Days Transcript Tuesday 12/12/06

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 12/12/06 - Canada; Wednesday 12/13/06 - U.S.A.


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Bo: Hey.

Hope: Mmm. What are you doing?

Bo: Watching you sleep.

Hope: Hmm, sounds exciting.

Bo: It kind of is.

Hope: Oh, my gosh. I can't believe I fell asleep.

Bo: Yeah, we both did. Guess we're wore out.

Hope: So why did you get up?

Bo: I wanted to make sure I wasn't dreaming. I missed being close to you like this.

Hope: I missed it, too. In fact, I was thinking... that we could get even closer.

Patrick: Are you gonna stand there and look me in the eye and tell me E.J. didn't give you any money? Ma, he told me himself he gave it to you to bring to me.

Bonnie: What, you believe Mr. Fancy Pants over your own mother?

Patrick: Clearly, motherhood isn't what it used to be.

Bonnie: What a horrible thing to say about the woman who gave you life. And it wasn't an easy delivery. You were breech.

Patrick: I gave you the benefit of the doubt. Obviously, that was a bad idea.

Mimi: What's going on?

Bonnie: Your brother's trying to blame me for the money he lost.

Patrick: I didn't lose anything. Mom ripped me off again. And if I don't get my money back, I'm gonna call the cops.

Max: Sorry. [Clears throat] Hey.

Roman: Hey, there you are. How are you doing? Buy you a beer?

Max: No, no thanks. I appreciate you meeting me.

Roman: Not a problem.

Max: I want to run something by you.

Roman: I'm listening.

Max: It's about Philip Kiriakis. Ever since he left town, no one's heard from him. So Mimi asked if I would help her to try and find him. So we made some calls.

Roman: And?

Max: Well, we found out he's back in the military. He was seriously injured.

Roman: Damn, I don't want to hear that. How bad is he?

Max: We don't know. We found out he was transferred from an overseas hospital to a Veteran's Hospital in Georgia. But here's the thing. When Mimi and I went to go and see him, he wasn't there. The whole staff was pretty closemouthed about it, and we were told on the QT that he hadn't been released or moved. But he just disappeared.

Roman: Just disappeared from a military hospital.

Max: Mm-hmm. Mimi and I think Victor's behind it, that he's hiding Philip someplace.

Roman: Just your hunch, though, right?

Max: Roman, come on. I got to know Victor when he was sponsoring my car. He's a powerful man who's used to getting what he wants.

Roman: Yeah, that he is.

Max: If his son was that badly injured, I'm guessing maybe that he wanted his own doctors to treat him. Who else would whisk Philip away from a facility like that or be able to? Kate suspects Victor, too.

Roman: You told Kate.

Max: Mm-hmm. She said she'd check it out and get back to us.

Roman: Okay. Keep me posted.

Max: I will. You and I both know victor plays dirty. I figured if anything happens to Mimi or me, you should know what we were doing.

Victor: This is only temporary.

Kate: This is so like you. You always think you know what's best for everyone.

Victor: Kate, listen to me.

Kate: Oh, God.

Victor: His face was damaged beyond recognition. I've made arrangements for a surgeon in Montreal to perform a radical procedure. He's already examined Philip, and he's going to give him a new face.

Kate: [Crying] Oh, God.

Victor: We're just waiting for the donor. The minute I hear from Dr. Weinstein, I'm gonna fly him up to the clinic in Montreal. I have a plane on standby.

Kate: How could you do this to me? How could you not tell me, Victor? God!

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Kate: You knew, didn't you? You knew that he had shipped out with the marines. And when I came over here that day with the newspaper with that photo that I thought was Philip, you knew it was Philip. Admit that, at least.

Victor: Yes, I knew.

Kate: But you didn't tell me he was hurt. You didn't tell me he was back in Salem. Was he here that day when I came over?

Victor: I knew you would be slighted.

