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Lucas: Come on, hurry. I'm freezing.

Sami: Wow, it is cold. Wait, I can't find Claire's present. It's not in here. Will, will you go back to the car and get it? I think it's in the backseat.

Lucas: Don't slip.

Sami: Man, it's not here. Oh, I love Christmas.

Lucas: It's freezing.

Sami: And I'm so happy we're back together, we're a couple again.

Lucas: That's right. We are. In every way but one. I did write a letter to Santa. Hopefully, daddy will get his present tonight.

Sami: [Laughs]

Nick: Oh, my gosh. Look at this place.

Maggie: Here we go. Eggnog with cinnamon. Grab a cup. It's really good. There you go.

Nick: Thank you, Aunt Maggie.

Maggie: Mm-hmm.

Nick: Thank you so much for coming to my family's party with me.

Chelsea: No problem. It's not exactly like I'm very welcome at the very Brady Christmas. I might as well crash yours, right? Give me a cinnamon stick. Thank you.

Doug: Goodies from Alice's kitchen.

Julie: Grandma made 12 kinds of Christmas cookies, and she's still baking.

Doug: And I plan to have one of least.

Maggie: There is so much food out there that Mickey is making donations to some of the local shelters. Oh, my goodness.

Julie: Nick, darling, give your Aunt Julie a big hug.

Nick: Okay.

Julie: Thank you.

Doug: Welcome to Salem, Nick.

Nick: Thank you.

Julie: Well, darling, he is the one who has been in Salem. We are the ones that have been away.

Nick: My parents are always telling me what glamorous lives you guys have.

Doug: They're right.

Julie: I almost forgot. Your parents gave us a gift for you. They wanted us to deliver it. They didn't trust it to the mail.

Nick: Oh, my gosh. Let's see.

Julie: British packaging.

Nick: Oh, my God. I've been wanting one of these forever. It's for my computer.

Julie: Darling? Your mother wanted you to be sure to read the card. Here, I'll hold that.

Nick: Okay. [Chuckles] I miss them so much.

Julie: Of course you do. They love you, too. Oh, honey. It's okay.

Shawn D.: So you're sure little Santa's helper's warm enough?

Belle: Shawn, she's in a coat and a double-lined elf suit. She's fine. She's our little miracle.

Shawn D.: Always and forever. Ain't that right?

["God rest ye merry gentlemen" plays]

Bo: We're gonna make it through this holiday, Fancy Face.

Hope: It hurts so much not having him with us.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: He's never gonna have another Christmas. He was just a little boy. [Sighs]

Bo: Life isn't fair.

Hope: No, it isn’t. [Sniffles]

Bo: Will you promise me something?

Hope: What?

Bo: Don't go away with Lockhart.

Kayla: Okay.

Steve: What's up?

Kayla: Frankie's stuck in the airport in Toledo. He really wanted to get here to look for Max. I really thought this was gonna be such a happy Christmas. You're here, you got your memory back, all of us together.

Steve: Come on, sweetness. It's gonna be a happy Christmas. Maxwell's gonna find his way home.

Max: [Exhales sharply] [Chuckles] [Clears throat] Hey, Mimi, are you ever coming out of there?

Mimi: Yeah, sorry, I was getting my clothes clean 'cause they were dirty. Look at what you did. Well, hiya, Santa. Aw, and you made a Christmas tree.

Max: Yeah. Oh, one more thing. You're gonna love this. [Clears throat] Huh?

Mimi: Aw.

Max: Merry Christmas, Mimi.

Mimi: Well, I'd better get dressed. Will you turn around?

Max: Yeah.

Mimi: Thanks. Um, can you hold this up for me, please?

Max: Can I turn around?

Mimi: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay.

Max: [Chuckles]

Abby: 600 acres. How am I ever gonna find Max in the dark?

Max: Hey.

Mimi: Hey.

Max: Merry Christmas, Meems.

Mimi: Merry Christmas, Max.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Sami: You know, in the old days, couples used to wait until they were married. Sometimes they still do.

Lucas: Come on. Is that what you want?

Sami: Lucas, I just want you and me and Will to be a family.

