Days Transcript Tuesday 11/21/06

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 11/21/06 - Canada; Wednesday 11/22/06 - U.S.A.


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Belle: Max! Oh.

Max: What's wrong?

Belle: I need an objective eye. I need you to look at this and tell me what you see.

Max: Okay. What is it?

Belle: It's a picture of soldiers being shipped off to war. Look at it.

Max: What am I looking for?

Belle: Here. Right here in the back row -- is that Philip?

[Door opens]

Victor: What are you doing out of bed, son?

Philip: [Groans]

Victor: Are you in pain? Here. Don't worry. I'll help you.

Nick: [Clears throat]

Abby: Hey.

Nick: Hey.

Maggie: Oh, my goodness! Thank you guys for all your help. Oh, I really appreciate it. Oh!

Mimi: No problem.

Abby: There's nothing like getting into the holiday spirit.

Maggie: Yeah!

Chelsea: [Sarcastically] Yeah. Yippee.

Maggie: Okay. Nick, something came for you.

Nick: Oh. Thanks, Aunt Maggie. Should I open it now?

Maggie: Oh, yeah.

Nick: Oh.

Maggie: We're nosy. We're gonna stand here and see what it is.

Nick: Let's see. It's a... an invitation from Shawn Brady Senior. He wants me to join the Brady family for a Thanksgiving feast.

Maggie: Oh, my goodness. You are in luck. When Caroline Brady cooks a Thanksgiving dinner, I mean, there's nothing like it in the world. Oh, my Lord.

Nick: "Nick, it would really mean a lot to us because you had so much to do with saving Kayla's life, and for that, we'll be forever thankful."

Chelsea: What? You did what?

Abby: Well, Nick found a lab in Canada that made a drug Kayla's body wouldn't reject. Otherwise, she would have died.

Nick: So, do you mind if I go, Aunt Maggie?

Maggie: Well, of course not. I'm so proud of you. [Laughs] That is so nice.

Nick: I know.

Abby: Mimi, what's wrong?

Mimi: Not like I'd expect to be invited to my ex's family Thanksgiving, right?

Chelsea: Abby, hey. Could we stop worrying about Nick the geek and Mimi the loser here? I'm Bo Brady's daughter, and I didn’t even get an invitation.

Shawn D.: So, what's the down payment? Uh-huh. [Knock on door] Okay, well, I'll be down there to test-drive it later. Thanks.

Bo: Hey, Shawn.

Shawn D.: Hey, Dad.

Bo: Is this a good time?

Shawn D.: Yeah, it's fine. Just looking at the car ads.

Bo: Oh, new or used?

Shawn D.: New.

Bo: Mmm. New car, new apartment, and you've obviously soaked a few bucks into this place. It's lookin' good.

Shawn D.: Yeah, well, it's nice having a good-paying job.

Bo: Yeah, well, that's why I'm here. I need to talk to you about your boss.

Shawn D.: Didn't we already talk about this?

Bo: Yeah, dynamics have changed since then. The authorities are closing in on Wells.

Shawn D.: What'd he do?

Bo: We have a case against him for the gloved-hand crimes. I don't want you to get caught in the cross fire. I need you to walk away, quit your job.

Kate: What are you up to?

E.J.: I am going on the offensive. I'm gonna tell the world exactly what scoundrels the Salem Police Department are.

Kate: Ahh. You're doing a live broadcast without talking to me first?

E.J.: Today, Kate, I'm gonna rescue my reputation from a smear campaign that's tainted it. You should stick around. You might want to hear my side of the story.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Frankie: Good? You happy?

Hope: Yeah, that looks good. Maybe just a couple more things.

Shawn: I got two extra birds here in case we run out of turkey on Thanksgiving Day.

Caroline: I can't remember when we had a family gathering this big.

Shawn: I can't remember when we had a Thanksgiving where we had so much to be grateful for. Kayla and Stephanie are well. Steve is back in the family fold.

Caroline: Right.

Shawn: It's almost too good to be true.

Caroline: But it is true. Okay.

Shawn: Okay.

Billie: Hi. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

Shawn: Oh.

