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Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 1/14/08 - Canada; Tuesday 1/15/08 - U.S.A.

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Stephanie: Congratulations. You just lost to a girl.

Max: Come on. That was a no-win situation, all right? It's either, 'Ooh, a wimp 'cause you lost a snowball fight to a girl, ' or it's, 'oh, Mr. Tough guy beat a girl. ' Funny.

Stephanie: I'll take you on every time, tough guy. Remember the racetrack? Wimp. You lost to a girl.

Max: I'm not gonna pull my punches, okay? I'm gonna just -- I'm gonna --

Stephanie: Yeah, bring it on. Bring it on, huh?

Max: Start a little shoving match. Try shoving now. What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do? Sorry.

Stephanie: You know what? I'm starving. You hungry? We could probably scrounge enough for PB and J or something.

Max: No, you know what? I, uh... I should probably get to work. I promised Adrienne that I was gonna get down to the bar. It's inventory time, right, so, there's nothing more fun than counting the beer mugs. But I'll take you up on that PB and J another time.

Stephanie: You're on. What?

Max: Damn, you're hot.

Chloe: Nice face plant.

Shawn D.: Come on, give me a break. I haven't skated in years.

Chloe: I don't care if you've been skating every day for the last month. I told you there's no way you could jump over that snowman.

Shawn D.: Okay, fine. I guess I lost my head for a couple of seconds.

Chloe: Yeah, so did the snowman.

Shawn D.: Oh! Come on.

Chloe: Thanks for taking me.

Shawn D.: It helped take your mind off of Brady?

Chloe: Shawn: You know what? What do you say we go back out there and we take Claire with us next time?

Chloe: Has she skated before?

Shawn D.: Yeah, a couple times at the indoor rink.

Chloe: Are you sure your butt can take it?

Shawn D.: Are you serious? Come on. I fell one time. All right, two if you include the snowman incident. But I got to say, I was doing pretty well otherwise.

Chloe: All right, I'll give you that. You did look pretty good. Thank you.

Shawn D.: So, is that a yes?

Chloe: I'd love to.

Shawn D.: Great. I'll call Belle and run it by her.

Chloe: Why do you have to run it by Belle?

Philip: Belle, call me and let me know you're all right.

EMT: The bullets were real. You got a couple contusions you'll be feeling for a while.

Police Officer: It hurts like hell.

Sami: Philip! Philip? Oh, my God! Okay. I came as soon as I could. What's happening?

Philip: I was on the phone with Belle. She sounded scared to death. I heard a couple of shots. She screamed, and then the phone went dead. Now I can't reach her. They're gone.

Sami: Oh, my God.

Belle: It's okay. Everything's okay, baby. We're gonna be fine. We're gonna be just fine.

[Speaking indistinctly]

Belle: No. I don't know. Let me ask. Where are we going? Huh? Either one of you gonna talk to me? Please?

Stefano: You are looking for John Black here in my house?

Roman: Yes.

Stefano: What is this you're trying to hand me?

Bo: What the hell does it look like?

Stefano: It written on very nice paper, but nice paper doesn't make it real.

Roman: Oh, it's real. The judge signed it. It pretty much gives us the right to turn this place upside down if we choose to. So, you keep out of our way. We'll get to work here.

Stefano: All right, do me a favor, will you please? I lost some keys. They're on a rabbit's foot, you know, Lucky thing. If you find it, I appreciate it. I've been looking for it for weeks now.

Bo: You need who we're looking for.

Stefano: Who’s that?

Bo: All you need to know is that we have a warrant to search the place.

Stefano: So, this is what it's finally come to, huh? Salem's finest running around looking for ghosts. Pardon me if I find this rather amusing.

Bo: Well, you could find it anything you want. It's what we find that matters.

Roman: If he's in this house, we will find him.

Stefano: [Sighs]

Marlena: It's you. It really is you.

John: I suppose it is. Now, tell me... who are you?

Max: Uh, I didn't mean it like that. I meant, like, hot, literally, like you were all flushed. I mean, are you coming down with a fever or something?

Stephanie: No. Stop worrying so much about me. I'm fine. I mean, you can worry a little bit about me if you want. I won't mind.

Max: Okay.

Stephanie: After all, you are my friend.

