Days Transcript Monday 9/25/06

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 9/25/06 - Canada; Tuesday 9/26/06 - U.S.A.


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Officer: This way, Lockhart.

Patrick: Easy.

Officer: Move it.

Patrick: Hope.

Hope: Hi.

Officer: You sit here. There'll be no exchanging of items. You have 20 minutes.

Patrick: I was starting to think you weren't going to come see me.

Hope: Well, I'm here.

Patrick: So, does that mean you believe I'm innocent?

Bo: Roman, I want another shot at Lockhart one-on-one.

Roman: Bo, you said you didn't get anywhere last night.

Bo: I can get him to talk. I'll get the truth out of him. We're gonna bring Will home.

Austin: Good morning.

Carrie: Morning.

Austin: How you doing?

Carrie: How am I doing?

Austin: Yeah.

Carrie: I get to have a future with the man I love. But Lucas...

Austin: We didn't plan on being on the roof last night. I mean, it just happened.

Carrie: But I didn't have to give in, Austin.

Austin: Neither did I.

Carrie: Yeah, well, Lucas and I are still newlyweds, and I cheated on him. Telling him that I wanted to break things off was always gonna be really hard, but to have him know that we couldn't even wait, you know? It's bad enough that he saw us kissing if he even knew that we...

Austin: I know.

Carrie: If Sami knew...

Austin: I know.

Carrie: The same night that you proposed to her.

Austin: I know.

Carrie: What Sami said is true. I'm a slut.

Austin: What? Don’t. Don’t.

Carrie: Lucas said that I need to stop being the victim, and he's right. He and Sami are the ones who are really hurting right now. And the only thing that we should even be thinking about is Will -- finding Will. And instead, we're --

Austin: Yeah, um, well... maybe after today.

Carrie: I really want to be there to help them, but Lucas won't even look at me.

Austin: That will change. We're all family.

Carrie: It's not gonna change.

Austin: Look at everything that we have forgiven them for. I mean -- it's going to be okay.

Carrie: I don’t deserve for it to be okay.

Austin: Will you stop thinking that way? Did you get any sleep last night?

Carrie: Not really. Thanks for letting me stay in your hotel. I need to find a place to live -- a home.

Austin: So do I. I just hope your home will be with me.

Carrie: Austin...

Sami: Lucas, come in.

Lucas: Thanks. Where's your roommate, huh?

Sami: He left already. He went to go see -- oh, sorry.

Lucas: No, no, no, Don’t worry about it. You can say her name. It's fine. We have more important things to worry about right now. We got to focus on getting our son back, getting him home safe.

Sami: You're right. That is the most important thing. I just -- I don’t know what to say.

Lucas: Don't say anything. It's fine, really.

[Doorbell rings]

Sami: Oh, that must be the news crew. E.J., Kate. Thank you.

Kate: Lucas, you look like hell.

Lucas: Well, thank you, Mom. I appreciate that. I can always count on you, can't I?

Sami: Kate, E.J., I want to thank you so much for doing this, for letting us use your air time on your new TV station to make the plea to Will's captor.

Kate: Sami, of course I'm going to do everything I possibly can. Will's my grandson, for God's sakes.

Sami: I know. Kate --

E.J.: Ladies, we all want the same thing. We all want Will's safe return.. That's it.

Sami: I just pray that this works.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Hope: I'm here because I want to believe that people are innocent until proven guilty...

Patrick: Gee, thanks.

Hope: ...And because we've shared a lot, Patrick.

Patrick: Yeah, we have.

Hope: I'm having our baby. I owe it to the both of you to hear your side of the story.

Patrick: That means a lot to me, Hope.

Hope: The evidence is piling up. I have to look at this like a cop, and I've got to tell you, it is gonna be very hard to convince me that you're not guilty.

Roman: Lucas and Sami are scheduled to go on television this afternoon, make a live plea to whoever has Will.

Bo: I'll break Lockhart before that.

Roman: I hope so, but I'm not gonna advise Sami to cancel that broadcast until we have a clear confession and Will is located because if Patrick somehow is not our man, we have to do whatever it takes to find Will.