Caroline: Billie, hello.

Hope: Hi.

Billie: Hi.

Hope: Thanks for meeting me here. Why don't we grab a table?

Billie: Sure. Looks very festive.

Hope: Thank you. Looks good, huh?

Billie: I'm happy that Kayla has been released. I'm really happy for your family, Hope.

Hope: Thank you. I appreciate that. Why don't we sit down?

Billie: Thank you. So, what did you want to see me about?

Hope: I have a message to pass along. It's from Steve.

Billie: I don't want to hear it.

Chelsea: This is so unfair. Nick's been in town for all of what, three days? Three days and he gets an invite. He's a Horton. He's got his own Thanksgiving dinner to go to. I'm a Brady by blood, and they just completely dissed me.

Abby: Chelsea, I just think that your dad's a little upset with you right now because you keep on trying to push him and Billie together.

Chelsea: So I'm trying to get my parents to get along. What's so wrong with that?

Maggie: Honey, look... listen. Just because you think that two people belong together doesn't mean that they do. Now, the Brady’s are a wonderful family, but whatever your ideal that you have in your mind, I'm afraid you're gonna find it impossible for them to live up to it. End of lecture. [Laughs] Okay, I have some reservations to take care of. Thank you. Thank you for all of your help. The place looks great, just great.

Mimi: You know, Chelsea, Maggie's right. Family's not all it's cracked up to be. Sure, I loved being a Brady for the two seconds it lasted, but trust me, they're not one big, happy family all the time. And then there's my family. Freezer-burned TV dinners -- that's what we'll be having for Thanksgiving.

Chelsea: Yeah, Mimi, but at least you have a mom that loves you enough to do whatever she can to help you get what you want and a dad that doesn't hate your guts.

Abby: Chelsea, Mimi doesn't even know where her dad is.

Nick: Well, maybe what you need to do is just focus on getting your own life together, and that way, you'll stop obsessing about what your parents are doing all the time.

Shawn D.: [Laughs] You suspect E.J. of the gloved-hand crimes? That's bogus. He's an international celebrity, all right? He gives money to charities all over the world. He's a nice guy.

Bo: Shawn, it's a front. Wake up. It's an image he's created.

Shawn D.: Why do you think that? What kind of a case do you have against him?

Bo: You know I can't tell you that.

Shawn D.: This sounds familiar. I thought you weren't gonna bring it up unless you had some hard evidence. Look, you always want to bring down whoever stands in your way. First it was Patrick because he got in the way of you and mom. And now it's E.J. Because I answer to him and not you.

Bo: You don't want to answer to me or the Salem P.D. If you're working for this creep when this goes down. Like Lockhart, Wells is guilty of the crimes he's accused of, and I will prove that.

Shawn D.: Fine. When you prove it, I'll quit. Simple.

Bo: No, Shawn, it's not -- he -- he is dangerous. And if he gets in a tight spot, it just might occur to him to go after my son to get to me. So you're in danger.

Abe: I have no idea what these cards say because the writing's in Italian. Someone in Italy's been sending these cards to E.J. Wells. We need to know what they say. Can you help us?

Belle: So, when I dropped Claire off over at Victor's, Kate was there, and she gave me this newspaper.

Max: Marines being deployed from Camp Pendleton. So, Kate thinks is Philip.

Belle: Yeah, but Victor doesn’t.

Max: Well, I don't either. It kind of looks like Philip, but wouldn't Victor be able to find out if he had enlisted?

Belle: I don't know. Kate thinks that Victor knows more than he's saying..

Max: Why?

Belle: I don't know. But if he's still in that war zone, it's because of me.

Max: You had no idea he'd leave town, Belle. And you sure as hell didn't think he was gonna put his life in danger.

Belle: I know that. But if anything happens to him, what am I gonna tell my daughter, who still asks for him every day?

Max: Don't jump to conclusions, Belle, okay? You still don't even know for sure that this is Philip.

Belle: Well, I've got to find out.

Max: Then there's two people that were close enough to Philip who should check out the photo -- Shawn and Mimi.

