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Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 1/23/08 - Canada; Thursday 1/24/08 - U.S.A.

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Nick: I love you. If you can't do this, I don't see what kind of future we can have together. There won't be a future to have.

Chelsea: Well, what are you saying?

Nick: I'm saying you need to come clean. Or else I have no choice but to walk away. And this time, it will be for good. [Knock on door]

Chelsea: Hey. Do you, um...want anything to eat or drink? I mean, we don't really have a lot in the fridge, but --

Nick: I'm fine. What happened in the meeting?

Chelsea: Um... I-I tried to get all the other girls to go to the police and tell the truth about Ford, and at first, it seemed like they all wanted to, but then Stephanie got there and said that if we did tell the truth, there was a chance it could backfire and that we'd for sure be facing jail time.

Nick: So you decided not to tell the police? That is a big mistake.

Bo: Hey. Thanks for meeting me.

Det. Sullivan: No problem, detective. Hey, by the way, sorry to hear about your granddaughter. Now, if there's anything I can do to help...

Bo: Yeah. Thanks, man.

Det. Sullivan: What do you need from me?

Bo: You're working the Ford Decker investigation?

Det. Sullivan: Yeah. It started out as a missing person. Now we're not sure what it is.

Bo: The Alpha Chi Theta Sorority, they're involved.

Det. Sullivan: The last place Decker was seen, yeah. He was accused of date rape. The dean didn't think there was enough evidence or testimony to take action. So the last night he was seen, the sorority sisters claim that he showed up drunk, crashed on their sofa, left the next morning. And no one's heard from or seen him since.

Bo: All the girls are saying this?

Det. Sullivan: Yeah, and I think they're all lying.

Nurse: You know you're not supposed to be up.

Belle: I have to find my daughter.

Nurse: You're not strong enough to move around. Now, please, Mrs. Brady. Please get back into the bed. Mrs. Brady, please.

Philip: Here.

Nurse: Thank you.

Marlena: You're in the psychiatric ward. You've been heavily sedated.

John: I already figured that out. You said you were gonna help me get out of the hospital, and I wind up here more drugged than ever. You lied to me.

Marlena: It wasn't my call. And besides...you did this to yourself.

Shawn D.: Okay, so, the guy who kidnaped Claire had a tattoo on his forearm that matched this design right here.

Chloe: And we know it's Celtic.

Shawn D.: Yeah, but Grandpa Shawn said that Celtic designs aren't just ornamental. They can tell you a lot about the person or the group who wears them, so I guess we got to find out more about the particular group who wears this Celtic warrior design.

Chloe: Well, hopefully it can tell us something that could maybe lead us to Claire, if we could ever find an exact match. Oh, wait, wait, wait, stop. Scroll back. Scroll back. Wait, that's it, right? Yeah, it's identical to the one in the picture.

Shawn D.: Yeah, and it is Celtic woman warrior's knot. This could be the key to finding out why they took my daughter.

Belle: I need to find my daughter.

Philip: Shawn and the police are doing everything they can to bring her back to you, and I have my people working overtime.

Belle: Well, Shawn hasn't been here, and I need to know what's going on.

Philip: I'm sure if he hears anything, he'll tell you. Right now, his priority is finding Claire.

Belle: Good, 'cause there's nothing more important than that.

Philip: No, there isn't, but right now, you need to concentrate on getting well.

Nurse: He's right, Mrs. Brady. I don't want to find you walking around again. From now on, your feet don't touch the floor.

Belle: God. I just feel so helpless. Come on, Philip, you got to get me out of here.

Philip: No, you heard her.

Belle: I am not an invalid. I know I was in bad shape before, but I'm fine. Look, I'm fine now.

Philip: It's for your own good. Now rest.

John: How is any of this my fault?

Marlena: You were holding me by the throat when you tried to escape.

John: You broke your promise to get me out of the hospital. Look...somehow Stefano got inside my skull and erased my mind. I'm the victim here, yet you all treat me like I'm some kind of a criminal.

Marlena: We're treating you that way because you're behaving like one. We don't know what Stefano did to you or what he wants you to do.

John: Then use your damn truth serum on him and leave me the hell alone.

Marlena: When you were under the Sodium Pentothal, you talked about a mission. When I mentioned Stefano's name, you began screaming.

