Days Transcript Monday 10/23/06

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 10/23/06 - Canada; Tuesday 10/24/06 - U.S.A.


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John: Hey.

Marlena: Good morning to you.

John: Where have you been, baby?

Marlena: On an emergency croissant run. Would you like one?

John: Croissant?

Marlena: Mm-hmm. [Laughs]

John: Sure. I made some coffee.

Marlena: Goody.

John: Listen, honey, I'm sorry about last night. I thought I'd be home before you went to bed.

Marlena: Well, you could have awakened me.

John: I don't know. You were sleeping so peacefully, I didn't want to disturb you.

Marlena: Now, you were saying something last night about making an honest woman of me.

John: You know I did. But first things first.

Marlena: Oh. Oh, God. Mmm. Mmm.

E.J.: Good morning, sleepyhead.

Sami: What time is it?

E.J.: About 10:00.

Sami: Oh, my God. Is it really that late?

E.J.: Mm-hmm. Yeah. Try this. It'll help.

Sami: Oh, coffee. Thank you. E.J., I don't remember coming home last night. All I remember is being at your place listening to music.

E.J.: Yeah, Diana Krall, Coltrane. It was fun, eh?

Sami: How much champagne did I drink?

E.J.: Lots. No, I'm only kidding. You hardly had any. You were so exhausted, you conked out as soon as I got you through there. I carried you back here last night. You made a good job of getting into bed, I see.

Sami: What about you?

E.J.: I stayed in my own bed.

Sami: Thanks, E.J. Thanks for taking good care of me.

E.J.: No thanks necessary. You had a rough day yesterday.

Sami: Yeah, I did.

E.J.: Mm-hmm. Listen, I know you have a lot on your plate right now, but when things calm down, you and I -- we need to have a little chat because, Samantha, I really feel there's something special between us. And I think that we owe it to ourselves to see where it's going to lead.

Sami: E.J., um...

E.J.: Come on. I think it's about time you and I had a little bit of fun..

Sami: Fun?

E.J.: Yeah, do you remember fun? Do you know what fun is? F-u-n, darling.. Smiling and laughing, enjoying a sunny day -- all that kind of -- there we go -- business. Remember all the things you used to do before you were so very worried about being found out?

Sami: I don't even know the last time that I wasn't worried about somebody finding out something that I had done that was terrible.

E.J.: Well, I think you need somebody to help you enjoy life a little bit. I'm volunteering.

Max: Oh, hey, man. I didn't know you were here.

Shawn D.: I crashed in the office.

Max: I thought you moved onto the boat.

Shawn D.: Yeah, it didn't really work out.

Max: Why not?

Shawn D.: It's a long story. I don't really want to talk about it.

Max: Okay.

Shawn D.: What happened with you and Stephanie? How'd it go?

Max: Not so great. You know the gift that Abby bought me to give to her?

Shawn D.: Uh-huh.

Max: I probably should have looked at it first.

Shawn D.: What was it?

Max: It was a bear holding a sign that said "Be Mine. Xoxo."

Shawn D.: Ouch.

Max: Yeah.

Shawn D.: Ooh.

Max: So, she was totally blind sided when I tried to tell her I wanted to break things off. And then she started hyperventilating and freaking out. And the doctor and the nurse had to come in, put her back on oxygen. I didn't know what to do. And I can't just walk away from it -- you know, not until she's feeling better, anyway.

Shawn D.: You're gonna do what? You're just gonna keep stringing her along?

Max: Look, I'll be as honest with her as I can without upsetting her, but not until she gets out of the hospital, anyway.

Shawn D.: I don't know, Max. It's not like she doesn't know something's up. I think that you're gonna have to bite the bullet, buddy.

Mimi: Max, I hope you're here. I really need to you.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Mimi: I didn't think you'd be here.

Shawn D.: I work here.

Mimi: Well, I heard about your boating accident. I'm glad you're okay.

Max: Wait, what accident?

Mimi: Shawn didn't tell you? He took his father's boat out in a storm, and the Coast Guard had to rescue him.

Max: No, he didn't tell me.

Shawn D.: What I do is none of your business, Mimi, and I don't appreciate you dragging my parents into this.

