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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 1/15/08 - Canada; Wednesday 1/16/08 - U.S.A.

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Philip: This is a waste of time.

Shawn D.: We just need to sit tight.

Philip: I'm gonna find Belle and Claire myself.

Shawn D.: They're on their way.

Philip: The police chopper said the van is headed towards the pier.

Shawn D.: They didn't.

Philip: We can't risk it. Where are the cops?

Shawn D.: They're in position. They got the perimeter surrounded.

Philip: I can't just sit here and do nothing.

Shawn D.: Look, good police work takes patience.

Philip: You've been in the academy for what, three days, and now you're a pro?

Shawn D.: Don't push me, man.

Philip: Claire has to be terrified.

Shawn D.: Belle won't let that happen. She's gonna have Claire believing this is some kind of adventure, just like we did when we --

Philip: They were kidnapped, Shawn. How do we know wt these people are gonna do to them?

Shawn D.: After this is all over, the same rules apply. Claire's my daughter, so keep your distance.

Bo: You guys ready?

Shawn D.: Of course.

Philip: You spot the van?

Bo: Yeah, they're en route, so let's move. I want everybody in place by the time they get here.

Shawn D.: All right.

Philip: I came to warn you. Chloe claims you could be in danger.

Belle: Well, Chloe can go to hell and so can you.

Belle: Sorry we held you up.

Crystal: No, not a problem. In fact, listen, please, Belle. I can't explain right now, but you need to come with us, you and your little girl.

Belle: Sami.

Rob: Belle -- Belle, we're here to help.

Belle: Sami. Sami! Sami, open up. Sami!

Philip: Belle.

Belle: Oh, my God.

Philip: It's me. What's wrong?

Belle: Oh, my God.

Philip: It's okay. I'm here. You're safe. God. Oh, my God. No! No! There's a baby in here. Please don't. Oh, my God!

Philip: Belle! What's going on? Where are you?

Belle: I'm in an alley near Flinch Street, Philip. Please help me. Please! Oh, my God! What do you want?

Crystal: I'm sorry, sweetie, but you're gonna have to come with us.

Belle: What? Oh, my God. Whoa! Okay! Wait! Don't touch her! Please don't hurt her!

Belle: Why did we stop?

Crystal: A police helicopter was following us.

Belle: Where are we?

Crystal: In an alley, out of sight.

Belle: It's really freezing back here. We need some heat.

Belle: Where are you taking us?

Crystal: To people that will help.

Belle: Help you kill us?

Crystal: No one wants to kill you, Belle.

Crystal: Listen, Belle, no one wants ransom.

Belle: What is that?

Crystal: Just put it in your daughter's mouth, okay? We don't have much time.

Belle: Tell me what's in that thing.

Crystal: It's cough medicine.

Belle: You are not drugging my child.

Marlena: John?

John: Yeah, whatever.

John: How about we make a deal -- no hospitals, no drugs.

Marlena: We are doing this because we have to find out what Stefano had done to you.

John: I'm gonna let you make it up to me.

Marlena: Make it up to you for what?

John: For lying.

Marlena: I said I was sorry.

John: Prove it. Break me out of here and we'll just call it even.

Marlena: I can't let you escape.

John: Am I a criminal? Stefano told me that I was.

Marlena: No. No, you're not.

John: Then what's the problem?

Marlena: You don't know who you are. You don't know who I am.

John: Let's go someplace and find out.

Marlena: We -- we can't.

John: You owe me. I helped you in the alley.

Marlena: I know. I thought you were going to hurt me.

John: But I didn't. So it's payback time. You said you were gonna help me. Let's do it. Right now.

Marlena: Look, helping you go out there and wander around on your own, that won't help you.

John: Neither will being chained up. You're hot. Use it. Find a cop. Smile that smile. Get a key and I'm gone.

Marlena: I can't lose you again.

John: Come with me.

Marlena: You don't have any idea who I am, do you?

John: What do you want to hear? I'll say it.

Marlena: Who am I to you?

John: A beautiful woman who's gonna get me out of here.

Marlena: Sorry. Sorry. I can't help you.

John: Then why'd you break into the lab?

Marlena: To find you.

John: And keep me your prisoner?

Marlena: You are not my prisoner.

John: You had the guts to get me this far. Don't bail on me now.

Marlena: Oh, man, where do I start?

John: Right outside that door? It's probably guarded. I'm gonna close my eyes and make like I'm still knocked out from all these drugs. You get that guard. You bring him I-- what are you doing?

Marlena: It's Doc.

John: What's Doc?

Marlena: You call me Doc.

John: Why?

Marlena: I've missed you so much.