Max: Well, yeah.

Stephanie: Someone to confide in and trust.

Max: Yeah, and I'm glad you trust me enough to tell me what happened.

Stephanie: Me too. And thank you. I would have never been able to pull it together and get into therapy without you by my side.

Max: Oh, come on. I know you better than that, all right? You're one of the most together people I know, one of the bravest, too.

Stephanie: Thank you.

Max: You're welcome. You still throw like a girl.

Stephanie: Well, this girl just whipped your butt in a snowball fight.

Max: Did she? Should we do two out of three, then?

Stephanie: Max...

Max: Yeah?

Stephanie: I just want you to know how much I appreciate what you've done.

Max: Mm-hmm.

Sami: Belle and Claire were kidnapped?

Philip: That's what it looks like. There's no blood in the car, and it doesn't look like there was a struggle, so that's good.

Sami: My God. Have you called my mom?

Philip: No, and I couldn't get a hold of your dad.

Sami: Okay. Well, don't call my mom right now 'cause she has a lot going on.

Philip: I don't know. He doesn't know about this yet.

Stefano: Take these men on a grand tour of my mansion, but be careful

Bo: You can either cooperate, and tell us where John is right now, or we will take you right down to the station.

Hope: We found him.

Marlena: Must feel better, doesn't it? I'll get this one.

John: Your... perfume.

Marlena: You bought it for me.

John: The alley. You were there.

Marlena: Yes, that was you. Yes. Yes, I was there.

John: You're the one that shot up the living room.

Marlena: [Laughs] Ahh, yes. That would be me. Okay. There, there, there. No! No! No. Wait. I'm Marlena. Your name is John.

John: John? Don't be afraid. I'm not gonna hurt you.

Marlena: I'm not afraid. I know you would never hurt me.

John: Well, then why are you trembling?

Marlena: Because I thought -- no. Because you... were dead.

Max: I'm sorry about that. I should get going.

Stephanie: Yeah, um... hey, tell Adrienne I'll take a shift this weekend.

Max: Are you sure about that?

Stephanie: Yeah.

Max: I mean, shouldn't you be, like, taking it easy or something for a little while?

Stephanie: Dr. Whitney said I should get back to my usual routine as soon as possible -- back to work, class, beat some guy in a snowball fight.

Max: Oh-ho! That's funny. She got jokes today. Good.

Stephanie: I'm just trying to remember what normal is. I think I got a glimpse of that for the first time in a while tonight.

Max: Yeah, well, it's just a start. And Adrienne will be glad to have you back. You know that.

Chelsea: Hi, Max.

Max: Hey.

Chelsea: Are you leaving?

Max: Uh... [Clears throat] Yeah, I got to go to work, so...

Stephanie: All right. I'll see you later.

Chelsea: Stephanie, we're in big trouble. My mom knows.

Sami: Philip, you haven't called Shawn? They are still married. And Claire is his daughter. He needs to know that they have been kidnapped.

Philip: You're right. I'll call him now.

Sami: Okay, listen. I'm gonna find my father, all right? Don't worry. They're gonna be okay.

Shawn D.: I'm just trying to be as open and as honest as possible. I don't want Belle to ever be able to say that I took Claire somewhere without her knowing about it.

Chloe: That doesn't sound quite like you. You're being very careful around Belle.

Shawn D.: I'm just trying to use common sense.

Chloe: In case there's a custody battle?

Shawn D.: Please, don't go there. I don't want Claire to ever have to go through anything that ugly, to have both of her parents pulling at her in two different directions. I just pray to God Belle feels the same way.

Chloe: You really are a great father, Shawn. I love how you take care of your little girl.

Shawn D.: Hello?

Philip: Shawn, it's Philip.

Shawn D. : What a pleasant surprise.

Philip: Shawn, this is serious.

Belle: Okay. We're really scared, and we don't know where we're going, so why won't you tell us? Um... who are you? Where are we going?

Crystal: Look, we're not going to hurt you, Belle -- either of you.

Belle: Then why?

Crystal: All we want to do is protect you, okay?

Belle: From what?

Crystal: Not what. From who. Stefano DiMera.

Hope: We found John. He's alive downstairs. Marlena's with him right now. Come on. Let's go.

