Days Transcript Monday 10/30/06

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 10/30/06 - Canada; Tuesday 10/31/06 - U.S.A.


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[Water running]

[Knock on door]

Willow: Yeah, who is it?

Belle: It's Belle Kiriakis. Open the door, Willow.

Willow: I'm really not --

Belle: Just open the door.

[Water running]

[Knock on door]

Willow: What do you want?

Belle: To talk.

Willow: Well, I already told you I'm not in the mood.

Belle: To Shawn.

Willow: Well, Shawn's not here. 

Belle: Well, Max told me he was staying with you.

Willow: Well, Max is wrong.

Belle: Really? Hmm. I guess these are yours, then. 

Billie: So, have they completely given up on the antidote they gave them?

Bo: Well, the doc said if it didn't work in 24 hours, it wasn't going to.

Billie: How are Steve and Kayla doing?

Bo: Barely hanging in.

Billie: Well, there must be something they can do. 

Bo: Well, Lexie found this experimental drug. It hasn't been approved by the FDA for an antidote, but it's the only hope we have right now.

Billie: Have they given it to them?

Bo: No, no, actually, Frankie's trying to get it here as fast as he can.

Billie: Good, well, you let me know if there's anything I can do, okay?

Bo: Well, I think Steve could use you down here.

Billie: I don't want to make anybody uncomfortable.

Bo: Define anybody.

Billie: Oh, come on, Bo. You want me to give you a list? There's your parents. There's Stephanie. There's Hope.

Bo: Well, Stef is in her room. Ma and Pop told you how they felt, and Hope wouldn't want you to stay away because of her.

Billie: Did she say that?

Bo: [Chuckles] Not exactly.

Billie: Yeah, I didn't think so. Call me if you have any news.

Bo: Hey, think about coming down here.

Billie: I'll talk to you later.

[Telephone beeps]

Chelsea: Is everything okay?

Billie: Other than Steve and Kayla near death -- yeah, everything's great. It's peachy.

Chelsea: I thought that they were giving them some kind of drug that was supposed to help them.

Billie: They were. They were, only it's not working the way that it should. And so they're gonna try and give them something else. I wasn't gonna do this.

Chelsea: Mom, it's okay. It's gonna be okay.

Billie: They could die, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Don't say that. If you put bad stuff out there in the universe, bad stuff is just gonna happen.

Billie: Yeah. Okay, you're right.

Chelsea: Yeah. Okay, so, pull yourself together and get down to the hospital.

Billie: You want me to go to the hospital?

Chelsea: Yeah. You need to be there for Dad.

Billie: [Sighs]

Willow: Yeah, they are mine.

Belle: Right. And the shower -- oh, wait. Don't tell me. It just takes forever for it to get hot.

Willow: Not that I have to prove anything to you, but there. You happy?

Belle: Right, you wear boxers.

Willow: Well, not all of us are into frilly.

Belle: I can only imagine what you're into.

Willow: I would love to stand here and talk fashion with you all day, but I have a very busy day.

Shawn D.: You're all out of -- Belle.

Mimi: Wow. It's amazing how quickly a home can become just an apartment.

Bonnie: Yeah, a very expensive apartment.

Mimi: An empty apartment. All of this stuff Shawn and I bought together, and now it doesn't mean anything anymore.

Bonnie: You know, if you want to get rid of this stuff, I'd be more than happy to take it off your hands. This is really nice.

Mimi: Mom...I just lost my home, my marriage, my baby, pretty much my whole life, and all you're thinking about is how much you can make at a garage sale for my things.

Bonnie: Maybe I'm not down in the dumps, because unlike some people, I haven't given up.

Mimi: I just want to pack my stuff and get out of here.

Bonnie: There's your biggest problem. Honey, you're throwing in the towel way too soon here.

Mimi: Oh, here we go -- "the Lockhart's never give up" speech.

Bonnie: Please, you're not just a Lockhart. You're a woman. Those are two very powerful weapons you have in your arsenal.

Mimi: This is not a war, Mom.

Bonnie: Oh, contraire, sweetheart. You are in a fight for your life, and you got to pull out the big guns. First thing you got to do is get --

Mimi: Mother, Shawn and I are over. Can you please get that through your head?

