah. When your child's in danger, it makes you realize what's important.

Belle: Yeah, it does. Shawn.

Shawn D.: Look, I know we have a lot to talk about, but while we're here, I would much rather just focus on what's going on with my Great-Aunt Colleen, you know, and enjoy having our daughter back.

Steve: Okay, here we are.

Kayla: You got it?

Shawn: Yeah.

Steve: Sit down and take a breather.

Shawn: I think I'm all right. That's a good idea. [Chuckles]

Kayla: Have a seat right here.

Shawn: Oh, boy.

Shawn D.: Let's go say hi to grandpa.

Shawn: Oh, my.

Shawn D.: Hi, grandpa.

Shawn: Shawn, Belle, my precious little granddaughter.

Belle: Want to say hi to great-grandpa?

Shawn: Oh, you got her -- you got her back. Oh, bless you. Oh.

Steve: I'm so glad we were able to bring your pop over here. He's got one hell of a surprise waiting for him, doesn't he?

Kayla: Yeah, he sure does. Too bad it's not the only reason we're here.

Hope: You were pretty restless last night. You okay?

Bo: No. My back's sore. What is this bed from, the 18th century?

Hope: You know, I think it is because my back is killing me as well. Are you excited about your dad getting here?

Bo: You bet. You know, I'm surprised he agreed to come, not knowing why, though.

Hope: Well, your mom said that Steve and Kayla were pretty persuasive.

Bo: Well, I'm glad they're bringing him.

Hope: Yeah, so am I.

Bo: I wonder how pop's gonna react...finding out his sister's still alive.

Hope: Shocked. Ecstatic. Excited and...

Bo: Confused. Like the rest of us.

Marlena: Where do you think you're going?

E.J.: Hey, well?

Lexie: She's sleeping right now. She has croup.

E.J.: Okay, I mean, does she need to go to the hospital?

Lexie: No, she just needs to get some moisture into her lungs.

E.J.: Okay, I mean, how do we do that?

Lexie: The old-fashioned way -- steam.

E.J.: Steam? That's it? Steam?

Lexie: Uh, well, I mean, you can continue the ibuprofen for the fever, but, yeah, that's it.

E.J.: Okay. Are you sure?

Lexie: Mm-hmm. Look, the best thing to do is let the shower run and stay with her in the bathroom. You can also use a cool-air vaporizer overnight.

E.J.: And, Lexie, she's going to be okay? I'm sorry. I know I keep asking, but I'm new at this.

Lexie: Hey, calm down, okay? Just follow my directions and she'll be fine. This is very common among infants.

E.J.: Okay, all right. Thank you.

Lexie: Okay.

E.J.: The more time I spend with this -- with this child, the more I find myself falling in love with her, you know? I mean, I pick her up, I'm holding her, I look into her eyes, and...I-I love her as much as I love Johnny.

Lexie: Well, I mean, I hope you know you're putting yourself in an emotionally vulnerable position. I know what it's like to love a child you have no claim to. I don't want to see you get hurt, okay?

E.J.: I'm not going to get hurt. Allie's dad's in jail. He's probably going to be in prison. Who else is going to be a father to this child, you know? I mean, Samantha can't raise them on her own. She needs me. Allie needs me, and I'm not about to let either one of them down.

Lexie: Well, I mean, you never did say where Sami was.

E.J.: She's...visiting Lucas in jail.

Lexie: Ah. They love each other, E.J. I know you don't want to hear that, but it's the truth. And you have to start accepting it.

Sami: Come on, you could get away with this. Everything they have on you is circumstantial.

Lucas: The bullet that hit E.J. came from my gun. They know that.

Sami: But nobody saw you there. You could say that the gun was stolen.

Lucas: I'm not doing that. I'm not doing any of that.

Sami: Oh, come on. I know it sounds desperate, and I know it might not work, but...

Lucas: You don't get it, do you? I'm not looking to get out of this. I'm not looking for reasonable doubt or legal loopholes. It's over. I pled guilty to the attempted murder of E.J. DiMera.

Philip: I meant every word I said to Shawn, okay? Every word.