Philip: Well, why did we move over here?

Bo: On their present route, they'll make their approach from the East end of the pier.

Shawn D.: So you know where they are?

Bo: Yeah, but I had to call off the chopper. Didn't want them to spot it at this time.

Philip: Great.

Bo: They pulled into an alleyway off of Route 23, probably thinking they could lose a tail.

Shawn D.: But you kept the car, right?

Bo: Yeah. They called about 10 minutes ago. They're on the road again.

Philip: What do we do?

Bo: You guys stay out of sight. They're obviously gonna take Belle and Claire out of here by boat.

Philip: What boat?

Bo: That we don't know for sure yet.

Philip: What do you know?

Shawn D.: Dad, I can't just stand here and do nothing.

Bo: That's exactly what you're gonna have to do.

Shawn D.: But this is my daughter.

Bo: And this is a police action. You guys get in the way, something could go wrong. Someone could get hurt.

Shawn D.: And what about the kidnappers?

Bo: Once we got them in our hands, we'll find out who they're working for.

Philip: If things go wrong, Bo, all bets are off.

Bo: You're here on my say-so. Don't push it. Get back here and stay out of sight.

Rob: DiMera. It does sound kind of familiar. Hasn't that name been in the news?

Bo: Yeah, DiMeras have been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons.

Roman: If you're working for them, you're making a big mistake.

Rob: As long as the checks clear.

Roman: Who writes those checks?

Rob: Some company name. I honestly don't know at the moment.

Bo: You should try that Gingko Biloba. Great stuff. Hey, you mind if we take a look around?

Rob: You mean like search the place? Do you have a warrant?

Roman: We thought you would prefer keeping lawyers out of this.

Philip: What is Bo doing?

Shawn D.: It's too soon to make a move.

Philip: That's their contact. Belle and Claire must be somewhere close.

Shawn D.: You don't know that.

Philip: I'm gonna try to get a closer look.

Shawn D.: No. If he sees us, they'll take off, and we may never see them again.

Philip: Belle and Claire are supposed to be with that guy. Something must be wrong.

Shawn D.: Don't play hero here, okay? We do what my dad says and we stay here.

Philip: He better know what he's doing.

Shawn D.: Shut up or you're gonna blow this operation wide open.

Belle: Where are we now? Are we by the water?

Crystal: You'll see soon.

Belle: Why don't you just tell me?

Crystal: Everything has to be done a certain way.

Belle: Why, so you can get your ransom?

Crystal: I don't want money.

Belle: Then what do you want?

Crystal: What's best for you and Claire.

Belle: And that's why we're freezing here in the back of a van.

Crystal: Look, you'll be more comfortable soon.

Belle: Don't touch my child.

Crystal: Belle, I would never do anything to hurt Claire.

Belle: You gunned down a police officer right in front of her.

Crystal: You know, I'm sorry she had to see that, but he's fine. He'll recover.

Belle: Claire doesn't know the difference between rubber bullets and the real thing.

Crystal: We didn't want this to turn violent.

Belle: You're crazy. You know about my family and you're just trying to extort money.

Crystal: You know, sometimes I have to do crazy things for a very good purpose.

Belle: What purpose is that?

Crystal: You'll see.

Belle: No, I want to know right now.

Crystal: Don't be afraid, Belle.

Belle: I'm not afraid of you, but my daughter is. So just tell me what you want and I'll make sure you get it.

Crystal: I want you two to be safe.

Belle: Well, we're not safe. We're in the back of a van, freezing and scared. And I don't know what's gonna happen to my daughter next or me except that we might be shipped off in some boat to God knows where.

Crystal: You'll be very well taken care of.

Belle: Do I have your word on that?

Crystal: You know, when you realize why I had to do all this, when you find out, you know, maybe we can be friends.

Belle: Friends don't try to drug my child.

Crystal: I saw the look in her eyes when that gun went off. I would never do anything to frighten her. That's why I think it would be best if she was sleeping peacefully.

Belle: Then take us home.

Crystal: I can't. I'm sorry.

Belle: You are, aren't you?

Crystal: Yeah. We really hoped that this would go peacefully.

Belle: Is that coffee in that thermos?

Crystal: Yeah. You want some?

Belle: Only if it's hot.

Crystal: I'm sure it is. You know, Claire is very beautiful.

Belle: Yeah. She's always been a really good girl.

Crystal: I can see that. She looks just like you.

Belle: Thank you.

Crystal: Here. This will warm you up.

Belle: I think that's exactly what I need.

Marlena: Look at me. I mean really look .

John: The key. We're wasting time.

Marlena: I still sleep on my side of the bed.

John: You do.

