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Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 12/11/06 - Canada; Tuesday 12/12/06 - U.S.A.


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Steve: [Laughs]

Kayla: You know what I feel like?

Steve: What do you feel like, baby?

Kayla: I feel like I've died and gone to heaven.

Steve: Yeah?

Kayla: Yeah. This is what I couldn't forget -- this connection between us, the passion, the love. That's why I could never give up.

Steve: Thank God you didn’t. I know these last few months must have been hell for you.

Kayla: It's been longer than a few months. I lost you such a long time ago. But I never lost hope that I'd see you again... I don't know, this life or maybe the next. That's why I never really could be with anybody else.

Steve: I know you said it was hard for you to move on, but...

Kayla: I tried once with someone, but it didn't really work. And I realized that I just couldn't do it.

Steve: So you really haven't been with anyone else?

Kayla: Unh-unh. You're the only man for me... and definitely worth the wait.

Max: [Clears throat]

Mimi: Excuse me, Kate. Do you have a minute?

Kate: Actually, I'm busy.

Max: It's about Philip.

Kate: What about him?

Mimi: Um, this photo that you showed Belle.

Kate: [Sighs] She let you see that.

Max: Mimi and I did some digging. It's confirmed that the man in the photo is Philip. He re-enlisted under a fake name -- Andrew Spivey. He was hurt -- badly wounded.

Kate: Oh, my God. Where is he?

Mimi: They're claiming that any information regarding his whereabouts is classified.

Kate: Well, when Victor finds out about this, it won't be classified much --

Max: He already knows.

Kate: What?

Max: Mm-hmm. He's known all along.

Kate: That Philip was hurt? Does he know where he is?

Mimi: I think Victor knows exactly where Philip is.

Belle: [Laughs] Victor, thank you so much for everything you did to bring her back the other day.

Shawn D.: I still can't understand how she ended up in that woman's car. Her story doesn't make sense.

Belle: But why would she kidnap Claire for just a couple of hours and then bring her back and still not want the reward money?

Shawn D.: I don't know.

Victor: Well, I'm just sorry you had to go through such a terrible ordeal, Belle.

Belle: Me too, but I definitely learned a valuable lesson. I will never, ever let her out of my sight again.

Victor: Except when she's with me, of course.

Belle: Well, she certainly seems to have a special relationship with you.

Victor: Ever since Philip left, this little angel has meant everything to me.

Shawn D.: Victor, you should know that Belle and I -- we've decided to work things out between us, for Claire's sake.

Victor: Good for you.

Shawn D.: Yeah, I'm looking forward to spending time with my daughter the way that a father should.

Victor: There's plenty of time for that.

Shawn D.: Yeah. Um, until Claire is more used to me and accepts me as a father, Belle and I have decided that it'll be best if we cut your visits down with Claire in the immediate future.

Marlena: [Sighs] We are on our honeymoon. I'll give you a euro for your thoughts, but I think I know what's on your mind.

John: Sorry.

Marlena: [Chuckles]

John: The ceremony was a dream, wasn't it?

Marlena: Our wedding was beautiful. And you did every bit of it yourself. I'll never forget that as long as I live... the courtyard fountain, the wonderful champagne, Stefano's empty crypt.

John: Yeah. I guess peering into DiMera's tomb wasn't the most romantic way to start this new chapter in our life.

Marlena: You think? I had a thought about this. See, just because Stefano's body was not in the crypt doesn't mean that he's not dead. He could be dead and buried any number of places.

John: [Sighs]

Marlena: I think they're just playing mind games with us because they know if we can't find the body, we can't confirm that he's dead.

John: Stefano is alive. I can feel it.

Marlena: You know, your close, personal friend, that lovely man who attended our wedding, did say that he was dead.

John: Stefano knows I'm on to him, Doc.

Marlena: Which means that we know he's on to us, too. He knows we're after him. He knows he doesn't want to be found, which makes him a very dangerous man.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Mimi: We think Victor is the one who took Philip out of the hospital.