Kate: "Slighted"? "Slighted" is when a friend snubs you in the supermarket. This is my son we're talking about. My son who is seriously injured. But you're telling lies, and you're making secret plans. Well, you know something? I'm making the plans now, and he's going to have around-the-clock care. And I don't need a plane standing by. I'm also calling Roman because I'm going to find out just how many laws you broke when you took him out of that hospital.


Kate: Philip.

Nurse: University Hospital. How may I direct your call?

Roman: [Exhales sharply] All right, Max. Let me get this straight. You and Mimi, did you confront Victor with some of this stuff?

Max: We went to see him. We told him everything we found out. He even said he knew Philip was still alive, claimed he'd had detectives all over the world looking for him and just found out now that the CIA was holding him.

Roman: Wait a minute. CIA?

Max: Yeah, obviously he was lying, just to stop Mimi and me from finding out any more.

Roman: All right, all right. Good intentions, good work. But now I think it's time for you and Mimi to give it a rest. All right? The important thing is you found out Philip's alive. And if he is with Victor, we know he's getting the best possible medical attention he can get.

Max: I guess you're right.

Roman: And if Victor is hiding his son for some reason, there's really not a law against that.

Max: Yeah, I guess not.

Roman: Listen to me. Listen to me very closely, okay? As your brother, as a cop, I'm telling you it is now time for you to back off.

Bonnie: How dare you threaten your mother.

Patrick: Conning your son?!

Mimi: Time-out! The whole block can hear you.

Patrick: Good! Maybe somebody will call the police.

Bonnie: Let's call the boys in blue. I'd love to hear what you have to tell them when they ask you where all that cash came from. I'm sure they'd be very interested to know it's some kind of payoff from E.J. Wells.

Patrick: She's basically admitting to taking the money.

Bonnie: No, I'm not.

Mimi: Well, well, well. A whole wad of $100 bills in mom's purse.

Bonnie: Give me that.

Mimi: Merry Christmas. Now I don't have to buy you socks this year.

Bonnie: You think you're so smart. What's Patrick gonna think when he finds out you siphoned off some of that cash, huh? Oh, gosh, Patrick, that's right. Your sister here isn't so innocent. Why don't you tell him what you did with his money?

Bo: I didn't see this coming. I thought we were just...

Hope: Just -- just --

Bo: ...Gonna take things slow.

Hope: Relax, Brady. No pressure.

Bo: Okay.

Hope: You and I will, you know -- it'll happen when it happens.

Bo: Well, it could happen right now. I'm just saying. If you want to get closer... now's the time.


Patrick: Mimi, is this true?

Mimi: All right, when I was at the hospital the other day, I found out it was mom who took your money, and I needed some cash, so...

Patrick: No, not you. I don't believe this.

Mimi: Well, like mom said earlier, it's probably dirty money anyway. Our hands aren't any stickier than yours. Look, I'm sorry I helped myself. I know I shouldn't have done it, but it was an emergency for a friend, and I will pay you back as soon as I can, okay?

Patrick: No, it's not okay. You know what? None of this is okay.

Bonnie: Nice work, Meems. Sweet.

Max: I know you're right, Roman. It's definitely best to leave Victor alone. I only got involved in this to help Mimi.

Roman: Wait a minute. You did all this for Mimi?

Max: Not for the reason you're thinking, Roman.

Roman: How in the hell do you know what I'm thinking?

Max: Mimi and I are just friends. Actually, I was hoping you'd tell me to let it go. I hate playing detective. I'd rather leave that up to the professionals, especially when Victor Kiriakis is the one I'm investigating.

Roman: Yeah, you put your nose into Victor's business, you could wind up looking like Jack Nicholson in "Chinatown."

Max: Exactly. [Sighs] What I don't get is why the old man would take Philip away from a hospital just to hide him. Oh, and then there's Claire.

Roman: What about Claire?

Max: Oh, you don't know? Victor's been spending more and more time with her. I guess he still thinks of her as Philip's daughter.

Roman: I'll tell you what. I will make some phone calls, see if I can find out what's going on.

