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Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 1/16/08 - Canada; Thursday 1/17/08 - U.S.A.

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Bo: I want a plaster cast of the area. Maybe we'll catch a break and someone saw that van with the broken-out window.

Officer: Yes, sir.

Roman: Hey. Anything?

Bo: Got an APB out on the van. Forensics is combing the area where it was parked. So far we got squat. Those sons of bitches are getting away with Claire. [Exhales deeply] Shawn blames himself for not stopping that van, but he could have died trying.

Roman: Bo, we are gonna find Claire, I promise you.

Bo: Yeah. Any luck with Stefano?

Roman: Well, he's a hell of an actor. Pretended to be very shocked, then lied big-time. Said he had nothing to do with Belle and Claire's kidnapping.

Bo: Maybe he's not lying.

[Monitor beeping]

Shawn D.: You know, you nearly died, Belle. If it wasn't for Philip, you probably would have. When that guy grabbed Claire and he knocked you in the water, I was forced to make an impossible decision. But I knew I had to save our daughter. And...I tried. I did. I tried, and I failed, and now they have Claire. Look, I know that we've been through this before, when we thought we lost Claire at sea, but we got her back. And we're gonna get her back this time. She's gonna be at home, right where she belongs.

John: Are you for real? You think if I just...take your hand I'm gonna suddenly remember everything?

Marlena: No, not everything.

John: But something, right?

Marlena: Maybe.

John: Like what?

Marlena: There was a time not so long ago that you were shot. You were in a coma. You still found a way to reach me.

John: Now, how did I do that?

Marlena: You came to me in my dreams. I know that sounds strange, but it's true.

John: [Chuckles]

Marlena: You came to me, and you held out your hand. You asked me to take it. You asked me to trust you, and I did. Now I'm asking you to trust me. I want you to believe in me the way that I believed in you.

John: So, what are you trying to tell me? Hmm? Is this all a dream?

Marlena: No. This is very real... as real as the hit-and-run that -- that we thought took your life.

John: You saw me hit.

Marlena: I was there when you died.

John: And you're telling me that this other time I was comatose, when I was shot, that we hooked up in your dreams?

Marlena: I know that's a lot to process.

John: No, not really, since it's a lie. I mean, after all, you are a shrink. You're just messing with —- my head. You're working for 'em, aren't you? Stefano, Rolf -- they're using you to get inside my skull.

Marlena: No. No. I'm telling you the truth. I am your wife. I love you so much I would --

John: Prove it. Help me escape right now.

Marlena: I can't do that.

John: Then get out of here! Leave me alone!

Marlena: I'm trying to help you.

John: Then get me out of here!

Marlena: Where would you go?

John: Don't you worry about it, Doc.

Marlena: You just called me Doc.

John: Relax. It's your name, isn't it? Don't get your hopes up. I don't remember you.

Marlena: You believe that you're my husband.

John: You might really be trying to help me, but I don't know you. I don't remember you. And right now I'm not in much of a mood to trust or believe in anybody. All I want to do is get the hell out of here and away from DiMera and that crazy-ass doctor.

Marlena: Stefano is never coming near you again.

John: [Chuckles] And how can you be so sure?

Marlena: I'll see to it. He's never going to hurt you again. If I have to, I will kill him.

Shawn D.: Rest, Belle. Rest as long as you need. I'm gonna do everything that I can to find Claire and bring her home before you wake up.

Chloe: Hey.

Philip: Hey.

Chloe: How's Belle?

Philip: Uh, resting. Shawn's with her.

Chloe: And you wish you were, don't you?

Philip: Belle's still Shawn's wife. She nearly drowned, went into cardiac arrest, and his daughter's been kidnapped.

Chloe: Does Belle know what happened?

Philip: Not yet.

Chloe: Oh, wow. She's gonna be destroyed when she finds out her daughter's gone.

Philip: Yeah. I know Shawn's devastated now. That's why they both need their friends and family to support and comfort them.

Chloe: Let me guess. You want me to comfort Shawn so that you can comfort Belle. You really are a piece of work.

