Days Transcript Wednesday 9/13/06

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 9/13/06 - Canada; Thursday 9/14/06 - U.S.A.


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Frankie: Hey. It's Frankie. I'm not gonna be able to stop by the office before the divorce hearing. What I need you to do is go into my office, and on the desk is Hope Brady’s file could you please messenger it over to the courthouse? I'd really appreciate it. All right. Thank you. Uh, hi.

Lisa: Hi. Are my parents around?

Abby: They went to mass. Mrs. Brady wanted to light a candle for Bo and Hope's marriage.

Frankie: Damn. Uh, okay, Abby, it's on you. I have to get to the courthouse.

Abby: What is?

Frankie: Listen, I need you to wait here until my parents get here.

Abby: Hello? I'm studying. I have a test in one hour.

Frankie: I don’t want to freak you out. It's probably nothing, but I can't find your mother anywhere. I think she's missing.

Abby: What are you talking about?

Frankie: She didn't come home last night.

Abby: Well, did you tell my dad?

Frankie: I'm sure he knows. He didn't come home, either.

Abby: Yes.

Jack: Come on. Come on!

Jennifer: Come on where? Are we going someplace?

Jack: Sorry. Was in the rope. I didn't mean to wake you.

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh. It's okay. Where are we?

Jack: We are in a woodshed in the mountains somewhere -- somewhere in North America.

Jennifer: Thank you, Jack. That really narrows it down. Ow!

Jack: I'm sorry I can't be more specific. Peasants weren't exactly the chatty types. Can I ask you a question?

Jennifer: What?

Jack: How can you possibly manage to fall asleep in the middle of being kidnapped?

Jennifer: We were in a trunk. It was dark. I have a lot of practice. You know that.

Jack: I'll give you that.

Jennifer: [Grunts] I don't understand this. How far are we from home? A couple hours, at least. I can't imagine any woodsheds like this around Salem.

Jennifer: Deep throat -- he wanted to give you clues. He wanted to give you evidence about Eve Michaels' murder because he wanted you to write this story.

Jack: Right.

Jennifer: So why is he doing this? Why is he preventing you from writing this story?

Jack: An excellent question, Miss Horton. Now I'm gonna ask you a question in return. Now that you've finally experienced what it's like to be a reporter again, do you still miss the good old days?

Hope: Hi. Thank you so much for being here. I can't tell you how much your support means to me. I'm just a little nervous, and I'm really dreading today.

Maggie: Hope, we are here to support you but maybe not the way that you think.

Hope: What do you mean?

Alice: We came here to stop you from divorcing Bo.

Abe: Bo, slow down. Hey.

Bo: The divorce hearing is today. Hope's probably already at the courthouse.

Abe: I'll finish this up. You just get going.

Bo: No, no. I got to find the damn disc.

Abe: Bo, look, that disc was not among Eve's effects, so trust me on that. Whoever hired her has it, and that's who we have to find. If I find a lead, I will call you. So get the hell out of here. You're driving me crazy.

Bo: If I show up at that courthouse without proof of my innocence, I lose everything. So come on. Help me out.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Frankie: No, no. I'm fine. Thank you. I don't think you understand what I'm saying. There's no reason to celebrate.

Abby: Maybe not for you. But my mom and dad spending a night together is plenty reason for me. You know, I bet they went to a five-star hotel.

Frankie: I don't think they went to a five-star anything. If I'm right, they're looking for help, not room service.

Abby: Frankie, my dad has saved my mom, like, 100 times. If they are in trouble, which there isn't, he'll fix it.

Frankie: Abby, I don't think you understand what I'm trying to tell you here.

Abby: That's why she took J.J. to Aunt Julie's last night. They had this whole romantic getaway planned.

Frankie: J.J.'s overnight was planned by your Aunt Julie weeks ago.

Abby: It doesn't matter who planned it.

Frankie: I don't want to argue with you. I just want to make sure your parents are safe -- that's all. Since I can't look for them right now, you're gonna have to take over.

Abby: Forget it. I'm not helping you interfere in their marriage.

