Days Transcript Friday 12/15/06

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 12/15/06 - Canada; Monday 12/18/06 - U.S.A.


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Belle: Well, and there he is. It spells "Daddy." Yay, Daddy!

Shawn D.: Hey, Claire. Hi. What are you doing? She still doesn't even know who I am.

Belle: I think if you just spend a little more time with her...

Shawn D.: Now we can. It's one of the good things about me moving back home.

Belle: You're moving back here? Well, what about your apartment and Willow?

Shawn D.: I ended things with Willow. She took it so well that she torched my place.

Belle: Oh, my God.

Shawn D.: Yeah, you were right about Willow the whole time.

Belle: Well, I don't know what to say.

Shawn D.: Anyways, well, I didn't have any place to go, so my parents suggested I just move back home...temporarily. I really messed up my life, Belle, and I...I just feel like a loser.

Belle: Oh, come on. Don't say that. Look, you were trying to help Willow, and she just totally took advantage of that. But look at the bright side.

Shawn D.: Is there a bright side?

Belle: Well, since my parents have been in Italy, Claire and I are staying here, too. So now we can spend some more time together. Come on, we can really bond as a family. Come here, baby.

[Cellphone rings] Hello?

Victor: Belle, it's Victor.

Belle: Victor.

Victor: Listen, I'm going on a business trip to Canada, and I need a favor.

Belle: Look, Victor, I --

Victor: Listen, I understand that the last time we met with Shawn, things were a little strained. I was hoping we could put that all behind us.

Belle: What's the favor?

Victor: Well, one last visit with Claire. If you give me an hour or two, I could come right over and pick her up.

Belle: You want to see her tonight?

Victor: It would mean a great deal to me, Belle.

Belle: No, I don't think that's a very good idea, Victor.

Victor: Just a short visit. I may be gone for quite a while.

Belle: All right, just a short visit, though. We're trying to keep her on a schedule. I'm still staying here at Bo and Hope's house.

Victor: Wonderful. I'll be right over.

Belle: Okay, bye. [Telephone beeps]

Shawn D.: Belle, what are you doing? Look, I said that I don't want Victor near Claire.

E.J.: [Grunts] Now, you tell Stefano that I'm not leaving Salem until I have finished what I started. Samantha... how long have you been there?

John: I'm giving this five minutes. If Marlena isn't out of the old man's room by then, I'm going in. [Monitor beeping]

Marlena: What do you want from me, Stefano?

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Marlena: Stefano, I'm sure that you know why John and I are here. We need some answers. You see, a man came to Salem a while back, and he hurt some people that we care about. His name is E.J. Wells. I want the truth. Is he working for you?

John: Two minutes and counting.

Marlena: Oh, this is Susan. Susan Banks. And that's her son. Elvis Junior, wasn't it? Elvis -- J -- E.J. E.J. is your son.

E.J.: My phone conversation right now -- were you listening to me?

Sami: I just heard that you were giving someone hell. I didn't hear what it was about.

E.J.: I lose my temper sometimes. I shouldn’t.

Sami: Well, I guess that's part of being a businessman. Sometimes you have to kick butt, right?

E.J.: True -- sad, yeah, but true.

Sami: I'm just glad I wasn't on the other end of that phone call.

E.J.: Oh, please. I'd never speak to you like that. Where were you?

Sami: The press kits, remember? I had to clean up everything.

E.J.: Right, thank you. Thank you. Oh, and we were supposed to, um, we were supposed to go up to my room and have a little toast, weren't we, to our new partnership, which, by the way, I think is going extremely well.

Sami: I think so, too.

E.J.: Well, why don't we go up to my suite? I'll get some champagne, and we'll see where the evening takes us.

Sami: Um, you know what, E.J.? My shoes are killing me. I have been in them all day, so I was thinking maybe I could change into something a little more, you know, casual for tonight.

E.J.: Yes, of course. I'll walk you to your room.

Sami: You know what? I don't think that's necessary. That's very sweet of you, and -- well, I guess that's not possible.

