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E.J.: Hey. This is one place that Lucas and Will can't spoil our evening..

Lucas: [Sighs] Man. Come on, will. Where are you? Hey, come on, come on. Get down, get down. Don't get in the window. What happened? Did you find what you were looking for?

Will: Dad, I've been thinking.

Lucas: What? About what?

Will: Well, so far tonight, we've broken into E.J.'s car, put Limburger cheese in his heating system, and paid some hooker to bust in on them here.

Lucas: Yeah.

Will: I guess what I'm saying is -- is this a sign that I'm gonna be like Mom?

Lucas: Are you asking me if this is genetic or something?

Will: Yeah.

Lucas: Look, if I didn't ask you to help me, would you have thought of this on your own?

Will: No way.

Lucas: See? You got nothing to worry about.

Will: Well, not really.

Lucas: Why?

Will: 'Cause I'm loving it. And this is gonna keep E.J. away from Mom hopefully forever.

Marlena: All righty. Here you go. Chicken noodle soup with those teensy-weensy, skinny noodles you like so much.

Belle: Thank you very much. I do like them.

Marlena: I know you do. I hate that my daughter's favorite soup is from a can.

Belle: Well, it's not like my mother ever taught me how to cook for myself.

Marlena: [Laughs] You... oh, Belle, I'm so glad you're home with us.

Belle: Well, I very much appreciate the invitation, but I can't stay here forever. I should probably call Philip and have him come pick me up.

Marlena: Well, are you sure you want to do that? I mean, you could use some time apart, don't you think? You've got a lot of thinking to do don’t you?

Philip: Good night, sweetheart. Have sweet dreams, baby. [Doorbell rings]

Mimi: Hi.

Philip: What are you doing here?

Mimi: I'm sorry, but we need to talk about the future of our baby, and we need to do it tonight.

Bo: I know I've said this, but I had a great time on the boat last night and this morning.

Hope: So did I.

Bo: Yeah, I know. So, how about we talk about our future?

Hope: A lot happened today, huh?

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: I went from thinking that I was having a murderer's baby to thinking that maybe you're the one who set him up.

Bo: Oh, come on, Hope.

Hope: Every time I think I know where things stand, everything just gets all turned upside down again. Patrick was exonerated, and I'm having his baby. And, I know, as much as you don't want to hear it...he is gonna be a part of my future.

Kate: Are you drunk, or are you just crazy? Because when are you gonna realize that driving through a brick wall is a bad idea?

Shawn D.: It was my baby -- my baby! The two of you knew all along. How could you play God with our lives like that?

Victor: Shawn, I want you to calm down so we can talk.

Shawn D.: It is too late for talking.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Lucas: What's in the bag? What do you got? I don't know, buddy. I don't think that's such a good idea.

Will: Well, why not?

Lucas: Well, it's illegal. At least, I think it is.

Will: Well, do you have a better idea?

Lucas: No. Not at the moment.

Will: Well then, come on. You're wasting time.

Lucas: We can’t. We can’t. We don't have a lighter or anything.

Will: I-I'm not smoking. I swear.

Lucas: You better not be. All right, uh...bombs away.

Sami: E.J.? E.J., do you smell that?

E.J.: [Sniffing] Fire! Fire! Come on. You need to get out the fire escape. Over here.

Sami: Okay. [Alarm beeping]

E.J.: Wait.

Sami: Oh, my God!

E.J.: Hold on. I don't feel any heat.

Sami: What?!

E.J.: Do you smell that?

Sami: Yes. What is it? Oh.

Bo: Look, I know you want him to be a part of this baby's life, but that doesn't have to change things between us.

Hope: No pressure, remember?

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: Right now, honestly, I just don't know. I don't know how I feel.

Bo: I understand that. Bottom line -- I'm gonna love this baby and raise her as my own.

[Cellphone rings] Oh. Excuse me. Brady. Hey, Henderson. What's up? Yeah, yeah, okay. I'll be right there.

