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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 10/5/06 - Canada; Friday 10/6/06 - U.S.A.


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Steve: They're both alive.

Billie: Oh, thank God. I saw the two ambulances.

Steve: They wouldn't tell me anything about how bad they're hurt. Kayla is with Stephanie, and

Grandpa Shawn, he went with Max.

Billie: We're gonna get you to the hospital.

Steve: No, I can't go!

Billie: You have to go.

Steve: I want to go, but I can't! I just can’t.

Nurse: Cubical one. Dr. Berman's waiting. Sorry.

Kayla: I'm her mother.

Nurse: You need to let the doctor examine her. We'll keep you informed.

Kayla: Please take care of her.

Nurse: We will.

Kayla: Oh, God. Pop! Oh, Pop, how's Max?

Shawn: He's banged up, but, I mean, he's gonna make it. Caroline's with him.

Kayla: Great.

Shawn: Is Stephanie...

Kayla: I don't know. I just don't know, Pop.

Shawn: Oh.

Lexie: I don't believe this. You're telling me that Abe was just using me, that he actually thinks that I'm involved with that policewoman's death?

Tek: And he thinks you were responsible for the threats against the Brady’s.

Lexie: What?!

Tek: That's why he's been taking you out, acting so forgiving. He's hoping you'll slip up, and then he'll get the goods on you.

Lexie: No. No, Abe wouldn't do something like that, not to me.

Tek: You don't believe me, ask him for yourself.

Abe: This is all of it?

Roman: Everything Abby Deveraux found in Max Brady's garage.

Abe: Well, this throws the case in a whole new direction.

Roman: Yeah, it does. And I think we can probably rule out Lexie as a suspect since you've been with her most all this time.

Abe: We're not dealing from an exact time line, so you're probably right..

Roman: And then there's Patrick Lockhart. His hearing's going on right now, I’m going over gver there with this stuff.

Abe: Bo's not gonna be happy.

Roman: Can't be helped. By the way, you can cancel your date with Lexie. Or not. I was right, wasn't I? You don't want to.

Cameron: I'm asking that you throw away Detective Brady's perjured testimony, his tainted evidence...

Bo: My testimony was not perjured.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Shh. You'll have to do better than ask, Ms. Reese.

Cameron: Your honor, Detective Brady has a personal vendetta against my client.

Bonnie: He sure does.

Bettis: This is outrageous! The defense attorney is grandstanding.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Quiet! One lawyer at a time and nobody else. That means you, Mrs. Lockhart.

Cameron: May I continue?

Judge Fitzpatrick: Proceed.

Cameron: Mr. Lockhart is being railroaded. Detective Brady has allowed his personal life to interfere with his public responsibility.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Those are strong words, counselor. You'd better be prepared to back them up. Tell me about this so-called vendetta of Detective Brady's.

Cameron: It involves his wife.

Dr. Ross: The only effective treatment for her condition at this point is to take the baby.

Shawn D.: You want to terminate her pregnancy?

Philip: What about the medicine she didn't want to take? That would help, right?

Dr. Ross: We're giving her doses of medication to control her blood pressure, but her condition has worsened. The longer she's pregnant, the greater the risk.

Shawn D.: So if she keeps the baby, then she --

Dr. Ross: As I said, Belle could die. I know how difficult this is, Philip, but at 21 weeks, the fetus isn't viable. Even if you didn't make this decision, the odds of having a healthy baby at this point are very low. I'll need you to sign the consent forms. I'll give you a minute.

Philip: I promised you I would do everything I could to protect this baby... but I can't risk losing you, honey.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Lexie: What you're telling me is really true?

Tek: I know it hurts, Lexie. If I hadn't heard him --

Lexie: How could Abe betray me like this? Come on, does he really think I'm capable of murder, that I could be threatening the entire Brady family? Why?

Tek: I went to Abe about the threats you were getting.

Lexie: You did what?

