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Marlena: I believe you have a question for me.

John: You know where I'm going with this, don't you?

Marlena: I've got a pretty good idea.

John: Then why don't I just lose the talk...and give you this?

Marlena: John, I've never seen anything so beautiful.

John: Well, I have. You.

Lexie: Carrie. Jim.

Jim: Dr. Carver, it appears we've got a problem.

Billie: Chelsea, what --

Steve: He

Billie: Steve, hi.

Steve: Hi.

Billie: I wasn't expecting you.

Steve: Well, is it a problem?

Billie: No, no.

Steve: Well, that's good, because I brought lunch. Looky here. I got beer for me and sody pop for the lady. See I remembered. And this is an appetizer.

Billie: Mmm.

Steve: Mmm.

Billie: Mmm, mmm. You know what? This is not a good time. Chelsea's on her way home.

Steve: Oh. Well, can we send her to her room?

Billie: Steve, I'm serious. Listen, Chelsea and I need to sit down and we need to have a talk. I need to make her accept the fact that Bo and I are not gonna get back together, no matter what kind of scheme she dreams up -- pretending to be a prostitute, whatever. It's just not gonna happen.

Steve: Wow. Well, uh, maybe I can straighten her out.

Billie: [Laughs]

Steve: Huh?

Billie: Oh, that's funny. No, no offense, but, listen, last time I checked, Stephanie was still hell-bent on getting you and Kayla back together, too.

Steve: So?

Billie: So...if you can't straighten out your own daughter, what makes you think you can straighten out mine?

Steve: Isn't it supposed to be easier when it's somebody else's kid?

Kayla: Oh you got so many beautiful flowers. You're gonna make a nice bunch when you're released. Baby, what's wrong?

Stephanie: Max finally came to see me last night.

Kayla: I told you he was going to. He probably felt guilty that you were the one that was hurt and it was his car that exploded.

Stephanie: He came to break up with me, Mom.

Kayla: I'm sorry.

Stephanie: But he didn't, because while he was trying to get the words out, I started to hyperventilate, and they had to give me oxygen.

Kayla: What? Why didn't somebody call me? I'm gonna take a look at your chart.

Stephanie: Mom, they said it was a giant panic attack, and I just feel like an idiot.

Kayla: I'm sorry, baby.

Stephanie: So, now Max feels sorry for me and he sort of unbroke up with me. Now if I can just keep him from changing his mind again.

Kayla: said that you think that he doesn't want to be in this relationship, and if he feels that way, do you really want to?

Stephanie: Do you really want to be with dad?

Kayla: It's not the same thing.

Stephanie: Of course it isn’t. I almost died. Dad doesn't want to be with us. You know, Mom, I can't take any more bad stuff right now.

Kayla: Baby girl.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Lexie: You dragged the hospital administrator into this?

Jim: Miss Brady has made some very serious accusations.

Carrie: They're not accusations. They're the truth.

Jim: Did you deliberately tell Miss Brady and her partner at the time that they had genetic markers that would cause any child they had together to be born with serious birth defects when you knew no such thing was present?

Carrie: Yes, she did.

Jim: A misdiagnosis of that nature would be bad enough. It would make you and us vulnerable to a major lawsuit, but to intentionally lie to a patient? That's breaking our Hippocratic Oath and your contract with University Hospital.

Lexie: I know.

Jim: A full report of Miss Brady's accusations will have to be presented to our executive committee, as well as to the State Medical Board. You had better start preparing your defense. Otherwise, you might wind up losing not only your job, but your license.

Lexie: There's no point to prepare a defense. Everything Carrie said is true.

Jim: Lexie.

Carrie: Well, I assume the appropriate action will be taken, it better be.

Jim: I don't understand.

Lexie: I am so sorry.

Jim: You've always been a model of professionalism, but you haven't left me any wiggle room here, Lexie.

Lexie: I know.

Jim: The State Board will have to make their own decision about your license. As far as your job here is concerned, effective immediately, your contract with University Hospital is terminated without severance or benefits.

Steve: [Sighs]

Billie: [Sighs] Yeah, you're right. Sometimes it is easier to talk to somebody else's kid, but I'm her mom. It's my job. I want to do it.