Roman: I'll stay with Stefano. Rolf! You stay, too. Get over here. Have a seat. Keep his company.

Stefano: You, um, let Marlena back into my house after she tried to shoot me. I suppose I should have taken a harder line and filed charges. But you see, I became too compassionate. And, well, what can I say? I felt for a grieving widow.

Roman: And the husband she was grieving for was right underneath her feet when she was here.

Stefano: Irony does have its moments. Oh, would you like a cigar?

Roman: No. No, I wouldn't. You are a little cocky for someone facing some very, very nasty charges.

Stefano: I don't understand. I have saved a man's life -- a man that everyone had given up as dead, hmm? Not only had they given up as dead, but they buried him. At least that's what they thought. Now this man is alive, and he's back where he belongs -- with his wife and his children. [Scoffs] I do not see this as an act of a criminal. I believe it is an act of a hero, maybe even... a saint.

Marlena: I'm sorry to be so emotional. It's just I've been thinking the worst for so long now.

John: That's okay. Can I go now?

Marlena: What?

John: Stefano said it was too dangerous. He didn't want anyone to see me. But now that you know I'm here, I don't see any reason why I shouldn't go outside.

Marlena: There isn't any reason. Come on. I'll show you the -- I'll show you the way.

Chelsea: They found a contact lens in the basement.

Stephanie: Was it Ford's?

Chelsea: It was the same prescription, But on the brighter side of things, Nick said he wasn't gonna lie for us and he did.

Stephanie: But he won't next time, will he?

Chelsea: I don't know.

Stephanie: You're gonna have to convince him to keep his mouth shut.

Chelsea: I don't know if I can, Stephanie.

Stephanie: You're gonna have to find a way. If Nick tells the police what happened, we're all going to jail. Morgan and the other girls are counting on us to keep this a secret. And so is Max.

Chelsea: I hate that so many people are involved in this.

Stephanie: And none of us deserve to be punished for what happened. If Nick tells the truth, we're all ruined.

Chelsea: Maybe not. Look, it was my idea to get revenge on the guy, so I'll just say that I acted alone.

Stephanie: It's not gonna work. We are all involved, so we will all be in trouble. Think about your friends. Morgan, Max. Cordy. After everything she's been through with the rape, you think she should go through being prosecuted for murder?

Chelsea: Of course not. I don't think any of us should.

Stephanie: Then talk to Nick. Promise him whatever you have to, but you have to get him to understand he cannot tell the police anything.

Chelsea: What if we wouldn't have to serve any jail time?

Stephanie: Even if the police believed that we didn't do it on purpose, we could still be charged with manslaughter.

Chelsea: Nick just thinks that we should take responsibility for our actions.

Stephanie: Nick shouldn't make that decision for us.

Chelsea: No. But, Stephanie, he's right. I think that we should tell the truth, too.

Marlena: It's down this way. Oh, Bo.

Bo: Hey. John! Man, you're alive. How's it going?

John: He's a cop.

Marlena: John.

John: You're a cop.

Bo: Yeah, I am. Take it easy. Take it easy.

Marlena: Listen to me. He won't hurt you. He's a friend.

Bo: I'm a friend.

Marlena: He doesn't know us.

Bo: Well, you may have lost your memory, but your reflexes are pretty good.

Hope: John... are you okay?

John: I want out of here before they come back with the needles and start all over again.

Marlena: You don't have to worry. They are never going to hurt you again.

Stefano: Well, you see, what I've done... is a great benevolent act.

Roman: Tell me something, Stefano. Do you really believe that a jury of your peers is gonna look upon this as an act of kindness?

Stefano: [Laughs] Well, first, Roman, I have no peers, all right? Secondly, yes, everyone will think -- well, maybe for the exception of you -- what I have done is a wonderful and selfless act.

Roman: Stefano, you really are a sick man. And I'm not exactly sure what you're up to, but if John's still here, then there's only one purpose for it. And that is to serve Stefano DiMera. And we'll figure out what that is. And you will pay for it.

Stefano: We'll see.

Bo: Roman.

Marlena: It's okay.

Stephanie: I can't believe what I'm hearing right now.

Chelsea: Stephanie, if we don't tell the truth, and the police find out what actually happened, yes, we will go to jail for sure.

