Days Transcript Tuesday 12/26/06

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 12/26/06 - Canada; Wednesday 12/27/06 - U.S.A.


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Nick: Close the trap door while we're working down here, for safety's sake.

Abby: This is so weird. I mean, to think that this guy died in here in a church... Don't you find it odd that nobody found his body until now?

Nick: There could be even more Civil War soldiers down there -- maybe even a whole regiment.

Chelsea: Stop, Nick. You're freaking me out.

Abby: Don't you think it's disgusting that the skeleton fell on Mimi?

Chelsea: Forget about Mimi. Think about the poor dead guy. He gets shipped off to war, leaves his whole life behind and for what? To end up dead and alone and trapped in a basement. And the first female he comes I mean, that's what soldiers did. Whoever she was, wherever she was from, she was probably just waiting and waiting for him to come back, and he never did. It's so sad. I kind of know how she feels. I have no idea where Lonely Splicer is, and I would just --

Abby: I knew this would wind up being about you, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Nick, what is taking so long?

Lucas: Ooh.

Sami: Hey, Lucas, do you think we should keep going? I mean, we can barely see the road.

Lucas: Get off my back. That's why I'm going slow.

Sami: Watch it, okay? God. You know, and I'd still rather be stuck here in this car in a snowbank with you than back in Salem right now.

Lucas: That worried about it's too bad, too, 'cause I loved that job, and I was good at it. But it doesn't matter 'cause I would much rather be a happy family with you and Will than have any job in the world.

Sami: [Thumping] What is it?

Lucas: [Sighs]

Sami: What was that?

Lucas: Remember you said you'd rather be stuck in a snowbank than headed back to Salem? Hope you meant it.

[Door closes]

Hope: We're closed.

Patrick: Yeah? Even for me?

Hope: Patrick.

Patrick: You shouldn't be doing this alone.

Hope: Just a few decorations.

Patrick: Oh. So, are you ready?

Hope: For what?

Patrick: Our trip.

Hope: I'm not going.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

[Engine sputters]

Lucas: All right, try it now.

Sami: Almost. [Engine sputters]

Lucas: Is that any better?

Sami: I don't know, Lucas. It sounds like it's about to catch, and then it doesn’t.

Lucas: Brr. All right, the fuel injector's clogged.

Sami: Great, what does that mean?

Lucas: It means we're not going anywhere for a while.

Sami: What are we gonna do? We can't just sit here and turn into icicles.

Lucas: Better in here than out there. I haven't see a gas station in 15 miles or something.

Sami: I saw a cabin a while back.

Lucas: Where? I didn't see one.

Sami: It was on my side like a mile or two ago.

Lucas: A mile or two?

Sami: Maybe three.

Lucas: Any lights on?

Sami: I don't know. I don't think so.

Lucas: It'd be a waste of time to go check it out if there are no lights on. If no one's there, what are we gonna do?

Sami: You're right. It's a bad idea. Let's not do it. [Gasps]

Lucas: What?

Sami: Oh, my God.

Lucas: Are you sure it was no more than three miles?

Sami: Four -- tops.

Chelsea: I just don't get it. When Lonely Splicer first started IMing me, he was pouring his heart out, and now it's like he's holding something back.

Abby: Like his identity?

Chelsea: Maybe he's had his heart broken too many times. I can relate to that.

Abby: Chelsea, you've never had your heart broken. You're the one who does the heartbreaking.

Chelsea: Or maybe he has trust issues. I can relate to that, too. I mean, it's driving me crazy. Why doesn't he want to meet me or at least talk to me on the phone?

Nick: Chelsea, you can't rush things like this.

Chelsea: Nick, I thought you said you were gonna help me.

Nick: Well, I'm trying.

Chelsea: How hard?

Abby: Chelsea, give Nick a break. He's been really busy at work and with the holidays --

Chelsea: Abby, the holidays are over, okay? No offense, Nick, but how hard is it to find him? He's a doctor. Call the A.M.A. or something.

Nick: Knowing his name would help, for starters.

Chelsea: I thought you were supposed to be the big computer genius.