Mimi: Excuse me for trying to save your life. It won't happen again.

Shawn D.: Good.

Mimi: You're such a jerk. Hey, Max, have you met Shawn's new girlfriend?

Max: No, I didn't know that he was dating anyone.

Mimi: I'll bet Max would be interested to know about her professional background.

Shawn D.: Leave it alone, Mimi.

Mimi: What's the matter? Are you ashamed of Willow?

Max: Look, Mimi, hold on a second, okay? Shawn and you are still married.. Maybe he's embarrassed that he's already dating or something.

Mimi: No, Max, what he's embarrassed about is he's dating a hooker.

Max: Wait. What?

Shawn D.: At least she's not a liar.

Max: Okay, hold on a second. You guys, whatever's going on, I don't care.. Just don't do it here.

Shawn D.: I don't even -- I don't even want to talk to her anymore.

Mimi: I'm sorry, Max. I can't believe things have turned out like this.

Max: No, that's okay. Don't worry about it.

Marlena: Mmm. Ooh. Mmm. Ooh. I love being with you again.

John: You know, Doc, I have come so close to losing you so many times. I think about New Jersey and the way that could have played out. It just scares the hell out of me.

Marlena: Do we know why I was abducted, or --

John: I wasn't going there. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring you down.

Marlena: I'm all right. I just feel so safe in your arms. Oh, I love you so.

John: I love you, too, baby. So, what do you say we make this a forever kind of thing?

Marlena: Oh, John. [Doorbell rings]

John: Marlena, my love.

Marlena: [Sighs]

John: [Clears throat]

Marlena: It's Roman.

John: Of course.

Marlena: I asked him to come over.

John: Hey, it's all right. It's okay.

[Doorbell rings]

Marlena: I'll get it. I'll get it. Hi, Roman.

Roman: Well, there she is -- back home, looking beautiful as ever.

Marlena: Oh, why, thanks.

Roman: Bad time?

John: No, not at all, Roman. How you doing?

Roman: I'm doing good, John. How about yourself?

John: Pretty good. Listen, I got to get to a meeting. That'll give you and Doc a few minutes to catch up, and I'll see you later.

Roman: Good. Take care.

Marlena: I'm so sorry.

John: I'll ask you that question later.

Marlena: I'll remind you.

John: Mm-hmm. I know you will.

Marlena: Well, thanks for coming by.

Roman: I am really glad you called.

Roman: What you went through in New Jersey -- I am just glad that John found you in time.

Marlena: I'm lucky to be alive. Coffee?

Roman: Absolutely. Thank you. I wanted to go with him.

Marlena: I know. John told me that. You had your hands full with Will, didn't you?

Roman: Things have been crazy, yeah.

Marlena: John also told me that you were the one who discovered that I was missing. I don't know how to thank you for that.

Roman: Well, Doc, I don't know what the hell I'd have done if I'd have lost you. So, anyway, tell me -- what's going on? You look happy.

Marlena: John and I are back together. He's moving back in.

Roman: Well, then things are good.

Marlena: Things are good -- well, except for one thing.

Roman: Which is?

Marlena: Sami.

Sami: [Sighs] E.J., my life sucks.

E.J.: Come on now. Things will get better.

Sami: You don't understand. I am a horrible, rotten person. My dad is the only person who has always been on my side, and he is never gonna forgive me for this. Oh, God, what am I gonna say to him?

E.J.: Shh. You want my advice? You tell him and everybody else who gives you a hard time that you're not gonna apologize anymore. They just need to get over it.

John: Hey, Patrick. Sorry to keep you waiting, man.

Patrick: Hey, John. No problem. I just got here.

John: Oh. What do you say we get some drinks, grab a table? What do you like?

Patrick: Beer's fine.

John: All right. Couple drafts. We'll be sitting over there. Thanks.

Patrick: How's it going, man?

John: Yeah, it's all right. Everything's going okay.

Patrick: Yeah? Well, I do have to admit, I was a little surprised that you wanted to get together. I haven't seen much of you since Morgan Island.

John: Yeah, I feel bad about that, especially the way you came through for me -- you know, getting Marlena away from Alex North.