Bonnie: Well, can you?

Chelsea: Let's go.

Billie: Silly me. I actually thought you cared about Steve and Kayla.

Chelsea: I do. Mom, it's not my fault that them being sick gives you a chance to be with Dad.

Billie: He has someone to be with.

Chelsea: If you're referring to Hope, she's already been with somebody else. In case you haven't heard, she's pregnant with another guy's baby. Mom, wake up. Hope and Bo are over. She is with Patrick Lockhart now. And if you weren't so busy running around after that cyclops Steve, you could actually have a life with Dad.

Billie: I have a life, okay? I have a very full and happy life, and it doesn't include obsessing over Bo and Hope.

Chelsea: But you and Dad --

Billie: Are over. How many times do I have to tell you this? Get it through your thick skull, Chelsea.

Chelsea: You're just being stubborn.

Billie: No, I am not. I am being honest. I am being realistic. And now I am being pissed! Now, you have to stop with the lies, the games, the manipulation, everything else -- it has to stop, Chelsea. And don't tell me that you haven't tried every trick in the book to try and get Bo and I back together.

Chelsea: You know what? I admit that that stupid prostitution stunt was dumb, okay? But I'm not gonna stop. I deserve to have a family, and damn it, I'm gonna have one.

[Machine beeping]

Bo: Hey.

Hope: Hey.

Bo: I was hoping you'd show up.

Hope: I'm really sorry I didn't get here sooner. I heard the antidote didn't work. How are they doing?

Bo: See for yourself.

Hope: How are you doing?

Bo: I'll be a hell of a lot better when I find the bastard who did this. I'm gonna bury him, literally. I don't give a damn who he is.

Hope: Bo, don't. Abe already checked Patrick's alibi.

Bo: Yeah, I heard -- airtight.

Hope: He wasn't anywhere near the hospital when this happened.

Bo: So he says.

Hope: I'm Patrick's alibi, Bo.

Mimi: See what I'm doing, Mom? I'm packing my stuff and moving on with my life.

Bonnie: Well, great. Great, so that's it, huh? Just giving up on your marriage.

Mimi: I can't keep trying to hang on to Shawn by lying and cheating and whatever.

Bonnie: Why not? It's called survival.

Mimi: Call it what you want, but I'm through living my life that way. It didn't get me anywhere, at least not anywhere I wanted to be.

Bonnie: Look, I know things didn't work out the way you wanted them to with Shawn, but you got to trust me, baby. It ain't over. Look, I want you to pack this, okay? It'll help keep your eye on the prize.

Mimi: How'd they do it?

Bonnie: Who?

Mimi: Mr. and Mrs. Brady. They've been together for so many years.

Bonnie: Well, they ain't rich. The old man must have it going on in the bedroom.

Mimi: There's got to be more to it than that.

Bonnie: Yeah. She doesn't look like she's that in to hot sex.

Shawn D.: I just came by to grab a shower.

Belle: Yeah, well, I didn't come over here to discuss who you're sleeping with.

Shawn D.: What do you want to talk about?

Belle: Claire and you being a father to her.

Shawn D.: Okay. Go on.

Belle: I realize the reason that you're not a very good father is because you haven't had a chance to be one.

Shawn D.: Claire and I were both cheated.

Belle: You deserve to be a part of her life, just as much as she needs you.

Shawn D.: I'm glad to hear you say that.

Belle: But you have to do some things first.

Shawn D.: What things?

Belle: Like get a job, prove that you can be responsible and that you want to help take care of your daughter.

Shawn D.: So, that's everything?

Belle: No, that's not everything. You need to find a place to live. You need to find a decent place where you can take her when she's with you -- not your car and not some dump that you're crashing in.

Shawn D.: Okay, so, I just need to get a job and a place to live. That's it.

Belle: It's about more than acting responsibly, Shawn. It's about being responsible. I know that you love Claire, but being a parent is more than that.

Shawn D.: You don't have to tell me that.

Belle: She deserves to have a father, and I want you to be that father. But if you expect me to believe that you can take care of our little girl, then you need to show me that you can take care of yourself.