Hope: What's going on?

Bo: It's Shawn.

Hope: What?

Shawn D.: I always looked up to you, Victor. When people told me you were a crook and a criminal, somehow, I thought you had morals. I respected you. How stupid was I?

Victor: Shawn, come on.

Shawn D.: I don't want you to explain. All you're gonna do is lie.

Victor: Then why are you here?

Shawn D.: I am here because I want you to feel exactly the same way I feel right now. I lost my child, and now you are gonna lose yours and your grandson and your great-granddaughter.

Nico: Shawn.

Shawn D.: Leave me the hell alone.

Nico: Step away from Mr. Kiriakis!

Shawn D.: Get off of me!

Nico: Henderson called Bo, Mr. Kiriakis.

Kate: I think that you need to call the police.

Nico: He is a police officer, Miss Roberts.

Kate: It's his son. He's not going to help.

Victor: Just leave me alone with my grandson, please.

Kate: Victor --

Victor: Kate. Shawn, I'm sorry this happened, but you had no right to drive your car through my living room wall. First of all, you could have killed yourself.

Shawn D.: Yeah? Well, it's not like you care.

Victor: I want you to ask yourself this -- who are you really trying to hurt, me or yourself?

Philip: I cannot talk about this right now. I have to get back to Belle at the hospital.

Mimi: I know you're worried about Belle more than anything right now, and that's why I just want to say -- do you think, when this baby's born, Belle's gonna want to be reminded every day of what she lost? It's going to be awful for her.

Philip: I think it might be a blessing for Belle to have this baby in her life.

Mimi: Do you think Belle really would want to raise my baby after what I did? She's gonna hate me when she finds out, Philip. And the last thing you and Belle need is to be taking care of the baby that was supposed to be mine and Shawn's. This is a baby that was conceived by accident -- a baby you wanted Lauren to abort when we first found out about the in vitro mix-up.

Philip: If we give up our rights, what happens to the baby?

Mimi: That's gonna be up to Lauren. She can raise it or give it up for adoption. But, either way, I really, truly feel that this is the best thing for the baby, and she agrees..

Philip: What, you talked to her about it already?

Mimi: Actually, she's on her way over right now. All we have to do is pay her the money owed, sign a piece of paper, and she walks away, and then we can have a fresh start. [Doorbell rings] That's probably her now.

Philip: You get it damn it.

Mimi: Hi, Lauren. Thank you for coming. How are you feeling?

Lauren: Oh, I feel pretty good. Um, this is Mr. Doyle, my notary.

Doyle: How do you do?

Mimi: Hi. Uh, this is Philip Kiriakis, the baby's biological father.

Philip: Hi.

Lauren: So, have you and Philip had a chance to talk?

Mimi: Um, yes. He's clear on where I stand.

Lauren: So, then, we're all in agreement?

Mimi: Well...

Philip: Let's do it. Where do I sign? [Exhales deeply]

Belle: Philip is grieving for the child that we lost, too, so I should be home with him.

Marlena: Belle, you've been struggling with this for a very long time. And I know you're not sure what you want to do about the marriage. If you're thinking at all that you might walk away, please think carefully before you go back to Philip and give him any false hope.

Belle: Oh, Mom.

Marlena: I know this is so hard for you, and it's so hard for Philip and for Claire. If you can't make a decision like this right now, that's understandable, but I don't want to see you do anything that might make things more difficult down the road.

Belle: Carrie thinks that, if I still love Shawn, that I'm living a lie and that the sooner I leave Philip, the better. And I have to admit, I thought about it, especially after Shawn filed papers asking for custody of Claire. But then he just dropped the lawsuit, even though he and Mimi are getting divorced. He decided he didn't want a future with Claire and me, without any explanation, so I have no interest in seeing him again.

Marlena: Honey, maybe he did it out of respect for your marriage to Philip.

Belle: Maybe.

Marlena: And maybe you're looking for a reason not to make a decision.

