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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 1/1/08 - Canada; Wednesday 1/2/08 - U.S.A.

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[Indistinct conversations in distance]

[Horn honking]

All: Happy New Year!

[Doorbell rings]

Marlena: Oh, hi, Rebecca. I thought you and Richard were giving a party.

Rebecca: Well, the party's just getting started, so I thought I'd see if you were gonna come by.

Marlena: Oh, I got the invitation. I'm so sorry I didn't call you. I'm so sorry. Oh, my gosh. Um, I think I'll just stay in with a good book tonight, though.

Rebecca: I understand. Well, if I don't see you before, Happy New Year, Marlena.

Marlena: You too. Thanks. Goodnight. [Sighs] All righty. Where... were we? [Jazz music plays in distance] All right. I get it.

Bo: This forensics report -- it's no help.

Roman: Don't get pepperoni on the report there, all right?

Bo: I won’t. You think Chloe's telling the truth?

Roman: Brady has been missing how long now?

Bo: It says here a couple of months. Right there is the exact date.

Roman: She should have been here day one, asking for help.

Bo: What, instead of going to her high-school reunion?

Roman: Yeah, her priorities are a little strange.

Delivery Guy: Excuse me. Bo Brady?

Bo: Yeah, that's me.

Delivery Guy: Here you go.

Bo: This is -- okay. All right.

Delivery Guy: And if you could sign those for me. Oh, these came with it.

Bo: Okay. Hold on.

Delivery Guy: Thank you. Happy New Year.

Bo: Yeah, hold on. Here. Ah, hell, take it all. Happy New Year.

Delivery Guy: Thank you.

Roman: Happy New Year. Yeah. Well, go ahead. Open the card.

Bo: I'm trying.

Roman: Come on. Out loud, please.

Bo: Just see what's in there, would you, nosy?

Roman: You got it.

Bo: "Get your handsome self over here to Chez --"

Roman: Wait a minute. You sure that card's not for me?

Bo: It says "handsome." "I've got plans for those lips at midnight. Don't keep me waiting. Love, Hope."

Roman: Wow. And you have such a beautiful gown here, too, Cinderella.

Bo: Yeah, I do. So, what do you say? Can I go?

Roman: Well, promise not to turn into a pumpkin at midnight.

Bo: I'll take that as a "yes."

Roman: Yeah, I think I can handle things here. Go be with your wife.

Bo: Thanks. Happy New Year.

Roman: Yeah. Happy New Year to you, little bro, okay? Have a great party.

Bo: Thanks.

Roman: You look like Cinderella.

Bo: Get out of here, would you?

Kayla: Well, that one was pretty good.

Steve: I'm gonna need a lot more practice before the big night.

Kayla: Mmm. I don't know.

Steve: I'm working on the perfect kiss to bring in the new year.

Kayla: I think you're pretty close.

Steve: I love a good challenge.

Kayla: [Giggles]

Steve: Mmm.

Kayla: Doesn't this feel wonderful?

Steve: Yeah, it does.

Kayla: I mean, look at us. This beautiful room, together like this. It's like we've done this every year of our marriage.

Steve: And we're gonna do it every year from now on.

Kayla: You look so handsome in your suit, Mr. Johnson.

Steve: I do?

Kayla: Mm-hmm.

Steve: Well, you are the most beautiful woman in this room.

Kayla: Are you trying to sweep me off my feet?

Steve: Yeah. Is it working?

Kayla: [Giggles]

Maggie: I may have to name you the most beautiful couple in the room.

Hope: Looks like we have some stiff competition tonight.

Bo: We'll blow them away.

Hope: Oh, you're awfully confident, Mr. Brady.

Bo: Because I have my beautiful wife on my arm, who has great taste in tuxedos.

Hope: Mmm. You look like a model.

Bo: A model what?

Maggie: Have you spoken to Marlena? Is she coming?

Hope: She said she may -- may meet us here, but she didn't sound very convincing.

Maggie: Well, maybe it's too soon.

Marlena: Since when could John and I ever resist a fabulous party?

Hope: Oh, you made it! [Laughter]

Bo: Wow.

Hope: Wow. I'm sorry. You said that, didn't you?

Bo: Yeah. You look beautiful.

Marlena: You are charming.

