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Billie: I don't want to be alone tonight.

Bo: Neither do I.

Billie: Wait. Wait, wait, wait. Stop, stop, stop. There's something I need to tell you.

Chelsea: Oh, Grandma Caroline, have you seen dad?

Caroline: He's upstairs. He's lying down for awhile while we wait for news about your Aunt Kayla. He hasn't gotten any sleep. It's been hard on all of us.

Chelsea: Yeah, it's a real bitch. I mean, it's too bad about Aunt Kayla.

Caroline: Well, that's quite an outfit.

Chelsea: Oh, thank you. I'm actually meeting some friends at dune after this. I'd love to sit and chat. I got to go talk to dad.

Caroline: No, I told you. He's resting.

Chelsea: But, grandma, it's really important. I need to borrow spending money tonight, and I can't find my mom anywhere.

Caroline: Hold on. Your dad doesn't need this right now, you know? Here, here. Here. Here, take this. Have fun.

Chelsea: On this?

Caroline: Well, in my time, that would have lasted me a week.

Chelsea: Yeah, but in your time, a candy bar also cost about a nickel. Look, grandma, it's the 21st century.

Caroline: If you want more spending money, you should get a job. Chelsea, don't disturb your father.

Abby: Chelsea, there's no point to voice mail if you don't check your messages. I'm heading to Dune. Are you coming or not? Call me.

Maggie: Oh, Abby, don't you look pretty?

Abby: Thanks. I won't be home late.

Maggie: I have a surprise for you. While you were upstairs changing, your Cousin Nick showed up unexpectedly. He thought his parents had called. Anyway, he's gonna be staying with us for a while.

Abby: My Cousin Nick?

Maggie: Nick Fallon -- Jessica and Joshua's son. Okay, his grandmother's Marie Horton.

Abby: The nun?

Maggie: Ex-nun.

Abby: Our family's really strange.

Maggie: No, they're not. Lots of families have nuns in them.

Abby: Not nuns who are protestant and grandmothers. So what's he like? I haven't seen him since he was 9 and I was 6.

Maggie: Well, apparently, he is very bright. He graduated magna cum laude from Polytech, and I am very impressed. He just arrived in Salem, and he already has a job with the Horton Foundation at University Hospital. Plus, he also --

Abby: I get it. He's a brain. But is he cute?

Maggie: Abby, he's your cousin.

Abby: I'm not saying I'm gonna date him. I just want to know what he looks like.

Nick: Well, more than one woman has referred to me as "very unique," but, of course, that's redundant -- very unique. [Chuckles]

Abby: Nick?

Nick: Long time no see, cuz! Ohh! Man, you are not the little girl I remember. You've changed!

Abby: So have you!

Nick: I really appreciate you taking me out on the town tonight.

Abby: What?

Maggie: Oh, well, I told him you were going out and that you would be happy to take him along and introduce him to your friends.

Patrick: Damn it. I know that money's here somewhere.

Hope: Why would you put so much cash in your drawer? Don't you believe in banks?

Patrick: I didn't want to create a paper trail.

Hope: Why?

Patrick: Because it is tax-free offshore profits. Yes, it is legal. If I put it in a bank, the IRS has to be notified. I was trying to avoid the paperwork and all the accounting fees.

Hope: Maybe we shouldn't go on the trip.

Patrick: No, I have more than enough money to take us away, if I could just find out where the hell it is.

Hope: We should call the police.

Patrick: No, thanks to Bo, half of the Salem P.D. is already suspicious of me. The last thing I need is another reason for them to question me.

Hope: I'm sorry. I was just trying to help.

Patrick: I know. I'm sorry. You're right. It's just -- it was a lot of money, and it took me a long time to get it together. And it's not just to take us away on a trip. It is to help with the baby. Look, I want to be a good father, Hope. I don't want to be an unreliable jerk like my dad. I just want you to trust that I will be there for you and the baby no matter what.

Steve: Kayla?

Kayla: Steve.

Steve: Kayla, you're back. You're back!

Kayla: Where are we?

Steve: In the hospital. We're in a quarantine. You're sick. We both are. We were exposed to a biotoxin -- some kind of gas.

Kayla: You tried to save me.

Steve: Yeah.

Kayla: I can't breathe.

Steve: Yes, you can. Put this back on. Breathe, breathe. Try to stay calm. Relax. No, no, no. Come on, come on. I called the nurse. Doctor!

Dr. Myers: Move out of the way.