Patrick: Well, you came through for me, too, helping me get into the police academy. Too bad I got kicked out, but you know, that's another story.

Waitress: Here you go.

Patrick: Thanks.

John: Thank you. What do you want to drink to?

Patrick: Uh...happier times.

John: Happier times. You know, Patrick, actually, I've been meaning to call you for quite some time, but my personal life has been a little crazy.

Patrick: Marlena.

John: Well, you know, she wanted a separation. Then she took off to New Jersey to start up this clinic, came up missing. I had to go there to try to find her.

Patrick: Did you figure out what happened there?

John: Somebody's just trying to mess with us, I think. But anyway, she's home. She's safe. We're back together, so it's all good.

Patrick: A happy ending.

John: So far, so good. So, how about you? What's going on?

Patrick: Well, you know I'm gonna be a father.

John: Yeah, congratulations, if I haven't said so already.

Patrick: Thank you. Yeah, it came as quite a surprise to me and Hope.

John: A good surprise, I hope.

Patrick: Yeah, unfortunately, Bo isn't so happy about that.

John: Well, he still loves her, Patrick.

Patrick: Yeah, well, so do I, and he's making my life a living hell.

John: Yeah? And how's that?

Mimi: I'm sorry. My intentions were not to come over here and cause all this and get all emotional.

Max: Hey, that's what friends are for, right? Don't worry about it.

Mimi: Thanks. But you're more Shawn's friend than mine.

Max: Mimi, I care about both of you. I'm just sorry there's all this tension in between you.

Mimi: It's more than tension. Shawn hates me.

Max: No, no, okay? Shawn's mad at the world. You know how he gets.

Mimi: You're just trying to make me feel better, but you know what I did..

Max: Yeah, and it wasn't right. You don't need me to tell you that. But Shawn loves you. I think when he calms down, he's gonna get over all this.

Mimi: Shawn used to love me -- not anymore.

Max: Mimi, just give it some time, okay? What did you come over here in the first place for, huh?

Mimi: Oh, yeah, it's my car.

Max: Mm-hmm.

Mimi: It's -- well, sometimes it starts, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Max: Okay.

Mimi: Shawn was gonna take a look at it, but -- anyway, it's just getting worse and worse. It needs a new transmission, I think, and probably some other things, too.

Max: Okay.

Mimi: But I don't have the money.

Max: Let me look at it, okay? It's probably not a big deal anyway, so don't worry about it.

Mimi: All right, well, whatever it does cost, I will pay. But it will have to be in installments.

Max: I know. I know you're good for it, okay? Did you bring it here?

Mimi: Mm-hmm.

Max: Good, then I'll take a look at it.

Mimi: Thank you. I really hate to ask you for this favor.

Max: Mimi, you can come by here anytime. I mean that. Anything you want, okay?

Willow: I should have known you'd be here, you bitch.

Roman: Well, all right, Doc. Tell me about Sami.

Marlena: Well, she came to see me yesterday. We both know that Sami has done some really terrible things, but I'm afraid this is the worst thing she's ever done. She blackmailed Lexie into lying to Carrie, into telling her that if she and Austin were to have children together, they would have a fatal genetic abnormality, all because she wanted Austin for herself.. You don't even look surprised to me. So you knew about this already. Oh, did you not think that I had to know about this? You didn't want to tell me about this?

Roman: Doc --

Marlena: When did you know, Roman?

Roman: I found out the day of Sami's wedding.

Marlena: And you didn't think that maybe it was important for me to know that, too?

Roman: Doc, my hands were tied, okay?

Marlena: I have --

Roman: Wait a minute. Let me explain. When Tek told me what Sami had done --

Marlena: Tek told you?

Roman: Yeah.

Marlena: Tek knew about it, too.

Roman: Yeah.

Marlena: Oh, my gosh.

Roman: Lexie confided in Tek about the blackmail, and I got to tell you, it made me just as sick as I can tell it made you.

Marlena: What was I, Roman -- invisible?

Roman: Well, yeah. Yeah, Doc, you kind of were.

Marlena: What is that supposed to mean?