Chloe: Do you think he believes you? Or maybe he is just pretending until he figures out what you're really up to.

Philip: I'm not up to anything. I've made a fool of myself chasing after Belle. I'm done.

Chloe: And if they break up because Shawn can't forgive her for sleeping with you?

Philip: They wonít.

Chloe: We'll see.

Philip: I'm not investing in a maybe, Chloe. I used to take that kind of risk, but not anymore.

Chloe: Like I said, we'll see.

Shawn D.: Yeah, they've been taking really good care of us here. We've taken over most of the rooms.

Steve: And you know what, Papa Brady? We got kind of a big surprise for you.

Kayla: But don't even bother asking what it is, 'cause we're not gonna tell you. Not until you lay your head on a pillow for at least one hour.

Shawn: All right. I'll rest. But no more than one hour. [Laughter]

Shawn D.: Come on, grandpa. Let's take you upstairs.

Steve: Stubborn.

Belle: Are you all set? You ready to go upstairs? Come on, let's go upstairs.

Kayla: Get your rest. Come on.

Belle: There we go.

Steve: [Sighing] Oh, man. I don't know, sweetness. Do you think we should have told him his sister's alive before he sees her?

Kayla: [Sighs]

Steve: He's looking kind of frail. There's no telling how he's gonna react.

Kayla: I think there's gonna be joy. I mean, at least I hope. I mean, it's difficult for him here. He loves this country, but there are so many painful memories for him. I just hope this trip helps erase some of them.

Bo: Pop should be here by now. I'm surprised Steve and Kay didn't call when they landed.

Hope: The important thing is he gets here. My God, Brady. I can't even imagine -- all those years he grieved, blaming himself for his sister's death.

Bo: I -- I still don't understand why she didn't tell him, why she allowed him to suffer all these years.

Hope: We can't possibly know what she was going through back then.

Bo: Yeah, I guess. You know, if this back doesn't feel any better, I might have to sleep on the floor tonight.

Hope: No worries. I'll give you a back rub later.

Bo: I'm gonna hold you to that.

Hope: Ooh. I'll hold you to more than that unless, of course, your back's bothering you too much.

Bo: I'll make the sacrifice.

Hope: Oh, well, don't strain yourself, Brady.

Bo: Don't you worry. I am gonna have to talk to colleen about what she did to pop and the family.

Hope: I suppose she did what she thought was best back then.

Bo: Yeah, well, she should have dealt with Santo face-to-face when she found out he was married instead of pretending to kill herself. She was gonna be a nun. She not only betrayed her vows, she lied to the church and her family.

Hope: Brady, you read the letters. You know that Santo was the great love of her life. And you also know that when love is involved, you don't always act rationally. I'll bet you a part of her wanted to punish him by making him think that she was dead.

Bo: But the thing is she ended up punishing pop and her family. There had to be another way to resolve this. This little plan of hers -- it didn't work. She didn't free Santo or herself from that love. She just condemned them both to a life of loneliness and regret and sorrow.

Hope: Maybe that's exactly what she wanted and why Stefano is so hell-bent on revenge, especially after finding out that she was alive. Brady, we don't know what she felt or what she went through back then. We don't know what drove her to do what she did. But don't forget -- Santo led her on, made her believe that they were gonna have this amazing future, and all the time, he was married. He's the one who made false promises. He's the one who lied.

Bo: Of course he did. He's a damn DiMera.

Marlena: I said...where do you think you're going?

John: Going downstairs for some breakfast. You may be able to live on love and hope, but I need some real food.

Marlena: Come on in. Thanks. Uh, table should work fine. Thank you.

John: I don't own any currency.

Marlena: Thanks so much.

Woman: Thank you, ma'am.

John: This place doesn't offer room service.

Marlena: I made a special plan with the manager.

John: So you can keep an eye on me? Don't you trust me?

Marlena: I don't trust you. Why don't you have your food, then we'll go see Colleen, get the rest of her story, and then...then we can go home?

John: Do whatever you have to do, blondie. I'm not going anywhere...till I have completed my mission.