E.J.: Why is that?

Sami: I don't know where my room key is. I'm just gonna go to the front desk and get another one.

E.J.: Well, I'll wait here for you.

Sami: You don't have to. I can find my way to my room. I'll see you in your suite in a couple minutes, okay?

E.J.: Sure. Okay, but don't be too long. I'm feeling festive.

Sami: Okay. God, pick -- pick up. Please pick up.

Victor: Terrific, doctor. Thank you. We'll see you tomorrow. Bye. Well, it's all set. Dr. Weinstein has the donor for your face transplant. Philip and I are leaving tonight.

Kate: Oh, then it's really happening.

Victor: But first he has to have his meeting with Claire, just to reassure her that her daddy's gonna be back very soon. We have to keep the bond between the two of you very strong so we'll have a nice, smooth transition when we get full custody.

Kate: Victor, I don't think it's a good idea to get Philip's hopes up too high. You know that Shawn and Belle are going to give you a fight.

Victor: I say bring it on. In the meantime, Philip, you better get ready for your trip.

Kate: Look, I'm going, too.

Victor: Kate, no.

Kate: No, don't give me orders. Philip's my son.

Victor: Kate, be reasonable. You're much more valuable to us here running interference. The police are already looking for Max and Mimi.

Kate: Which brings up another point -- what did you do with them?

Victor: You're better off not knowing.

Kate: Oh, my God, Victor.

Victor: They're perfectly safe. I just did whatever was necessary to keep them from nosing around. We can't have them finding out about Philip's surgery or the fact that we're gonna try to gain custody of Claire. And Max being a Brady, you know that Roman and Bo are gonna be working overtime to find him.

Kate: Oh, well, that's great. So if I stay here, what am I gonna do? How am I gonna deal with that?

Victor: Just lie through your teeth, keep them off our trail.

Kate: No, no, no, no. I am not covering for you.

Victor: Not for me, Kate. It's for Philip. Ask him.

Shawn D.: Belle, I thought we agreed to keep Claire away from Victor.

Belle: God, Shawn, he practically begged me. And what harm could it really do for her to spend an hour with her great-grandfather?

Shawn D.: This is Victor we are talking about here.

Belle: I know that you're upset with him, but he loves Claire.

Shawn D.: He's seen enough of her.

Belle: And one more time won't hurt. I mean, he doesn't even know when he's gonna be back from this trip.

Shawn D.: Whenever it is, it's too soon.

Belle: This problem that you have with Victor -- it wouldn't be that Philip is his son and Claire still thinks of Philip as her father, would it?

Shawn D.: Okay, I admit it. When Claire calls for her daddy and she means Philip, it kills me.

Belle: Shawn, Philip was her father for the first year of her life.

Shawn D.: And if Victor had it his way, she would go on thinking that forever.

Belle: You don't really believe that, do you?

Shawn D.: You weren't there when he threatened me. He said I wasn't half the man that Philip is and I would never be a good father.

Belle: Maybe we reach out to him and let him see Claire and that will be like a peace offering for you two.

Shawn D.: Don't hold your breath. [Doorbell rings] I'll get it.

Roman: Hey.

Shawn D.: Hey, Roman, come on in.

Roman: Well, Shawn, I'm glad you're here, too.

Shawn D.: What's up?

Roman: Well, your mom and dad are still at the station. They're giving their statements about the fire, but I wanted to talk to you and Belle about Victor.

Belle: Well, actually, he's on his way over right now.

Roman: Right now?

Belle: Yeah, he's going out of town and wants to spend some more time with Claire.

Roman: All right, I'm glad I came when I did, then, because I don't think you should let Victor take Claire.

Shawn D.: That's exactly what I was telling Belle.

Belle: He is her great-grandfather.

Roman: Belle, I understand that, all right? But you remember when Claire went missing from the diner?

Belle: Of course I remember.

