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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 1/25/08 - Canada; Monday 1/28/08 - U.S.A.

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Marlena: For all the things that you have done to John and to me and to people that I love, we're going to call it all even after today. And for future reference, if someone who hates you offers to give you some medication, I strongly suggest that you refuse it, even if they tell you that it's aspirin. In fact, on second thought, you can ignore that advice. You won't be needing it. Will you wake up? Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Rise and shine! [Sighs] Come on. Open your eyes. Come on! I don't want you missing the party. All right. I was hoping I wouldn't have to do this, but maybe I was wrong. Hi. I was beginning to wonder if you were ever going to wake up.

Abe: Not gonna have a lot of luck breaking that guy, psychologically, anyway.

Roman: He did a damn good job on him physically, though.

Hope: Hey, guys.

Bo: What's going on?

Abe: Talking about your boy.

Hope: What about him? Is he okay?

Roman: He had a run-in with a guy named Robert McCullough.

Bo: Don't know the guy.

Roman: Apparently he's the guy in the van who kidnapped Claire.

Hope: Where is she? Did you find her?

Roman: No word on Claire yet, but obviously the guy knows something, and hopefully we can get it out of him.

Abe: Shawn beat the guy to a pulp trying to get it out of him.

Bo: And?

Abe: Well, the only thing he got out of him was a lot of blood.

Hope: Is Shawn okay?

Roman: Got a set of raw knuckles.

Abe: A big knot on top of his head.

Roman: He marched into that storefront we were keeping an eye on. He thought he was gonna march right in and grab Claire.

Abe: Claire wasn't there, so Shawn decided to take it out on a couple guys who were. One of them got away, and we brought in McCullough.

Bo: Any sign that Claire was in the building?

Roman: No.

Hope: What's gonna happen to Shawn?

Bo: Hey. This isn't gonna keep him from being a cop, is it?

Abe: You know, I hate to say this, but it should.

Stephanie: Chelsea, you don't know what you're saying.

Chelsea: Yes, I do, Stephanie.

Stephanie: This isn't just about you and me.

Crawford: You're right. It's about my son, his mother and me.

Kayla: Chelsea, maybe we need to get advice about what you say and when.

Crawford: Keep out of this.

Steve: Hey, listen. We all want the truth, but don't you ever talk to my wife that way.

Chelsea: I'm sorry, Aunt Kayla, but this is the right time.

Stephanie: No, it's not. We have to talk --

Crawford: Tell me what you know about my boy.

Steve: Don't you --

Crawford: Get your hands off me!

Steve: Don't you...

Crawford: You're a father. What if it was your child?

Steve: My child was raped.

Crawford: I'm not saying that's not horrible. But she's here. You can touch her. You can hold her. My son is gone. I need to know. Can't you understand that? Tell me.

Chelsea: Okay. I'll tell you.

Hope: You two would have done exactly the same thing if it were your child.

Abe: Which is why we're looking the other way.

Roman: He does need a good talking-to, though. But, Bo, you know as well as I do, we need all the help we can get right now. But if he gets any new leads, he needs to bring them to us.

Hope: I'll talk to him.

Roman: I would prefer a police officer did that.

Hope: Like I said, I'll talk to him.

Abe: Does this mean you're coming back?

Hope: I don't think I ever really left.

Roman: Great.

Abe: I'll get the paperwork rolling.

Roman: Okay. Welcome back, Detective Brady.

John: I need to leave! Get these damn cuffs off me! Doctor! Get that blondie in here! I'm remembering things. Get these damn cuf-- unh-unh, I'm not eating those things.

Judy: The doctor said if you get agitated, I need to sedate you. So it's either this or an injection.

John: [Laughs] [Sighing] Oh. I just started yelling so you would come in and visit me.

Judy: You said blondie.

John: [Slurring] Well, you know, it's the drugs. [Normal voice] I swear. Next time I'll call your name. What is it?

Judy: It's Judy.