Philip: What am I gonna have to say to get you to believe that I am over Belle and moving on?

Chloe: There's nothing you can say, Philip. You're gonna have to show me that you mean it.

Philip: Why would I want to prove anything to you?

Chloe: You shouldn't, but you should care about proving it to yourself.

Philip: Speaking of proving yourself...since Brady is clearly still missing and probably in danger, you're gonna have to continue to prove that you had nothing to do with that.

Chloe: I don't know that I can prove anything. I just know that I need to find him, but I don't know how.

Philip: You know I had men looking for Claire. I'm gonna keep them on retainer to look for Brady. He's my nephew, Chloe, and my dad's been worried sick ever since we found out he was missing. He's sparing no expense, and we won't stop until we find him.

Chloe: Thank you. I need to know what happened to Brady and why.

Philip: We'll find out.

Chloe: Hey.

Belle: Hey.

Shawn D.: Hey.

Philip: How's Claire? Any residual bad effects?

Belle: Um, honey, why don't you go look at the dragon?

Shawn D.: Let's go see it. Come on.

Belle: Not that I can tell so far. It seems like Crystal and Colleen actually did a pretty good job taking care of her. She did say that she missed us and that she was scared at the beginning, but I guess Crystal told her they were on vacation or something and that she'd see us again, which she bought because here we are, so we'll keep an eye on her when we get home, though.

Philip: Well, if there's anything you need, just ask.

Belle: So...do you think Colleen really knows anything about Brady?

Chloe: No, I think if she knew anything, she would have said something last night.

Belle: I'm really worried about him.

Chloe: So am I.

Shawn D.: Well, my grandfather's here. He's resting, then we're gonna take him to see Colleen.

Philip: That sounds like a family thing.

Chloe: Yeah, I-I don't think that Philip or I should be there.

Shawn D.: I understand.

Philip: Do you want us to watch Claire?

Shawn D.: No, we want to keep her with us.

Philip: Do you want to have dinner together?

Shawn D.: We'll, um, let you know. We're gonna go on a walk now. Come on, let's go on that walk.

Belle: Okay.

Shawn D.: Ready? Let's go.

Chloe: Bye. Wow. That wasn't awkward, was it?

Philip: Could have been worse.

John: Wasting our time seeing that old lady.

Marlena: You know, she may say something that would provide a trigger to help you get your memory back.

John: I don't see how.

Marlena: Put the spoon down, please.

John: You think I'm gonna try to use this as a weapon? What would I do? Spoon someone to death?

Marlena: I don't know. I don't know what you're capable of doing. But I don't want to take any chances.

John: I told you, I'm not gonna hurt anyone...especially not that helpless old woman.

Bo: I thought you guys would be here by now.

Steve: Oh.

Kayla: Hi. Hi, hi, hi.

Bo: Hey, hey. Where is pop?

Steve: He's upstairs resting his little head.

Kayla: Yeah, he's anxious, though. You know, he knows that something's up.

Bo: Yeah, well, he's in for one hell of a surprise.

Hope: Bo's a little apprehensive about how he's gonna react.

Kayla: I am, too, but I think if we're all gathered around him and support him, it's gonna be okay when he sees his sister. Listen, I am so happy and relieved that you found Claire.

Hope: Yeah, so are we. Come on, let's sit down. You must be tired after that long flight.

Kayla: Thank you.

Steve: You're welcome. Be a gentleman over there, dude. [Laughter]

Kayla: So, our aunt claims that she was responsible for Claire's kidnapping?

Steve: Does she really think that Stefano would hurt that little baby?

Bo: Apparently.

Hope: She's convinced our whole family was in danger.

Steve: Well, I have some news...about Stefano. He...is taking a little trip to the state of catatonia. He's on life support.

Bo: What happened?

Steve: Doctor?

Kayla: All things point to a massive stroke, but the test results don't support that.

Bo: So Abe and Roman, they're checking into this?

Steve: I wouldn't exactly use the word "checking." Nobody's losing any sleep over it.