John: Yeah? What, like a girl? What, pain or anger?

Marlena: I don't know. I couldn't tell. But it was so intense, you had to be sedated.

John: Because you all thought I was crazy.

Marlena: I don't like to use that term.

John: No, of course not. By all means, let's be politically correct and use the right word to describe what has happened to me, because I have had my brain dry-cleaned and been so pumped full of drugs here that I act like some kind of a drooling idiot.

Marlena: You don't get it, do you? Stefano dry-cleaned your brain. And it's imperative that you remember what he programmed you to do.

John: I know what he wants me to do. He wants me to knit. Afghans or sweat-- oh, maybe both. I don't know. Tell me, Doc -- they got knitting classes here in crazyville?

Marlena: John...this is not you. And you can fight all you want, but I am not giving up on you. And I won't let you give up on yourself. I will keep on fighting until you are well...and we're a family again.

Marlena: I heard you asked for some food.

John: No sense in starving yourself while you're waiting for your next round of drugs.

Marlena: Right you are. Okay. Where would you like to start?

John: I can feed myself.

Marlena: No, actually, you canít. Your wrists are bound and they won't let you near anything that resembles a weapon.

John: No way I'm letting anybody feed me.

Marlena: Then you're gonna be a very hungry man.

John: Send in a nurse.

Marlena: I have some news for you. Dr. Carrington would like to move you to a more secure place away from here.

John: You mean a nuthouse.

Marlena: As your wife, he would need my signature for that.

John: And are you gonna give it?

Marlena: That depends.

John: You can't let him send me there.

Marlena: You mean move you to a place where you couldn't escape and complete your mission? All right. Let's make a deal. I will not sign the paperwork if you will let me help you remember your mission.

John: What makes you so sure that I know?

Marlena: The Sodium-Pentothal results show that you know. What I'm not sure about is, is that memory buried deeply in your subconscious or is it something you know and you're not willing to talk about. Which is it?

Belle: My father never let anyone push him around, and he sure as hell wouldn't sit around and do nothing while someone he loved was in trouble.

Philip: Hey, believe me, I know that. But your dad's been through an ordeal and so have you. You both need time to recover and recuperate.

Belle: It's just hard not to go see him and tell him what's going on. He always knows the right thing to say. No matter how bad anything is, he always finds a way to give me hope, you know?

Philip: Then I think you should go see him.

Belle: You heard the nurse. She said I can't get out of bed.

Philip: Actually, what she said was your feet can't touch the floor.

Chelsea: I really did think that everybody was gonna side with me, then Stephanie got there. She just talked them all out of it.

Nick: Okay, I understand that Stephanie was embarrassed and humiliated, but if she had admitted what Ford had done to her when he was accused of it, he would have been arrested.

Chelsea: And none of what happened after would have. But Stephanie, um, she didn't want anyone to know, and she still doesn't, and that's why we're not gonna go to the police.

Nick: Do you honestly think that the police are just gonna stop investigating his disappearance? His father is extremely suspicious of you guys, especially now that Ford's contact lens was found in the basement.

Chelsea: And who knows? I mean, maybe they're right. I mean, you believe me. Maybe the police will, too, if nobody cracks.

Nick: Chelsea, I believed you because it never crossed my mind that maybe you were hiding somebody dead in the basement.

Chelsea: I knew that you'd be upset when I told you, but I did anyway because I knew it was the right thing to do.

Nick: And it was, and I'm proud of you for doing it. I love you, okay? And I'll stick by you through this.

Chelsea: So you're not breaking up with me?

Nick: No. I'm not breaking up with you.

Bo: What makes you think the girls are lying?

Det. Sullivan: Their stories are too pat. All the details repeated, almost verbatim.

Bo: Yeah, like it was memorized.

Det. Sullivan: And I got Decker on my butt 24/7 trying to get me to arrest the whole sorority. He thinks they killed his son and that your daughter is the one behind it.

Belle: What are you doing?

Philip: I'm making sure we follow the nurse's orders.

Belle: Hooked up.

Philip: Are you ready?

Belle: Oh, my gosh.

Philip: You see? I didn't see your feet touch the floor.

Belle: Where are we going?

