Days Transcript Thursday 9/14/06

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 9/14/06 - Canada; Friday 9/15/06 - U.S.A.


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Judge Fitzpatrick: I'd like to ask for quiet, please. Court's in session in the matter of Hope Williams Brady vs. Beauregard Aurelius Brady. Who's representing Mrs. Brady?

Frankie: I am, your honor. Frank Brady.

Judge Fitzpatrick: And Mr. Brady's counsel is? No one. Am I to assume that Mr. Brady isn't present, either? Let the record show that neither Mr. Brady nor counsel has appeared.

Maggie: Where could Bo be? He would never let this divorce go through without contesting it.

Alice: Bo isn't about to let Hope go.

Maggie: Well, he better get here soon.

Alice: He's probably working on a plan to stop we speak.

Roman: All right, I love you. Bye. Kate, before you say a word, we're on this case. I just got off the phone with Sami.

Kate: Yeah, Sami's the reason it probably happened.

Roman: Kate, don't start.

Kate: Okay, forget I said anything. You're probably wondering why E.J. and I are here, but we want to arrange for an on-air appeal for Will's safe return, so we've decided to donate free time on a local TV station.

Roman: Okay, that sounds really good, but when you say local TV--

Kate: Well, it's our station -- E.J.'s and mine. Our new company, Mythic Communications, acquired the local Channel 6 outlet. So, who do we talk to? I know that Bo was working on this, so is he the point man?

Roman: No, actually, he's not. He's up to his neck with another case.

Kate: What's more important than finding Will, Roman?

Roman: It's not a question of what's more important, Kate. Eve Michaels' murder is occupying our time, too.

E.J.: Uh, yes, what is happening with that?

Roman: Well, Bo thinks he's very close to a breakthrough.

E.J.: Really? Does that mean that he's got a suspect?

Kate: Why are you asking so many questions about that?

Roman: Yeah, you are asking a lot of questions, E.J. Why are you so interested in this? I mean, is it possible that you knew this victim?

Bo: Come on, man. You got nothing? No, no, fine. Thanks. Damn it.

Tek: Another dud, huh?

Bo: I have run that number 100 different ways. I can't crack it.

Abe: Have you tried the encryption experts in D.C.?

Bo: Yeah, they came up empty-handed. All right, all right. Kate paid Eve to steal the disc, and then somehow it wound up in somebody else's hands. Now, this number could lead us to that person who I believe is Eve's real boss. So, we find that disc, we find our murderer. Oh, damn it, I'm late for court.

Abe: Hey, hey, Bo. Take it easy, huh?

Bo: "Take it easy"? Abe, if I don't find that surveillance disc, my marriage is over. I have run out of time. We've got to solve this damn case.

Jennifer: Jack. Jack.

Enid: Quiet, missy. Good-bye and good riddance. [Door slams]

Jennifer: Jack! Jack, come here. Jack, answer me. Look at me, Jack. Jack! Oh, God. Jack! Please, Jack. Look at me, open your eyes. Jack, come on! Jack, answer me! Please, Jack!

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Judge Fitzpatrick: All right, I'll give Mr. Brady 10 minutes. If he hasn't shown up by then, we'll proceed without him. Court is in recess for 10 minutes.

Bailiff: All rise.

Hope: Where do you think Bo is?

Frankie: He's on his way, I promise.

Hope: He begged me to drop the divorce, swore up and down he'd fight it.

Frankie: Told me the same thing.

Hope: Then why isn't he here?

Patrick: Hope, maybe he realized there's nothing left to fight for.

Hope: Maybe he was trying to make it easier for me.

Patrick: Or for himself. Look you told him a thousand times this marriage is over. And now you and I are having a child.

Alice: I wouldn't count Bo Brady out so fast.

Bo: Something's got to break in this case, and it's got to happen before Hope files the divorce.

Abe: Look, Bo, I know you want to go to Hope with proof in hand, but why not tell her about Kate's confession?

Bo: Kate recanted. That's why I'll never get her to admit that she paid Eve to steal that. You know what? Kate hates Hope. She wants this divorce to go through. She thinks if I’m not with Hope there’s a chance for Billie and me. Like that will ever happen.

