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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 12/5/06 - Canada; Wednesday 12/6/06 - U.S.A.


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[Water running]

Marlena: Oh, it's beautiful.

John: Fountain of The Seven Sisters. The locals say that the water in these pools bring good luck, especially in love.

Marlena: Oh!

John: Allow me.

Marlena: John. Oh. Thank you, sir.

John: What the hell is this?

Marlena: Oh.

John: Oh, my God. This is your favorite vintage, isn't it?

Marlena: [Laughing] John. Oh.

John: You know, Marlena, legend has it... that there were seven sisters, once upon a time... who had turned down every suitor that came their way, until, of course, their father said... [Cork pops, Marlena laughs] ..."Enough is enough. And you will marry, each of you, the next person that comes along and asks you."

Marlena: No. [Gasps] No!

John: Yes. Oh, yes, sad as it sounds. So, what happened was all the seven sisters, they came to this fountain, and each one secretly made this wish, describing the man they hoped for. They threw a coin in. Before the day was over, each sister had the man of her dreams.

Marlena: Oh, do you think that's true?

John: I don't know, but who am I to mess with tradition? And tradition says that this is a magical place where couples are brought together... forever.

Kate: I cannot believe that you made Sami a full partner in this company.

E.J.: We are all just gonna have to learn how to become team players.

Kate: I am a team player.

E.J.: Good. Then be reasonable.

Kate: You be truthful. You've been sniffing around Sami ever since you came into Salem. And whatever your game plan is, I know it has nothing to do with this company.

E.J.: Really?

Kate: Really. Because we both know that Mythic does not need a bimbo for a spokesperson, don't we?

E.J.: You're right. My interests in Samantha are not entirely professional.

Kate: What do you want from her?

E.J.: I want her to have my child.

Lucas: What the -- piece of crap thing. What the hell is going on with this?

Sami: Come on, Lucas. This has got to be more entertaining than anything on TV.

Lucas: You know what? I'm not so sure about that.

Sami: Whoa!

Sami: Come on, Lucas. I know you're mad at me for accepting E..J.'s offer as a partner at Mythic, but...but... give me a break, please?

Lucas: I think you're making a huge mistake.

Sami: I'm not. Lucas, this is gonna work out for both of us.

Lucas: I really want to believe you, but I'm a little sick of it. I'm sick of being disappointed. I don't want to get my hopes up with you anymore.

Sami: Lucas, listen to me. I am the one calling the shots here, okay?

Lucas: No, you're not calling anything. E.J.'s calling the shots.

Sami: I can handle E.J.

Lucas: Yeah, right. Sure you can.

Sami: I don't want to fight with you. Come on. Let's kiss and make up. And then you can help me celebrate my new job. The only thing that is gonna happen with me accepting this job is I'm gonna become a successful businesswoman. It's gonna be okay. We're gonna get everything we ever wanted. You, me, and Will.

Belle: [Crying] Oh, my God. This is Claire's. She's been kidnaped.

Victor: We'll find her, Belle, no matter what it takes. I promise.

Bo: Victor's right. Roman's got officers searching the city. We've organized volunteers from the national center for missing and exploited children.

Victor: Why don't you sit down?

Hope: I'm gonna call Shawn. He needs to know what's going on.

Roman: I want to put out an APB on a guy named Jesse Faraday. I'm gonna put somebody on who can give you a description. You tell Officer Beck every detail you remember.

Sami: Okay. Yes. [Gasps] Oh, my God. That's him.

Roman: Hey! Get rid of that weapon. Get on the floor.

Bo: Get off of that. Where is she? Where is she?! What did you do with the girl? Talk to me, man. Where's the girl?

Jesse: I didn't do anything.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Sami: Forget about E.J.

Lucas: How am I supposed to do that?

Sami: By thinking about me and you and the fact that Will is still at ski camp, so we have the apartment entirely to ourselves. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

Kate: That's very funny. Very funny. But I'd like the truth. What do you want with Sami?

E.J.: Exactly what I said. I want her to have my child.

Kate: You're serious, aren't you?

E.J.: Yes, I am.

Kate: [Laughs] Why?

E.J.: Kate, I have known many women in my life, but I've never met anyone that excites me quite the way Samantha does.