Stephanie: What do the police have to prove? Okay, so, Ford lost his contact lens. Maybe he has been down in the basement before. It doesn't have his fingerprints, does it?

Chelsea: Not that I know of. Stephanie, they still think it's his. And I tried that whole 'pretending that it was someone else's' thing on my mom, and it didn't work.

Stephanie: Moms don't know everything.

Chelsea: The police could. What if they found other evidence down there that we don't even know about? Cannot lie our way out of --

Stephanie: Why not?

Chelsea: Because we did it. We are guilty.

Stephanie: We are not. It was an accident. He fell.

Chelsea: Then what are we so afraid of? I just think that we need to tell the truth before we look guilty and look like a bunch of murderers. Stephanie, I just feel bad for his family. I mean, can you imagine? His mom must be sitting on the sofa just waiting by the phone, waiting for her son to call. I can't imagine the nightmare they must be going through.

Stephanie: What about the nightmare I've been going through because of that son of a bitch?

Chelsea: Steph? Stephanie, look at me. What do you mean by that?

Stephanie: I mean with Cordy. She didn't deserve that.

Chelsea: That's not what you meant.

[Knocking on door]

Chelsea: Okay, I'm coming.

Crawford: You killed him. I know it. And you're not gonna get away with it.

Hope: Hello? Yeah.

Roman: John. My God. You're alive.

Marlena: His memory of us is a little vague. Let me get you some water. This way.

Bo: Hey. What's going on?

Hope: Belle and Claire may have been abducted.

Bo: Oh, man. Let's not tell Marlena till we know for sure what's going on. We don't want to panic her.

Hope: I'm gonna head over there. Call me as soon as you finish.

Bo: Ok. This shouldn't take long. Roman. We got to wrap this up. Book that bastard.

Roman: Okay. Stefano DiMera, you're under arrest for kidnapping and false imprisonment. You have a right to remain silent.

Stefano: Don't you think I know my rights?

Roman: Cuff him, Bo. I'll finish his rights in the car.

Bo: All right.

Roman: This one goes, too.

Sami: Listen. Hope is on her way.

Philip: Shawn's right around the corner.

Sami: Do me a favor and do not get into it with him. He's gonna be upset enough as it is.

Phillip: Yeah, he's not the only one.

Sami: I know. I know how much you care about Claire.

Philip: Don't worry. It this isn't about him and me.

Sami: Thank you.

Philip: I'm just trying to help.

Chloe: Listen to what he has say.

Crystal: Look, don't worry. We're not the bad guys here, okay? Stefano is. All we want to do is protect you.

Belle: You're not the bad guys? You just shot a police officer.

Crystal: With rubber bullets. He's alive. Look, believe me, we're on your side, Belle. Trust us. All we want to do is protect you. And Brady... look, Brady's gone.

Belle: What do you mean Brady's gone?

Crystal: Look, all you need to know is that Rob and I are gonna keep you out of harm's way.

Belle: I want to know about Brady.

Crystal: Later.

Belle: Who are you working for?

Crystal: I can't tell you that right now.

Belle: You want us to trust you and you won't tell me who you're working for?

Crystal: All you need to know is that you're safe, and you're with family.

Belle: What do you mean family?

Philip: Hey, don't try and put the blame on me. You're the one that threw Belle and Claire out.

Shawn D.: I never threw Claire out. I threw Belle out. And we all know why -- because the second I turned my back, you were all over her.

Philip: I didn't force her to do anything she didn't want.

Shawn D.: Oh, go to hell.

Philip: For someone who claims to have loved Belle so much, you sure gave up without much of a fight.

Chloe: Guys, please, not right now.

Shawn D.: She's right. We need to focus on finding Belle and Claire.

Philip: I tried to warn you that she was in danger. But you were too angry with Belle to care.

Shawn D.: Belle had a cop following her around everywhere. What more do you think I could have done? It's not like you could have protected them.

Sami: Guys, stop it! Stop it! Cut it out!

Hope: Stop it! Fighting and arguing is not going to help find Belle and Claire.

Crawford: The police found his contact lens in the basement.

Chelsea: How do you know that it was Ford's?

Crawford: It was his prescription.