Kate: Look, the broadcast will run of the midday news break, and then we'll show it again regularly throughout the day until Will is found.

Camera Man: Don't let the camera make you nervous. Just think of it as a friendly face that you're talking to one-on-one.

Sami: How am I supposed to think of Will's kidnappers as a friendly face?

Lucas: Sami, please try to calm down. We have to do this for Will's sake.. Stay strong, okay?

E.J.: Listen, guys, I don’t want to get too technical, but I've done some research into these type of pleas. They seem to be most successful when the parents talk sincerely about their child. We want to hear how much you love Will. And give specific examples so that the kidnappers don’t see him as some kind of a hostage, but they understand that he's a real person. If we can get that across, the chances of him being released go way up and the chances of him being hurt go way down. Do you both understand?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah.

Sami: What if we're too late? What if he's already been hurt? Lucas, what if --

Lucas: Honey, listen to me. We're not too late, all right? He's gonna be fine. I'm sure he's healthy and we're gonna find him. We're gonna get him back.

Sami: Okay. Okay, you're right.

Kate: Why don’t I say something, too? And Austin and Carrie as Will's aunt and uncle -- they could talk.

Lucas: I don’t want Austin and Carrie setting foot in this apartment. It's not gonna happen.

Kate: What are you talking about? I'm just thinking as part of the family that it would be a good thing, too.

Lucas: They are not my family anymore -- neither one of them.

Austin: What's wrong?

Carrie: People are watching.

Austin: What does it matter? Lucas already knows. There's no point in hiding it anymore. Do you love me? Do you love me?

Carrie: Yes.

Austin: We're gonna be together forever, right?

Carrie: But just because Lucas knows -- nobody else knows -- not yet, anyway. And being in public like this and flaunting it -- it's not cool. The whole town's gonna start talking. And just because Lucas knows -- he's hurt already, and this would just make it worse.. It's cruel.

Austin: You're right. You're right.

Carrie: I wish I could say this was all about Lucas' feelings, but truthfully, I don’t want my friends and family to know that I cheated on my husband again. So, Sami and Lucas know who I really am. But what's really gonna be hard is having everyone else find out that I'm not at all who they thought I was it's hard enough knowing it myself.

Bo: I'll let you know how it goes with Lockhart.

Roman: Bo, whatever you get out of him, I want it to hold up in court.

Bo: You know me -- strictly by the book. Oh, hey.

Jerry: Sorry to interrupt, sir.

Roman: It's all right. What's up?

Jerry: I've got the ballistics report from the suspected weapon in the Eve Michaels murder. You said you wanted it ASAP.

Roman: All right, thanks, Jerry.

Bo: What's it say? Lockhart's gun the murder weapon?

Roman: Well, see for yourself.

Hope: If you know where Will is, Patrick, please, I am begging you -- if you have ever cared about me or our unborn child, please, you've got to tell me where he is.

Patrick: Hope, I wish I could. Look, you have to believe me. I would never hurt a child.

Hope: I want to believe you.

Patrick: I don’t know where all this so-called evidence has come from all I can tell you is that I am innocent. This is all a huge mistake.

Hope: I have heard that from every perp I have ever arrested.

Patrick: Perp? That's what I am to you now?

Hope: Your fingerprints were found on the disc that was stolen from the evidence room, Patrick.

Patrick: Maybe that's because I'm the one who took it from the convenience-store security system in the first place.

Hope: Your fingerprints were on the jewel case. The disc didn't go into it until after you handed it over. And it still doesn't explain how the disc wound up at your house or the pair of muddy shoes.

Patrick: They're not mine I never bought those shoes. Did you ever see me wear them? Look, I have no idea how they got in my closet. They were probably planted by whoever put the disc there. I'm the one who gave Tek the lead about those shoes in the first place. Would I have done that if I knew I had a pair sitting in my house?

Hope: What about the gun that Jennifer and Jack traced?

Patrick: It's not mine. Besides, there's no evidence that, that is the gun that killed Eve Michaels.

Hope: Not yet, anyway.