Roman: Well, we believe Victor was behind that. That's one of the things I wanted to tell you. We also believe that he is behind Max and Mimi's disappearance.

Shawn D.: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Max and Mimi are missing?

Roman: Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you knew that.

Shawn D.: And you think that Victor had something to do with this?

Roman: Yeah, we do.

Belle: Why?

Roman: Well, there's something else I need to tell you. It's about Philip.

Shawn D.: Yeah, we know. He went back into combat.

Belle: Yeah, Kate showed me the picture in the paper, and that's why Mimi and Max went to go find out more information about him.

Roman: I guess they didn't have a chance to tell you, but they found out that Philip was seriously wounded.

Belle: Oh, my God.

Roman: Yeah, he was transferred from Germany to a Veteran's Hospital in Georgia.

Belle: How badly was he injured?

Roman: Well, we don't know that. Max and Mimi flew to Atlanta, but by that time, Philip had mysteriously disappeared.

Shawn D.: Wait, so you're telling me that...Max, Mimi, and Philip are all missing?

Roman: Yeah, and Philip was in no condition to leave that hospital on his own.

Belle: What happened to him?

Shawn D.: You think that Victor took him, don't you?

Roman: Yeah, that's what we're thinking, yeah. We're also thinking that Victor has Philip stashed somewhere. We can't prove it. But we also believe that Max and Mimi were getting close to the truth, and Victor didn't like that.

Belle: Roman, do you think this has something to do with Claire?

Roman: Belle, I don't think it's a coincidence that about the same time Philip went missing from that hospital that Victor was asking to spend more time with Claire.

Belle: What you said before about Victor being responsible for the kidnapping -- why would he do that if he already had access to her?

Roman: I can't answer that. But I do believe it's connected. Now, Bo and I are gonna get to the bottom of it. We are gonna find Max and Mimi. We're gonna figure out what happened to Philip. But I just thought I should warn you -- do not let Victor take Claire.

Belle: He's already on his way over here. What are we supposed to do?

Roman: You're gonna make an excuse -- any excuse. Just don't let that little girl out of your sight. Do you understand me?

Sami: Lucas, Lucas. I'm so glad you're here.

Lucas: What's the matter?

Sami: I've never been so glad to see anyone in my whole life.

Lucas: You're not mad at me 'cause I followed you here?

Sami: Well, I was, and I was mad because I thought I could handle it and I thought you just didn't trust me, but you were just trying to protect me. Lucas, how do I get myself into these messes?

Lucas: What happened? Did he touch you? Did he hurt you? I'll kill that guy.

Sami: No, no, Lucas, stop it. He was just on the phone. He was talking, and I heard him. He was shouting. He was out of control.

Lucas: All right, calm down. Let's get you out of here.

Sami: I can’t. I can’t.

Lucas: Why not?

Sami: Because he is waiting for me. I just can't vanish.

Lucas: Sure you can. Let's go, come on.

Sami: No, Lucas, listen to me. If I do, he'll know that I am on to him.

Lucas: "On to him" about what?

Sami: I heard him talking on the phone. Lucas, he -- he mentioned Stefano DiMera.

Lucas: He what?

Sami: He said something about how he couldn't leave Salem until he finished what he started. And then he said he didn't care what Stefano said.

Lucas: Oh, man.

Sami: Lucas, why didn't I just listen to my dad? He and Uncle Bo were right all along. E.J. is connected to the DiMeras.

Lucas: We got to get you out of here right now before you get yourself killed.

John: Time's up, pal. Either you to step aside or we're gonna play a little game of quick draw. Smart money is riding on me.

Marlena: So, Elvis Jr. is E.J. [Exhales sharply] Stefano, why would you send Elvis Jr. to Salem?

He was there so long. Was he working for you the whole time? Was he following your orders?

[Straining] Stefano, let go. John, John! John, no!

Shawn D.: You haven't said much since Roman left. So, what are we gonna tell Victor?

[Doorbell rings]

Victor: Shawn.

Shawn D.: This was a wasted trip, Victor.