Abe: Look, assuming Kate denies everything, Roman will back you up. He's the police commander, for God's sake. He got it straight from Kate. She bribed Eve to take that disc. If Eve took the disc, then you couldn't have.

Bo: Yeah, well, Roman's my brother.

Abe: What? So Hope's not gonna believe him?

Bo: Well, according to her, this is an open-and-shut case. She needs irrefutable proof. Besides, I got to make sure that Hope trusts me. I got to make sure she knows I will not turn her world upside down.

Abe: I hate to tell you this, Bo, but you're running out of time.

Bo: This is something I'm very well aware of, Abe. Thanks.

Roman: So...E.J., I'm waiting for your answer.

Kate: So am I, because why are you so interested in this woman's murder?

E.J.: Look, Commander Brady, I understand that you seem to think that Kate had some kind of involvement with this missing evidence disc, but surely, come on. You don't seriously think that Kate killed Eve Michaels?

Roman: Well thank you. I really appreciate that vote of confidence, E.J.

E.J.: Well, we' partners, and I'd like to think, at the very least, we're friends.

Kate: Of course we are.

Roman: Well, all right. Then we're all in agreement here that we all would like to have this murder solved. Well, you know, with a little luck, Bo might get that done real soon.

Tek: Bo, are we still going on the assumption that our cop killer is the same person causing trouble for your family?

Bo: Yeah, it's a good bet everything's tied together. We find Will, we find Jack and Jennifer, and our killer.

Abe: And that disc.

Tek: When the hell is this gonna end?

Bo: This is gonna end with some psychopath behind bars and the people we love home where they belong.

Jennifer: Jack, Jack, come on.

Jack: Jennifer, are you all right?

Jennifer: Am I all right? I thought you got shot.

Jack: Shot? No, I'm just a little stunned, that's all.

Jennifer: Are you okay? Are you okay?

Jack: I'm fine, I'm fine.

Jennifer: Come on, can you stand up?

Jack: I can stand up.

Jennifer: Come on, Jack.

Jack: I can stand up just fine. All right, I'm telling you right now, we got to get out of here. And I don't want to slow you down.

Jennifer: I know, Jack.

Jack: Don't argue with me. I only have a few hours more, probably, for all I know.

Jennifer: Jack, shh! She's gone. I heard her go out the back door, and maybe she took her double-barrel with her.

Jack: Finally, we got a break. All right, this is what we're gonna do. We got to sneak into the cabin and we got to find her phone and call the police before wacko gets back in.

Jennifer: Yes, go.

Jack: Me first?

Jennifer: Yes.

Jack: That shot missed me once, maybe twice. Shh!

Jennifer: All right, Jack, go, she's gone. She's gone.

Jack: She is? Of course, she's gone. I'll tell you, if she comes back in here, you're out that front door lickety-split. You understand me?

Jennifer: I want you to call the police, tell them we got kidnapped, tell them we know who murdered Eve Michaels, and then I want you to call --

Jack: Call Francois. I know, I know.

Enid: So, I told him if he didn't like the way I did his laundry...

Jack: Someone's already on the line.

Enid: ...Greasy stains off his shirts. I told him one more complaint, and he'll be sleeping alone from now on.

Jennifer: What? Is there an extension somewhere? Is that Enid?

Jack: No, no, it's not her. It's some other charmer. [Grunts] Who's that? Someone's on the line. I can hear you talking. Now get off. This here's a party line, and it's my turn to yak.

Jack: It's her turn to yak. It's a party line.

Jennifer: What is this, the 1940s or something?

Jack: Well, it must be the theme of the week. I'll handle this. Hello, madam? I don't know who you are, but you need to get off the line right now. This is an emergency. We need this phone. It's a matter of life and death.

Enid: Look, it's my party , and I'll yak if I want to. I'm telling you, this is an emergency.

[Laughs] An emergency, huh? That's what everyone says.

Jack: But, listen, I'm telling you right now, it is an emergency.