Roman: Well, you took off right after the wedding. You took the job in New Jersey.

Marlena: You encouraged me to do that.

Roman: Yes, I did. Look, the reason I couldn't tell you is that the business between Sami and Lexie got all tangled up in a police investigation.

Marlena: What about Carrie? She's your daughter, too. And Lexie's lies cost her the man she loved, so didn't you think maybe you should be telling her about it?

Roman: Marlena, it was too late. Carrie and Lucas were already married. And as far as Sami goes, I pressed her to find out why she called off her wedding to Austin. I thought she just might open up about her and Lexie. But instead she clammed up.

Marlena: Well, she unclammed up when she got here, didn't she?

Roman: Well, that's a good sign, isn't it?

Marlena: Roman, I wouldn't buy it. I mean, Sami is still the same selfish, conniving little wench that she always was.

Sami: E.J., you cannot be serious. You expect me to tell my father that I think he should get lost?

E.J.: That's right.

Sami: You don't understand. I hurt so many people -- Lucas and my son. You don't just get to do things like that without dealing with the consequences, believe me.

E.J.: Tell me something. Do you think you're the only person that's ever hurt somebody?

Sami: No, of course not.

E.J.: Samantha, your problem is you're surrounded by people who insist on changing you, but you're you. And you know what? I think you're perfect just the way you are.

Sami: I'm hardly perfect.

E.J.: I'm serious, Samantha. Come on, you're a beautiful, intelligent woman. You can be a little bit headstrong at times, okay? And no, you may not always make the best decisions. But you have this wonderful energy to you. You walk into a room, and every other woman just fades into the background. So, don't live your life by other people's rules. If they can't accept you for who you are, that's their problem. Just be you. Be Samantha Gene Brady, a woman that I happen to be crazy about.

Patrick: Look, I know you and Bo are friends, but the guy is out of control.

John: Yeah, he's got a temper, Patrick. Hell, I have one, too. So do you.. Come on, I've seen you in action.

Patrick: Fine, that's true, but this is different.

John: Different how?

Patrick: Bo's arresting me for the murder of Eve Michaels is not just some temper tantrum.

John: What do you think it is since the charges against you were dropped?

Patrick: I think it's a frame-up. The arrest was based on evidence found in my house -- evidence that Bo planted.

John: You really think that?

Patrick: The guy hassles me every chance he gets. Last night, I went to see Hope. Bo was there. The guy was out of his mind. And this little bruise here you were too polite to say anything about -- yeah, that's courtesy of Bo Brady. The guy attacked me because he can't stand my relationship with Hope. I've had it. I pressed charges.

John: You're kidding me.

Patrick: Nope. He arrested me. I figured I'd return the compliment.

John: Patrick, listen, clipping you is one thing. But I know Bo. He's not the kind of guy to plant evidence out of jealousy or for any other reason. If he suspected you of doing something wrong, he must have had some kind of reason.

Patrick: Oh, you're saying I'm a bad guy, too.

John: Come on, man. I'm not saying that.

Patrick: What are you saying?

John: Hey, as far as I'm concerned, you proved yourself to me on Morgan Island, then again with Alex North. But that doesn't matter. What you got to do is find a way to coexist with Bo.

Patrick: Yeah, well, I've been trying, but we live in the same town. I keep running into him.

John: Look, I don't know how this thing's gonna play out with you and Hope. Let's just say that you do wind up with her. Bo's gonna have to get over it.

Patrick: I don't think that's gonna happen.

John: I think you're forgetting one point. See, Bo's had a problem with you long before you ever got involved with Hope. See, what he's hung up on is the fact that you used to work with the DiMeras.

Patrick: That was a long time ago.

John: That doesn't matter. You're gonna have to find a way to prove to him that chapter in your life is over.

Patrick: Okay, how am I gonna do that?

John: You know, I don't know. Maybe I could help. You know I used to work with Stefano. Maybe if you told me a little bit about your history with him, I could try to convince Bo that, that chapter in your life is over.

Patrick: It is over.

John: All right, fine, well, then answer a few questions.

Patrick: About the DiMeras?

John: Yeah.

Patrick: Fine. Go ahead.

