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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 11/2/06 - Canada; Friday 11/3/06 - U.S.A.


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Mimi: [Sighs] You were on the phone a long time.

Max: Yeah. Some guy wants to completely restore a late '60s muscle car, which could be a really fun job, but I just don't have the time. Where's Abby?

Mimi: She had to leave. Well, see, you'd have the time if you'd listen to me and give Shawn his job back.

Max: Mimi, I need you working here more than I need him. And if he can't handle spending time with you, forget it. I don't feel like putting up with his anger-management issues. I really don’t.

Mimi: I can do most of the bookkeeping at home. I will make it a point to stay out of Shawn's way. I'll make it work.

Max: Why do you even care about helping Shawn after the way he treated you? Be honest -- is this your way of getting him back into your life?

[Doorbell rings]

Patrick: Shawn.

Shawn: Hey, Patrick.

Patrick: Uh, yeah, Mimi's not here, dude.

Shawn: Actually, I'm here to see you. Delivery.

Marlena: Claire asleep?

Belle: Yeah, finally. [Sighs]

Marlena: Is something wrong?

Belle: Everything. And I think it's time I do something about it.

Bo: Hey. Sorry I didn't get your call. I had my cell off at the hospital.. Everything okay with you and the baby?

Hope: The baby and I are fine. It's Steve and Kayla I'm worried about. [Machine beeping]

Steve: What am I gonna do, Kayla? I don't want you to die. But I don't know how to save you.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Bo: Well, everybody's worried about Steve and Kay.

Hope: The doctors have got to find another antidote that Kayla's not allergic to. And the one thing I tried to do to help was to convince Steve to be there for her, to talk to her, to give her a reason to fight.

Bo: Well, how'd it go?

Hope: Not only didn't it work, but I found myself agreeing to buy a necklace for Steve to give to Billie.

Bo: What?

Hope: Yeah, exactly my sentiments. I don't know. He feels that coming so close to dying gave him an epiphany about his feelings for Billie.

[Cellphone rings]

Bo: Excuse me. Brady.

John: There's been a development in the case, Bo. Can you get down here right away?

Bo: Where are you?

John: The satellite truck parked right across from E.J.'s apartment.

Bo: I'm on my way. I got to go. You gonna be okay?

Hope: You know what? I have to go myself. Steve's probably waiting to see the necklace. This was my second lunch anyway. Thank you.

Bo: Put this on.

Hope: Oh, thanks, Brady.

[Machine beeping]

Stephanie: Dad?

Steve: Hey. Hi.

Stephanie: Hi. How's she doing?

Steve: About the same.

Stephanie: Look, I'm sorry that I lost it earlier. I just -- I'm so scared. Mom can't die, Dad. She just can't, and you have to do something.

Steve: Oh, baby...I just don't know what I can do. You know, I'm not a faith healer. I can't touch her and make her all better.

Stephanie: How do you know? You know, the mind controls the body in a lot of ways, Dad. Talk to her -- she'll hear you. Touch her -- she'll feel you. You have to give her a reason to live.

Steve: I've been trying to think of what I can do.

Stephanie: Then you have to try harder, okay? I mean [Sighs] Mom has never gotten over you. And you've been pushing her away ever since you got back to Salem. So I'm sure right now she doesn't feel like that she has a lot to live for. So you have to come through for her because you're the only hope she has left. And you're the only hope I have left. You know, I've never asked you for anything, Dad. And Mom's always said that I took after you, that I never gave up on anything. So don't give up on us now. Would you take me back to my room, please?

[Knock on door]

Sami: E.J., come on, answer the door. I know you're in there.

Kate: Damn it. How about we try making love to that? Just answer the damn door.

E.J.: All right, I'll get rid of her. You make yourself comfortable in my bedroom, okay?

[Knocking continues] Samantha.

Sami: E.J., what do the cops want with you?

John: Oh, Sami, what the hell are you doing?

Mimi: Look...I still love Shawn, but I'm not delusional. I know that we're never gonna get back together. I just feel responsible for practically everything he's going through right now. And I know that he's trying to be a good father to Claire, and I don't want to stand in the way of that because I did that for so long as it is. So, if you won't give Shawn his job back, then I guess I'll just have to quit.

Max: Wow, I really think you meant that.

