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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 1/10/08 - Canada; Friday 1/11/08 - U.S.A.

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Caroline: [Laughs]

Chloe: Nice. Okay, how about one with Claire and her daddy? Come on, Claire, get in there.

Shawn D.: Come on! Swim to me! Swim to me! Right there. Got you. All right, hold on. Hold on.

Chloe: Oh, oh. Ooh, that's a good idea. Look at that. Smile. One, two, three. Yay! Okay, how about one with cadet Claire by herself?

Shawn D.: That's a good idea.

Chloe: Yeah! Okay, cadet Claire. Can you give me a happy face? Give me a happy face. Right here.

Shawn D.: [Laughs]

Chloe: Okay, give me an angry face. Yeah. That's good.

Shawn D.: She's a perfect model.

Chloe: Yeah, if she could wear 10-inch heels, she could be walking the runway.

Caroline: We got to get a shot of you, too, Chloe.

Chloe: Okay, can I get in here?

Caroline: Oh, that's good.

Chloe: Should we do it like that?

Caroline: Yeah. Okay. One, two, three. Got it.

Chloe: Nice!

Caroline: How about some cake?

Chloe: Yeah! What about you, you little monkey? Do you like cake?

Claire: I love cake!

Chloe: Yeah. You are so adorable.

Shawn D.: You're pretty good with kids.

Chloe: Maybe it's 'cause I love them so much. Brady and I had planned on having a bunch of kids. Even with all my career goals, I still wanted to have it all. I guess it wasn't meant to be, huh?

Shawn D.: You may not be a mom yet, but when you are, you're gonna be an excellent one. I'm gonna go change my uniform, all right? What do you say watching Commander Claire for me, huh?

Chloe: Oh. Commander. Has she been promoted already?

Shawn D.: Hey, we Brady’s move up the rank really quickly.

Chloe: Yeah, I bet. I'd love to watch her as long as you promise not to arrest me, okay? All right, let's look at some pictures. You want to look at some pictures? Let's look at some pictures. Look at that. Want to hold on to the camera? Look. Isn't that a nice one?

Belle: Hey, Claire Bear.

Claire: Mommy!

Belle: Hi! Hello, munchkin! [Smooches] What you got there?

Claire: Camera.

Sami: I can't just be Lucas' scapegoat, Philip.

Philip: You're not gonna be a scapegoat.

Sami: Damn straight.

Philip: Look at it this way. We just need to show that Lucas was trying to protect what he loves -- you.

Sami: Does Lucas really know about this? Does he know about this insane idea, or is this something that you and your lawyer cooked up?

Philip: You read the letter. He asked for your help. It doesn't get much clearer than that.

Sami: But he's not here, is he? He sent you and the lawyer to ask for him.

Philip: Sami, he's out of options. You're it. And that should show you how desperate he is. You have to help him.

Stefano: You know, your threat is becoming a little monotonous, not to mention dangerous. But if you mention anything to anyone about my houseguest, the consequences will be dire.

E.J.: You asked me for a warning. Here it is. When I walk out that door, I'm going straight to the police station. And I am telling them exactly what's going on with your, uh, houseguest.

Stefano: If you walk out that door, you won't walk back in. No matter what happens, you... will always be my son.

E.J.: And you will always be my father. But that does not give you the right to control me as you have so many others.

Marlena: Why are you doing this to me? Do you have any idea what you're putting me through?

Crystal: I'm sorry that you're hurt, but I am not gonna stand here and argue with you.

Marlena: No! You wait. I'm begging you, please. You know something you're not telling us.

Crystal: I've told you everything I know.

Marlena: Have you never been in love? Have you never felt so close to someone that they felt like they were a part of you and if you lose them, it feels like half of your heart is gone? You can't live through that. A body can't live with half a heart. Everyone tells me that I can survive, that I'll be able to get along after a while without him. And I've tricked myself into thinking maybe that was true, that I could survive without John. And then you come along, and you tell me that he's alive. Do you know what that did to me? Could you be so cruel? I don't think so. Look, please. Give me something. Give me a shred of hope. Tell me the truth. Tell me if he's alive.

