Days Transcript Wednesday 10/18/06

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 10/18/06 - Canada; Thursday 10/19/06 - U.S.A.


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[Thunder crashes]

Shawn D.: Belle, what are you doing here?

Belle: I, uh, thought you were in trouble. I didn't mean to interrupt. I have to go.

Shawn D.: Please, Belle, don't go. I-I can explain.

Patrick: Thank you.

Hope: Thank you.

Patrick: Cheers.

Hope: Want to trade?

Patrick: I'll do you one better. I will listen. So, tell me everything that is going on in that beautiful head of yours, and don't stop until your finished.

Hope: That may take a while.

Patrick: It's okay. I have the time.

Hope: Okay, it's Shawn. For one thing, I'm losing him.

Patrick: Hope, he's a grown man. It's time to stop checking in with mommy.

Hope: I can let go. That's not the problem.

Patrick: I’m sorry I didn't mean to offend you.

Hope: My son, he's on a tear of self-destructive behavior, and nothing I say seems to make a difference.

Patrick: Well, a guy that age will only listen to another man.

Hope: His dad.

Patrick: Yeah. And Bo doesn't really seem to care.

Hope: That’s not true. I know it's not true. He loves his son.

Bo: Hope, we need to talk.

Hope: I said everything I needed to at the harbor master's office.

Bo: I know you did. It's my turn.

Patrick: She isn’t interested, so leave her the hell alone.

Kate: And it really has been such a lovely autumn, don't you think?

Roman: You know what, Kate? We can talk about the weather for a long time, but if there's a reason I'm here, now would be a good time to tell me.

Kate: Oh! I invited you for a drink because you're such a wonderful man.

Roman: And?

Kate: And I do need your help with a particular person.

Roman: Is somebody bothering you?

Kate: Bothering Lucas. A scheming, two-faced little wench.

Roman: Does she have a name?

Kate: S-a-m-I -- Sami Brady. That's right. That's right. Your little girl is out to ruin Lucas' life again and this time, we're gonna stop her.

Carrie: You lied to me!

Sami: Yeah, well, I'm sorry, okay? Get over it.

Carrie: Never! Because of you I thought Austin and I couldn't have children.

Sami: Yeah, well, you couldn't anyway.

Carrie: Stop it -- bleach-blond hair falls out! [Indistinct shouting]

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Lucas: Sami, stop it!

Sami: You're crazy.

Carrie: I never trusted you.

Sami: Let go of me.

Carrie: You bitch!

Sami: God! Get off of me!

Austin: You stop! Stop! [Screaming]

Sami: I can’t believe you did this.

Carrie: You pig! Eat that! You pig!

Sami: Aah!

Lucas: Enough! That is enough, both of you! Here, Sami, look at me. Come on. Smile.

Sami: What are you --

Lucas: There you go. Now your picture's gonna be all over the internet.

Sami: All right. All right, I'll stop. You don't have to blackmail me.

Lucas: I'm talking to you in terms you understand! That's what I'm doing..

Sami: This was supposed to be for Will. He just made it on the J.V. basketball team, and now you've ruined our family celebration!

Carrie: What family do you have, Sami? No one's ever gonna love you ever again.

Sami: Shows what you know, Carrie. Tell her, Lucas. I should have known. Look, we all made mistakes here, okay? All of us. So, why don't you just accept my apology, and we can just move on?

Carrie: Yeah, well, we're moving on without you, Sami. You're gonna stay right here all alone.

Sami: You know, this is why I didn't tell you -- because I knew you would react like this.

Lucas: You are ridiculous. Stop lying, all right? You take a piece of everybody. You don't care who it hurts, do you?

Sami: All right, that is the way I used to be, but I have changed, Lucas.. I can prove it. When I realized that Carrie and Austin belonged together, that is why I stopped the wedding.

Austin: And yeah, now I'm wondering why.

Sami: Because I have changed.

Carrie: Or someone forced you.

Lucas: Yeah, that makes a hell of a lot more sense.

Carrie: Someone blackmailed you, didn't they, Sami? Someone who knew your dirty little secret.

Lucas: Damn it, Sami. You are the same person you've always been. You haven't changed a bit, have you?