Belle: I have to think about Philip, too.

Marlena: I agree. Does Philip want to be married to somebody who loves somebody else? Does he? Belle, when you came to Daddy and me and asked for our advice, we suggested that you commit to your marriage, and you tried so hard to do that.

Belle: Yes, I did.

Marlena: That was before we knew that Shawn was Claire's father. That's a huge tie -- the strongest tie there is. You and Shawn created a child out of love. There's no stronger bond than that. And even though Philip may not want to admit that and he may try to deny that, that does change everything.

Belle: The same way it changed things for you when you found out that I was Dad's and not Roman's.

Marlena: I know how much pain I caused you and everybody when I filed for divorce from Roman. I'm so sorry about that, and I'm sure I could have done things much better. But one thing is true -- I never once regretted that decision.

Belle: I know. And I had a really happy childhood. [Both laugh]

Marlena: I'm so glad to hear that.

Belle: And that's all I want for Claire.

Marlena: Darling, you're at a crossroads right now. You have a second chance. You've got to make this decision. Make it for yourself, make it for Philip, make it for Claire. And then you have to stick to it, even if Shawn's not in the picture. Belle, in your heart, what is it that you want?

Sami: [Coughing] Oh, God.

E.J.: It's a stink bomb.

Sami: [Sarcastically] This is so great. E.J., where are you going?

E.J.: I'm gonna give Lucas and Will a taste of their own medicine.

Sami: Wait a second. Oh, God, I'm so sorry about your apartment and the car and everything. But they did this because of me. Why don't you let me deal with them?

E.J.: All right. You get first crack, and I'll clean up here. How about that?

Sami: Thanks. I'm really sorry about this. Unbelievable.

E.J.: [Sighs] Cause’ you’re in big trouble, my friend.

Lucas: Stop moving. [Laughs]

Sami: Hi, guys!

Lucas: Hey, Sami.

Will: How was your date with E.J.? Hey, we were just getting to the part where the girl --

Sami: I've seen the movie. I know you were barely 15 minutes into it, and I have been gone for hours. And you haven't even touched your popcorn!

Lucas: Hey, easy on the popcorn. We rewound it. We missed some plot points.

Sami: Don't give me that. You're not even gonna ask me why I'm soaking wet? You didn't hear the smoke alarm in E.J.'s apartment?

Lucas: What happened? Was there a fire or something?

Will: Yeah, Mom tried to cook. [Both laugh]

Sami: This is not funny. I could understand Will acting like a child, Lucas, but what is your excuse?

Lucas: I have no idea what you're talking about. Dear you need to calm down, E.J. you need to calm down, too. Look at the mess you made. Hey, what happened with your apartment?

E.J.: You give me one reason why I don't break your --

Sami: Stop it! Stop it! Both of you, cut it out!

Lucas: What is wrong with you, man? I didn't do a damn thing.

E.J.: Limburger cheese is permanently baked in the heating system of my car, and every single electrical appliance in my apartment is shorted out.

Lucas: Well, that sounds terrible.

Will: Yeah, what happened?

E.J.: I see your father's turned you into a duplicitous little liar, has he? You're paying for everything -- everything in the car, everything in the apartment. And you -- I think a couple of months in a juvenile detention center would do you a world of good.

Sami: Now, wait a second. Look, E.J., you let me deal with this.

E.J.: You better deal with this swiftly and appropriately 'cause, boys, I am itching to call the police.

Sami: Hey, hey.

Lucas: [Sarcastically] Not the police.

Sami: It isn't funny. How could you do this?

Mimi: Lauren, I'm so sorry about all of this.

Lauren: Well, I guess I should be going, so...

Mimi: Um, I'll walk out with you. Thank you for doing this.

Philip: You take care, Lauren.

Lauren: Good night. [Philip sighs deeply]

Mimi: Here's your check. Good luck. Thank you, Mr. Doyle.