Steve: So, what's the point? Proving that you're the best mom in the world or trying to help your daughter out?

Billie: It's just that I missed so much of her life. All those years, we didn't know she was alive.

Steve: Yeah, I think I get it. You feel guilty. But you don't have to worry because you are a good mom. You just don't want your daughter wasting her life trying to get you and Bo back together, have her heart broken over and over again when that doesn't happen.

Billie: Exactly, yeah.

Steve: So, why don't you just let me try to help out?

Billie: Okay. Listen, she's not gonna listen to you. Chelsea hates the fact that we're seeing each other.

Steve: That's because she doesn't know me yet. She doesn't know what a great guy I am.

Billie: [Laughs]

Chelsea: When you called and said that you wanted to see me, you didn't mention that Captain Jack would be here.

Steve: Hey, that's Captain Steve to you.

Billie: Stop it.

Chelsea: You know, if you're trying to go for the whole Johnny Depp thing, you're a little too old to pull it off and your clothes are all wrong.

Steve: So's me makeup.

Chelsea: And what's with that piece of crap that you parked in the driveway, huh? Do you want the neighbors to think that we're white trash or something? I mean, 'cause you might as well be sitting in a broken lawn chair downing a beer --

Billie: Chelsea, stop it!

Steve: It's all right. I've had a lot of people say a lot worse things to me.

Chelsea: I bet you have.

Steve: Yeah, well, now that you got that out of your system, come on, sit down. We got to talk.

Chelsea: Are you kidding me?

Steve: No, I think we need to get to know each other a little bit better..

Chelsea: Oh, well, that's funny, 'cause I think I already know everything I need to know about you.

Steve: Well, I could say the same thing, but I think we could surprise each other.

Billie: Um, you know what, guys? I don't think this is such a good idea.

Steve: Hey, Billie, do you think you could put that food that I brought out on plates?

Billie: Steve.

Steve: No, really, there's enough for three.

Billie: All right. Play nice.

Steve: Come on, sit down.

Chelsea: So, what now? Am I supposed to sit on your lap and call you "dad"?

Steve: You try it, and I might just poke you in the eye, then you'll end up with a patch, Captain Chelsea.

Kayla: You know what? I know it's been hard for you... but don't you think that you deserve to be with a guy who loves you as much as you love him?

Stephanie: Is that basically why you’re letting Billie Reed take daddy away?

Kayla: We're talking about you and Max, girlfriend.

Stephanie: It's the same thing, isn't it? We're both in love with guys who stopped loving us. Like mother, like daughter. Two losers giving our hearts away to men who will never love us back. What's wrong with us?

Kayla: There is nothing wrong with us, Stephanie. You know, sometimes life doesn't work out the way we hoped. But that's no reason to give up. You know, sometimes it just means that we need to refocus our energy and make possibilities for ourselves.

Stephanie: Think you're gonna get a new opportunity with dad?

Nurse: Dr. Kayla Johnson, please report to exam room 113. Dr. Johnson to exam room 113.

Kayla: Well, that's strange. I'm not on duty, and I didn't think anybody even knew I was here.

Stephanie: Well, maybe it's a mistake. Maybe they didn't mean you.

Kayla: Come on, now. How many Dr. Kayla Johnsons are there here? I'll be back.

Stephanie: No, Mom, don’t.

Stephanie: I don't want you to answer that page.

Kayla: I'm a doctor. Somebody needs me.

Stephanie: But you said nobody knows you're on duty, okay? No one even knows you're here today.

Kayla: Yes, but --

Stephanie: You shouldn't go. You've only been on staff a couple of days. You don't even have your own patients yet. It's totally weird that they would be paging you. You know, somebody has been doing a lot of weird things to people in our family what if this is another setup, like Max's car exploding?

Kayla: I don't think that anyone is gonna blow up an exam room.

Stephanie: I'm serious, okay? Can't you just call and find out if it's for real?

Kayla: I don't even know the number. I'm gonna go right downstairs, and I'll be right back. Stop your worrying. [Door closes]

Marlena: Oh, John, it's absolutely beautiful.