Victor: Hello, Belle. Where is that beautiful little girl? Is she ready to spend some time with me?

Belle: Victor, I, um...I changed my mind about letting you spend time with her tonight.

Victor: Really? Why is that?

Belle: Because I think it's important for Shawn to spend time with her, and now that he's here, well, that just takes precedence, so I hope you understand.

Victor: I only asked for an hour, Belle.

Shawn D.: It's late, Victor. And it's past her bedtime.

Victor: When I called Belle before --

Shawn D.: She changed her mind, okay?

Victor: If you keep her from me tonight, you'll regret it.

Shawn D.: We are her parents. I think we know what's best for her.

Victor: I'm not so sure.

Shawn D.: Okay, you can leave.

Victor: What's really going on here?

Shawn D.: I was about to ask you the same thing. I'm guessing this has something to do with Philip.

Belle: Victor, where is Philip?

Victor: I wish I knew.

Shawn D.: And I'm assuming that you have no idea where Max and Mimi are, either.

Victor: Why would I?

Shawn D.: Because they're missing, and I think that you had them abducted.

Victor: And why would I do that?

Shawn D.: Probably because they were getting too close to finding out where Philip is.

Victor: You know, it sounds to me like somebody's been putting some crazy ideas in your head. Let me guess -- Roman Brady.

[Doorbell rings]

Roman: Kate, what are you doing here?

Kate: Victor's going on a business trip. I'm here to help him organize and pack.

Roman: [Laughs] I thought Victor had little minions to do things like that. Besides, you two are business rivals. Why would you want to help?

Kate: No, competitors, not rivals. And we share a son. Did you forget that? Anyway, he, uh -- you just missed him. He's gone.

Roman: Well, then, I'll talk to you. I have some questions to ask about the son you share.

Kate: Like what?

Roman: Well, you must be very worried that he's missing.

Kate: Well, of course I'm worried that he's missing, Roman.

Roman: No word from him?

Kate: No.

Roman: You know, Max and Mimi were looking for Philip, too, until they ended up missing, too, but you knew that, didn't you? You were supposed to check out something for them, weren't you? Something about Victor's jet.

Kate: Did Max tell you that, Roman?

Roman: Yes, he did. So, what did you find out, Kate? Katie, come on. You know something. I can tell. What are you and Victor hiding?

Lucas: Listen, I don't want you going anywhere near E.J.'s suite, all right? Come on. Listen, if Stefano is giving him orders, we got to get you as far away from him as possible right now. Let's go.

Sami: This is just so hard to believe.

Lucas: What? What's so hard to believe, Sami?

Sami: I thought he was my friend. And I don't have many -- any of those. And he was nice to me. And he was there for me, and he supported me, and it was all a lie because he just wanted to get to me to use me to hurt my own family.

Lucas: You can't blame yourself for this. Stop blaming yourself.

Sami: How can I not blame myself? Lucas, I told him things. I helped him. I trusted E.J. Even after Uncle Bo warned me about him.

Lucas: All right, all right.

Sami: God, you would think that I would learn after falling for Tony's European-charm thing. You'd think I'd recognize a pit viper when I saw one.

Lucas: Let's just go. Can we not talk about this right now? Could we just go home, please?

Sami: I just don't understand how I could have been so wrong about him. I thought he was -- I thought he was my friend.

Lucas: Even after he tried to rape you, you thought he was your friend? He could be behind every crime in Salem. He could be the gloved hand himself. Or he could be the guy who made us think that Will was kidnapped, or, Sami, he could be the one who murdered Eve Michaels. Now, if that's the case, you're in danger. We got to get you out of here right now and get you back home and warn the proper authorities. Let's go.

Sami: Lucas, I can’t. He's expecting me in his suite. If I don't show up, he'll know something is wrong.

Lucas: I don't want you anywhere near him right now, okay?

Sami: I don't have a choice. Look, Lucas, I'm pretty sure that I convinced him that I didn't hear him say anything about Stefano. But I am telling you, if I don't go there, if I don't go to his room in like 10 minutes, he's gonna come looking for me.