John: Oh, Judy. Now I've got a name to go with my fantasies. No, no. It just isn't the same when you lay here all by yourself and you close your eyes and you start moaning, "oh...nurse."

Judy: You're incorrigible.

John: I think I'm falling in love. You got pretty eyes, Judy. Uh, I'm sorry if I'm -- if I'm annoying you, you can just walk out because the sight of you leaving my room is spectacular. [Laughs]

Judy: Look, be a good boy or I'll have to give you something.

John: As long as it isn't drugs. Hey, Judy. I'm watching you. [Door closes] [Sighs]

Stefano: My men -- they have traveled all over the world searching for this person -- our enemy. Hmm? And... [Chuckles] they just could not get a bead on this person, their target, you see? And it is because this person is so clever, eh, always one step ahead of me. But I have created a great machine that will not stop until it finds that person, hmm? Now, I would think, of course, that it would be a wonderful feeling to be such a great machine, except there is one drawback, eh? You have no feelings. Right now it is time for me to give you the name of your objective.

Rob: If some guy pounding my face in isn't gonna get me to talk, what makes you think staring at me will?

Roman: 'Cause we got you all locked up. You're looking at a long time behind bars.

Rob: I don't think so.

Roman: And why is that?

Rob: 'Cause I'm gonna jump bail.

Roman: Could you please speak up?

Rob: Oh, so you can get it on tape? Okay. I said I think you're a fine figure of a man. I mean, don't you think? I'm not attracted to him, but if I was a woman Ė

Abe: What did he really say?

Roman: He said he was gonna jump bail.

Rob: No, I didnít. That would be stupid to say to a cop.

Roman: You are a cocky son of a bitch, aren't you?

Rob: Now he's calling me names.

Bo: We're not gonna get anything out of this bum.

Hope: I don't know. I think he's gonna talk.

John: The mission. The mission.

Stefano: You will remember that name and find that person. That is your target. Now, we don't know exactly or precisely where your target is, only that it is somewhere in Europe.

Chelsea: Steph, we have to. Look, we never meant for any of this to happen. You have to believe that. We went to the police. We went to the dean. Nobody would do anything.

Stephanie: I'm sure the police will do something when Mr. Decker tells them to. They won't believe us, but they'll believe him.

Kayla: Listen. We know you. We know that you girls are good girls. Chelsea, whatever you tell me, I will believe you.

Steve: It's okay, Chelsea. We'll believe you. We'll try to help you any way we can.

Crawford: You killed my son.

Chelsea: We just wanted to scare him. We never meant for anything else to happen.

Marlena: Stefano. I gave you muscle relaxants, not aspirin. You're not going to be able to move your limbs. Can you speak?

Stefano: [Slowly] Yes.

Marlena: Can you speak loudly?

Stefano: No.

Marlena: Good. What I actually gave you are neuromuscular blockers. Now, they're gonna wear off pretty soon, so I need you to listen very carefully and give me your undivided attention so I can tell you what we're going to do. You see, I mixed up a drug cocktail that I'm going to inject into you.

Stefano: You're crazy. Guards. Guards. Guards.

Marlena: Don't do that. Just be quiet and listen. This drug is going to completely paralyze you. And it will put you into an apparent catatonic state. You'll still be aware of what's going on around you. You'll know exactly what's happening. But outwardly, you are going to be a vegetable. Now, this -- this condition of yours is never going to improve. It's permanent. So you will then be committed to an asylum, where you will spend the rest of your long life being trapped inside your body.

Stefano: You can't do this.

Marlena: I can do this. I am doing this. This is not about revenge. But I realized if I have any hope of recovering my John, I must make sure that you are completely incapacitated. You know the really great thing about this mixture? It's completely untraceable. They're gonna think you had a stroke.

Stefano: You're insane.

Marlena: No. This is the most sane thing I have ever done.

Stefano: I won't let you do this.

Marlena: You're in no condition to make demands. I know how much you like to control things. But right now, I'm controlling the shots.