John: Well, like me, did you work for them in Europe?

Patrick: Yes, but like I said, that was a long time ago.

John: Who were you taking your orders from? Was it Stefano or Tony?

Patrick: Why am I beginning to feel like this isn't such a friendly drink we're having?

John: I thought I explained that.

Patrick: It's starting to feel like one hell of an interrogation.

Marlena: Roman, Sami's hurt so many people.

Roman: Yeah, but, Doc, when she came to see you --

Marlena: No, she wasn't coming here to confess. She came here so I would run interference between the two of you so maybe you would forgive her.

Roman: But she did say she was sorry.

Marlena: Well, I think she always says she's sorry. And I wonder if somewhere deep down inside in some little, tiny, quiet, dark place, she means it. But she was so busy blaming me and blaming you and blaming Lexie -- until Sami takes responsibility for her own actions, nothing is ever going to change in her life.

Roman: Well, Doc, whether you believe this or not, even if Sami hadn't told you what she'd done, I was about to come to you.

Marlena: When?

Roman: Today.

Marlena: Wow. What a coincidence.

Roman: But it's true 'cause of Will.

Marlena: Will. Oh, Will.

Roman: See, Kate and I were talking about Will and how he always gets his hopes up about his mother, and then he's always constantly let down. Kate's worried about him. So am I.

Marlena: Kate is his other grandmother. Of course she's worried about him.

Roman: Poor kid was so disgusted when Sami called off the wedding to Austin that he went to Chicago. And I got to tell you, Doc, I'm afraid that this time, he might do something even more dangerous.

John: I'm just trying to help you out, Patrick. I don't want to see you and Bo at each other's throats all the time.

Patrick: Yeah, well, I think Bo sent you here.

John: Are you sure that's not the beer talking?

Patrick: That's good. You call me out of the blue. You say you want to have a friendly little drink. 10 minutes later, you're grilling me about my past. I wouldn't be surprised if you're wearing a wire.

John: If you want to pat me down, remember, there's people watching.

Patrick: I think your buddy is a crooked cop, and I don't think you're much better.

John: Easy, Patrick.

Patrick: Save it. This conversation's over. I'll pay for the beer.

Marlena: You know, I keep asking myself where we went wrong. You're a policeman. I'm a psychiatrist. What we do is we help people in trouble, and we didn't help Sami.

Roman: Yeah, but I guess maybe we spent more time helping other people, not enough time with the kids.

Marlena: Well, we have busy lives, Roman, and we do take time with our children. I guess Sami just needed a little bit more of us.

Roman: Yeah, which she always throws in our faces. She loves to make us feel guilty.

Marlena: Yeah. The kids have had a lot to deal with. I was gone. They thought I was dead. And then, of course, I got involved with John.

Roman: Come on, Doc. We're not gonna beat ourselves up over that. Look, Carrie and Eric turned out fine, didn't they?

Marlena: They did.

Roman: Yes, they did. So, where are we here? How can we help?

Marlena: I think we should present a united front, let Sami know that she can't play us against each other anymore.

Roman: All right, you want me to be tough on her, too, and let her know that we're not gonna come to her rescue anymore.

Marlena: Yeah. And also let her know that if she continues going down this path, she's going to lose everything and everyone she really cares about.

Roman: All right. You know what, Doc? I think I'll go see Sami right now..

Marlena: Roman... tell her also that she's welcome to destroy her own life. We will not let her destroy Will's.

Sami: Um, E.J., I'm flattered, but --

E.J.: Samantha, don't act so surprised. Come on. I've been attracted to you since the day we met, and you know it. I saw in you then the type of woman that you are -- adventurous. You're not afraid. And since then, I've come to admire you as somebody who knows how to have fun and who isn't afraid to fight for what she wants.

Sami: Well, I know how to fight dirty.

E.J.: Well, maybe that's something you and I have in common.

Sami: Come on. You? E.J., you are such a gentlemen. I can picture you on a white horse, fighting for a woman's honor.

E.J.: Samantha, I've basically been on my own since I was a kid. And before that, we were constantly uprooted. I had to adjust to new faces, new people. I learned how to look after myself.

