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Patrick: Come on.

Mimi: What are you doing?

Patrick: What do you think I'm doing? I'm looking for my money.

Mimi: It was stolen out of your lockbox. You think it's suddenly gonna turn up under the sofa cushions, thousands of dollars in cash?

Patrick: You seem to know a lot about it.

Mimi: For the last time, Patrick, I did not raid your stash. I might be broke and a lot of other things, but I'm not a thief.

Patrick: You're right. I'm sorry. It's just I'm going a little crazy here right now, okay?

Mimi: The only other person around when it was taken was mom, who also happens to be the number-one person in this house most likely to take someone else's property..

Bonnie: I know. Nancy, I know I'm late on the payroll taxes. You're just gonna have to buy me some time. No, I was already forced to take an interest-free loan from a family member.

[Sighs] I'm not gonna ask Mickey for the money. We don't need him anymore or any of the Hortonís, for that matter. Look, if you must know, I'll let you in on a little secret. I'm about to get in bed with a Kiriakis. [Door opens and closes]

Bo: Oh, man. What are we gonna do now?

John: You better come up with something, Beauregard. E.J. finds her in that apartment, it's not gonna be good. [Keyboard clacking] [Telephone rings]

Sami: Hello?

Bo: Sami, it's your Uncle Bo. I need a favor from you. It's a matter of life and death.

Sami: What is it?

Bo: I need you to go over to E.J.'s place, knock on the door, and distract him for a minute or two.

Sami: What, are you kidding? I told that jerk I never want to see him again. You told me to stay away from him.

Bo: Sami, I don't have time to argue. I need you to do this now. Can I count on you?

Kayla: [Moaning]

Steve: Come on. Come on. You got to come back. Come back to us.

Kayla: [Moaning]

Steve: Listen, remember you were talking about the boat where we got married? Remember about the courage? Remember when I said courage?

Marlena: Oh.

Shawn: How is she, doctor?

Dr. Myers: I'm afraid she's failing very quickly now.

Caroline: Please. Don't give up on her. You said yourself that she's fighting and that it's a miracle she's still alive. And I know with Steve by her side, she is gonna hang on till you get the antidote -- one that she's not allergic to.

Nick: Not to worry, folks. I may have an answer -- one that could save Kayla's life.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

[Knock on door]

Kate: Oh, my God.

E.J.: Samantha.

Sami: E.J., may I come in?

E.J.: No, actually, this is not a good time.

Sami: Oh. Well, I would like to talk to you.

E.J.: Really? About what?

Sami: About us.

Shawn: Who are you?

Dr. Myers: Everyone, I'd like to introduce Nick Fallon. He's doing research for the Horton Foundation.

Hope: Nick? Oh, my gosh. I don't believe it. Maggie told me that you were back in town. My God. I didn't recognize you. But then again, I guess it's not too surprising since the last time I saw you, you were what, 8, 9?

Dr. Myers: You know Mr. Fallon?

Hope: Yeah, he's my second cousin.

Caroline: Nick! Look at you! My goodness. You're so grown up.

Shawn: Who is he?

Caroline: He's Jessica and Joshua's son. Marie Horton is his grandmother..

Shawn: Oh, yeah.

Hope: I am so glad to see you. I'm so glad you're back.

Caroline: Me too.

Nick: Likewise. Although, I was so sorry to hear about Kayla.

Roman: Nick, you said you had an answer, something that could save her life.

Nick: I may. I was talking to Aunt Maggie, and she was telling me about Kayla's case, and it got me thinking about Dr. Phong.

Marlena: Dr. Phong?

Nick: He's a really good friend of mine -- well, actually a former professor now working as a research scientist. And he develops hypoallergenic drugs, specifically those related to biotoxins. Now, I know it's a long shot, but it's worth a phone call, right? That is, if I have your permission.

Caroline: Oh, of course. Whatever you can do.

Nick: I'll get right on it.

Dr. Myers: I'll come with you. I'd like to talk to Dr. Phong myself.

Marlena: Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh, Caroline.

Hope: Good news.

Steve: Kayla sure could use a miracle right about now.

Hope: Don't you mean another one?

Steve: Right.

Hope: I ran into Billie. She told me what happened.

Steve: [Sighs] I didn't want to hurt her.

Hope: No, of course you didnít. But she had to know as soon as you started remembering, you'd realize that you and Kayla belong together. She's the one that you really love.