Frankie: You're just gonna wait here for them -- that's all. Give them the message. Just tell them that your mother didn't come home.

Abby: My mom is fine.

Frankie: Then humor me. Please. Just tell them. They'll know what to do.

Abby: Yeah, right. They'll send the Brady posse out. No way. My mom is with my dad. She doesn't need you.

Jennifer: I should have known. We've been working together two minutes, and we're already reverting back to old form, Jack.

Jack: Yeah. It's a wonder we ever got anything done.

Jennifer: Yes, it is.

Jack: This is interesting. "Frankie gone. Emilio gone. Love stinks." Hmm..

Jennifer: Jack, what are you doing?

Jack: Just looking for a blue pencil somewhere.

Jennifer: There's a pencil here.

Jack: Thank you.

Jennifer: Uh... is there anything else that you wanted?

Jack: Yes. What do you want?

Jennifer: What do I want?

Jack: Out of life -- the big "L." What do you want to be when you grow up?

Jennifer: And what do you want to be when you grow up?

Jack: Touché. I always knew you had it -- the barbed wit and poised pen of a budding journalist now all you need is something to do with it.

Jack: All right. Where was I?

Jennifer: The fourth synonym in a row for the word "innocent."

Jack: "Blameless," "faultless" --

Jennifer: You're sure you're not overdoing this?

Jack: What are you talking about? I'm just getting warmed up here.

Jennifer: I think you feel responsible for all the bad things that have happened to Steve and Kayla, and I feel like you're trying to make it up to them.

Jack: What are you talking about? That's not me. I live to cause problems for every poor soul that crosses my path. That's a Deveraux family tradition.

Jennifer: Right. Not everyone believes that, Jack.

Jack: Well, then all those people deserve what they have coming to them.

Jennifer: And what is that?

Jack: "Blameless," "faultless," "irreproachable uh, "impeccable."

Jennifer: "Impeccable." Spell it for me.

Jack: No K's, two C's.

Jennifer: I-m-m-p--

Jack: No, no. I-—-

Jennifer: I-m-p-e-c--

Jack: Wait a minute.

Jennifer: I think I have it. Just look. I think that’s it.

Jack: Get it down here where I can see it.

Jennifer: Can you see it? Look at it.

Jack: Uh, yeah. That, uh, that -- that looks very good.

Jennifer: You should look at it close 'cause I'm sure there's more words that are spelled incorrectly. For instance, right here.

Jack: That's, uh, that's good.

Jennifer: What about right here?

Jack: Um, that's -- that's even better.

Jennifer: And what about -- what about this?

Jack: Uh... that's -- I think that's perfect.

Jennifer: Perfect?

Jack: P-e-r--

Jennifer: F-e-c-T.

Jack: Perfect.

Jennifer: [Sighs]

Jack: Admit it, Jennifer. You loved this... didn't you?

Jennifer: Okay. Yes. I will admit I was loving and missing this so much, and then I remembered why I stopped loving and missing this so much, Jack!

Jack: We're gonna be okay. We're gonna get out of this. As you said before, we're both experienced kidnappees.

Jennifer: Is that even a word?

Jack: Well, if it's not, it should be. I should be better at untying by now, anyway. But, then again, I never was a boy scout.

Jennifer: That's because boy scouts tie knots!

Jack: Right.

Jennifer: You know, I was a girl scout once.

Jack: I know. You still are.

Jennifer: There's nothing like a great adventure, but at the end of the day, I want to come home to my campfire and eat my s'mores!

Jack: I'll tell you what. If you work together with me and find our home campfire, you can have some more s'mores -- all the s'mores you want.

Jennifer: Don't be cavalier about this, Jack. You know how much I loved our life together, but we decided when we had children that was gonna change, and it never did change for you.

Jack: What are you saying -- I'm not a good parent?

Jennifer: Oh, no. You are a good parent -- when you want to be. But you weren't changing Jack Jr.'s diaper. You weren't listening to Abby tell me no a million times. You weren't in the trenches. I know how much you love your children and how much they love you, but you're the fun parent, Jack, when you're around.

Jack: I'm around?