Max: Thanks, Roman. I appreciate it. I just thought I'd let you know what was going down, you know, for the record.

Roman: All right. Glad you told me. But you take it easy, and you be careful. Okay?

Max: Thanks.

Roman: [Exhales sharply]

Hope: It sounds awfully tempting. But...I think...

Bo: You want to take things slow. Okay. So... heard anything else from Lockhart?

Hope: No.

Bo: Good, let's keep it that way.

Hope: Don't worry, okay? I'm not gonna let anything jeopardize our relationship. You trust me, don't you?

Bo: It's that loser I don't trust.

Hope: I believed you when you said you didn't lay a finger on Patrick. You believe me when I say that my number-one priority's rebuilding our marriage, our relationship.

Bo: I believe you. [Cellphone ringing] What the -- [Ringing continues] It's Roman.

Hope: Oh, go ahead. Take it. I'll, um...

Bo: You okay?

Hope: Yeah. Oh, good Lord, I'm big. I'll talk to you later.

Bo: Okay. Hey, man, what's up?

Roman: Listen, Bo, I've been thinking about Nancy Everett, the fact she turned down that reward for finding Claire.

Bo: We got to come up with a link between her and Wells.

Roman: What about Victor Kiriakis? Think there could be a link there?

Nurse: Hello? University Hospital. Is anybody there?

Victor: I think our son has made his feelings abundantly clear.

Kate: Then I want some explanations. I want to know why we're waiting for this physician up in Canada. I want to know why you were so underhanded about planning this whole thing.

Victor: Dr. Weinstein is a miracle worker. He is the best in his field. I simply felt the more people knew Philip was back, the more difficult it would be to accomplish what I wanted.

Kate: And what is it that you want? Don't you think you need to share your master plan with me?

Victor: All right. Why don't I fix us a drink, and I'll tell you the whole story?

Bo: Had to go meet Roman. Be back soon. [Doorbell rings]

Patrick: Hey.

Hope: You really shouldn't be here.

Patrick: Why, is Bo around?

Hope: He's gonna be back any minute. I don't have time to talk.

Patrick: This won't take long.

Hope: All right, what is it?

Patrick: Our trip is all set. Tickets and itinerary. First class all the way.

Mimi: You are not going anywhere until you tell me what is going on and why you suddenly need all this money you've been stealing.

Bonnie: Mimi, I told you.

Mimi: Stop with the lies!

Bonnie: Okay, between my mortgage payment and the operating expenses, it was killing me. So I took the money, and I took the pressure off with it!

Mimi: When I was doing your books last spring, your monthly receipts were amazing.

Bonnie: Who the hell knows? It's like the man said, "stuff happens." It's the restaurant business. One night you're hot, the next night you're shot. What am I, an economist?

Mimi: Every time I stop by Alice's, the place is packed. How can you be in a hole? And what happened to the computer program I taught you to use so you could keep track of your expenses and income? Are you keeping up with that?

Bonnie: Yes, when I'm not playing my video games. I need another beer. Excuse me. Who gave you permission to look at my ledger?! Give that back! That is my personal property. Give it -- give it back, Mimi, now!

Abby: Where have you been? There's been a black van coming in and out of the parking lot all night, and it's really scaring me.

Max: It's probably just a customer.

Abby: Customers usually come inside, Max. They say, "something's wrong with my car -- can you help me?" Look, there it is again.

Victor: Our son almost gave his life for his country again. He's a brave, young man. We've got a lot to be proud of.

Kate: Yes. Yes, we do. But he also lost a lot, Victor.

Victor: Yes, but he's still with us. And throughout this whole thing, he's gained a new appreciation for life.

Kate: How do you know that?

Victor: He wrote to me from the hospital in Germany. He said that when he walked away from Claire, he walked away from the one thing that he loved most in life. And he wasn't sure he could go on without her.

Kate: He told you that?