Crystal: I haven't seen him.

Marlena: But have you heard?

Crystal: Yeah. I've heard.

Marlena: Will you please tell me what you've heard?

Crystal: Stefano DiMera has him.

Marlena: [Gasps]

Marlena: I knew he was alive. I could feel it.

Bo: What the hell kind of sick game are you playing here? John is dead.

Marlena: No, no, no. No, she's telling the truth. I know he's alive.

Roman: What else do you know?

Bo: Or claim to know.

Crystal: I'm telling the truth, okay? John is alive, and he's with Stefano.

Hope: Then we want proof.

Attorney: Not another word, Crystal.

Bo: Who the hell are you?

Attorney: I'm this woman's attorney.

Bo: Let's see some proof. Just having a little chat here.

Attorney: It sounded more like an interrogation to me. You have no right to hold her. So, unless you're going to arrest her -- and I'm confident you don't have anything to charge her with -- you have to release her. Now.

Bo: How'd you know she was here? She hasn't made any phone calls.

Hope: Who sent you?

Bo: You psychic, too?

Attorney: Let's go, Crystal.

Crystal: Look, I can see it in your eyes -- your love for this man and your connection with him. It truly touches the heart.

Marlena: Well, let's go. We got to get to Stefano's. We've got to get into the mansion.

Hope: Marlena --

Marlena: Wait a minute. Why are you all standing there like we've got nothing to do?

Roman: Marlena, even if Stefano has John, how do we know he's at the mansion? Stefano has places all over the world.

Hope: Not to mention the slight problem of a search warrant.

Bo: I don't see a judge issuing one on the word of a psychic.

Roman: No, we can't go busting in there without a warrant.

Marlena: To hell with a search warrant. What if John is in there?

Roman: If John is there, we'll get him out through the proper channels.

Marlena: You don't believe it, do you? You don't believe that John is alive. Well, he is alive. He is. And I can see I'm the only person who cares to fight for him.

Stefano: For a moment there, I thought you were prepared to walk away from your father and money and the furniture, of course.

E.J.: [Chuckles] Well, you know what they say about money -- easy come, easy go. And I can always get new furniture.

Stefano: Really? [Laughs] I'd like to see what you can buy without money.

E.J.: You don't think that somebody with my education, my résumé, can't just walk into a good job?

Stefano: Let me tell you something. Without allies, the business world out there is ruthless.

E.J.: Good! I had a great education in ruthlessness from you.

Stefano: [Laughing] Ahh. Yes, very good. You seem confident.

E.J.: I am. See, I'm learning to fight with the gloves off now that I have something other than myself to fight for. You see, I have a family.

Stefano: Am I not family?

E.J.: Of course you are. But I have a son. I have a son who relies on me. And if you're asking me to choose between you and him, I choose him. So, keep your money. Keep it. I'm taking something that you can never take away from me, something that is rightfully mine. And that is my life.

Sami: I can't just get on the stand and tell everyone that it was my fault that Lucas shot E.J.

Philip: I thought you cared for him.

Sami: I do. I love Lucas. But this has got to be the stupidest idea I have ever heard.

Philip: If you love him, then help him. Take the stand and say whatever it takes to save him.

Belle: Well, that is a very nice picture, honey. You all look like one big, happy family. Where's daddy?

Chloe: Upstairs changing.

Belle: And he left Claire here with you?

Shawn D.: Is that a problem?

Belle: Is your Great-Grandma Caroline here? Is she? Is she in the kitchen? Why don't you go help her? Yeah. Go help her.

Shawn d.: She's right there.

Belle: And to answer your question, yes, it is a problem.

Chloe: I was just showing Claire my camera. Sorry.

Shawn D.: You don't have to apologize for anything.