Lucas: Well, you got my word on that, and if you want to wait, I guess we'll wait. That's what I'll do. You're worth it.

Sami: You're the best. I have everything I want this Christmas, and once E.J. is in jail for good, everything will be perfect.

Lucas: Yeah.

Sami: Lucas, I hope that he never finds out that I helped the cops set him up.

Lucas: He won’t. Trust me.

Sami: But he's a DiMera. I mean, if he does find out, you know he's gonna come after me. He's gonna come looking for revenge.

Lucas: If he does, I'll be there to protect you with my life if I have to.

Sami: I don't want anything to ever happen to you.

Lucas: Nothing's gonna happen to me. Trust me, all right?

Will: It was under the front seat.

Sami: Thank you. You're the best. Good job.

Lucas: Get your smiles on.

Sami: [Laughs]

Lucas: Merry Christmas, everybody!

Maggie: Hi! Welcome.

Nick: This is me with my mom and my dad.

Chelsea: Ah, you weren't wearing glasses then.

Nick: Well, I was 2. [Laughs] This is actually the first Christmas I can remember. They always made such a big deal about holidays.

Chelsea: Mine did, too. Only they weren't my real parents. And now I have all of these relatives... who don't even want to remember that I exist.

Hope: I don't want to go away with Patrick. Oh, gosh, it's all so ugly. Patrick is the father of this baby.

Bo: I'm gonna be this baby's father.

Hope: I'm not gonna go. You have my word. I'm not going with Patrick.

Bo: That's what I wanted to hear.

Steve: So how excited are you to see this Clay Aiken dude?

Kayla: I can't wait for the concert tonight.

Steve: We'd better get a move on because we're gonna be late.

Kayla: We have time. We have to go to the hospital, and you read the Christmas story first, remember?

Steve: I was hoping you'd forget.

Kayla: This is for the kids. It might change your life. Let's go.

Kayla: Oh, they're already here. Okay, you're all set to go.

Steve: Listen, baby. This is a bad idea. It's one of the worst ideas you've ever had. I remember now.

Kayla: You are going to be great.

Stephanie: Dad, you never read me the Christmas story when I was little, so just pretend that I'm 5. Come on. I can't wait.

Steve: Okay. Okay, I'll do it for you, baby.

Kayla: Your chair's ready for you.

Steve: That's my chair?

Kayla: Yes.

Steve: [Chuckles] Excuse me. Yeah, there we go. Hello.

All: Hello.

Steve: I'm supposed to read the Christmas story to you. Let me just get my spectacle out. Here we go. All right. [Sighs] "And it came to pass that Joseph the carpenter went from the town of Nazareth to Bethlehem with Mary, who was with child by the holy spirit." Oh. [Sighs] I'm sorry, kids. I can't read this.

Abby: What if Max isn't even... a church! It's got to be a few miles out of the way. But there's no road. Why didn't I get a four-wheel drive? Okay, Abby, nice girls do not die on Christmas. I hope you're listening, God. [Engine turns over] [Thunder crashes] ["Silent night" plays in Spanish]

[Both laugh]

Mimi: You know, I thought this was gonna be the worst Christmas ever. Actually, the second worst, because the worst was when I was living in a box underneath the highway overpass.

Max: Oh, I'm sorry. That sounds rough. I've kind of been there, too.

Mimi: Really? I'm sorry.

Max: No, don't be. Don't be. [Chuckles] I've never met anybody like you.

Mimi: Is that a good thing?

Max: That's a really good thing.

Doug: Shawn Douglas is here and Isabelle.

Julie: Look at this baby. This may be the most beautiful Brady baby yet. And can I kidnap her for just a moment?

Belle: I think so.

Julie: Oh, yes, how would you like to see all the things that great-grandma has baked for you? I see you have a supply.

Doug: Julie is in love.

Julie: I am.

Maggie: See y'all later.

Sami: Merry Christmas.

Belle: Hey, Merry Christmas.

Sami: She looks so beautiful. I can't believe it. We're here with our guys.

Belle: Actually, Shawn and I aren't back together.

Sami: Who knows? Who knows what might happen? I love this. You look fabulous.