Mimi: I do. I can't undo the mistakes that I have made, but I can at least try and do the right thing from now on, so please, for me, give Shawn a break.

Patrick: Who's it from?

Shawn D.: Open it up.

E.J.: This will be our new method of communication. Shawn Brady will serve as our courier. His fee will be $500 a trip. Now, I've already paid him, but you might want to give him another $500 to ensure his loyalty. I'll be in touch.

Patrick: What's going on here, Shawn? Did your dad put you up to this?

Marlena: What's the matter?

Belle: Shawn came here last night demanding to see Claire. Dad thinks that I should draw up a list of conditions for him to be a part of her life.

Marlena: Like what?

Belle: Like get a job, contribute to her support, find a place to live.

Marlena: That sounds fine.

Belle: Yeah, it does. And then I thought about it. How can I ask him to do those things when I don't have a job and I'm living with my parents? I want Claire to have a wonderful childhood just like I did, but for that to happen, I really need to get my life together. I am a single, unemployed mother. And honestly, Mom, that's scares me to death.

Victor: Thank you for coming to the hospital, Lucas. I can't stay long. I've got another meeting -- one, by the way, which should be attended by Carrie's replacement. How are we doing on the hiring front?

Lucas: Uh, I'm sorry, but I will get on it. It just, you know, hasn't been easy.

Victor: I understand.

Lucas: Is that why you wanted to see me?

Victor: No, actually, I have another job for you. It's not Titan related.. I'd like you to personally deliver this to Belle. It's important she get it immediately.

Lucas: Should I say it's from you?

Victor: No, no, she'd never open it, then. It's actually from Philip. He sent it to me because he had no idea where she was staying. But you tell her that he sent it to you.

Lucas: All right, I'll get on it.

Hope: Hey, Steve. Hi.

Steve: Hey.

Hope: How's Kayla doing? I got the necklace for Billie like you asked. What do you think?

Steve: Yeah, that's nice. Thanks. Hope, listen, I need to ask you another favor.

Hope: Steve.

Steve: This is for Kayla.

Hope: Of course.

Steve: Nothing's helping to make her well. Stephanie thinks it's because she's lost the will to live, because she's got no one to come back to except me -- this guy who doesn't remember -- doesn't remember our life together.

Hope: Sometimes memories are all we have.

Steve: Yeah, tell me about it. Listen, Hope, I want to try something. I want to sit with Kayla. I want to talk to her. I want to tell her things, you know, things that we did together, talk about the life we loved, and maybe she'll decide she wants to come back to this life. Here's where the favor comes in.

Hope: Anything, anything. How can I help?

Steve: Could you get together with Bo and write down everything you can remember from Kayla's and my past together? Stuff that you can remember, stuff that we might have told you.

Hope: Absolutely. Bo and I will put our heads together, see what we can come up with. There's so much.

Steve: Great. Thanks, Hope.

Hope: No. It's my pleasure. You know [Sighs] Maybe this will help you. Maybe this will help you to remember something.

Steve: Maybe it will.

Shawn D.: I don't know what you're talking about. My dad has nothing to do with this. The note's from E.J.

Patrick: Why are you delivering notes for E.J.?

Shawn D.: I needed a job fast. He made me an offer I couldn't refuse. So, do you want to respond?

Patrick: No.

Shawn D.: Then I should be going.

Patrick: Hang on. So, what, you get $500 per trip, don't you?

Shawn D.: Yeah.

Patrick: All right, well, then, I guess I owe you some money.

Shawn D.: As much as I could use it, I've already been paid.

Patrick: I know. Here you go. It's a little bonus to keep you motivated -- $500. Hope you don't mind, it's all in 20s.

Shawn D.: No problem, man. My baby needs new clothes.

Patrick: All right, well, this ought to buy her something decent.

John: In here.

Bo: So, what you got going here?

John: I set up a surveillance camera in E.J.'s apartment, and you're not gonna believe what I have seen. And look who just showed up.

E.J.: Well, it's lovely to see you, too, Samantha. What do the police want with me? I have absolutely no idea.

Sami: My Uncle Bo was asking me about you.

Bo: No, Sami, don't do it.

E.J.: Okay, well, what exactly was Bo asking?

Bo: Shut your mouth, Sami. Damn it.