Kayla: We don't exactly know what's going on, but Lexie and E.J. and Tony have put him in long-term care. So Stefano is out of the picture for now.

Bo: We'll celebrate later. Right now, we got to make sure that pop sees his sister. He's in for one hell of a reunion.

E.J.: Alexandra, Lucas shot me, okay, and Samantha left him for it. Now, I understand that she can't just switch off her emotions like that. I'm sure that deep down somewhere, a part of her still loves Lucas. And before you even go there, I understand that she will probably never love me, okay? But I have accepted that. Now, we share a child together, okay? And Allie is, in some ways, my responsibility. Her concerns are my concerns.

Lexie: You are in a very dicey situation, E.J.

E.J.: What would you have me do? Would I walk away, hmm? Leave Allie here? She's sick. Samantha trusted me to be here alone with her daughter. That says something.

Lexie: Look, your history with Sami doesn't exactly show that you've earned her trust.

E.J.: I'm working on that, okay? I understand what you're saying, but Lucas isn't here, all right? It doesn't really matter what they're talking about down at the jail right now because at the end of the day, she's going to come home here to this house, and I will be here and her son will be here and her daughter will be here and Lucas won't be.

Lucas: Listen to me, Sami -- there isn't gonna be any trial, not now. I pled guilty.

Sami: Change your plea.

Lucas: I'm not changing anything. My mind is made up. I've made my decision.

Sami: Why?

Lucas: Because you were right. I did it because I was jealous, because I was insecure, and I didn't trust in our love. That's why I did it. I pled guilty. I don't feel anything toward E.J. I have no remorse toward him at all, but I do feel horrible about what I did to you and our family.

Marlena: Want to go outside? Take a walk, get some fresh air?

John: No. I just want to see this old lady and get it over with.

Marlena: Get what over with?

John: This pointless conversation you insist on having that's supposed to disinfect the area of my brain that Stefano contaminated.

Marlena: I just want to talk to her. I want to see what happens.

John: Whatever. Like I said, the sooner we get this over with, the better.

[Knock on door]

Marlena: Come in.

Woman: Miss Colleen's asking that everyone please come to her room.

Marlena: Did she say why?

Woman: No, only that she wanted you, Mr. Black, and all the Bradyís there.

Marlena: Oh, Shawn, hello. Bo said you were coming.

Shawn: Yeah, I-I-I still don't know why, though.

Bo: Well, Pop, you're about to find out.

Kayla: But, listen, try not to get too worked up, all right? I know what you're gonna say -- "how can I not get worked up with all this mystery? You dragged me all the way to Ireland in the middle of the night and all," but --

John: Can we get on with this?

Bo: So, are you ready?

Shawn: Uh...

Bo: Okay, let's go.

Shawn: All right.

Colleen: Hello, Shawny, me boy.

Shawn: Leeny. Oh, it -- it can't be.

Colleen: Oh, Shawny.

Shawn: Oh.

Colleen: [Chuckles] Oh. [Chuckles] Oh, Shawny.

Shawn: But you're --

Colleen: Dead. No. That's what I wanted everyone to think.

Shawn: Well, how is this possible?

Bo: Hey, Pop, Pop, why don't you have a seat, okay? There you go.

Colleen: I -- I left me habit on top of the cliff, but I didn't jump. I ran from the guilt and the shame. [Sighs] And I know you always felt responsible for this, and that's something I'll never be able to forgive meself for. There's not a day that I didn't think of you and miss you, little brother.

Shawn: Oh, I have no words to express what I'm feeling. I mean, it's -- it's overwhelming. [Chuckles]

Colleen: Will you ever, ever forgive me? Can you?

Shawn: I already have, girl. I already have. I love you. All I can do is thank God for bringing you back to me. [Chuckles] Oh.

Kayla: Pop. Pop, you can visit with your sister later. Why don't you go and get some rest?

Colleen: I'll see you in a little bit, me brother.

Shawn: Sure will.

Shawn D.: Come on, grandpa. Aunt Kay, I'll take him to his room. Come on, grandpa.

Shawn: I love you.

Shawn D.: Let's go, gramps.