Mimi: Nick isn't shy about saying what's on his mind, is he?

Chelsea: You know, you have no right to talk to me like that. My parents died in a car accident, and all I want is to have another real family.

Nick: What are you, 19?

Chelsea: Yeah.

Nick: Why aren't you working or in college? You should have your own apartment or at least be sharing one with a roommate or a boyfriend. If you had that, you wouldn't be chewing your fingernails down to your elbows about what your mom and dad are doing all the time. If they don't want to be together, that's the way it is. Get over it.

Frankie: [Laughs]

Caroline: You silly...

Frankie: That was good. That was good, Pop. Listen... I've got some news to tell you.

Caroline: Have you met a girl?

Frankie: You know, you have a one-track mind. No.

Caroline: Oh.

Frankie: I've been, uh... I've been offered a great job opportunity in DC. And now that Kayla's better, I've accepted.

Caroline: Oh. Well, when do you leave?

Frankie: Soon. Within a week.

Billie: I don't want any messages from Steve. Bo already told me that he wanted to talk to me, and I really just -- I don't see the point. I am thrilled for him and Kayla.. I am thrilled for them. I don't want to complicate things, Hope, and Steve doesn't owe me an answer or an explanation for anything. I am so happy that he remembered Kayla. I really am.

Hope: Well, that's the thing. He doesn't really remember her.

Shawn D.: Dad, I can't quit my job. I need the money to take care of Claire and Belle. I'm hoping that maybe I'll be able to impress her enough to where she'll trust me again.

Bo: And you think working for a criminal will impress her?

Shawn D.: We don't know that yet.

Bo: Shawn, I have lost my badge and gun. He comes after you, I won't be able to protect you.

Shawn D.: He's not gonna come after me. We have an understanding. [Cellphone rings]

Bo: Shawn, you don't have understandings with criminals. Damn it.

Shawn D.: Thanks, Dad, but no, thanks.

Abe: Celeste, you've been staring at those cards for quite a while. What would be their significance to E.J.?

Celeste: How am I supposed to know, Abraham?

Abe: I thought you were a psychic.

Celeste: Is that why I'm here, Police Psychic Consultant, Medium?

Abe: I'm not making fun of you. I just need to know what those cards mean.

Celeste: They're tarot cards. They have many powers. But outside of a reading, they tell me nothing.

Abe: Someone went to the trouble of sending them. E.J. thinks they're important enough to put into a safe-deposit box. We need to know what they mean.

Celeste: Cards have certain implications, but you just can't point to them and say, "this means so-and-so." There are a lot of factors involved, Abraham.

Abe: Celeste, are you afraid of someone?

Roman: Abe, you got to see this. Come here.

Abe: Excuse me. [Door closes]

E.J.: The Salem Police Department has launched a full-scale attack on my name and personal property, broken into my home. They've violated my telephone and banking records, stolen property that does not belong to them. They've also begun a policy of intimidation against me. I'm innocent of any wrongdoing. And so, today, I'm here to tell the Salem Police Department that I'm fighting back in the name of justice and my good name.

E.J. Wells' good name has been dragged through the mud. Consequently, we've contacted the State's Attorney and the Salem D.A.'s office to announce that we're launching a $40-million lawsuit against the Salem Police Department and four co-respondents -- Commissioner Abe Carver, Commander Roman Brady, suspended Detective Bo Brady, and John Black -- for violating Mr. Wells' constitutional rights by conducting acts of illegal search and seizure. The Salem Police Department and Detective Bo Brady in particular have a proven history of planting evidence and bullying suspects. We're throwing down the gauntlet. Okay, we'll take a few questions now.

Abe: Turn that damn thing off. Turn it off.

Roman: Oh, man.

Bo: What's going on?

Roman: Well, we got trouble. E.J. Wells lawyered up, and we're gonna get sued -- all of us.

Bo: He's bluffing.

Abe: No, he's calling my bluff. Wells has money. He's got clout. He's got the media at his fingertips. Damn it. I knew it was a mistake to let you and John break into his safe-deposit box.

Bo: Abe, calm down. We know he's guilty. Let him sue.