John: It should be. It's your old diamond. [Laughs] I just happened to have it reset. It symbolizes a new start. And the sapphires in here, which represents the past, and I do believe there is a sapphire there for every year that we have been together, which...for my entire life, which must mean that you make me whole.

Marlena: You're already whole. I just remind you.

John: That's a fact. Come on. Got something else I want to give you.

Marlena: I n' a more presents, John.

John: You need one more, and you're gonna get it. That's it. Come on, open it up.

Marlena: Oh.

John: This is a miniature wedding band. And this is gonna go on that charm bracelet I got you years ago, so every time you look at this, you will remember our never-ending love.

Marlena: It's perfect. We're going to have everything we ever dreamed of.. No DiMeras, no Alex North. Just us together.

John: You know what I was thinking about everything that we've been through, every obstacle that's been thrown in our way has only made our love stronger than it was.

Marlena: You're right. It has.

John: And this time...this time, baby, it's gonna be forever.

Carrie: Hello. Sorry to keep you waiting.

Austin: Wow. Wow. I was getting worried. How did things go at the hospital?

Carrie: I met with my old boss, Jim Finch. I told him everything Lexie did, signed an official complaint, then went with him to confront her.

Austin: And?

Carrie: She didn't deny any of it, and he fired her on the spot. She may even lose her license. I got everything I wanted. So why do I feel worse than I did?

Austin: Side effects of being sucked into name games.

Carrie: I thought that it would give me some sort of closure, but instead, I destroyed Lexie's career and maybe her marriage and her family, too.

Austin: No, you didn’t. Sami and Lexie did that.

Carrie: Sami may have blackmailed Lexie into lying to me, but I'm the one that took her to the hospital administrator.

Austin: Don't you think that you did her patients a favor?

Carrie: I just wish that I would have waited until I calmed down.

Austin: Don't blame yourself.

Carrie: Yeah, I was just tired of being manipulated and lied to.

Austin: You don't have to explain it to me. I totally understand.

Carrie: I hate it.

Austin: Me too. And, unfortunately, I don't think things are gonna change as long as Sami' our lives. I don't think she can help but treat people the way she does. It's like -- I don't know -- it's in her DNA. It's who she is, who she'll always be. She doesn't care who she hurts.

Carrie: I mean, that's one of the reasons I almost didn't come back to Salem in the first place. I can't live my life like this, always wondering what she’s gonna do next.

Austin: Shouldn't have to. Neither one of us should. That is why I want to get the hell out of here and move to Europe. You still want to go, right?

Carrie: Mmm. I’ve been gone for so long, I feel like I just got home.

Austin: I know. Me too. Me too. But, I mean, I -- I just think that this is the only way for us, you know? Our chance to have a whole new life, just the two of us. So, what do you say? You with me?

Marlena: You are such an old-fashioned romantic man.

John: Well, if I made me that way, because years found a man who was confused and empty, and then you filled him with purpose. You redeemed me, Marlena. You fulfilled me. You inspired me. You gave me the two greatest gifts imaginable -- your love and our beautiful daughter. And you made my life worth living. And I never thought about that more until we were apart, and I don't want that to happen anymore. I want us to be together for the rest of our lives. So, that is the reason I [Clears throat] Am one of the 10% who is on a bent knee...asking you to be my wife again. Will you please marry me, Marlena?

Carrie: Leaving Salem and my family again and moving to Switzerland -- that's a huge decision.


Austin: It is. Yes, it is. But I think of it as a great opportunity there's really nothing more for you here in Salem. Not really. Your marriage is annulled. You resigned from Titan.

Carrie: I know.

Austin: But in Europe, I will be the CEO of Mythic's entire division. And my first order of business will be to give you your company back.

Carrie: Highstyle?

Austin: I know how much you love that company, how much you hated having to give it up, and it's really something I always wanted to make up to you.

Carrie: Oh, Austin, come on. It's not your fault.

Austin: Yes, it is. I know you felt like it was more than a business. It was like your family.

Carrie: Well, you're my family now, and that's what's important.

Austin: I know you're gonna miss your family here. But your mom's in Europe.

Carrie: Yeah.

Austin: Yeah. [Laughs] We'll relocate Highstyle's headquarters to Zurich. There's got to be some tax advantages. And every night you come home from the office, you'll be coming home to me. I'll be coming home to you.