Marlena: I pretend that you're there. I don't move an inch because I think if I do, I'll be admitting that you're really gone.

John: Okay.

Marlena: I tried. . . I tried very hard to be strong, not to cry in front of the girls.

John: What girls?

Marlena: This has been like dying for me, too, you know. I went out for New Year's. And I got all dressed up, and I had a glass of champagne. And I sat with my friends. I wore that dress you liked -- the dress you bought me in New York.

John: How many do you think are out there, a half dozen? If this guy DiMera has the chops everybody says he does Ė

Marlena: Life without you is unbearable for me. There is no joy. There is nothing to look forward to. And every clock just ticks its way to the next day.

John: I've only got here and now, lady, I don't care where you sleep or who you sleep with. Just get out there and bat those eyelids to get me a nightstick and the rest will take care of itself.

Belle: Good girl.

Crystal: Here you go.

Belle: This is hot.

Crystal: Be careful.

Belle: I thought I was too young to be a good mother.

Crystal: But you are.

Belle: I've done my best, but I've made a lot of mistakes.

Crystal: Don't burn yourself.

Belle: Yeah. You too.

Crystal: Aah! Uh!

Belle: Come here, baby. Come on. Okay.

Bo: Freeze! Police! Put your hands on your head. Do it! Where are Belle and Claire?

Rob: Who?

Bo: Where are they?

Rob: I don't know --

Bo: Put your hands in the air!

Belle: Help!

Bo: Back up, Belle! No! Freeze or I'll shoot! Let go of the child now!

Rob: You shoot me, you got to go through this little girl.

Belle: My God, Bo.

Marlena: Here's rule number one about us -- I'd do anything for you.

John: Well, then get to it.

Marlena: Why?

John: Why what?

Marlena: Why should I help a complete stranger who doesn't remember what he calls me?

John: Come again? You said we were a couple.

Marlena: I know what you mean to me. '

Marlena: What did they do to you?

John: Nothing. Now, will you get to it?

Marlena: If you knew me at all, you would know that barking orders at me never, ever works.

John: What do you want?

Marlena: I want our life back.

John: Good luck with that. You're nice. You got me out of that rat hole, but I got to be honest. I don't love you. I don't love anyone.

Marlena: What about our kids?

John: What kids?

Marlena: I'll show you.

John: I don't believe this.

Marlena: Okay. Okay. This is. . . this is Brady. And this is Isabella.

John: Who the hell is Isabella?

Marlena: Uh. . . this is Belle, our daughter. This is Brady. Look at him.

John: Isa-what's-her-name will help me.

Marlena: This is Belle. She is our daughter. Look at her.

John: Cute kid.

Marlena: All right. Claire. Claire is our granddaughter.

John: I'm a grandpa?

Marlena: Yeah. You're a wonderful grandfather.

John: You're wasting time on this garbage.

Marlena: This is not garbage. This is our family.

Marlena: No, wait. Just one more. Wait. That's you.

Marlena: That was the most wonderful day. We were watching Claire for the weekend. And you began to swing her around. And you got her so dizzy that. . . she put her head on your shoulder. These are the people you love most in the world. They're everything to you. You used to fight for them and you protect them. They used to come to you for information, for advice. They adore you. If you could remember, you'd never want to go away.

John: They're just faces.

Marlena: I'll prove it to you.

Claire: Mommy!

Bo: Claire, it's gonna be okay. It's gonna be all right. Just give her to me.

Philip: Put her down and you walk.

Bo: Put the weapons down. Put them down. Back off.

Rob: Back up.

Shawn D.: Give me my --

Rob: Back up! Back up!

Belle: He's gonna shoot!

Philip: Belle! Belle! I got her! Go!

Bo: Shawn! Go, go, go!

Rob: Take her.

Crystal: What happened?

Rob: Just take the kid. We got to get out of here. How did Belle get out?

Crystal: She threw coffee at me. Look at my face.

Rob: We can't trust any of them. We have to find a safe place. Buckle her in now.

Crystal: Hold on, all right?

Crystal: It's okay, sweetie. I'm gonna take care of you, I'm not gonna let nothing happen.

Philip: Come on, Belle. One, two, three, four, five.

Bo: The ambulance is on its way.

Philip: All right. Donít you die on me. Please. Please don't leave me.

Bo: Philip, how's she doing?

Philip: She's not breathing. I can't get a pulse.

Bo: Keep trying, man.

Philip: Where's the ambulance?

Bo: It'll be here soon. Okay, I got something.

Philip: Thank God.

Bo: But it's weak. Rub her down. Get the circulation going.

Philip: Come on, Belle. Did you get Claire?