Patrick: Look, you know what? Maybe Bo should spend a little more time investigating who Jack and Jennifer’s mysterious source is. How would he have a picture of the murder weapon unless he had it in his possession? He wanted them to do a story. He wanted them to expose me. But he didn't want them to know who he was? Why is that unless this is some kind of setup? I am telling you, Hope, I had nothing to do with this.

Hope: Jennifer believed in you. She trusted you as much as I trusted you.. She's convinced that you're guilty.

Patrick: Hope, we've slept together. We've made a baby together. We've shared our personal and intimate thoughts. I mean, do you really think I am capable of what they're charging me with? Do you think I could sit here and look you in the eyes and tell you I'm innocent if I wasn't?

Hope: Bo looked me in the eyes a dozen times and told me he didn't steal that disc, and I didn't believe him -- my own husband. It turns out he was innocent. You set him up, Patrick.

Patrick: No, Hope! Now, I know this is gonna be hard for you to accept, but the truth is, there is only one person who could have set me up to take the fall for all of this, and that's Bo.

Austin: Hey, I won't let you talk that way about yourself.

Carrie: It's true.

Austin: No, you're not a bad person. You made a mistake. You married the wrong man, but you never intended to hurt Lucas. How long did you deny your true feelings to try to make it work?

Carrie: I married him for all the wrong reasons, Austin. He's better off without me. It's true. How many times did he ask me if I was sure? How many times did you ask me? I'm afraid he's right about me.

Austin: What do you mean?

Carrie: He basically said that no matter how lucky I am, no matter what I have, I'm never satisfied. I cheated on you. I cheated on him. I don’t know how to be faithful.

Austin: You know, he had no right to say that.

Carrie: Austin, no matter -- I don’t want to hurt you the way that I hurt you before. I love you so much, but I don’t trust myself to do the right things for the right reasons. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

Austin: Well, I do.

Carrie: Then how can you love me?

Austin: How can I love you? Carrie, whoa. I pushed you to be with me. I was unfaithful to Sami. You're acting like you're the only one to blame here. We're in the same boat.

Carrie: Well, because I married a man I didn't love in the first place. Maybe Lucas is right maybe I don’t know what love is.

Austin: Whoa. You know that's not true.

Carrie: I wish Marlena was here. She's on that business trip in New Jersey.

Austin: Want to call her? Let's call her.

Carrie: No, she's busy. I don’t want to bother her.

Austin: What about your dad? He's gonna find out sooner or later.

Carrie: From Sami.

Austin: Nobody expects you to be perfect, Carrie, except you. Your dad is a very forgiving guy.

Carrie: I know.

Austin: So, why don’t you go see him at the station?

Carrie: He's busy. He's looking for Will.

Austin: Are you trying to find a way to get out of it?

Carrie: Maybe.

Austin: Do you want me to go with you?

Carrie: No. You're right. I should go. But I'll do it by myself.

Austin: Okay. I'm gonna go over to Sami's, have the television plea for the kidnappers. I'm just gonna try to give her my support. She may not want it. I don’t know.

Carrie: I'm sure she will. Will's got to be okay.

Austin: He will be. He will be. So will you.

Carrie: I don’t know.

Austin: Go see your dad.

Kate: So, it's over, I mean, just like that?

Lucas: Yeah. All that's left is to file for divorce.

E.J.: Kate, excuse me. Sorry. We need to get ready for the broadcast.

Kate: You don’t seem surprised by this at all.

E.J.: No, I knew about this last night.

Kate: You knew about it last night and we've been together all morning and you never said anything to me?

E.J.: I thought it'd be more fun for you to find out this way.

Lucas: You know what? Please stop it. It's not about you, all right, Mom?

Kate: You're right. You're right. I'm sorry. I'm sorry because you and Carrie made a perfect couple.

Lucas: Don't lie to me. You wanted Carrie with Austin. Come on now.

Kate: You're right. I did. In the beginning, I did, but I grew to find out that I was wrong.

Lucas: No, you were right. You were right the first time, all right? So, congratulations.

Kate: Do you think I wanted this? I didn't want this. And I do understand what you're going through, but it's all fresh for you right now. I mean, you might be able to patch things up.

Lucas: Yeah, maybe if I take out a hit on Austin, that'll work.