Carrie: [Sighs] That sounds so tempting.

Austin: That's the point. [Laughs] That is the point. With the entire Atlantic Ocean between us

and Sami, we can relax and we don't have to worry about what she might be doing. Just concentrate on each other.

Carrie: But if we leave, don't you feel like Sami's won?

Austin: No. No, she's lost. She blackmailed, she lied. She did everything she could to break us up. What hasn't she done? But here we are. We're together. And we're more in love than we were before. So you see -- we've won.

Abe: Sweetheart, I got your message. What's wrong? You sounded upset. Did Tek break the restraining order?

Lexie: No, no. It's nothing like that.

Abe: Then what?

Lexie: Um...why don't we sit down?

Abe: All right. Let's find a table, all right? Here we go.

Lexie: Uh...honey, on second thought, let's sit at the bar, okay?

Abe: Sure. All right, there you are.

Lexie: Thanks.

Abe: You're welcome. So...what's going on?

Lexie: I love you.

Abe: Well, I love you.

Lexie: Things are finally good between us.

Abe: Yeah, yeah, they are.

Lexie: Yeah, we've worked so hard to get here. I just -- I just don't want any secrets hanging over us.

Abe: I didn't know there were.

Lexie: Abe, um...I did something...something -- something terrible, and once I tell you what it is, you may never want to speak to me again.

Steve: All right, don't sit down. Listen... I think you deserve to know what the deal is between your mom and me.

Chelsea: I know what the deal is. You're ditching Kayla, she's ditching my dad because you two can't control yourselves.

Steve: Well, that's not true. But...listen, you're not a kid anymore. I bet you've been in love.

Chelsea: You're not in love with my mom. You don't know her hardly at all, and I'm not about to discuss my love life with a creepy, old perv like yourself.

Steve: I'm not asking you to. Chelsea, your mom and I like each other...a lot. Maybe someday you'll understand what that feels like.

Chelsea: Are we finished yet?

Steve: No. You don't have to like me. You don't have to like what's going on between me and your mom. But you do have to accept it.

Chelsea: Okay. Well, um, there's gonna be a few things that you're gonna have to accept, too, then, I guess. Like things about my mom you don’t know. Uh...did you know that she was a drug addict?

Steve: Yeah.

Chelsea: Oh. Well, then, I guess you also knew about the porn movies that she's made.

Billie: [Gasps]

Kayla: Hello? Hello? Hey! Hey, this door's locked! Help! Oh, damn. I left my phone upstairs.

[Heavy breathing]

Billie: Chelsea.

Chelsea: What? You're the one that's always telling me how important it is to be honest, so I'm just being honest. Yeah, my mom, she used to be a big drug addict.

Billie: That's enough, Chelsea.

Chelsea: She used to sell her body for money.

Steve: Did that make you feel powerful?

Chelsea: Look, I just thought that you deserved to know the truth.

Steve: What? That your mother has a past? So what? Everyone deserves a second chance.

Chelsea: So it doesn't bother you at all? Well, then, I guess you've dated a lot of sluts in your past.

Billie: Chelsea, that's enough! Stop it right now!

Steve: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Listen, listen -- everyone has a past. Everyone has things they're ashamed of, horrible things that they can't undo, horrible accidents that can't be undone. You know what I'm talking about? Young ladies who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, especially not at their own mothers. No, no, no. It's not so fun when the shoe's on the other foot, is it? Don't ever say anything bad about your mother to me again. Do you understand?

[Cellphone rings] Yeah.

Stephanie: Dad, it's me. I hope this isn't a bad time, but --

Steve: No, what is it, Stephanie?

Stephanie: I'm really worried about mom.

Steve: Your mom? What -- what happened? Okay, all right. I'll be right there.

Billie: Hey, is there a problem?

Steve: I hope not, but I've got to get to the hospital. I'm really sorry..

Billie: Okay.

Chelsea: Well, it looks like your little pirate friend jumped ship, huh? To the U.S.S. Kayla.

Voice: [Heavy breathing] Kayla. Kayla.

Lexie: Well, you know, Sami was blackmailing me about my affair with Tek.