Doyle: Good night

[Telephone rings]

Philip: Hello?

Belle: Hey, it's me.

Philip: Hey.

Belle: Hey. I'm glad that you're home. How's Claire?

Philip: Claire is sleeping soundly. How are you?

Belle: Well, I have some good news.

Philip: Really?

Belle: Yep. My dad found my mom. He brought her home today.

Philip: That's fantastic, honey. I'm glad to hear it. Is she, uh, at the hospital with you there now then?

Belle: No, well, um... actually, she was, but they discharged me, so I'm back at the penthouse with her.

Philip: Why?

Belle: She wanted to take care of me.

Philip: Why didn't you call me?

Belle: I was just really excited to see her and my dad.

Philip: Yeah. Okay, um... so, uh, are you coming home now?

Belle: Well, actually, that’s why I'm calling so late. I was, um, actually hoping that you might bring Claire by.

Philip: Belle, she's sound asleep.

Belle: Philip, please. Please do this for me.

Victor: Thank you, Nico. Give me a moment with my grandson.

Nico: Shawn, stay cool. I'll be right outside, sir.

Victor: Shawn, if you're mad at the world and you want to take it out on me that’s your prerogative. I realize you have no one to blame for the fact that you lost your child.

Shawn D.: But I can blame you for the fact that I lost my job in the exact same day. You may not think much of my engine, but it was strong enough to bust in here.

Hope: Oh, my God.

Bo: What the hell happened?

Hope: Did anyone get hurt?

Victor: Everyone's fine.

Bo: Shawn, why'd you drive this car into this house?

Shawn D.: Victor and Kate both knew all along that Claire was my baby.

Bo: Nice. Why'd you do this to your grandson?

Shawn D.: He's not my grandfather.

Hope: Shawn?

Bo: All those years we didn't know I was your son, all the regrets you had, and you do the same damn thing to my son? What the hell's the matter with you?

Sami: Will, I would like a moment alone with your father.

Will: Whatever.

Sami: Hey, you are not off the hook.

Will: It wasn't my idea, but I'm glad it worked.

Sami: Okay, Lucas, what is the deal? Why were you and Will working so hard to ruin my date with E.J.? What is going on?

Lucas: There's nothing going on, all right, Sami?

Sami: If you're gonna act like this, then I think it would be best if the two of us didn't live together anymore.

Bonnie: Okay, handsome, you're doing great. Here, I'll get the door. You know, you are still one tall drink of water. [Giggles] Yeah, baby. Yeah, baby, it's okay. I do that to a lot of men. You think about me while I'm gone, okay?

Mimi: Mr., could you please quit poaching on these old men?

Bonnie: Oh, Mimi, it's women like me that keep the hearts of those old geezers ticking. Besides, that one's got money.

Mimi: Mom...

Bonnie: What, baby? What is it? What? What? Honey?

Mimi: It wanted you to know that Philip and I terminated our rights with the surrogate.

Bonnie: You did what?!

Marlena: Hello, Philip.

Philip: Welcome home.

Marlena: Thanks. Hello, Claire. Oh, my goodness. Oh, hi! Hi!

Belle: Hi, precious. Mommy is so happy to see you, my angel.

Marlena: Why don't I take her upstairs so you two can have some time? Here we go. Oh, wait till you see what I have got for you.

Philip: How you doing?

Belle: I'm doing better. Um, Philip, I’m going to stay here with my mom and dad for a few days with Claire. [Claire fussing in distance]

Philip: Are you leaving me, Belle?

Belle: Honestly, right now, I'm not sure what I want. I haven't been sure for a really long time.

Philip: Because of him?

Belle: No, it has nothing to do with Shawn.

Philip: Well...I'll put it to you this way -- if you're thinking about leaving me, then you owe it to me to tell me right now. Because if you're not sure that you want to stay with me, I don't want you to stay with me. Claire and I deserve better than that.

Belle: I know. I'm sorry.