Shawn D.: I'll do what you've asked. I'll do whatever it takes to be in Claire's life.

Belle: Good. Well, let me know when it's all taken care of.

Bo: You're Lockhart's alibi?

Hope: Pretty good one. Don't you think?

Bo: Your boy's pretty smart.

Hope: Because he happened to be with me when Steve and Kayla were attacked?

Bo: 'Cause he planned to be with you.

Hope: No, he didn't plan on me calling and inviting him to lunch. That's what we were doing, in case you were wondering. He is not involved in this.

Bo: [Sighs] What happened to you, Hope? You used to be able to see all the possibilities.

Hope: What happened to you? You used to see all the possibilities. Now all you see is Patrick.

Bo: 'Cause he's guilty.

Hope: Then how do you explain him being with me at the very moment the biotoxin was released?

Bo: He's got an accomplice, and I've got a lead on who that is.

Hope: I thought you were suspended from the force.

Bo: You think that's gonna stop me? That's my sister in there.

Hope: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have come.

Bo: Hey, hey. No, I'm sorry. I just -- stay. Um...Steve and Kay, they need you. So do I. Not another word about Lockhart. Okay?

Hope: Okay. I thought Billie would be here.

Bo: She didn't want to make people uncomfortable.

Hope: People?

Bo: Yeah. Stef, Ma, Pop. You.

Billie: [Scoffs] You're not 2 years old anymore, Chelsea. You're a grown-up. It's time you started acting like one.

Chelsea: So what? Grown-ups don't want their families to be together?

Billie: They accept reality. Your dad and I aren't going to be together. You need to accept that.

Chelsea: I'm sorry. I can't.

Billie: You don't have a choice. Sometimes life doesn't turn out the way you want it to. Believe me.

Chelsea: Oh, tell me about it, Mother. But I'm -- just think about it, okay? Because this time it could -- I mean, Dad is free. You're free. You guys have a great time when you're together, right? I mean, you have all this stuff in common. You have me.

Billie: And we both love you and we want what's best for you.

Chelsea: Well, what's best for me is for all of us to be together as a family.

Billie: Oh, God!

Chelsea: Mom, we could be such a great family. I mean, think about it. Just think about it. We could be Brady's. I could have a brother and all these aunts and uncles and cousins, and we could go to all these Thanksgivings and Christmases. I mean, we'd actually be a part of something really special.

Billie: Okay, listen. We're already special.

Chelsea: My God, Mom. That is so lame. Seriously, we have a chance here, a real chance to belong somewhere. It's practically being handed to you, and you just refuse to take it.

Billie: I won't take what's not mine.

Chelsea: Oh, my God. If you don't -- just don't. Don't even give me that crap about Bo and Hope belonging together. And don't even tell me that you're even interested in a guy with half a brain and one eye.

Billie: That's enough. It is not crap, and I will not have you talk about Steve like that.

Chelsea: He's not even half the man Dad --

Billie: That's enough!!

Chelsea: Do you honestly think that you're being an adult right now? I mean, you sit there and you think of every excuse in the whole world why you shouldn't follow your heart. And then when you end up all alone and miserable, you'll just sit there and say, "well, I did the right thing." It's pathetic, Mom. It's a joke.

Billie: Listen to me. You keep pushing for your father and I to be together, and you are gonna push him right out of your life. And then you will be on the outside.

Billie: I know what this is about. You want to feel close to your dad.

Chelsea: Yeah. He's still really mad at me for what happened to Zack. Sometimes I don't know if he'll ever forgive me, and then I don't know that I wouldn't blame him.

Billie: So you think that if your dad and I were together, he'd forgive you.

Chelsea: I don't know. Maybe, I guess.

Billie: It won't work.

Chelsea: It has to. Mom, you're my only connection to him.

Billie: No, I'm not. Look, I know your dad better than you do, and he cares about you so much for who you are.

Chelsea: Oh, yeah, who I am.

Billie: Come on, Chelsea. You were on the right track. You were really making things up to your dad. Don't blow it. Don't do something you'll regret.

Chelsea: I'm gonna regret it if I do the right thing, and it doesn't get me anywhere.

Billie: You want my advice?

