Days Transcript Thursday 12/14/06

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 12/14/06 - Canada; Friday 12/15/06 - U.S.A.


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John: Stefano DiMera?

Oh. [Speaks Italian]

John: I guess she means this way.

Marlena: John, no. It's the same hospital, the same corridor. It was in my dream. We've got to go now.

Sami: Gentlemen, in the last two years, E.J. Wells' racing teams have won over 37 races in Europe, Asia, and the United States. So, if you want your company associated with a champion, you want your logo on a Mythic car. We have a package available for every ad budget, so if you're just a start-up or one of the Fortune 500, you belong in the winner's circle with us. But don't take my word for it. I think you need to hear from the legend himself -- Mythic's Chief Partner, Mr. E.J. Wells. All right. All right, E.J. Hey, hey.

E.J.: Nice to see you again. Wonderful presentation. Thank you.

Sami: E.J., a few words from you I think these gentlemen would like to hear.

E.J.: [Clears throat] Now, of course, the other advantage of joining our team is having this beautiful face to sell your products. [Applause]

Hope: Hey.

Bo: Hey.

Hope: I woke up and you were gone. Is everything okay?

Bo: No, it's not.

Hope: Do you regret making love to me?

Bo: Hope, whoa, no. Fancy Face, making love to you, that was...the best thing that's happened to me in a very, very long time.

Hope: Okay, I'm glad to hear it. Then why didn't you wake me up and make love to me again?

Bo: I was going to, but then I heard the doorbell ring.

Hope: Who was it?

Bo: It was Roman with some bad news.

Hope: Is it Shawn?

Bo: No -- Max. Apparently his garage was vandalized and there were signs of a pretty bad struggle.

Hope: Is he hurt?

Bo: Don't know. He and Mimi are missing.

Hope: Oh, my God. Are there any leads?

Bo: Mnh-mnh, no witnesses, nothing.

Hope: If I'm the reason you're not looking for them --

Bo: No, the reason I'm not out there is because I'm not a cop anymore. And Roman, you know, stopped by here and gives me this busywork to try to make me feel useful.

Hope: It could be useful. You know every inch of this town.

Bo: Come on, I should be out there looking for Max. He's my brother. But I lost my badge and gun because of Lockhart. Hope, I'm not blaming you.

Hope: But you should.

Bo: No, I shouldn’t.

Hope: I'm the reason he's in our lives.

Bo: No. The reason he's in our lives is because he was ordered to be in our lives by DiMera.

Hope: And I trusted him.

Bo: Fancy Face, no, you... you needed someone there that you could count on because I failed you... and Zack and Shawn. I wasn't there for you when you needed me the most.

Hope: That's not true. You were there. I just wouldn't let you be. I should have known all along -- you were the one person I could count on. But we're back together now. And everything is going to be better from now on.

Bo: You know, Fancy Face, you're probably right, but... there's a part of me -- I just feel like a failure.

Shawn D.: Willow, can you hear me? Are you in there? [Coughs] Willow, are you in here? Where are you at?

Willow: Shawn, it's out of control. I can't stop it.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

E.J.: Now, gentlemen, if you will excuse me, Samantha can explain all the wonderful ways in which Mythic can accommodate your needs.

Sami: Excellent. Gentlemen, come this way. Um, I have some information about the ad packages that we have. Here, make sure that everyone...

E.J.: Hey. Look what the cat dragged in. Samantha said you weren't coming. Look, I'm glad you changed your mind. She's, uh...she's pretty amazing, isn't she?

Lucas: Yeah, she is. I'm very proud of her.

E.J.: You should tell her that. Come on, let's go and say hi. She'll be thrilled to see you.

Lucas: Not such a good idea, no.

E.J.: Isn't that why you came all the way here to see her? You can't skulk in the shadows all evening.

Hope: You have no reason to feel that way. I admire you. You're honorable. You take responsibility for your mistakes.

Bo: Why do I keep making the same one over and over again?

Hope: Hey, so have I. I kept giving Patrick one chance after another. Why did I do that?

Bo: Because you're a generous person. You want to believe the best of people. And that's why you've given me so many chances.

Hope: No, I did it because I love you. You're a person who fights for what's right. And at the end of the day, you know that what you fought for you truly believed in. That's how you live your life. Now, if that isn't success, I'll take failure any day.

Bo: You know what? If I've lived my life so well, why is my daughter responsible for so much heartache? Hmm, right. And why is my son working for a criminal and living with a hooker?