Abe: I'm the one that has to answer to a higher authority.

Officer: Excuse me, sir.

Abe: What is it?

Officer: Assistant D.A. Bettis just called. She's on her way up, and she didn't sound happy.

Abby: What happened to Mimi?

Nick: She had to leave. Chelsea, I'm sorry. I'm so used to spending time with chromosomes and genes that sometimes I forget how to act with people. It's none of my business how you live your life.

Chelsea: No, it's really not. So, I'd appreciate it if you just stayed away from me, okay?

Abby: Chelsea, come on. Nick is just trying to help, just like he was at dune.

Chelsea: Okay, Mr. Brainiac, if you're so great at solving problems, why don't you solve this one? How do I get my dad to invite me to join him and the rest of his family at the Brady Thanksgiving, huh?

Nick: Got it. Perfect solution.

Chelsea: What?

Nick: You come as my guest.

Billie: I don't get it. I overheard Steve telling Kayla that he remembered their life together.

Hope: He was reciting memories that Bo and I had written down for him at his request.

Billie: I heard him tell her that he loved her and that he needed her.

Hope: Billie, he was telling her what he thought she needed to hear to get well.

Billie: Are you telling me that he really -- he really doesn't remember anything?

Hope: No, he did remember a few things. But he says he doesn't have the emotional connection that should go with the memories.

Billie: So this has all been just an act. It's been a lie. How could he do that to Kayla?

Shawn: Well, Frankie, can't you at least stay through the Christmas holiday?

Frankie: Pop, I told you that I've already stayed longer than I planned to.

Caroline: What's the rush?

Frankie: It's time. I just... I want to get away from the memories here.

Caroline: Of Jennifer.

Shawn: Sounds to me like you're running away.

Mimi: They wouldn't let Philip back into the military with a prosthetic leg, would they?

Belle: As long as he's able and willing to fight, they will find a place for him. And that terrifies me.

Shawn D.: Why? This was Philip's decision. And maybe I sound selfish, but I resent the fact that he's the one that took off. Now he's got everybody sitting here worrying about him. I went over there once to save him, and I sure as hell ain't doing it again.

E.J.: Thank you.

Kate: We're off to a good start.

E.J.: Good.

Kate: Well, I should be going, too.

E.J.: Kate, I have a question for you.

Kate: What?

E.J.: Did you ransack my apartment at John Black's behest?

Kate: Ransack your apartment? What the hell are you talking about?

E.J.: Yesterday, when John called and said that he wanted to meet me for a drink... I left before you did, but you didn't leave, did you? You stayed. It's okay. Although, I can't imagine what kind of horror story he filled your head with to get you to do what you did. I know that you were engaged at some time, but do you really take his word over mine?

Kate: E.J. --

E.J.: Kate, we're business partners. We're partners in many different ways. Surely you know what kind of man I am.

Kate: John thought that I would find incriminating evidence in your apartment, and I was hoping that I wouldn’t.

E.J.: And you think you did, yes? You took my ring, Kate. It's a fraternity ring. It has sentimental value for me, but nothing more.

Kate: John thinks that it links you to the DiMeras.

E.J.: Not unless they're in my fraternity. I don't even know who these people are, Kate.

Kate: [Sighs] Stefano DiMera was a part of my life, and it's -- he was a part of my life a long time ago, and it's a time I don't want to revisit.

E.J.: Now I understand how John got to you. You're afraid of the DiMeras, aren't you? I don't even know these people, Kate. Look, who's the real criminal here, somebody who has you break, enter, and steal, or me, somebody who has done nothing wrong?

Kate: I'm sorry.

E.J.: No, I'm sorry. I don't mean to get mad at you. I'm just mad at John Black and his cohorts. They've destroyed my reputation. I just hope that when I'm cleared of any wrongdoing that you and I can finally please go back to being friends.

Belle: How can you talk about someone that way who was your best friend?

Max: Come on, you two. Let's all work together on this, huh?

Mimi: Max, let them work it out.

Shawn D.: Philip grew up with the money and the power of Victor Kiriakis.. That's why he's being so selfish.