Chelsea: Well, you're gonna give it to me anyway, right?

Billie: Yes, I am. Your father's sister and his best friend are lying in the hospital. They're close to dying, and he is trying to find the person who did this to him, and he is trying to be there for his family. He is trying to be strong for them.

Chelsea: So how does that have anything to do with my relationship with him?

Billie: Just be there for him. Go to the hospital and be there for him.

Chelsea: Like that's gonna do anything.

Billie: Or you can stay here and come up with another stupid idea that's gonna drive him away. Your choice.

Shawn D.: The price of these apartments are crazy. I should probably start looking for a job first. Let's, uh...let's see. Oh. Uh, "college degree." That's out. "Three years' experience." No, thank you. "Must be proficient in windows, outlook, word, and excel." Uh, no. "Must be fluent in Spanish." No habla espaņol. [Sighs] I'm never gonna find a decent job, and then Belle is never gonna let me see Claire.

Willow: You can't let her call all the shots. She's your kid, too, you know.

Shawn D.: I know. That's why I want to do it right. Like my Mom said, I owe it to Claire to be a good dad.

Willow: I thought you were this big rebel. If anyone told James Dean he had to give up his motorcycle and leather jacket, he'd tell --

Shawn D.: Yeah, well, he didn't have a kid.

Willow: Admit it. You're whipped.

Shawn D.: For Claire, absolutely.

Willow: No, by Claire's mommy.

Shawn D.: I got to go.

Willow: Hey, hey, go where? This is the YWCA, remember?

Shawn D.: Mmm. Oh, yeah.

Willow: [Chuckles] Oh, this is very you. Gorgeous.

Shawn D.: Oh, yes.

Willow: You know, you look better than some of the women who actually live here.

Shawn D.: Now, that, that is scary.

Willow: [Chuckles]

Shawn D.: Thank you.

Willow: Good luck.

Hope: Billie's staying away because of me?

Bo: Well, yeah. She knows you and Steve and Kay are close, that you want them together.

Hope: So?

Bo: So she doesn't want to play the part of the spoiler again.

Hope: You know, what happened between the three of's history. And who Billie decides to be with is her own business.

Bo: Yeah, she's just trying to do the right thing.

Hope: Well, if Steve and Kayla are meant to be together, they will be, no matter what Billie or I or anyone else does.

Bo: You're right. When two people are destined to be together, nothing's gonna stand in their way.

Chelsea: Hey, Dad.

Bo: Hey, Chelsea.

Hope: I just remembered I have an errand.

Bo: Hope, you don't have --

Hope: No, I'll be back to check on Steve and Kayla.

Bo: Listen, Chelse, I'm not really in the mood for fun and games right now.

Mimi: Hi, Mrs. Brady.

Caroline: Mimi.

Mimi: How are Steve and Kayla doing?

Caroline: Not very well. The antidote they gave them didn't work, but Frankie's looking for another one.

Mimi: Did they catch the person who poisoned them?

Caroline: No, not yet. They're working on it, though. You know, Abe, Roman, Bo.

Mimi: Well, a lot of people care about your family. It's a great family.

Caroline: Can I get you something to eat?

Mimi: No, that's okay. Actually, I came here to talk to you if you have a minute.

Caroline: Mimi, if you want to talk about Shawn --

Mimi: That was all my fault. I should have told him Claire was his daughter. I just was so afraid that if he knew he and Belle had a baby, I would lose him. Still, it was wrong, and I'm really sorry.

Caroline: Is that what you came here to say?

Mimi: Sort of. I wanted to ask you something. You and Mr. Brady have been happily married for so long.

Caroline: Mimi, if you think that Shawn and I are the perfect couple, you are wrong. We've had our share of problems.

Mimi: I know, but you did it. You stayed together.

Caroline: Yes, we did that.

Mimi: Well, how do two people stay together for so many years? How do you do that?

Caroline: I'm not sure what you're looking for.

Mimi: This. I'm looking...for this.

Bo: Hey, kid, listen -- if you got some kind of problem, you're gonna have to talk to your mom. I'm kind of tied up right now.

Chelsea: I know you are. That's why I came down here. Mom told me what happened to Kayla, and I just came to see if there was anything I could do for you.