Hope: As much as we might not like Willow, she is trying to straighten out her life. And at least Shawn's not helping her do that anymore.

Bo: Well, maybe it wouldn't have lasted so long if I wasn't so hard on Shawn.

Hope: You think he's with her to spite you?

Bo: That's part of it, and it's definitely part of the reason he's so dead set on working for Wells.

Hope: Wait a second. You know for a fact that Shawn would quit if he thought, even for a second, he was doing anything illegal.

Bo: How could he not be suspicious? The whole Salem P.D. knows the guy's dirty. John is in Italy getting proof of that. What does he need to convince him? An indictment? You know, if he's not careful, he'll have one -- one with his name on it.

Hope: We'll talk to him again.

Bo: That won't do any good. He just does the opposite of what I say. It was my job to teach him values. And it's my fault he doesn't know right from wrong.

[Fire alarm rings]

Willow: Ah, thank God.

Shawn D.: I wanted to give this to Claire. [Siren wailing] They are gonna have questions for you, and you better have some answers.

John: What dream are you talking about?

Marlena: The dream I had on the plane coming back from Smokey Robinson's. Remember I fell asleep and I had this nightmare? You had to wake me from it.

John: Yeah, but you never told me what it was about.

Marlena: It was this. It was this place. I was alone, going down that corridor. I walked through the corridor, and I opened the door. And then I -- and then I saw you there. You were in the bed. You had a knife in your heart.

John: Hey, come on. It was just a bad dream.

Marlena: It was this exact place, John. You were dead. I'm not going in there.

John: Okay, okay. You wait here.

Marlena: No, no. You're not going in there. John, it's not me. It's you they want. Look, we've got to go before it's too late.

E.J.: Um, do you plan to hide in the corner all night long?

Lucas: No, I don't want to bother Sami while she's working, so I'll just go grab something to eat somewhere.

E.J.: Don't be silly. Come on, you'll eat with us. It'll be fun.

Lucas: I really don't want her to know I'm here, okay?

E.J.: I thought you came to surprise her?

Lucas: I didn’t.

E.J.: You didn't?

Lucas: No.

E.J.: Oh, I see. It wasn't that you couldn't make it, was it? She didn't want you to come. Actually, I thought as much. That was half the reason I invited you.

Lucas: You know I don't like you, right? And I definitely don't trust you.

E.J.: Really?

Lucas: No, that's why I'm here -- protect Sami.

E.J.: To protect her without her knowing that you're here? That's very chivalrous of you. Unfortunately, you see, if she finds out you're here, she's gonna think that you don't trust her, not me. And, well, she's gonna hate you for that.

Hope: Shawn does know right from wrong. But you're not his only parent. It's our job to teach him values. If he's in trouble now, that's my fault as much as yours.

Bo: Hey, that's not true and you know it.

Hope: I'm the one who ran off to Morgan Island because I couldn't face my problems. At least you tried to be there for him.

Bo: He's the one who wanted you to get out of town because he was angry with me. He was rebelling against me. The kid's stubborn. Just like his old man.

Hope: You know, stubborn can be a good thing sometimes.

Bo: Most of the time, it just gets you in trouble. Hope, you know, he wants to be treated like an adult, but so often he acts like a kid. Again, like his old man. I've spent most of my adult life chasing bad guys. Now I'm suspended from the force. My kid's working for a criminal. If that's not failure, I don't know what is.

Hope: Bear with me for a second, okay? Say, uh...say we're out sailing. And you got your GPS. You got your radar. You got your maps, and if all else fails, it's clear enough to find your way home by the stars. But then all of a sudden, without warning, a hurricane hits. Your GPS, your radar -- knocked out. The maps go overboard. The sails are shredded, and the stars are nowhere to be found. How do you find your way back to the people that love you?

Bo: Be pretty close to impossible.

Hope: That's right. And that's exactly what happened to Shawn. The hurricane was Zack's death.

Bo: Hope, if I had taught him right --

Hope: We did. We taught him right. That's why -- that's why he's supporting Claire and Belle. That's why he told Willow to move out. That is why when you were arrested, he was the first person to say, "my father didn't do this." He loves you, Brady. He loves you very much. Okay, he's made some mistakes. God knows we all have. We have. But he's slowly finding his way back home. Now, do you really think he'd be able to do that if his father failed him?

Bo: You're right.

Hope: I know.

Bo: Things are getting better. [Telephone rings] Who the heck is that? Brady. Hang tight, son. Your mom and I are on our way. Let's go.

Hope: What?

Bo: Shawn needs us.