Chelsea: What, like no two people in the world can have the same prescription?

Crawford: It was his.

Chelsea: Okay, what if it was? That doesn't mean anything. He could have lost it a long time ago.

Crawford: Don't you think he would have bought a new one? Don't you think I would have known all about that?

Chelsea: Not necessarily.

Crawford: Why don't you just shut your lying mouth?

Stephanie: Excuse me?

Crawford: I know what you did. And pretty soon everybody else is gonna know. This is the last place he was seen on the last night he used his cellphone. Since then he hasn't used a credit card. He hasn't driven his car. He hasn't used his ATM. He didn't come home for Christmas. He wouldn't have done that. It's because he's --

Stephanie: Look. We don't know what happened to Ford, okay? He left this house. He walked out that front door. It's on the surveillance video, for God's sake.

Crawford: That could have been anybody on that tape. You killed him.

Stephanie: You think a group of sorority girls killed your son? Do you think maybe it was a pledge initiation or something? Come on. Look around. We're a group of girls from the suburbs. We're a sorority, harmless.

Crawford: Okay. Listen. I just -- I just want to know what you did with his body. That's all I want to know. Please tell me that. Where is he? Where is he?

Stephanie: We don't know.

Crawford: Okay. All right. I will find out what happened. And when I do, I'm gonna make sure that every girl in this house spends the rest of their lives in prison.

Stephanie: Your son is the one who belongs in prison. He drugs women, and he rapes them. And I know because he raped Cordy, and he raped me.

Crawford: I don't believe that for a second. But what you just said sure sounds like a motive to me or at the very least a defense. I'm gonna make sure that you hang on your own words.

Stephanie: Now do you see why we can't tell them what happened? He is gonna make his miserable son look like the victim and us like the Alpha Chi Theta sorority killers. We can't let that happen.

Chelsea: Steph... did he really rape you?

Marlena: Wait. I want to know what happened. I want to know what Rolf did to him.

Stefano: Rolf saved his life. But you have been too self-absorbed to realize that this John is not the John that you knew. He doesn't know who you are, and he never will.

Marlena: Oh, he will. He will come back to us.

Chelsea: Why wouldn't you tell me or say something?

Stephanie: I couldn't.

Chelsea: Did you tell anybody? Who?

Stephanie: I told Max.

Chelsea: Max?

Stephanie: And my mom.

Chelsea: Good. You should have told your mom. But Max?

Stephanie: Are you mad at me?

Chelsea: No. How could I be mad at you?

Stephanie: Because I didn't tell you.

Chelsea: I'm just glad that you told somebody.

Stephanie: It was so hard dealing with it on my own. I just felt so scared and angry and ashamed. But I still couldn't get myself to tell anyone. I was going crazy keeping it all inside. I'm still going through every time I close my eyes, I can see him holding me down. That sick smile on his face. I begged him to stop, but he wouldn't.

Chelsea: He drugged you, too, right?

Stephanie: I wish I could -- I wish I had blacked out and I couldn't remember anything when I wake up in the morning, I don't always remember. But then eventually, it hits me, and I see it happening all over again.

Chelsea: I'm sorry, Steph.

Stephanie: I just wish I had said something. I could have testified against Ford in the Dean's office that day. If I had called the police, he might be in jail and we wouldn't even be in this mess.

Chelsea: Stephanie, you cannot blame yourself for this. You dealt with this the best way you knew how.

Stephanie: I just know now how much of a mistake it was not to tell anyone. I know it would have been hard, but having everyone's support, it probably would have been a little easier I guess.

Chelsea: Well, you're talking now, right, to people who love you.

Stephanie: Max has really been great. He talked me into seeing a therapist. I think it's helping. I should have told you. I'm sorry I didn't.

Chelsea: Don't worry about it. Okay? Just let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

Stephanie: You already know.

Hope: Thank you. Okay. Now, let's find out what the detective knows.

Philip: I already know.

Shawn D.: My mom and I would like to hear the official word from the detective, okay?

Hope: Detective?

Shawn D.: I'm Claire's father. What can you tell me?

Detective: Apparently the young lady and her daughter were put into a van that drove off in a westerly direction. The officer guarding her got a pretty good description of the van.

Hope: Have you sent out an APB?