Steve: She can't breathe.

Dr. Myers: Secure the oxygen mask. Give her the epi.

Steve: She was awake. I was talking to her. She was fine. Don't let her die. Don't let her die.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Steve: Come on, man. You got to save her, man. Come on. Kayla! I can't lose you again! I love you!

Dr. Myers: Steve, Steve.

Steve: Is she --

Dr. Myers: I don't know what you did, but somehow, you gave her the strength to carry on.

Steve: I just talked to her.

Dr. Myers: Well, keep it up. We need to buy as much time as we can if we're gonna figure out a way to save her.

Steve: Nurse?

Nurse: Yes, Mr. Johnson?

Steve: Call this number. Get the Brady’s here. Tell them all to come here right now -- fast!

Hope: [Sighs] Patrick, I have never doubted that you would be there for me and the baby. I know you're gonna be a terrific dad. I'm not questioning that.

Patrick: Yeah, but part of being a good dad is being able to afford a baby. I had an entire bankroll in this drawer. I am telling you. I'm not lying. It was right there.

Hope: [Chuckles] Patrick.

Patrick: What is so funny?

Hope: You. You're funny. You're acting like a high school kid trying to impress his girlfriend with a wad of bills.

Patrick: Well, I am missing a small fortune.

Hope: Maybe you should have filed those papers with the IRS.

Patrick: Well, great. Thank you for being so understanding.

Hope: Whether you're wealthy or not has nothing to do with the kind of parent you're going to be. Don't you see? It's not about money. It's about love, it's about support, about being there.

Patrick: You're right. And I don't just love this baby. I love you. And I want us to share our lives forever. And you're right. I was trying to impress you with the money, but that's just because we come from such different worlds, you know? Bo keeps telling you and me and everyone else who will listen that...I'm not worthy of you. I guess this is just my way to try to prove he's wrong.

Bo: I got something to say, too.

Billie: Okay, go ahead.

Bo: No, you go ahead.

Billie: No, you go first.

Both: I can't do this.

Bo: Okay, all right.

Billie: Jinx! Oh. Oh, my gosh.

Bo: You can take over. You got something else to say?

Billie: Yeah, I do. You know, as easy as this would be right now, and as....good as this would feel... I have feelings for someone else.

Bo: Yeah.

Billie: And I know that Steve remembered Kayla and they're probably gonna get back together, but if she gets better, it's -- that didn't come out right. I know how worried you are about her.

Bo: I know what you mean, and I know how you feel about Steve.

Billie: And I know how you feel about Hope. And I've told you this before, but I'm gonna tell you again. I will not do anything to come between you two.

Bo: I know, and I appreciate that. I got to get her away from Lockhart. Seems like everything I do just brings them closer together.

Billie: Yeah, well, if she found out about this --

Bo: I'd never get her back. I may never get her back anyway.

Billie: I don't get it. Why can't I find a guy that cares about me as much as I care about him, huh? I think that's called something like a relationship. Millions of people have them. Why can't I? What's wrong with me?

Bo: You're gonna get it. You sure as hell deserve it.

Billie: So do you. All right. I don't want to be here anymore. I know that you're tired of me leaning on you, being so needy.

Bo: Hold on. Get back here. Leaning on each other -- that's what friends are for. We just got to remember to keep our pants on.

Billie: And our clothes. I really am gonna go.

Bo: Hey, stay. You know, we could do that novel thing called talking.

Billie: [Voice breaking] Talking? Yeah. I'd like that. Okay. [Exhales deeply] Wow. We've come a long way.

Bo: We sure have.

Billie: I guess this is what they call closure, right?

Bo: To a certain aspect of our relationship.

Billie: Hey. [Laughing] Ooh, sorry.

Bo: We share a child, and, for her sake, we have gotten through a hell of a lot, kind of come full circle, become friends again after all these years. I appreciate that.

Billie: Me too.

Caroline: Okay. Well, you look very happy. You didn't disturb your father, did you?

Chelsea: No, no. I didn't disturb dad at all.

Caroline: Good.

Chelsea: But I actually have a lot of messages here from Abby, so I'm gonna run. But thank you for all the spending money, and I promise I won't spend it all in one place..

Caroline: Where's the tip? Oh.

Abby: I don't think this is the best night to do this. I'm not planning on staying out very late.

Nick: Oh, that's perfect, because if I don't get precisely 8 3/4 hours of sleep, I'm a total mess the whole next day.