Belle: Is leaving Claire alone with her supposed to be a payback for me leaving her with Philip?

Shawn D.: You are a piece of work, Belle. I went upstairs to change my uniform. I asked Chloe to watch Claire for two minutes.

Chloe: Maybe I should go.

Shawn D.: I don't want you to leave because of Belle.

Chloe: No, it'd be better if I wasn't here.

Belle: And why are you here? Are you looking for your missing husband? 'Cause obviously you don't give a damn what happened to him.

Chloe: I don't know what happened to Brady, and I'm very worried about him. But sitting at home and waiting isn't gonna get us anywhere. And I can't ask the police without them accusing me of something.

Belle: Well, maybe they should be accusing you because no one thinks you're innocent. I don't even know why you're walking around free.

Chloe: Philip thinks I'm innocent. He's the reason I'm walking around free.

Sami: Don't you dare try to emotionally blackmail me.

Philip: I'm just trying to do what's best for my brother.

Sami: I want what's best for Lucas, too. That is why I'm here -- because I want to help him. So don't you dare stand there and tell me that I don't love him because I won't do this because that is a load of bull.

Philip: Then why won't you do this?

Sami: I want Lucas to be okay. I don't want him to go to prison. But I am not gonna get on that stand and give some twisted confession of why I'm the reason that Lucas shot E.J. Because it's not gonna work. It's not gonna make everything better. I have been to trials before. I have been on the stand before. And I have seen how lawyers can manipulate people into saying things that they don't mean. And this is Lucas' life we're talking about. It is too important to just count on me to get my story straight. I mean, for God's sakes, Lucas didn't trust me to handle E.J., so what's different now? I thought I could handle it. I thought I could handle him. Lucas didn't even believe in me.

Philip: So, let me get this straight. You're mad at him? That's why you won't take the stand?

Sami: I'm not taking the stand because... because I can't fix this. Find another way.

Philip: You won't walk away from him, Sami. I know you.

Sami: I'm not!

Stefano: Do you know what is rightfully yours, hmm? What I have given you. Your name -- DiMera. And with that name comes a great responsibility to me, to the family. You cannot have one without the other, Elvis DiMera.

E.J.: Then I don't want it. I'm quite happy to be Elvis Wells. I don't care for the DiMera name, and I certainly don't care for the collar it ties around my neck.

Stefano: Being a DiMera is a gift. You do not throw it aside like an old shoe. Look what I have.

E.J.: I don't want what you have. You walk into a room, people shake. And I certainly don't want my son to grow up being afraid to speak the truth to me.

Stefano: You don't know what the hell you are talking about. You don't even know what the hell you want.

E.J.: I know exactly what I want, Father. That's where you're mistaken. I want my freedom. I want freedom for me, and I want freedom for my family.

Stefano: Freedom means a lot of different things to people.

E.J.: Not today. Right here, right now, it means only one thing.

Stefano: There's a price to pay for freedom.

E.J.: Sure. There is also a price to pay for my silence. Now, I'm quite happy to spill my guts to the Salem Police Department. So, I suggest you back off and I shut up. It's as simple as that.

Stefano: Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm. All right. All right. I'll open up your bank account. I will return your furniture. Now, run along because I have things to do. Our family's future is on the line.

E.J.: I'm sure you'll take care of it.

Stefano: Oh, Elvis. Don't ever threaten me again, hmm?

E.J.: I don't think I'll need to. I think we understand each other.

Hope: You know she's buying into this. It's what she wants to hear.

Roman: I just wish we could get more information from our psychic friend. Her answers were a bit sketchy.

Hope: Marlena believes her. That's the problem.

Bo: She believes her because that's all she's got -- some so-called psychic who says John's alive.

Marlena: This so-called psychic may be fake, but my feelings about it are very real. focus on celebrity. Oh, my God.

Belle: Philip's helping you?