Philip: I'm sorry, too. Give Claire a kiss for me, okay? Goodbye.

Belle: [Sniffling]

Bonnie: How could you sign your baby away?

Mimi: Mother, please, this was incredibly hard for me.

Bonnie: Hard for you? Well, that baby was my annuity, my Boca Raton. What part of the Kiriakis fortune do you not understand?

Mimi: I should have known you wouldn't be any help. Why don't you go back in there and work on that old man before he croaks?

Bonnie: No, but I can do something else, damn it. Yeah, hi. This is Bonnie Maureen Lockhart. Yeah, that's right. Mimi's mom. Listen, we need to meet. How's Chez Rouge in about an hour? Yeah, that's great. That's great. Thank you.

Victor: You're right, Bo. I can't argue with you. No excuse for what I did. I knew it was wrong, and I didn't stop it. And I regret that very much. And I'm sure you can understand exactly how that feels.

Bo: Yeah, but the fallout from this little secret is gonna hurt a lot of people. How are you gonna make that up to Shawn and Philip?

Hope: Honey, please, talk to me.

Shawn D.: There's nothing to talk about. My life -- it's a mess.

Hope: You know, no matter what you're going through, I'm here, honey. I'm always here for you.

Shawn D.: [Sighs deeply] Thanks, Mom.

Hope: I love you. You're my son. I love you. [Sniffles] I know your grieving for the loss of your unborn baby. And, my God, I know how much that hurts, honey.

Lauren: Mrs. Lockhart?

Bonnie: Oh, Lauren. Lauren, hi.

Lauren: Hello.

Bonnie: You can call me Bonnie.

Lauren: Okay, Bonnie. Um, why did you want to meet?

Bonnie: I want my daughter's baby.

Shawn D.: Not only did I lose the baby Belle was carrying, I lost Claire, too.

Hope: It doesn't have to be that way.

Shawn D.: Philip loves that little girl, and she loves him. He’s the only father that she's ever known.

Hope: But Claire's your daughter. Yes, Philip can always be a part of Claire's life, but she's your little girl. What about the custody suit?

Shawn D.: I dropped it.

Hope: Why?

Shawn D.: I told Philip that he should be with Belle and Claire. Besides, I think serving those damn papers is part of the reason why Belle lost our baby. She probably blames me.

Hope: You know what? I think you should talk to her.

Shawn D.: I don't know. Anyhow, what's going on with you and Dad?

Hope: Uh, I don't know. I don't know what the future holds. I just want you to know I'm here for you.

Shawn D.: And I'm here for you, too.

Hope: You always are.

Bo: Shawn, Victor's got something to tell you.

Marlena: Well, Claire's sound asleep --

Belle: [Sniffles]

Marlena: Where's Philip?

Belle: He's gone.

Marlena: Oh, did you tell him that you were gonna stay here for a few days?

Belle: Yeah, but that's not why he left. He wanted me to tell him that everything was gonna work out between us.

Marlena: And you couldn't do that.

Belle: No.

Marlena: Honey, honey, listen to me. Everything is going to be all right.. I promise. And you can stay here just as long as you want.

Belle: Thank you. I honestly don't know what to do or where to go. I just know that I need to take care of Claire. In a way, I feel like I'm starting my life all over again.

Marlena: But you are not alone.

Belle: No, I guess I'm not. Do you know that you're my inspiration?

Marlena: You're my inspiration. I'm so sorry that I wasn't here for you when you needed me recently. And I suspect that, if you a Shawn hadn't been trying to protect me, you would still be together.

Belle: Mom, no. Do not blame yourself.

Marlena: You know what, Belle? Things are gonna be okay. It's all gonna be okay this time. You know why because we're a family. And we're gonna cope with all of this together, and we are gonna support each other.

Belle: [Sniffles]

Marlena: Oh, baby.

Victor: Shawn, again, I'm sorry. I know it'll never make up for everything that you've been through, but I would like to re-enter my agreement to manufacture your engine.