Victor: He also said that he didn't think he'd ever get a chance to be a father to her again. I'll tell you, Kate, when I read that, it just broke my heart.

Kate: [Sighs] I just can't believe he didn't write to me.

Victor: No... when a man needs comforting, he turns to his mother. When he needs a problem fixed, he turns to his father.

Kate: So that's what this is all about, all this subterfuge, this hiding him out in a secret room -- it's about Claire?

Victor: I filed a custody suit on Philip's behalf. I've asked for full parental rights to Claire.

Kate: Oh, God. You're going to court.

Victor: And Shawn and Belle are going to lose any claim they had to that little girl.

[Tires screech]

Abby: Did you see who it was?

Max: The van was idling. But as soon as they saw me, they peeled out.

Abby: We're being stalked.

Max: Abby, get a grip, okay? It's probably just some kids out there who love cars. They're checking out the rims or something.

Abby: Or some gangsters who want to steal your safe and shoot the office girl that the boss left all alone.

Max: You're imagining things. I'm sorry for leaving you here by yourself tonight. Can I give you a ride?

Abby: I've got my car. And are you sure Mimi wouldn't mind? I'd hate to make her jealous.

Kate: I wonder if you were born without a heart, to be able to so casually mention taking Claire away from her parents when Shawn is your grandson.

Victor: And Philip is my son. And, furthermore, I owe him. And so do you. If we had told him about Claire's paternity in the first place, he may not have gone running off to war and almost gotten himself killed.

Kate: I'm going to feel guilty about that for the rest of my life.

Victor: You're not gonna lose any sleep over it, are you?

Kate: What the hell does that mean?

Victor: Kate, when it comes to you and your children and interfering in their lives, you've never learned anything.

Kate: [Scoffs] Oh, I see. So I'm all to blame. Is that why you shut me out of all this?

Victor: I told you that no good would come of lying to Philip, didn't I? But, oh, no, you had to have your way. You were always right. What's that about, eh? Look at your children. You've driven Austin out of Salem again. You've driven Lucas into Sami's arms again. Billie's life is miserable again. I will not have that kind of a life for Philip.

Kate: Oh, I see. I'm the parent who failed.

Victor: No, I am saying we both failed, and now it's time to make amends. And we're not the only ones. Belle was supposed to be his devoted wife. Shawn was supposed to be his best friend. They both betrayed him. Now it's time for them to pay.

Kate: What are you going to do, Victor?

Victor: I'll tell you when the time comes. In the meantime, I need something else from you.

Kate: What?

Victor: I need you to swear you'll never tell anyone what we talked about, that you'll be on Philip's side, that you'll stand by him throughout this whole thing. It's us against the world. Can you do that, Kate?

Kate: If you weren't such a very arrogant man, you would realize that I've always been on Philip's side, no matter what.

Bo: Roman, that is some story. Max and Mimi think Victor has got Philip stashed away somewhere.

Roman: I'm not sure it's a story. No offense, but I wouldn't put anything past your father.

Bo: Neither would I.

Roman: And Max said that he's been spending a lot of time with Claire lately.

Bo: Victor's wanted Belle to drop Claire off more often.

Roman: Doesn't that seem a little odd to you?

Bo: My bio dad isn't known to be the warm and fuzzy type.

Roman: Yeah. And this all started to happen about the same time that Philip disappeared from that V.A. Hospital down in Georgia.

Bo: Right, and Claire went missing from the diner.

Roman: Uh-huh. The famous redhead.

Bo: Who you think Victor hired to kidnap Claire.

Roman: Yes, I think it is a very strong possibility.

Bo: I think you're on to something.

Roman: The only question is, why in the hell would Victor put this woman up to taking Claire?

Bo: I don't know, but she was throwing around a lot of money. I don't think she won the lottery.

Hope: I'll look at this later.

Patrick: Come on, aren't you a little curious as to where we're going? Goodbye, cold weather here in Salem. Hello, sunshine, beaches, Cabo San Lu--

Hope: Just stop, okay?