Philip: I'm not that heartless, Chloe. I want to help them both, but I don't think Shawn's going to accept very much of my help.

Chloe: But he might from me.

Philip: Well, just be his friend, unless, of course, you don't care about him or what he's going through.

Chloe: Of course I do.

Philip: Then be there for him. That's all I meant.

Chloe: And, of course, Belle's gonna need a friend to be there for her, too, right?

Hope: Hey.

Bo: Hey.

Hope: Shawn told me what happened.

Bo: Yeah. How's Belle doing?

Hope: Stable, thank God.

Roman: Did Shawn tell her about Claire?

Hope: No, no. She's still unconscious.

Bo: Well, maybe he won't have to, if we find Claire before Belle wakes up.

Hope: Do you have any leads?

Bo: Yeah. We know that it was Crystal and that guy we saw when we were staking out that storefront.

Hope: Hopefully we can find an address or proof of some connection to Stefano.

Roman: Your husband seems to think Stefano is not involved, and he was about to tell me why when you came up.

Bo: It doesn't sound like the old man's M.O. It was very sloppy.

Hope: Well, not too sloppy for them to pull it off.

Bo: Stefano's men never would have left that cop alive. Hell, they used nonlethal bullets, and their escape route wasn't thought out very well. He stopped here to talk to that boat captain. It slowed down their momentum. And Belle was able to get out of the van with Claire. So that means they weren't tied up or weren't even guarded that well. Any of that sound like Stefano to you?

Roman: No. No, it doesn’t. You got a point. But if Stefano's not behind it --

Hope: Then who is?

Bo: If Crystal and this guy aren't working for Stefano, who are they working for?

Hope: You know, what if they're not working for anyone?

Roman: Keep going.

Hope: What if it's a kidnapping for ransom?

Bo: No. I don't think this is about the money. Crystal made contact with Marlena, the victim's relative, at least twice. She and that guy showed up at Sami's. Kidnappers don't usually do things to ensure they're gonna be recognized.

Roman: All right. Crystal kept insisting that she was Marlena's friend, and she did warn her that Belle might be in danger, and she told her that John was still alive.

Hope: Which brings us right back to Stefano again.

Bo: Devil's advocate here. What if crystal is a friend and in her clumsy way is trying to protect Belle and Claire?

Roman: But protect her from who?

Bo: That would be the next question.

Roman: All right. Brady disappears from Vienna. Belle and Claire are then taken. Where's the connection?

Hope: It keeps going back to John and then to Stefano. I'm sorry, but it has to be more than just a coincidence. [Cellphone ringing]

Roman: I got to take this.

Bo: All right.

Hope: You're really worried, Brady, aren't you?

Bo: You know the stats. If we don't find a kidnap victim within the first --

Hope: Don't say it. Just, please, don't say it.

Bo: They better not hurt her.

Hope: I know. I know. I'm worried, too.

Bo: Who was that?

Roman: Well, John's attending at the hospital wanted to let me know that Marlena will not allow him to be sedated.

Bo: Yeah, I got things under control here. I'll call you if something comes up.

Roman: Okay. Thanks. I'll talk to you later.

Bo: Hey, Roman? I don't think we should tell Marlena about the kidnapping just yet.

Hope: Wait a second. She still doesn't know?

Roman: No. She's got too much on her plate right now. Okay. I'll check back with you later.

Bo: You too. I got to call the highway patrol, see if they've come up with anything. [Cellphone rings] That's them. Brady. Yeah, yeah. Get a team on that right away. Thanks. They found the van about 10 miles from here. It was empty.

Chloe: Hey. How's she doing?

Shawn D.: She's still unconscious. She's gonna be all right.

Chloe: Thank God. Hey, I-I didn't mean to intrude, but when I heard what happened, I just wanted to see if there was something I could do.

Shawn D.: Thank you.

Chloe: This must be so hard for you.

Shawn D.: I just have to believe that Claire's gonna be found and she's gonna be brought home safely.