Patrick: Look, Mimi, I get what you're saying, but I'm having a hard time believing mom would rip me off again.

Mimi: Well, you know about my "love is blind" story.

Patrick: Yeah, it was that lame show you went on, the dating thing.

Mimi: Well, I guess it wasn't so lame because I won 50 grand -- enough to pay for college and then some. But our dear mother stole my identity and every last penny out of my bank account so she could buy lottery tickets, none of which hit the jackpot. So, if you think our mom is above ripping off her own kids, think again. And she's been acting like she's really hard up, on the verge of going broke, even though Alice's is packed every night. Something's definitely up with her.

Bonnie: Hey, kids. How are my babies doing, huh? Oh, I tell you, it is so nice to have my whole brood all under one roof again.

Patrick: Yeah, I bet it is. It makes it that much more convenient.

Bonnie: More convenient for what?

Patrick: To rip us off. I want what you took from me, Mom, and you're not leaving here until I get it.

E.J.: There is no "us," Samantha. You made that very clear.

Sami: E.J., that's what I wanted to talk to you about. Maybe I was overreacting.

E.J.: What are you saying, you've changed your mind? You want to give us another chance?

Sami: Maybe.

E.J.: Maybe? What do you mean "maybe"?

Sami: E.J., I want you to cut me a break. It's been such a difficult couple months for me and for my whole family. I mean, it wasn't too long ago that I was seriously gonna marry Austin. And then Lucas and Will, they wanted to move back in with me and try to be a family. It was confusing.

E.J.: They want to be a family? These are people who abandoned you, Samantha, at the first sign of trouble. And yet for some reason, every time they come knocking on your door offering to forgive you, you jump at it and you cast me aside in the process.

Sami: You're right. You're right. I just want you to understand [Sighs] I felt like you were forcing me to choose between you and my son.

E.J.: No. I was asking you to choose between Lucas, somebody who has done nothing but let you down time and time again, and me, somebody who has stood by you through thick and thin.

Sami: I know you have, E.J. You have been there for me. And I appreciate that, but you have to understand that I can't cut Lucas out of my life. He's my son's father. Look, please, Will and Lucas came back knowing everything that I had done, and they still wanted to be a family. And that means everything to me. Lucas and I talked about being the best parents we can be for Will, and things are really working out now.

E.J.: Well, congratulations. What does that have to do with us?

Sami: I realized that Lucas and I weren't meant to be together, that we're just friends, and that's all we'll ever be. And so, I thought that maybe you and I, um...

E.J.: Maybe you and I what?

Sami: Come on. Are you gonna make me say it? I thought you and I could, you know, try again, if you're still interested.

E.J.: How do I know you're not gonna change your mind?

Sami: Can't you just take my word for it?

E.J.: No. Now if you'll excuse me.

Sami: E.J...

Bo: Whoa, Sami. Nice work, kid. Now all we got to do is get Kate out of there.

Roman: Doc, I just wanted to let you know I do appreciate you being here for the family.

Marlena: I've always considered the Bradyís to be my family. And now Hope's cousin may be the one to save the day.

Roman: I hope so. I hope so. How about that? All those years that they spent apart, all the years that Kayla mourned him.

Marlena: She still loves him after all those years. I guess she never stopped loving him.

Roman: No, she never did. That happens. How about John? How about you guys? Did you tie the knot again yet?

Marlena: [Laughs] We haven't had time yet with Kayla falling ill and then John being involved in this case with E.J. and Patrick.

Roman: Well, there's a lot going on, but do yourself a favor, all right? Don't wait too long. You don't want to find out it's too late.

Hope: I'm sorry if I jumped to the wrong conclusion. I just thought that from what Billie told us, you were committed now to being with Kayla.

Steve: I am committed to Kayla, Hope. I'm committed to getting her well and out of this damn box.

Hope: Could I ask you a question?

Steve: What?

Hope: The nurse, Billie -- everyone told us that you had your memory back, so of course I naturally assumed that it worked, all the memories that Bo and I wrote down helped you to remember. Do you? Steve, do you remember being in love with Kayla?

Bonnie: I thought we had this conversation. I did not take your money.

Patrick: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Then what happened to it? Don't try to tell me it was Mimi 'cause we both know better.

Mimi: Is that what you said? Thanks a lot.

Bonnie: No, I said several other people live in this house, two of which are jailbirds.