Maggie: John would be so proud of you. Well, he practically insisted that I come and celebrate, and I was never very good at saying "no" to him.

Bo: Okay. Shall we?

Hope: Yeah.

Marlena: Oh, thank you, sir.

Bo: Happy New Year, Kayla.

Kayla: You too.

Steve: Same to you, Bo-Bo.

Bo: How did you get him to dress up?

Kayla: I have my secrets.

Steve: The guy said it wasn't a tux! Happy New Year, Hope.

Hope: Happy New Year, Steven.

Steve: Marlena.

Marlena: Yes.

Steve: Look at you! Happy New Year!

Marlena: Thank you, Steve.

Steve: I just got to do this. I know you'll understand, sweetness. Come here now. You ready? Here we go.

Marlena: Oh!

Steve: [Smooches] You know what that's for? That's for showing up tonight. Okay, we can all take our seats.

Marlena: All right. Thank you.

Hope: Thank you.

Steve: I don't know about you, Beauregard, but this is my kind of being outnumbered.

Bo: Yep. Beautiful women -- it's paradise.

Kayla: Yeah. I think it should be New Year's Eve every night.

Hope: I was thinking exactly the same thing.

Bo: The holidays bring out the romantic in all of us.

Steve: I'm feeling romantical.

Marlena: I'd to make to make the first official toast.

Bo: You have the floor.

Marlena: Thank you. To cherished friends, wonderful memories, and long and happy lives together.

Bo: Hear, hear.

Hope: Cheers.

Steve: Good toast.

Kayla: Cheers. Cheers.

Bo: Toast to you.

Kayla: To you, too.

Steve: [Laughs]

Bo: I'll get the next round.

Steve: And my doctor's bank account. [Laughter]

Philip: So, all you know is that a bunch of strange men broke into your place and took your husband for no reason.

Chloe: I don't know why they wanted Brady, but I'm innocent.

Philip: Innocent people call the police. They don't wait to have them track them down on another continent.

Chloe: I told you why I didn't call, but I didn't do anything wrong.

Philip: You hid a kidnapping. You lied by omission. I don't know about Austria, but that gets you a lot of years on this side of the ocean.

Chloe: I told you. I tried to find Brady, but somebody slid a note under my door warning me to stop or they'd kill him.

Philip: Where's the note?

Chloe: I threw it away.

Philip: You threw away evidence that could help prove your story.

Chloe: I packed as fast as I could that night and just caught the next plane home, okay?

Philip: Let's assume I believe you.

Chloe: Just tell me what you want.

Philip: I'm hoping a woman who'd hide her husband's disappearance won't have a problem with what I have in mind to secure her freedom.

Shawn D.: Belle, whatever it is, say it.

Belle: [Voice breaking] I cheated on you. I slept with Philip. It happened one time, right after my dad died and I was really upset and confused, and it didn't mean anything. I'm so sorry. I love you. I know I've put this lie between us, but I don't want to start the new year this way. I want us to be really honest with each other. Shawn. Look at me. Please talk to me.

Shawn D.: Talk to Philip. That's what you do when you have a problem. You run to him, and you sleep with him.

Belle: It will never, ever happen again.

Shawn D.: When? When did you sleep with him? Was it before or after we got married?

Belle: Before.

Shawn D.: And you stood there and promised to be faithful to me? All the nights when we were together, you were lying next to me, and it was all a lie.

Belle: No. The truth is I love you.

Shawn D.: And you love Philip, too.

Belle: I want us to stay a family. Baby, we can get past this if you'll just forgive me. Please. Please say you'll try.

Hope: Okay, a toast to girls' weekend at a decadent spa.

Kayla: Oh, well, now, there's a resolution I'll get behind. Cheers.

Marlena: Yes, yes.

Bo: Okay, it's my turn to make a toast.

Kayla: Oh, no, here we go.

Steve: We should order food first.

Hope: Okay, stop. Go. Toast away.

Bo: All right. At your birthday party, I made a toast to you, and I think that's a good way to start this evening. All of us here at this table have known great loves. And here's to you, my one and only great love. And to my sister...

Steve: Oh, yeah.

Bo: ...Who has as much grace as she does beauty -- and that's saying something -- who sees the good in everyone and everything.

Hope: That's true.

Bo: You are my hero.

Kayla: Oh, Bo.