Kate: Why wouldn't Victor tell me?

Mimi: Because he's hiding something or someone.

Max: We think Victor has Philip stashed away someplace.

Mimi: And we need your help to find him.

Victor: You want to curtail my visits with Claire?

Belle: Just until she has time to bond with Shawn.

Victor: Claire and I have already bonded.

Belle: Yes, and you mean the world to her, and we're very grateful for that.

Victor: And this is the way you express your gratitude? I have done everything you've asked. I've complied with every rule.

Belle: You didn't do anything wrong.

Victor: Have you thought what it would do to Claire if I just vanished from her life?

Belle: You're not gonna vanish from her life. We just need some time to bond as a family.

Victor: I understand that, but you're making a serious mistake that could have dire consequences.

Victor.: I'm sorry you feel that way, but in case you need reminding, you're lucky Belle --

Belle: Victor, please, just try to understand and respect our wishes.

Victor: Claire had a father the first year of her life, the only father she's ever known -- Philip. Where's your respect for him?

Steve: How could I forget your eyes? The way your skin feels? How could it have taken so many years for me to get my memory back?

Kayla: I don't even want to think about the years we lost. The miracle I prayed for is here, and he remembers me.

Steve: Kayla, when I said I remembered everything, I meant my past before I disappeared from that coffin. But there are years I can't account for.

Kayla: Maybe when we get back to Salem, you can see a specialist, and they can help you sort through it.

Steve: No, no, I've wasted too much time on too many couches. I can't do that again. It wouldn't do any good. My point is -- somebody went to a lot of trouble to keep me in the dark.

Kayla: I don't want to think about that.

Steve: We have to think about that. When word gets out that I started remembering things again --

Kayla: Come on. You're scaring me.

Steve: I don't mean to scare you, baby. I won't put you in danger again. But if it comes to that, you have to be strong enough to let me go.

Rico: [Grunting]

John: [Grunting]

Rico: What's going on?

John: Well, Rico, what took you so long?

John: All right, Rico. You're gonna tell me where DiMera is, and if you say, I don't know,” those are your last words.

Rico: I swear. El capo e muerto. Dead.

John: Same as I don't know." Arrivederci, pal.

Rico: Whoa!

John: I was at the mausoleum. The tomb was empty.

Marlena: Please, John. Don't kill him. Listen, Rico, for heaven's sake. You know we were there. John left his calling card. He wrote on the wall “John Black was here.."

John: El capo knows I'm breathing down his throat, so he sent you here to kill us.

Rico: No, I am...hired hand.

John: Bad career move, Rico. Now, you've got to the count of three to tell me where he is, or I'm gonna cut you ear to ear. One, two, three!

Rico: Please, seņor, I beg you! [Knock on door]

Police: Polizia.

Marlena: It's the police. The police are here.

John: Get rid of them.

Marlena: How do I do that?

John: I don't care. Just get rid of them.

Rico: [Choking]

Marlena: Oh, buona sera. Is there a problem?

Police: We have a complaint of fight in your room.

Marlena: In our room? Oh, no, no, no.

Police: Sí. Crashing, groaning.

Marlena: Oh, no, it's a misunderstanding. You see, it's our honeymoon, and that was actually -- that was just rough amore.

Max: This is the date and time that Philip was transferred from the V.A. Hospital, and if we're right about this, Victor's private jet had to have left Salem and returned the same day.

Mimi: We were hoping you could get your hands on the flight plan.

Kate: Oh, no, I can do better than that. Hey, Lucas. It's me. Listen, I need to talk to Victor. It's very important. Do you know where he is? Okay, great. Thanks, honey. He's having an early dinner at Chez Rouge.

Max: But, Kate, you're not supposed to know about this.

Mimi: Yeah, if you ask him where Philip is, then he'll know we blabbed.