Nick: Chelsea, there are firewalls and security programs to hack through. He could be routing his instant messages through multiple servers.

Chelsea: Yeah, whatever that means.

Nick: Well, it means that maybe you should just give up.

Chelsea: Give up? Nick, I can't just give up. You saw all those incredible things he wrote to me. He has changed my life.

Abby: You don't seem very different.

Chelsea: Well, I am. Look, he's made me want to be a better person. I just want to meet Lonely Splicer before he disappears from my life forever, I mean, even if it's just to say thank you. Nick, please, can you help me?

Bo: This whole operation depends on Wells showing up at that boathouse.

John: If he does show, I want you to nail that son of a bitch. Abe could use the good news.

Marlena: We all could.

John: Just be careful, Bo. E.J.'s rather shrewd.

Bo: You got that right.

John: If he has the slightest doubt about Sami's story, you could be walking into a trap.

Bo: I'll be ready for whatever he throws at me. Besides, I got the wire. Roman and his guys can hear everything.

Roman: Yeah, one word out of E.J. I don't like, we'll be all over him.

Bo: I've been waiting for this day for a long time. Wells is a DiMera. I'm gonna take him down.

Patrick: We had a deal, Hope. I drop the charges against Bo and you go away with me.

Hope: Patrick, forget about me. The police are closing in on E.J. Wells. If you're smart, you'll go and tell them everything you know.

Patrick: I'm not gonna tell them anything because I barely know the guy.

Hope: You and I both know that's not true. One of the reasons you're so anxious to get out of Salem is because you know the noose is tightening. Why are you still lying about this?

Patrick: I'm not lying, Hope.

Hope: Oh, God, I can't stand this. Do you really want your child to know her father wasn't man enough to stand up and do the right thing? What kind of a father can you be if you're in prison?

Patrick: I'm not going to prison because I haven't done anything wrong.

Hope: Patrick, it's E.J. the police want. If you help them make their case against him, you'll get off a lot easier. Listen to me. He's the bad guy. Basically, I think that you're a good guy. You just got caught up in something that was a lot bigger than you realized. But people were hurt. One woman is dead, and E.J. needs to pay for that. For your sake and for the sake of our child, I am begging you to cooperate with the police. Patrick, this may be your last chance to save yourself and be a part of our baby's life. What's it going to be?

Abby: Chelsea, if you're so hot to find your mystery man, do your own digging. Stop relying on Nick.

Chelsea: Look, Nicky, I'm sorry if I'm being a pain. It's just, when it comes to computers, I'm nowhere near as good as you are.

Abby: Hmm, that's funny because you seemed to manage when you hacked into your dad's and Hope's e-mails.

Chelsea: I lucked out. Anyway, that was the old me. Nicky, please be a doll. You're my only hope. [Cellphone rings] Sorry, I should get that.

Abby: Nick, please don't tell me that you're falling for her helpless act.

Nick: I feel really bad for her.

Abby: What?

Nick: It makes me really mad what this online jerk is doing to her.

Abby: Nick, you are the online jerk.

Nick: Yeah, well, I still hate him.

Roman: All right, you all set?

Bo: Oh, yeah.

Roman: You know the drill. We'll be a quarter mile away from the boathouse. We'll be able to hear and tape everything. Your job is to get E.J. to incriminate himself and get us something that'll stick in court.

Bo: You got it.

Roman: Okay.

Bo: Testing. Testing.

Roman: Okay. You're good to go.

Marlena: You know, we should go, too. Will's waiting for us. Good luck. Good luck. John?

John: What?

Marlena: You're not staying here.

John: I'm just a little concerned about how this is gonna play out. I'm sorry, but how can I hang out with you and Will when all this is on my mind?

Marlena: The same way that I am. You have bowed out of this investigation.

John: Stefano sent E.J. to kill me, Doc -- me. He gave me the death card. This is my fight. It's not Bo's.

Patrick: Why should I confess to something I didn't do? I know the cops are trying to connect me to E.J. Wells. They've been tailing me for days. Oh, don't worry about it. I lost them. I asked my neighbor if I could use his S.U.V. to drop some things off at the dump. Right about now, my car is sitting in the driveway. I'm sure the cops are just sitting there waiting for me to come out.