Hope: Oh, my God. Here you go, honey. Have some hot tea.

Willow: Thank you. I just can't stop shaking.

Hope: Oh, I feel terrible for you. What else can I do?

Willow: This is fine. Thank you so much.

Hope: The fire department's gonna take care of you, honey.

Shawn D.: Come here. I should have called the police, too. How in the hell could you do this? I understand you burning my stuff. It's a little sick, but, hey, I'm a big boy, but Claire is an innocent baby. You burned her toys, her picture of us. What is wrong with you?

Willow: I am sick of competing with a 15-month-old. I am sick of watching you do everything under the sun to impress your Princess Belle so you can play daddy to her baby dumpling.

Shawn D.: Are you kidding me?

Willow: And I am tired of your pushy mom. You wanted a home for your precious daughter. Well, now it's gone. Deal with it.

John: I'm gonna be okay, baby.

Marlena: No. If we keep going, you will die. We were almost killed in our hotel room just now. If you hadn't heard Rico picking the lock --

John: Yeah, well, we're here and Rico's still tied up in the armoire, and the answers to all our questions are right down at the end of this hall.

Marlena: John, John, you had a knife in your heart.

John: Listen, we're a couple steps away from finding out who E.J. Wells is and what he wants with our friends back in Salem. Now, if I stop now, I let everybody down. I got to tell Bo and Roman and everybody else this guy is threatening that I ran away at the last second.

Marlena: You're not running away. It is self-preservation. If Abe and Roman want E.J. so badly, they can come here and get the information themselves. You are not a policeman, John. You don't have to risk your life.

John: No time to go through channels. Besides, Stefano won't talk to anybody but me. Now, I made them a promise that I will come home with the proof they need to nail Wells and Lockhart, and, by God, I'm gonna do everything I can to keep that promise. Look...I know you don't want to go in there with me. I understand that. But I'm going in there.

Sami: As you racing experts know, the hood of the car is prime time for sponsors, just as long as you don't mind having our drivers stand on your logo while they're drinking their bottle of milk.

[Laughter] There are opportunities available at every level of competition. And I would love to give you more of the details if you would care to join E.J. and myself at a late supper in his suite. So, we have some invitations here. Help yourselves. If you're seriously interested, then we are interested in speaking to you. I look forward to seeing you this evening.

E.J.: My God, she is marvelous. I mean, she just is beyond anything I could have expected. And to think, you didn't even think she would be qualified for the job.

Lucas: I never said that.

E.J.: Well, you said you thought I had an ulterior motive when I hired her.

Lucas: Well, you did. You do.

E.J.: You still think that I want to get her into bed.

Lucas: Don't you?

E.J.: So, what's your plan, Lucas? You going to follow us up to my suite later?

Lucas: No, no, thanks. I'm not into that.

E.J.: You're a perennial loser. Do you know that? One has to wonder whether you could be with any woman who's less desperate than Samantha.

Lucas: Really? If she's so desperate, why the hell did she reject you, then?

E.J.: Did she? How about you, Lucas, huh? Have you been in her bed recently? Do you really think that you have any chance of being happy with Samantha or any woman for that matter? Before you answer that, maybe we should examine your track record, Lucas. Let's see... your first wife -- well, your mother had to pay your first wife $5 million just to marry you. Your second wife -- your second wife had an affair on your honeymoon with your brother. And all this time we're supposed to believe that you've been secretly pining for Samantha. In fact, you were so in love with her that you made her life a living hell for years. You berated her. You humiliated her. You got on your high horse and then you got off.

Lucas: Yeah? Look who's talking.

E.J.: Well, go on, then, dear boy, hmm? Show your face. Why don't you let Samantha see that you don't trust her enough to stay at home? Hmm? Let her see exactly what kind of pathetic little man you really are.

Lucas: If you don't shut your mouth, I'm gonna shut it for you.

E.J.: Easy, my friend.

Lucas: I know exactly what you're up to. You're gonna tell Sami what a great job she's doing, right? Pop the champagne. Fill her with praise and booze, pull your little English charm, and then you're gonna get her into your bed, right?

E.J.: Well, if you're so concerned about Samantha, why don't you tell her? Come on. I'm sure she'd be grateful to hear all about it. Come on, Lucas. What are you afraid of? That is what you came for, right? Go on, be a man...if you can.

Shawn D.: "Deal with it"? You destroy everything that I own and you just tell me to deal with it? What the hell's wrong with you?

Fireman: Is this your apartment, sir?

Shawn D.: Yeah.