Enid: Do you think I just fell off the turnip truck? I got my timer right here, and it says I got me 8 minutes and 52 seconds coming, and I’m not getting off a second sooner. Now buzz off, and don't you be listening to me talking to Gerty like some pervert.

Jack: Listen, you know, if your husband ends up sleeping alone, he's a blessed man. Ow!

Jennifer: Jack.

Jack: What?

Jennifer: What are we gonna do now?

Jack: Well, we're not calling her back, and we're getting out of this place before old dame deliverance shows up again. Oh, too late.

Enid: That damn furry rodent.

Jack: Furry rodent? Is that what you were aiming at?

Enid: Out back I was. Earlier I was aiming at Barbie girl's head. I never thought I'd find you two back here again. But both of you just pop up like damn jack-in-the-boxes.

Jack: Well, I mean, I've been accused of that before, but I'll tell you right now, madam, how very astute you are.

Enid: I don't know what that means.

Jennifer: Oh, that's a nice thing to say. It's a compliment.

Jack: It's a good thing.

Enid: Oh, yeah, right. Anything that begins with the word "ass" is a compliment for sure. Now, what the hell are you doing in Enid's house?

Jack: Enid's house -- oh, Enid. Well Enid, we are actually from cabin beautiful.

Jennifer: We are here to warn you, Enid.

Enid: Warn me about what?

Jennifer: We are here to warn you about what we saw down the road that way. We -- we saw an airplane, we thought, but it was really this big saucer in the field, and it had blinking lights and it was making this wo-wo-wo-wo -- this whirring noise just like this before it landed.

Enid: Woman, you're talking about a spaceship.

Jennifer: You think? Oh, my gosh.

Enid: Wait a minute. What kind of fool do you think I am?

Lexie: Hi, Roman. I'm looking for Abe. Is he around?

Roman: Uh, well, yeah, Lexie, but he's real busy right now.

Lexie: Oh.

Kate: Hello, Lexie.

Lexie: Um, I'll wait, thanks. Kate. E.J.

Kate: Well, I didn't know you and E.J. knew each other.

E.J.: Dr. Carver and I collaborated on a project to fight breast cancer.

Kate: Oh, how nice.

E.J.: It was. And recently we had a very enlightening conversation. I got to know her a good deal better.

Lexie: And I'm afraid you made assumptions about me that weren't true.

E.J.: I think I have a pretty good idea of exactly what's going on.

Bo: We're sure that these shoes are identical to the ones that left the prints at the church.

Tek: Perfect match. We found out which stores carried these shoes and asked them who bought them. We're expecting a fax any minute now.

Bo: Could be quite a list.

Tek: Well, they're size 11. That should narrow it down some.

Abe: Bo, look, Tek and I can handle things here. Why don't you go over to the courthouse?

Bo: I got to stay on this.

Abe: You should be in court, and you know it.

Bo: I'm not leaving matters of my marriage up to some judge.

Abe: That's exactly what you're gonna do if you don't show up.

Bo: I can't walk into that courthouse without proof of my innocence.

Abe: Look, Bo, at least go, show her that you care enough to be there.

Bo: Hope thinks I stole that evidence. I don't have a prayer of saving my marriage.

Abe: It's your decision.

Bo: Yeah, it is my -- I need answers, Abe. And I need them now.

Judge Fitzpatrick: I see Mr. Brady is still absent. Any word, counsel?

Frankie: No, your honor.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Well, we've given him enough time. We'll proceed. Please be seated. Now, I've read Mrs. Brady's petition for divorce. It's her wish to dissolve her marriage with no conditions?

Frankie: It is, your honor.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Well, in that case, I've got to tell you, Mrs. Brady, it's most unusual for a woman to walk away from a lengthy marriage without seeking alimony or some division of property. Under state law, you're entitled to half your husband's estate and half of his income.

Frankie: Your honor, my client understands that, but she wishes --

Hope: Frankie, thank you. Excuse me, your honor. May I please speak for myself?

Judge Fitzpatrick: Please go ahead.