Jennifer: You know, Frankie knows Jack Jr. better than you do.

Jack: Are you saying that's my fault?

Jennifer: Yes, it is your fault! It's not your fault that you got sick, but it is your fault that you left us for months. Where have you been?

Jack: Where have I been? I've been at death's door in a hospital.

Jennifer: Yes, but you were alive. You were alive. And those months were precious to me and Abby and Jack Jr., and they should have been precious to you, too.

Jack: They were. They were.

Jennifer: "They were. They were." But you made the decision to leave --us I never asked you to do that. And if you knew me -- if you really knew me -- you would have known that's not what I wanted. You were just being completely selfish like always.

Jack: I was -- [Sighs] I was. [Inhales, exhales deeply] I am. I'm -- I'm sorry.

Jennifer: I know you're sorry. You have told me so many times that you are sorry, but this whole time here has made me realize that really nothing has changed, because here you are. You might be in remission, and what do you want? You want to feel alive. You want to chase a lead instead of being home with your children and your family.

Jack: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. A police officer has been killed, your nephew Will is missing. Bo and Hope's marriage is on the line. Do you really think this is just being selfish? Uh, look, might I add it was your choice to come with me? Had you not chosen to come with me --

Jennifer: We wouldn't have happened right -- I'm gonna let my sick husband go off on his own and get himself killed. Then you would be kidnapped by yourself, and I would be sitting at home worried sick about you, Jack.

Jack: With Frankie. So, is this where you'd rather be?

Hope: If the two of you came down here to talk me out of divorcing Bo, I'm sorry. You're wasting your time.

Maggie: Honey, we're not trying to talk you out of anything.

Hope: You're not? Good. Because I've made up my mind.

Alice: Well, as long as your mind's not closed.

Maggie: We know that sometimes divorce is the right thing. I mean, maybe it is the only thing. But then other times, it's just like running away.

Hope: [Sighs] If I could run away from the nightmare that my life has become, believe me, I would. Do you think I wanted my marriage to wind up as an appointment on the judge's docket? I hate that I have to walk away from the father of my children, the man that I have loved since I was a child playing in the sandbox. I still love him. But, Gran, he didn't leave me any choice.

Maggie: Are you sure about that?

Hope: I'm sure that Bo's the reason that Zack is dead.

Maggie: [Exhales deeply] Granted, Bo shouldn't have given Chelsea the keys to his car, especially when her license had been suspended, but how could he have known that Zack --

Hope: Could he have known? Maggie, are you forgetting that he's a police officer? Do you know how many accident scenes he's been to? Of course he knew what could have happened. And when it did happen, all I wanted for my little boy was justice. I understand that Bo was grieving, too. I know he wasn't in his right mind after the accident. I can even understand his wanting to protect his daughter. But what about protecting my son? When he stole that evidence disc so Chelsea wouldn't be convicted... that really was the last straw, Gran.

Alice: Hope, darling... you don't really believe that Bo did that, do you?

Abe: Look, you know I'll help you. Just tell me the plan.

Bo: I'll stay out of the courthouse till I find something that will change Hope's mind.

Abe: You put a crowd the judge is gonna...

Bo: We're wasting time here. Where else could we find that disc?

Abe: Forget about the disc. Think. If you don't have your primary piece of evidence, what do you do?

Bo: You look for a secondary piece of evidence.

Abe: Exactly, which is why I'm going through Eve's papers so neatly. Roman has uncorroborated evidence that Eve Michaels was bribed.

Bo: By Kate Roberts.

Abe: She's not gonna say anything, but we do know that, that bribe was taken on or about the day the disc was stolen from the evidence room.

Bo: So if we can corroborate the bribe...

Abe: We can build a strong circumstantial case for your innocence.

Bo: That might buy some time with Hope, too.

Abe: Neat. Neat. We don't want to miss anything.

Bo: Okay. All right. Eve's bank statement. What do you think these numbers are?

Abe: Hmm. Maybe Eve had a bank account we didn't know anything about. Run this up to IT This could be your lucky break.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: Yes, I... I think Bo must have stolen the evidence to protect Chelsea. He told me that he would prove to me that he didn’t but he hasn't been able to. Gran, don't look at me like that. Believe me, I want so badly to believe in him again, but how can I? Do you think I would be here in divorce court otherwise?