Lucas: Let him look. We'll be long gone. It won't matter.

Sami: Yes, it will. If I run, then he'll know something is up. And if he disappears, my dad and Abe -- they're never gonna be able to find him. And if he is the gloved hand and he thinks that he's about to get caught, I mean, he could become desperate and dangerous. What if he does something to Will?

Lucas: What if he does something to you?

Sami: Lucas, I have an idea.

Marlena: Let go! Stefano, let go of me! John!

John: What the hell's going on? Let go of her, old man. You all right?

Marlena: I was so scared. I heard gunshots.

Stefano: [Speaks Italian]

Marlena: John, are you okay? Are you all right?

John: The guard misfired when I punched him out. What happened?

Marlena: E.J. Wells -- E.J. is the child that you and Kristin raised, thinking it was John Jr. E.J. -- Stefano's son.

John: How do you know that?

Marlena: The picture.

John: Oh, my God. Give me a minute alone with the old man.

Marlena: No, John. We've got to get out of here. They've called the police already, I'm sure.

John: Doc! [Knocking on door] Stefano, it's your old buddy John Black. You're not looking so good. I'd love to sit around and chat, but I'm kind of short on time here. So either you tell me why you sent Elvis Jr. to Salem or...I'm gonna make sure that you stay dead.

Sami: Okay, Lucas, here's the plan. You go outside and call Will. Tell him he has to call me right away.

Lucas: I don't want to involve our son.

Sami: It's just a phone call. You tell him he has to call me from his cellphone. That's really important.

Lucas: What the hell are you gonna be doing while I'm doing that?

Sami: I'm gonna go upstairs to E.J.'s suite, and then hopefully Will, will call me, and I'll be able to make up some sort of emergency, and that's the perfect excuse to get me out of here.

Lucas: I hope you know what you're doing.

Sami: So do I.

Lucas: All right, wait a minute. I don't like this. Why can't I be the one to call, huh?

Sami: What if E.J. gets suspicious and he checks my caller I.D. and it's your name there?

Lucas: All right, you got five minutes up there. If you're not back, I'm coming up there and I'll kick his limey head in.

Sami: Let's just get us out of here, okay, Lucas, before he figures out how scared I am, okay?

Lucas: Don't worry about it. I promise I won't let anything happen to you.

E.J.: Samantha, I, um, I thought you were going up to your room to get changed.

Sami: That was the plan.

E.J.: But this isn't your room and you haven't got changed. So...what's going on, hmm?

John: You're running out of time, DiMera. Tell me why you sent Elvis Jr. to Salem. [Rattling]

Marlena: They're coming.

Guard: [Speaking Italian] [Speaking Italian] I need to see the patient. What's going on?

Marlena: I'm so sorry. That's not possible. We're still talking to Signor DiMera. Go on, John.

John: You got three seconds to tell me everything I want to know or I'm gonna put a bullet in your brain. One... two...

Victor: Look, I don't know what lies Roman has been telling you, but I had absolutely nothing to do with Max and Mimi's disappearance.

Shawn D.: Then you've got nothing to worry about.

Victor: Well, obviously I do, if you won't let me take Claire. Look, I love my great-granddaughter very much. She enjoys spending time with me. I'm sorry if you don't like it, but she misses Philip.

Shawn D.: Philip is not her father, and he never was. And you constantly bringing up his name is just gonna confuse her. It needs to stop.

Victor: Even though I'm going away --

Shawn D.: The answer is no, Victor. You're not spending time with Claire tonight or any other night.

Victor: You feel the same way, Belle?

Belle: Until we find out what happened to Max and Mimi, yes.

Victor: You should know better than to make an enemy of me. Believe me, you'll wish you hadn’t.

Kate: What makes you think Victor has anything to hide?

Roman: He always does. So, come on, Katie, what about it? Did you get any information out of Victor?

Kate: No.