Mimi: All of us are jailbirds.

Bonnie: I was talking about Billie and Chelsea. I'm gonna get to the bottom of this right now.

Patrick: Who are you calling?

Bonnie: My former boss, Abe Carver.

Patrick: Your former boss?

Mimi: She used to clean his house.

Bonnie: He's a very nice man, and if there has been a robbery, I'm sure he'd be more than happy to conduct a full investigation. He'll probably get Roman and Bo involved.

Patrick: You can forget it, Mom. You're not calling anyone.

[Knock on window]

Kate: God, John.

John: Get this up. Come on. Come on.

Kate: Shh!

John: Come on, let's go. Let's go.

Kate: Go where?

John: Out here. Out here. Let's escape. Let's go.

Kate: Oh, my God, no. I'm not good with heights. Shh! Shh!

Sami: [Exhales sharply]

E.J.: Wow, that was, um... that was quite a kiss.

Sami: Well, you know I've been attracted to you since I met you, E.J. But I'm sure you're used to that -- women throwing themselves at you, like Kate.

E.J.: Listen, about Kate --

Sami: Oh, no. I don't want to talk about Kate. I don't even want to think about you and Kate. And you know what? I think we have better things to think about.

E.J.: I couldn't agree more. So, why don't we take this little party into the bedroom?

Sami: Wait a second. E.J., that's how we got into trouble in the first place, right? So, how about we slow down, take things one step at a time, huh?

E.J.: I'd love to, except that every time we slow down and take things one step at a time, people knock on doors, sprinkler systems go off.

Sami: You know what? I know, but that is not gonna happen again, I promise. I didn't think I was gonna be here for so long. I can't stay, E.J. I have to get going, so I'll call you?

E.J.: When are you gonna call me?

Sami: Soon. Thank you for being so understanding about everything.

John: It's now or never! Let's go! Leave it.

Bo: Man, that was close.

Kate: You can say that again. I never thought I'd be happy to hear Sami's voice.

John: You two make quite a team.

Kate: Okay, let's not get carried away, all right?

John: No, you owe her a big thanks. Sami saved the day because you took quite a risk.

Kate: Yes, I did take a risk, didn't I? I checked the entire place, and I didn't find anything -- anything except for this.

John: Let me see it.

Kate: But I can't quite place it.

John: Oh, my God.

Bo: What is it, John?

John: The sign of DiMera.

Kate: No, that resembles Stefano's ring, but you don't know that for sure.

John: I know for sure.

Kate: But that doesn't make any sense. Why would E.J. have something like that?

Bo: It makes perfect sense. E.J.'s connected with the DiMera family. Lockhart was on their payroll and obviously still is.

Kate: No. Patrick maybe, but not E.J.

John: You know, it's because of your special relationship with E.J. that not only do we have access, but a big piece to the puzzle. No small consolation, I'm sure.

Kate: I don't need a consolation prize.

Bo: You know what? This isn't one of your little games. Now that we know the DiMeras are involved, this is extremely dangerous.

Kate: You know, I don't really care, all right? Because of my special relationship with E.J., I have access to him. So, what do you want me to do?

John: Nothing... in particular at the moment. Just go on doing what you've been doing. Who knows? Maybe he'll let his guard down.

Bo: Yeah, and remember, be careful.

Kate: Oh, thanks. But I think I know how to play this game.

[Cellphone rings]

Bo: Excuse me. Brady.

Roman: Bo, it's Roman. I think you better get over here right away. It's beginning to look like Kayla doesn't have much longer.

Bo: I'm on my way. I got to get to the hospital. Kayla's getting worse.

John: I'm coming with you.

Bo: No, listen. I'll meet you there. I got a stop to make on the way.

Steve: Hope, listen. I wish I could tell you what you want to hear, that I got everything straight in my head and everything's gonna be okay for everyone. But I can't say that. I don't know much. All I know is I got to do everything I can to keep Kayla alive. That's all I know. That's all that matters.

Hope: You're right. You're right. That is. That's all that matters. So, whatever you're doing to help her hang on to fight, then you got to keep doing it. Just keep doing it.

John: Hey.

Marlena: Oh, hi, honey.

John: How is she?

Caroline: She's still hanging in there.

John: All right, that's good.

Roman: Yeah, I called Bo. He said he was coming right down.

John: I was there when he got the call. He's on his way.

Caroline: Okay. I think I'll get a cup of soup. If you'll excuse me.