Detective: And an Amber Alert.

Shawn D.: How many were there? What'd they look like? Were they rough with my little girl?

Detective: The cop was down when the victims were taken. I'll let you know as soon as I get any further information.

Hope: Thank you, detective. This was planned pretty well. These guys knew exactly what they were doing.

Shawn D.: Who would want to kidnap Belle and Claire?

Hope: I don't know. But when something bad happens in Salem, it leads directly to Stefano.

Marlena: You just don't get it, do you? There's nothing possible you can do to either one of us. John! John! Rolf, no!

Bo: John! Whoa. Breathe easy.

Marlena: Help him. Help him. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. John -- John, I've got you.

Rolf: Just a little something to relax him. He will be fine.

Marlena: What have you done to him, you monster? !

Stefano: What monster? Your good friend here is the monster.

Marlena: It's okay. It's okay. You're gonna be fine. I'm gonna take care of you.

Chelsea: I just think our best bet is to come clean.

Stephanie: We can't.

Chelsea: Stephanie, we can't live like this for the rest of our lives. I'm scared. So are the other girls. And I know that you are, too. So don't even try to tell me that you're not. Look, you might think that Ford deserved what he had coming to him, but we definitely don't deserve what's gonna happen to us. We need to tell the truth and make sure that everyone knows how and why this accident happened.

Stephanie: I understand what you're saying. But how is it your call? You weren't the one who was raped.

Chelsea: And I can't begin to know or understand what you or Cordy went through, Steph.

Stephanie: What we're still going through. Ford wasn't the only one who died. Something died inside of me and Cordy when he raped us.

Chelsea: And I'm sorry about what's gonna happen to all of us when we get caught.

Stephanie: If we get caught.

Chelsea: When we get caught, Stephanie. It's only a matter of time. So, I think that we need to call all the girls and tell them to come over and discuss what to do. Hey, it's me. I need you to get back to the house right away. Yeah, it's extremely important.

Roman: Yeah, that's right.

Marlena: Listen to the sound of my voice. You know me. I'm going to take care of you. You know that. I'll make sure you get the help that you need. And we're so glad to have you back. We're so glad to have you back.

Roman: Ambulance is on its way.

Stefano: I know that the protocol is for you to ask me questions…But I want to know…Who told you John was here?

Bo: You don't answer our questions. We won't answer yours.

Stefano: Enough said.

Roman: Bo, I don't want to look at his face any longer. Get him out of here before I strangle him. Let's go, Rolf.

Bo: Let's go, old man.

Stefano: You think you've defeated Stefano DiMera, don't you?

Bo: Looks to me like you've defeated yourself.

Stefano: Couldn't be more wrong. It's not over, not by any stretch of the imagination. No, Bo Brady. This is merely the beginning.

Shawn D.: What possible reason would Stefano have to kidnap Belle and Claire?

Hope: Honey, why does he do half the things that he does?

Shawn D.: It doesn't make any sense to me. That guy is one sick and twisted individual.

Officer: I just got a call from the state patrol. One of the choppers spotted what looks like our van heading toward the docks.

Sami: That's good news, though, right?

Chloe: The cops will find them.

Philip: Could they tell if Belle and Claire were inside?

Shawn D.: How far is the van away from the docks?

Officer: Sorry, I don't have any more additional information, but as soon as I do, I'll let you know.

Hope: I want to talk to you for a second. Come here.

Sami: Oh, my God. God, I hope they're not hurt.

Shawn D.: We cannot let that van out of our sight because once they ditch the vehicle, we're never gonna be able to track them down again.

Sami: I can't believe this is happening.

Chloe: Where are you going?

Shawn D.: I'm going to the docks.

Chloe: No, it's too dangerous.

Shawn D.: I got to do everything Philip to find Belle and Claire.

Sami: Be careful, Shawn.

Shawn D.: I will.

Philip: Shawn, wait. I'm going with you.

Shawn D.: After this is all over, the same rules apply. Claire is my daughter, so keep your distance.

Crystal: You'll burn yourself.

Belle: You too.

Crystal: Aah!

Marlena: For what?

John: For lying.

Marlena: I said I was sorry.

John: Prove it. Break me out of here, and we'll just call it even.

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