Sami: Don't even say something like that, Lucas.

Lucas: I'm kidding, all right? I'm not gonna really do that. It's just the fact that even if my wife-stealing big brother was out of the picture, I would never go back to Carrie, not in a million years.

Kate: What are you talking about? Carrie loves you. She loves you. And she made you happy. She was good for you.

Lucas: She is not good for me, all right? I'm sick of the good girls. I'm sick of the Carries in the world, with their sweet smiles and their pleasant demeanor’s and all that until they stick a knife in your back, and then it's too late 'cause you're dead and laying in a pool of blood. So, I'll stick to the bad girls, thanks. At least then know you got to keep your guard up.

Kate: Oh, no, no, no, no. You are not going back to appreciating the nonexistent virtues of bad girls, believe me, not if I can help it.

Lucas: You know what? You don’t have a say in it -- not in who I date or really any part of my life.

Kate: I think you're overreacting to all of this.

Lucas: No, you're my mother, and I love you, all right? But I can make my own decisions.

Kate: Of course you can make your own decisions. All I'm saying is that I care about you. I still worry about you the same way that you're worried about Will. That's how I feel. That's never going to change, Lucas.

Lucas: I can you understand that?.

E.J.: Excuse me. I don’t mean to interrupt. We need you on the couch. We have to check the lighting and the sound.

Lucas: Right now?

E.J.: Yeah.

Lucas: You ready?

Sami: I hope so. Lucas, this has to work.

Lucas: Don't worry about it. It's gonna work, it has too.

Camera Man: We need you two to sit a little closer together, please. Closer. Yes, there you go. Thank you. Try holding hands.

Kate: Look, this is a plea for their son. This isn't some stupid reality dating show.

Lucas: Will you do me a favor and stay out of it, please?

Camera Man: Miss Roberts, it's important for the image that goes out to be as loving and sympathetic as possible.

Sami: And we're gonna do whatever it takes to get our son back, so deal with it.

[Knock on door]

Roman: Yeah? Carrie! Wow, what a nice surprise. Come here. Hey.

Carrie: Hi, Dad.

Roman: Wait a minute. Something tells me this isn't a social call.

Carrie: 'Cause I can never hide anything from you.

Roman: No matter how hard you try, so talk to me. What's going on?

Carrie: I made the biggest mistake. Actually, I made a lot of mistakes, and I hurt a lot of people. And I don’t know what to do.

Roman: Come here.

Hope: You leave Bo out of this.

Patrick: If I didn't do this, then someone is setting me up. The most logical candidate is Bo.

Hope: I have blamed Bo for so many things. I was so angry about losing Zack. He was the perfect target. Look, the bottom line is, he didn't steal the surveillance disc to get Chelsea off.

Patrick: Are you sure about that?

Hope: I am positive about that. I believed the worst about Bo, and right now, I am trying not to make the same mistake with you. If there is one thing I do know about Bo Brady -- he would never frame an innocent man for murder. If I had to make a choice right now between believing you or believing Bo, then I'd believe Bo.

Bo: You're right, Fancy Face. I would never frame anyone, even scum like this.

Patrick: Yeah, well, maybe you didn't frame me, but somebody did because I'm innocent.

Bo: Yeah, right.

Patrick: Hope, you have to believe me. I am not a killer.

Hope: I want to believe you. There's just so much evidence.

Patrick: After all the time we spent together, you have to know I am not capable of this.

Bo: Talk all you want, but the evidence does the real talking in this case. And the evidence says you're guilty as hell.

Roman: Honey... whatever it is you think you did, I'm sure that it's not near as bad as you think

Carrie: I'm sure it's worse. Austin and I have gotten back together.

Roman: And you're married to Lucas.

Carrie: I know. Dad, I tried to convince myself that I love him. And in a way, I do. But Austin is my one true love, and I cannot get him out of my heart or my mind. And he can't either.

Roman: So you two started seeing each other again. And Lucas found out.

Carrie: He saw us on the roof kissing. We wanted to tell him, but with everything that's happening with Will, we thought that we better wait. I don’t know what's wrong with me.