Patrick: What is wrong with you? I'm holding up my end of the bargain by dropping the charges against Bo. It wasn't easy for me to watch him move back in here with you. Hope, it is time for you to hold up your end of the bargain.

Hope: Why do you even want to take me on this trip? You know I'm only going out of a sense of obligation.

Patrick: Because you're having my baby, and I know you're stressed. I thought if we got away and you had some time to relax, that --

Hope: That what, I'd feel differently towards you? Nothing is going to change.

Patrick: Where is all this hostility coming from?

Hope: There's no hostility. You said we were going to Chicago.

Patrick: It's wintertime. It's cold in Chicago.

Hope: So, what, you thought maybe you'd buy me a ticket to Mexico and sweep me off my feet? I have made it so clear to you that I am not interested. I have no intention of sleeping with you. We will have separate rooms. You realize that. Patrick, I gave you my word, but this is nothing more than a business transaction. You do realize that, don't you?

Bo: The scene at the diner -- Victor asked Belle to lunch, then he calls her, says he's gonna be late. While Belle is on the phone, Claire gets up out of her high chair and strolls on out.

Roman: Or she's carried away. There was a crime committed. Who in the hell knows? Bo, why would Victor set up a phony kidnapping of his own granddaughter?

Bo: We got to dig deeper, connect the dots.

Roman: Yeah.

Victor: I knew I could count on you, Kate.

Kate: If you knew that, you would never have kept me in the dark.

Victor: No, I shouldn't have tried to outsmart a woman like you.

Kate: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don't try to butter me up. If it wasn't for Max and Mimi, I still wouldn't know where my son was.

Victor: I guess I underestimated those two.

Kate: They're good friends to Philip, and they'll do anything to try to get him back here. You know what they wanted me to do? They wanted me to get the flight log for your private jet so they could prove that you were in Georgia the night he disappeared from the hospital.

Victor: My flight log? I hope for their sake that you're kidding.

Kate: No, I'm not. Why do you think I was getting the key at Chez Rouge? I was supposed to call them with the information.

Victor: I thought I'd thrown them off the scent.

Kate: No. No, no, no. They saw straight through you. I think you're slipping.

Victor: You sound like you think the two of them can get the best of me.

Kate: They're determined to find him. It's very touching, actually. They really care about our son.

Victor: Yes, Mimi cares about him so much she coerced him into giving up his unborn child.

Kate: That's a Lockhart baby. What kind of disaster would that have been?

Victor: It's a Kiriakis baby. It's Philip's flesh and blood, my flesh and blood.

Kate: I am more than aware how important it is to Philip to be a father.

Victor: Claire doesn't recognize him anymore.

Kate: Oh, God. Oh, God.

Victor: He doesn't want anybody's pity. He wants to come back from this thing strong and whole. That's why it's so important that we keep him hidden for now.

Kate: Okay. What do we do about Max and Mimi?

Victor: Put them on ice. I need your help for that.

Max: Leave Mimi out of this.

Abby: Ever since she started working here, your mind has not been on work.

Max: What are you talking about?

Abby: You left everything to fly to Georgia with her. And before that, it was Chicago. Philip was your employee for like two seconds. But it's because of Mimi that you've been running around like crazy. She's got you into stuff that's not even your business. Maybe that's why this black van is here.

Max: Enough, okay, enough!

Abby: At least be honest with yourself, Max. You say you're not interested in Mimi, that you're just good friends, but it's more than that, and you know it.

Max: I don't have to explain myself to you. You are not my girlfriend, okay? You are my friend and my employee, and that is all.

Abby: Well, I guess I've been put in my place.

Max: And if you must know, I like Mimi. I think she's a good person.

Abby: At least you finally admitted it.

Max: Abby, hold on. Wait. Abby. [Telephone rings] Max Brady.

Kate: Max, it's Kate Roberts. I want to talk to you and Mimi. Is there someplace we could meet?