Bo: Get some rest, Pop. See you in a minute, okay?

Shawn: Yes. I'll see you in a bit.

Bo: Get some rest, okay?

Shawn: Yeah.

Bo: This is my sister Kayla and her husband, Steve Johnson. We've got another brother and sister at home.

Colleen: I know. Roman and Kimberly. Oh, it was so wonderful seeing Shawny again. I thank you so much for bringing him here.

Bo: Yeah, well...when he was a boy...you should have told him you weren't dead.

Colleen: I realized I could never tell me brother or any of me family. It wouldn't have been safe.

Bo: Yeah. Do you realize how much he suffered, thinking he was responsible for your death?

Colleen: Believe me, Bo, it weighed heavily on me heart all those years. I watched over all of you from afar, but I only took action when I feared danger from Stefano.

Marlena: Not all of us are Bradyís.

Colleen: No, but you're connected to the Bradyís. And if you're an enemy of Stefano, I consider you an ally.

Kayla: I should probably tell you that Stefano is in the hospital. He's in a catatonic state.

Colleen: Oh. Please, maybe this will be the end to all this insanity. I may look frail, but I have strength and determination. And I tried to keep you safe from Stefano, and sometimes I succeeded, and, well... sometimes...not.

Lexie: E.J., the truth is, you have no idea what's going on between Sami and Lucas right now, so stop thinking about it, okay? Look, just concentrate on taking care of these children and just -- you can ask Sami what happened with Lucas when she gets back. [Cellphone rings]

Lexie: Oh, excuse me.

E.J.: Yeah, I'll, um -- I'll go upstairs and check on Allie.

Lexie: Okay. Hmm. This is Dr. Carver. You still have the small sample of the patient's blood, don't you? No. No, we can't get more right now. The patient's out of the country. I'd like to run a few more tests on what we have. Um...look, I'll -- I'll give you specifics when I get back to the hospital. Okay, thanks.

Sami: I do not want you go to prison, Lucas. Your little girl is gonna need you.

Lucas: I don't want to go to prison, either.

Sami: Then change your plea.

Lucas: No. I wish I could change a lot of things. I wish I could change the fact that you appointed yourself savior of your family. I wish that E.J. never got you pregnant, and I wish that...

Sami: What?

Lucas: I wish I was a better shot. That's what. I really thought we were gonna make it this time. I thought we were gonna spend the rest of our lives together. And I know that I have no right to ask you to wait for me. So donít.

Colleen: I'm truly sorry for all the pain I've caused. I understood why you all hated me for holding Claire, but Claire is me blood. I wanted no harm to come to her.

Hope: We believe you.

Bo: And you've made some terrible mistakes.

Colleen: Right, Bo. And I've paid for them. I've lived me life alone, never to feel the comfort of a relative's embrace at Christmas nor the warmth of a granddaughter's cheek on mine.

John: Sounds like that's your own fault.

Colleen: Oh, I'm not lily-white. Far from it. [Sighs] What about you, John? Has life been good to you?

John: It's none of your business.

Colleen: I sense a lot of pain in you. [Sighs] Believe me, John, I do hope you find your son. Now, it's been a trying morning. I'm tired, if you don't mind.

Kayla: Of course. If there's anything you need.

Colleen: Just -- just promise you'll bring me brother back later.

Kayla: I promise. We should go downstairs, you guys. Let her rest.

Marlena: Colleen, before we go, John and I have a few questions we would like to ask you.

Colleen: All right, but as I've already said, I'm tired.

John: Well, actually...I'd like to have a word with you alone.

Marlena: There's no way that I'm leaving you alone with her.

Lexie: Okay, so, you understand exactly what to do for Allie, correct?

E.J.: Yes.

Lexie: Now, if you or Sami have any questions, don't hesitate to call me.

E.J.: We will. Thank you. It's really helpful having a big sister that's a doctor. Lexie, um, can I ask you something? Have you been, you know, thinking at all about father? Wondering if we did the right thing?

Lexie: Yeah. It's hard to believe he's gone.

E.J.: You're not having second thoughts, are you?