Maggie: The death of a --puts a terrible strain on a marriage. Any psychologist or counselor will tell you in the months that follow, it's really not the right time to be making any life-altering decisions.

Hope: I'm not doing this because Za -- I'm doing this because Bo went beyond the law so Chelsea wouldn't have to face the consequences of her actions.

Alice: Grief makes it hard to see the truth, dear. Just don't rush the divorce, darling.

Maggie: Alice is right. You've lost so much.

Hope: Everything. I've lost everything.

Maggie: I know it feels that way --

Hope: No, you don't know. Neither of you know what I'm going through.

Maggie: I'll talk to her.

Alice: Hope --

Maggie: I'll talk to her. Hope, you're right. I don't know.

Hope: Maggie, I'm sorry. I know Gran lost a child, too, but she still had the chance to see my mom grow up and get married and have children of her own. I know Gran's lived a lot of years, and, God love her, she's experienced so much, but not this. Knowing that my son's never gonna see his sixth birthday... is like a weight pressing on my chest every second of the day. I'm so tired... tired of waking up every morning missing him, my baby... going to bed every night, aching. I just want to hold him. This pain is just never gonna go away.

Maggie: You will get through this, you know... but not by running away. Pain has its own set of rules. You can't go under it. You can't go around it. You have to go through it.

Hope: No. I can’t.

Maggie: You've already begun, and you're gonna come out of this on the other side of this journey. And, Hope, when you do, you're gonna need Bo.

Patrick: Hey, Tek, what's the word?

Tek: On what?

Patrick: The Eve Michaels case. Come on, man. I gave you such a good lead. A guy like you should have solved this case by now.

Tek: You're in the academy. You're not even a rookie yet. I can't discuss this case with you.

Patrick: Fair enough .But at least tell me if I was right about the print outside the church. The sole of that shoe matches the Italian manufacturer, right?

Tek: Yeah.

Patrick: Why don't I check some local shoe stores, see if any of them carry that -- what type of shoe did you say you're looking for again?

Tek: I didn’t. Thanks for the offer, but I'll take care of this all right?

Patrick: All right.

Bo: Lockhart, what the hell are you doing here?

Patrick: I'm checking on the Eve Michaels case. I just gave Tek a lead that could blow this case wide open.

Bo: Yeah. Right. You're a rookie. You don't belong up here. Get out. Stay out. I don't want to see you in this office again.

Patrick: Are you scared I'm gonna take your job, like I took your w--

Bo: You son of --

Abe: Hey! Hey! Bo! Get your hands off him!

Bo: Get out... now.

Patrick: All right. I was just leaving. Hope wanted to have me here down at the courthouse.

Frankie: Abby... I need your help. There's no one else around.

Abby: And there’s a problem. My mother and father are together having a great time, and you can't stand it.

Frankie: Do you know where they are?

Abby: If I did, I wouldn't tell you. But if you want to send a search party to go find them, then go ahead, but don't ask me to play in your little games.

Frankie: I'm not playing a game. I'm worried. I really am.

Abby: Oh, I bet you are -- worried that my mom's gonna get back together with my dad. Don't pretend like you're not.

Frankie: Okay, I won’t. You're right. I am worried. Ever since your dad came back, I've wondered if I was gonna lose your mother -- absolutely. So there. But right now I just want to find them and make sure they're safe. Honey, I know -- I know you want to believe they're on a romantic getaway, okay? But they are anxiously waiting for your dad's test results. At the very least, we should call and leave a number where they might be, right? Abby, yesterday when your dad finished with his MRIs, blood work, everything, he was weak. In fact, he was even too weak to drive himself home. He definitely too weak to go on some romantic getaway.

Abby: No. You're lying.

Frankie: I know we haven't always gotten along. Have I ever lied to you? There's a part of me that hopes you're right, okay? I hope they're on a romantic getaway together.

Abby: Why would you want that? You love my mom.