Kate: Oh. I guess there's no accounting for taste, now, is there?

E.J.: Kate, please. What we have is different. It's different.. Samantha... Samantha is about continuing the Wells line. I know that you Americans don't care as much for lineage as us British do, but when it comes to future generations, it is something that is far too important to be left up to something so folly as physical attraction.

Kate: Oh, I see. That's true. We believe that every generation can reinvent itself.

E.J.: Well, be that as it may, the Wells family is one that is steeped in a certain history, aristocracy, you know. It's vital that I find the right woman to be able to continue the line and produce an heir.

Kate: Ah. I see. Who are you, Henry VIII? Are you going to chop her head off afterwards?

E.J.: I'm not kidding. I've given this some quite considerable consideration, and I've decided that the right woman for me is a Brady woman, and the right woman for me is Samantha.

Kate: So you think Sami Brady has the right pedigree to continue your family line.

E.J.: Precisely.

Peggy: Sorry to interrupt, Mr. Wells, but the photographer is here to shoot you for the cover of Sports Illustrated.

E.J.: Oh, wonderful, Peggy. Thank you.

Kate: Ah, I should be going.

E.J.: [Chuckles] Thank you, Kate. [Clears throat] Okay. [Exhales sharply] Perfect.

Bo: What did you do with the little girl? Where did you take her? What did you do to her?

Jesse: I didn't do anything. I was in my truck when I heard the Amber Alert come on the radio, and I realized they were talking about the little girl I saw here before. I told you she was cute.

Bo: Hey, talk to me.

Jesse: So I did what any good citizen would do. I got my gun, and I came back to volunteer for the search.

Bo: Volunteers don't carry firearms.

Jesse: I'd never hurt a kid. I've got three little girls of my own. I only came back to help.

Roman: Take Mr. Faraday outside and question him.

Jesse: I'm telling the truth.

Roman: We'll see about that. Check his story out, every last bit of it. Quick thinking, Bo.

Hope: Quick thinking that could have gotten you killed.

Bo: It didn't get us any closer to finding Claire.

Hope: Maybe once they're finished talking to Faraday, we'll know more.

Bo: He's telling the truth. I could see it in his eyes. What do we do now?

Roman: The waitress said there was only one other person here when Claire disappeared -- a middle-aged, red-haired woman.

Bo: Credit-card number, a name, anything?

Roman: She paid with cash, but I put out a description. We're gonna find her, all right? We're gonna find her, and we're gonna find Claire. You know what? It's not doing Belle any good to be here, so why don't you two try to talk her into letting you take her home, okay? I'm gonna talk to the waitress, see if she remembers anything else.

Hope: Okay.

Belle: So that really wasn't the guy?

Bo: No, I'm sorry.

Belle: She must be so scared.

Bo: Why don't you let us take you home?

Belle: No way. I'm not going anywhere until I have my little girl back.

Victor: I'll stay here with her. Why don't you two do whatever you have to do to find Claire?

Hope: I got ahold of Shawn. He's on his way. He's hardly had any time at all with his daughter. What if he loses her?

Marlena: Mmm.

John: Ahh. It's nice that we could mix a little business and pleasure.

Marlena: Yeah. Well, Basic Black is the business. That isn't why you came here. You came to find the DiMeras.

John: That's a fact.

Marlena: And?

John: Well, when I arrived at the hotel, I put out a word on the street that I was looking to talk to the DiMera chief.

Marlena: Do you think that will work?

John: Absolutely. Sooner or later, somebody's gonna show up. And I wouldn't be surprised if it were Tony or Stefano himself.

Marlena: What if nobody shows up? What if Tony's in jail, and what if Stefano's dead?

John: That means we're back to square one in the investigation.

Marlena: Hmm. So, you wasted the trip.

John: Mmm, not at all.

Marlena: Oh. You know, a year ago, I thought I'd never be this happy again. Alex North and all that happened... I was beginning to feel like maybe I was just, I don't know, some kind of bad luck.

John: Not a chance. I'll tell you what. Just to make sure... why don't we make a wish?

Marlena: All right. Let's do it together.

John: What shall we wish for?

Sami: [Squeals] Oh, God. I can't breathe.

Lucas: That's half the point, isn't it?