Max: Yeah, why don't you come down to the garage? I'll have Mimi join us.

Kate: Great. I'll be right over.

Max: What did you find out?

Kate: I'll tell you when I get there. You're not gonna believe it.

Victor: Well done, Kate.

Kate: Just make sure you don't hurt them.

Victor: Not to worry. I just need to get them both in the same place.

Bonnie: Give me that.

Mimi: You didn't pay off anything. You took out a second mortgage. Are you incapable of telling the truth?

Bonnie: Like you've never told a fib or two.

Mimi: I'm really worried. You're stealing. What are you using all this money for?

Bonnie: When I want you to know, I will tell you.

Mimi: You have put your financial future in jeopardy. If you can't make your payments, you're gonna lose the restaurant.

Bonnie: I was a little low on cash, all right? It will be worth it in the end.

Mimi: You are in debt!

Bonnie: I made an investment, one that's gonna pay off.

Mimi: What kind of investment?

Bonnie: Ironclad, guaranteed to pay off serious money in about, oh, three months. Life-altering money.

Mimi: You are really starting to scare me. What did you invest in?

Bonnie: I'd rather not say just yet.

Mimi: It's probably swampland in Florida.

Bonnie: Give me a little credit, please.

Mimi: If you get yourself into trouble, Mom, I'm not gonna be able to help you.

Bonnie: I didn't ask for your help! Did you even hear what I said? I am gonna be rolling in dough with a mansion on the hill and a long driveway and a big gate. Lockhart Manor. And if you're not nicer to me, I swear I may not even let you visit!

[Cellphone ringing]

Mimi: Hello?

Max: Hey, Mimi, it's Max. I just got a call from Kate, and she has some information about Philip, and she wants to meet us at the garage.

Mimi: I'll be right over. I have to go, but this conversation is not over.

Patrick: I guess I don't know you as well as I thought I did.

Hope: You know me as well as you're going to know me.

Patrick: Okay.

Hope: I'm going to take this trip with you. I'm keeping that promise. But from here on out, the only thing you and I will be sharing is the custody of our child.

Patrick: But otherwise --

Hope: But otherwise, nothing. You and I are just friends. That's it.

Patrick: You know, most guys might be discouraged by all this, but, uh, not me. I think you're gonna change your mind about me.

Bo: Victor's my father. I'll work him. You and Kate are close, so you see what she's up to.

Roman: I love when you take charge like this, except for one thing.

Bo: I'm suspended from the force.

Roman: I thought you might have forgotten that.

Bo: Abe is letting john freelance. He's in Italy, for God's sake. I can snoop around Salem a little bit.

Roman: Little brother, Abe ordered you to keep your butt out of this.

Bo: The Wells investigation, but this is a whole different ball game. Come on. You're shorthanded. You need me.

Roman: Bo, we're not even sure a crime has been committed.

Bo: Uh-huh. Right. Let's see, a patient was smuggled out of a military hospital. A little girl was kidnapped. Sounds pretty criminal to me. Don't you want to know what Victor's up to?

Roman: Bo, listen to me. The department just went through a lot of hell with the E.J. Wells lawsuit. If we mishandle this, it's gonna be a way bigger mess.

Bo: I will not mishandle this. Claire is my granddaughter. Anything happens to that little girl, it affects my son, my wife, my whole family, not to mention Belle's family. I got to get to the bottom of this.

Victor: Peace offering, something to take off the chill.

Kate: You'd need a blowtorch for that. I don't want anything else to drink.

Victor: All right.

Kate: Victor, I just want to be sure that you don't hurt them.

Victor: Why do you care so much, Kate?

Kate: Outside of basic human decency?

Victor: Is that a factor?

Kate: Yes, it is a factor. I know better than anyone what you'll do for people that you love and what you'll do to people you hate.

Victor: Yes?

Kate: Look, Mimi Lockhart isn't one of my favorite people, but I did involve her in a lie of mine as she was only trying to help. I don't think she should have to suffer for that.