Tek: I wanted you to have police protection. But instead of seeing you as a victim, he decided that you were making up the threats and that you were the one who was threatening Sami. Lexie, he's been gaming you for months. I'm sorry.

Lexie: Oh, my God.

Tek: I know. It's a shock to me, too, Lexie. I mean, he was my mentor.

Lexie: I can understand him wanting to get back at me. But I will never forgive him for using our son like that. If you'll excuse me, I have to go.

Tek: Are you sure you're gonna be okay?

Lexie: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll be fine. Just excuse me. I have a date with my husband, I need to go home and get ready.

Judge Fitzpatrick: You're saying your client is blameless, he didn't do anything?

Cameron: What he did was to comfort Mrs. Brady at a time when she and Detective Brady were estranged. He took care of her, your honor, at a time when her husband most decidedly did not. Unable to win her back fair and square and consumed with jealousy, Detective Brady set out to destroy my client.

Bettis: I object!

Cameron: Your honor, with your permission, my client wishes to speak.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Well, it's highly irregular, but that seems to be the direction this case is taking. All right, I'll allow it. I'll tell you before you even object, Ms. Bettis, so please sit down. This is only a hearing, not a trial. Mr. Lockhart.

Patrick: Thank you, your honor. I am not as eloquent as my lawyer, but this is something I want to put in my own words. I'm sorry that Mrs. Brady has to be dragged into this, but it's unavoidable. Hope is carrying my baby. Her husband is jealous, crazy, even. He threatened me, said he'd make me pay. And did he ever -- frame Lockhart for the murder of Eve Michaels, plant evidence in his home. Yeah, that should do it.

Judge Fitzpatrick: You're saying you didn't kill Officer Michaels.

Patrick: No, I didn’t. I want to spend the rest of my life with Hope. I wouldn't do anything to jeopardize my future with her or our baby. Look, what I mean to say is I wouldn't jaywalk, much less murder someone.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Let's just stop right there, Mr. Lockhart. I'm offering you equal time, detective. What the defendant said, is it true?

Bettis: Bo Brady is not the one on trial here today, your honor. He is one of our finest. He would never tamper with evidence.

Bo: I don't like the guy. It's true. But I wouldn't frame him for murder.. You want me to take a polygraph? Fine. I will. The evidence says he murdered a cop. There's nothing to suggest we got the wrong guy.

Roman: That's not entirely true.

Dr. Berman: I want a portable chest and a c-spine and a head C.T. Once her vitals are stable. And page orthopedic surgery.

Nurse: Sure.

Kayla: Your miraculous medal.

Shawn: You keep it for Stephanie.

Kayla: I love you, Pop.

Shawn: I'm gonna go check on Max.

Kayla: Okay.

Shawn: Okay.

Kayla: All right. Oh, Max! Pop just went to go look for you. You should rest.

Max: I'll rest when I know how she's doing, okay?

Kayla: The doctors are working on her. I don't know anything.

Max: I'm probably the last person you even want to look at right now. I'm so sorry.

Kayla: Max, Max, Max, Max, this is not your fault. Come on, come on.

Billie: You need to be with your daughter.

Steve: No, if I thought I could something, I'd go. I just... you heard the things that she said before she went on that track. If I go to the hospital, it'd just upset her. It's not gonna help her.

Billie: She said those things because she was angry at you because you hurt her mother. But she is injured, Steve. This is a whole different thing. It's times like this when a little girl needs her dad.

Steve: What kind of a dad am I? It's because of me she went out on that track angry. God knows what went through her head. 200 miles per hour? What if I'm the reason she lost control of that car? [Voice breaking] My little girl could die. It's my fault.

Philip: I know this is your baby, Shawn... but I have to take care of my wife.

Shawn D.: If it's any help, Philip... I would do what you're doing.

Dr. Ross: Have you made a decision? Janet? Please take Mrs. Kiriakis to the delivery room.

Abe: Hey! I'm sorry I'm late.

Lexie: No, actually, you're right on time, Abe.