Stefano: Ha. You're a doctor, Marlena, not a monster. I won't let you do this.

Marlena: This is not something that I want to do, Stefano. It's something that I have to do. It doesn't make me proud. It doesn't give me any joy, because if it did, I would be no better than you are. And I am better than you are. I'm not a monster. I actually hate that it's come to this. But I had to find a way to make my family safe and find a way to bring my husband back from the shell of a man you turned him into.

Stefano: You're bluffing. There is no drug that can do what you say.

Roman: So, you didn't know where you were gonna take the little girl.

Rob: No, I didnít.

Abe: But Crystal did.

Roman: Whew. That is very convenient, Rob.

Rob: I mean, it was out of the country. That's all I know.

Abe: Well, all ports of call and the airports are being watched.

Rob: Look, if they want out of the country, they'll get out, if they haven't already. And once they're gone, I guarantee you'll never find them.

Chelsea: He, uh -- he had drugged us, so we were gonna do the same thing to him. He was invited to the Theta House. And he was a little weirded out when he got there and saw me, but he came in anyway. I asked him if he wanted a drink and he said yeah. So we crushed up some pills into powder, and then we poured it into his drink. We never meant to knock him out or anything. We just -- we just wanted him to get really sleepy and woozy. And the girls were all in Cordy's room. And they listened while I hung out with Ford. He wanted me to try some of his drink. He didn't trust me.

Crawford: He had damn good reason not to.

Steve: Let her talk.

Chelsea: The drug wasn't affecting him, but it was affecting me a lot. And when he saw how out of it I was, he tried to attack me. So I screamed, and I tried to get him off me. And that's when the other girls ran out to help. And I ran up the stairs to get away from him, but he caught me. He grabbed me by my hair. I thought he was gonna kill me. And then he just got...really dizzy, and he fell. And... and then he was...dead.

Crawford: What do you mean he was dead? Did you try CPR? Did somebody call 911? Did anybody even try to help the boy?

Stephanie: They're not gonna understand. No one is gonna believe us. You shouldn't have said anything.

Steve: Everybody just needs to calm down a little bit, let everybody catch their breath here.

Chelsea: He was dead, Mr. Decker.

Crawford: I just -- you just stood there and watched my boy die? You didn't try to save him?

Chelsea: We did everything we could. We did CPR. We felt for a pulse. He was gone.

Crawford: You probably pushed him!

Nick: Hey!

Crawford: Get off of me! Get off! Get off me.

Steve: Stay back!

Roman: Okay, Rob. Let me get this straight. You got a boss you never saw or talked to paying you to grab Claire and Belle.

Rob: Yeah.

Abe: So you never worked for Stefano.

Rob: One of the few instructions I did see was to stay far away from Stefano. Crystal really hated the man. And she was afraid of him.

Bo: You think he's lying?

Hope: I don't know. There's definitely something about this guy.

Rob: Wait. I just thought of something. This might be something you can use. It might help you find Crystal. You find Crystal, you find that girl.

Stefano: Wait.

Marlena: Hmm?

Stefano: What you're doing can be detected. Someone will discover it.

Marlena: They'd have to look. And considering who you are, why would they?

Stefano: What you are doing will not solve your problem. Neutralizing me will not get you John back. It only makes it impossible for you to fix his mind.

Marlena: We'll figure out a way.

Stefano: You cannot. Since I am the only one who scrambled his brains, I am the only one that can unscramble them.

Marlena: I don't believe you.

Stefano: I can prove it, Marlena.

Marlena: Fine. One last reprieve. What was John's mission?

Crawford: I want my son. And I want justice for my boy.

Chelsea: Mr. Decker, it was an accident.

Crawford: When someone has an accident, they call the police. Why didn't you call 911?

Chelsea: We didn't call 911 because there was nothing that anyone could do. He was already gone.

Stephanie: And we didn't call the police because they wouldn't have believed us. No one would.

Crawford: Because you're both liars.

Steve: That's enough of that.