Sami: Lucas, that is not true.

Lucas: Don't give me that. Don't start lying to me anymore.

Austin: Stop lying for once in your life.

Willow: What's going on?

Belle: Sorry. I thought Shawn was in trouble.

Willow: He's fine. He has everything he needs.

Belle: I have to go.

Shawn D.: Willow, just give me a minute, okay?

Willow: Sure.

Shawn D.: I can explain.

Belle: Well, you don't have to.

Shawn D.: Are you okay?

Belle: Yeah, yeah, I'm a little dizzy.

Shawn D.: Here, here, sit.

Belle: No, I need to go home.

Shawn D.: Rest for a minute, okay? And while you do that, I'm gonna explain to you about Willow and what she means to me. She's just a friend. What you saw, it meant nothing -- nothing at all.

Hope: Patrick --

Bo: This is between me and my wife.

Patrick: You want to talk to Hope about your relationship, do it on your own time.

Hope: Patrick, please. Let me speak to Bo.

Patrick: Fine. I'll be over there if you need me.

Bo: I'm not the one she needs protection from.

Patrick: Maybe you should ask Hope about that.

Bo: Do you think I'm dangerous?

Hope: Don't be ridiculous.

Bo: Yeah, thought so.

Hope: You shouldn't have followed me here.

Bo: I didn’t.

Hope: Right, this is just a coincidence

Bo: No, it's not, but I didn't dog your every step. I made a couple of phone calls. I wanted to talk to you about why I wasn't there for Shawn tonight.

Hope: We've had this conversation, and I'm done talking about it.

Bo: Well, good. Then maybe you'll be quiet long enough to listen.

Roman: All right, Kate, what is Sami supposed to have done to Lucas?

Kate: She forced Lucas to move in with her.

Roman: Oh, my God, that is awful. I should have her arrested, what, right now.

Kate: This isn't funny. This is not funny at all. Carrie and Austin made Lucas feel very, vulnerable, and that's exactly how Sami likes her prey.

Roman: Kate, let me tell you something. Lucas and Sami are not 14 years old. They're grown-ups. If they want to live together, they live together. They don't need your permission.

Kate: Oh, fine. But you know something? Let me tell you. Sami acts like she's 14. Sometimes she acts like she's 4. And I don't care who Lucas decides to live with. It could be anyone in Salem as long as it's not Sami. The streets are littered with her victims.

Roman: You know what? I'm getting real tired of you talking about Sami like this.

Kate: Oh, come on. It's not just me. Everyone does it. In fact, everyone's wondering when you and Marlena are going to take responsibility for that nightmare you spawned..

Roman: Wait just a minute. Your kids and that granddaughter of yours are no picnic, but you don't blame anybody else. No, every time, it's always somebody else's fault..

Kate: We're talking about Sami now, who I suspect caused Carrie to leave Lucas.

Roman: For your other son Austin. Maybe your boys are the problem.

Kate: [Sighs] Smirking -- smirking just doesn't look right on you. Listen, all I'm asking you to do is to keep Sami away from Lucas she's trouble. You know that. It's that simple.

Roman: You know what, Kate? I have actual bad guys to catch, so if you want to manipulate Lucas' life, you go right ahead, okay? I'm gonna let Sami make her own choices.

Kate: Even if they're always the wrong ones?

Roman: Well, sooner or later, she will learn.

Kate: And who pays while she's finding out? Our grandson, Will... just the same way he's been paying his whole life.

Austin: You didn't run out on our wedding because of guilt.

Lucas: Yeah, you know, you have to have a conscience to feel regret. Sami's not burdened with one of those, are you, Sami?

Sami: Lucas, of course I felt regret. I felt terrible.

Lucas: Did you?

Sami: Yes, of course. You don't believe me?

Austin: No.

Carrie: And we never will ever again.

Austin: So, why did you run out on the wedding?

Carrie: Yeah, Sami, who forced you to be a runaway bride?

Sami: I don't know, okay? I swear.

Carrie: I am getting really sick of your lies.

Sami: Why would I not tell you? Of course I know.

Carrie: We want the truth, Sami.