Sami: Oh, I forgot. I forgot what you do to me.

Lucas: Good. I'm glad you remember now. We can keep going. Let's not stop.

Sami: [Squeals] [Panting] If I remember correctly, our bed is a lot more comfortable than this floor.

Lucas: You're right. Sorry. Come here. Allow me to do the honors. [Cellphone rings]

Sami: That's my cellphone.

Lucas: Ignore it.

Sami: What if it's Will?

Lucas: I can't stop now. I'll have to go to the hospital or something.

Sami: I won't answer if it's anyone but Will. He could be hurt. Put me down.

Lucas: What if it isn't him?

Sami: I won't answer if it's not him. I'll look at the caller I.D. My dad. Dad, what is it? What's wrong? Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I'll be right there.

Lucas: What? You're gonna be right where?

Sami: There's something that happened with Claire and Belle.

Lucas: What do you mean?

Sami: I don't know what the deal is. I have to go over there.

Lucas: Is she hurt?

Sami: I don't know, Lucas.

Lucas: Now you got me worried.

Sami: I'll call you as soon as I know what's going on, and I'll let you know. I'm sorry. I'll come back.

Lucas: [Sighs]

Belle: Thank you.

Victor: I told Roman to put out the word that I'm offering a $50,000 reward for anybody with information that leads us to Claire.

Belle: Thank you, Victor. It's very generous.

Victor: When it comes to my family, money's not an issue.

Hope: Shawn should be here any minute.

Roman: Hey.

Bo: What's the word?

Roman: Nothing. Officers have been canvassing the city. Nobody's seen Claire. We can't find the red-haired lady.

Bo: If this is a kidnaping, why hasn't somebody contacted us with a ransom demand?

Roman: I've been thinking exactly the same thing.

Hope: If it isn't a kidnaping, then what?

Roman: Why don't we just concentrate on finding her because, obviously, in cases like this, the longer they're -- the longer they're missing --

Officer: Captain Brady.

Hope: You're right. A kidnapper would have contacted someone by now.

Bo: Unless that's not the point. There's something I got to go check on.

Hope: Let's go.

Belle: I have all of these pictures of Claire. And I already gave one to the police, but I think we should put one on the TV with the information about the reward.

Victor: I'll give it to Roman. Will you be all right here?

Belle: Yeah.

Belle: Oh, my God, Shawn. Our baby's gone.

Shawn D.: How could you let this happen?

Marlena: My wish is that we always have this -- this trust, this honesty, this knowledge that no matter what comes our way, we always believe in each other. And because we have that, nobody can get us. And...

John: What's wrong?

Marlena: Nothing.

John: You sure?

Marlena: No, no. I was just thinking that I was going to add.... I love you.

John: I love you. I really love your wish. Let's make it come true.

[Screaming on television]

Lucas: Wimp. It's a horse's head. Moron. Be glad it's not your kid. [Doorbell rings] Hey. What's up?

Kate: Is Sami around?

Lucas: No, she got a call from her dad. I guess something's wrong. I don't know.

Kate: Actually, that's good because I need to talk to you privately.

Lucas: If it's about Sami becoming a partner at Mythic, I got nothing to say about that. It wasn't my idea. That was E.J.'s bright idea. Go talk to him.

Kate: Yeah, I know. I know. But what I need to talk about -- it's probably gonna be hard for you to believe, but I know the reason that E.J. is so gung ho about having Sami by his side. He wants her to have his baby.

Lucas: [Laughing]

Peggy: Mr. Wells is busy. You can't just barge in.

Bo: I need to talk to you right now.

E.J.: It's fine, Peggy. Thank you.

Peggy: Should I call security?

E.J.: No. Did you get the shots you need?

Bo: : Yeah.

E.J.: Have your assistant come and pick up your equipment. Thank you.

Bo: Okay.

E.J.: I thought you were in jail.

Bo: You've done some hateful things to my family.

E.J.: Your paranoia is --

Bo: You're behind the gloved-hand crimes, and I will prove it.. But to take a little girl from her mother -- doesn't get any lower than that.

E.J.: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Bo: Oh, come on. Don't play innocent with me. Tell me where she is, or I will kill you right here, right now.