Sami: Well, my Uncle Bo wanted to know why your fingerprints were on the envelope that I asked him to test.

E.J.: Okay. What did you tell him?

Sami: That I didn't think you've done anything wrong. But that's not the point, E.J. Obviously, my Uncle Bo has it in for you. What have you gotten yourself mixed up in?

E.J.: Nothing. I have no idea why your uncle's looking into me. Besides, Samantha, to be honest, I don't know why you care. You did, after all, choose Lucas.

Sami: I didn't choose Lucas. I chose my son. I think that's a pretty big difference, don't you?

E.J.: Well, we can disagree on that one. At any rate, what's done is done. If you'll excuse me, you interrupted me. Now, I need you to leave so I can get back to work.

Sami: I'm not through talking.

E.J.: You're gonna have to talk to yourself on the way out, because I am finished.

Sami: No, E.J., please just let's talk about this. Who is she, E.J.? Who's the woman in your bedroom?

John: Well, I got a pretty good idea of how the rest of this is gonna play out.

Bo: I can't believe she just told Wells about our conversation. Yeah, I believe it. What else have you found out?

John: Well, it seems that Kate and E.J. have a romantic relationship on top of their professional one. And I don't like it.

Bo: You guys broke up a long time ago, didn't you?

John: Yeah, I still worry about her safety, though, and this E.J.'s bad news. I think she needs to know about it.

Bo: No, no, she's a smart woman. She can take care of herself. I don't think we should be talking to anybody about this investigation. Look what happened when I tried to warn Sami.

John: Kate is not Sami. She'll be discreet if I ask her to be, but she needs to know what's going on. And until we find out who this E.J. is and what the hell he wants, nobody around here is safe, Bo.

Bo: That's the truth.

[Cellphone rings]

Patrick: You know what? Can you show yourself out? I got to take this.

Shawn D.: Yeah, thanks for the bonus.

Patrick: You got it. Yeah, what's up?

Mimi: Shawn. What's going on between you and my brother? Why did he give you all that money?

Shawn D.: He owed me for a job. That's all. I got to run.

Marlena: I admire you for wanting to stand on your own two feet and take care of your daughter. And as far as being scared, that's normal, even a healthy reaction. But, Belle, don't put yourself under too much pressure here. You're grieving the end of your marriage. You're grieving the loss of your child, and, physically, you're still recovering. Just take it easy, all right? And you may stay here as long as you like.

Belle: Thank you. You and Dad have been wonderful. But I need to feel like I have a plan at least, you know? I mean, when I had postpartum depression after Claire, Philip was the one that took care of both of us. He was the parent that she knew she could depend on.

Marlena: Belle --

Belle: It's true. I didn't have a single maternal instinct. I haven't felt like a mother until just recently. I mean, the truth is that I didn't plan to get pregnant. I wasn't ready. I dropped out of school. I quit my job, not that I would ever work for Kate again. And now I don't want to be that spoiled little princess that goes running to her daddy for a job. And I never thought that I would put Claire in daycare, but --

Marlena: Honey, I will be here for you whenever you need.

Belle: No, Mom, no. You have a career. You can't babysit Claire all day.

Marlena: But in a crunch, I can do that. I can take care of her.

Belle: Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate that, but I need to look around and see what my options are.

[Doorbell rings] I'll get it. Lucas.

Lucas: Hey, Belle. I'm sorry I didn't call first. I was asked to deliver something to you. It's from Philip.

Belle: Um, come in, Lucas.

Lucas: Thank you. Hi, Marlena. Sorry to interrupt. It won't take long.

Belle: Hey, Mom, would you mind going upstairs and checking on Claire? She always kicks her blankets off.

Marlena: It would be my pleasure to check on Claire. Take your time.

Lucas: Thanks. Here you go.

Belle: Lucas, where did you get this?

Lucas: Well, like I said, Philip sent it to me. He didn't know if you'd be at your apartment still or not. What is it?

Belle: [Clears throat] It's signed divorce papers and a $100,000 settlement check.

Lucas: Look, I'm sorry things didn't work out between you and my brother..

Belle: Yeah, thanks. I'm sorry things didn't work out with you and Carrie.

Lucas: Guess both of our marriages ended because of lies. Now we got to raise kids on our own.

Belle: What do you mean?

Lucas: Sami's got this other guy. Whenever she's got another guy, she gets a little distracted.