Philip: Trust me, you're gonna like it.

Chelsea: I really thought you were gonna leave me.

Nick: I'm not. But I do think that you need to tell the police what happened.

Chelsea: I can't go behind their backs and betray them like that.

Nick: Do they really think that if they keep quiet about it that it's gonna go away?

Chelsea: Look, it's not like we murdered him. It was an accident.

Nick: The police will think that you murdered him because you lied about it.

Chelsea: I know that. That's why I tried to get them to tell the truth, but they're scared. I'm scared.

Nick: You're not alone. I'm gonna be there with you.

Chelsea: I promised them I'd accept however they voted.

Nick: [Sighs] Do you know that Dean Lochlan and Decker's father have accused your mom of being part of a cover-up to protect you?

Chelsea: She's not protecting me. She doesn't even know what happened.

Nick: Because you lied to her. Now her reputation and her job are on the line. [Sighs] Anyway, um...I got to go.

Chelsea: Go.

Bo: Why does Crawford Decker suspect Chelsea?

Det. Sullivan: After the school refused to press charges, Chelsea plastered the campus with flyers calling Ford a rapist. He's convinced she was out to ruin his son's reputation. And it gets worse. You know her mom was head of campus security. Well, he's accusing her of looking the other way.

Bo: Oh, hell.

Det. Sullivan: I got to tell you, Bo...from Decker's point of view, this whole thing stinks. I mean, he is screaming murder, conspiracy, cover-up. And everything he says makes a lot of sense.

Bo: All right. Listen, man, I want to see your files.

Det. Sullivan: Aren't you a little too personally involved?

Bo: Personally, I don't think I'm involved enough.

Det. Sullivan: Files will be on your desk by the time we get back to the station.

Bo: Thanks, man.

Det. Sullivan: I got kids, too.

Bo: Yeah. Catch you later.

Shawn D.: There's got to be a connection between the symbol in this photo and the kidnapper.

Chloe: Is the symbol associated with any secret organization?

Shawn D.: No, not that I can see.

Chloe: What about a family? Like the Phoenix being associated with the DiMeras.

Shawn D.: That goes all the way back to the middle ages. It'll take weeks to do that kind of research.

Chloe: Well, I bet it's connected to a group. You said the guy who took Claire met someone on the pier. Doesn't that mean that he and Crystal aren't working alone?

Shawn D.: Yeah, maybe. Or maybe they were just paying him to transport them. Ugh.

Chloe: What?

Shawn D.: We're not getting anywhere by sitting here just guessing. We got to find out more about Crystal and the guy. And, you know, I think I know exactly how to do that.

John: I don't remember what my mission is.

Marlena: And I should believe you because?

John: I said so. Look...I want to remember. I do. I want to remember everything.

Marlena: Then why don't we try to uncover those memories?

John: How are you gonna do that?

Marlena: With hypnosis.

John: No.

Marlena: I was afraid you'd say that. If you really wanted to remember, you would have said yes.

John: And if you really wanted to help me, you would have kept your promise and got me out of this damn hospital and you sure wouldn't be considering having them send me to a loony bin.

Marlena: Maybe this is part of your programming -- adamant refusal to cooperate so you don't expose Stefano.

John: And if it is... how would I know?

Philip: [Clears throat]

Marlena: Belle. Oh, honey, you shouldn't be here. You need to be in bed.

Belle: I was going crazy sitting in my room. I wanted to see dad.

Philip: We had a heck of a time finding you. We didn't know John had been moved up here.

Belle: Why are you in the psych ward? And why are you handcuffed to the bed?

[Knock on door]

Bo: Hey, kid.

Chelsea: This is a surprise.

Bo: Mind if I come in?

Chelsea: Yeah, sure. How's, uh -- is there any word on Claire?

Bo: There's been some developments. Don't worry. We'll find her.

Chelsea: Sorry I haven't really been around.

Bo: I'm here as a cop, not your father. I need you to tell me everything you know about Ford Decker's disappearance.

Shawn D.: I want to go back to that storefront where Marlena first met Crystal.

Chloe: Haven't the cops checked it out already?

Shawn D.: Yeah, and they didn't find anything. That doesn't mean there isn't something there. Maybe something connected to that symbol. I'm gonna print out all the information I can on that. I'm gonna search that place from top to bottom.