E.J.: Sami, is everything all right in there?

Austin: Oh, boy, it's E.J.

E.J.: I heard yelling. What happened?

Austin: Come on in.

Lucas: None of your business what happened.

E.J.: You want me to stay?

Carrie: Oh, yeah, E.J., why don't you stay? Then you can get to know the real Sami.

Sami: E.J., I think it would be better if maybe you came back later. Thank you, though.

E.J.: Are you sure? All right. Okay, listen, I'm just down the hall. If you need me, whistle.

Sami: Okay.

Bo: Sometimes you tell me things about myself that I don't want to hear.

Hope: It's not like you listen.

Bo: At the harbor master's. And I've been walking around thinking about what you said -- how I cut myself off from you and Shawn after Zack's death.

Hope: Don’t. Do not use our son's death for an excuse for your bad behavior.

Bo: When I was walking around, I couldn't help but think about him -- w we’d cross the street, he'd hold my hand... and how he'd just look up at me with that crooked little smile of his, and... it was like just being with me, he felt safe. He trusted me, and I let him down. If it felt like I was ignoring you and Shawn after his death, I wasn’t. I was just trying to fix things, Hope. Chelsea made a mistake, and I was trying to take care of that.

Hope: Stop protecting her. Let her take the consequences for her behavior. God knows the rest of us have to.

Bo: If I could do tonight over, she would be in jail for solicitation and I would have been there for you and Za-- you and Shawn.

Hope: I needed you so many times. I'm sorry. I can't risk needing you any longer.

Bo: I'll walk away, Hope, if that's what you really want, but only if he walks away, too. He's dangerous.

Hope: I can handle him.

Bo: You're fragile, and he's gonna play on that until he completely sucks you in.

Shawn D.: Don't cry over Willow. She doesn't mean anything to me.

Belle: I am crying because I thought you were gonna die and you didn’t.

Shawn D.: I'm hoping that those are tears of joy.

Belle: God. We used to know each other so well. I mean, I practically had sixth sense about when you were in trouble, but I just feel like I get everything about you wrong now.

Shawn D.: Like what?

Belle: Like thinking that you cared about Claire and me.

Shawn D.: You got that 100% right. Everything I do, everything I have ever done is because I care so much.

Belle: How can you say that you care about me? You barely came to see me when I was in the hospital.

Shawn D.: I came to see you a couple of times.

Belle: At my parents' house, you couldn't wait to leave.

Shawn D.: That's because I knew you didn't want me there.

Belle: What in the world would give you that idea?

Shawn D.: You did. I overheard you talking to Carrie at the hospital, saying that it was over between us and that you didn't want to see my face anymore.

Belle: Do you know why I said that? When you dropped that custody suit, I thought it meant that you didn't want Claire and me to be a part of your life anymore.

Shawn D.: That's not at all why I did it.

Belle: Then why?

Shawn D.: Because I had to respect Philip. You and Claire are everything to him.

Belle: Were everything to him. Philip left. He's gone.

Hope: Patrick is not sucking me in and neither are you.

Bo: You don’t trust me as a father. I get that. But don’t stop trusting me as a cop. My instincts are screaming that he's bad.

Hope: You know what? I'm a cop, too, and my instincts are telling me that this is personal for you.

Bo: This isn't about jealousy Hope, it's about trying to protect you.

Hope: And I'm trying to protect the baby that I'm carrying. Patrick may or may not have done the horrible things that you're accusing him. I don’t know. But I have to give the father of my baby a chance. I have to.

Roman: Do you really think Will's at risk?

Kate: Roman, he's grown up watching his parents fight, break up, get back together again, fight, break up. Of course he's at risk.

Roman: Well, I guess you're right, he turned out alright, he's also so polite. He never acts out.

Kate: He ran away. That's acting up.

Roman: Yeah, but I talked to him about that. He said things were better. He said things were better because his parents were getting back to-- together. How in the hell did I not see that?

Kate: Hello? See? So, the only thing we can do now is just keep Lucas and Sami as far apart as we possibly can because the longer this goes on, the higher that Will's hopes are gonna go.

Roman: How long have they been living together?

Kate: A few days.