Abe: So which of my favorites are you making, shrimp with pasta, barbecue short ribs?

Lexie: You son of a bitch!

Billie: Don't do this to yourself. Stephanie did not crash because she was distracted by what happened up here. Max's car blew up in front of her. It was impossible for her to avoid.

Steve: The last thing she said to me... as far as Stephanie is concerned, I'm the father who was never there, and she had to be thinking about that.

Billie: That wasn't your fault, either. You didn't know you had a wife a child. You didn't deliberately turn your back on them any more than I did Chelsea.

Steve: But you still blame yourself for that, don't you?

Billie: Yeah, I do.

Steve: You know, I wish I could do the right thing. I want to be the father that Stephanie needs me to be, but I just can’t.

Billie: What happened? I thought that you and Stephanie were getting along really well.

Steve: We're getting along. It's not that. It’s just. She not only wants me to be her father, she wants me back with her mother.

Billie: Why did you decide to stay in Salem? It's because you wanted to fight your family, isn't it?

Steve: Better off without me.

Billie: Oh, come on, you don't believe that.

Steve: Yep.

Billie: Kayla wants you in her life. Stephanie wants you in her life whether you remember them or not.

Steve: That's just what they think, but they don't know me. I don't even know me!

Billie: They want to know you. The question is, what do you want? If you could write your own book and have your own perfect fairy-tale ending... you'd want your old life back, wouldn't you?

Steve: It's never gonna happen.

Billie: It won't if you give up. Are you okay with that? Are you willing to spend the rest of your life wondering what might have been?

Steve: No, I'm not. What about you? You want to do that?

Judge Fitzpatrick: This witness has come forward with documentation bearing on this case. I've had a chance to examine it, and I'm allowing it into evidence. Would you please tell the court your story?

Roman: First of all, there was a pretty serious accident today involving two cars at the Salem Grand Prix. Now, this is no place to discuss details, and I don't know about injuries. All I will say is this -- we determined that one of the cars was tampered with. During our investigation, we were led to items in the driver's garage -- a glove, a scorched toy car, and a note.

Judge Fitzpatrick: This note. I'd like you to read it.

Roman: Yes, your honor. "Dear suckers, you have the wrong man in jail. The person who killed Officer Eve Michaels and who's been tormenting the Brady family is still at large. The gun and shoes found in Patrick Lockhart's house were planted. He's been framed." Signed "a friend."

Bo: That's just a note. Anyone could have written it.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Detective Brady, you're out of order.

Roman: The note also included several particulars which led us to forged receipts, fake gun registrations, and the like. From these, we were able to trace the origins of the gun and shoes found in Patrick Lockhart's closet. We verified that the gun that killed Eve Michaels... was not purchased by Mr. Lockhart, and the shoes were not his, either, just as he's been claiming all along.

Bonnie: Yes, I knew it!

Roman: We also found this to be important. The note also predicted that when a certain car in the race reached 200 miles per hour, it would explode. That is exactly what happened. We now are certain that whoever left this note -- while Mr. Lockhart was behind bars, don't forget -- is the same person who killed Eve Michaels and who has been causing the trouble for the Brady’s. We also think the burned toy car was this person's sick way of thumbing his nose at the police, the prosecution, and, especially, at you, Bo.

Cameron: Your honor, you have my motion before you to dismiss the charges against Mr. Lockhart.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Indeed I do. Ms. Bettis, your turn.

Bettis: [Clears throat] It appears that Patrick Lockhart was wrongfully accused, and I apologize to him and the court, and the state agrees to drop all charges against him.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Thank you. Mr. Lockhart, you're free to go. My apologies, as well. Case dismissed.

Bonnie: Yes, yes!

Patrick: Nice job, nice job.

Bonnie: Oh, baby. Thank you so much.

Kayla: Has she regained consciousness?

Dr. Berman: Yes, but she's not alert or oriented. I've ordered a C.T. scan to assess what we're dealing with.