Fireman: How did the fire start?

Willow: It was an accident, and thank God Shawn got home in time because he helped me.

Fireman: Oh, so you were here? Any ideas of what happened?

Willow: Well, I was asleep and then I smelled the smoke.

Shawn D.: If you don't tell him the truth, then I will.

Fireman: Miss, step into the other room with me, please. Don't go anywhere.

Shawn D.: Don't worry. I'll be right here.

Fireman: What the hell have you done?

Shawn D.: I didn't do anything.

Fireman: The loud music, the fighting and screaming all night long. That wasn't enough for you. Oh, no. You had to wreck two apartments.

Shawn D.: What are you talking about?

Fireman: The water from your sprinklers has just destroyed the apartment below this one.

Shawn D.: I'm sorry, okay? I am sorry, all right? She flipped out and she set all my stuff on fire. I'll pay for all the damages.

Fireman: Oh, you got that right. But right now, I want you to get the hell out of here and don't you ever come back.

Marlena: Look, I understand why you think you have to go in there. I-I just -- I can't do it. I can't go in.

John: Yeah.

Marlena: So, make me a promise. Tell me that you will get in there, get the information, and get out as fast as you can. And when you come out, then we'll go home and make love for 40 years.

John: That's all the incentive I need.

Marlena: Please be careful. Just don't be a hero, okay?

John: Do I look like a hero?

Marlena: Yeah, you do.

John: I'll be back before you know it.

Rico: Stop or you're a dead man.

John: Rico. I thought I left you in the armoire.

Rico: You think this is funny?

John: Hey, look, pal, I don't have any problem with you. Like I said before, I just came here to talk to Stefano.

Rico: Well, he doesn't want to see you. Leave now or I'll have the pleasure of putting a bullet in your head.

John: Can I have a second to think about this?

Marlena: Rico. Ceiee.

E.J.: You can't do it, can you? You can't bring yourself to go over there and show her that you don't trust her.

Lucas: You're really loving this, aren't you?

E.J.: No, on the contrary, I'm on your side.

Lucas: Oh, you're on my side. Right.

E.J.: Lucas, I feel for you. I understand the need to protect what is yours. I am, after all, myself, a romantic at heart.

Lucas: You, a romantic. That's nice. Very nice.

E.J.: Look, if you leave right now, I will never tell Samantha you were here.

Lucas: You're not doing me any favors. You'd love it if I left, wouldn't you?

E.J.: I'm doing myself a favor. Look at Samantha. She's got these people eating out of her hand, Lucas. I mean, she's working magic and I do not need anything disrupting that spell -- anything including any little tantrums that you might come up with. Just think of the fit she'd have. Now, come on. I meant what I said. Walk away right now and she will never know you were here.

Sami: Thank you again for your time. I look forward to seeing you all this evening. Here you go. Thank you very much. Bring your appetites and your checkbooks. Okay. E.J.

Bo: What the hell? Excuse me.

Manager: I don't care if you wind up homeless in the street. You got one hour to get the rest of your stuff together and then you get the hell out of here.

Bo: Whoa, whoa, whoa. It's not nice to poke people like that.

Manager: Who are you, this loser's parents?

Hope: The young man is our son, yes.

Manager: Well, didn't you do a good job raising him. It's been nothing but a headache ever since he moved in here.

Bo: And why's that?

Manager: No respect for the other tenants, plays music at all hours, got somebody living here whose name isn't on the lease. And now look at this.

Bo: Do you know how this fire was started?

Fireman: No, and I don't care. But you know what? I'm hoping it's arson because then you can expect a big fat lawsuit.

Shawn D.: I am not the one who set the place on fire.

Fireman: It's your name that's on the lease.

Hope: Let's just calm down, okay, because lawsuits can be very expensive for both parties. You do have fire insurance, don't you?

Fireman: Yeah, with a hefty deductible, which this loser's gonna pay.

Hope: You have renter's insurance, don't you, honey?

Shawn D.: Yeah, for personal contents.

Hope: Where do you keep the policy?

Shawn D.: It's in my room in the lockbox. My combination's my birthday.

Fireman: I'm gonna go call my insurance company.

Bo: Well, good thing you got that insurance policy.

Shawn D.: Yeah, well, there's no coverage for this.

Bo: No. Was the landlord right? Was it arson?

Shawn D.: What the hell is wrong with me?

John: I'm not armed, Rico. Didn't come here to hurt the old man.

Rico: [Speaks Italian] I don't really care.