Abby: Really? How many hours did you get last night?

Maggie: Abby!

Nick: 8 3/4 hours. Hey, can we go someplace with dancing? I love to boogie. [Chuckles]

Maggie: Oh, isn't he good, Abby?

Nick: I tried out for "America's Got Talent." I came this close to making it past the first cut. My samba/cha-cha combo killed the casting assistant. She could barely speak after I finished.

Abby: I'm not surprised.

Maggie: I think you should take him to Dune.

Abby: He's not really dressed for Dune, Aunt Maggie, and I'm sure you still haven't unpacked your clothes yet.

Nick: No, I always unpack immediately -- put everything in exactly the right place.

Abby: But --

Nick: I'll be dressed down and dirty before you can say "deoxyribonucleic acid" five times fast!

Maggie: [Laughs] Oh, he's such a sweet young man.

Abby: He's a total geek!

Maggie: Abby!

Abby: His picture comes up when you search "geek" on the net.

Maggie: Well, he's your cousin. Yeah, thanks to some deoxyribonucleic acid.

Maggie: Well, maybe he is a little different.

Abby: No, I can't hang out with him. What would my friends think?

Maggie: That you're a good cousin. Besides, some people think "different" is charming, even sexy.

Abby: No one I know.

Maggie: No? Some people think your father is a little different.

Abby: Look, my father's his own person.

Maggie: And Julia Roberts married Lyle Lovett.

Abby: For like a minute and a half, and at least he can sing. He's a total dork. You saw those dance moves.

Maggie: Keep your voice down. He's upstairs.

Abby: But his clothes -- he's totally clueless, Aunt Maggie.

Maggie: Okay, you know what? I don't think your parents raised you to be so shallow that you would judge someone by their clothing. Besides, he's changing his clothes, and when he comes down, I am sure he's gonna be perfectly presentable.

Nick: Whoo! Dune, get ready for the fallonator! Yeah! [Laughs] Come on! Let's get jiggy with it!

Maggie: [Laughs] Have fun!

Nick: Whoo!

Maggie: Oh, God.

Hope: I think, uh, one of the problems is that you don't have a lot of patience. Because no matter how many times I tell you that I need time to figure things out, there you are.

Patrick: Look, I've been giving you time and space, but I just don't want you to think that I lost interest.

Hope: That never crossed my mind.

Patrick: Okay. Fine. I promise to not push so hard, as long as we can do this every once in a while. [Cellphone rings]

Hope: Oh, I'm sorry. I need to get that. Just a second. Hello? What? My God, that's wonderful. No, don't worry. I'll take care of it. Okay, bye. Kayla's awake. Oh, my God, Patrick, she's alert, and she's talking. I need to call Bo, let him know what's going on. Darn it.. He's not answering. I need to find him, tell him what's going on. I'll call you, all right?

Patrick: Okay.

Hope: Okay. Thanks for the roast beef sandwich.

Patrick: Anytime.

Bo: You gonna tell Steve you heard him tell Kay he loves her?

Billie: What, and make him choose between her and me right there in the quarantine room? No.

Bo: Well, you deserve to know.

Billie: Yeah, I know I do, but I can't tell him right now. He's awake, but he's still sick, and we don't know if he's gonna relapse. I just wish I hadn't heard anything, 'cause then maybe I could have had a couple days thinking that I had a shot at a relationship, right?

Bo: You want me to talk to him?

Billie: No.

Bo: That'd be strange.

Billie: Yeah, that'd be weird, but thanks. No, we both said from the get-go -- Steve and I -- that we were gonna be up front with each other, and I'm not reneging on that. No, I'm just gonna wait till he gets better.

Bo: You've come a long way, Billie. I'm proud of you.

Billie: Yeah, but what'd it get me? How am I gonna let him go?

[Dance music plays]

Nick: I guess none of your friends are here yet.

Abby: Maybe we should finish our sodas and go.

Nick: No way. This place is wild. I'm totally digging it. There was nothing like this in Rensselaer.

Abby: Where?

Nick: Rensselaer -- it's upstate New York. It's where I went to school. I mean, we had bars, but if you wanted to hear music like this, you had to go to a frat party.

Abby: You went to frat parties?

Nick: Oh, yeah, I'm a Pike.

Abby: One of those big, ugly fish?

Nick: No, Pi Kappa Alpha. [Rapping] If you're not a Pike, you can take a hike 'cause you'll never stand at the valedictorian mike [Chuckles] I graduated first in my class.