Belle: What other guy?

Lucas: E.J. Wells. They're in an on-again, off-again thing. It's annoying. Doesn't help that I don't like him too much, but what are you gonna do?

Belle: Lucas, you don't have to answer this if you don't want to, but do you still have feelings for Sami?

Lucas: She's the mother of my child. I'll always care about her. Every time I think she's changed, every time I thought she'd grown up, she proves will and I wrong, and I'm not going through that anymore. I will never get in a romantic relationship with her again -- never.

Belle: You know what? [Clears throat] If I've learned anything, it's never say never.

Sami: So, who are you sleeping with?

E.J.: I don't know what you're talking about. And furthermore, Samantha, it's none of your business. Now, you made your choice. You have to live with it.

Sami: You didn't care about me at all, did you? Because if you did, then you wouldn't be sleeping with someone else so soon after we ended things.

E.J.: I'm not sleeping with anyone.

Sami: Oh, come on, E.J. I know the look.

E.J.: The look?

Sami: Look at you. Your hair is all messed up. Your shirt is barely tucked in, and your buttons aren't even -- which means she's still here, isn't she?

E.J.: It's about time you left.

Sami: No, E.J.

E.J.: Samantha, you need to leave. Bye.

[Door opens]

Kate: Well, I wish Lucas would give Sami this same treatment. You could teach him a thing or two.

E.J.: Are you leaving?

Kate: Yes.

E.J.: No.

Kate: Yes, I am. The moment has passed. I have things to do.

E.J.: No, we have things to finish.

Kate: Sorry. Now...

E.J.: What are you looking for?

Kate: I'm looking for my bra.

E.J.: Oh, dear. You can't find it?

Sami: Well, isn't this nice and fancy? Definitely expensive. Who monograms their bra? Kate.

Steve: You got to hang in there, Kayla. Your family needs you. Our daughter, Stephanie, needs you. I'm gonna do everything I can... to get you better.

Hope: Hey.

Bo: Hey.

Hope: [Sighs] How'd your meeting go?

Bo: Weird. Yours?

Hope: A lot better than last time.

Bo: Is Kayla improving?

Hope: No, not yet, but I had a great talk with Steve. Bo, we've got to help him.

Bo: How are we gonna help him?

Hope: He is finally determined to do whatever it takes to get through to Kayla. He wants us to make a list of all the memories they shared together.

Bo: All right. What about his feelings for Billie?

Hope: I didn't ask. He barely looked at the necklace. All I care about is -- I want this to work for Kayla, and who knows? Maybe...maybe Steve will remember their past, as well..

Bo: I'd do anything to help my sister out.

Hope: We can't lose anyone else that we love. Okay, ready to go down memory lane?

Bo: I sure am.

Hope: All right. Well...I guess we should start at the beginning.

Bo: When Victor hired patch to go to -- where was that -- Cincinnati, to scare the hell out of my sister?

Hope: Hold on. Maybe we should skip to the part where they started --

Bo: Fast-forward.

Hope: Yeah, falling in love.

Bo: Stockholm.

Hope: That was a really awful time for us.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: That's when we found out that Victor was your father and I miscarried. Steve was there for me.

Bo: Mm-hmm. And I wasn’t.

Hope: He was really the one who convinced me not to give up on our marriage. And I remember -- he was so excited when he found out that I was pregnant with Shawn Douglas. Everything just perfect back then. I know it wasn’t.

Bo: Marlena was captured by Orpheus.

Hope: And Steve was on the run after being accused of killing Britta.

Bo: Mm-hmm. But you and I, while we're helping our friends, found our way back to each other. And you somehow found time to play matchmaker.

Kayla: How is he?

Hope: He hasn't made a sound.

Kayla: That's a change.

Hope: Look at him just lying there. Looks so innocent. Not so rough and tough.

Kayla: Oh, he's not so tough.

Hope: You found that out, too, huh? You know, he reminds me an awful lot of Bo.

Kayla: Does he?

Hope: Yeah, especially when we first met. You know, Mr. Tough Guy, nobody gets to Mr. Bo Brady.

Kayla: You did.