Bo: And to Marlena for joining us tonight for this celebration. You are part of this family. And you're beautiful, smart, and funny. You turned every male head in here tonight. John was a lucky man and, uh, smart enough to know it. So, here's to you and Kay and to my beautiful wife.

Steve: All right.

Bo: Cheers.

Kayla: Cheers. Thank you.

Hope: You're a poet.

Bo: Yeah, right.

Marlena: Thank you.

Steve: Well, you left me out. Aren't you gonna toast me? [Laughter]

Bo: Maybe roast you.

Steve: Oh, roast?

Hope: Hey, I think they're playing your song.

Steve: Hmm. Hey, Marlena.

Marlena: Yes.

Steve: If you let me make every dude in this room jealous, I promise not to step on your toes.

Bo: Right.

Marlena: Gee, maybe later. [Laughter]

Kayla: Here, here, dance with me. We'll make every girl in the room jealous.

Steve: Yeah, baby, I'll dance with you.

Bo: My sister deserves a medal.

Steve: I heard that.

Kayla: Sorry.

Steve: She leads. I follow.

Steve: Wait a minute, baby. Come here. What's that look?

Kayla: What look?

Steve: The look you always get when you're about to drop a bombshell.

Kayla: It's no bombshell. We've been talking about this for weeks.

Steve: We talk about a lot of things.

Kayla: I made an appointment with a fertility specialist at the hospital.

Steve: And?

Kayla: And we need to do some tests.

Steve: Yeah?

Kayla: Yeah, it's nothing major. And we get to do all this homework.

Steve: When does class begin?

Kayla: Right now.

Bo: Marlena. How you holding up?

Marlena: I'm holding up. I don't want anybody to feel guilty because we're celebrating tonight.

Bo: Is it okay to worry about you?

Marlena: Sure it is. I miss John, especially at times like this. I expect to look up and see him holding a glass of champagne. I'm trying very hard not to feel like I've let him down.

Hope: How could you possibly let him down?

Marlena: Because right now John would be on a plane with a plan to find Brady.

Bo: Roman and I are in contact with the Austrian authorities. We'll find Brady.

Marlena: I'm not exactly a bystander, you know. I made a resolution tonight to John. I'm going to find a way to pull our family back together. That's exactly what I'm going to do.

Bo: Well, that's a promise we can help you keep.

Hope: Absolutely.

Chloe: I don't have time for games, Philip. That Austrian guy creeps me out. He's out there somewhere, sizing me up for a jail cell.

Philip: I'm guessing for 10 to 20 if you don't take my deal.

Chloe: What's your deal?

Philip: I'll keep it simple. In exchange for my help, I want you to move in on Shawn.

Chloe: Define "move in."

Philip: You will get as close to him as humanly possible. Any more questions?

Shawn D.: You want me to forgive you?

Belle: More than anything.

Shawn D.: We're just gonna get past you cheating on me?

Belle: Not right away. But, Shawn, we can work towards trusting each other again.

Shawn D.: I did trust you, Belle. I loved you. I forgave you for trying to keep me out of the academy. I forgave you for plotting with Philip to try and make me look like a phony hero. I don't owe you a damn thing.

Belle: We have a daughter.

Shawn D.: Did you even think of Claire when you were lying in bed with him? And don't drop your guilt on me just to make yourself feel better so you can live with yourself.

Belle: That's not why I told you.

Shawn D.: Right. So, we're just supposed to start over. How many times is that gonna make? How many?

Belle: I can't take back what I did.

Shawn D.: Why did you even marry me?

Belle: Because I love you. And I want to spend my life with you. I told Philip I don't want him in our lives anymore. I never want to see him again.

Shawn D.: So, that job that you set up for me to get me out of town, you're telling me that, that was for us, too?

Belle: Yes. I know it's hard to believe now, but it was.

Shawn D.: I fell for it all, Belle, all the lies, all the excuses... all the reasons that you cooked up to be with him. I did everything except hand him the key to our bedroom. I don't blame you. I blame myself.

Belle: No, you didn't do anything wrong.

Shawn D.: Yeah, I did. I chose to trust you one too many times.

Belle: I won't give up. I love you.

Shawn D.: Those are just words, Belle. You don't know how to love anyone. I was just too blind to see it.

Kayla: [Laughing] What are you doing?

Steve: It's a fertility dance, baby.