Belle: Do you think that I wanted this to happen? Claire is my baby, and somebody stole her.

Shawn D.: Then why weren't you watching her?

Belle: I went to answer the phone for, like, a second.

Shawn D.: I'm her father. Why didn't you call me? Victor was here, my Uncle Roman, even my parents were notified. Why didn't you tell me yourself?

Belle: Maybe I thought you didn't want to be bothered.

Shawn D.: Why in the hell would you say that?

Sami: Would you shut up? Leave my sister alone. She is scared to death about losing Claire.

Lucas: Hang in there, honey. It's all going to be over soon. [Cellphone rings] Yeah. Don't worry. I know what to do.

E.J.: I'm sorry to disappoint you and your wife, but I have no idea what you're talking about.

Bo: I'm talking about Claire, Shawn and Belle's daughter. She's been kidnaped.

E.J.: No wonder you're upset.

Hope: If you have any idea --

E.J.: I know that you would like to blame me for every crime in Salem, but I had nothing to do with this. I don't know where Claire is, but if you wish my help, I'm willing to give it to you. Why don't I write you a check? You can offer it as a reward for the safe return of Claire.

Bo: Victor's taking care of that. He's Claire's grandfather. You don't want to cross him.

E.J.: No, I do not. But if you don't wish my money, then we have nothing else to discuss.

Hope: Come on, let's go.

Lucas: [Laughing] Wait a minute. E.J. wants Sami to give him a baby?

Kate: Yes. And I thought he was joking, too, until he told me how important it was for his family that he produce an heir with the right person.

Lucas: He thinks the right woman is Sami to carry on the Wells family name?

Kate: Apparently, he does think that.

Lucas: I have a funny feeling you're up to something right now. I know what you're doing. You can't get in between us again, all right? You're gonna make up this ridiculous story about E.J. It doesn't even make sense.

Kate: Lucas, I don't care whether you think it makes sense or not because it's the truth.

Lucas: He actually said that he wants Sami to give him an heir.

Kate: Yes. Yes. That's exactly what he said, Lucas. Look, and you know Sami. Any chance that she gets to hitch herself up to a British Aristocracy, she's gonna take it. Lucas, you know, I don't give a damn what the two of them do. But you're my son, and I don't want to see you hurt again. So when he told me that, I came over here to tell you before you take things too... ...far.

Sami: Come on, Belle. Let's sit down.

Victor: How are you holding up?

Shawn D.: It's pretty bad. Where are my parents at?

Victor: Out looking for Claire.

Shawn D.: I should be out there, too.

Victor: No, you should be right here. Belle is falling apart. Sami is hardly the person who should be looking after her. She needs you.

Shawn D.: No, she doesn’t. She doesn't even want me around.

Sami: Oh, Belle. God, when dad called, it was like déjà vu of when Will was kidnaped. But Will came back. He was okay. And Claire's gonna be okay, too.

Belle: Sami, she's just a baby.

Sami: I know, sweetie.

Belle: I feel so helpless.

Sami: What did John and mom say?

Belle: I haven't told them.

Sami: Do you want me to call them? They would want to be here..

Belle: No, I'm not gonna interrupt their trip until I know more.

[Violin music plays]

Marlena: [Gasps] You've got musicians.

John: I've got musicians.

Marlena: How did you do it? There was no time. You found the -- [Gasps] Oh! Flowers? Champagne, musicians, how did you do that?

John: I've got my secrets.

Marlena: [Inhales] You made me a perfect day.

John: So far so good.

Marlena: Mmm.

John: But there's more to come. So much more to come, baby.

Marlena: Oh.

Sami: Belle, let me call mom and John. They would want to be here.

Belle: No!

Sami: They want to help you. What are you doing here, Shawn?

Shawn D.: I just want to talk to Belle.

Sami: She doesn't want to talk to you. Don't accuse her anymore, okay?

Shawn D.: I'm sorry about what I said. It won't happen again.

Belle: It's okay, Sami.

Shawn D.: Can I sit down?

Belle: Sure.

Shawn D.: Like I said, I'm really sorry. I was just freaked out.

Belle: You're not saying anything to me that I haven't said to myself a million times. I should have taken her to the phone with me. I shouldn't have turned my back on her.. But what if they don't find her?