Roman: Romantically?

Kate: Well, no, but it's only a matter of time before they start sleeping together. And then they're gonna start talking about marriage. And then Sami's gonna screw up and --

Roman: Or Lucas.

Kate: Yes. Or Lucas. But the point is, Lucas and Sami together are toxic to Will.

Roman: I'm not sure what the hee can do. I can't tell Sami who to live with.

Kate: Well, you have to do something, Roman, because someday Will's gonna run away and he won't come back.

Sami: It is not like this whole thing is my fault, you know.

Carrie: Excuse me?

Sami: Yeah, I know. Everyone likes to blame Sami for everything, but I'm not the only one who was in on this lie.

Carrie: Oh, yeah, that's right. I forgot. Lexie, right?

Sami: That's right. Your doctor, your friend -- Lexie Carver's the one who came up with this stupid lie to begin with.

Austin: Because you were blackmailing her.

Sami: She had a choice, just like you did.

Lucas: To tell Carrie that she and Austin couldn't have healthy children or you're gonna ruin her marriage -- that's a choice?

Sami: She ruined her marriage all by herself by sleeping with Tek. And anyway, after Abe found out about the affair, she still didn't tell you the truth. So, why aren't you mad at her?

Carrie: Blame whoever you want. I don’t care because I know that the lie started with you, my sister. I thought that you put me and Lucas and Austin through every possible torture you could. But guess what, Sami. I have finally learned my lesson.

Sami: And what does that mean?

Carrie: I'm not gonna sit back and take it. I'm gonna let everyone know exactly what you did -- your mom, our father, John, Will. And you're gonna be to them exactly what you are to me -- nothing.

Roman: Hell, I've been blunt as hell with her. I've told her she's made her bed. She's deserved everything she's gotten. But Sami pretends to listen, and then nothing changes.

Kate: [Sighs] Roman, look, you just have to do something because there is no way I'm gonna let her ruin Lucas or Will's life.

Roman: Well, if you've got any ideas, I'm open.

Kate: Marlena.

Roman: Marlena?

Kate: Marlena -- Sami's mother -- though I don’t think she remembers that these days.

Roman: Oh, come on, Kate. She loves those kids. You know that.

Kate: Yes, I'm sure she does, but she's so busy solving other people's problems, I think she's missed out on a few of her own.

Roman: All right. Well, I guess I can stop by and see Marlena soon.

Kate: Soon? I thought we agreed we were gonna help Will.

Roman: We did.

Kate: Well, then I think we need to start now, don’t you?

Roman: All right, all right. I guess, yeah. I haven't seen Marlena since she got back. I'm sure that we can have dinner together, talk about Sami.

Kate: Mm-hmm.

Roman: I mean, she and John aren't back together, right?

Kate: Uh, not that I know of. This might be your way to, I don’t know, find your way back into Marlena's life.

Roman: Kate, this isn't what this is about. This is about figuring out how to deal with Sami, and then we go from there.

Kate: Oh, co-parenting -- it can be so much fun.

Sami: Look, as soon as we finish cleaning up, I can go out and get another cake so we can celebrate --

Lucas: Forget it. Forget about the party a right? Will and I will celebrate later on our own.

Sami: Lucas, come on. Please don’t do this. I was being blackmailed, too.

Lucas: Really? Who was blackmailing you? Who leaves notes under the door all the time, huh? Who's that? I can't believe I'm gonna ask you. Forget about it.

Sami: Lucas, I'm telling you the truth. I don’t know who is doing it. Believe me, I would want to find out. The person caused enough damage.

Lucas: Not as much as you have. If the same person was gonna blackmail you, that same person was gonna kidnap Will and you weren't gonna tell me about it? You weren't gonna say a word about our son being kidnapped like that? You know what? I can't believe you. I can't believe that I wanted to trust you again and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. Forget it. You're the same con artist you've always been, right? And I'm done. I'm done caring about you. I will never make that mistaken, ever.

Shawn D.: Why would Philip just leave?

Belle: I guess he just got tired, you know? Ever since he got back from the war, he’s just been waiting for me to leave him.

Shawn D.: But you love him, don’t you?