Chloe: I know how much you love her. Is there anything I can do?

Shawn D.: Not right now, but I appreciate you being here. Thank you.

Chloe: You don't need to thank me. Isn't that what friends are for?

Shawn D.: Well, Belle needs her rest. I'm gonna head down to the pier and see if my dad has any news.

Chloe: Okay. Let me drive you.

Shawn D.: No. I'm okay.

Chloe: Shawn, you're handling things well, but there's no way that you're okay. I'm gonna drive you. No argument.

Shawn D.: Okay. Fine. But I want to stop by the nurses' station, make sure that they call me the minute Belle wakes up.

Chloe: Okay.

Philip: I must have been out of my mind to have left you. I will not make that mistake again.

[Monitor beeping rapidly]

John: So what are you gonna do if Stefano comes near me? You're gonna shoot him?

Marlena: If I have to.

John: If you shoot him, you go to prison.

Marlena: I know. John, I would do anything to protect you. I would die for you.

John: If that's true... why the hell won't you help me now?

Marlena: I'm trying to.

John: Lady, all you do is talk. Didn't anybody ever tell you actions speak louder than words?

Marlena: Oh. You remembered a cliché, but you can't remember who I am. I won't take that personally, and I will keep on fighting for you. I just can't let you out of here. It's too dangerous.

John: For who?

Marlena: For you. Have you forgotten that you were tortured, that you were drugged? You've got scars all over your body.

John: Yeah, well, you said I was shot.

Marlena: Yeah. That, among other scars. Your kidney was removed.

John: Well, maybe that's where I was shot.

Marlena: No. No. Uh... Stefano... was quite ill, and --

John: That son of a bitch stole my kidney.

Marlena: Please, don't get yourself --

John: I had a vital organ ripped out of my body, and you're telling me not to get upset? He stole my mind and my kidney. I'm supposed to be okay with that? Yeah, I can function on one kidney, but the last time I checked, my brain didn't come in pairs. So, what else? What else did he carve up inside of me?

Marlena: We're not sure. You have scars in your scalp that -- that are fresh. They've happened since your coma and since we thought you were --

John: What else exactly did he do?

Marlena: We'll run some tests, do some cat scans. I'm not sure that's going to help. John, I should tell you that Stefano and Rolf have been arrested. No surprise. They refused to cooperate.

John: Well, if you... get me out of these, I have ways to make them cooperate.

Marlena: I'd like to help you do that, but I can’t. For your own good, you need to stay here until you remember something, until you're your old self again.

John: What are you saying, that I've changed?

Marlena: Let me ask you some more questions.

John: Haven't you been listening? I don't know what they did to me!

Marlena: That's why we should keep on talking and find out.

John: Find out what? It seems like an irreversible state that I'm in.

Marlena: No, it's not. It's not. This isn't the first time this has happened to you. It happened once before, and we worked together, and you had a breakthrough. I think we can do that again.

John: Because you're my wife and you want me back. Am I really that good in the sack?

Marlena: You're upset, with good reason.

John: I don't understand why I am being treated like the criminal!

Marlena: Do you have any memories of this time with Stefano -- any at all?

John: [Sighs]

Marlena: John, we have to work and unlock those memories.

John: Why?

Marlena: So I can help you... and protect you from what Stefano and Rolf did to you.

John: That's more bull, Doc. You don't want to protect me from them. You want to protect yourself... from me.

Bo: Right. Yeah, I got that. Just keep on it. All right. Thanks.

Hope: There was no sign of Claire at all?

Bo: No.

Hope: Maybe it was a different van.

Bo: No, the window that Shawn broke confirms it. I'm sure forensics will come up with evidence that proves Belle and Claire were there.

Hope: We have to contact the FBI on this.

Bo: I already took care of that. What we have to do is put a tap on Marlena's phone in case someone tries to contact her. We've already got one on Shawn's phone and the phones at the pub.

Hope: I'm scared. We know what could happen.

Bo: Hey, don't go there, all right? We'll find her.

Shawn D.: Dad.

Hope: Hi, honey.