Hope: Yeah, I guess I did. But he was fighting and scratching all the way. You know what I think? The tougher they are on the outside, the softer they are on the inside. Somebody could hurt Bo, I mean, really hurt him, and he just would not let them know -- not until he got home and he knew he could let down his defenses. He really is just a little boy inside. He just wanted to be held and... just stroked. He just wanted me to take away all the pain.

Kayla: Yeah, well, Bo trusts you. Steve doesn't trust anybody.

Hope: Maybe not yet, but I think he's coming around to you.

Kayla: I don't know about that.

Hope: Kayla, he was in a lot of pain before you got here. He called out your name.

Kayla: He just didn't know what he was saying.

Hope: He may have been in a lot of pain, but it was your name he called. That's got to mean something. You care about him, don't you?

Kayla: Yes.

Hope: Then don't let him go. Don't give up. He's gonna drive you crazy, but that's okay. Look at him, Kayla. He really is a pretty special person.

Hope: Kayla never, ever gave up on Steve. And thank God he's not giving up on her now.

Patrick: Okay.

Mimi: Hi, bro.

Patrick: Hey. What's going on, sis?

Mimi: Not much.

Patrick: Yeah? Did you get all your stuff moved in?

Mimi: Just about.

Patrick: I didn't -- didn't expect to see you home from work so soon.

Mimi: I just came by to grab something to eat. Ran into Shawn outside.

Patrick: Yeah, it's a fine night for visitors.

Mimi: I saw you hand him a whole wad of cash, Patrick. Where did you get all that money? You got kicked out of the police academy. You're unemployed.

Patrick: You're never out of work if you own stock. I made some good investments in the past. They really paid off.

Mimi: Enough to charter a plane?

Patrick: How did you hear about that?

Mimi: So it's true?

Patrick: Yeah.

Mimi: Look, you were the one telling me months ago to be honest with Shawn. And if I had listened to you, then my life wouldn't be such a mess right now. I just hope you're taking your own advice.

Patrick: Look, lie when you have something to hide. I have nothing to hide. So don't worry about me, okay? I got to go. I'll see you.

Max: [Sighs] Hey, how's it going?

Shawn D.: Same old. You go in to see Kayla yet?

Max: Yeah.

Shawn D.: How's she doing?

Max: No change. Steve's sitting up. He's looking a lot better, though.

Shawn D.: Okay, I should probably go in there now.

Max: Shawn, hold on. Um...look, I want to get past all these bad feelings we got going on. Look, you're a great mechanic. And if you can handle hanging around Mimi every once in a while, I really want to hire you back.

Shawn D.: That's great, but I already got another job.

Max: Really? Okay, so, tell me about it. Who are you working for? 'Cause, you know, I could -- I was considering raising your salary if you came back.

Shawn D.: I'm working for E.J. Wells.

Max: When did this happen?

Shawn D.: Today.

Max: That's a lot of money for just working on cars, Shawn.

Shawn D.: Yeah. I got to go.

Victor: Just make sure you take care of it right away. Oh, Shawn, we need to talk.

Shawn D.: We have nothing to talk about.

Marlena: Well, Claire is all tucked in. She's fine.

Belle: Thank you.

Marlena: Lucas didn't stay very long, did he?

Belle: No, he just needed to drop off an envelope.

Marlena: May I ask?

Belle: It was from Philip. It was just your everyday signed divorce papers and $100,000 buyout check, which he didn't need to send because the baby's not his.

Marlena: I didn't know that Philip had that kind of access to money.

Belle: He doesn’t. Philip didn't send that check. Victor did. He is still trying to interfere in my life, and I sure as hell am not gonna let him.

Mimi: These books are a mess, Max. You're missing half the inventory receipts.

Max: Great, so what do we do?

Mimi: We have to call up all your distributors and get copies of -- is everything all right? Is it Kayla?

Max: She's hanging in there. But if they don't find an antidote that she can tolerate, the doctors are giving her less than 48 hours.

Mimi: Oh, Max, I am so sorry. My brothers mean everything to me. I can't imagine what you must be going through.

Max: Thanks. the way, I talked to Shawn at the hospital.

Mimi: You did.

Max: Mm-hmm.

Mimi: Did you offer him his job back?

Max: Yeah, and, apparently, he already has a job with E.J. Wells.

Mimi: Well, that figures.

Max: Yeah.

Mimi: Forget it, Max. He took a job with the competition so it would upset you, and it has.