Chloe: I didn't have anyone else to turn to. Brady disappears and everyone thinks I had something to do with it, even Marlena. But Philip believed me, so he helped cover my legal costs.

Shawn D.: Philip. He's just full of surprises, isn't he?

Caroline: Okay, come on. Hey! Ta-da! Oh, hi, Belle.

Belle: Hi!

Caroline: [Laughs] Yeah, we're celebrating Shawn's first day at the academy with a cake. You want a piece?

Belle: No, none for me, thanks. But here, if I could get Claire's piece to go, that would be great.

Caroline: Okay, this is yours.

Belle: Let's get your jacket on. Come here, sweetie. Here we go. You in? Let's get your bag. You're gonna get your cake. Come here.

Caroline: That's for you, kiddie poo. It's for you, kiddie poo.

Belle: Thank you very much, Caroline.

Caroline: You're welcome.

Shawn D.: Bye, Claire.

Claire: Bye, Daddy.

Sami: They like to take baths. I don't know what to say.

E.J.: Yeah, it looks like you took a bit of one yourself.

Sami: Yeah, well, I wish I had after dealing with that lawyer.

E.J.: I'm guessing that wasn't much fun.

Sami: No, it was not exactly a barrel of laughs. Look, E.J., let's just talk about it. What happened with Stefano?

E.J.: Well, I think that we came to an understanding.

Sami: Really? Excuse me for being a little bit skeptical.

E.J.: Maybe you have a right to be. I'm taking Tony's advice. He told me, "if you want to be free from my father's control, you need to be prepared to stand toe-to-toe with him and exchange blows."

Sami: So, you're telling me you're ready to fight Stefano?

E.J.: Somebody else told me that freedom comes with a price. So I'm going to pay that price. I don't want to spend the rest of my life worrying about my son.

Sami: I worry about him every day.

E.J.: Then help me. Join with me against my father.

Hope: Marlena... I would love to believe that by some miracle, John's alive. But take a step back and think about it. It's just not possible.

Marlena: No. It's not possible. Do you think that I haven't taken a step back? Of course I have. I know what false hope is. This is not false hope. This is real. That's why I want you to get a search warrant to get us into the mansion.

Roman: Doc, I have nothing to take to a judge that would compel him to order a warrant.

Marlena: How about the fact that John is alive and he's trapped there?

Roman: Marlena, there is a death certificate that says otherwise.

Marlena: Well, then find a different way.

Bo: There's no way to get into Stefano's place right now.

Marlena: There's always a way.

Hope: Marlena, you've been through hell. Let's sit down for a bit, okay?

Bo: Yeah, I'll get you some water.

Marlena: You think I'm losing it, don't you? I can see the pity in your eyes. I'm not losing it. I can't do this alone. I need your help.

Bo: And we'll do everything we can.

Hope: Yes, we will. Now, come on. Let's sit down.

Marlena: No. Placating me isn't gonna change what I believe. Look, under the circumstances, I think I've been pretty damn rational. I'm not running out there alone trying to do anything by myself that's crazy. You're my friends. Even if you can't accept what I'm believing, if you find it inconceivable, the least you can do is give me the benefit of the doubt.

Nick: Hey, I'm sorry. I got here as fast as I could.

Marlena: What did you find out? Did you get it?

Nick: Yes, but you're not gonna like it.

Nick: Oh, uh... is it okay to talk about this in front of them?

Marlena: I'll explain to them later about it. What did you find?

Nick: Okay, so, the ashes that were in John's urn -- I ran the test twice, and I'm not sure exactly what they were, but they definitely weren't John's.

Marlena: They weren't?

Nick: Um, no. They're at least three years old.

Marlena: [Squeals] Oh, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Nick: You're welcome.

Marlena: And thank you so much for coming to find me.

Nick: Absolutely. I'll see you all later.

Marlena: Yes. Yes.

Hope: Goodbye.

Marlena: There it is. He's alive. I knew it. I knew it. So, how about getting on that search warrant now, hmm?