Shawn D.: Have you found them yet?

Bo: Uh, no, not yet.

Shawn D.: What? What? Tell me. What's going on?

Bo: We did find the van. It was empty.

Shawn D.: If they abandoned the van, we don't have any way to track them.

Bo: That's not true, and you know it. We have plenty of ways to track them, and we will.

Shawn D.: Count me in, because we've got to find my daughter. I'm not resting till she's home, where she belongs.

Marlena: Nobody needs to be protected from you.

John: Don't be so sure about that. Right now I feel like I could rip off somebody's head... and I'd like to start with DiMera.

Marlena: Nobody would blame you for that. You're angry, you're upset, you're frustrated.

John: You understand all that, so why is it, again, you won't help me?

Marlena: I am helping you. I've kept you from being sedated.

John: But not from keeping me chained up like a dog.

Marlena: No. If I did, you would run.

John: Damn right I would.

Marlena: Well, I can't let you do that.

John: Not because you're afraid of me?

Marlena: No. Because I can't bear to lose you again.

John: If I died the way you said I did... how did I wind up at Stefano's?

Marlena: I don't know. I just -- I don't know. We have so many unanswered questions, and that's why we have to work closely together.

John: And I'm supposed to accept that you're not working with Stefano, just because you say so?

Marlena: No. Ask anybody. My hatred of Stefano is legendary. You were there when I almost shot him.

John: "Almost" being the operative word. The old man appeared impressed. In fact, right after you left, he told Rolf, "isn't she something?"

Marlena: [Chuckles] Stefano has always been a little obsessed.

John: So, how do I know that scene wasn't staged for my benefit so I would trust you now?

Marlena: Because that would be absurd. But you're thinking. You're weighing the information. That's a very good sign.

John: [Chuckles] A good sign, huh? And pretty soon what's next? Heeling? Fetching? Rolling over on command? You know what, Doc? As far as I'm concerned, you can go straight to hell.

John: Are you listening now? Go to hell.

Marlena: I've already been there... when I thought you were dead.

Roman: What's going on?

John: Well, I just told this pushy bitch to go to hell, and she didn't even blink.

Roman: Well, that doesn't surprise me. She's a lot tougher than she looks, especially when it involves someone she cares about. And don't talk to her like that again.

John: Or else?

Marlena: He's not himself.

John: You hot for her yourself?

Roman: Shut up, John. You're way out of line.

John: Undo these cuffs. You can take me outside and have a crack at it.

Roman: I need to talk to you.

Marlena: Yeah.

Roman: Doc, why did you change Dr. Carrington's orders, stop John from being sedated?

Marlena: Because he's been through enough.

Roman: That's exactly the point. We don't know what he's been through. And from the aggressive way he acted in there, I think he needs to be sedated.

Marlena: He is not an animal. He is my husband. He's frustrated, he's lost, he's confused, and under that, he is frightened.

Roman: He sure as hell isn't acting like it.

Marlena: Look, he's not gonna be drugged. I won't have it. All I want to do is help him get his memory back, and I want to bring him home.

Roman: Listen to me, okay? I know how hard this is for you. I know that you're scared and worried for John. But we turned this place into a fortress to protect John from Stefano, and when he does remember, I'm hoping it's enough to put that dangerous, demented old man away forever. So you see, Doc, I am on your side here. I know you are. I'm not changing my mind, Roman. I helped John break Stefano's hold on him before. I can do that again.

Roman: I hope you're right, Doc.

Marlena: I am right, and I'm staying by his side, and if somebody doesn't like that... they'll have to get over it.

Roman: John... I know this isn't your fault, but know this -- we all want you to get better, and Marlena's only trying to help you, so just let her.

John: Yeah. Definitely hot for you.

Marlena: [Laughs] Are you deliberately trying to provoke me?

John: I'm not sure I can. From what I hear, you're pretty tough.

Marlena: You have no idea.

Shawn D.: All right. So, what's next?

Bo: We put out an APB on Crystal and that guy.