Kate: I'm gonna be a lot more subtle than that. I'll get the information. This is my son. I'm not gonna let him down.

Shawn D.: We have all the respect in the world for Philip. He was a good father until he found out Claire wasn't his.

Victor: He didn't abandon her. He couldn't bear to lose her.

Belle: I told Philip that he would always be a part of Claire's life.

Victor: Well, apparently, the part you offered wasn't enough.

Shawn D.: It was Philip's choice to leave.

Victor: Would you have stayed around and watched another man raise your child?

Shawn D.: I was watching another man raise my daughter -- a fact that you deliberately kept from me.

Belle: Okay, can we please just keep our voices down? Claire needs to know who her parents are. She needs structure, she needs stability, and we will provide that for her.

Victor: You're married to Philip, squatting at your parents' home. Shawn is shacked up with a prostitute and working for a man who's being investigated by the police. Neither one of you are fit to be Claire's parent.

Shawn D.: I don't have to sit here and be insulted.

Victor: But you don't mind insulting me, is that it? I am the only stable influence in Claire's life. She needs me, and I am not going to let you push me out.

Kayla: You want me to be strong enough to walk away?

Steve: I'm serious.

Kayla: I can see that you are, but it's not gonna happen.

Steve: What if I did bad things? What if I'm some kind of criminal?

Kayla: Then I'll be there at the jail, holding a cake with a file in it.

Steve: What if I was married, had a whole gaggle of kiddies?

Kayla: Then I'll kill you.

Steve: [Chuckles] That's not funny.

Kayla: Come on. Let's just stop talking about what-ifs. Listen, the two of us will just face whatever comes our way. But I am not walking away from you.

Steve: Now that I know how precious you are to me, I'm always gonna worry about losing you again.

Kayla: You are never going to lose me. Never.

Belle: Nobody is questioning how much you love Claire.

Victor: Do you have any idea the legacy your daughter stands to inherit?

Shawn D.: This isn't about money.

Victor: Oh, grow up, Shawn. Stop looking at the world through the windows of the Brady Pub. Money buys dreams. It buys education, opportunity. I've already established a quarter-of-a-million-dollar trust fund so that Claire can go to college. Can either one of you do that now or ever?

Shawn D.: Yes, college is years away.

Belle: We are very grateful for that.

Victor: I am the only chance that Claire has, and I am not going to let you take that away from her.

Shawn D.: We are her parents. You are only her great-grandfather, okay? We decide what is best for Claire.

Victor: We'll see about that.

Waiter: Oh, good evening, Mrs. Roberts. Dining alone?

Kate: Good evening. Um, actually, no. I'm not dining at all. I came here to give a message to Mr. Kiriakis, but I see that he's very busy. I really hate to disturb him. Do you think it would be okay if I just slipped a message into his coat pocket? It's that fabulous topcoat with the velvet collar.

Waiter: I remember. I'll go get it.

Kate: Thank you. Ah, perfect. Oh, thank you so much. I'll just slip it into the inside pocket, and he'll be sure to find it. Thank you.

Waiter: Great.

Kate: Oh, Victor. Now I'll find out what secret you've been keeping from me.

Kayla: Mmm. You smell good.

Steve: So do you.

Kayla: [Giggles] You know, I used to lie in bed. I would remember how you smelled, the way your body felt next to mine.

Steve: That sounds like a lot of lonely nights.

Kayla: It was. But I had my memories.

Steve: We're gonna make new memories, sweetness. You'll never be lonely again.

Marlena: My husband is molto appassionato. I'm sorry if we disturbed anybody. I can pretty much assure you that won't happen again. Thank you for your concern.

Police: The guidelines require me to inspect the premises, make sure everything is okay. Con permesso.

Marlena: Uh, of course. Of course. Come on in. Darling.

John: What's going on?

Marlena: This gentleman would like to examine the premises.

John: Why's that?

Marlena: I don't know exactly. [Chuckles] [Chuckles] Congratulations.