Hope: I just wanted to say that filing for divorce was the last thing I ever wanted to do. Bo and I have been together for, my gosh, so many years. And most of those years were truly wonderful. But now our marriage is over. I don’t want anything from him. Child support, well...that's no longer an issue. And as far as alimony, thank God I'm healthy enough to support myself. I don't need anything from him.

Judge Fitzpatrick: But you do own a house together, do you not? And there are cars, a boat. What about stocks and savings?

Hope: Well, I believe that Bo agreed to let me have the house, your honor. Is that correct? So, other than that, I, um.. there's nothing I want, nothing that truly matters.. Sadly, your honor, there is absolutely no reason to continue this marriage. Thank you for listening. And I...I hope that you grant this divorce. Thank you.

Jack: Whatever you do, don't say "pull." Look, um, Enid, Jennifer -- she wasn’t saying you're foolish. She was, you know, she was just making a joke. She wasn't trying to yank your chain.

Enid: I don't have a chain. Do you think I'm a light fixture or a toilet?

Both: No.

Jack: No, no, she was just making a joke. That's all it was when she suggested about spaceships landing.

Enid: Well, I know that. Everybody knows that spaceships don't land before dark. That dang thing must have come last night.

Jennifer: You're probably right.

Enid: They might be fixing to abduct some animals. That's what them one-eyed aliens do. And I can't afford to lose my prize cow. Jessie has won first place in the county fair three years running. Losing her would be keg my best friend. I better go do some alien hunting.

Jack: Right.

Jennifer: Oh, but you don't need the phone, Enid. You don't have to take that.

Enid: Yes, I do. Because if Jessie's missing, I may have to contact the mother ship to negotiate her release.

Jack: Hmm, right. [Sighs] Well done.

Jennifer: [Sighs] Oh, yeah. I wasn't sure for a minute, Jack. Now what are we gonna do?

Jack: We're gonna find us another phone. That's what we're gonna do.

Jennifer: Here?

Jack: Look, I don't think this lady has ever thrown anything away. And we're not gonna walk 10 miles to the next cabin to go find Gerty's friend.

Jennifer: No. All right, find a phone. There's got to be one. Oh, good night. Who in the world would stuff a raccoon, Jack?

Jack: Barbie, that's a groundhog.

Jennifer: Whatever.

Jack: Not for the groundhog. Ah! Great, look what I found.

Jennifer: Are you kidding me? You would have better luck with two tin cans and a string,

Jack: It was good enough for Alexander Graham Bell. It'll be good enough for me. All right, do you think that Gerty might have some old antique duct tape around here?

Jennifer: I know that you think duct tape solves every problem, Jack, but it's not gonna solve your problem here, okay?

Jack: I know what you're thinking. You're thinking I'm incompetent. You're thinking I cannot fix this and get us out of here.

Jennifer: No, I didn't say that.

Jack: I'm telling you right now -- I'm gonna fix this, and I'm gonna get us out of here. I'm not letting you down, not this time. This time I'm coming through. I promise.

Tek: Lexie, I'm glad to see you.

Lexie: Hey, Tek.

Tek: How've you been?

Lexie: Um...busy.

Abe: She’s trying back together with her husband, that's what.

Tek: Is that true?

Roman: You know what? Um, E.J., Kate, could you wait outside please?

Kate: Sure, no problem.

Roman: All right, thank you. I tell you what, pard, I'll give you some privacy.

Abe: Thank you, Roman. [Beeping]

Roman: How's it going?

Bo: This is a list of the people who bought the shoes that match that print at the church. Man, who knew it was so popular?

Roman: Well, let me help.

Bo: Yeah, here. If we did our job right, the name of our killer is right here.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Thank you for explaining your position, Mrs. Brady. The record will show that you desire no financial settlement. Since Mr. Brady isn't here, I think we should be able to wrap this up.

Billie: Excuse me, your honor. My name is Billie Reed, and with the court's permission, I would like to speak for Bo Brady.

Lexie: I-I'm sorry that I haven't had a chance to tell you. Abe withdrew the divorce petition. He's giving me another chance.

Tek: So you're serious?