Roman: I'll go with you, Ma.

Caroline: Oh, okay.

Roman: Pop.

Shawn: Okay, sure.

John: [Sighs] I wish there was something I could do.

Marlena: I know. We all feel that way. All we can do is be here for the family.

John: Yeah.

Marlena: You said you were with Bo. Any developments?

John: Yeah. Something interesting came up.

Marlena: Oh? What is it?

John: You're not gonna believe it. Take a look at this.

Marlena: Oh, my gosh. Where did you find that?

John: E.J. Wells' apartment.

Sami: You're welcome, I think, but do you want to tell me what that was all about and why you needed me to distract him and what you think E.J.'s guilty of?

Bo: I can't tell you any more than I already have. What I can say is we had someone searching his apartment, and he came home unexpectedly. So we needed to distract him while we got that someone out of there. You did your job beautifully.

Sami: I hope you know it wasn't easy. I had to kiss him and tell him a whole bunch of lies to make sure he wouldn't throw me out of his apartment. I just finished telling Lucas that E.J. and I are through.

Bo: Thank you. I appreciate your sacrifice. I know it wasn't easy. I just wanted you to know I'm proud of you.

Sami: You're proud of me?

Bo: Yeah, you did a good thing. You helped a lot of people. You should be proud of yourself. Come on. Let's go over to the hospital.

Sami: Why?

Bo: Kayla's not doing so good.

Sami: Oh, Uncle Bo, I'm so sorry, but my dad is gonna be there. Don't you think it's better if I don't go?

Bo: Sami, you're family. You should be there. Get your coat. Come on.

Sami: Okay.

Hope: Steve? Are you okay?

Steve: Yeah. I just, uh... I thought I saw... no, it's nothing. I think I'm just really tired.

Hope: Yeah, yeah, I bet you are. I'll let you rest.

Steve: No, I can't rest. I'm gonna go sit with Kayla.

Hope: That's a good idea.

Marlena: John, why would E.J. have a ring in his room that looks like DiMera's? Do you think -- do you think he is a DiMera?

John: I don't know. But I sure as hell intend to find out.

Marlena: Oh, oh, oh. I knew you'd say that.

John: Doc, listen, I know you don't want me on this case, but there is no way I can walk away from it now.

Marlena: This is the best time to walk away. Look... John, you have no business being involved with this thing in the first place. And if E.J. were tied to DiMeras, you're in even more danger, even more than the Bradyís. Do me a little favor, will you, please? Just let Roman and the Salem P.D. handle this.

E.J.: Shawn, it's E.J. I just wanted to make sure you got my message. You're taking that to Patrick? Excellent. Keep up the good work.

Will: What do you want?

E.J.: I was looking to see your mother.

Will: Why? She doesn't want anything to do with you, and even if she did, she's not home. She's at the hospital with my aunt.

E.J.: Thank you for telling me.

Will: Wait. You didn't answer my question. What do you want with my mom? Why do you have to keep bugging her when she told you to get lost?

E.J.: That's none of your business.

Will: Like hell it's not. My mom and dad are finally getting along. They're even starting to like each other again. The last thing they need is you coming in and giving them a hard time.

E.J.: Now, you listen here. Your mother came over to my house this morning, knocked on my door, and both her and her lips said that she is very, very interested. So if I decide that I'm gonna see her again, there is not a damn thing that you or that little father of yours can do about it, all right?

Mimi: Patrick, calm down. What is your problem?

Patrick: My problem is I don't want the cops involved in my business.

Bonnie: But if they can find who took your money --

Patrick: Are you kidding me? They're too busy trying to hang me for a crime I didn't commit. Besides, I don't need Bo any more involved in my life than he already is. [Vehicle approaches]

Mimi: Sounds like we've got company.

Patrick: I'll be right back.

Mimi: It's Shawn! What is he doing here again?

Bonnie: Maybe he's come to his senses and realizes he wants you back.

Mimi: I don't think so. Patrick, what is going on? Why does Shawn keep showing up?

Patrick: We have a little unfinished business.

Mimi: What unfinished business?

Patrick: I can't talk now. I got to go, okay? I'll talk to you later.

Mimi: I am really worried about Patrick. There is something definitely going on, and he is in the middle of it.

Bonnie: I don't know what you're talking about.

Mimi: What if the money he had was stolen?

Bonnie: I told you, it wasn't me.