Abby: Maggie told me.

Nick: My parents were so proud, they got me this. Hey, I mapped the Horton gene pool for a senior thesis. One of these days I'll show you how our DNA interconnects.

Abby: Can't wait! So, you said that they had great music at your frat parties?

Nick: Oh, man, you bet.

Abby: And you danced with girls?

Nick: Sometimes. Sometimes I just dance with myself. I discovered, either way, it's a great way for focusing a hyperactive mind. It's kind of my own form of therapy. Maybe one day I'll do an infomercial. [Rap song plays] Oh, I love this tune. Let's boogie. We got to go.

Abby: Nick, I --

Nick: Whoo!

Abby: Nick, Nick.

Nick: Whoo!

Abby: Nick, what are you doing?

Nick: Okay, watch this move. Whoo! [Pants ripping]

Abby: Nick...

Bonnie: God, what in the hell happened here?

Patrick: I have been tearing this house apart looking for the money that I had hidden, and it looks like I just found it.

Bonnie: What money?

Patrick: The money you stole from me to go on this little shopping spree, and I want it back, Bonnie.

Bo: You should talk to Steve. He's a stand-up guy.

Billie: Well, that stand-up guy is gonna chose Kayla.

Bo: Well, if that's the case, you're just gonna have to suck it up 'cause that's what was meant to be.

Billie: Why does my life feel like a game of musical chairs? When the music stops, I'm the only one left standing.

Bo: Don't worry. We'll get you through this, and we'll get you one of those chairs.

Billie: I'd prefer a guy.

Bo: I bet you would.

[Knock on door] Just a sec.

Hope: Kayla's awake. She's -- I'm sorry. I didn't realize that you were busy.

Kayla: No. No, no!

Dr. Myers: It's all right. You're in quarantine. That's why we're wearing these uniforms.

Kayla: [Whimpering]

Dr. Myers: Do you remember?

Kayla: Toxic gas.

Dr. Myers: It made you very sick, and then you had an allergic reaction to the antidote, which made you even worse. We've had to clear it out of your system.

Kayla: And that didn't work?

Dr. Myers: Not on you.

Kayla: How long do I have?

Dr. Myers: We're searching the world for another option -- for some drug your body will tolerate.

Kayla: How long do I have?

Dr. Myers: With this biotoxin, it's hard to say.

Kayla: Doctor, how long do I have till it kills me?

Dr. Myers: Two days. Three at most.

Kayla: Thank you.

Dr. Myers: But we're doing everything we can to save you.

Kayla: Where's Steve?

Dr. Myers: He's right here.

Steve: Kayla, you scared the hell out of me.

Kayla: I know. Sorry.

Steve: That's okay. We got you back now.

Kayla: For how long?

Steve: Don't talk like that. Don’t.

Kayla: I can't get through this without you.


Nick: Okay, ha ha ha. Show's over. Don't tell me you've never seen a pair of boxers before, okay?

Chelsea: Abby, what are you doing here with that?

Abby: He's my cousin. He's staying with me at my aunt and uncle's house. I'm kind of stuck with him.

Chelsea: Well, you better get unstuck.

Nick: God, I sure hope Aunt Maggie can fix these. These are my faves. Oh, hi. Oh, jeez. I'm, uh --

Chelsea: Clumsy as hell, apparently.

Abby: Chelsea, this is my Cousin Nick.

Nick: Well, hello. Whoo. We should hang out sometime.

Chelsea: I don’t hang with geeks. Actually, I don’t even talk to geeks, so... Abby, you really have to see this. I got this photo. Look at that. Can you believe it? My plan is finally working. It's incredible.

Abby: Chelsea, I don’t --

Nick: Cool. The guys in my frat downloaded porn all the time.

Chelsea: It's not porn, you jackass. That's my parents.

Nick: Oh, right.

Chelsea: Anyway, do you know what it means when the right people see this? It means no more hope, no more pirate. Just me and my mom and my dad.

Abby: Chelsea, I don’t think anyone should see that photo. I think you should just delete it.

Chelsea: Well, I think that it's time to celebrate, so at least I got enough money from Grandma Caroline for one drink. I'm gonna go hit the bar.

Nick: Oh, uh, I'll buy the first round. What kind of soda do you want?

Chelsea: I don’t drink soda. I drink cosmos.

Nick: Oh.

Billie: I should get going.