Shawn D.: I appreciate your apology, but I don't want your pity, and I don't want anything to do with you.

Victor: Shawn, don't be rash.

Shawn D.: I don't need to think about this, Victor. We are through as family. You'd better watch your back 'cause if you think I was pissed, wait till Uncle Phil gets through with you.

Hope: Shawn, I'll drive you home, honey.

Bo: Hold up.

Hope: I've been so consumed with my own grief, maybe I haven't been there enough for him when he needed me these past months. Look, I know you probably want to talk about us some more, but it's been such a long day, and I'm tired.

Bo: No, I wasn't -- you drive Shawn home. I'll call a tow truck. Get his car out of the living room. Victor are you going to press charges. How about breakfast in the morning over at the pub?

Hope: Apple-smoked bacon?

Bo: Pancakes. Hey, come here. [Smooches] Night.

Bonnie: Could we get the lady a club soda, please? Thank you. Let's move down here.

Lauren: Okay, so, let me get this straight. You want to raise your daughter's and Mr. Kiriakis' baby?

Bonnie: That's right. That's my grandbaby you're carrying. And since my daughter had such a difficult time producing an egg, I would hate to have her let this chance get away from her.

Lauren: Mrs. Lockhart, I --

Bonnie: No, please, call me Bonnie.

Lauren: Okay, Bonnie, I don't know.

Bonnie: Don't worry. I intend to pay you.

Lauren: You do?

Bonnie: Of course. I'm gonna mortgage my honky-tonk restaurant, Alice's, to make sure you're taken care of. May I? Please?

Lauren: Okay.

Bonnie: But only after you turn the baby over to me.

[Doorbell rings]

Belle: I got it, Mom. [Sniffles]

Mimi: Hi.

Belle: Hey, Mimi.

Mimi: I stopped by the hospital to see you, but the nurse said she thought that you came here.

Belle: Yeah, um, come in.

Mimi: I'm really sorry about the baby.

Belle: Thanks.

Mimi: So your mom’s back home and safe. That's great.

Belle: Yeah, I was really happy to see her. [Clears throat]

Mimi: Well, I don't know if you heard. Shawn and I are getting divorced.

Belle: What happened?

Mimi: Well, I think it's best if you don't know the details right now. Trust me. But I'm just here to tell you... Shawn is all yours. My marriage to him is dead, and Philip and I also signed away the rights to the baby our surrogate was carrying.

Belle: What? No, Mimi, you wanted that baby so bad.

Mimi: Shawn said he didn’t.

Belle: Maybe you and Shawn --

Mimi: Belle, stop. There's no way Shawn and I are ever going to work things out. And I just want you to know... that I'll never stand in your way again.

Belle: Mimi, there's nothing going on between Shawn and me.

Mimi: Don't be ridiculous. There's always been something between you and Shawn, even after you were married to Philip. Don't you think it's time you finally admitted it?

Lucas: Look, I'm sorry, all right? I thought I was here for Will.

Sami: Lucas, you're the one who wanted to do this. What is your plan? You're gonna live on my sofa and criticize my boyfriends forever? You know, Will was just fine when we weren't living together, just like we have been for most of his life.

Lucas: He was not just fine. He ran away, all right?

Sami: He came back. We are there for him, and we shouldn't pretend to be a family when we're not.

Lucas: We are a family.

Sami: You know what I mean. We shouldn't give him false hope about us. If you want nothing to do with me, then why are we doing this?

Lucas: Who says I don't?

Sami: You said you don’t.

Lucas: Well, what if I do?

Sami: What?

Lucas: The truth is, Sami, I still have major feelings for you.

Shawn D.: Belle, what do you want?

Philip: I'm sorry, Meems. I'm gonna miss you, but I don't belong here anymore.

E.J.: It's entirely possible that I could be wrong.

Kate: Or maybe not.

John: It's a nice life.

Marlena: It's a wonderful life, and I am never going to leave it again.

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