Roman: Marlena, just because those weren't John's ashes in that urn doesn't mean he's still alive. Look, a lot of unusual things have happened to John's body. First you had him buried. Then you had the body dug up and cremated because you were afraid of what Stefano was going to do. And now you're saying that Stefano did do something to the body. You're obsessed with this. You're not thinking straight. You haven't thought straight since John died. And nobody can blame you for that.

Marlena: You know me. I need you to stand by me. I need you to indulge me here. Look, maybe you don't believe what I believe, but I know you would love to search that mansion. And who knows? If we get inside, maybe we'll find John and maybe we'll even find Brady.

Roman: I tell you what -- I will do the very best I can.

Marlena: Get the warrant. I know you can do that.

Roman: Okay. It might take a while.

Marlena: How long is a while?

Hope: You know, even if we did get into the mansion, he might not be there. The very idea that --

Marlena: Listen to you. You believe it's possible that he's alive, don't you?

Hope: I don't know. Maybe.

Marlena: Well, I know he is alive, and I'm going to find him.

Bo: He could be anywhere.

Marlena: Then we'll start with the mansion first and go from there. And if we have a problem, we'll find another way to get inside the mansion.

Chloe: I'm sorry.

Shawn D.: About what?

Chloe: You and Belle. I feel like maybe I made things worse between you two.

Shawn D.: Look, it's not your fault, Chloe. It's Belle. She'll look for any reason she can to get ticked off at me. It doesn't matter because we're through.

Chloe: About Philip –

Shawn D.: Oh, yeah. Philip.

Chloe: I know that you didn't like hearing that he helped me out.

Shawn D.: You did what you had to do.

Chloe: Yeah, I did. But I still care about your feelings, especially after what happened.

Shawn D.: I appreciate your concern, but...

Chloe: But what? What's on your mind, Shawn?

Shawn D.: Look, what's the deal with Philip? What is this hold that he has over you and Belle?

Philip: Yeah. Uh-huh. Just give me a call back later today. I think we can have that handled. Hey, Rick, we'll talk later, okay? Hey, sweetie. How you doing? What do you got there?

Claire: Cake.

Philip: Cake? You want somebody to help you eat that? What is it?

Belle: You want to sit down and eat that, baby?

Philip: Sit down.

Belle: Will you get her a fork, please?

Philip: Yeah.

Belle: Come here, baby. [Sighing] Okay.

Philip: Here you go, sweetie. I'm glad you found me. I'm always up for nice surprises.

Belle: Hmm. The one I just got wasn't so nice.

Philip: What happened?

Belle: You helped Chloe fight extradition.

Philip: I did.

Belle: Why? What kind of games are you playing, Philip?

Sami: Nothing to worry about. Allie's pacifier fell out. She's okay.

E.J.: Hey, let me help you, please. You've been on your feet morning and evening. It's about time, actually, maybe you took a break. Look, I, um, also wanted to apologize. I'm sorry if what I said earlier upset you, you know, about joining forces to fight my father. It was just, you know, wishful thinking.

Sami: Listen, E.J., I am trying to understand what you're going through here. But I hope you can begin to see what it has been like for us, that your father has been an unending threat to my family. [Sighs] Lucas is in jail now, tearing my family apart yet again. And... [Sighs] I don't know what's gonna happen.

E.J.: I understand what your family's going through and has been through for such a long time. But I'm looking to the future, Samantha. I want to see a future of hope. I'm gonna make sure that nothing happens to you and my son. I'm a fighter. And that's what I intend to do.

Sami: I know a little something about fighting, E.J.

E.J.: Yeah. You don't need to convince me of that.

Sami: I trusted you once. You told me we were on the same side, that we wanted the same things. I don't make the same mistakes twice. I'm not saying that I'm gonna trust you. But I will help you fight Stefano.

Chloe: I just need you to please trust me and please help me if I need you to.