Bo: Hope, this isn't what you might think.

Hope: It doesn't matter what I think. What matters is kKyla.

Bo: And she's awake.

Hope: Still very sick.

Billie: I thought the drug worked.

Hope: They never got the drug.

Bo: Then what happened?

Hope: The nurse said there's no medical explanation for what happened. She said it must have been Steve talking to her, telling her that he loves her.

Kayla: I could hear your voice. It was so faint at first, so far away. I just tried to follow it. If ever I felt like I was slipping, your voice would bring me back. I heard you say that you remembered me. I heard you say you loved me... and that you needed me there with you. That's why I fought so hard. That's why I had to get back to you.

Steve: It's a miracle.

Kayla: It's a miracle. It doesn't matter what happens now. Just knowing that you remembered me and remembered's all worthwhile.

Bonnie: You want your money back?

Patrick: That would be nice.

Bonnie: Look, I forgot, okay? I'm sorry. I've got it right here. Hold on.. Okay, here you go.

Patrick: What the hell is this?

Bonnie: It's the money I found when I did the laundry.

Patrick: I'm not talking about a $20 bill. I am talking about the tens of thousands of dollars that were in that drawer.

Bonnie: Tens of thousands of dollars?! Why would you hide money like that in a drawer?

Patrick: It was in a lockbox so you wouldn't get your dirty, little mitts all over it, but you managed to anyway.

Bonnie: I'm shocked that you would even think that of me.

Abby: Chelsea, no way are they gonna serve you. You son’t look 21.

Chelsea: Abby, it doesn't matter what I look like, as long as my I.D. says that I am legal.

Abby: Even I can tell it's fake, and it says you're 27.

Chelsea: So? The bartender's not gonna care as long as his butt is covered.

Abby: And what if a cop comes and arrests you?

Chelsea: Abby, the odds of that happening are like, what, a billion to one?

Abby: I don’t know, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Okay, you know who you're starting to sound like? My grandma. My grandma! And I Don’t mean Kate. I mean, seriously, lighten up. Life is not about sitting around worrying what's gonna happen. It's about living, so live.

Nick: It's true. A couple guys I know got busted using fake ID’s. Judges are pretty lenient with the first arrest.

Abby: This isn't Chelsea's first arrest. She's on probation. If a cop comes and finds her drinking with a fake I.D., They'll throw her in jail.

Nick: She has a record?

Abby: Yeah, and it seems to get longer every day.

Kayla: I've prayed for this day. You'd get your memory back. You're not just saying what I want to hear, are you?

Steve: I really have it back.

Kayla: That's all I need to hear. If you're in my life, I know I'm gonna be okay.

Steve: You're gonna be better than okay.

Kayla: Stay with me.

Steve: I'm not going anywhere.

Kayla: But if I don’t make it --

Steve: Don't talk like that. You're gonna make it.

Kayla: But if I don’t, I want you to know that I... I will die happy, knowing that you love me.

Maggie: So, um, I sent Nick off with Abby. I think they're meeting up with Chelsea.

Caroline: Oh, I bet Mickey is happy to see Mick again, huh?

Maggie: Well, Mickey is working so hard, he barely has time to see me. So, how are you holding up?

Caroline: Well, I keep busy. I keep praying.

Bo: Mom, Hope got a call from one of the nurses. Kayla's awake. We've got to get over there. She needs her family.

Caroline: Absolutely. Oh, my God. Lisa, keep an eye on things.

Hope: Don't worry. I already spoke to her.

Bo: Let's go, Mom.

Maggie: Oh, that's exciting. Well, I know that look.

Billie: What look?

Maggie: Oh, I used to have it every time I saw a gin and tonic.

Billie: Maggie, spit it out. What are you talking about?

Maggie: Billie, we're both recovering addicts. Sometimes when we need to feed our primary habit, well, we need to find a substitute. And your substitute is Bo.

Bo: Steve? Kay?

Steve: Hey, look who's here.

Kayla: Hey.

Bo: Hey, sis. We missed you.

Kayla: I missed you, too. Where's pop and Stephanie?

Caroline: Pop's bringing her.

Hope: And we called Roman and Frankie and Max on the way.

Caroline: They're gonna be so relieved to know you're gonna be all right..

Kayla: I feel like an animal in the zoo.

Bo: I can't believe you just gave your brother an opening like that.

Kayla: [Chuckles weakly] [Panting, coughing] Air, Steve.