Lexie: Yeah. Yeah, we're taking things slowly.

Tek: What does that mean?

Lexie: Well, it means that Abe hasn't moved back in with Theo and me, but, you know, I'm hoping that eventually --

Abe: You seem surprised, Tek.

Tek: Yeah, I am surprised, because you've been bad-mouthing Lexie for months, telling everybody you're fed up with her. He even compared you to your evil father and brother. And now all of a sudden, you're just gonna forgive and forget? That's what you're telling her?

[Telephone rings]

Bo: Salem PD.

Jack: Bo? Bo, is that you?

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh. It works.

Bo: Hello? Hello -- I can't hear you. I've got a bad connection.

Jack: Bo, it's me. It's Jack.

Bo: Jack! Hey, man. Where are you? You guys okay?

Jack: Jennifer and I are. We have no idea where we are. Look, we were ambushed by some thugs and dumped in the middle of nowhere.

Bo: They were ambushed.

Jack: Look, I'm on a phone that should be in the Smithsonian, so I'll make this fast. We were investigating the murder of Officer Eve Michaels. We got a tip from an anonymous source. I'll tell you all the details later, but --

Bo: Jack, Jack, did you say an anonymous source?

Jack: We know the make of the gun that killed Officer Michaels.

Bo: That's great, man.

Jack: Wait, that's not all. We know who the gun belongs to, so we know who the killer is. The killer is...

Bo: Jack, Jack, say that again.

Jack: Do we have concrete proof? No, but I'd be seriously surprised if we were wrong. When we get back to Salem, we can -- Bo, Bo, are you there?

Bo: Jack? Jack? I lost him.

Roman: What's going on?

Bo: Give me a second. I got to get on this. Hey, this is Detective Brady over at the Salem PD. I need a search warrant as soon as possible.

Hope: Excuse me, your honor. I resent Miss Reed bursting in here like this. She's my husband's mistress, and she should have absolutely no say whatsoever in this proceeding.

Billie: I'm here for Bo.

Frankie: Your honor, Miss Reed's presence is upsetting my client.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Sit down, counselor. I have a question for Miss Reed. Miss Reed, did Mr. Brady ask you to come here today and speak for him?

Billie: No, he didn't, but with the exception of Mrs. Brady, I know Bo better than anybody else. And, Hope, I know you don't like me, but you really need to hear what I have to say. Because everyone in this courtroom, including you, Frankie, knows that Bo deserves to be represented.

Alice: Hope, I think that you should let Billie speak.

Hope: Fine, say what you have to say and go.

Billie: Thank you.

Judge Fitzpatrick: No need to take the stand, Miss Reed. You aren't being called as a witness. We're only hearing you as a courtesy.

Billie: I would like to be sworn in.

Judge Fitzpatrick: If you insist.

Court Reporter: State your name.

Billie: Billie Holliday Reed.

Court Reporter: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

Billie: I do. Thank you for allowing me to speak here today, because I think we all know that if Bo were here himself, he would be arguing like crazy to stop this divorce.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Then why isn't he here? Can you answer that?

Billie: Hope, I think after you hear what I have to say, you'll change your mind about wanting the divorce. Everyone here knows the horrible loss that Bo and Hope suffered when their son Zack died. And they also know that my daughter, Chelsea, caused the accident. Chelsea is also Bo's daughter, which put him in the very difficult position of defending her and protecting her... protecting the very person that took his son's life, because she was driving his car. Hope blamed Bo...for not telling her the truth, and I blame myself for asking him not to. But because Bo mistakenly listened to me, you and Bo grew further and further apart. Then one night after you two had, had a horrible argument, Bo went to a bar. He had too much to drink, and he got into a fight. And the bartender, who is a friend of mine, called me and asked me to come and get him, so I did. And I drove him to a motel where he could sleep it off. Absolutely nothing happened between us.

Hope: Have you forgotten that you're under oath? How can you sit there and tell one lie after another? I saw you in bed with Bo.