John: Thank you. [Chuckles] [Chuckles]

Marlena: Oh, my gosh. Where's Rico? John.

John: Rico. Housekeeper will find him in the morning.

Marlena: Don't you want to question him any further?

John: When you were talking to the cops, I got everything I needed. I know where Stefano is.

Marlena: He's alive?

John: Apparently so.

Marlena: Where?

John: No, you are out of this. I don't want to hear another word about it.

Marlena: John, we're married. We're a partnership. We are --

John: As close as two people can get.

Marlena: Unless there's some kind of danger, and I have some risk of being injured.

John: I'm not gonna apologize for wanting to protect the one woman I love more than anyone in this world.

Marlena: That's how I feel about you, too. John, listen to me.. When I went to New Jersey, I went to try to prove to my family, to everybody that I could take care of myself and my loved ones.

John: You've done that a thousand times over.

Marlena: Tony and Stefano took years off my life. They almost cost me my soul.

John: Stefano trained me to be an assassin, his pawn, so I know. I know how you feel better than anyone.

Marlena: I know you're stronger than I am, and you're better-trained than I am. But I am just as smart as you are, and if Stefano is alive, he's dangerous. He's deadly for us.

John: Do you understand what transpired here tonight? Do you know a hired assassin came in and tried to kill us? That's why I don't want you to have anything more to do with this -- because I don't know what I would do if I lost you.

Marlena: I don't know what I would do if I lost you, either.

John: Come on, baby, nobody's gonna lose anybody. Nobody's gonna die here. I'm just gonna find Stefano. I'm gonna talk to him.

Marlena: Not without me. No! I love my life! I love my family, and I would walk through the gates of hell just to spend one more day with you. But Stefano is deadly to us. John, if he's alive and he's out there, you need me. God knows I need you. Don't do this. Don't fight me. Just say it's okay. Say we're doing this together.

Steve: Mmm.

Kayla: Listen, I think that we need to talk about something for a second, so come on. Sit right here.

Steve: You were just kissing me over here.

Kayla: It's all right.

Steve: What?

Kayla: Listen, I know that you and Billie have feelings for each other.

Steve: Come on, Kayla. It's not like that.

Kayla: No, come on. We can talk about this. I mean, how could she not fall for you? When you met her, I meant nothing to you.

Steve: Kayla.

Kayla: She's in love with you, isn't she?

Steve: [Sighs] It never got that far.

Kayla: But you wanted it to, didn't you?

Steve: Maybe Nick did.

Kayla: You're not two different people. Nick is you.

Steve: Oh, come on, baby. No. That Nick dude had no history, no past, no family. He was practically dead inside. But not me. Not now. Truth be told, I am two different people. I'm the man I was before I met you and the man I was after. I'm sorry to say I wasn't as good as you, because there were other women.

Kayla: I know. You told me in Cincinnati.

Steve: The thing is -- when I was out there in limbo land, I liked to keep things casual and in-the-moment, you know? And I think Billie did, too. That's maybe what we had in common. I guess we were both trying to avoid getting hurt. You should know -- I told Billie I was planning on ending things with you, and when I got back to Salem, I'd be free and clear..

Kayla: Wow. You know, I'm not gonna pretend that Billie's my favorite person in the world, not after everything that she did to come between Bo and Hope. But, you know, I don't want to see her get hurt, and I think she's gonna be devastated.

Steve: I don't think so. I think she's been expecting this all along.

Max: [Clears throat] We did the right thing.

Mimi: I'm not so sure. Victor warned us to keep our mouths shut.

Max: Yeah, but not about leaking CIA information. I mean, that guy has something else going on. He thinks he's the king of the world. What about Kate? Doesn't she have a right to know where her son is?

Mimi: Yeah, I can't imagine having a baby and watching him grow up, become a man. No matter how old he'd get, he'd always be my little boy. I'd always want to know where he was.