Philip: Why should I?

Chloe: I thought we were friends.

Philip: Now I get it. This big come-on wasn't about rekindling old flames. You just want to use me.

Chloe: That's not true. We are friends, and I care about you.

Philip: Why'd you really come back, Chloe?

Chloe: I missed my friends, my life. Salem is home.

Philip: That's all?

Chloe: Because... because I'm scared. I had nowhere else to turn. Mmm! Cake with a beer chaser. Doesn't get much better than that.

Shawn D.: You're a lucky girl.

Chloe: Maybe just tonight.

Shawn D.: Beating extradition seems pretty lucky to me.

Chloe: Listen. I went to Philip because he had the resources and the influence.

Shawn D.: Money and influence -- they're a couple of really nice things to have.

Chloe: You really think I wanted to go to him? I couldn't freak out my parents about this. I didn't have a choice. And you know what? He came through.

Shawn D.: Yeah, he did. And he just does things out of the kindness of his own heart. He's just that type of guy, isn't he?

Chloe: Maybe it's possible he believed me.

Shawn D.: Possible. It's unlikely, but it is possible.

Chloe: What about you, Shawn? Do you believe me?

Shawn D.: Did you have something to do with Brady's disappearance?

Chloe: No.

Shawn D.: Well, you have to admit, coming back into town acting like nothing happened, outing Belle at our high-school reunion seems a little weird. I mean, you didn't even show any concern for your own husband.

Chloe: You're starting to sound like a cop.

Shawn D.: I'm curious, that's all.

Chloe: I know it doesn't look good, Shawn, but you have to believe me. I was petrified that they were gonna send me back to Vienna.

Shawn D.: If you didn't do anything wrong, then why are you afraid?

Chloe: The people who took Brady threatened me if I told anyone. Don't you think they'd come after me if I went back? That's the truth. Do you believe me?

Shawn D.: Yeah, I do believe you.

Chloe: [Sighs] And the whole Belle and Philip episode – I don't even know what to say about that. I found out about them by accident. You're a good guy, Shawn. I hated seeing them take advantage of you like that. You deserve so much more.

Belle: What am I supposed to believe, Philip? You tell me I'm in danger and then you go and help the number-one suspect in my brother's disappearance?

Philip: Chloe needed my help. I helped her. And I don't think she had anything to do with whatever happened to Brady.

Belle: And why is that?

Philip: Because that's what she told me. And I believed her. And I meant it when I said that I was worried about you. Those guys who took Brady aren't messing around. That's why I'm worried about Chloe. That's why I didn't want her going back.

Belle: You're worried about Chloe. That's fascinating. I didn't know you cared so much about her.

Philip: Are you jealous?

E.J.: Well, they put all the furniture back. I've never seen a bed in the kitchen before, but there you go.

Sami: I'm thrilled for you, E.J. Listen, I need to try to get a nap before it's feeding time for the twins.

E.J.: Sure. Okay, I'll head back over.

Sami: E.J...

E.J.: Yes?

Sami: I meant what I said. If you're really ready to fight Stefano, I'll stand with you.

E.J.: Look, I've given that some thought, and thank you, but this is my fight. [Knock on door] I'll get that on the way out.

Sami: Thank you.

Marlena: Oh, E.J. I'm so glad you're here.

Chloe: Oh!

Shawn D.: What wall are you aiming for?

Chloe: The one with the dart thingy on it.

Shawn D.: It's a dart board. And, God, you're lousy at this.

Chloe: You know what, Mr. Dart Master? How are you at singing an Aria?

Shawn D.: I'm probably about as good as you are at playing darts. But the difference is I would know which way to aim my voice.

Chloe: Ha ha. Okay, so I don't have great hand-eye coordination. Brady used to tease me about that.

Shawn D.: He's gonna turn up.

Chloe: Yeah. Even though we were having problems, talking about divorce, I still love him. I pray every night that he's all right. When you loved somebody, I mean really loved them, even if things don't work out, your feelings for them don't just vanish.