Hope: Very clever. You may have fooled them for the moment, but eventually-

Patrick: You want them to catch me, don't you?

Hope: No, I never said that.

Patrick: Right. Right. I get thrown in jail and then what, you and Bo just raise my kid, is that it?

Hope: What I want is for you to go to the police and try to cut a deal.

Patrick: Are you kidding me? Cut a deal? Bo would never let that happen.

Hope: Okay, fine. Fine. Then run and keep running. Just don't expect me to go with you.

Patrick: Whoa, Hope. You made a promise, and I am holding you to it. Let's go.

Hope: I said I'm not going.

Patrick: And I say we are leaving now.

Sami: Oh! Oh! Thank goodness. Oh! Oh! It's so cold out there!

Lucas: Freezing. What's going on? It's colder in here than it is outside.

Sami: At least we're out of the snow and the wind.

Lucas: The snow and the wind -- five miles of snow and wind. Thanks a lot, Sami.

Sami: It was not five miles, okay? It just seemed like that 'cause we were dragging the bags.

Lucas: Whatever. At least we made it here.

Sami: I'm so glad that door was unlocked.

Lucas: Yeah, me too. I'm glad you found this place. I don't know how you saw it, but I'm glad you did.

Sami: Me too.

Lucas: No electricity, no heat, but we got lucky. We got a fireplace -- a nice fireplace, too.

Sami: Do you think there's any dry firewood?

Lucas: Yes, we got firewood. Hallelujah! We got dry firewood. We're loving life. Hold on, let me get this started.

Sami: You know what? I think I'm gonna open the potato chips, get some food, okay?

Lucas: Do whatever you got to do. Hurry up. The crackers, too. I love those crackers. Those are my favorite.

Sami: All right. We'll set out a big spread.

Lucas: There you go.

Sami: We'll have the crackers as a first course, and then chips can be dessert.

Lucas: Let's not go crazy, all right? We don't know how long we're gonna be here. We don't know what's going on yet.

Sami: That's true.

Lucas: Break out the cider. I got the best sparkling cider I could buy.

Sami: Oh, look at that.

Lucas: I know. It weighed my bag down. It almost tore off my arm, but only the best for you, honey.

Sami: Well, thank you, Lucas. I'm glad you brought it.

Lucas: It's freezing.

Sami: Here's the crackers. Those are my favorite. I love that.

Lucas: My fire looks good. Here we go.

Sami: Here's some pillows.

Lucas: Pillows, more blankets.

Sami: Oh, it's getting warm. This is great.

Lucas: Throw me a few more pillows.

Sami: Okay.

Lucas: All right. What do you think?

Sami: Lucas, it's perfect.

Lucas: Not bad, right?

Sami: I think it's cozy. I'm so glad we're here instead of in Salem.

Nick: Don't look at me like that. I'm not crazy.

Abby: You sure about that?

Nick: When I first IMed Chelsea, I thought it would be a good way to get to know her better, like, risk-free, anonymous, no fear of rejection -- the story of my life.

Abby: I know why you did it. I just don't understand why you would let it go on this long.

Nick: Because Lonely Splicer's aced me out. Chelsea thinks he's amazing, and that means that geeky Nick has zero chance with her.

Abby: But geeky Nick and Lonely Splicer are one in the same.

Nick: Not really. I'm a fake, Abby. I'd like to be Lonely Splicer. I can pretend to be him when I'm online, but in reality, I don't measure up.

Abby: I knew this was a big mistake.

Nick: When Chelsea finds out that the man of her dreams doesn't exist, she's gonna be heartbroken, and it's all my fault.

Abby: But he does exist, Nick. He's you.

Nick: Lonely Splicer would never lie to her like that.

Abby: You know what? All this talk about yourself in the third person is really giving me a headache. It's way too existential for me.

Nick: What do you know about existentialism?

Abby: We read "The Stranger" in French class.

Nick: So, do you think that life is absurd the way that campus did?