Chloe: Do you think your dad will let you?

Shawn D.: No, that's why I'm not gonna tell him. I'm gonna break into it.

Chloe: What if someone's watching the place? It could be dangerous.

Shawn D.: This is my daughter we're talking about. I don't care what it takes. I'm gonna find her.

Marlena: Philip, would you excuse us, please?

Philip: Sure. I'll be back to get you.

Belle: Why is he being treated like this?

John: It's okay, tink. They're just trying to make me better.

Belle: By chaining you up like an animal? How could you let this happen?

Marlena: I don't want you getting upset. I'd like you to go back to your room.

Belle: No, not until I get some answers.

Marlena: Okay. Let's talk outside.

John: What don't you want me to hear?

Marlena: Belle, you shouldn't have come here.

Belle: I want to know what's going on with dad.

Marlena: He's being restrained so he doesn't hurt himself. He's been having violent dreams.

Belle: Because of what Stefano did to him?

Marlena: We suspect so.

Belle: What does he remember? Mom.

Marlena: He d-- he doesn't remember anything. His memory has been wiped clean.

Belle: No, that's not possible. When he came to see me, he knew me. He called me Tink.

Marlena: I know. I told him your nickname. And he pretended to remember you because I asked him to. Honey, you were so upset about Claire, I didn't want you to worry about your father, too. I thought...it would be helpful to you to know at least he was alive.

Belle: Oh, my God.

Marlena: The good news is that he's away from Stefano. He's here where we can help him get well, get his memory back, and come home to us.

Belle: Do you think that can happen? I mean, do you think that he'll be himself again?

Chelsea: I didn't know that they had you on Ford's case.

Bo: I thought you might be a little more open with me about what you know.

Chelsea: I already told Detective Sullivan everything. I mean, we all gave him our statements.

Bo: Yeah, well, that's part of the problem.

Chelsea: I don't get it.

Bo: Come on, kid. I know why you're not being completely honest. I need some answers.

Chelsea: I don't have any to give.

Bo: This isn't a game, Chelsea. A boy is missing. He could be dead. I need you to tell me what you know. Look...doing what's right, it's not always the easiest thing. We've both had experience with that. And I'm sure you're being loyal to your new friends here at the sorority. Loyalty -- it's a good thing, but it's not as important as the truth. Ford's parents are going crazy with worry, not knowing what happened to him. And your mom, she could be in trouble, too.

Chelsea: Yeah, Nick, um, mentioned that she could lose her job if they think that she's protecting us.

Bo: Yeah, that's the truth.

Chelsea: It's not fair.

Bo: No, it isn't fair. Especially since your mom wants to do the right thing, no matter what the cost. That's a quality I was hoping she would pass on down to her daughter. Come on, kid. Just tell me the truth.

Chloe: I'm sorry, Shawn. I won't let you do this without your dad.

Shawn D.: The cops already searched the place and came up with nothing. There's no way a judge is gonna give us another warrant.

Chloe: If you get caught, you're gonna be in so much trouble. You could get thrown out of the academy. It could cost you your career.

Shawn D.: My career means nothing compared to finding Claire.

Chloe: Well, fine. I won't let you do this alone. I'm coming with you.

Shawn D.: Oh, no, you're not.

Chloe: What if these are the same people who kidnaped Brady?

Shawn D.: All the more reason for you to stay put. I don't want anything to happen to you, Chloe.

Chloe: Fine. Go. And the minute that you leave, I'm gonna call your dad and tell him what you're doing.

Shawn D.: Come on, that's blackmail.

Chloe: I'm coming with you or you're not going.

Shawn D.: Come on, let's go.

Marlena: Belle, we're doing all we can to get your daddy well. We just don't know what was done to him.

Belle: Well, you broke through to him before. You found out what all his triggers were, and you brought him out of it last time stefano had control of him, right?

Marlena: Yes. And I'm gonna try doing that again. One of the problems is I'm not his doctor right now.

Belle: Why not?

Marlena: There was a feeling that I might not be objective enough. I mean, I'm still -- I'm still involved with the case, sweetie, but Dr. Carrington decides on his medical treatment for now.

Dr. Carrington: Dr. Evans, I heard you were with John.