Roman: And that's why you're not wearing your rings.

Carrie: I'm so ashamed of the way I handled this.

Roman: Carrie, the day of your wedding, I asked you if you were sure you wanted to marry Lucas. You said you were.

Carrie: I know. I was afraid of disappointing him. How ironic is that? Oh. For a while, it seemed like Austin and Lucas were constantly fighting over me and like I was some kind of prize. But I'm no prize, Dad. And what I'm really ashamed of is that part of me liked feeling that way. How did I ever delude myself into thinking that Lucas would want to be married to a woman who didn't really love him? Talk about ego. Lucas deserves a better wife than me. How could I do this to him?

Kate: I have a very bad feeling about this.

E.J.: About the broadcast?

Kate: No, about Sami and Lucas.

E.J.: Come on, Kate. Look, there is no Sami and Lucas.

Kate: Look at them.

E.J.: I am looking at them. I see a couple of parents who are desperately concerned for their missing son.

Kate: Believe me, Sami is going to use this kidnaping to lure Lucas back into her life and back into her bed.

E.J.: Kate, you're upset, okay? I really fon’t think you know what you're talking about.

Kate: What you fon’t know -- you fon’t know what Sami's capable of. Austin's out of her life. Lucas is wounded, so she's going to swoop in, just like the vulture she is, and grab her prey.

E.J.: Lucas may be wounded, but he still has his own head on his shoulders. After what he's just been through, I hardly think he's gonna be ready for another relationship for a very long time.

Kate: See, it doesn't matter what Lucas wants because if Sami decides that she wants to move in for the kill, I lose my son.

Lucas: All right, thanks.

Sami: I hope I say the right thing. I hope I don’t say the wrong thing. Man, I hope I don’t make things worse.

Lucas: Listen to me. It's gonna be fine. We're gonna do great. We both will.

Sami: Lucas, how do we reason with a madman?

Lucas: We just do what we discussed. We speak from our heart. We let that kidnapper and Will know just how much we love him and how much we want him back home, how much we don’t want him harmed. If we do that, we can't miss. Everything will be fine, all right?

[Knock on door]

E.J.: Austin, come in.

Austin: What are you doing here?

E.J.: I'm in charge of Sami and Lucas' broadcast. You remember Sami and Lucas, right? Okay, good. So, if you have a problem with me being here, you need to leave now.

Kate: Austin, I have to say I'm surprised to see you here.

Austin: What, I'm not family?

Kate: Of course you're family. But you have been busy with your brother's wife. Do you really think this is the best thing to be doing for Lucas right now?

Lucas: All right, that's good. Thank you. Oh, great. I didn't know it was garbage day today.

Sami: Lucas, please don’t.

Lucas: No, no, someone's got to take out the trash.

Sami: Stop it. Just leave him alone. He's gonna stay.

Lucas: He's not staying. We'll see about that.

Sami: Lucas, don’t. I know you're upset, and you have every right to be. But come on, just focus all your energy on Will. Finding Will -- that is all that matters now.

Lucas: That is all that matters 'cause Will is our son. And if anyone's gonna be here for you, it's gonna be me. If anyone's gonna help you through this and hold your hand and be supportive, I'm gonna do it, not him.

E.J.: How are we doing?

Kate: Just like I told you. So it begins.

Patrick: I don’t care about whatever phony evidence you dug up.

Bo: The ballistics prove the bullet that killed Eve Michaels came from your gun.

Patrick: What?

Bo: The report just came in. 100% match. How are you gonna explain that away, huh?

Patrick: I don’t have to explain the ballistics report because the gun isn't mine.

Bo: It was registered in your name.

Patrick: The registration's fake.

Bo: Yeah, right. Okay, let's move on to a different subject. Why did you call Sami Brady on the day her son, Will, was kidnaped?

Patrick: I didn’t.

Bo: The phone records tell a different story.

Hope: Did you make threatening call to her?

Patrick: Hope, I already told you. I had nothing to do with Will's disappearance.

Bo: Okay, so, that call was made by the same mysterious person who stole the surveillance disc, hid it in your closet, bought a size 11 pair of shoes, put mud on them, hid them in your closet, bought a gun, registered it in your name, killed Eve Michaels, and locked it in a gun safe in your closet.