Frankie: Yes, I do, very much, which is exactly why I would rather your mother be with your dad in some honeymoon suite than in danger.

Abby: Okay what do you want me to do?

Jennifer: Would I -- would I rather be kidnapped or safe in my own home?

Jack: You know what I mean. Would you rather be with me or Francois?

Jennifer: [Sighs] Gosh, I can't even imagine what Frankie must be thinking right now.

Jack: Maybe that you and I ran off together.

Jennifer: Yes.

Jack: And that would be such a bad thing?

Jennifer: Yes, it would, jack. Yes, it would.

Frankie: Okay, here's our problem. Until your parents are missing for 24 hours, there's nothing the police can do.

Abby: What about your brothers? They can help unofficially, right?

Frankie: Bo is gonna be in court with me, and Roman's not picking up his phone. I think he's giving a deposition or something. But just tell my parents to them.

Abby: Okay. I'll just reschedule this test, and I'll wait for them at the police station.

Frankie: You sure? Thank you, Abby. That's great. I will be in touch as soon as I can.

Abby: Frankie?

Frankie: Yeah?

Abby: Thanks for caring so much about my mom.

Frankie: She's gonna be okay. I promise. It's okay. It's okay.

Jack: You really love Frankie?

Jennifer: Is that a surprise, Jack, really? This is what you pushed for. This is what you wanted.

Jack: I wanted you to be happy.

Jennifer: Right. Right. Great so now I've been unfaithful to my husband -- to you, Jack. You think that makes me happy?

Jack: You know I don't blame you for that.

Jennifer: Well, I blame you. I blame you, and I feel guilty because Frankie put his whole life on hold for you -- for our family. He was completely unselfish.

Jack: The opposite of me, in other words.

Jennifer: When I married Frankie, I told him that you were my first love -- that you were my one true love, Jack.

Jack: And has that changed?

Jennifer: I don't know! I know that I can't walk away from my sick husband because I love you. I love you, and I always will. But I also don't want Frankie waiting in the wings, wondering what might happen. I asked him to stay here because he is so important to me and I love having him in my life.

Jack: The truth shall set you free.

Jennifer: What?

Jack: We're free. We're free.

Jennifer: What? Oh, my gosh. You did it. Oh, my gosh. We're free. You did it.

Jack: We did it. I told you that we would get out of here.

Jennifer: We're not out of here yet. Let me call Frankie. Let me tell him what we're doing. Where's my cellphone?

Jack: He took it while you were sleeping.

Jennifer: What? Well, let's just get out of here. We got to go to the police. We have to tell him that we know who killed Eve Michaels.

Jack: And we've got to finish this conversation before too long.

Jennifer: Assuming that we are still alive. Come on. Let's just get out of here, Jack. Come on.

Hope: I wish you were right, but Bo and I are finished.

Maggie: No. I can't believe that.

Hope: I can't trust him. If I can't trust him, how could I be married to him?

Patrick: You can’t.

Hope: Patrick. You came. Thank you.

Patrick: I said I would, remember?

Alice: Of course you did, because you want to make sure that Hope wouldn't change her mind, hmm?

Abe: What did IT Say?

Bo: They think we're right about the numbers on that bank statement. Eve Michaels might have a secret bank account somewhere.

Abe: They're doing a computer search?

Bo: Yeah. They should have the answer for us soon -- hopefully in time to save my marriage.

Jennifer: [Panting] Jack! Hello? Is anyone there? Oh, come on. Hello?! Oh, darn it.

Jack: Wait. I'm going in. Stand back. I'm going in.

Jennifer: I don't think that's a good idea.

Jack: Ow!

Jennifer: Are you kidding me? Did you think that was a good idea? Are you okay?

Jack: Just my ego's a little hurt.

Jennifer: Oh, my goodness.

Jack: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Look at this place. Could this be the same place --

Jennifer: No. No. No. Jack, please don’t.

Jack: Don't what?

Jennifer: Don't go there. I don't want to take a trip down memory lane right now. I had all these feelings inside, and I finally spoke my mind, and I just want to be mad at you for a little while -- please.