John: I understand. Just following orders. Let me show you something. Easy. Easy. You know what this means, don't you, Rico? I want you to show this to DiMera, tell him I'm here for the family. It'll only take two minutes.

Rico: I told you to leave. You're still here. Now I get to kill you.

Sami: E.J.

Williams: Samantha.

Sami: Yes?

Williams: It was a great presentation. I'm interested in putting a lot of money into Mythic Communications.

Sami: Mr. Williams, I love hearing that. Thank you. Okay, well, I can e-mail you all our information.

E.J.: Samantha's on her way over. You going to let her down again or are you gonna do the right thing and walk away? Come on, Lucas. What's it gonna be?

Lucas: Just keep your hands off of her.

Sami: Thank you again. E.J., didn't you hear me? I saw you talking to someone. Who was it?

E.J.: Um...

Sami: What? What's wrong?

E.J.: Lucas was here.

Sami: What? He's here?

Bo: Candy cane?

Shawn D.: Thanks.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Shawn D.: I figured you'd come here to kill me.

Bo: No, no, no. No killing tonight or lectures or judgment or any of that dad stuff. I came here to help. So, what happened?

Shawn D.: Well, I finally realized that, you know, if I wanted to make things work and I wanted to be a responsible father, that I had to make an adult decision. So I told Willow it was over.

Bo: That is an adult decision, and smart, too.

Shawn D.: Yeah, well, my timing couldn't have been any worse.

Bo: There's no good time to bail on someone.

Shawn D.: Yeah, well, to do it while she's setting up a Christmas tree?

Bo: Ow.

Shawn D.: Exactly. So anyways, so I hung out, she packed her bags, and I waited for her to leave, but I forgot to get one thing.

Bo: The apartment key.

Shawn D.: Yeah. And while I was gone, she turns my whole living room into a bonfire. I knew she had a bad temper. I just didn't think that she was a total nut case. How could I not learn my lesson with Jan Spears?

Bo: Hey, hold on. You went out of your way to help her and Willow. You're a lot like your mom. You got a big heart. You want to see the best in people.

Shawn D.: I almost threw my whole future away for Jan, twice. And now I go do the same with Willow. I don't blame Belle for never forgiving me.

Bo: She'll forgive you. She loves you.

Shawn D.: It took you, mom, Belle -- all of you telling me that Willow's bad news and I just ignore you. And look at the risk that I took. What would have happened if Claire was here?

Bo: She wouldn't have done this if Claire was in the apartment.

Shawn D.: Still. How could I be such an idiot?

Bo: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on there. That's my son you're insulting.

Shawn D.: Yeah.

Bo: Have a candy cane. There you go.

John: I liked you better when you were a coat hanger, Rico. [Chuckles]

Rico: Keep making jokes while you still can.

John: Well, I guess if you're gonna get shot, lucky for me I'm in a hospital. Not for you, though. I mean, you discharge that weapon, the staff's gonna be all over you like white on risotto. [Chuckling]

Rico: Do you think anyone around here will stick their nose in DiMera business? There's no one here to help you this time.

Marlena: You're wrong again, Scarface. You drop that gun or I will shoot you where you stand.

Rico: Lady, do you really think you can pull the trigger?

Marlena: Are you feeling lucky today?

John: I think you should have stayed with the dry cleaning, Rico.

Marlena: You've got a gun pointed at my husband. I don't like that. Don't call my bluff. I'm not bluffing.

Rico: Neither am I. The old man doesn't want to see you. I was told to keep you out -- dead or alive.

Marlena: You go in there right now and you tell the old man that Marlena is here to see him. All right, fine. You don't want to do that? When he finds out that Marlena was here and he didn't see me, that armoire is going to look like a palace to you.

John: Palace. [Chuckles] Remind me never to play poker with you.

Landlord: So, it turns out my policy will cover the damages, so I'm not gonna sue you.

Shawn D.: Thank you.

Landlord: Under the condition that you cover the deductible. Consider yourself lucky.

Hope: I tried talking him into letting you stay in the building, but he wouldn't hear of it. You could ask E.J. for an advance.

Shawn D.: I-I-I quit.

Hope: Really?

Shawn D.: Yeah, he was pretty upset, too.

Bo: Well, yeah, sure. A good mechanic's hard to find.

Shawn D.: That's not what I was doing.

Bo: Really? Gee, I thought for sure.

Shawn D.: I was -- I was delivering envelopes. E.J. tried to convince me that it was just business documents, but I knew he was lying. Nothing else makes sense.

Bo: I'll be damned. He figured it out.