Chelsea: Look, we tried to get help before it all happened. You know that. No one would do anything.

Stephanie: He doesn't care.

Crawford: You're right. I don't care. What I care about is my boy. What did you do with his body?

John: The mission. The mission.

John: Obbin. Obbin. Obbin. Come on, Obbin. Where are you? Who? What -- [Keyboard keys clacking] Talk to me, Obbin. Talk to me. Got you. There you are.

Marlena: All right. This is your one and only chance. Tell me. What was the mission?

Stefano: Not until John completes his mission, any rest.

Marlena: That was not the question.

Stefano: I'll give you your John back.

Marlena: And how will you do that?

Stefano: I downloaded the contents of his life. I can return his mental faculties.

Marlena: You are such a liar. But the question is, how long will you lie? And the answer is never again. Because if you can't speak, you can't lie.

Stefano: What do you want?

Marlena: I want to see you punished for all the people that you have hurt. All righty, now, one... two... three. Couldn't wait. This is for Shawn...and Caroline and Roman... and my twins... and Bo and Hope and me. And the last drop is for John.

Marlena: There. All done.

Stefano: I curse you, Marlena Evans. I curse the entire Brady family.

Marlena: And with that, you can rest. Although I don't think it will be in peace.

Stefano: Peace. I thought Samantha and Elvis' marriage would bring peace.

Marlena: You never wanted peace.

Stefano: I grew up... never knowing peace, Marlena. I saw my father die for the love of a Brady. It filled me with anger... hatred. But I thought, at least if he could fulfill this life -- the love in this life for him, he will find peace.

Marlena: Samantha did her part. Why did you go after John?

Stefano: You are such a fool, Marlena. You have no idea how much you do not know. But I know. And I am never going to tell you. He is mine. And he will never rest until he fulfills his destiny. [Exhales sharply] [Groans] You want to know what the mission is, huh?

Marlena: Yes, I do.

Stefano: You'll never know until it's over. [Chuckles] And you'll never be able to stop him.

Roman: So, are you gonna tell us?

Rob: There were several times when Crystal and I were together where she used another name, an alias. She even had a passport with her picture and that phony name.

Abe: And that name was?

Rob: Desiree Wilson.

Crawford: What did you do with his body?

Stephanie: Chelsea.

Chelsea: We buried it.

Crawford: In the basement.

Chelsea: No. Yes, at first, but then we moved him.

Crawford: Who helped you?

Chelsea: What do you mean?

Crawford: A man left the front of your house wearing my son's clothes. He helped you move my boy's body, didn't he? Were you the one wearing my son's clothes?

Chelsea: No, it wasn't Nick. No.

Crawford: Then who was it?

Chelsea: I don't know.

Crawford: Tell me where you buried him.

Chelsea: I don't know.

Crawford: Then who knows?

Chelsea: We don't know where his body is. That's the truth.

Crawford: Someone took him and buried him. I want to know who and where.

Steve: Stay back. Stay back, man. If she doesn't know, she doesn't know.

Chelsea: We were scared.

Steve: Chelsea, that's enough.

Crawford: Anyone that has anything to do with this or anyone that gets in my way will pay.

Marlena: I know you can hear me. You are such a bad man. You are evil through and through. You will never hurt anybody with your evil again. It's gonna stay right there inside you, festering, eating away at you. You know, I can't even imagine how that's going to feel, being tortured like that every single day of your life. I think you'll want to die. But your doctors won't let you. They'll try to help you. They'll try to restore your health. And they won't be able to. And then you will try desperately to cry out to them, to tell them that you're there. You can hear and you can see and you can think, but nothing will come out of your mouth. Your fingers won't work. Your toes won't work. You're going to spend the rest of your long life trapped inside that flesh-covered jail. Are you afraid that John and I won't come to see you? Don't you worry. When I get my John back, we'll pay you a visit. And he will look down into your seemingly empty eyes. You won't be able to say a thing. You won't be able to speak. You won't be able to do anything. Anything. Guard. I'm afraid Mr. DiMera has suffered a stroke.