Belle: Of course I do, just not -- just not the way that he needed me to.. I couldn't promise him that we would stay together.

Shawn D.: Last week Philip was all about fighting for you, and now --

Belle: This week he found out there was nothing to win. He asked, and I told him the truth.

Shawn D.: Suddenly we're both free.

Belle: I'm free. You have Willow.

Shawn D.: I told you, she's just --

Belle: Yeah, she doesn't mean anything to you. Yeah, I know.

Shawn D.: Then why are you sad?

Belle: Because the Shawn that I loved would never use a girl. The Shawn I loved is gone.

Hope: Bo, please, you've got to understand. I have to give him the benefit --

Bo: No, you can't do that.

Hope: Bo, I have to.

Patrick: Our table's ready.

Hope: Good, so am I.

Bo: We're not finished talking here.

Hope: Yes, yes, we are.

Bo: Please, don’t do that.

Patrick: Let go of her.

Bo: Listen to me. I will get the evidence on him. He will go to jail.

Patrick: You're out of your mind.

Bo: He's dangerous.

Patrick: You're the one who's hurting Hope right now.

Bo: I'm sorry. I -- I'm sorry. I didn't realize.

Patrick: Yeah, well, most obsessed people don’t. And that's what you are. You're obsessed, Bo, with trying to stop me from seeing your wife, to the point where you will plant evidence. So, why don’t you back off, huh? And don’t you ever, ever lay a hand on this woman again, you hear me?

Hope: Bo! Stop it! Stop it! Bo, stop! Stop it! Stop!

Roman: Well, all right, I'd better get going. I'll give Marlena a call.

Kate: Okay, but remember, with Sami, every minute counts.

Roman: You bet. Thanks for the tip. [Cellphone rings] Yeah, Commander Roman all right, I'll be right there. See you around.

Kate: Bye.

Roman: And I'll let you know what Marlena and I come up with.

Kate: You do that, commander. You do that. Well, well, well. So, did you succeed?

E.J.: With what -- seducing Sami away from Lucas? No. Unfortunately, I think that little game may be over.

Kate: Oh, what happened?

E.J.: I don’t know. Lucas was there, so I had to wait a little while before I made my play, and then Austin and Carrie turned up and all hell broke loose.

Kate: And?

E.J.: I don’t know. A lot of yelling. I stuck my head around the door. The furniture was tossed allover the place. There was cake smashed into the floor. It was a mess.

Kate: Oh, my God. What was all that about?

E.J.: I'm not sure, but Sami was scared. She looked like she was losing the fight of her life.

Kate: Ahh. But no blood, no tears?

E.J.: You look disappointed. Should there have been?

Kate: Well, if it was catastrophic, yes, yes, there should have been.

E.J.: No, Sami was different than I've ever seen her before. She was truly vulnerable. And I don’t mean in that stupid way she affects it, you know, to make people feel sorry for her. She was truly vulnerable.

Kate: Hmm. So, what happened next?

E.J.: Well, let me see. Austin and Carrie left. I came here.

Kate: You left Sami and Lucas alone. They're probably licking icing off each other as we speak

E.J.: No, I don’t think they are.

Kate: You have no idea what happened after you left.

E.J.: I know what didn't happen.

Kate: Really? Well, how can you be so sure? I need you to spit it out. I want to hear all your facts, all your theories, all your suppositions -- everything.

Carrie: Do you realize every choice we made this past year, they were manipulated by my doctor or my sister? I feel so stupid.

Austin: Join the club. We all thought she changed.

Carrie: How could she do this to us? Why did Lexie help her?

Austin: I don’t know, honey.

Carrie: You know what really kills me is the fact that they're gonna get away with it.

Austin: They're not gonna get away with it. I mean, by tomorrow, everyone's gonna know what happened.

Carrie: Won't matter. Sami never pays.

Austin: Are you kidding me? She pays every day just by being herself. I mean, you're right. They did go too far. No one's gonna give them another chance.