Kayla: May I see her?

Dr. Berman: Of course.

Kayla: I'll be back.

Max: Yeah.

Kayla: Thank you.

Max: You're welcome.

Kayla: Hey, baby. It's your mom. I'm so sorry that this happened to you.

Stephanie: Mom?

Kayla: Hi. How are you feeling?

Stephanie: Like I was in a wreck.

Kayla: [Laughs] Oh baby, baby.

Stephanie: I'm so sorry I let this happen.

Kayla: No, shh. I just want you to get better, okay?

Stephanie: Is dad here?

Kayla: No, no, he's not.

Stephanie: Where is he?

Kayla: Shh, sweetie, shh. I'm not sure.

Philip: How is she?

Janet: She's just coming out of anesthesia.

Philip: Hey.

Belle: What's going on? The baby?

Philip: Everything's gonna be just fine.

Belle: What?

Philip: I'm so sorry, honey. They had to take the baby.

Belle: What? They had to --

Philip: Dr. Ross said it was the only way we could do it.

Belle: My baby? No!

Philip: It was the only way. It was the only way, honey.

Belle: You promised me! You said they wouldn't give it to me.

Philip: Belle, you were gonna die. What was I supposed to do? The baby wouldn’t have made it anyway. The baby was not gonna make it.

Belle: You don't know that! You're not God! You've been playing God since the beginning, though. You never wanted this baby.

Philip: That's not true

Belle: Get out. Get out!

Philip: I'm so sorry.

Belle: I want you out! No!

Philip: You stay with her.

Belle: [Sobbing] My God! Oh, my God!

Shawn D.: Shh. Shh. I know how much this hurts you. It's -- it's killing me, too. But listen to me. Philip really didn't have a choice.

Belle: [Sobbing] My baby. Our baby!

Shawn D.: I know, but we need to be grateful that you are okay, all right? And we still have Claire.

Belle: Oh, God.

Janet: Excuse me. Mrs. Kiriakis?

Belle: My baby.

Janet: You've been through a lot. I'm gonna give you something to help you rest.

Belle: [Sobbing] My God! Oh, God, Philip. I'm sorry.

Philip: Shawn, I need a moment alone with my wife.

Abe: What was that for?

Lexie: You know damn well what it's for, Abe. You not only used me. You used our son like we meant nothing to you.

Abe: Damn it. Tek! He told you, didn't he?

Lexie: It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter who told me, Abe. What matters is that I found out that my husband is a conniving liar. Tek tried to warn me that you weren't being sincere. I wish I'd listened to him. How could you do it, Abe? How? How could you pretend that you wanted to come home to me and Theo? You must really hate me to do something this despicable.

Abe: No, no, no, I don’t.

Lexie: But ll never understand how you could give Theo hope, how you could make him think you wanted to come home when you knew that you had no intention of ever doing it. He loves you, Abe. You know that? I've done some horrible things that hurt you, but I would never use our little boy the way you have. You know how much he loves you?

Abe: I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, okay? I was wrong. But you have to understand that those things I said to you, I really meant them, Lexie.

Lexie: Right, and I’m supposed to believe that?

Abe: You think that I enjoyed deceiving you? I hated it! Your actions aroused suspicions. It wasn't my idea to go undercover, but if I hadn't tried to find out the truth about you, then some other officer would have had to do it.

Lexie: Then you should have let one of them do the dirty work. You are my husband, Abe. You are Theo's father! You're supposed to protect us, not lie to us, not trick us by making us think that you wanted to come home and be a family with us.

Abe: Well, what if I told you that's exactly what I wanted? It is true, Lex. I still love you.

Cameron: You're a free man.

Bonnie: You really did a wonderful job.

Bo: Hope, there was no indication that the evidence wasn't real.

Hope: And you fell for it because you were so blinded by your own hatred for the man.

Bo: No.

Hope: Brady, I believed you. I trusted you over him.

Bo: Hope, listen to me.