Hope: I have a picture of him on my cellphone. I took it when your dad and I were staking out the storefront. I'm gonna have the FBI run it through their database, and hopefully we'll get an I.D.

Bo: We've also issued an Amber Alert and mobilized every available body in a 100-mile radius. Don't worry, son. We'll find her. [Siren wailing]

Hope: How's Belle?

Shawn D.: She's still unconscious. Listen, I can't just sit around and do nothing. There's got to be something I can do to help.

Bo: Actually, there is. I want you to go over every detail of what happened when you tried to take Claire out of that van. Any information could help us. Any small detail could tell us who they are or where they're going.

Shawn D.: Okay, I'll do it.

Bo: Okay. Your mom and I are going over to the hospital. We got to tell Marlena what happened.

Hope: Will you be okay?

Shawn D.: I'm gonna be fine.

Hope: Sweetie, we'll call if we have any news, okay?

Chloe: Bye. Shawn, you really should keep busy. Maybe you should do what your dad suggested.

Shawn D.: I already have. I've played the thing out over and over in my head. The guy grabbing Claire, Belle screaming, him knocking her into the water, me going after him and going after the van. It all just happened so fast. It's just a big blur. But what if there is something that I can't remember -- something that might break this case wide open and help us find Claire?

Chloe: Okay, Shawn. Just close your eyes, concentrate, and start right at the beginning.

Shawn D.: [Inhales, exhales deeply] Dad had his gun on the guy... and he was asking him where Belle and Claire were. Then all of a sudden, they came running out onto the pier. They were terrified, almost hysterical. The guy grabbed Claire from Belle... and my dad had to lower his gun because she was in the line of fire. I should have just come out sooner. When my dad first confronted the guy, before he even had his gun pulled, I could have rushed him. He never would have been able to grab Claire and get away. Philip wanted to come out sooner, but I wouldn't listen to him. If I would have listened to him, we wouldn't be in this situation now.

Chloe: You can't blame yourself or play what-if. You're gonna go crazy if you do.

Shawn D.: Look, I'm going crazy right now. Claire is my daughter, and I just want her back.

Philip: We've been through so much together. I will never forgive myself for just giving up and walking away. The worst part was letting you think that I didn't care, that I was through with you forever. I'll never be through with you, Belle. You're in my heart. And you always will be. I know things have been... difficult for you lately... and I'm sorry for any pain I've caused. You deserve to be happy. You -- you deserve to feel the kind of love that I feel when I look at you. You will wake up, Belle... and when you do, I'll be here. I know there's a chance you won't want me by your side, but -- and as hard as that'll be for me to take, I'll respect your decision. Sometimes when you love somebody so much... you have to know when to let go. You taught me that. You taught me what it means to love.

[Knock on door]

Bo: Hey.

Hope: Hi.

Bo: Marlena. John.

John: Your turn to ask more stupid questions?

Bo: No, actually. Just came to see how you're doing.

John: How do you think I'm doing? You're a cop. I'm sure you got the keys to these things. Come on. Let me go.

Marlena: Why don't we step outside?

Bo: Okay.

John: I didn't do anything. I am not a criminal! You cannot hold me here! Yeah, get out! Just keep on walking! Just keep on walking!

Marlena: He's just upset and frustrated. That's all it is.

Bo: Yeah. Well, maybe he should be sedated.

Marlena: No. He needs help, not drugs.

Hope: How are you doing, huh? Are you okay? I know this has got to be very hard on you.

Marlena: I'm just so thankful he's alive. I mean, that really is a miracle. Isn't that a miracle? What's going on? Is something else happening? What is it?

Bo: Sorry to have to say this, but, uh, Belle and Claire were kidnapped. Belle managed to get away, but they still have Claire. Belle was knocked into the river. She got a pretty good bang on her head. She's here in I.C.U.

Marlena: I've got to go to her.

Hope: No, wait, Marlena. I – come here. [Doors opens, closes]

Bo: I need to ask you for a favor.

John: I'm not doing anything for you... unless you do something for me.