Abby: No, I think you're absurd. Anyways, if you tell Chelsea the truth, I'm sure she will understand.

Nick: Really?

Abby: Yeah, really.

Nick: I can't do it, Abby. I'm scared she's gonna really hate me.

John: Stefano's been trying to kill me for years, Doc. Instead of Tony, now he's using E.J. to do it. Listen, if this were just about me, that is one thing, but it's not.

Marlena: I know that. I know that I'm in danger, too. I understand how you feel. Honey, if you want to just stay here with Roman and Bo until they get ready to go, I'm okay with that. I can pick up Will.

John: You sure you don't mind?

Marlena: I'm sure... as long as you don't get roped into anything, okay? John? John? We made a promise at that fountain in Rome. We will always tell each other the truth.

John: I will offer them advise and counsel. That's all.

Marlena: Thank you. Oh, thank you.

Roman: All set?

Bo: Not quite. Where's Lockhart? He works for Wells. I don't want to have to deal with the two of them.

Roman: Don't worry about Lockhart. We got a tail on him.

Bo: Well, just make sure he stays away from my wife.

Hope: What are you gonna do, kill me?

Patrick: I gave you every chance to keep your promise to me, Hope, and now I am keeping it for you. So get your coat and let's go.

Hope: And if I don't? If I don't, you'll shoot me, is that it, and kill your baby -- the baby you claim to love so much?

Patrick: Why are you resisting this? You didn't resist me on Morgan Island.

Hope: Things were a lot different back then. But even then, you knew that I still loved Bo. Patrick, if you force me to go with you, I swear -- I swear to God, I will make your life a living hell.

Patrick: Like you haven't done that already!

Caroline: What's going on here? Hope, is everything okay?

Lucas: What? What are you smiling about, huh?

Sami: Nothing, I'm just thinkin'.

Lucas: [Southern accent] Thinkin' 'bout what?

Sami: I was thinking about how I almost married Austin this summer. Did you ever think that we'd end up like this?

Lucas: [Normal voice] You mean stranded in a snowstorm in the middle of nowhere in somebody else's strange cabin?

Sami: [Laughing] No. No. No, I meant -- I meant you and me, back together again.

Lucas: Well, it is kind of weird with Austin out of the picture. You know, I wasn't really surprised when you called off that wedding.

Sami: Shut up. You are such a liar. You were totally surprised.

Lucas: When people go to a Sami Brady wedding, they leave their cars running in case they have to make a quick getaway.

Sami: What?!

Lucas: The caterers don't even bust out the food.

Sami: Shut up!

Lucas: They don’t.

Sami: Stop it! You are so mean!

Lucas: No, I didn't have any idea things would turn out like this.

Sami: And now you're supposed to tell me how happy you are that they did.

Lucas: Well, I am happy. I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life. You and Will mean everything to me. I don't care what happened in the past. That's over. We're together now. I think we belong together.

Sami: I think so, too. And after everything we've been through... [Sighs]

Lucas: Are you sure?

Sami: Oh, yeah. I'm sure.

Lucas: You sure you're sure?

Sami: I'm sure I'm sure.

Abby: Nick, if Chelsea finds out the truth by somebody else, you won't be Lonely Splicer. You'll be Dead Splicer.

Nick: Who would tell her? The only people who know are me and -- Abby --

Abby: No, no, my lips are sealed.

Nick: [Sighs] Maybe -- I don't know. I was thinking, what if Lonely Splicer just stopped returning her messages? Do you think she'd just give up?

Abby: This is Chelsea we're talking about. She was so determined to get her parents back together that she sent out a picture of them in bed together. This girl's climbed telephone poles, doctored e-mails. What makes you think for one second that she's gonna stop trying to find the guy that she thinks is her soul mate?

Nick: That's what I like about her -- her spirit, her passion.

Abby: If you want to share that passion, then --

Nick: Abby, the fact is, she's never gonna like the real me as much as she likes the virtual me. Okay, I'll do it, but if she tries to kill me --

Abby: No, I got your back. Don't worry.

Nick: I'm so cool. I have one girl trying to save me from another one. Wish me luck.