Bo: Oh. Uh, thanks, but I'm not the one who needs help right now.

Chelsea: You know, they're really lucky to have you, Dad.

Bo: Actually, I'm the lucky one. You know, Kay -- she's -- I couldn't imagine my life without her. Steve -- we've been best friends most of our lives. I don't know. I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to them.

Chelsea: It's gonna be okay.

Bo: [Chuckles] You know, I used to think that when I was your age, that everything was just gonna turn out fine. Couldn't image losing people I love, but you do.

Chelsea: Yeah. Like my parents and Zack. But you know what? It's gonna be different this time.

Bo: What makes you say that?

Chelsea: Well, I've been praying, and, I mean, God's got to hear that. He's not really used to hearing my voice, you know? Okay, well, if you need anything...

Bo: Thanks. I appreciate it.

Chelsea: Really?

Bo: Yeah, yeah. Hey, Shawn.

Shawn D.: Hey, Dad. I know you got a lot going on, but I need to talk to you.

Bo: Yeah, sure.

Chelsea: Hey, Shawn.

Shawn D.: Hey.

Bo: Hey, Chelsea, thanks.

Chelsea: Yeah, no problem.

Bo: Hey, bud, what's up?

Shawn D.: [Speaks indistinctly]

Billie: Hope.

Hope: Can I come in?

Billie: Yes, come on in.

Hope: Thank you.

Billie: Is everything okay? Nothing happened to Steve and Kayla, did it?

Hope: No, they're still waiting for the test drug.

Billie: Okay. Will you call me if you hear anything?

Hope: No. No, I won't. If you want to know what's going on with Steve, then I think you should go to the hospital yourself.

Billie: Well, I thought that --

Hope: You thought that I didn't want you there.

Billie: Yeah.

Hope: If you want to be there, then I think you should be there.

Caroline: You want this?

Mimi: Well, I know you can't exactly wrap it up as a gift and give it to me or something.

Caroline: That's for sure. I'm not sure I know what you're asking for.

Mimi: Your secret. I guess your secret to a long, successful marriage.

Caroline: How about some coffee? Well, it's not easy. I can tell you that.

Mimi: Well, it's not impossible, either. I mean, when I look at you and Mr. Brady, I see Hope, and I had that when I married Shawn. But now, I don't know. I -- I want to believe that I can find happiness with someone again.

Caroline: Well, I don't think there's a foolproof game plan, you know? One thing I can tell you, though, that nearly destroyed our marriage -- a lie.

Mimi: One thing.

Caroline: That's all it takes. If I have any advice to give you, I guess it's that. Tell the truth.

Mimi: Are you kidding? The scariest thing to me is the thought of always telling the truth.

Caroline: Yeah, well, what's scarier is...telling a lie.

[Knock on door]

Willow: Couldn't stay away, could you? Don't you need to be somewhere? Like a meeting for your coven? Shawn left.

Belle: I know. That's why I'm here. I want to talk to you alone.

Willow: Well, I don't.

Belle: Tough. I'm gonna keep this short and simple -- stay away from Shawn.

Willow: So you can be with him?

Belle: So he can be with his daughter.

Willow: That an ultimatum?

Belle: It's advice. And for Shawn's sake, you should take it.

[Machine beeping]

Shawn D.: Grandma said you guys are waiting on some new drug to get here.

Bo: Yeah, Lexie helped us find it. Actually, Frankie just called, said it should be here soon. So, how you doing?

Shawn D.: Well, for a guy who's lost his job, doesn't have a place to live, and has been pretty much cut off from his kid, I'm doing okay.

Bo: Those are all fixable problems.

Shawn D.: Yeah, I know. I'm working on them.

Bo: Lost your job, no place to live. I take it you and Max had a difference of opinion?

Shawn D.: Yeah, you could say that.

Bo: Could I say the same thing about you and Belle?

Shawn D.: That's a little more complicated. And here I am trying to do the right thing and then she throws me out on my butt because she thinks that I don't care.

Bo: You figured with Philip out of the picture, she would jump at the chance to have you be Claire's dad.

Shawn D.: Yeah.