Belle: I know Philip, and if he went back over there, it wasn't because he was thinking of himself or thinking, "hmm, gee, I wonder what I can do to really hurt Shawn and Belle." He went over there because he believes in serving our country.

Shawn D.: He walked out of Claire's life, and he didn't say a word. How can you stand here and defend him?

Belle: How can you not?

Victor: You feeling any better? I know. The only thing that's going to make you feel better is Claire. I'm working on a plan to make your dream come true, but it's gonna take time and finesse. And in the meantime, your presence here is going to have to remain a secret.. Can you handle that? [Knock on door] Finally.

Frankie: I'm just moving on, Pop. I got a job offer from a first-rate law firm. I'm gonna be working my butt off, but the money's huge. And besides, I like D.C. I had a life there before, and I'm just ready to pick up where I left off, that's all.

Shawn: There's one thing you won't have in Washington and that's your family to support you.

Billie: I overheard Steve telling Kayla that they would be together forever. He didn't mean that?

Hope: He was trying to do the right thing by Stephanie and Kayla.

Billie: But that isn't right. He can't -- he's leading them on.

Hope: Like I said, he was trying to give her something positive to think about. And it worked. He saved her life. And because of that, I'm passing on his message. He still has feelings for you. He told me so himself.

Belle: Well, obviously I made a mistake bringing you into this, and I wouldn't want to waste any more of your time. So, I'm gonna go and get Claire.

Shawn D.: Damn it, Belle, come on.

Max: That went well.

Mimi: Uh-huh. Even though they both hate me, I'm gonna make sure they don't kill each other.

Frankie: Look, once I get settled and I start working, maybe then I can start to focus on my personal life, and maybe I'll meet someone new.

Caroline: Well, maybe you'll meet a famous senator's daughter. Yeah, and you'll become a big political advisor.

Frankie: Okay, okay, maybe I will.

Caroline: Yeah.

Frankie: Then again, maybe I'll just find me a nice little swanky apartment in New York, nice harem of women, and live like Hugh Hefner.

Shawn: Now you're talking. Maybe I'll come visit.

Caroline: You're not going anywhere.

Shawn: Huh?

Caroline: You got turkeys to stuff.

Frankie: I just hope that I can find what the two of you have.

Shawn: Oh, I do, too, son.

Frankie: I'm serious. I really -- I really want your blessing.

Billie: Look, I can't listen to this anymore. I've been doing everything I can to get Steve out of my mind.

Hope: So you still have feelings for him.

Billie: Yeah. What's the point? He's starting to get his memory back. He and Kayla are closer than ever.

Hope: I think you should talk to him. Just tell him how you feel and be honest and at least hear what he has to say.

Billie: Why are you doing this? She's your friend. She's your sister-in-law. And as far as she's concerned, right now, they're gonna be together until death do them part. You really want me to screw this up for them?

Hope: I think if there is unfinished business between you and Steve, it's better for everyone involved to deal with it now. Look, I am just doing this for Steve, okay, because he is my friend. And if it weren't for him, Kayla wouldn't be alive right now.

Billie: I don't know. I think there's something else.

Hope: Like what?

Billie: I think you're encouraging me to work things out with Steve because you're afraid that Bo and I might still end up together.

Abe: Here you go. Complete file on E.J. Wells.

Bettis: You don't have a thing on this man that is not circumstantial. Most of this evidence was obtained illegally.

Roman: Brooke, everything we know about E.J. Wells isn't in that envelope.

Bettis: The mayor's office is a circus trying to deal with the lawsuit, and it looks like Mr. Wells has a pretty solid case against the Salem P.D. Heads are gonna roll this time, and I can't do anything about it.

Roman: [Exhales sharply]

Chelsea: You want me to go to the Brady Thanksgiving dinner as your guest. You mean like a date?

Nick: I mean, it says "you and... you and a guest are cordially invited." It sounds pretty clear-cut to me. If you want to be invited, you can go as my guest, not a date, just a guest.

Chelsea: Crashing my dad's party on the arm of a geek. Hmm.

Nick: Are you talking to me? Because I can always change my mind.