Carrie: I don’t know. Abe might give Lexie another chance unless someone warned him. Austin, I went to Lexie for advice -- not just medical advice, but as a friend. She knew how bad I wanted to have a child, and she told me not to go get a second opinion. She talked me out of my decision. And I'm not saying that I'm not responsible for the stupid choices that I made, because I am, but I can barely live with myself for the way that I hurt you and Lucas.. Do you think that Sami feels that way or Lexie? No, because they feel no remorse. I'm telling you, Austin -- they took something very precious away from me. And I want to do the same to them.

Hope: Stop it. Both of you, stop it. Here. Use this. Either one of you throws another punch, I get hit.

Bo: We'll finish this later.

Patrick: Yeah, right. They'll probably find me dead in some alley with a gun in my hand, and you'll get, what, a medal for gunning down an armed felon?

Bo: You scared, pretty boy?

Hope: I want to leave.

Patrick: Yeah, you're damn right I'm scared. You're crazy. That's why I'm gonna demand police protection.

Bo: The only person who needs protection here is Hope, from you.

Hope: You're the one who's scaring me. Nothing was wrong here until you got here. Bo, please, just go.

Bo: I'm not leaving you alone here with him.

Hope: Roman -- Roman, thank God you're here.

Roman: What's the problem?

Patrick: Your brother is the problem.

Bo: Everything's under control, Roman.

Patrick: Is that what you call assault, huh? Being under control?

Shawn D.: Wait. I didn't use Willow.

Belle: You had her half undressed and said she was nothing. The old Shawn, my Shawn, would never do something like that.

Shawn D.: Belle, what is this? I'm being honest with you, and you're treating me like a jerk. Philip bails on you, and you feel sorry for the guy.

Belle: Philip was upset.

Shawn D.: So was I. Mimi lied to me. My grandfather lied to me. Willow knew that I was hurting. She said that she would make me feel better. I took her up on the offer.

Belle: God. I let Philip go for a fantasy. Claire is crying for her daddy, and you say that you don’t want to be tied down with a kid.

Shawn D.: That's not what I said.

Belle: And now you're making out with strangers because your feelings got hurt?

Shawn D.: It was just a kiss. It's no big deal.

Belle: To you, maybe. To me, it meant everything. That kiss just showed me that you and I don’t have a future.

Sami: Lucas, I know that there is no excuse for what I did.

Lucas: That's true, but there never is, is there?

Sami: But I always thought that no matter what, you always saw something in me that was worth something.

Lucas: Yeah, I used to think that, too.

Sami: No look, I know you're disappointed in me, but --

Lucas: Disappointed in you? I'm way past disappointed.

Sami: I'm sorry, Lucas. There's nothing else I can say.

Lucas: No, there isn’t. That's why I'm moving out.

Kate: Why would you think Lucas is not interested in Sami?

E.J.: Because when she came up to me and flashed her little baby blues, your son didn’t flinch -- not a quiver. You mark my words. He's done with her.

Kate: Maybe. Maybe not. Lucas has a very bad habit of forgiving and then forgetting.

E.J.: Why Don’t you just distract him? Take him out for dinner..

Kate: And what will you be doing?

E.J.: I will be being a good neighbor. I'm sure if Sami's alone in the apartment all evening, she's going to spend most of it trying to call Lucas on his cellphone. I will simply offer a distraction.

Kate: Oh, I see. That's your plan -- that I sit eating an overdressed salad and listening to Lucas complain and you kiss away Sami's tears?

E.J.: No. My plan is far more devious. After dinner, you send Lucas tottering back to the house, and he’ll find me with Sami. That should seal the deal.

Kate: Well, that's good. That's good for you.

E.J.: Now, now, Kate, come on. It was your idea to have me seduce Sami away from the lad. I was only following your orders. Is there a problem?

Kate: Yes. With you. You seem overly enthusiastic about your assignment.

E.J.: I love my job. You know, I don’t think I've ever seen the green in your eyes, Kate.

Austin: What do you mean they took something precious away from you?

Carrie: I'm talking about my self-respect. And maybe even worse than that, I don’t think that I'll ever be able to trust anyone ever again.

Austin: You trust me, don’t you?

Carrie: Yes, but that's not the same.