Max: Do you regret not having a baby?

Mimi: You mean with Shawn?

Max: I know the embryos were switched, but if they hadn't --

Mimi: Then I would be having a baby with a man who was in love with someone else. Proof that things happen for a reason.

Shawn D.: Are you threatening us, Victor?

Victor: I'm telling you that if you and Belle deny me my great-granddaughter, I'll have no choice but to take action.

Belle: What do you mean?

Shawn D.: That's it. We're done here. Just stay out of our life. You're not family. Would you give me a minute to speak with him alone? I won't be long.

Belle: Okay. I'll take Claire to go look at the Christmas tree. Come on, sweetie. Come here. Hi, come here. Oh, that's my girl.

Victor: So, once again, you're going to do your imitation of a man? What's the plan this time? Drive another car through my house? Or maybe a knife through my heart.

Shawn D.: I want you to back off.

Victor: So you can play daddy? You'll never be the father to Claire that Philip was, or the man.

Shawn D.: I am as much of a Kiriakis as Philip is.

Victor: Oh, now, you sound almost proud of it. I thought you despised everything about me.

Shawn D.: Look, I missed a year of my daughter's life because of you.

Victor: She belongs to Philip. It's his name on the birth certificate.

Shawn D.: Philip is gone. He walked out on Belle and Claire and you, too, old man. I'm still here.

Victor: And you wrote me off, as I recall. So you mean nothing to me. And you're going to regret this.

Shawn D.: I don't think so. You're overreacting to a simple request for space. It proves me right. You're a bad influence.

Victor: Claire adores me.

Shawn D.: She's gonna forget all about you before she gets to the parking lot.

Victor: And you, on the other hand, are going to remember this night for the rest of your miserable life. Thank you. Where are my keys?

Housekeeper: I don't know. Oh, they must have fallen out when Ms. Roberts left her note.

Victor: Kate was here?

Housekeeper: Yes, she didn't want to disturb you, so she left a note in your coat pocket.

Victor: Thank you. Everything seems wrong when everything seems wrong I still can breathe when you are gone, my love and everything seems wrong

Kate: Philip?

Max: Yeah, I guess you're better off not having a baby with a man whose heart belongs to someone else, huh?

Mimi: Yeah. I just, um -- I hope that the baby is better off. So what about you, huh?

Max: What do you mean?

Mimi: You want kids, don't you?

Max: I don't know if I'd be a good father.

Mimi: Are you kidding me? Look at this place. It's like a little boy's heaven.

Max: Oh, well, what if I have a girl, then?

Mimi: Who's your biggest competition on the racetrack?

Max: Stephanie. Touché. But I wouldn't let my daughter race cars.

Mimi: See, you're already acting like a father. You just do what you do best. You'd love her, you'd protect her, you'd stand up for her no matter what. She'd be the luckiest little girl in the world.

John: Marlena... you know that this isn't just some chest-beating exercise in male dominance, right?

Marlena: I know it's because you love me and because you want to protect me.

John: Then let me do that.

Marlena: I can't sit in a Tuscan hotel room, waiting to see if you come back alive or not.

John: I got a cellphone. I'll put it on speaker. You can listen to my little conversation with Stefano, okay?

Marlena: What do I do when the line goes dead? Do I call the Italian police? Do I call the embassy? Because Stefano has all of them under his control already.

John: And with that said, you still want to go with me.

Marlena: I'll do anything. I will live by whatever rules you lay down.

John: Damn. It's against my better judgment. Okay, you win. We will go speak with El Diablo together, okay?

Marlena: Oh, thank you.

John: Just in case, I want you to put this in your purse.

John: I understand if you're having second thoughts.

Marlena: What do I need to know about this?

John: Right now, the safety is on. If you need to fire, push this button. Red means hot.

Marlena: Where is Stefano?

John: Well, according to our friend Rico, he's under armed guard at a Parish Hospital in a town called Petacchi.