Belle: Thank you. You look beautiful, too.

Sami: Thank you. Claire looks so charming.

Lucas: [Clears throat] Honey?

Sami: What?

Lucas: We got mistletoe. Come here for a second.

Sami: Oh! Lucas! The family is right here.

Shawn D.: [Chuckles]

Belle: That is so great to see my sister happy again.

Shawn D.: Yeah, well, you seem pretty happy, too.

Belle: I am. And I'm really happy to be a part of your family's Christmas.

Bo: Hey, you kids. How you doing?

Nick: We are doing great. We love family parties, right, Chelsea?

Chelsea: Yeah, the cookies are great.

Hope: Chelsea, Merry Christmas, honey. Merry Christmas, Nick.

Nick: Merry Christmas, Hope.

Chelsea: Merry Christmas.

Bo: Hey, come here. Give me a hug. Merry Christmas. You too.

Nick: Thanks.

Maggie: Well, look at what I have.

Alice: Time to decorate the tree.

Maggie: [Laughs]

Alice: Oh.

Nick: All right. Who's next?

Sami: Good job, Will.

Will: Thanks.

Lucas: Yeah, next year it'll be your turn, Sami.

Julie: Merry Christmas, darling.

Doug: Fair are my Christmas treasure this year and every year.

Bo: Uh, you want to do this together? He'll always be with us.

Hope: I'll love you forever, Zack.

Chelsea: I have to get out of here.

Nick: I think you should be here.

Maggie: You know, there are loved ones that we're all missing tonight. I mean, some have moved to other parts of the world. And some have left this world for a better one. But we're all still family, all of us... In our hearts and in our thoughts... on Christmas...and every day of the year.

All: Merry Christmas.

[Indistinct conversations] [Church bell ringing]

Abby: Amen and hallelujah, that is definitely a church bell. Okay, Abby, brace yourself. Max!

Max: Holy cow. [Clears throat] I shouldn't have done that.

Mimi: You didn't do it alone.

Max: Oh, this is awkward. No, I mean, no, if it was a good thing, that's one thing. If it was a bad thing, we're kind of stuck down here.

Mimi: Bad? You think it was bad?

Max: No, no, no.

Mimi: I think it was fantastic.

Max: Yeah. [Church bell ringing] Do you hear that?

Mimi: Church bells. Yeah, someone could hear them and then come here looking for us and maybe we can get out of here.

Max: Yeah.

Steve: [Sighs] Listen, kids, I want to tell you this story, but I got to do it in my own words. Are we cool with that?

All: Yeah.

Steve: Good. Okay, so, Mary was this young lady back in the olden days. She was a nice young lady, and the big dude -- God -- wanted Mary to give birth to his child, his son, right here on earth. Now, this was a big deal. So, God did some magic, and all of a sudden, Mary was gonna have a baby. Now, there's this dude named Joseph. He's a carpenter. He steps up and marries her. And they take off to a burgh called Bethlehem 'cause that's where God wanted the baby Jesus to be born. The trouble was, when they got to Bethlehem, they had no place to stay. It was late at night. It was cold. And the baby was coming. So, they met this one dude, and he said, "hey, you guys can stay in my barn." Joseph -- phew! -- He was happy about that. So he took Mary to the barn. He put her down in the hay, got her nice and cozy. Hey, you know what? It's a good thing to remember. Hay keeps you warm. If you're ever stuck in a barn at night, it'll keep you warm. Okay? So, now, word was getting around that the baby Jesus was coming. God sent his head angel out there to start the buzz, spread the word. Everybody was excited. Shepherds were hitching donkey rides. You got these three wise dudes. They're following the North Star, hauling camel to get to see the baby Jesus so they can give him all these fancy things, you know, all kinds of presents, the kind of thing you give a king. So...what was the point of all this? You wonder what the point was? Well, I'll tell you. God sent his son to be born on earth to mix it up with us regular folks so that he could spread the word that peace and love is what it's all about. Yeah. God blessed the world with his child, just like you guys blessed your moms' and dads' lives when you were born. Now, I am looking at you guys, at your faces...and I can tell that each one of you is loved, just like I love my daughter... my little sweetness. You know, to most people, Christmas is about presents and toys and candy and cookies and all that stuff. And that's all good. We all like that stuff. But I got a secret for you. The best gift you can get and the best gift you can give is love. Yeah. So, feel the love in your hearts, share it with everybody around you, and we can have Christmas every day. Right?