Austin: No, it isn't, because they're liars and I'm not. But if we stop trusting each other, then Sami really has won because then we really do lose each other. You got that? All right. Here is a promise to tide you over until our wedding vows. I, Austin Reed, promise to never lie, cheat, or abandon you. And all you have to do, well, is agree to the same and promise that you'll trust me.

Carrie: I promise. But every time I see Sami in town, I'm gonna want to punch her in the face.

Austin: Yeah. Yeah, I understand. I've been thinking about that, I an idea. I think we should leave Salem.

Kate: You think I'm upset that you're taking Sami to bed?

E.J.: I think you're upset that I'm looking forward to it.

Kate: I'm not. But I am annoyed. I'm annoyed because you're playing with me. There's more to this plan that you aren't telling me. And I want to know everything.

E.J.: Why don’t you come a little closer and I'll tell you?

Carrie: Come on.

Austin: I think we should move to Switzerland.

Carrie: I thought you were gonna say New York or Chicago.

Austin: No, no, let's really go for it. You love Europe. Mythic just opened up a new office in the middle of alpine country, pristine lakes, chocolat -- you know, sounds good..

Carrie: Sounds perfect.

Austin: Yeah? When do you want to go?

Carrie: Right after I deal with Lexie.

Sami: Lucas, please. Please, we can't keep doing this to Will.

Lucas: Don't do it. Don't bring Will into this. Don't use my son to try to get what you want!

Sami: He is still our son, Lucas. We cannot keep hurting him like this.

Lucas: We -- we hurt him? If we hurt him, why does he always blame you, then, huh?

Sami: I know, okay? I know it's usually my fault. Lucas, if you do this, if you walk out, he is never going to understand. He is --

Will: Hey.

Sami: Hey, Will.

Will: You guys been fighting?

Sami: Um, yeah, I guess it's obvious. We had a fight about basketball.

Will: What happened?

Sami: Nothing. Nothing. It's just a mess.

Will: Mom, you must think I'm stupid.

Sami: No, of course I don’t.

Will: 'Cause I've learned a lot of things, like every time you do something really bad, dad gets that look on his face -- that one he has now. So, Mom, what'd you do this time? Dad?

Lucas: I'm sorry, son, but I can't live here anymore.

Shawn D.: Because I kissed some girl, we don’t have a future?

Belle: It's not the kiss. It's not even Willow. It's Claire, and she misses Philip.

Shawn D.: I am her real father. The three of us should be to.

Belle: Yeah, well, you said yourself you're not ready to be a father. You have way too much growing up to do, anyway.

Shawn D.: So does Claire. We'll be perfect for each other.

Belle: No, I am not going to let another man play daddy to my little girl and then walk out.

Roman: What the hell happened here? What's going on?

Patrick: Your brother assaulted me. I want him arrested.

Hope: Is that really necessary?

Roman: Bo, you punched him?

Patrick: Yeah, there's a roomful of witnesses.

Bo: Yeah, I punched him, and I'd do it again.

Roman: Good answer, Bo. Very smart.

Hope: Patrick, I'm so sorry.

Patrick: You don’t have to be. You're not the one who gave Bo a badge to hide behind. It's the Salem P.D.

Roman: I'll get your statement later. Hope, you too. I will get your statement down at the station.

Bo: All right, I'll come down and give it to you.

Roman: Bo, you know I can't do that. You got to go with me right now.

Bo: No, Roman. I am not leaving her alone with him.

Roman: Bo, turn around.

Bo: No, you're not arresting me.

Roman: I have no choice. Now, work with me on this. Look at her. She's a mess. You want to make it worse for her? All right, you have a right to remain silent.

Bo: Roman, you've got to get someone down here.

Roman: If you choose not to remain silent --

Bo: Come on, man. Just bring someone down here to keep an eye on Lockhart for me.

Roman: You have the right to an attorney. If you choose not to have an attorney or if you cannot afford one, one will be provided for you. Do you understand this?

Kate: Why don’t you come stay with me? It's a big suite.

Sami: No way in hell.

Lexie: What's your question?

Carrie: How the hell do you live with yourself?

Hope: I'm so sorry about everything.

Patrick: Maybe I should stay away.

Abe: You are out of control. You're hereby relieved of duty.

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