Victor: How loyal of you, Kate.

Kate: Ah, well, I am loyal if I'm anything, aren't I?

Victor: Ditto.

Kate: Anyway, Max and Mimi, what they did, well, they have good intentions.

Victor: Look, I already promised Philip that I wouldn't hurt them. I just need to keep them on ice until we can get Philip up to Montreal.

Kate: Well, he's not in Montreal yet. I would like to spend some time with him.

Victor: Of course. He needs you, and so do I. Here we are under the same roof, a family again.

Kate: For the moment.

Mimi: Oh! What are you looking at?

Max: Did you see that car?

Mimi: This is a garage. There are lots of cars.

Max: The black van, the one that was parked across the street with the motor running.

Mimi: Wasting gas at these prices.

Max: Mimi, I'm serious. Whoever it was, was driving in and out of the lot. The windows are so tinted you can't even see in. Abby was totally freaked out.

Mimi: Now you're freaking me out.

Max: I'm sorry. I talked to Roman earlier, and he said we should stop obsessing over Victor and Philip and back off.

Mimi: Max.

Max: What?

Mimi: You don't think this black van had something to do with Victor, do you?

Max: No, probably not. I think Abby's got me all paranoid, too.

Mimi: Did you tell Roman about the van?

Max: I didn't even know about it till I got back.

Mimi: We got to get the Salem PD's number.

Max: Okay.

Mimi: Didn't you pay the bill? The line's dead.

Bo: Hey, Hope, this box of old clothes, you want me to put it in the car? I could take it over to the church for you.

Hope: No, actually, I'd rather you did something else for me tonight.

Bo: Are you sure?

Hope: Does that answer your question?

Bo: Rather clearly, yes.

Hope: Follow me.

Bo: Will do.

Lauren: Mmm, this lobster is delish.

Bonnie: You know, Lauren, you're pregnant. You probably shouldn't be eating such rich food.

Lauren: My baby likes lobster, too. You should order some for yourself.

Bonnie: I can't afford yours. Like I said, I'm tapped out. I've mortgaged my restaurant. I'm up to my eyeballs in debt.

Lauren: You better not be trying to squirm your way out of our agreement.

Bonnie: I've paid you a queen's ransom already. Can't you just give me a little bit of a break?

Lauren: I used to be a size four -- now look at me. I sacrificed my figure carrying your grandbaby, which is why you're gonna keep on paying me.

Bonnie: Just sit down. You're making a spectacle of yourself. Please. Let me put it to you this way. When that baby pops out, I'm gonna be coming into a boatload of money. And you and I, we can go 50/50 if you'll just please, pretty please be patient.

Lauren: Oh! All right, I'll let you off the hook...for now. But you better come through like you say, or your little gold mine is gonna disappear... permanently. Now, order me some crab legs. Mama and the little one are getting hungry.

When you come back to your senses your heart overcomes your pride I'll be here with an open mind here to break your fall from misery you expect me to love just like you do even though you won't admit that you sink your teeth into something you figure it'll come biting back but I-I-I-I am not made to tag along, no when everything seems wrong when everything seems wrong and I-I-I-I still can breathe when you are gone, my love when everything seems wrong when everything seems wrong to you I don't know if we'd be better off

Max: What the hell? I just talked to Kate a few minutes ago.

Mimi: I'll call them on my cell. [Glass shatters] What was that?

Max: Sounds like somebody busted through the garage door.

Mimi: Don't go. I'm scared. Oh, my God.

Max: Aah!

Mimi: Max! [Crashing]

Mimi: Max, what is it?! What's happening?! Oh, my God.

Sami: You said that I'm spineless, that a couple of compliments and drinks from E.J. and I'll jump into bed with him. Is that what you think of me?

Abby: I could have warned Max before they tried to hurt him. I'd rather die with him than live without him.

Shawn D.: I can't work for you anymore, E.J.

Willow: Your son just dumped me. I want to know what you're gonna do about it.

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