Kayla: If only it were that easy.

Steve: Don't be negative.

Kayla: Listen to me. It's not that big a deal. All you have to do is go over to the clinic and give a sample. And then you're pretty much done.

Steve: I can do that.

Kayla: Thank you. [Laughs]

Steve: Don't doubt me. Dance with me. Come on, baby.

Kayla: [Laughing] Okay.

Steve: Come on.

Kayla: Okay.

Steve: Nobody's looking.

Chloe: You plan to pimp me out for bail and a decent lawyer?

Philip: I'm not suggesting you proposition the man.

Chloe: How else are you gonna separate Shawn and Belle?

Philip: Belle is already in love with me.

Chloe: That explains the ring on her finger.

Philip: Shawn is her default mode.

Chloe: No, he's her husband and the love of her life.

Philip: I'm not discussing the intimate details of my relationship with Belle.

Chloe: I can't believe this. You and Shawn used to be such good friends.

Philip: Oh, you know the gloves came off a long time ago.

Chloe: Yeah, well, I don't know about Belle, but Shawn is in love with his wife, end of story.

Philip: Take the deal, Chloe. We say goodbye, and this time it looks like it could be forever.

[Door opens, closes]

Belle: There isn't anything that you can say to me that I haven't already said to myself.

Shawn D.: Give me a reason -- just one. Were you hedging bets in case we didn't work out?

Belle: No.

Shawn D.: Because I don't have enough money, and I can't buy you a big house?

Belle: I don't care about those things.

Shawn D.: I bent over backwards to make you happy. I did everything that I could to provide for you and Claire.

Belle: I know. And I thought you finding that gun would change everything.

Shawn D.: You took the one thing that I had left -- my pride. It's obvious that you don't believe in me or us.

Belle: Don't say that.

Shawn D.: You said tonight was about the truth, and that is the truth.

Belle: Do you love me... [Sniffles] ...Even after everything I've told you? Do you? In truth. [Sniffles]

Shawn D.: Yes.

Belle: Then we can fix this. It'll take hard work and time, but I don't care how long, Shawn. We don't have to be over. We can learn from this, and we'll be stronger. [Voice breaking] Just tell me you want that.

Shawn D.: What I want... is a divorce.

Belle: [Crying] No!

Bo: That was quite a surprise you had for me at the station.

Hope: Well, thanks for showing up.

Bo: You got to thank roman. He's the one who's covering for me.

Hope: He didn't mind.

Bo: No, I think he was happy to have an excuse to work all night long.

Hope: He could have escorted Marlena.

Bo: Ooh, let's not go there.

Hope: What did I say?

Bo: It's what you're thinking.

Hope: How does the suit fit?

Bo: You're changing the subject.

Hope: Yes, I am.

Bo: Have I told you how much I love you?

Hope: Not in the last five minutes.

Bo: Seeing Marlena here alone -- it really hits home. Every dance counts.

Hope: Do you think she's having a good time tonight?

Bo: Hard to tell.

Hope: She's really worried about Brady.

Bo: Yeah. She can't take another loss. Her life will never be the same without John.

Would you like to dance? Are you all right?

Marlena: I'm fine. Um... maybe later.

I'll look forward to it.

Chloe: A peace offering?

Philip: We're not a war, Chloe.

Chloe: I'm a prisoner.

Philip: Not mine and not for very long.

Chloe: If I seduce Shawn.

Philip: Not exactly. For all that Brady swagger, Shawn lacks confidence. He craves respect.

Chloe: Doesn't Belle respect him?

Philip: She thinks she does, but in the end, she tries to fix things to bolster his ego.

Chloe: That's crazy. Shawn's fine the way he is.

Philip: Good. You're already defending him.

Chloe: I'm not defending him. It's the truth. Shawn's a great guy -- always has been.

Philip: Your job is to make him believe in himself. Once he sees that confidence in your eyes, the rest will take care of itself.

Chloe: I won't use Shawn.

Philip: See that guy out there? His name's Greer. He kept a certain magazine heir out of a Thai prison. Say the word, and he'll work his magic for you, unless, of course, you're ready for a steady diet of sauerkraut and Vienna sausages served up on dirty metal trays.

Chloe: How long till I'm out?

Philip: I was hoping we could ring in the new year together.

Chloe: You buying?