Abe: Well, that's old news.

Lexie: Yeah, yeah, but I never told you what she forced me to do.

Abe: You sure you want to tell me?

Lexie: Yeah. Um... well, back when it looked like Carrie was going to choose Austin over Lucas, Sami knew how desperately Carrie wanted to be a mother, so she, uh...well, she forced me to tell Carrie that any children she and Austin had would be born with severe birth defects. That's why Carrie chose Lucas and left Austin free for Sami. Abe, I felt so horrible about doing it, but I was desperate. And Sami said that if I didn't do it, that she would...tell you about my affair.

Abe: Which I found out about anyway.

Lexie: Yeah, I know. I know. So, now...Sami told Carrie the truth, and Carrie went to the hospital administrator, and I've been fired from the hospital. And when the board reviews my case...I may lose my license.

Abe: So, did you really tell me the truth because you didn't want to have any secrets hanging over us, or because you lost your job and you knew I'd find out?

Austin: I know it's not gonna be easy leaving Salem. I know you're gonna miss your family. I'll miss mine.

Carrie: It's not that.

Austin: Then what?

Carrie: I can't move to Europe with you, or I won't, unless we get married first.

Lexie: I told you what I did because I don't want any secrets between us.. But I chose this particular moment because I was fired.

Abe: Well, you know, I appreciate your honesty. So, can you keep volunteering at the free clinic?

Lexie: Unless the board revokes my license.

Abe: That might not happen. It hasn't happened yet.

Lexie: No, no, you're right. You're right. [Sighs] Helping people is my life, Abe. But, you know, whatever happens with my license, I can deal with that. What I couldn't deal with is losing you.

Abe: You know, I told you that I would stand by you no matter what, as long as you don't take up with Tek again. And I meant it.

Lexie: No, no, I won’t. And if he violates his restraining order, I want you to personally haul him off to jail, all right? I'm serious. Honey, I love you. I love our son more than anything.

Abe: I love you. We're a family -- you, me, and Theo. We'll get through this.

Lexie: Oh, Abe. I love you.

Austin: You know I want to marry you. I just don't think there's enough time for us to do it before I have to leave. I set this thing in motion, and I have to be in Zurich, like, right away. And for us to have a dream wedding, you know, it takes a lot of time.

Carrie: I don't want a dream wedding. I just want to be Mrs. Austin Reed.. I think that we should go find a justice of the peace right now and do it today -- just the two of us. What do you say?

Austin: Okay. Okay. I think it's -- okay. I think it's a perfect time me to give you this.

[Clears throat] Carrie Brady...will you marry me?

Carrie: Yes. Yes, I will.

Austin: Let's go find a justice of the peace. Take your ring.

Carrie: I will. Oh, my goodness.

Austin: Do this.

Marlena: Just when I think I couldn't possibly love you more --

John: I don't want to get pushy, but you haven't given me an answer to my proposal yet.

Marlena: That's because I have a proposal of my own.

Stephanie: Dad.

Steve: Okay, so, what kind of trouble is your mom in?

Stephanie: I'm not sure. She was visiting me when she got paged over the P.A. system.

Steve: Okay.

Stephanie: But nobody knows what's here. She's not on duty. And with all the bad things that have been happening to the Brady’s lately, I told her that she shouldn't go without checking it out first. And I had a really bad feeling, and she wouldn't listen to me.

Steve: Listen, your mama knows how to take care of herself.

Stephanie: Would you just go and check on her, please? She went to exam room 113, and she's been gone a really long time.

Steve: I'm on my way.

Stephanie: Thank you.

Voice: Kayla. Kayla.

Kayla: Who are you? What do you want from me?

Voice: Kayla.

Kayla: Answer me, damn it.

Chelsea: I guess Steve isn't such a sure thing after all, huh? Mom, don't you get it? It's a sign. You don't belong with him. You belong with dad.

Billie: Your father and I are not getting back together, no matter how much you want us to. We don't love each other, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Then who do you love?

Billie: I am not getting into this with you right now.

Chelsea: Fine, give up on dad, then. But you know what? You better get used to being alone, because your little friend the pirate, is not gonna be there when you need him.