Mimi: No, stolen from someone else. And if you did take it, you realize that you're in just as much trouble as he is.

John: Come on, baby. Don't worry so much. You know me. I'll be careful.

Marlena: I know you will.

John: Mm-hmm.

Marlena: I just have this very oppressive feeling that if you stay involved in the case, something very bad is going to happen.

John: Listen to me. Nothing's gonna happen. I have worked far too hard and I waited far too long for us to be like we are right now, and I'm not gonna let something like this come between us. And that is a promise.

Marlena: You can't promise, though. You just can't do that. John, if you love me --

John: You know I love you. But I am not walking away from this. I'm sorry.

Marlena: Oh.

Sami: Hi.

Marlena: Hi.

Sami: Uncle Bo said I should come.

Marlena: I'm glad you're here. Oh, Caroline, look who's here.

Sami: I didn't know if I should come, but...

Caroline: Darling, Kayla needs all the prayers she can get. That certainly includes you, Sami.

Sami: Grandma, I'm sorry about everything.

Caroline: Darling, I know you are.

Roman: What the hell is Sami doing here?

Bo: I had her come with me. She's family. She should be -- Roman, she went a long way toward redeeming herself today.

Roman: Yeah? How so?

Bo: Well, Kate is kind of working with us on this Wells case.

Roman: What?

Bo: She was in his apartment searching it, and he comes home. John and I are in the surveillance truck going crazy 'cause we need a distraction to get her out of there, and who better than Sami? She lives right across the hall.

Roman: Wait a minute. Are you telling me Sami helped Kate?

Bo: Well, she didn't know it was Kate. But she did exactly as I asked, no questions. Even though she doesn't like the guy, she sucked it up and went in there and, uh, distracted him. I'm proud of her. I just thought you should know.

Sami: Well, that's great news then, right, if this Nick guy's friend has -- [ Sighs] Dad. Hi. I'll just, uh...

Roman: Sami -- Sami...

Sami: Yeah?

Roman: Listen, your Uncle Bo just told me what you did. I'm proud of you, too. I am really proud of you.

Sami: [Inhales sharply] Dad.

Hope: It's a long shot, but Nick really seems to think there might be a chance.

Bo: There has to be. No, Kay can't die. We're not gonna lose her.

Hope: No.

Steve: I don't know what to do, baby. I want to help you hang in there and get well more than anything. What's gonna happen down the road when you find out it's all a lie? I don't really remember a damn thing. I don't want to break your heart all over again.

Bonnie: Honey, I think you've been watching way too much "Law and Order." Your imagination's starting to run away with you.

Mimi: Oh, really? Then why are you suddenly so nervous?

Bonnie: Who says I'm nervous?

Mimi: When you're nervous, you smoke.

Bonnie: When I diet, I smoke, as always. Listen, for the last time, I did not take Patrick's money. Would I have called the cops if I had?

Mimi: You knew Patrick would stop you because he's already in enough trouble as it is without the cops knowing he's got thousands of dollars in cash lying around the house. You did it to take the heat off yourself, but I didn't buy it for one second. I know you stole that money, and if Patrick or whoever he's involved with finds out, you're gonna really wish you hadnít.

E.J.: [Clears throat] Hey. I got your message. What's up?

Kate: Oh, nothing. Nothing, really. I just wanted some company. You weren't doing anything, were you?

E.J.: Nothing important. Hey, guess what.

Kate: What?

E.J.: Sami came around this afternoon.

Kate: Sami? I thought that she was through with you.

E.J.: Apparently not. Maybe she heard about what she's missing.

Kate: Ahh. Yeah, yeah, I'm sure. So, what about your meeting with John? Did he even try to hide the fact that he thinks you're a criminal?

E.J.: Barely, although I think the real reason he wanted to have a drink with me was to get me out of my apartment so that somebody could toss it.

Kate: You're not serious.

E.J.: Yes, I am. I don't know what his theory is, but he's obviously very, very intent on proving it. No matter. It won't work with me.

Kate: Look, I don't blame you for being upset at all. I really donít. I mean, I think that's terrible. If he lets someone break into your apartment, that's ridiculous. You should call the police.

E.J.: Hmm...

Kate: I tell you what, I'm gonna do it for you. I'll just call Roman. I mean, it really is silly.

E.J.: You know... we don't need to do that. I don't have any proof. They'd probably just laugh at me. Besides, I have the situation well under control.