Shawn D.: They are gonna find her, and she is gonna be back in your arms before you know it. I promise.

Belle: You can't promise me that. Nobody can promise me that!

Sami: Daddy, God

Roman: There you go. Here she is.

Belle: Hi! Oh, God. Is she okay?

Roman: She is safe and sound.

Sami: Dad, I knew you would find her. Oh, that's amazing. What happened?

Roman: Well, I'm not really sure yet.

Woman: Will you let me go? I'm not a criminal. I'm a hero. I brought the kid back to her mother.

Roman: What were you doing with her in the first place?

Woman: I told you. I left the diner, got in my car. I was driving home when I heard a noise from the backseat. And there was the little girl.

Roman: How did she get there?

Woman: I have no idea, but my car was unlocked. [Claire crying] I recognized her from when I saw her here before, so I turned around and brought her back. And this is the thanks I get.

Victor: Did you hear about the reward on the radio?

Woman: What reward?

Victor: The one being offered for Claire's safe return.

Woman: : No, I had a cd on in my car. Look, I don't want a reward. I'm a mother, too. I know what it's like not to have your child with you. I'm just happy she's safe.

Belle: Thank you.

Woman: Take good care of her. She's precious.

Roman: I'll tell you what. Take her outside. Undo the cuffs. Get a formal statement.

Victor: Believe her?

Roman: Well, it's a little strange, but we'll check her story out.

Victor: Well, the important thing is that Claire's back in her mother's arms.

Bo: He's behind Claire's kidnaping.

Hope: I think you're wrong. [Cellphone ringing] Answer the phone. It could be about Claire.

Bo: Hey, Roman, what's up?

Roman: Claire is safe. Red-haired woman we were looking for brought her back. Shawn and Belle have her.

Bo: Claire's back. She's fine.

Hope: Thank God.

Bo: We're on our way back.

Hope: Now will you admit you were wrong about E.J.?

Bo: No. Just because Claire's back doesn't mean he didn't orchestrate her abduction. Ever since he's been in Salem, he has been plotting attacks against the Bradys.

Hope: You're always so damn sure of yourself, aren't you? E.J.., Patrick, it's all the same to you. So what are you gonna do now, go after E.J., as well?

Bo: How many times do I -- I did not attack Lockhart.

Hope: You shouldn't have been anywhere near him. There was a court order. The only thing you care about is being right.

Bo: I care about us. I care about our family.

Hope: I care about you, too, and I don't want us falling apart all over again.

Bo: Neither do I.

Hope: Then sooner or later, you've got to admit that sometimes Bo Brady is wrong. 'Cause until you can accept that and find some way to change, honestly, I just don't hold out much hope for our future.

Bo: What the...

Hope: Why don't the two of you come home with us tonight? There's no reason to spend the night in that big, empty penthouse.

Belle: Thank you. I'd really like that. I wish she could tell us exactly what happened 'cause there is no way that she got out of that high chair, walked out the door, opened that lady's car door, and got in the backseat by herself. There's no way.

Hope: She's safe. That's all that matters.

Victor: Under the circumstances, I think I'll take a rain check on her visit.

Belle: Thank you, Victor, for everything.

Victor: That's what family's for. Welcome back, sweetheart.

Bo: Listen, Belle and Claire are coming over to the house. Why don't you come over, too?

Shawn D.: I don't know.

Bo: Hey, hey, come on. You and Belle could use some time together.

Shawn D.: She doesn't want me anywhere near her.

Kate: Well. Peggy told me that Bo created quite a scene when he was here earlier.

E.J.: Detective Brady and the Salem P.D. -- I'm not too worried about them.

Kate: Maybe you should be.

E.J.: I have much more important things on my plate.

Kate: Ah, do you?

E.J.: I do.

Kate: Like impregnating Sami Brady?

E.J.: Let me ask you something -- where did you rush off to before? Did you go tell Lucas about my plan?

[Door opens]

Sami: Lucas? Lucas? [Sighs] Great.

Lucas: Hey, you're back.

Sami: Oh, hi. Can you believe what happened? The woman who had Claire, she didn't even want Victor's reward money or anything. Isn't that amazing?

Lucas: Yeah, it's great. I'm glad Claire's okay.