Philip: Of course.

Belle: [Crying] No divorce. We are not ending our marriage without trying.

Shawn D.: We never had a marriage. I don't want to fight over Claire. You're a good mother.

Belle: Please don't make it sound like we're over.

Shawn D.: I'll pay you support, and I'll get as much visitation as I can.

Belle: You sound like we're already divorced.

Shawn D.: We never should have gotten married, Belle.

Belle: I don't believe that.

Shawn D.: I can't help what you believe. My folks are gonna be here in a little while to celebrate, and I don't want them knowing about us. So I think it would be best if you just went to your mom's house and stayed the night.

Belle: What about Claire?

Shawn D.: She's asleep. We'll move her when you get settled somewhere. Until then, she's got me and my grandma to help out.

Belle: Shawn.

Shawn D.: Belle, I still have a lot to do before they get here.

Belle: [Sobbing] No.

Bo: Have you made a new year's resolution?

Hope: Marlena's got me thinking about our own family.

Bo: What about us?

Hope: For one, we barely see Chelsea now that she's started college and joined the sorority. I want to spend more time with her.

Bo: That's a great idea.

Hope: And Ciara needs her big sister.

Bo: And Shawn needs his sister. And Chelsea...she can go talk to Shawn when she feels she can't come to us.

Hope: I got it. I got a great idea to bring us all together as a family.

Bo: Let's hear it.

Hope: Sundays. Sundays will be family time, just like it was when Shawn was younger. What do you say? We won't make any other plans or outside commitments, and we'll have family dinners and long talks around the table.

Bo: We can all wash the dishes.

Hope: And you'll do all the dishes. No, I'll help. And we'll play games.

Bo: Yeah, let's do it.

Hope: Great. I'm so excited. Now all we have to do is just convince the kids.

Bo: All we can do is give it a shot.

Hope: That's what my new year's resolution is. What about you?

Bo: Not so much a resolution as a new year's wish.

Hope: Oh. What is it?

Bo: I'll have to show you a little later.

Hope: I'm sure you will.

Marlena: What are you doing here?

Crystal: I've been trying to find you.

Marlena: How did you know that I would be here?

Crystal: It's not important.

Marlena: I went back to the building. It's a construction site -- hasn't been rented for months. Why did you lie to me?

Crystal: I'm trying to help you.

Marlena: About John?

Crystal: No. His son.

Marlena: Brady? Do you know where Brady is?

All right. I think I have everything I need, Mr. Kiriakis.

Philip: Great. I'll let you two finish up.

Chloe: Thanks, Philip. Oh, wait. One more thing. The men that took Brady, they said something about Belle. They took a picture we had of her. I don't know if that means anything, but I hope not.

Philip: Why didn't you tell me this before? I've got to find Belle, right away.

Marlena: Where is Brady? Is he all right?

Crystal: He's in danger.

Marlena: What kind of danger?

Crystal: He needs you.

Marlena: What can I do?

Crystal: The picture will guide you.

Marlena: What picture?

Crystal: John received one before he died.

Marlena: How do you know that?! Of course. You can't tell me that.

Crystal: I can tell you this. That young man's destiny depends on you.

Marlena: Who are you?

Crystal: A friend.

Marlena: Why do you say John's alive? And I want proof.

Crystal: My word is proof.

Marlena: Not good enough. Did you see his obituary and decide that I could be an easy mark for you?

Crystal: I'm trying to help you!

Marlena: Then tell me where Brady is. Wait. And about the picture. Tell me about the picture.

Marlena: Wait a minute!

Bo: Marlena, are you all right?

Hope: We thought you'd left.

Kayla: Who was that woman?

Marlena: Nobody at all. I'm sorry. I have to go.

Hope: What was that all about?

Bo: I have no idea.

Steve: I think we better find out.

Shawn D.: Did you check on Claire?

Belle: She's still asleep.

Shawn D.: You need help with that? We'll talk about Claire tomorrow.

Belle: So that's it. It's over. I thought you'd fight for us.

Shawn D.: There's nothing left to fight for.

[Door closes]

Belle: [Crying]

[Approaching footsteps]

Philip: Belle.

Belle: [Sniffles] Oh, God.

Philip: What's wrong?

Belle: Nothing. I'm fine.

Philip: What happened?

Belle: Just leave me alone, Philip.