Shawn D.: I know exactly what you're talking about. So, what do you say we play another game? Winner buys next round?

Chloe: Okay. I'm gonna get it this time.

Shawn D.: Ooh! Two points.

Belle: Give me a break. Jealous of Chloe? She came on to you. So what? Paid off. Good for her.

Philip: Now, you give me a break. There's nothing between me and Chloe. There never will be. But I'm not turning my back on a friend.

Belle: A friend. Well, okay, then. You know what? You and Shawn can go hang out with Chloe as long as you want.

Philip: If it'll make you feel better, I won't hang out with her. I told you, you're the only one I'm interested in.

Belle: Well, if that's true, then why did you keep this from me? It makes me wonder what else you're hiding.

Philip: You're making a big deal out of nothing.

Belle: You think this is nothing?

Philip: Yes. That's what it is. Look, we both had a rough day --

Belle: Don't pretend like this doesn't matter. It does matter. It matters to me.

Sami: Mom! Mom, what are you doing here?

Marlena: John is alive.

Sami: What are you talking about?

Marlena: Stefano has him, and I'll tell you all about that later.

Hope: We're not sure about any of it yet.

Marlena: We have to get inside the mansion.

Sami: Does daddy know about this, Mom?

Marlena: Yes. He's trying to get a search warrant right now. But we're not sure that time is on our side. So we have to get inside the mansion before Stefano realizes what we know.

Sami: Okay, Mom. Then what are we doing here?

Marlena: We need E.J.'s help.

E.J.: I don't know how I can do that.

Marlena: You can get us into the mansion. And if you know where John is or where Stefano's holding him, please tell us.

E.J.: I'm sorry. I can’t.

Shawn D.: Thanks.

Chloe: For what?

Shawn D.: For being there for Claire and me.

Chloe: I enjoyed it. Really. It's nice actually having a friend in Salem.

Shawn D.: [Chuckles]

Chloe: Hey, I'll get you copies of the pictures I took. I think I got some really good ones of Claire. She's so cute.

Shawn D.: Sounds good to me. I hope it's okay, me bringing up Brady.

Chloe: It's not the first time the topic has come up. It means everything that you believe me.

Shawn D.: Good. So, what do you say we do this more often, maybe keep each other out of trouble?

Chloe: Sure. It's a deal.

Philip: Can we talk about this at my place?

Belle: What are we gonna talk about, trust?

Philip: Okay, maybe it was a mistake I didn't tell you about Chloe.

Belle: Maybe?

Philip: It was a mistake, all right? Can we just get past this?

Belle: I need someone that I can believe, someone I can rely on. And you're not that person.

Philip: Yes, I am.

Belle: I can't believe after everything we've been through that you would do this. You know, if I can't trust you, we have nothing.

Philip: You're not being rational.

Belle: Come on, baby. You want to go? Yeah. Let's go.

Bo: You can't or you won't help us?

Marlena: E.J., I know what we're asking. We're asking that you betray your father. Roman says you won't do that because you're just like Stefano...but I don't believe that's true. I've seen how much you love your son. You told me yourself you want to change, and I believe that's also true. Why don't you prove to Roman and everybody else that you have changed? Please. E.J., John means the world to me.

Sami: You know what, Mom? E.J.'s told me, too, that he's changed. We talked tonight about fighting Stefano. He told me he was just there. So, if he says he doesn't know anything, I think we should believe him.

E.J.: You shouldn’t. I do know something. And...you're right. He's not dead.

Nick: Girls, we're gonna vote on the theme for the Valentine's Day ball. Then we have to figure out what to do with the frat guy we killed.

Chelsea: Would you shut up?

Philip: What do you want me to do? Name it.

Belle: You can help me put my marriage back together.

Rolf: He is progressing very nicely.

Stefano: Good. Our friend here can embark on his mission even sooner.

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