Bo: But instead she told you that Claire would be better off without a dad than one like you.

Shawn D.: Yeah. How'd you know that?

Bo: You got a lot to learn about moms and their killer rules. They've been passed down from generation to -- you know, I think they started in the stone age.

Shawn D.: But, please, tell me that you're not serious.

Bo: She told you you need to get a good job, a decent place to live -- until you are responsible for yourself, she would never trust you with Claire.

Shawn D.: Wow, that -- that is just downright scary.

Bo: Yeah, well, a woman changes when she gives birth. She becomes this whole different kind of protective animal. And that's not a bad thing, believe me. It's just a fact.

Shawn D.: So, do you think that I should just give in and follow Belle's rules?

Bo: They're not all that bad. You got to agree with me there.

Shawn D.: Yeah, I definitely agree with you. I was thinking that until I saw the want ads.

Bo: Why don't you come stay with me? You know, till you get on your feet, I can loan you some money so you can help out with Claire.

Shawn D.: That's gonna work till she finds out that you're supporting me, and then she sees that I'm a bigger loser than she already thought I was.

Bo: So, is this about taking care of Claire or impressing Belle?

Mimi: Growing up the way I did, you had to do a lot of lying.

Caroline: Had to?

Mimi: People at school, Social Services -- they were always asking us where we lived, if we had enough to eat. That kind of stuff. And I knew if I told the truth, that we were living in a cardboard box and begging for food, that they would try and take Connor and me away from my Mom, so I lied pretty much all the time.

Caroline: You were a child. You did what you had to do.

Mimi: Lying just never seemed like a bad thing. It's what you did to hold on to the things you loved.

Caroline: Yeah, but now you see it really cost you dearly.

Mimi: Yeah, it's just so hard to change.

Caroline: How about this? You tell the truth totally and completely. Try it for one week.

Mimi: A whole week.

Caroline: And then you come back and you tell me how it went and how you felt.

Mimi: Okay, I'll try it.

Willow: Ultimatums and threats are usually made by people who are scared.

Belle: Stay away from Shawn.

Willow: What if Shawn doesn't want to stay away from me? Ever think of that?

Belle: Then he could end up losing the one person who's most important to him in the world.

Willow: You're a real bitch. Shawn does what you say or he loses his kid?

Belle: Shawn does what's best for Claire or he doesn't get to be a part of her life. And that's not because I'm being vindictive. It's because I love my daughter.

Willow: Try justifying it any way you want, but you're using the brat to hang on to Shawn.

Belle: You don't know what you're talking about.

Willow: Please, I know your type. Princess Belle. She's had everything handed to her on a silver platter her whole life. She wants something, and it's hers. And you want Shawn whether you admit it or not.

Belle: This might be a little over your head, but that's called projecting.

Willow: Oh, if that's your fancy way of saying I'm after Shawn, then you're as stupid as you are spoiled.

Belle: Right, stupid me. Thinking that when you have sex with someone, you're interested in them.

Willow: Having sex means you're not afraid to express yourself. Getting tied down -- not my style. I like to be free. Free to be with whoever I want. Or don't want.

Belle: You know, sometimes being free just means that nobody gives a damn about you.

Shawn D.: Is it bad if I want to get back together with Belle?

Bo: That depends on where things stand with Willow. I mean, you can't have it both ways.

Shawn D.: I know. She's a friend.

Bo: The kind you sleep with.

Shawn D.: She's on my side about being a father to Claire.

Bo: How does she feel about you and Claire's mom hooking up?

Shawn D.: Believe it or not, that hasn't come up. It doesn't matter anyways. Belle's not interested in hooking up with me.

Bo: What about Willow?

Shawn D.: She's just...a friend and I enjoy being with her. It's easy, and besides, she's not pushing me for some big commitment like every other woman I've ever met.

Bo: I haven't met too many women who don't want that in the end, whether they come right out and say it or not.

Shawn D.: I'm not gonna stress about Willow. I've got bigger things to worry about, like finding a job.

Bo: You sure Max won't give you a job?

Shawn D.: He's pretty pissed about his car...and Mimi.

Bo: Well, you can't blame him about the car, and Mimi is his friend.