Billie: You saw what I wanted you to see. I slept in a chair. And the next morning, my daughter called me to tell me that you were on your way over to the motel. My daughter was facing criminal charges for vehicular manslaughter. I was desperate. I was desperate to do something. I wanted Bo on her side, against you. So I did a terrible thing. I left the door ajar. I got undressed, and I got into bed with Bo so that it looked like we had slept together. But we didn’t. And to this day, Bo has no idea what happened. He slept right through it. And I was afraid to tell him because I was afraid it would turn him against Chelsea... or me. I'm not proud of what I did, especially since seeing Bo and I in bed together is the reason you left town, Hope... and eventually got involved with Patrick Lockhart.

Hope: You're forgetting something. I know that you slept with Bo. He told me he slept with you.

Billie: That was after you filed for divorce.

Hope: Which I did because I thought Bo wanted the divorce, because Chelsea altered his e-mails.

Billie: You see, your honor, this break-in evidence has gotten this far if I hadn't been helping my daughter try and break up Bo and Hope. What I did has been eating away at me...and I am so sorry for what I did. And I don't expect you to forgive me, Hope. But I had to be here to tell you the truth. I wanted you to know that in his heart, Bo has never be unfaithful to you. He loves you today just as much as the day he married you. You see, to are the luckiest woman in the world to have Bo Brady's love, and I know that he has hurt you very much, but it's because of what my daughter and I did. He wanted to tell you the truth about the accident. That's my fault, too. But he also didn't want our daughter to go to jail for the rest of her life. He loves you, Hope. And he wants to be with you. Only you.

Jack: Damn, damn, damn. Well, at least Bo knows who we think killed Officer Michaels.

Jennifer: Yeah, well, how do you suppose we're gonna get home now, Jack?

Jack: What's the matter? You clicking your ruby-red slippers?

Jennifer: Ma kettle's coming. She's got steam coming out of her ears.

Jack: Good metaphor. I'm right behind you.

Enid: When I find those stinking liars, they're roadkill.

Abe: Tek...this is between my wife and me. No one owes you anything.

Tek: Look, you know, if you want to believe Abe's done a complete 180 for no reason, that's fine, but my instincts as a cop tell me he's up to something. I don't buy his change of heart for one minute. No, look, all I'm saying is be careful. That's all I'm saying.

[Door opens]

Person: Detective Brady, this gentleman says you're expecting him.

Bo: You're from the courthouse?

Person: With your search warrant.

Kate: Another search warrant? You already violated my home, running around, looking for things. Whose home are you violating now?

Bo: None of your damn business. Roman let's go.

Billie: I have one more thing to say. Losing a every mother's worst nightmare. But it's also a father's. Bo hasn't been able to forgive himself for what happened with Zack, and he never will. Don't you think you two have suffered enough? If you go through with this divorce, it'll only cause you both more pain. I am begging you -- please forgive him. Because despite everything that's happened, neither one of you will ever be happy with anyone else. Don't give up on Bo. Don't give up on your marriage. Thank you for indulging me, your honor. Thank you, Hope. Frankie.

Judge Fitzpatrick: Thank you, Miss Reed. That was obviously a heartfelt plea...and a very moving one. So I feel like I should ask -- Mrs. Brady, do you still wish to proceed with your divorce petition?

Hope: Your honor, after what I just heard, I ha--

Judge Fitzpatrick: I'm sorry, there’s.. A matter of the utmost urgency has just come to my attention. I have to order a continuance. Counsel will be notified of a new court date. Court is adjourned.

Bailiff: All rise.

Jennifer: Okay, here we go. Here we go.

Jack: It's a cave.

Jennifer: Yes, it's a cave.

Jack: And what are we doing here?

Jennifer: It's a good place to stop, Jack.

Jack: Do I get a vote?

Jennifer: No, you need to rest.

Jack: I'm fine, Jennifer.

Jennifer: You're not fine, okay? It's chilly and it's dark.

Jack: Well, it's only darker and chillier in there, especially if you're still mad at me.

Jennifer: Listen to me. After everything that we have been through, I am just grateful that we are alive.

Jack: Right. So, me Batman, you Robin or -- I don't even care. I hate bats.