Steve: I'm calling the nurse. It's okay. Breathe, breathe. That's it. That's it.

Chelsea: Hi, may I have a Cosmo, please?

Bartender: May I see your I.D.?

Chelsea: Wow, I can't remember the last time I've actually been carded. Are you sure you're not just trying to get my address and name?

Nick: What did Chelsea do to wind up on probation?

Abby: You should let her tell you.

Nick: I've never met a girl with a record before. That's hot.

Bartender: Go away, little girl.

Chelsea: But what about my Cosmo?

Bartender: I'll make you a Shirley Temple. Otherwise, take your phony I.D. and get lost.

Chelsea: You'll be sorry.

Bartender: You're paying for those drinks!

Abby: I warned her.

Nick: Pardon my ripped pants.

Abby: Nick, what are you doing?

Nick: I can handle this.

Chelsea: It was an accident.

Bartender: Why'd you say I'd be sorry?

Chelsea: Because I was mad?

Nick: You okay?

Chelsea: Yeah.

Nick: You were pissed, so you deliberately knocked into her.

Chelsea: Oh, the hell I was.

Abby: Nick!

Nick: Sorry.

Bartender: Can you get a busboy to clean this up? Not so fast. You owe me 88 bucks.

Chelsea: $88? Well, I'm sorry. I've only got $10, and I'm not giving it to you.

Bartender: No? Then I'm calling the cops.

Chelsea: No, please, you can't do that.

Bartender: Watch me.

Nick: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold it, buddy.

Abby: Nick, stop.

Nick: Let me go. You can't call the cops. She's got a record.

Bartender: Her record's not my problem. The 88 bucks is.

Nick: Can't we solve this some other way, you know, man-to-man?

Bonnie: Why would you leave that kind of money laying around the house, huh? And where did you get it anyway? You haven't cashed a paycheck since they kicked you out of the police academy, and they pay crap.

Patrick: I have my sources.

Bonnie: What kind of sources?

Patrick: It was part of a business deal. It was a lot of money, and now it's gone.

Bonnie: Somebody must have broken in.

Patrick: No, mom, nobody broke in. This was an inside job, and I think I'm looking at the perp.

Bonnie: I didn't take your money. I swear it.

Patrick: I thought you said Alice's wasn't doing so great.

Bonnie: It isn't!

Patrick: Really? Well, you seem to have come across some cash somewhere along the line.

Bonnie: I returned a dress that didn't fit -- a very inexpensive dress -- and I bought a bunch of cheap things. Look at the price tags for crying out loud. Somebody else took your money.

Patrick: No locks were forced and no windows were broken, and Mimi was the only other person in this house. No. Mimi did not steal that money, Mom.

Bonnie: Her husband just dumped her. She's capable of anything.

Billie: Maggie, ‘Bo and I are over. We're just friends. Just like things are over with Steve. Not that we ever really got anything started, which...

Maggie: Hey, let's sit down. Come on, come on. What happened?

Billie: He remembered her. He remembered Kayla... his life with her, how much he loves her, everything. And I always said that if that ever happened, I'd step aside and I'd let them be together because they belong together... just like bo and hope belong together.

Maggie: I have to agree, Billie. Still, I'm sorry.

Billie: Why am I attracted to men who are attracted to other women?

Maggie: Maybe because, deep down, you know they're unavailable and that makes them safe. And then you never really have to worry about making any kind of commitment..

Billie: But that's not what I want.

Maggie: Then maybe it's time you did a fourth step -- making a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves. And then instead of trying to force your will on the situation, you turn it over to a higher power. You let god unveil his plan for you.

Billie: Yeah. 'Cause maybe if I pray to god, he'll answer my prayers.

Bo: How's she doing?

Steve: Her breathing's a little rough.

Hope: She seems awfully weak.

Steve: Yeah, that's partly because they got her on sedatives. She can't stay awake very long.

Hope: Does she know what happened?

Steve: Yeah, her mind is fine.

Hope: Thank God.

Bo: Yeah, and thank you. Knowing that the two of you have a future together -- that's what's keeping her going.

Lexie: Samantha Gene Brady’s's over there stuffing her face. I'd like to heave this champagne bottle straight at her head.

Lucas: Why don’t you try doing the same thing with Lexie? March over to that table right now and say you're sorry.

Belle: Victor is the only link that Claire has to Philip.

Shawn D.: Philip walked out on that little girl.

Abby: If it wasn't for Nick, you would be in jail right now.

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