Abby: Luck. Wow, that was a long phone call.

Chelsea: Yeah, my mom wanted to know every little detail about the skeleton we found. And she wants me to go home. Do you guys think they'll let me see the dead guy before we go?

Nick: Um, Chelsea [Sighs] Before you go, there's actually something I wanted to talk to you about. It's important.

Hope: Patrick just stopped by 'cause he wanted a drink, but I told him we were closed until tomorrow.

Caroline: Hope is right, you know? The bar is closed. You might try the Cheatin' Heart.

Hope: That's what I was telling him.

Caroline: So, everything is okay?

Hope: Yeah, I have everything under control.

Caroline: All right. I need to do some work in the back. If you need me to do a hand there with the decorations, you let me know.

Hope: Sure, Caroline. Thank you.

Patrick: Time's up, Hope. Let's go.

[Cellphone rings]

Chelsea: Sorry, it's probably my mom again. Hello?

Patrick: Chelsea, it's Patrick. I need a favor.

Chelsea: What?

Patrick: I want you to tell your dad you saw Hope and me in a car heading out of town.

Chelsea: And why would I do that?

Patrick: Because I asked you to.

Chelsea: Sorry, I'm not getting involved.

Patrick: Look, this isn't just for my benefit. This is for yours, too. Hope is leaving town for good. That means your dad is free. Maybe he and your mother can --

Chelsea: Look, I don't care about that anymore, so just get over yourself, okay?

Patrick: Aah! God!

Hope: Aah!

Patrick: Damn it. Aah. Listen to me.

Hope: Patrick --

Patrick: Don't you move and don't you say anything. We are leaving.

Chelsea: Why does everybody think I'll go along with anything that's either weird or evil?

Abby: Because you usually do.

Chelsea: Yeah, well, not this time.

Bo: All right, let's do this. [Cellphone rings] Hey, John. Brady.

Chelsea: Hey, Dad. It's me. Look, I just got this really weird call from Patrick. I thought you should know about it.

Bo: What did Lockhart want?

Chelsea: He wanted me to tell you that I saw him and Hope in a car heading out of town.

Bo: When did he call you?

Chelsea: I don't know, like a few seconds ago.

Bo: Did he say anything else?

Chelsea: Yeah, he thought that I'd be happy about it because then it would give you and mom another chance to be together, but I told him to buzz off.

Bo: Thanks for the call, kid.

Chelsea: Yeah, sure.

Bo: Talk to you soon. Damn it.

Roman: What was that about Lockhart?

Bo: I thought you said you put a tail on him.

Roman: Well, hell, we did. Last time I talked, our people said he was still at home.

Bo: I don't think so. He kidnapped my wife, Roman.

Sami: Lucas, I forgot --

Lucas: You are so in-- [Both laugh]

Sami: You first.

Lucas: What?

Sami: No, you.

Lucas: Oh, all right. I was just gonna say that you're incredible. What were you gonna say?

Sami: I was gonna say that I forgot how wonderful it was being with you, but incredible works for me.

Lucas: Yeah, good.

Sami: Yeah. Okay, so, I want to tell you something, but you have to promise not to make fun of me.

Lucas: I'll try.

Sami: What?! Come on. Promise.

Lucas: All right, I promise. I pinkie-swear promise.

Sami: Okay.

Lucas: All right.

Sami: Okay, so...

Lucas: Hmm?

Sami: Every minute I spend with you, Lucas, it just gets better and better. And I'm so glad that we made it through all the bad times and all the miscommunications because... because we do belong together. Well? Just because you can't make fun of me doesn't mean you can't say anything. Lucas, say something. What --

Lucas: No, it's just --

Sami: What?

Lucas: When you talk about your mistakes -- the mistakes that you've made -- is E.J. one of them?

Chelsea: I'm sorry, Nick. You said you had something to tell me. Was it about Lonely Splicer?

Nick: Yeah, it is.

Chelsea: What is it?

Nick: He's in love with you.

Chelsea: What? How do you know?

Nick: I mean, reading those instant messages -- Chelsea, there's absolutely no doubt.