Billie: His name is Steve.

Chelsea: Steve, whatever. He's not gonna be there, Mom. Not when it counts, especially not if Kayla needs him. Because no matter what he says about having a memory of her or not, whenever she calls him, day or night, he's gonna go running, just like he did just now.

Voice: Kayla. Kayla.

Kayla: Who are you and why are you doing this? [Knock on door]

Steve: Kayla? You in there.

Kayla: Steve! Oh, thank God!

Steve: Open the door.

Kayla: I can’t. I came in here, and when I turned around, the door was locked. Let me out of here, please.

Steve: Okay, back up. Stay away from the door.

Kayla: Okay. Steve?

Steve: Stay back.

Austin: Oh, you were right. This is awesome. Hi, how are you? Is the justice of the peace in?

Lady: My husband's in the other room.

Austin: Great, great. We...we want to get married. We have to get married.

Lady: Well, I'm afraid that might not be possible. It's already been such a busy day, and we generally don't do weddings without an appointment.

Austin: Can you make an exception?

Carrie: Please?

Austin: We just got back from city hall. We got our license. We were in such a hurry to get all the paperwork that we, I didn’t think to call and make an appointment.. I'm sorry.

Carrie: Could you please fit us in? Your husband can make it as quick a marriage as he needs to. It just needs to be legal.

Lady: Well, your paperwork's all in order.

Austin: So, we can go in?

Lady: Oh, I'm sorry, no.

Carrie: But we have to get married. We've waited so long, and he's leaving tonight on business.

Lady: Relax, dear. I didn't say my husband can't marry you today, just not right now. Another walk-in couple's just called. All ready, Dears?

Carrie: Marlena!

Marlena: Carrie!

Abe: To the future.

Lexie: What would I ever do without you?

Abe: Well, now that Tek's out of the picture, we don't have to worry about, nothing will ever break up our family again.

Billie: No matter what happens with Steve, I will not let you manipulate me or your father anymore.

Chelsea: Well, I guess we should just wait to discuss that in family therapy.

Billie: Maybe we should can the family therapy if you're not gonna give it an honest shot.

Chelsea: Dad does not belong with Hope. And Steve belongs with Kayla.

Billie: According to you.

Chelsea: No, actually, because Hope is having Patrick's baby, and Steve loves Kayla.

Billie: Hope and Bo will get back together. And if I want to date Steve, that's my business.

Chelsea: Fine. But when he leaves you high and dry, don't come crying to me, all right? Excuse me.

[Machine beeping] [Breathing heavily]

Nurse: Okay, okay. [Speaks indistinctly]

Stephanie: What's going on?

Nurse: You're having another panic attack, okay? Your pulse and blood pressure are elevated. You've got to try and calm down. We're gonna have to give you oxygen again.

Stephanie: How can I calm down when something horrible could be happening to my mother?

Kayla: Steve!

Steve: I'm still here.

Kayla: Get me out of here!

Steve: I'm trying. What's going on? Is someone in there with you?

Kayla: No, but I'm scared.

Steve: All right, all right. Stand back -- all the way back.

Kayla: All right. Oh! Oh, thank God!

Steve: You all right?

Kayla: Yeah. I'm all right. I'm okay now. How did you know I was here?

Steve: Stephanie called me. She was worried about that page you got.

Kayla: I came down to this room, and there was no one here. And before I had a chance to turn around, the door slammed shut and it was locked. And then I started hearing this heavy breathing from that vent. Something was calling my name over and over again. I kept saying, "what do you want?" "Who are you?" It kept saying, "Kayla, Kayla."

Steve: You're safe. I'm here now. Hang on.

Kayla: What are you doing? What are you doing?

Steve: Checking it out. I don't hear anything now.

Kayla: Aah!


Billie: This can't be happening. They can't die.

Tek: I’m sure there’s something you can do for Kayla and Steve.

Lexie: I can’t.

Tek: Why not?

Lexie: I'm a doctor who doesn't work here anymore.

E.J.: If they're so awful, why do you care about how they feel?

Sami: I don’t.

Carrie: I'm gonna miss you like crazy.

Kate: Bye-bye.

Marlena: Bye-bye.

Austin: Bye.

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