Roman: All right, well, is it okay if I look around, then?

Kate: I can't give you permission to do that, Roman.

Roman: Kate, you just indicated that Victor's got nothing to hide.

Kate: Well, this isn't my house, now, is it? But I do know that Victor is a very powerful man who values his privacy, and I think he would find it completely unacceptable for you to be poking around his house without a search warrant.

Roman: You're afraid I'm gonna find something. I can tell. So, if you'll excuse me.

Kate: Roman. Roman, you're asking for trouble.

Roman: I'll take my chances. Who knows? I just might get lucky.

Belle: I think she's back to sleep.

Shawn D.: Thanks for backing me up with Victor.

Belle: Look, if what Roman said is true, if Victor had something to do with that woman who took Claire from the diner and knows anything about Philip --

Shawn D.: Don't you think that it was a little strange Victor's sudden interest to want to spend time with Claire?

Belle: I thought that he was lonely. I mean, he's getting older. He lives alone.

Shawn D.: Belle, I think that, that's what victor wants us to think.

Belle: Well, we have to protect our daughter. That is the most important thing.

Shawn D.: And we will.

Belle: But I'm also really worried about Max and Mimi. Did you believe Victor when he said he didn't have anything to do with their disappearance?

Shawn D.: No, not even for a minute.

Belle: So you think that he hired someone to get them out of the way.

Shawn D.: I hope I'm wrong, but, yeah, I do.

Belle: I never wanted to have to push Philip away, and I never wanted him to get hurt again.

Shawn D.: You can't keep beating yourself up over that. It was Philip's decision to re-enlist.

Belle: If Victor does know where Philip is, why wouldn't he tell anyone?

Shawn D.: I don't want to scare you, but I think that Victor and Philip are in this together. I think that they are trying to take Claire away from us.

Kate: Roman, you have absolutely no right to do this.

Roman: Kate, I'm just gonna take a look around. If I don't find anything, I'll be out of here quick.

Kate: Roman, stop.

Sami: I, um, I just went to the front desk, and I finally got a room key. And then this guy stopped me, one of the potential investors from San Diego, actually, and he was asking me all sorts of questions, and I think he's really excited, so I finally got away from him just now.

E.J.: Really? Where is he? I don't see anybody.

Sami: Oh, he was just -- that's weird. He was just right here. Well, we still have time to celebrate, don't we?

E.J.: Yes, absolutely. The champagne awaits. [Cellphone rings]

Sami: Oh, um, sorry, E.J. just give me a second. That's my son. I have to take this.

E.J.: Really? Good old Will, eh?

Sami: Are you checking up on me?

E.J.: No.

Sami: Will, hey, how are you sweetie?

Will: Uh, you tell me. Well, dad told me to call you on your cell, so here I am.

Sami: How was ski camp?

Will: Oh, it was great.

Sami: Oh, my God.

Will: What?

Sami: Appendicitis? You're in the ER?

Will: Uh...

Sami: Don't tell me not to worry. I am your mother. Honey, look, um, I'm on my way. I'm leaving right now.

Will: Uh, I'm fine. Are you okay?

Sami: Sweetie, calm down, okay? Just tell the doctor that I am on my way, and I'm gonna call Grandma Caroline 'cause I think she can sign the consent form for you to have the surgery.

Will: Mom, what's going on?

Sami: Sweetie, I know it hurts, but you're gonna be fine. Look, I'm gonna call your father. I'll find him and make sure he's on his way to you, too.

Will: Should I be worried about you? I should, shouldn't I?

Sami: Everything's gonna be fine, Will. Don't worry about it, honey. I'm on my way. I love you, and you just hang in there, honey. That was my son. He needs an emergency appendectomy, so I have to go. You understand, don't you?

E.J.: Yeah, of course. Absolutely, absolutely. I mean, I have no choice. Go.

Sami: And you'll be able to handle things here, right?

E.J.: Sure.

Stefano: [Speaking Italian]

Marlena: John, the police are coming.