Chelsea: But wait, I'm confused. Why has he been so out of touch then?

Nick: Maybe you make him really nervous.

Abby: Or he's had an identity crisis and doesn't know who he is.

Nick: I'm sure you'll meet him eventually. I think you just need to give it some time.

Chelsea: Nick, thank you so much. I love you for supporting me. And you will help me track him down, right?

Nick: Chelsea, I'm always in your corner.

Chelsea: You are so much cooler than you look. Thank you.

Bo: Come on, Fancy Face. Pick up. [Cellphone rings]

Patrick: Leave it.

Hope: It's probably Bo. If I don't answer it, he'll know something's wrong.

Patrick: Oh, well. There's not a damn thing he can do about it now.

Bo: Damn it. She's not answering the damn -- I got to find her.

Roman: Bo -- Bo, we got to set that trap for E.J.

Bo: Roman, my wife is in trouble. Have somebody else do it.

Roman: Who? We don't have anybody else.

John: Whoa, wait a minute. Wrong guy. You heard me promise Marlena. I can't get involved in this.

Bo: Lockhart is unraveling here. I got to find my wife before he hurts her.

John: You know I'd like to help you. You know I would, but I'll tell you, if Doc comes back with Will and I'm not here, I am meat.

Bo: All right, all right. I understand. I'd do the same thing if I was in your position.

John: [Groans] The hell you would. You never bail on a friend, Bo. Neither will I. Go on. Find Hope. I'll handle Wells.

Bo: Thanks, man.

Roman: So, what are you gonna tell Doc?

John: Once Wells is behind bars, I'll just get on my knees and beg forgiveness.

Roman: Uh-huh.

John: You're right. It's not gonna work, is it?

Roman: But listen to me, partner. Doc loves you for who you are, and this is who you are.

John: I don't know about that. But I'm in, so wire me up.

Roman: All right. Glad to have you here, man.

Sami: I cannot believe that you just asked me about E.J.

Lucas: Why, 'cause I ruined the mood?

Sami: To say the least.

Lucas: I'm sorry. It just kills me that you were ever attracted to the guy.

Sami: He doesn't mean anything to me.

Lucas: I see the way you act around him. It kind of makes me wonder, you know?

Sami: It makes you wonder.

Lucas: Mm-hmm.

Sami: What, whether or not we had sex? We had this conversation already, and I told you that we didn’t.

Lucas: Were you telling me the truth?

Sami: Yes. I thought you believed me.

Lucas: I did.

Sami: And now you don’t.

Lucas: I'm sorry, all right? You asked what I was thinking, and I told you. That's it.

Sami: Okay, well, I want to ask you something. Say we did. What if E.J. and I had, had sex? How would that change things for us right now? Would that change how you feel about me?

Lucas: No.

Sami: Are you sure?

Lucas: Yeah, I'm sure. As long as it was over between you two, I wouldn't care. I'd have to understand, wouldn't I?

Sami: Well, I don't believe it because if that were true, you wouldn't have brought it up right now.

Lucas: Fine. Fine. Then I'm insecure, all right? Break me down. You want to hear me say it? I'm insecure. Have it your way.

Sami: Look, I don't think we should stop talking about this until you promise me that we can let this go for good.

Lucas: I don't know if I can do that.

Sami: Lucas --

Lucas: I'm sorry, you know? I love you. I don't want to fight anymore. I'm sick of that. I don't want to hurt each other anymore. I'm being honest. You want me to be honest. I'm being honest. I hate being jealous. I'm sick of it.

Sami: I hate being jealous, too. I hated -- I hated picturing you and Carrie in bed together. I cried myself to sleep every night.

Lucas: You never told me that.

Sami: Of course I didn’t. I didn't want you to know that... Lucas, we're gonna be open and honest with each other, right, from now on. I think we should make a deal.

Lucas: What do you mean? What kind of deal?

Sami: We should promise each other that we're not gonna play games anymore. We're not gonna be making each other jealous. We're gonna be honest and happy and true to each other for the rest of our lives. What do you say?

Lucas: We're actually gonna shake on this?