Roman: Bo, hold up.

Bo: I got to talk to Hope.

Roman: You got to talk to me first.

Bo: I can't let her think --

Roman: This is an order. Okay? Outside.

Bonnie: All right.

Mimi: Bye.

Patrick: Hey.

Hope: I am so sorry. I was so wrong to doubt you. I just -- I wanted to believe you, but the evidence said something.

Patrick: I know. It looked pretty bad.

Hope: Anyway, I'm just so glad that you were exonerated. I mean... I just wish that you and your attorney hadn't aired our dirty laundry in public in front of everyone.

Patrick: Dirty laundry? Is that how you feel about me and our baby?

Steve: Excuse me. I'm Steve Johnson. My daughter, Stephanie, was in that accident at the racetrack. Could you tell me how she's doing? Let me go check on her, okay?

Kayla: Steve.

Steve: Kayla, how is she?

Kayla: She's stable.

Steve: Can I see her?

Kayla: She's been asking for you. She's right in there. You know, don't be alarmed if she's asleep or something when you go in there. Oh, God.

Billie: Kayla, I'm praying for her.

Kayla: Thank you. You know, Billie...

Steve: I'm so sorry. I should have come right away. You're right. I just.... [Voice breaking] I don't know anything about being a father. I just don't remember. You know, if I was willing to give it a try, could you put up with me? You got to get better first, though. Will you give me another chance? Will you do that, Stephanie? [Crying] Just get better. Give me another chance.

Shawn D.: Hey, Margie. Listen, you don't have to hang around. I can watch Claire now that I'm here.

Margie: Oh, shouldn't I wait for Mr. Kiriakis?

Shawn D.: I'm not even sure that he's gonna make it home tonight. Belle's fine. She just needs to stay at the hospital a little bit longer.

Margie: Oh, well, okay. Well, I have some homework anyway and left my history book. Oh, no, it's okay. Mr. Kiriakis already paid me. Here you go, Claire.

Shawn D.: All right, Claire. Hi.

Margie: Bye. You be a good girl, okay? It's almost time for her nap.

Shawn D.: Nap time? You ready to take a nap? Come on. [Claire crying] Claire, come on, what's wrong? You want some milk? Here. [Crying continues] Claire, you're not wet. What's wrong? You don't want milk. [Crying continues] Claire, come on, stop.

Philip: Hey. What are you doing here? Where's Margie?

Shawn D.: I, um, I told her to go home.

Philip: Why would you do that?

Shawn D.: Just I figured that you were gonna be at the hospital all night with Belle.

Philip: Belle's asleep, so I came home to check on Claire. And why is she crying?

Shawn D.: I don't know. She's not wet. She doesn't want milk. Usually when I pick her up, she stops. [Crying stops]

Philip: Where's my baby? Where's my good baby? There you go. It's okay, no more crying. You just wanted your blankie. That's no big deal, right you don't have to cry, baby. All right? You're gonna be a good girl.

Lexie: How can I believe you, Abe? For all I know, you're probably still trying to find out whatever it is --

Abe: No, no. You're no longer a suspect.

Lexie: Oh, really? Why's that? You found the guilty party?

Abe: No, I mean, not exactly. We've narrowed the search. We've ruled out a few things.

Lexie: Like me. Big surprise, huh?

Abe: I said I'm sorry.

Lexie: I don't believe that you still care for me. Too much has happened..

Abe: Lexie, um... look at me.

Lexie: No.

Abe: Please. Please, Lex, look in my eyes. Please. I understand why you don't believe me. And if I were you, I probably wouldn't believe me, either. We have a lot of problems, and it's gonna take some time to work them out. But don't you think our marriage is worth it?

Lexie: I used to think so.

Abe: I'm asking you to make a real leap of faith. I probably don't deserve it, but... I still love you. And I think, in your heart, you know that.

Lexie: Abe, you know how desperately I want us to be a family again. I have never stopped loving you. But how do I know you don't have some other hidden agenda?