Chelsea: You know, if I were you, I would maybe think twice before extending that invitation. You might just find yourself hated by everybody.

Nick: Oh, I doubt it. After all, I'm loved by everyone. I'm a hero. Nobody's gonna say a negative word to me, and you can use the opportunity to talk to your dad, be nice to Hope, and maybe whine a little less than your usual, too.

Chelsea: I do not whine.

Nick: You're doing it right now.

Chelsea: Oh, my God. You are so impossible.

Nick: I know. But what choice do you have?

Chelsea: This sucks. I should be inviting you, not the other way around. And actually, it's not that I even ever would invite you. Fine. I'll see you on Thanksgiving day. And do me a favor and try your best not to dress like a loser, okay?

Nick: Oh, so I shouldn't wear my turkey costume?

Chelsea: Ha ha.

Abby: Nick, what is your problem? Are you kidding me?

Nick: Why?

Shawn D.: Belle, come on. Wait. I'm sorry if I made it sound like I was blaming Philip. It's just only now am I really feeling like I'm getting to know my little girl. And the thought of him coming back, it just scares me.

Belle: How do you think Philip feels? Shawn, this isn't all about you, you know?

Shawn D.: I know. It's about Claire. And I am gonna prove to you that it's best to have me in your life full time. I've done what you've asked. I've went out. I've gotten a place.

Belle: Look, I know. I know. And I appreciate that. But now I'm asking you to have just a little bit of compassion for a man who has had his heart broken by everyone he loved most. And instead, you're acting all jealous because you're worried that if he comes back, he might get in your way with Claire or, hey, maybe with me, too. Grow up.

Caroline: Well, you're gonna break our hearts when you go, but we certainly support you.

Shawn: You bet we do.

Frankie: Well, thank you. I'll tell everyone at Thanksgiving.

Caroline: Okay. But there are two things I want you to remember.

Frankie: What's that?

Caroline: One -- take very good care of yourself. And two -- your home is just around the corner, you know, and we'll be here, waiting with open arms.

Frankie: Come here.

Caroline: Oh. Frankie...

Hope: Well, I guess you don't know. For your information, Bo moved back home. And come on, Billie. You've known me long enough to know I don't play the kind of games you just accused me of.

Billie: I'm sorry. I am not thinking clearly right now.

Hope: Which is why I think you need to talk to Steve and clear a few things up for yourself. It could do Steve a lot of good, as well. He misses you. And he could use a friend he could trust.

Billie: I'll think about it.

Hope: Okay.

Billie: Thank you.

Abe: Oh, man, this is my fault. I knew it was a bad idea, but I let you run with it anyway.

Bo: Abe, come on. We got away clean. It was just stinking luck that Wells showed up when he did.

Roman: We'd better nail him fast or we're gonna be in big trouble.

E.J.: Gentlemen, sorry to interrupt your conversation. I assume you were discussing damage control.

Roman: What the hell do you want?

Lawyer: Let's play "Deal or No Deal." My client's prepared to drop the $40-million lawsuit if the following conditions are met. First, the investigation against Mr. Wells is brought to an abrupt end. The case file is turned over to us, and you, Commissioner Carver, and you, Commander Brady, go on the air and publicly announce that E.J. Wells isn't a suspect.

Bo: You're kidding, right?

Lawyer: Furthermore, you must state that there is absolutely no evidence of any wrongdoing against Mr. Wells and admit that you acted hastily and without proper authorization.

Bo: No way we're gonna do that. We know he's guilty.

Lawyer: You don't have any say in this, Mr. Brady. You were suspended from your job, weren't you?

Bo: Listen to me, you --

Roman: Bo -- Bo -- Bo, don't be stupid. Keep your mouth shut.

Abe: I don't think we can do that.

Lawyer: Well, I'll tell you what -- I'll give you three minutes to think some more.

Abe: I'll be right back. Excuse me. Celeste, can you at least guess what those cards mean? I need something to fight with so that scum doesn't walk away scot-free.

Celeste: I'm sorry. I can't help you, Abraham.

Max: Are they still alive?