Shawn D.: I don't know. I'm just gonna have to get another job, I guess. It's gonna take me a long time to save up money for a new place, though. I don't know what I'm gonna do in the meantime.

Bo: You can come home.

Sami: I cannot believe that he came here. Lucas promised he would stay away. Mr. Williams, this is E.J. Wells.

E.J.: Oh, lovely, yeah.

Williams: If you would, one more to my son, Chester Jr.

Sami: [Laughs] Mr. Williams is going to be there this evening. He's very excited about our product.

E.J.: I will see you this evening. There we go.

Williams: Thank you very much.

E.J.: Well, it would certainly explain his reluctance to be seen by you this evening.

Sami: Lucas? Yeah, well, I really thought he trusted me enough to stay away.

E.J.: Well, he obviously cares a great deal about you. That's something, right?

Sami: Yeah, yeah, that's something. It's just that I thought that we had a chance to really start something new in our rela -- never mind, sorry.

E.J.: No, no, don't be. Hey, listen, what matters is you were wonderful this evening. And I made the right decision in making you a partner, so thank you.

Sami: No, E.J., thank you. This was so exciting for me, and I really think we did a good job. I think that we're gonna have a lot of buyers, and we just need to finalize the sale tonight.

E.J.: Well, we have nearly two hours before dinner. Why don't we go upstairs to my suite, get a bottle of champagne, and we can celebrate your deal as the new face of Mythic? What do you say?

John: You know, for a second there, I thought I was a dead man. Pretty smart of me to bring you along, wasn't it?

Marlena: Yeah. You're a smart guy. And I was gonna call the police, but then I remembered that Stefano probably has them on his payroll. But then I remembered this bad boy that gave me a gun in my hotel room.

John: And I owe you one.

Marlena: And I'm gonna collect from you.

John: Okay, let's get serious. Are you sure you want to go in there?

Marlena: Yes, I can do that with you there.

John: Yeah? What about your dream?

Marlena: That was officially a nightmare. You are my dream.

[Door opens]

Rico: The old man will see you.

John: All right.

Rico: But not him. And no guns.

John: No, no, no way is she going in there alone and unarmed. You tell the old man I'm coming with her.

Rico: You, alone.

Marlena: It's okay. I can handle this.

Rico: One minute.

John: All right, remember, this is Stefano.

Marlena: I know. I'll be careful. Look, you'll be right here, John. If anything happens, I'll scream my brains out. Hey, you said yourself -- we've got to get the evidence against Patrick and E.J. This may be our only chance to get it.

Shawn D.: I don't know about moving in with you guys. I mean, after everything --

Bo: I understand. I...I've been kind of rough on you this year -- criticizing you, not praising you for when you did things right.

Shawn D.: There really hasn't been much to praise. And I've been doing the same thing to you.

Bo: Yeah, well, your little brother dying -- that's been tough on all of us.

Hope: Honey, I am so sorry. I've been in so much pain myself since Zack's death that...I realize now that the only way we're gonna get through this is together.

Shawn D.: Yeah.

Bo: Hey, so, come on home. It's the holidays -- a time for you to be with your family.

E.J.: Yeah, let's jump in the elevator.

Sami: Uh, E.J., what do you mean "just the two of us"?

E.J.: Um, look, Samantha, as much as I would love to make love to you, I don't mix business with pleasure, okay? I simply want to go upstairs and discuss this new business venture we've started.

Sami: And that's it? [Cellphone rings]

E.J.: Oh, yeah, it is.

Sami: Okay.

E.J.: I have to take this. Would you mind getting the press kits and I'll see you upstairs? Thanks.

Sami: Yeah.


E.J.: Yes?

Rico: John Black is here. The old man says it's time for you to leave Salem.

E.J.: No, I need more time, okay? I'm not leaving here until I've accomplished what I came for.

Rico: The old man has spoken.

E.J.: I don't give a damn about John Black. I'm staying here until I finish what I've started. And you can tell Stefano I don't care to listen to him anymore.

John: You know who Stefano is. You know what he's capable of, so you be careful.

Marlena: I will.

Rico: He will see you now. White on risotto. If he moves, he's dead. [Machine beeping]

Shawn D.: I don't want to scare you, but I think that Victor and Philip are in this together. They are trying to take Claire away from us.

Marlena: What do you want from me, Stefano?

Sami: E.J.'s connected to the DiMeras.

Lucas: We got to get you out of here right now before you get yourself killed.

Rico: Your orders are to kill John Black and leave Salem forever.

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