Sami: E.J., I can't believe you're telling me this. What about your family?

E.J.: We don't have that much contact. It seems to work out better that way. Anyway...

[Clears throat] I'm not here to talk about me. I'm here to talk about you. Thank you. You deserve to be with somebody who appreciates you for who you are -- somebody who loves you unconditionally.

Sami: You think a guy like that really exists?

E.J.: Yes, I do. I think you're looking at him.

Sami: So, you're saying that nothing I could do would shock or horrify you so much that you wouldn't want to have anything to do with me?

E.J.: Not a thing. Samantha, I adore the bad girl in you just as much as I adore the good.

Sami: You mean that?

E.J.: Try me. [Cellphone rings]

Sami: Ignore it.

E.J.: I intend to.

Patrick: Damn it.

John: Hey, Doc, it's me. I need your help.

Willow: What I told you about me was supposed to stay between the two of us. Who the hell else did you tell?

Mimi: Anybody who makes a living on her back has no right getting self-righteous with me, especially when she's sleeping with my husband.

Max: Come on! Cut it out!

Shawn D.: Willow, what are you doing here?

Willow: I came looking for Mimi. She told your mother all about my past.

Mimi: Your past?

Shawn D.: You are the one who told my mother?

Willow: And God knows who else.

Shawn D.: I should have known it was you.

Mimi: I'm still your wife, Shawn. I have a right to know who you're seeing.

Shawn D.: You have no rights with me, Mimi. Looking at you -- it makes me sick.

Marlena: Hello, Patrick.

Patrick: Marlena.

Marlena: Have you seen John?

Patrick: Yeah, he was here. I guess -- I guess he left.

Marlena: Oh. How are you?

Patrick: Fine, thanks.

Marlena: You don't look fine.

Patrick: Well, I did just have a couple of drinks and a not-so-great conversation with your husband.

Marlena: Oh, I'm so sorry. So, it looks like you could use a friend, huh? Not a psychiatrist, just a friend.

Patrick: Okay. I wasn't ready to go home anyway. What can I get you?

Marlena: Why don't we both have a ginger ale? Especially you.

Patrick: That's a good idea.

Marlena: I'm gonna use the ladies' room. Why don't you order? I'll be right back.

Patrick: Will do. Bartender, can I get, I guess, a club soda, maybe some ginger ale?

Bartender: All right.

Marlena: Oh, my gosh. Okay, okay. Whoever you are in there, I've got pepper spray, and I know how to use it.

John: What's up, Doc? Is that phone for me?

John: Hey.

Marlena: Oh!

John: Easy, Evans.

Marlena: You scared me to death.

John: Come on. I figured you might need a little help.

Marlena: How did you know there was nobody else in here, huh?

John: Don't worry. I checked the place out. All right, now let's see who Patrick Lockhart has been calling.

Marlena: I can't believe that I got that phone off him.

John: Relax.

Marlena: Oh.

John: You did a great job. Besides, we got a few seconds while this downloads.

[Knock on door]

E.J.: I say we ignore it.

Sami: I didn't hear anything.

Roman: Sami! Sami, open the door.

Sami: Oh, my God! That's my dad. E.J., put your shirt on.

Roman: I know you're in there. Open up.

Sami: Oh, God.

Roman: Sami, you want me to get the trooper?

Sami: Dad -- Dad, it's me. I'm coming. [Clears throat] Hi. E.J. and I were just about to go to lunch.

Roman: Well, I'm sure E.J. won't mind eating alone. You and I need to talk.

Sami: Dad, can't it wait?

Roman: No, it can’t.

E.J.: It's fine. Another time. It's okay. Commander.

Sami: Dad, come on. I --

Roman: Sami, how in the hell could you do that to your sister?

Patrick: Hey, have you seen my cellphone?

Bartender: Where'd you have it?

Patrick: It was right here. I'm sure of it.

Bartender: Well, it couldn't have gone too far.

Marlena: Is this what you're looking for?

Patrick: Ha. Yes. Thank you. Where'd you --

Marlena: It was right here.

Patrick: Oh. Okay.

Marlena: Aren't you glad to switch to ginger ale now?