Chloe: Keep going. What else do you remember?

Shawn D.: There was a standoff. The guy had Claire, so nobody could fire at him. He ran off and knocked Belle into the water.

Chloe: Go on.

Shawn D.: And there was a second I didn't know -- I-I had to decide, do I go after Belle or do I go after Claire? I chose Claire. After I saw Philip dive into the water to rescue Belle, I took off after the guy... and I caught up to the van. I found it stalled out, and he was having trouble starting it, and Claire was in the back with Crystal, and she was -- she was crying and she was reaching for me, and so I tried to break the window. But at first it wouldn't break because it was safety glass. And -- and finally I just hit it with everything I could. I finally broke it. I reached in, but that was when the guy already got the car started, and he popped the thing into gear, and -- wait a sec. He had a tattoo on his arm. I can't believe I didn't remember this.

Bo: What do you want me to do?

John: You first.

Bo: Marlena loves you.

John: So she says.

Bo: She's been with you every second since we found you, and she just found out that her granddaughter was kidnapped.

John: Get me out of these, and I will pretend that I care.

Bo: Nice. I'll see what I can do.

John: Better come through... friend.

Marlena: Damn Stefano. He's got to be behind this kidnapping.

Bo: I'm not sure he is. It doesn't fit his M.O.

Marlena: That would be very surprising, considering how much he hates the family. I want him punished for what he's done to John.

Bo: He will be punished. Um, listen. We got to check in with Roman, see if he's come up with anything.

Hope: Let me know if you need anything, okay?

Marlena: Okay.

Hope: Hang in there.

Marlena: You still want out of here?

John: And they say blondes are dumb. Well?

Marlena: I need you to do something for me, no questions asked.

John: There's a catch. Always a catch.

Shawn D.: Hey. The station said I could find you guys here.

Bo: Did you think of something?

Shawn D.: Yeah. The guy that grabbed Claire had a tattoo on his arm.

Bo: Of what?

Shawn D.: It was a symbol. It was these ropes that were intertwined into a circle. I don't know what it means.

Bo: Let's get you down to the station, set you up with a sketch artist.

Roman: Hold on. Does it look like this?

Shawn D.: Yeah, that's it. It looks just like this medallion here. What is this? Where'd you get this?

Roman: Marlena found that in John's clothing the night he was run down.

Hope: Do you know what this medallion means?

Roman: Well, all we really know is that it's the symbol of a Celtic woman warrior.

Shawn D.: I want to do some research online and find out everything about it. Do you mind if I borrow that?

Roman: Sure, but get it back to me.

Shawn D.: I'll let you know anything I find out.

Roman: Okay.

Bo: What are you thinking?

Roman: Marlena finds John's picture, and the same symbol turns up tattooed on the guy who kidnaps Claire.

Bo: There's got to be a connection.

Roman: What are you thinking, little brother?

Bo: That it's gonna be a long night.

John: So, what's the catch? What do I have to do so you'll let me out of here?

Marlena: It's very simple. I want you to come with me to see our daughter.

Belle: [Inhales, exhales deeply] Claire? Where -- where is she?

Philip: Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh! It's okay. You're in the hospital, but you're gonna be okay.

Belle: I want to see my baby.

Philip: She isn't here.

Belle: Oh, she's home. Right. I want to go home.

Philip: Belle...

Belle: What? She's okay, right?

Philip: I-I'm sure she's fine, but she isn't at home.

Belle: Where is she? Where is she? Is she okay?

Philip: You need to rest.

Belle: No.

Philip: You need to rest.

Belle: Did something happen to her? Tell me right now.

Philip: Crystal and that man -- they got away... and they took Claire with them.

Belle: What? Oh, my God. Philip, I want -- we have to go.

[Monitor beeping rapidly]

Belle: Oh, God. Philip, we have to go.

Stefano: Don't worry, Lucas. They made sure that we could not kill each other. Huh?

Marlena: Maybe you don't remember her, but you were her father. She really needs you.

Belle: I'm gonna find her!

Philip: I need some help here!

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