Bo: No. The guy made it back to the van. But we're following them.

Philip: Did you put out a description?

Bo: Yeah, the state police, all local authorities from here to the state line. That cut is bad. It's gonna need stitches.

Philip: What about that boat captain?

Bo: He's in custody. We'll question him later.

Philip: Is Shawn with the cops?

Bo: They'll find Claire.

Philip: Did you hear that, Shawn is with Claire.

John: Time's up. Three.

Marlena: If you want to play hardball, I'm your girl. I told you I wasn't going to leave you, and I meant that. But if you don't take your hand off my wrist right now, I will scream so loud they will put you in a straitjacket. I'm letting go. . . now. On. . . three.

John: Nice move.

Marlena: I thought you'd like it.

John: I'm getting conflicting information. If you had the guts to break into that lab, this is cake.

Marlena: Can we keep talking?

John: That's all you do, lady -- that and show me pictures of people I don't know.

Marlena: Look, if I set you free, you'll never be a free man.

John: Why not?

Marlena: Because a free man knows who he is. And he knows what his life is about.

John: And you can give me that?

Marlena: Yes.

John: All right, make it quick.

Marlena: Well. . . it's kind of a long, beautiful story.

John: Give me the short version.

Marlena: Why? Do you have someplace to be?

John: Anyplace but here.

Marlena: If you had just a hint about us, the rest would be so easy.

John: We were that good together, huh?

Marlena: We were magic. And nothing Stefano could ever do would change that.

John: How do you know?

Marlena: Because I lived it.

John: Let me see that picture again -- the one with the kid.

Marlena: There. Her name is Claire.

John: And I'm pop-pop.

Marlena: You're a grandfather. You're a husband. You're a friend. So many people love you. Would you like to meet them?

John: Look, if I meet these in people will you let me out of here?

Marlena: You'll never want to go.

John: Don't count on it.

Belle: Yes, I want to work things out. The only thing that I want is to be a mom that she can be proud of. 'Cause that little girl over there is the only thing that's important.

Philip: You're a great mom.

Belle: Come on, baby. You ready to go? For real this time? Yeah? Okay, let mommy get her coat on. Thank you. Say bye-bye.

Philip: Bye, sweetie. Bye-bye.

Belle: Claire.

Philip: Belle. Belle, I'm right here.

Belle: Where's Claire?

Philip: She's with Shawn.

Belle: I have to go and -- I have to go get her.

Philip: You have to go to the hospital right now.

Belle: No.

Bo: Hey, you hit your head pretty hard. You were in the water a long time.

Belle: But Claire.

Philip: Claire is fine. Claire is fine. Claire's going home. She's safe now. You need to let them take care of you.

Belle: Shawn.

Bo: Shawn will meet you at the hospital.

Belle: With Claire?

Philip: With Claire. Everything's gonna be okay, all right? You have to believe that.

Marlena: It might take a while to get Belle and Sami .

John: Who?

John: How come?

Marlena: How long do you have?

John: I'm on your time.

John: Don't con me.

John: Get this woman out of here!

Nurse: Dr. Carrington's instructed me to sedate him if he becomes violent.

Marlena: He's not violent.

John: No more drugs. No more drugs.

Nurse: I have my orders. I'm sorry. He needs medication immediately.

Philip: What is going on? Why aren't we moving her?

Nurse: We're sending data to the E.R.

Nurse: They ordered a course of meds before we could move her.

Philip: She needs to get to a hospital.

Nurse: We'll take her soon.

Bo: I'm gonna see if they caught up to the van.

Philip: All right, let me know.

Philip: Don't be sorry, okay? I should have never helped Chloe. I'm gonna be here. . . for a long time.

Paramedics: We're ready to go, Mr. Kiriakis.

Philip: All right, let's go. Let's go.

Philip: Belle! Belle, come on.

Paramedics: Sir, you need to step back.

Philip: Come on, stay with us. Stay with us, Belle.

Paramedics: Stand back, sir. Clear. Clear.

Philip: Come on, Belle! Come on!

Paramedics: Sir, step back.

Philip: Come on, Belle!

Paramedics: 300. Ready

Paramedics: Clear.

Philip: Come on, Belle! Come on! Come on, guys.

Paramedics: Do not touch the gurney.

Nurse: Ready.

Paramedics: Clear.

Nurse: You want me to get the EPI?

Paramedics: She's gone.

Philip: No.

Paramedics: Let's call it.

Philip: No! You give her that shot again. You give her that shot again!

Paramedics: It's too late. Note the time of --

Philip: No, don't give up on her! Don't give up -- come on, Belle. Come on. Come on.

Paramedics: Sir, step back, please.