Patrick: Yeah, I guess so, because it sure as hell wasn't me.

Bo: And it wasn't me. And that's your only theory, so obviously you're a liar. And you're gonna fry.

Carrie: I'm sorry, Dad. Sami is the one who's hurting right now and Lucas. I shouldn't even be wasting your time talking about this. We need to find Will.

Roman: Carrie, let me ask you this. If you had it to do over, would you choose not to get back together with Austin?

Carrie: No. I love him. I just wish I would have handled this differently. I never should have married Lucas in the first place.

Roman: Carrie, we're human beings. We don’t always do things perfectly, no matter how hard we try. But if you love Austin --

Carrie: I do. I always have. I just -- I hate what I did to Lucas. He's been wonderful to me, and he didn't even see this coming.

Roman: 'Cause you're trying to protect him. Carrie, you can't protect people. The truth, it's disrespectful. It's like we're saying they're not strong enough to deal with life.

Carrie: Well, what if he isn't? He's so hurt, and he's so angry. And everything that's happening with Will -- he didn't think things could get any worse, and they have.

Roman: Well, I'm not saying it's not gonna be a challenge for Lucas, believe me. But it's one he can rise above if he chooses.

Carrie: I hope your right.

Roman: Look, Carrie, positive lessons can come from whatever happens to us in life, all right? The key is, do we learn from the painful times and grow from them or do we block out the big picture and wallow in our own misery? Give him credit. Give yourself some credit. You can become a better person from this, too.

Carrie: I hope so. I don’t think I could become a worse one.

Roman: Well, you sure as hell can if you keep putting in your head all this self-pity and self-hatred. 'Cause what that's gonna do -- it's not only gonna destroy you.. It’s going to destroy everything you have with Austin. And then you're gonna wind up with nothing..

Carrie: Dad, thanks --

Roman: Carrie, listen to me, okay? You made a mistake, but you've already done the hard thing here. You've owned up to it. Now you just got to figure out how to grow from it.

Carrie: I'll try because you're right. If I can't, all the pain I caused myself and Lucas, it would have been for nothing.

Roman: Do you love Austin?

Carrie: I do with all my heart.

Roman: Well then, you grab all that love, okay? Don't let it go, no matter what. 'Cause a love like that only comes along once in a lifetime.

Carrie: And I already threw it away once.

Roman: And I will always regret letting Marlena get away. Learn from that. Don't make the same mistake.

Sami: Lucas, it's okay.

Austin: Lucas, I am here for Will and to support Sami.

Lucas: Will doesn't need you, man. We don’t want your kind of support, all right?

Camera Man: Mr. Roberts, can I get you in your place? We're about to start.

Lucas: Come on.

Camera Man: 10 seconds.

Sami: Lucas, please. You can do this. Focus.

Lucas: All right, all right.

Camera Man: In five, four, three, two...

Lucas: My name is Lucas Roberts, and this is Sami Brady. And we have a son together. Our son, Will, has been kidnaped. So, Will, if you're out there and you can hear this, please, you got to know that your mother and me love you very much and we want you back. We want you back home safe. That's all we want. He's the most amazing kid ever, isn't he? Will, you're not a kid. You're not a kid. You're my young man. I know you like to be called my young man, so I'm sorry for calling you a kid. It's just... you'd be so proud, man. Your football team, they beat Brooksville. They beat them 10-7. They beat them. I know we worked hard. We worked hard all summer to get you on that first string. So, you only missed one game. You can get back. You can get back. You only missed one. And your math teacher, she said you got an "a" on that algebra test that we studied so hard for. Arthur's so jealous he can't even see straight. He wants you to help him study when you get back. Your friends, they're really worried about you. They've been hanging flyers. They've been calling nonstop. The damn phone's been ringing off the hook. And it usually drives me crazy, you know that, but I don’t mind it so much now. I really don’t. I just want you to know that I'm very proud to be your dad. I'm very proud to have you as my son. You're the number-one thing in my life. You're the only person who's truly been there for me my whole life. And whoever is holding my son -- whoever has my son, I'm sure you realize that you've got a smart, self-reliant, strong kid on your hands, who has a really great future. So, please, don’t do any harm to him. If you want money I can get you money. I can get you any amount of money you need. You just name the price, and I'll make sure you get it. And if you have a personal problem with me or Sami, just don’t take it out on my son. Please, that's all I ask. We just want him home safe. Please give us back our son.