Sami: Yeah. Lucas, what is it? What's wrong?

Lucas: My mom stopped by while you were gone.

Sami: Great. What did the wicked witch of the West want?

Lucas: Just to warn me.

Sami: About me, huh?

Lucas: No, about E.J. [Chip crunches] She said his ultimate goal was for you to have his baby.

Marlena: All righty. What else do you have in mind?

John: Just this.

Marlena: [Gasps] Oh, John.

John: Marlena, would you do me the very great honor of marrying me right here, right now?

John: Well, I have made all the arrangements. All you have to do is say "yes."

Marlena: [Laughing]

E.J.: Well... come on, I'm not angry, Kate. I'd just like to know the truth. Did you tell Lucas about my plan?

Kate: You're damn right I told Lucas about your plan, and I hope that he tells Sami. And I hope that Sami tells you where to get off.

E.J.: [Clears throat] That's splendid. I love a little bit of sporting competition.

Kate: Good. But let me warn you. You can wreak havoc on anyone you like, but you stay away from my family.

E.J.: [Chuckles] Didn't you want me to pull the little hussy's claws out of your son not so long ago?

Sami: Your mother has officially lost her mind. I mean, she has done a lot of jacked up things to come between us, but this is ridiculous. She told you that E.J. wants me to be the mother of his heir? That is just creepy.

Lucas: That was my first reaction, too. But now that I think about it, maybe she's telling the truth.

Sami: Okay, even if she is, E.J. probably just said that to mess with her head because they're sleeping together.

Lucas: I really don't want to think about that.

Sami: Frankly, neither do I. But it's true. He's just trying to make her jealous. You have nothing to worry about.

Lucas: That's what you keep saying.

Sami: Because it's true. I'm not interested in E.J. as anything other than a business associate.

Lucas: What if he's got other plans for you, huh? What if he's trying to --

Sami: Eat. He doesn't, okay? And even if he did, I'm not interested. No amount of money in the world could change that. 'Cause you know what? You are the only man I want. You're the only man I need. And that's all that matters to me. Come on, Lucas, let's just go into the bedroom and finish where we left off.

Lucas: You know what? I took six cold showers today. I'm not feeling it anymore. I'm not in the mood.

Sami: [Sighs]

Victor: Were you followed?

Guy: No.

Victor: How did it go?

Guy: Cops leaned on me pretty hard, but they finally seemed satisfied with my story.

Victor: Good. For a job well done.

Guy: So, now that it's over, what was the point?

Victor: The less you know, the better. And don't forget our agreement.

Guy: I take the money, get out of town, and never come back. It's a pleasure doing business with you, Mr. K.

Victor: Well, we've just completed our first step toward getting Claire away from Belle and Shawn and back into the arms of her rightful father. This is all for you, son. To success.

Belle: Oh, mommy is never letting you go again, ever. I know.

Hope: [Laughs]

Shawn D.: I, uh, I kind of went off on Belle before. I was just upset about Claire, so I blamed her. It's hard being a father.

Bo: You got that right. But you can work through this. Come on over to the house.

Shawn D.: No. But thanks, though. Hi, sweetheart.

Belle: Say, "bye-bye."

Claire: Bye-bye.

Belle: [Gasps] "Bye-bye!" Good girl.

Shawn D.: Call me if you need me, okay?

Belle: Okay.

Shawn D.: Thank you for calling me.

Hope: I love you.

Shawn D.: I love you, too.

Belle: Say, "bye-bye."

Hope: "Bye-bye, daddy."

Belle: Oh, God.

Hope: Okay, here, let me do this for you.

Bo: I forgot how much stuff a little kid can have.

Belle: Well, I am just glad that this nightmare is over.

Hope: I'll take this, Belle. I'll carry it.

Belle: Thank you. I'll see you guys there. Come on, sweet pea..

Bo: So... is it over?

Stephanie: He is freaking gorgeous.

Chelsea: I think I'm in love.

Abby: The second Chelsea finds out who you are, you're history.

Nick: She won't find out, not until exactly the right time.

Guy: SeÑor Black, I bring you word from the house of DiMera.

Victor: I'd hate for anything to happen to you two because of information I shared with you.

Max: Is that a threat?

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