Marlena: I'll be with him every moment that I can. This is my daughter Belle, Dr. Carrington.

Dr. Carrington: Nice to meet you.

Belle: What are you doing to my dad?

Dr. Carrington: Everything we can to help him.

Belle: And how long until he's himself again?

Dr. Carrington: We're still trying to decide exactly what should be done with Mr. Black. Excuse me. I'm gonna go check on him now.

Marlena: He wanted some food but wouldn't let me feed him.

Dr. Carrington: Okay. Nice to meet you.

Belle: "What should be done with Mr. Black"? What does that mean?

Marlena: We just don't know what we're dealing with yet.

Belle: Well, I know how strong he is. And I know how much you love him, and I know you won't quit until you bring him back, right?

Marlena: That's right. I promise.

Chloe: Do you really think that you'll find something that relates to the design on that medallion?

Shawn D.: I won't know until I look.

Chloe: So, how do we break in?

Shawn D.: First, I'm gonna try to pick the lock. If that doesn't work, I'm just gonna go around back and break a window.

Chloe: Okay, let's do it.

Shawn D.: No, you wait here.

Chloe: Excuse me?

Shawn D.: I don't want you going in there with me.

Chloe: That wasn't the deal.

Shawn D.: We need a lookout. If the both of us are in there and somebody drops in, we're both gonna get caught.

Chloe: Okay, fine. I'll be your lookout, but we need some kind of signal in case somebody does show up.

Shawn D.: Call my cellphone. I'll put it on vibrate. [Lock clicks] Somebody's in there.

Belle: I know how strong dad is, and I know what a great psychiatrist you are and how much you love each other. And you've always found your way back together, no matter what Stefano's done to pull you apart.

Marlena: And this is not going to be any different.

Belle: I need him back, Mom.

Philip: Belle, are you okay?

Belle: Yeah. It's just hard worrying about Claire and then seeing my dad like that.

Philip: It was probably a mistake to bring you up here.

Belle: No, no, I needed to see him.

Philip: I thought it would do her good to see her dad. I had no idea it was this bad.

Marlena: You couldn't have known. I'm sorry you found out like this.

Belle: Well, it's better that I know, right? And no matter how he is, he's alive and that's the most important thing. And I can only pray that my little girl... she must be really scared right now.

Marlena: Listen to me -- Claire is going to be found safe, and she's coming home to us. And when she does, she will need all your love and all your strength, same as John will need mine.

Philip: Which is why it's so important that you do what the doctors tell you so you can get well and get out of here.

Marlena: Go back to your room, get some rest.

Belle: No, I'm fine. I'm not tired, really.

Philip: Is it okay if I bring her up here again?

Marlena: I'll let you know. Oh, I love you.

Belle: I love you. And will you tell dad that I love him, too?

Marlena: Of course I will. Of course I will.

John: Come on, Bob, no more drugs, man. Doc, damn it. Stop him. Don't let him do this to me anymore.

Dr. Carrington: This really is for the best.

John: [Breathing heavily] Oh, please, Doc, don't let him do this to me. Please.

Dr. Carrington: He'll sleep for a while now. If he still refuses to be fed because he's restrained, we'll have to give him something in an IV.

Marlena: Your daughter wants you to know...how much she loves you... and how much she wants you well. I know how to help you. When we talked, you didn't realize it, but you showed me how to get the answers that I need.

Chelsea: I don't really get how mom can get in trouble for protecting us when nothing happened.

Bo: Are you telling me she doesn't know what happened?

Chelsea: No, I'm telling you that we don't know anything about the night he disappeared.

Bo: Or how his contact lens wound up in your basement?

Chelsea: Look, it's like I told mom, either it's someone's with the same prescription or he lost it down there once.

Bo: I know about that. Do you have anything new to tell me?

Chelsea: There's nothing new to tell.

Bo: All right, I'm out of here. [Chuckles] You know what? I expected more of you. I had hoped that you learned something from what happened to Zack.

Chelsea: I have.

Bo: No. You havenít. You were willing to let your mom take the rap for that, and you're putting her at risk right now, along with yourself and all your friends here. You lied to me about what happened with Zack. And I was willing to believe you. 'Cause I love you. You're my daughter. And it nearly destroyed my marriage and our family. I'm not gonna let that happen again. And I was hoping you wouldn't, either.