Max: No, that's not it. It's just he was flashing this big wad of cash from his pocket. He looked like a drug dealer. I mean, that's much more money than he should have made in one day.

Mimi: What do you think it means?

Max: I don't know. I just really hope Shawn knows what he's doing.

Victor: Look, I heard about your boating accident. And with everything that's going on with Kayla, I'm sure you haven't had a chance to look for a permanent place. I'd like to help you out.

Shawn D.: I don't need your money, your sympathy, or anything else for that matter. I'm gonna tell you this one more time, Victor. You are no longer my grandfather. You mean absolutely nothing to me.

[Machine beeping]

Steve: Hey. Decided to drive up on your own, huh?

Stephanie: Yeah, I need the exercise. Um...I'm not here to fight.

Steve: You were right, you know.

Stephanie: About?

Steve: I haven't been doing everything I can to help your mom get well. But I will now. I'm gonna do whatever it takes to save her. You can count on me.

Hope: Okay, we have got so much stuff here. This is great.

Bo: Yeah. Then you and I left town to sail around the world with Shawn D.. By the time we got back, Steve and Kay were married, had a kid. A lot had changed.

Hope: And some things will never be the same.

Steve: Not until you play ball with me. Now, listen, we've been around the block too many times for you to give me this bull. Now you tell me what's going on.

Bo: I'm taking care of my family, all right? So just drop it.

Steve: I'm not gonna drop --

Bo: I said drop it, man! Just give me some space, would you? You keep your family safe. I keep my family safe. You should understand that. So back off, all right?

Steve: People say you changed, Bo. But I take one long look at you and I know you haven’t. Welcome back, dude.

Bo: Steve and I didn't protect our families the way we both had wanted.

Hope: It wasn't just your job. We've both made mistakes.

Bo: Yeah. Interesting how we keep looking for their memories and keep running into our own.

Hope: Happy and sad.

Bo: I miss you, Fancy Face.

Lucas: No, Marie, just fax me the conference schedules for next week, okay? I told Victor I'd get back --

Sami: Lucas.

Lucas: Thanks. Well, look who's here. I thought Bo would be fingerprinting you still.

Sami: No, actually, he wanted to talk to me about E.J.

Lucas: Your lover boy? You guys kiss and make up yet or what?

Sami: No, actually, we didn’t. E.J. is sleeping with someone else, someone we both know. Your mother.

Kate: What? John, what the hell? Who the hell are you doing surveillance on?

John: E.J. Wells.

Kate: E.J. Wells? You were just watching everything?

John: Mmm, no. I turned the monitor off after a while, Mrs. Robertson.

Kate: Oh, God. After a while? Damn you. Damn you. Gee, so, what do you think? Is it gonna be good enough for the internet, John?

John: Mmm.

Kate: You this is the thanks that I get for lending you my surveillance equipment, huh? Nice. What are you looking at E.J. for anyway?

John: I think that there is a connection between E.J. and the gloved hand.

Kate: Oh, God.

John: I don't have any hard evidence. I don't even know who the hell he is or what his ultimate goal is. I just know that he is dangerous, so I would suggest that you...well, keep your distance from him.

Kate: Really?

John: Mm-hmm.

Kate: Well, gee, if all that's true, maybe I should help.

John: No, I don't want to put you in any danger.

Kate: Oh, believe me, I can take care of myself. Anyway, if I'm working with him, I'll be in the position to watch his every move.

John: Which appear to be very limited. No. I don't want him to even think that you are giving him special attention because he will become suspicious.

Kate: Oh, suspicious. All right. I'll keep my distance, then.

John: I'm serious. Thank you.

Kate: I have to go.

John: Try to get some rest.

[Cellphone ringing]

E.J.: Hello, darling.

Kate: [Sighs] E.J., we have to talk. John Black is asking questions about you.

Bonnie: I'm not gonna question my son like he's some kind of criminal.

Mimi: You just don't want to confront him because you're afraid to know the truth.

Billie: Steve got me a necklace?

Hope: Yeah.

Billie: I'm thrilled that he thought of me.

Steve: There's a lot more kisses where those came from. All you have to do is wake up.

Shawn D.: With the amount of money I'm gonna be making, I can take care of all my responsibilities.

Bo: How much is Wells paying you to work on cars?

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