Marlena: How far away is that?

John: 200 miles South.

Marlena: If we leave now, we can get there by dawn, so we'd better go get packed.

John: Hell of a woman, Doc.

Marlena: Isn't that why you married me?

Steve: Yeah, Billie said all along that I would eventually get my memory back and forget about her. I didn't believe it was possible.

Kayla: What -- to get your memory back or forget about her?

Steve: Get my memory back.

Kayla: Hmm.

Steve: But I won't pretend that Billie hasn't been supportive -- the way she visited us in that aquarium.

Kayla: Visited you.

Steve: [Sighs]

Kayla: Are you sure this is what you want?

Steve: This?

Kayla: Me.

Max: That's about one of the sweetest things I've ever heard from anyone.

Mimi: Well [Chuckles] It's true. You have a big heart. And if it weren't for you, I don't know where I'd be.

Max: Oh, come on.

Mimi: I mean it. You stood by me even when it cost you Shawn's friendship, and if I haven't told you lately how much I appreciate it, well, then, here it is. You're one in a million. You're a definite keeper.

Belle: So, did you say everything you needed to say?

Shawn D.: Oh, yeah, and so did Victor. According to him, I'm never gonna be the man or the father that Philip was. Oh, yeah, and I mean nothing to him.

Belle: I'm sure he didn't mean that.

Shawn D.: No, he did. He was furious, Belle. He's coming after me.

Kate: Philip? Philip, are you there?

Victor: Kate! I know you're here.

Kate: Oh, Philip. Philip!

Steve: Kayla, how can you ask me if I'm sure about what I want after everything that's happened here?

Kayla: I don't know. It's all so new to you.

Steve: No, it's not new. I told you. It's like I never left you. I'm your patch man. I'm your husband.

Kayla: Steve.

Steve: You're it for me, sweetness. You always have been. I'm home.

Kayla: [Giggles]

Steve: Back where we started.

[Cellphone rings]

Max: [Clears throat]

Mimi: It's my mom. I should --

Max: Yeah, you should probably go. I got work to do, too. You know.

Mimi: Well, promise to call me if you hear anything about Philip.

Max: You know I will.

Mimi: All right, well, see ya. [Laughs]

Max: Yeah, see you around.

Belle: What do you mean Victor's coming after you?

Shawn D.: He warned me that I would always remember this night.

Belle: Well, of course you will. We made a simple request, and he went completely ballistic. But we did the right thing. We did what's right for our daughter, for our family.

Shawn D.: I'm gonna get my life together, all right? I'm gonna deal with Willow and E.J., and I'm gonna make you proud of me.

Belle: The way you just handled Victor, I already am.

Shawn D.: Come here. Hi.

Belle: Hi. I...

Kate: Open the door, Victor.

When everything seems wrong when everything seems wrong yeah, I still can breathe when you are gone, my love [Music stops]

Kate: Philip. My beautiful, beautiful boy. I've... I've missed you so much. Please don't go away again. Please.

Marlena: Are you sure that he can breathe in there?

John: I don't really give a damn. You got everything?

Marlena: Our bridal bouquet. Gun in my bag. I am good to go.

John: I never should have agreed to this.

Marlena: I know you're worried about me, and that's a good thing.

John: Yeah, how do you figure?

Marlena: Because you won't do anything to endanger me, so if you protect me, you protect yourself.

John: People actually pay you for that kind of logic?

Marlena: I cure people all day long.

John: Just keep in mind that Stefano is not an inner demon. He's the real thing.

Marlena: Honey, I am stuck to your side like glue from now on..

Patrick: Mom ripped me off again, and if I don't get my money back, I'm gonna call the cops.

Victor: I filed a custody suit on Philip's behalf, and Shawn and Belle are going to lose any claim they had to that little girl.

Bo: Claire is my granddaughter. I got to get to the bottom of this.

Patrick: Our trip is all set. Tickets and itinerary. First class all the way.

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