Lexie: No. No. But it's been the most difficult decision of my life.

E.J.: I know, I know. Come here.

Lexie: [Sighs]

E.J.: It was the right thing to do, okay? Maybe now we can all get on with r lives. I'm going to. You should -- all of us, really, especially the Bradyís.

Steve: Hey, I got a question. Why is this place so empty?

Bo: Well, I guess it's pretty much closed. Colleen's been using it as a hideout from Stefano.

Steve: How's the food?

Bo: Don't really know. There was someone around here earlier, but I don't know where they are now.

Steve: I hope she gets back soon. I'm starving. Hey, you think this tap works?

Hope: You know, believe it or not, actually, I'm not very hungry.

Bo: I don't believe it.

Hope: I know. Shocking.

Bo: Jet lag or stress?

Hope: All of the above.

Kayla: I think we're all stressed. Seeing pop with his sister -- I don't even know how to describe it.

Bo: He's pretty much overwhelmed.

Kayla: Yeah, one of us should check on him. Hope, you want to?

Hope: Trying to get rid of me?

John: You really don't trust me alone with her.

Marlena: No, in fact, I donít.

Colleen: You shouldn't mind her staying. It'd give me peace of mind.

John: Nobody asked you.

Marlena: I am not leaving you alone with her.

John: Excuse us. Can I speak with you for a second?

Marlena: Sure.

Lucas: Depending on the judge, I'll get 10 to 20 years.

Sami: "10 to 20 years"?

Lucas: It's not like I didn't pay a few parking tickets, Sami.

Sami: But Allie's not even gonna know you. How is this happening?!

Lucas: You know, I didn't ask you to come here so we could fight. I don't want to fight with you. I didn't ask you here so you could tell me what kind of idiot I am. I wanted to say goodbye to you. I wanted to hold you in my arms one last time...and tell you how much I love you. I'll never love anybody like I love you. Can you promise me that you'll never stop loving me?

Sami: [Sobbing] Lucas... you...you were my one...and only love. And I will never, ever love anyone the way that I love you.

Lucas: Stop, come on. No more crying. Now, I know you can't bring Allie to see me before my sentencing...but you tell that baby how much I love her. You tell her how much I think about her. She's all I think about. I love her with all my heart and soul. You tell her that, okay?

Sami: I will.

Lucas: Just go.

E.J.: Okay, Allie's still fussing, so I'm gonna go and get the steam ready in the bathroom. Are you okay?

Lexie: This has been the strangest week for me at the hospital. First dealing with our father, then finding out someone I love is sick, but...just now, I-I-I got some other news. This is something I totally wasn't expecting.

E.J.: Tell me. What is it? You look happy.

Lexie: I probably shouldn't tell you, but it's not gonna be a secret for long. Kayla Johnson is pregnant.

Kayla: No, I'm not trying to get rid of you. Come on. I'll go myself.

Hope: I was only kidding. I'd be happy to go. I'm going right now. Would you get me some water, please?

Bo: Okay. I really appreciate what you guys did for pop.

Steve: Oh, man, it's kind of a no-brainer, don't you think?

Bo: Still, it's kind of a long trip.

Kayla: There's another reason why we came.

Bo: Yeah, I know. To meet your Aunt Colleen.

Kayla: Yeah, there's that. Listen, why don't we sit down?

Bo: All right.

Kayla: Sit down.

Bo: Thanks for the coffee.

Kayla: Um...there's something that we need to tell you, and I didn't want to say it in front of Hope.

Bo: Okay. What is it?

Kayla: Well...it's really hard, and I-I just want to tell you first so you can figure out how to tell Hope.

Bo: Kay, tell Hope what?

Steve: It's not good, man.

John: You make one sound, lady, and anybody who walks through that door dies right along with you.

Colleen: Why in the name of God are you doing this?

Chelsea: There's no way I could have killed Ford, right?

Roman: Decker's looking for somebody to blame.

Belle: Is something bothering you?

Shawn D.: Steve and Kayla. Just showing up like this. Something's off.

Colleen: One last word before I die, and I'm quite prepared to do that.

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