Jennifer: There's no bats. There's no bats. Come on.

Hope: Can she just stop the proceeding like this?

Frankie: She can, and she did.

Maggie: I bet this continuance is Bo's doing. He must have pulled some strings.

Hope: If that's true, then why isn't he here?

Patrick: Yeah, uh, Hope, why don't I take you back to my place you look a little worn out.

Maggie: Yes, you do. It's no wonder.

Patrick: I can make you something to eat. You need to take care of yourself and our baby.

Frankie: I'll call you.

Hope: Okay. Yeah, you're right, I do.

Maggie: Well, I'll take you home, Alice.

Alice: Oh, thank you, dear. And you enjoy your dinner, young man. I have a feeling this is going to be your last evening with Hope.

Bo: Something tells me we're gonna find what we need right here. Nothing, nothing. Get these out of my way. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Somebody's hiding something here. And I'm sure it's not a birthday present. Come on. Whoa. [Laughs] Italian made, size 11, have mud on them. Take very, very good care of this evidence. Put this in a bag, too, all right? Yeah, size 11. Here, check that out. Whoa, whoa. Kasaras, take a look at this.

Kasaras: A safe?

Bo: Yeah, lock-pick kit. It's one of those cheap ones. This should be easy. I don't know why people bother with these. Putting guns in something that's so easily opened.. [Laughing] Oh, my God. I'm guessing this is our murder weapon. Look at that. Thank you. Oh, man. Don't need to guess what this is.

Kasaras: Missing surveillance disc.

Bo: Our surveillance disc. Got you.

Jack: See any bats?

Jennifer: I don't see anything. It's so dark in here, jack. [Gasps]

Jack: What? What? What? I didn't hear anything.

Jennifer: No, it's not a noise. It's a thing. [Gasps] You got to be kidding, jack. It's a lantern. Can you believe this?

Jack: No.

Jennifer: How lucky can you get? Oh, my goodness. The battery's weak, but it still works. Look at that.

Jack: Look at that.

Jennifer: [Laughs]

Jack: [Winces]

Jennifer: Oh.

Jack: [Grunts, groans]

Jennifer: Are you okay?

Jack: It just need to get off my feet.

Jennifer: Yeah, it's smart that we stopped. It would have been stupid to find our way back home to civilization tonight.

Jack: Well, I'll tell you one thing -- thanks to the Spectator's lavish expense accounts, we stayed in motels worse this. What?

Jennifer: Doesn't this remind you of anything?

Jack: I thought you didn't want to walk down memory lane with me today.

Jennifer: I really don't, but when you started talking about your universe earlier and how everything was revolving around your universe, and the cabin we were in with Abigail reminded you of her birth, walking in this cave just reminded me of when we...

Jack: When we...

Jennifer: When we made love for the first time, Jack.

Abe: Tek, I'm telling you this one more time. What goes on between Lexie and me is none of your business, so stay the hell out of it.

Kate: You know where Bo went, don't you, Roman?

Roman: Police business, Kate.

E.J.: Hmm. Could you give us a hint?

Roman: Nope.

Kate: Ah.

E.J.: Didn't think so.

Kate: It's about Eve's murder, isn't it?

Roman: Did you hear what I just said? Besides, I would doubt very much if you would be the one I would be saying anything to about this.

E.J.: Are you suggesting that Kate is still a suspect in this investigation?

Roman: I am saying that it's very suspicious that both of you are so interested in this case.

Bo: I've been waiting for you. Kasaras.

Patrick: What the hell are you doing in my house?

Bo: My job. Turn around, you know the drill. Turn around. Patrick Lockhart, you're under arrest for the murder of Officer Eve Michaels.

E.J.: Patrick paid you for the disc and then killed her to keep her mouth shut?

Kate: Mm-hmm.

Max: I know Jack and Jennifer are gonna come out of this alive, and you're gonna get Jennifer back.

Jennifer: I love you so much, and I always will.

Jack: I love you, now and forever.

Bo: Here's your proof. This creep -- he's the one you never should have trusted.

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