Chelsea: I'm doing what I believe is right.

Bo: We become the choices we make. And you've made some pretty bad ones in the past. But I saw signs that you changed. You'd grown up.

Chelsea: I donít...want to hurt anybody, especially not you.

Bo: Then donít. It's not too late, kid.

Chelsea: Thank you for coming by.

Bo: I love you, kid.

Chelsea: I love you, too.

Shawn D.: Now go over to the corner and keep a look out.

Chloe: There's no way I'm letting you go in there. God knows what you'd be walking into. We have to call your dad and get the police down here.

Shawn D.: No, because whoever's in there might be gone by the time they get here. And what if they have Claire? I'm not gonna put her in the middle of a standoff again.

Chloe: Do you really think Claire is inside?

Shawn D.: I don't know, but I'm not gonna put her at risk.

Chloe: What are you gonna do, just knock on the door and ask if you can come in?

Shawn D.: No, not exactly. I think I might have a key.

Chloe: Okay, well, at the first sign you're in trouble, I'm on the phone with the police.

Shawn D.: Now go. Or stay. I know somebody's in there. Look, I'm not the police, and I'm not going anywhere until you open up.

Man: Hold on. What do you want?

Shawn D.: I'm just here to pick something up.

Belle: Thank you for taking me to go see my dad.

Philip: Although I'm not sure it was such a good idea. I had no idea stefano had erased his memory and they were treating him like that.

Belle: My mom won't let anything happen to him. She wants him to get better more than anyone, and I trust her to know exactly what to do.

Philip: Still.

Belle: I know. It was really hard to see him like that, strapped down to the bed like that.

Philip: Do you think they're worried he could be violent?

Belle: I don't know. My mom said he was having violent dreams, but she wouldn't tell me if he'd acted on any of them while he's been awake. Of course she probably wanted to spare me any upsetting details, so I guess it's possible.

Philip: I think they're just being careful to make sure he's not a danger to anyone or himself.

Belle: My mom needs to find a way to get through to him.

Philip: She will. But right now, you need to concentrate on getting well. Is there anything you need?

Belle: No. You've done enough. Thank you.

Philip: Don't thank me. I'd do anything for you. You know that.

Belle: Are you going now?

Philip: No, no. I'm just gonna make a call, check in with my team, see if they have any leads on Claire.

Belle: Wouldn't they have called if they heard anything?

Philip: My cellphone's been off. I'll let you know if there's any news.

Belle: I really appreciate everything you're doing, Philip.

Philip: I'll use every resource I have to find Claire. I want her back as much as you do. You know, a part of me...still thinks, and probably always will think, of her as my daughter. I love her. And I really feel they're gonna find her. Now, would you please get some rest?

Belle: I'll try. God...thank you for bringing my dad back. But please would you bring my daughter back?

Marlena: I know you're disappointed that I couldn't get you out of here.

Dr. Carrington: He asked you to help him to escape?

Marlena: No, it was more about the mission stefano programmed him to do.

Dr. Carrington: Which he claims he still has no idea of what that is, right? He's working you, Dr. Evans. Trying to take advantage of your feelings for him.

Marlena: He doesn't remember me or our love. He doesn't have feelings for me, but I -- I've got enough feelings for both of us.

Dr. Carrington: Well, just don't let your emotions cloud your judgment. What did you mean before when you said John showed you how to get the answers you need?

Marlena: He didn't know it at the time, but he showed me the way to find out what I need to know.

Dr. Carrington: How? Dr. Evans, we've known each other a long time. I want to help John as much as you do, but this is no time to be keeping secrets about something that may actually help him.

Marlena: This is not about the treatment. This is more about the mission he was programmed to perform.

Dr. Carrington: But he claims he doesn't remember it.

Marlena: No, but somebody else does. Somebody else can tell me what I need to know.

Shawn D.: I'm just here to pick up the little girl. That's it.

Man: Who sent you?

Shawn D.: Stefano DiMera.

Steve: What's the matter, baby girl?

Kayla: I think we should tell him.

Steve: Tell me what?

Stefano: I'm delighted to see you, Marlena.

Marlena: You won't be.

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