Bo: Philip -- Philip -- Philip. Philip, take it easy, man. Take it easy. Take it easy.

Belle: [Gasps] [Coughs]

Philip: Oh, thank God. Belle.

Paramedics: She needs oxygen. We got to move her.

Philip: All right. Belle, you're gonna be all right. I'll be right behind you guys in the ambulance. Are you coming?

Bo: Yeah, I'll take my car. Philip, don't tell her about Claire.

Philip: I told her what she needed to --

Bo: Yeah, I -- I'm talking about the truth.

Philip: She needed the will to live.

Bo: I understand that. But Shawn can talk to his wife about their daughter.

Philip: Don't tell me what I can't do.

Bo: Stay out of their lives.

Shawn D.: Dad!

Bo: Shawn? Shawn. What the hell happened to you?

Shawn D.: They got away. I lost Claire.

Marlena: Can't you wait a moment before you inject him? May I...use your pen, please?

Nurse: Of course.

Marlena: And would you tell Dr. Carrington, as a senior staff member and next of kin, I will be overriding his orders for the treatment. It's not to happen unless I approve of it.

Nurse: Of course, Dr. Evans.

Marlena: Thank you.

John: Dr. Evans. Doc. Got it.

Marlena: You don't need drugs.

John: No. What about the cuffs?

Marlena: We'll have to figure that out.

John: So, you're hot, smart. What else should I know about you?

Marlena: I'd like you to figure that out on your own.

John: Well, good luck with that.

Marlena: You will.

John: Must have done something right in my past life.

Marlena: You did a lot of thin right.

John: Maybe I need a refresher course. It's better with two hands.

Marlena: No, I'm not going to fall for that. Do you remember anything, even the smallest detail?

John: I remember a cold, dark laboratory and that damn doctor.

Marlena: What did Stefano want you for?

John: Ask him. You're wasting your time with me.

Marlena: No, I'm not. If you don't remember who you are, I will tell you, John Black. You're a kind, sensitive man. You're a husband, a father, a man of honor. We have this look between us. And when you glance over at me, everybody in the room may as well be on a different planet. You can probably guess what's next. You can't be replaced. Our love is too strong to be forgotten, no matter what Stefano does to you.

Bo: Shawn, what happened to you? Where are my men?

Shawn D.: There was an accident. They were forced to stop. I stayed on the van, broke the window out, and I almost had her.

Philip: Where's Claire?

Shawn D.: They hot-wired the van. I was so close.

Bo: I put an APB out. Don't worry. We'll find her.

Shawn D.: Where's Belle? What happened?

Philip: I dove in after her. She's on her way to the hospital.

Shawn D.: Is she all right?

Bo: It was pretty serious. She went into cardiac arrest.

Philip: But she's okay.

Shawn D.: Does she know about Claire?

Philip: I-I... I had to tell her she was fine. Belle wasn't strong enough for the truth.

Bo: Let's get you to the hospital.

Philip: Hey, Shawn. Look, it's up to you to tell Belle about Claire when it's time. I'll back off.

Shawn D.: Thanks.

Bo: Come on. Let's go.

Shawn D.: No, no, I got to get to the hospital and make sure Belle's all right.

Bo: I'll drive you.

Shawn D.: No, Dad. I want to drive myself, okay?

Marlena: Are you hungry?

John: Do I have a favorite food?

Marlena: Does it matter? Does anything matter to you?

John: The keys to these cuffs. So, what do you do? What kind of a doctor are you?

Marlena: A medical doctor.

John: I figured that much.

Marlena: I'm a psychiatrist.

John: No way. I married a shrink. Don't try to get inside my skull.

Marlena: You can't stop me.

John: There's nothing there.

Marlena: You have a lifetime of memories, of feelings.

John: Not anymore.

Marlena: We'll get them. I'll help you.

John: Well, finally.

Marlena: By loving you.

John: I don't need love! I'm not hardwired to love. I'm not hardwired to be a husband or a father.

Marlena: That's good. That's good. Anger, frustration.

John: Knock it off.

Marlena: No, it's in there with the good feelings. Everything is inside you. I love you. You have no idea how powerful that is. It will change everything.

John: I...can't...love anyone.

Marlena: Not now. But you will, in time, little by little. And until then... I will love you enough for both of us. Trust me. Take my hand. I'll bring you home.

Roman: But if Stefano's not behind it...

Hope: Then who is?

Shawn D.: I don't know what the hell's going on or what it means, but whoever did this is gonna pay. I'm not giving up until I find my daughter.

Marlena: Stefano is never coming near you again.

John: And how can you be so sure?

Marlena: I will kill him.

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