Abe: Let me show you. For so long... I couldn't show you, but now...

Lexie: Wait. Wait a minute. What are you saying? What are you saying --

Bonnie: Who are you calling?

Mimi: I'm going to end the surrogacy arrangement with Philip and Shawn.

Bonnie: Stop, are you out of your mind? No way am I letting you do anything as boneheaded as that.

Philip: Come here. It's okay. Thanks for trying to help out.

Shawn D.: Philip, I'm sorry for giving you a hard time earlier.

Philip: I never wanted Belle to lose that baby. I would have loved him or her as much as I love Claire.

Shawn D.: I know. You're a good dad.

Philip: You're her Godfather, and I know she loves you. You got to understand, though. I'm the only daddy she's ever known. I've been here for every morning, every single night, and I'm the one she calls "da-da." I know that's probably hard for you, but you got to understand. The one thing as a dad -- she always comes first. [Silly voice] You want to go play? Let's go play. Come on, baby, let's go play. [Both laughing]

Shawn D.: Frankie -- Shawn. Um, I'm sorry you're not there, but, listen, I've been thinking, and I want to drop the custody suit. I think that Claire should be with Philip and Belle.

Hope: I didn't phrase that right. I'm sorry. It would have been nice if you had warned me you were gonna bring up the baby -- us -- in front of the courtroom.

Patrick: I am sorry that I didn't give you a heads up, okay?

Hope: Okay, that's all I'm sang

Patrick: I had to show them why Bo might have a motive to set me up, why I shouldn't go to jail for the rest of my life, why I shouldn't be executed. Eve Michaels was a cop. Do you understand that? Hope, I didn't do anything wrong. I am a good guy, and I will be a loving father to our baby. I will be good to you, too.

Hope: I know that you're a good guy. But this -- I mean, it's just not something I can really think about, not right now. Patrick, I am. I'm so sorry.

Roman: I'm not gonna allow you to set the department up for a lawsuit just because you want Patrick Lockhart away from Hope.

Bo: This isn't about me and Hope. It's about that son of a bitch.

Roman: There not much for him, either, Bo. He's been involved in a lot of shady stuff, but he is not the one who killed Eve Michaels, and he's not the one causing trouble for our family.

Bo: You can think what you want. I'm gonna continue to investigate him.

Roman: No, Bo, you're not.

Bo: I'll do it on my own time.

Roman: I repeat -- you are going to leave Patrick Lockhart alone. This is not just coming from me. The top brass wants you off this case. If that doesn't happen, you're gonna wind up behind a desk or lose your job altogether.

Bo: And you think I care?

Roman: Bo, don't be stupid. You don't want to lose your career. Is Lockhart worth losing your job and your wife? 'Cause that's what's gonna happen. I guarantee it.

Billie: I know how everybody in this town feels about me, and I don't blame them. But I am not out to hurt anyone again... including you, Kayla. If Steve gets his memory back and he wants to fight for his marriage, I won't stand in your way.

Kayla: I guess I'll just have to take your word for it.

Billie: I'm the one that convinced him to come and see Stephanie in the hospital.

Kayla: Well, she's my first concern, so if you'll excuse me.

Steve: You don't know how much it means to me just to hold you like this.. When you were gone all the time, I couldn't sleep. I would just lay awake missing you. That's right. Oh, yeah, you missed daddy, too, didn't you? I know you did. Well, I said I'd never let you out of my sight again.

Steve: [Crying] Oh, my God, I remember! I remember! Oh! Oh! I remember.. I remember you.

John: I just hope whatever it is leads me right to my wife.

Abe: I have to demand that you never see Tek.

E.J.: I'm the man to take care of you.

Mimi: I decide what I'm going to do with my life, and I don't care what anyone else has to say about it.

Frankie: You want to rethink this custody case?

Shawn D.: Claire's better off with Belle and Philip.

Belle: He's not gonna fight for you, for either of us.

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