Mimi: I hope so. Max, I want you to help me with something.

Max: What?

Mimi: I want you to help me find Philip.

Max: How?

Mimi: I was thinking first we could try and track down the photographer who took that picture. He might know whether it's Philip and if he's using an alias or something.

Max: Mimi, why is this so important to you?

Mimi: Because I'm responsible for Philip leaving, too, and if I can find out where he is and let his family know that he's okay, then I can feel like I've sort of redeemed myself.

Nurse: This should help you with the pain and let you get some rest.

Victor: As always, nurse, I ask for your discretions.

Nurse: Of course.

Victor: Close your eyes now, son. Let the medicine do its work. Go to sleep. Dream about holding your little girl in your arms, and I'll make it happen. I know I've let you down in the past, but I promise, I won't do it again.

Nick: Abby, I was kidding about the turkey costume.

Abby: I'm not talking about the costume. I'm talking about you inviting Chelsea. You never know what she's gonna do.

Nick: I can handle her.

Abby: I don't get why you like her.

Nick: You like her, right? She's your friend.

Abby: Well, yeah, but she calls you names and insults you all the time. Why do you want to take her out?

Nick: She's different from girls I knew in college. She's emotional, angry, maybe even dangerous. I like that.

Abby: You're a freak.

Nick: I know. But, hey... I need a favor from you.

Abby: All right, what?

Nick: I need you to help me get my hair and my clothes straightened out. I'm sick of everyone calling me a geek. I want Chelsea to see me on Thanksgiving and go, "hey, that guy is hot." Can you do that?

Abby: I'll try. But you better be careful.

Billie: Okay, I am officially coffeed out. Tonight, I think I'm gonna sleep with my eyes open.

Chelsea: Where have you been?

Billie: The Brady Pub. Hope asked me to come by. And get this -- she told me that Steve hasn't fully regained his memory.

Chelsea: Oh, so he was lying to his wife, Kayla, on her deathbed. Seriously, why can't that dude make up his mind, or at least what's left of it? And, Mom, why would you want to be with a guy like that anyway?

Billie: Hey, let's talk about Thanksgiving dinner, huh?

Chelsea: Okay.

Billie: Yeah, let's do that. Listen, your Grandma Kate is having dinner catered in her suite, okay?

Chelsea: I can't go. I'm going to the pub. Dad invited me.

Billie: Really? Your dad invited you?

Chelsea: Yep. He called me just now.

Billie: Oh. Okay, well, great.

Roman: There is no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of E.J. Wells. We apologize for any unjust tactics that may have been used against Mr. Wells. We made a mistake..

E.J.: After you. Here, please. Allow me. Here we go. So, what did you tell him?

Celeste: I told him nothing.

E.J.: Good. Keep your mouth shut, okay? Remember, you're a part of this family, too.

Abe: Thanks a lot, Roman. Let's just hope what we said will get E.J. and his lawyer off our backs.

Bo: Yeah, and I hope everybody's happy. Now Wells is free to strike again.

Kate: My station manager just told me you were going to make a public apology to E.J., and I thought I had to get over here to see that.

Roman: Kate, I'm sorry about that, but we just wrapped it up.

Kate: [Sighs] You know, you made me turn against my business partner. You didn't have a shred of evidence, but that didn't matter. You still said those things, didn't you? How could you do that? I'm never going to trust you or John again.

Bettis: All right, Abe, you and Roman may have just saved your jobs, but I'm warning you, stay away from E.J. Wells. Find another suspect to pick on because if you screw up again, I'm cleaning house.

Bo: Come on. You're not gonna let the D.A.'s office have the last word in this, are you?

Abe: I didn't have a choice. So drop it, Bo. It's over.

Billie: I'm Billie. I'm Chelsea's mom. And you are?

Nick: [Laughs] Whew! Never better.

Hope: You should have talked to me about the investigation.

Bo: I didn't want to push it.

Hope: Then I'll push it. Back in my bed.

Stephanie: We are gonna be so happy -- you, me, and mom -- a family.

Celeste: One family has caused all that pain -- the DiMeras.

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