Carrie: For a police commander, you're a pretty good psychiatrist.

Roman: Well, I had a good teacher. So, you feeling a little better?

Carrie: A little. I have a long way to go.

Roman: All right, in that case, we better call the real psychiatrist in the family.

Carrie: Oh, no, I don’t want you to bother Marlena she has enough on her plate.

Roman: Come on. Marlena is never too busy for you or anybody in her family. Okay.

[Telephone rings]

Jeffrey: Jeffrey Taylor.

Roman: Yes, this is Police Commander Roman Brady from Salem.

Jeffrey: What can I do for you?

Roman: I'm trying to get in touch with Marlena Evans.

Jeffrey: So am I.

Roman: Well, isn't she there? She left this number.

Jeffrey: She was supposed to be setting up a program at one of our hospitals today, but she never showed up here at the office or there. I've left four messages on her cellphone, but she hasn't returned any of them.

Roman: Well, that's not like her.

Jeffrey: I agree. I'm getting very worried that something has happened to her.

Bo: If you'll excuse us, Hope I got talk to the prisoner alone.

Patrick: I've already given you all the answers you're gonna get.

Bo: I don’t think so. You haven't given me the truth.

Patrick: Yes, I have. Hope, I didn't do it -- any of it.

Hope: I hope that’s true.

Bo: Okay, we can do this one of two ways -- easy way or hard way. Where's Will Roberts?

Patrick: Like I said before, I don’t know! I mean, what do you want me to do? Do you want me to make this stuff up? Because that is the truth.

Bo: No, it's not the truth. But we will get there eventually. I'll get the truth out of you.

Sami: As I'm sure you can see, Lucas is a really great dad. And he and Will are really close. Will is a pitcher on this summer baseball team. Lucas spent the whole summer working with him on his fastball.

Lucas: It's a curve ball, but that's all right.

Sami: Right, right, right. Sorry, Will. Your curve ball. And I know you throw it really fast. Lucas was planning on -- he is planning on taking Will to the World Series this year.

Lucas: Yeah.

Sami: Will has dreamed of going since he was a little kid. And he and Lucas have talked about going a lot of times. But something would always come up, and they didn’t go. And usually it was my fault that Will ended up being disappointed.

Lucas: Stop. Don't do that. Stay strong. Come on.

Sami: Will, I want you to know how sorry I am for all of the disappointments that you have had in your life. And your dad and I, we would do anything for the chance to make it up to you.

Lucas: Yeah.

Sami: When you were first born, you were really sick, and so, I didn't get to hold you right away. But when I finally did, I was really nervous because, well, because I wasn't ready to be a mom, I guess. But the doctors told me that newborns don’t see really well. But you had this look in your eye like you were ready to take on the world. And I don’t know. I guess I just thought maybe you had an old soul. And now sometimes I still see that look in your eye. And, well, I guess that makes it easy for me to let you act like a grown-up while we act like children. But that's not gonna happen anymore. I promise you those days are over. As I'm sure the person who has you knows you are the most important thing in our entire lives. And whoever you are, I want you to know that if you have a problem with me, like Lucas said, take it out on me.. Take me, but please don’t hurt -- please don’t hurt my son because it's not his fault. He needs his family. He needs to come home, please. Please, we love him so much.

Lucas: We do.

Sami: Please.

Lucas: We just want him back. We just want our son back, please. You can reach the Salem P.D.

Will: Hey, Uncle Austin.

Austin: Hey, Will. Will!

Sami: Oh, my God! Oh, sweetie!

Kate: I don’t think she can get Lucas out of her system.

E.J.: Maybe we should see what we can do about that, huh?

John: So, what is it?

Roman: The police found a bloodstain in Marlena's hotel room.

Lexie: I've missed you so much.

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