Shawn D.: After what she did, how can he blame me for dumping her?

Bo: Maybe he thinks she deserves a second chance.

Shawn D.: Is that what you think, think I should just forgive her and move on?

Bo: Look, son, I know it's difficult, but that's what adults do.

Shawn D.: Are you saying I'm not acting like an adult?

Bo: I'm saying you got to stop blaming other people when things go wrong in your life. Yes, Mimi did something pretty unforgivable. But you married her. You said you loved her, and you wanted a future with her. And then there's a bump in the road, and you bail on her?

Shawn D.: Yeah, but you got to admit, that's a pretty big bump.

Bo: My point is, you haven't really given it a shot. Look, a couple years ago, you bailed on Belle for pretty much the same reason. You felt you couldn't trust her. I think there's a lesson in there someplace, son. Look, love -- it's not perfect. It's a hell of a lot of work. And have to forgive something that maybe you thought you never would.

Shawn D.: Like Mom and you.

Bo: Exactly. Look, just because you're all grown-up doesn't mean your Pop can't help you out, so I'll give Max a call, see if he can give you your job back.

Shawn D.: Thanks, Dad. I really -- I really appreciate it. I'm not gonna let you -- I'm not gonna let Claire down. And I'm sorry for coming in here and just dumping all this on you with everything that's happened.

Bo: Don't worry about it. I'm here for you...anytime.

Hope: You know, I remember when I first came back to Salem, didn't know who I was or who I could trust. Billie, no matter what's happened between us since, I'll never forget that you were a very good friend to me then. Yeah, I needed a lifeline. Just like Steve needs one now. And if your being there can make a difference for him, then by God, you should be there.

Billie: Well, I'm not really sure I can make a difference. Like everyone keeps telling me, Kayla is the love of Steve's life and they are already together.

Hope: I'm not gonna stand here and lie to you. I'm rooting for Steve and Kayla to get their lives back together someday. But in order for that to happen, they've got to pull through this. You know what? I'm sorry. Maybe it's unfair of me to come here and ask you to help. I shouldn't have come.

Billie: Listen, I would do anything to help Steve. But there's his family to consider. Consider. Stephanie has made it quite clear how she feels about me. Now, Shawn and Caroline have been a little more diplomatic, but I can tell nobody wants me there.

Hope: What they want is Steve and Kayla well. And, Billie, like I said, I think your being there can make that happen for him.

Billie: Really?

Hope: Sometimes what you want is also what's best.

Billie: And do you think that this is one of those times?

Hope: Yes, I do.

[Machine beeping]

Dr. Myers: The new antidote's here. They're getting ready to give it to your sister and Mr. Johnson.

Bo: Tell me the truth. What are their odds?

Dr. Myers: This is an experimental drug. It hasn't been used enough for us to know how effective it is.

Bo: So a prayer would be good right about now, huh?

Dr. Myers: Maybe a few.

Billie: Can I get you anything, some coffee?

Hope: No, no.

[Telephone rings]

Billie: Excuse me. Hello?

Bo: Billie, hey.

Billie: Bo. What's up?

Bo: The antidote just arrived, and they're getting ready to give it to Kay and Steve.

Billie: Good.

Bo: Now comes the hard part.

Billie: Do you have any idea when they'll know anything?

Bo: No, no, but I'll keep you posted.

Billie: Thanks.

Hope: Good news?

Billie: The new medicine's arrived. They're about ready to give it to them.

Hope: So, do you want to drive or should I?

Billie: Let's go.

Caroline: They're -- they're starting Steve and Kayla on the new medication.

Mimi: That's great.

Caroline: Yes, it is great. I got to tell Shawn.

Mimi: Well, everything's gonna be okay. You've got your family.

Caroline: Well, you're right, darling. As long as I have my family, I'll be fine.

[Machine beeping]

Stephanie: I thought this was supposed to be the miracle cure. But I don't see any miracles happening.

Max: Frankie, this is home, man.

Frankie: No, it's not. I'm going back to D.C.

Patrick: Why am I here?

E.J.: I thought you might like to know something. The police are on to us.

Chelsea: Are you saying that you want me to spy on my own father?

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