All: Yeah.

Steve: Peace out.

Bo: Yay!

Stephanie: That was great, Dad. That was awesome.

Kayla: That was great.

Hope: Oh, Steve, you still got it.

Steve: Well, thanks.

Bo: Hey, man, I got to do the "ho-ho" thing a little later. You're gonna be a hard act to follow.

Steve: Come on, Beauregard, you'll be a good Santa Claus. We got a concert to catch. Come on.

Stephanie: Yeah, yeah, go, 'cause you don't want to be late, and I'll see you later at mass, Daddy.

Steve: Whoa!

Kayla: All right, baby, see you. All right, see you guys.

Hope: Bye, good job.

Max: Uh...Mimi, Mimi, we're -- we're out in the middle of nowhere. There's not much chance of anyone hearing that church bell. It's just gonna be you and me and Lieutenant Dan for Christmas.

Mimi: Well, the you and me part...I'm fine by that.

Max: Yeah?

Mimi: Mm-hmm. [Thunder crashes]

Abby: Ew. Hello? Is anybody here?

Max: There's somebody up there.

Mimi: Oh, my God. Help!

Max: Down here!

Mimi: Help!

Max: Hello?!

Abby: Max? Mimi?

Mimi: Oh, thank God.

Shawn D.: Come on. Okay, kids, so, Santa's coming out in just a minute.

All: Yay!

Belle: But first, we wanted to introduce you to our little elf, Claire. She was in the hospital last year, too, right down that hallway 'cause she was a really sick little girl. But she stayed strong, and she didn't give up, and with all of the people in her life who loved her, including her mommy and her daddy, she got better. So, stay strong and have faith. Now, who's ready for our visitor from the North Pole?

All: Yay!

Bo: Ho-ho-ho. Ho-ho-ho-ho. Merry Christmas. There's my little elf. Hello, boys and girls. Have you all been good little boys and girls? Look what I have for you.

All: Wow.

Bo: Does anybody want a present? [Cheering] Ho-ho-ho. There you go.

Kid: Thanks, Santa.

Bo: Will my elves help me? You're a good little helper.

Maggie: [Laughs]

Bo: Oh, my belly. It's in the way.

Maggie: Is your belly in the way?

Julie: Is it full, Santa? Do you have a lot in there? [Laughs]

Maggie: Here you are, darling.

Bo: Oh, must have fell in my bag. [Laughs]

Julie: Here's a big one. This looks like a boy one.

Belle: You did a really good thing.

Shawn D.: Is that right?

Max: Help! We're down here!

Mimi: Help us!

Abby: Max? Max, it's Abby. I'm here. Where are you?

Max: It's Abby.

Mimi: I cannot believe it.

Max: Abby, there's a trapdoor in the floor.

Abby: I don't see it.

Max: It's right here.

Abby: I found it.

Max: Do you think you can open it?

Abby: Hold on. Help me push it up.

Max: Okay. Are you okay? [Laughs] Abby... thank you so much. You don't know how happy I am to see anyone right now.

Mimi: Really, Abby, thank you so much. We're gonna make it home for Christmas.

Steve: Oh, no. Man, it's over.

Kayla: It's all right.

Steve: No, it's not all right.

Scott: Hey, you missed it, guys. The show started early. The storm, you know.

Steve: Yeah, the -- ugh. I'm sorry, sweetness.

Kayla: Come on. How much can one woman take anyway, huh? I got you back. And that is present enough for a lifetime.

Lucas: Hey, what are you doing New Year's Eve?

Sami: Why, Lucas, what did you have in mind?

Lucas: I was thinking a little ski chalet, a roaring fire, and you and me making a few flames of our own.

Sami: [Laughs] Promise?

Lucas: Mm-hmm.