Sami: Yeah, we're gonna shake on it.

Lucas: Can't we kiss or something?

Sami: That's a good idea.

Nick: Dead man not walking.

Chelsea: Poor guy. He was locked up and forgotten. He never even knew the Civil War ended.

Abby: He never even existed.

Chelsea: Which is just so...

Nick: Existential. Oh, no, wait. That's unexistential. Oh, no, wait.

Chelsea: I was gonna say sad, but that works, too. Anyway, listen, I should probably go before my mom buries me alive. See ya.

Nick: I'm so lame. I couldn't do it.

Abby: Look, sooner or later, Chelsea's gonna find out the truth, and she better learn it from you.

Bo: Ma, have you seen Hope?

Caroline: Oh, she was here, but she left.

Bo: Was there anyone with her?

Caroline: Patrick stopped by. They seemed to be arguing.

Bo: Did they leave together?

Caroline: Well, I don't know. I'm not sure. I was in the back. Oh, I didn't think anything was wrong.

Bo: She must have used this to fight him off. Damn it.

Hope: Patrick, this is crazy. There are roadblocks everywhere.

Patrick: When is the last time someone was caught by a roadblock? You can see those lights a mile away. [Tires screech]

John: Do you read me?

Roman: Loud and clear.

John: Looks like we're all set then. Well, no sign of him...yet. Did you read that?

E.J.: Drop the gun. Nice and easy.

Caroline: Hope insisted everything was all right. Why did I listen to her?

Bo: Ma, it's okay. It's not your fault. She probably knew it was dangerous, didn't want you involved.

Caroline: That's just like Hope. She always thinks of others first, but I shouldn't have listened.

Bo: You did the right thing by listening to her, but can you tell me anything else? Did you hear their conversation? Did you see what kind of car Lockhart was driving?

Caroline: Well, I couldn't hear what they were saying 'cause I was in the back. But when I looked out the window -- it was an S.U.V.

Bo: Okay, Ma, thanks.

Caroline: She's in trouble, isn't she?

Bo: Yeah, a lot of trouble.

Patrick: Get out.

Hope: Are you serious? Patrick, please consider the baby. Please let me go.

Patrick: I can't do that. I have my orders.

Hope: What orders?

Patrick: You'll find out soon enough. Now, get out.

Marlena: Excuse me. My husband was here with Bo and Roman. And I don't know where he is.

Cooper: They're on a stakeout.

Marlena: No, no. I know they're looking for E.J. Wells, but my husband is John Black.

Cooper: Bo had an emergency -- something to do with his wife. Mr. Black took his place. Not even a cop and he gets to play the hero.

Will: What? What's wrong?

E.J.: I'm insulted, John.

John: Is that a fact?

E.J.: Yeah.

John: And why is that?

E.J.: You actually believed I was stupid enough to fall into Sami Brady's little trap. That girl's made of cellophane. That's how easy it is to see through her.

John: It's all inconsequential. Salem P.D. and the highway patrols have all the interstates and back roads blocked out of Salem. You're surrounded.

E.J.: That's funny. I don't see anyone.

John: Relax. You will.

E.J.: Why? Because of this, huh?

John: It doesn't matter. You're too late. Roman's heard every word, and he'll be here in a matter of minutes.

E.J.: Oh, Roman didn't hear a thing. [Laughs] Look at this. It's my own personal extermination service. It kills bugs. You get it? Yeah, it jammed that wire you're wearing. What a waste of taxpayers' money, eh?

Roman: Nothing but static. Damn it. Come on. Clear up.

John: All right. So, what's next? You expect me to help you escape?

E.J.: No. I expect you to die.

Sami: Lucas, watch out! Aah!

John: Stefano's world is a place I would never want to live in.

E.J.: Luckily for you, you're not gonna have to worry about that for very much longer.

Bo: Lockhart's got Hope in there. He's threatening to kill her.

Roman: We got to talk him down.

Bo: I'm not in a chatty mood right now.

Roman: Don't lose your cool.

Patrick: What the hell is that?

Hope: My water just broke. I'm having the baby.

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