John: You tell me who E.J.'s gonna kill. Tell me who his next victim is, or, by God, it's gonna be you.

Stefano: [Laughs] Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it, you coward. Shoot me.

Marlena: John, don't do it. If you do, we'll never get out of here alive.

Stefano: Do it! Shoot me!

John: We're finished here. Let's go home.

Stefano: [Speaking Italian] [Speaking Italian] [Laughs]

Sami: Put yourself in my shoes, E.J. My son is about to have surgery. If you had a sick child, you would know that it's just painful.

E.J.: Samantha, it's okay. I understand.

Sami: Thank you. You know, I hate to duck out on you right before this big sales meeting and our celebration.

E.J.: Are you crazy? Go and be with your son, for God's sake. Come on, this is much more important, okay? We can have champagne back in Salem.

Sami: Okay, just a second. Will. Sweetie, what is it?

Will: Hey, mom, is everything all right? Um, do you need me to pretend I have appendicitis? Hey, can I skip school tomorrow?

Sami: Honey, you have to stay calm, okay? I'm gonna do it right now. I just need you to let me get off the phone so I can call your grandma, and I'll be home soon. I love you. Bye. I'm so sorry, E.J. I have to run.

E.J.: Go. Go, go, go.

Roman: Well, somebody's been here, Kate. Coffee's still warm. Wait a minute. You take your coffee with cream, if I remember right. That's black.

Kate: I'm asking you to stop.

Victor: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Roman: Welcome home, Victor. I've been enjoying your art, your antiques, but now let's talk about Max Brady and Mimi Lockhart, shall we?

Victor: You and I aren't talking about a damn thing. Get out, or you can kiss that shiny badge of yours goodbye. Entering a private residence without a warrant? I'll sue you for every cent you're worth...and your two-bit department.

Roman: I can issue threats, too, Victor. And if you harm Max or Mimi, you can be damn sure you're gonna get what's coming to you, and believe won't like it.

Kate: Roman's gone.

Victor: You can come out now. Disaster averted. Well done, Philip.

Kate: Now, as for Montreal, I'm going, that's final.

Victor: Kate, I told you.

Kate: I'm his mother. I'm not going to let him undergo experimental surgery without me being there.

Victor: He will be in my care and Dr. Weinstein's. You'll only be in the way.

Kate: Victor -- [Tapping] Well, there's your answer.

Victor: All right, you win. Go home and pack. We'll be leaving in a few hours. Don't worry, son. Dr. Weinstein's gonna turn you into a new man. And then when you come home when you're fully recovered, you and Claire will be reunited, and then you'll have your little girl with you forever.

Shawn D.: Is she sleeping?

Belle: Like an angel.

Shawn D.: Our angel. I don't want you to worry, Belle. If Victor -- if he tries to take Claire, I will do everything that I can to stop him and his lawyers. You have my word. I'll do whatever it takes to protect my family.

Sami: Lucas? Oh, thank God.

Lucas: Will called?

Sami: Yeah, yeah, and I think E.J. bought it, so we're okay. But I think I'm gonna have some explaining to do. Will probably thinks I've gone crazy.

Lucas: It wouldn't be the first time. Just kidding. I'm just glad you're safe. That's all.

Sami: Thank you for helping me, Lucas.

Lucas: Let's get out of here. Let's go home, all right?

Marlena: What is E.J.'s next move? Did you get anything at all out of Stefano?

John: Just a lot of craziness and wheezing. The old man's a lost cause. When we get back to Salem, I'll get everything I need out of way or another. Let's get out of here.

[Monitor beeping]

Rico: The hour has come. Your father gave the death card to the nosy American. Your orders are to kill John Black and leave Salem forever.

Chelsea: I guess Lonely Splicer's having a really good effect on me.

Nick: Lonely Splicer sounds pretty deep.

Abby: And in way over his head.

Roman: And if you get caught?

Bo: I got nothing to lose.

Hope: It looks like I missed a chapter...or two.

Marlena: What is that?

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