Belle: Seeing your parents happy again really gives me hope.

[Door opens]

Mimi: We're home!

Sami: Oh, my God!

Bonnie: Mimi! Baby! Oh, baby!

Shawn: Oh, thank you, thank you, dear Lord, for our Christmas miracle!

[Indistinct conversations]

Stephanie: Hello. I was so worried about you searching out there all by yourself.

Abby: Well, I had to find Max.

Stephanie: Well, you don't look very happy.

Abby: Chelsea was right. They go missing, and then they're together. Just look at them.

Stephanie: Well, you still did a good thing.

Abby: Yeah, but they end up together and I end up alone.

Clay: O night o holy night o night divine

Scott: I'm closing up, people.

Kayla: You know what? I want to use the restroom before we go, okay?

Steve: Okay. Ugh.

Clay: Scott, have you seen the car? I'm gonna miss my flight if I don't hurry up, and I'm not missing Christmas.

Scott: Me and the crew have a 12-hour turnaround, but you know what? Let me call the producer.

Steve: Hey, hey, hey. Listen, dude. Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Steve Johnson.

Clay: Hi, how are you?

Steve: Don't let this scare you. I'm not a crazy fan.

Clay: Okay. [Laughs]

Steve: I can give you a ride to the airport. My car's right outside.

Scott: You sure?

Steve: Yeah.

Scott: Oh, wow, thanks. All right.

Clay: You sure it's not out of your way?

Steve: No, no, no, man. Listen, in fact, you'd be doing me a big favor 'cause my wife and I got tickets to your show. She's a big fan, and we were late because we were reading a story to the kids at the hospital, so she'd love to meet you.

Clay: Missed a concert, but I guess if you have to miss a concert, that's a pretty good reason for doing it, huh?

Steve: Man, you are the coolest. Listen, I got another idea. Now, you just tell me if I'm overstepping, but if you could do a really big favor for me and my wife, I'd appreciate it.

Clay: Okay.

Steve: Here's the deal. We just got back together, and we've been apart for 16 years. If I tell you why we've been apart, you won't believe it, but this is the deal...

Kayla: Okay, ready to go.

Steve: Um, just -- can you wait a couple of minutes? I just got a little surprise for you. Come, sit down.

Kayla: What's going on?

Steve: Just sit down over here.

Kayla: What did you do?

Steve: Please, sit down. Scoot in.

Kayla: Okay, okay, okay. Wow, nice.

Steve: [Laughs]

Clay: Hi, Kayla, how are ya?

Kayla: Hi, Clay.

Clay: Nice to meet you.

Steve: We're giving my man here a ride to the airport.

Clay: Thank you very much for that. My car didn't show up, and I got to get home. But Scott here has found a track of one of my songs, and if it's okay with you, I'd like to sing it for you guys.

Kayla: You're kidding.

Clay: No, I'd actually love to. This is a love song. And you guys have such an amazing love story, and so this song is a love song from him to you.

[Intro to "everything I have" plays] I feel like I never measure up to who you see sometimes I think I can't give you all the love you need you keep changing every day amazing me in every way if I could be the perfect man in your eyes I would give all I'm worth to be a part of your life I could promise the world but it's out of my hands I can only give you everything I have I never dreamed I could ever feel the way I do I hope and pray I will always be enough for you I can only do my best I have to trust you with the rest if I could be the perfect man in your eyes I would give all I'm worth to be a part of your life I could promise the world but it's out of my hands I can only give you everything I have I promise I will hold you through the changes and fears when life seems unclear and when I can't be right there with you I know there's angels by your side if I could be the perfect man in your eyes I would give all I'm worth to be a part of your life I could promise the world...

Alice: Merry Christmas, my Tom. My darling Tom. And to all of those we love and are dear to us are far away... may the blessings of this day be with you now and all the days of our lives.

Clay: I can only give you everything... I have

Lucas: When you talk about mistakes that you've made, is E.J. one of them?

Hope: I said I'm not going.

Patrick: And I say we are

Bo: He kidnapped my wife, Roman.

John: Stefano sent E.J. to kill me, Doc. He gave me the death card. This is my fight.

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