Patrick: [Laughs] Yes, I am. And... eh, here's a club soda for you.

Marlena: Oh. Thanks.

Mimi: I make you sick? How do you think I feel?

Shawn D.: I don't care how you feel.

Mimi: Well, I guess not, but I don't know what you expected me to do when I found out about you and her.

Shawn D.: I expected you to butt out. We're not together anymore.

Mimi: We're still legally married.

Shawn D.: I'm still working on that. The way you lied and withheld information about Claire, I'm sure is grounds for annulment. Now get the hell out of here. Nobody wants you here.

Max: Don't talk to her that way, Shawn.

Shawn D.: This is between Mimi and me, so stay out of it.

Max: This is my garage. I'm so sick of you telling me who can and cannot come in here. Not only is Mimi a customer, she's welcome anytime. If you can't handle that, then you can bunk somewhere else. After what you did to my car, you can get another job while you're at it, huh?

Shawn D.: I -- I'm out of here, man.

Max: Fine.

Willow: And you keep your mouth shut about me or I'll shut it for you.

Max: What the --

Mimi: Wow. Max, I am so, so sorry.

Max: Look, it's not your fault, okay? When people are angry, they say things they don't mean.

Mimi: Shawn meant those things.

Max: You're not alone, okay? You're not alone. If you need a shoulder to lean on or anything, I'm here for you, okay?

Mimi: Thank you.

John: How'd it go?

Marlena: Patrick never suspected a thing.

John: All right. I'm gonna have these numbers checked out from his phone.. If we're lucky, we're gonna find something that's gonna help Bo. Do you realize I couldn't have done this without you? You were magnificent.

Marlena: I was, wasn't I?

John: I'm just sorry that I had to get you involved.

Marlena: You know what? I kind of liked it. You make life very exciting, John Black.

John: You think? You know, if excitement is what you're after, you better just stick around. Now, let's see. I think I was working my way up to -- oh, yeah -- asking you a question.

Marlena: I'm ready whenever you are.

Sami: What did mom say?

Roman: What do you think? The truth.

Sami: I didn't mean to hurt Carrie.

Roman: Really? Then why'd you do it?

Sami: Dad, you should have seen them -- Austin and Lucas both panting after Carrie. And the way she was leading them on was disgusting.

Roman: Sami, what the hell is wrong with you? Do you really not see how sick this is? What you did to your sister was unbelievably heartless and cruel.

Sami: I apologized to her for it. I don't know what else I can do.

Roman: Well, you can start by treating people decently. And until that happens, I don't want much to do with you. Look at me, damn it. Sami, did you hear what I just said?

Sami: Yes, I did. But you know what? I'm sick of people trying to change me. I am who I am. And if you and mom love me unconditionally, you'll accept me. And if you don't, then I guess that's tough. But I am through turning myself inside out trying to be the perfect person that you want me to be. I have apologized, and I am sick of begging people for forgiveness. If you have a problem with it -- you know what, Dad? -- You can leave.

Roman: Wow. My God, Sami. Yeah, good attitude. But I'll tell you what -- there is no way in hell that I'm walking out of here till we have this out.

Sami: Well, I'm going to lunch. Have it out with yourself.

Roman: Damn.

E.J.: I warned you not to contact me.

Patrick: Yeah, well, things have gotten more complicated.

E.J.: If they have, that's because of you. I told you not to call me, and I told you why.

Patrick: Yeah, to protect your ass.

E.J.: To protect the whole operation, including you. And I'm not sure I like your tone.

Patrick: My tone. Well, this is something you're gonna want to hear.

E.J.: You're not listening to me, Patrick. I don't want this trail coming back to me.

Patrick: Do you want to know this or not? John Black is onto me.

E.J.: I wouldn't worry about John Black. I have his future all mapped out.

Stephanie: We're both in love with guys who stopped loving us. What's wrong with us?

Chelsea: Did you know that she was a drug addict?

Steve: Yeah.

Chelsea: Well, then I guess you also knew about the porn movies that she's made.

Austin: I want to get the hell out of here and move to Europe.

Carrie: I can't move to Europe with you -- or I won’t.

John: Will you please marry me, Marlena?

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