Philip: Not like this. Where are you going?

Belle: Shawn and I broke up.

Philip: What happened?

Belle: I told him about us.

Philip: Belle... sweetie, I'm sorry.

Belle: Why are you even here?

Philip: I came to warn you. Chloe claims you could be in danger.

[Approaching footsteps]

Philip: Belle.

Belle: [Sniffles] Oh, God.

Philip: What's wrong?

Belle: Nothing. I'm fine.

Philip: What happened?

Belle: Just leave me alone, Philip.

Philip: Not like this. Where are you going?

Belle: Shawn and I broke up.

Philip: What happened?

Belle: I told him about us.

Philip: Belle... sweetie, I'm sorry.

Belle: Why are you even here?

Philip: I came to warn you. Chloe claims you could be in danger.

Belle: Wow. Well, Chloe can go to hell and so can you.

Marlena: Roman, where is she?

Roman: Doc, you look great.

Marlena: I want to see Chloe.

Roman: Just slow down. Slow down.

Marlena: Who's in there with her?

Roman: That's her lawyer. Name's Greer.

Marlena: Did she call him?

Roman: No, I think Philip brought him in.

Marlena: Where is Brady?

Chloe: My lawyer says I can't talk about it.

Marlena: Where is Brady?

Greer: My client was just assaulted by this woman.

Chloe: It's okay. It's my mother-in-law.

Greer: We'll press charges, then.

Roman: Just back off.

Chloe: It's all right. I'll handle this myself.

Greer: You sure about that?

Chloe: Yes.

Greer: You let me know if you change your mind.

Chloe: I really have to go.

Marlena: Is that more important than finding Brady?

Chloe: I want Brady home safe as much as you do.

Marlena: Mmm. Who's crystal?

Chloe: Who?

Roman: Did you get a lead, doc?

Marlena: I'm not sure.

Chloe: I don't know anybody named crystal.

Marlena: Is she working for the DiMeras? Are you two working on something together?

Chloe: No! I would never do anything to hurt Brady or you.

Roman: Look, why don't we take this into my office?

Marlena: That's a good idea.

Chloe: No, I'm sorry. If you have any more questions, you're gonna have to call my lawyer.

Roman: Doc, doc. Let her go.

Kayla: It's good. Try it. He's such a baby. Okay, forget it. I bet Belle had something to do with this.

Hope: Honey, where is she?

Bo: She with Claire?

Shawn D.: No, Claire's upstairs with Grandma, sleeping. Belle decided to go over to Marlena's and ring in the new year with her.

Hope: That was sweet of her.

Kayla: We have very sweet kids sometimes, don't we?

Hope: Absolutely.

Bo: And on that note, I think we have time for one more toast before the new year.

Hope: I'm driving home.

Kayla: Not another one. Okay, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Bo: To our kids -- the young and the not so young.

Kayla: Yeah.

Bo: May this new year bring you good fortune and good health but, mostly, the love, peace, and happiness you deserve.

Kayla: I'll drink to that. That's the best toast you had all night.

Hope: But I'm driving home.


Belle: [Sniffles] I didn't know where else to go.

Marlena: I'm so glad you came here.

Belle: [Crying] He won't even talk to me. He said he wants a divorce.

Marlena: Oh, baby. Give him some time. Just give him some time.

Belle: No. I asked him to forgive me. He said it was too much to expect after what I've done.

Marlena: That isn't so. Forgiveness is never too much to expect from someone you love.

Belle: [Crying]

Marlena: Oh, honey, honey, honey.


[Noisemakers blare]

[Indistinct conversations]

Kayla: Ready. Here we go.

Steve: Coming up on 10 seconds. Here we go. Here we go.

All: 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Happy New Year! [Noisemakers blare] Happy New Year!

["Auld Lang Syne" plays]

[Cheers, noisemakers blare]

Bo: Hey, hey! Come here! Happy New Year!

Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind?

Should auld acquaintance be forgot and auld Lang Syne?

Marlena: I made a promise I would put this family back together, and God help anybody who tries to stop me.

Stefano: Carmine.

Carmine: Yes, sir.

Stefano: There's something I need for you to do for me right away.

E.J.: Lucas is likely in some considerable danger.

Philip: Let me ask you a question, bro. Why are you so damn determined to pay?

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