Kate: You do? What are you gonna do?

E.J.: I'm going to need a favor from you, something that I have a funny feeling you're not going to like.

Bo: What the hell are you doing here?

Patrick: I heard about Kayla, and I was worried about Hope. I wanted to give her my support.

Bo: My sister is in there fighting for her life because of you.

Hope: Bo, please, just let me handle this, okay?

Bo: Get rid of him.

Hope: What are you doing here? You know you shouldn't be here.

Patrick: I was worried about you. I want to make sure you're okay.

Hope: But this isn't about me right now. This is about Kayla and her family.

Patrick: Okay. Fine, you're right. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to intrude, okay? So, I guess I'll leave you alone.

Hope: I'll talk to you later?

Patrick: Yeah, I'll talk to you later.

Bo: Lockhart...

Patrick: What do you want, Bo? I am leaving.

Bo: Good. Something I want you to know. Eve Michaels as good as named you as her killer. So, it's just a matter of time before you're behind bars where you belong.

Patrick: Eve named me? Is that right?

Bo: Yeah. There was a number scribbled on a piece of paper in her belongings. It turns out that number is your academy I.D. number.

Patrick: So, what does that prove, exactly?

Bo: In itself, nothing. But it's not a coincidence. And this time, no one on the Salem P.D. believes it is. You have yourself a good day.

Nick: Everybody listen up. I have news.

Caroline: What is it? Did your friend find the antidote?

Nick: It's gonna happen, Mrs. Brady. The clinic in Ottawa can use Kayla's blood work to create an antitoxin her body won't reject. How awesome is that?

Caroline: Oh, thank God.

Sami: That's amazing.

Nick: The serum is being sent by express plane tonight, so all we have to do is keep Kayla hanging on until it gets here and she's home free. [Talking over each other]

Bonnie: If you're trying to scare me, it's not gonna work.

Mimi: Mom, aren't you worried about Patrick -- where he got all that loot and why he freaked out over calling the cops so much? What about Shawn and all these mysterious deliveries, huh?

Bonnie: Patrick is very capable of taking care of himself. And frankly, I have my own problems to figure out. I got to go to work.

Kate: What do you want me to do?

E.J.: [Clears throat] I'd like you to keep an eye on your old friend John Black. I want to know if he's plotting anything else to get me. Can you do that?

Kate: Oh, I can do that, yeah. I do believe in you, so I'll do what I can to help.

E.J.: Thank you. I knew I could count on you.

Kate: What, you're leaving so soon?

E.J.: Unfortunately, darling, I have things other than you to attend to today.

Kate: Ahh.

E.J.: However, I'll take care of you later, okay?

Kate: I look forward to that.

E.J.: In the meantime, keep me informed.

Kate: Will do.

Steve: Kayla's gonna make it. Don't worry. She's gonna hang on till that serum gets here.

Caroline: I'm not worried, Steve. As long as you're with Kayla, she's got too much to live for to give up. [Whispering]

Dr. Myers: Excuse me.

Caroline: Yes.

Dr. Myers: I hate to tell all of you this, but I'm afraid we have some bad news. We've just received word of a blizzard in the lower Canadian Provinces. All commercial planes have been grounded, meaning there's no way to get the serum here until the storm passes, which could be 48 hours or more.

Caroline: She doesn't have 48 hours. She has to have the serum tonight.

Dr. Myers: I realize that, Mrs. Brady. I'm sorry. I wish there was something we could do.

Marlena: Well, maybe there is. Just because the commercial flights are grounded doesn't mean that perhaps you couldn't get clearance for your jet and go in.

John: Yeah, it's a done deal.

Sami: Wait a second. Is that safe?

John: I think if we get off the ground right now, yeah, I'm confident we can make this happen.

Dr. Myers: Problem solved.

John: Yeah.

Dr. Myers: Nick, call the clinic. Tell them Mr. Black and Dr. Evans are on the way.

Nick: Yes, sir. [Murmuring]

John: That was some pretty quick thinking, girl. It might have just saved Kayla's life.

Marlena: And yours.

Kayla: Are you really starting to remember?

Belle: So, as long as you're gonna be here with Shawn, Claire won't be.

Bo: You and your baby are in one hell of a lot of danger.

John: I think we're flying into the mouth of the storm. Hold on to your seat 'cause we're gonna be in for a bumpy ride.

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