Kayla: Can I get you guys some more tea?

Chelsea: No.

Kayla: Okay. You know we're gonna have to call a lawyer.

Steve: That's all right, baby. I already made a few calls. You got to know Decker's talking to his people.

Chelsea: Are they gonna take us to jail now?

Steve: Nobody's going to jail. You just don't worry about that right now. Let me take care of things.

Kayla: Um, I hope you don't mind I called somebody.

Max: I know. I know. Your mom told me. Look, Chelsea, I appreciate you trying to protect me, but you didn't have to do that. I was the one who helped them. I took Ford's body away.

Hope: Are we interrupting? How are you feeling?

Shawn D.: The doctor said she's well enough to be released. Did you hear anything from McCullough?

Bo: Yeah, we got a name -- Desiree Wilson.

Belle: Who's Desiree Wilson?

Hope: It's Crystal. She flew to Ireland this morning. The plane landed over an hour ago. She had a little girl with her.

Belle: Oh, my God, Shawn. She has Claire.

Steve: You know you got yourself in pretty deep here, Maxwell.

Max: Ford was scum, and I would have done it again in a second. And as far as I'm concerned, he got what was coming to him.

Steve: I'm with you on that. Now, where did you put the body?

Max: Sorry. That stays with me. That's the only way I figured I could protect the girls.

Nick: I think he might be right. Okay, what do you say we get out of here? You've been through enough.

Chelsea: Yeah.

Kayla: We all have. Maybe we should let the dust settle so we can all just get our heads clear.

Steve: We got to just think about what happened, what's gonna happen, and how we're gonna deal with it. Okay, everybody do that?

Stephanie: Mm-hmm.

Max: Mm-hmm.

Chelsea: We'll see you later, Steph.

Max: Bye, guys.

Hope: Your dad and I booked a flight for Ireland. We leave tonight.

Shawn D.: I'm going with you.

Belle: So am I.

Bo: No, you're not. Let the police here and in Ireland handle this. Interpol is taking over the whole operation. We're lucky they're keeping us in the loop. Don't worry. I'm not coming home without Claire.

Hope: We'll call you as soon as we land.

Philip: I'll have the jet fueled and ready to go in an hour.

Marlena: Stefano will never bother you or anybody else again.

John: What did you do?

Marlena: I took care of him. He's still awake and conscious. But we're the only ones that will know that. As far as the doctors are concerned, he's a virtual vegetable.

John: Good. I remembered something.

Marlena: What?

John: I was given a word -- Obbin.

Marlena: I don't know what that means.

John: If I tell you what it is, will you help me?

Marlena: And why should I trust you?

John: Because I know what my mission is.

Marlena: What?

John: I researched Obbin, but I never got a chance to report it back to Stefano. Obbin is the name of a priest who was born in Ireland years ago.

Marlena: John, after talking to Stefano, it's clear to me that you'll never be free until you complete your mission. I can't let you do that. I'm not stupid. I know your mission is to kill somebody, isn't it?

John: I cannot answer that.

Marlena: I cannot let you do that.

John: Then I wonít. But you're right. I need to go to Ireland to fulfill my quest, so will you help me?

Marlena: This may be the dumbest thing I've ever done.

John: Then you will.

Officer: Get an ambulance. I think he's had a stroke. Okay. Stefano DiMera, lying here as good as dead.

Stefano: [Thinking] You jackass. Look at my eyes. Can't you see? I'm not as good as dead. I am conscious. I am fully aware. Look at me. Look!

Hope: Hopefully we'll find out who's behind all this once we get to Ireland.

Bo: God knows what else we'll find once we get there.

John: I'm not a killer, Doc.

Marlena: But you are a liar.

Dr. Campbell: Something caused this, and I'm determined to find out what it is.

Stefano: [Thinking] Marlena Evans did this to me. You have to learn the truth so that you can help me.

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