Jack: Fine. I mean, if you don't want to reflect on the significance of perhaps finding ourselves at the same cabin where you gave birth to our daughter, if you want to deny that the universe is trying to tell us something -- at least consider for a moment at this is the same cabin, then we'll have some idea as to our general location.

Jennifer: Yes. We were lost then, and we're lost now. Is that the pattern you're sensing?

Jack: But on the bright side, it -- it's not raining while we're lost this time, right? I mean, come on. Think about it.

Jennifer: Don't do that.

Jack: Don't do what?

Jennifer: Don't touch me. Don't come near me. Please don’t. Don't smile at me and don't be charming. I'm serious. Take your eyes, take that smile, take everything over there right now. I mean it, Jack. I mean it.

Jack: What are you scared of?

Jennifer: I'm not scared of anything. Frankie is probably sitting at our house right now, worried sick about both of us, and it's your fault. You made him fall in love with me. You made him marry me, and now you want me to be the one to break his heart, don't you?

Jack: No. I shouldn't have come back.

Jennifer: No, you should have come back. It has meant everything to us that you came back. But you know what, Jack? I've changed. And I have realized that these past 12 hours -- how much I have changed.

Jack: No. We both changed. I've changed, but there's still a part of us -- both of us -- that has remained the same. I felt it. I felt it when we were waiting for deep throat. You had that feeling, that desire, to live out there on the edge.

Jennifer: No, I didn’t.

Jack: Maybe not as a steady diet, but as a snack.

Jennifer: I don't want a snack. No. I don't want to be kidnapped. I don't want to be tied half the night to a hitching post. I want to be home -- home with a husband that I can count on.

Jack: And that would be Frankie... dependable Frankie?

Jennifer: Yes. Frankie has been there for teenage back talk, little-boy tantrums, dirty diapers, runny noses, burnt dinners, laundry, colds, flu’s, Sunday in my sweat pants. Yes. Frankie. Dependable Frankie, who I love.

Alice: I've got your number, young man.

Hope: Gran.

Patrick: Well, I, uh, I see where you get your feistiness. Now, look, I understand that the two of you have a long history with Bo, and I respect that. But, uh, let's not forget that he has hurt Hope very badly. All I want to do is take care of her.

Maggie: Patrick, Hope is very good at taking care of herself, and if she needs someone, she has her family.

Alice: And Bo, who will always be her family.

[Telephone beeps]

Bo: Brady. Yeah. [Sighs] Damn it. No. No. Yeah. Thanks for trying.

Abe: Bad news?

Bo: Yeah. IT couldn't match up those numbers to any bank. Apparently they didn't sync up to any routing numbers.

Abe: So we know we're not dealing with a local bank.

Bo: Or maybe not a bank at all. Damn it. Every time I think I got a lead, it falls apart. Who are you calling?

Abe: Headquarters. I'm gonna get some people over here to take a look at those databases. We'll start with the banks, and then we'll go wider if we don't find a match.

Bo: All right. Thanks.

Abe: Go. Go. Go save your marriage. Go. Skip, this is Commissioner Carver.

Tek: Good luck today, man.

Bo: Oh, thanks. That would be a nice change.

Abby: Bo, thank God I found you. My mom and dad are missing.

Jennifer: Do you think this really was the woodshed we had Abigail in?

Jack: It looked like it, but, of course, the inside looks like it's gone through a little remodeling. What would you say about the decor?

Jennifer: I think I would call it "Ma and Pa Kettle Gone Wild."

Jack: Or maybe "Antique Road Show on Play-doh." See, I mean, I can be funny when I want to. Just get-down dependable.

Jennifer: [Gasps] Jack, there's someone in there.

Jack: Somebody's home? Somebody's home! Come on!

Jennifer: Hello!

Jack: Hello!

Jennifer: Hello! Open up! Hello!

Jack: Hello?!

Frankie: Hope, sorry I'm late. We only have a few minutes.

Maggie: I'm gonna go out and join Alice in the corridor.

Frankie: All right. This doesn't concern you.

Patrick: That's what you think.

Tek: Here you go.

Bo: Abby why don't you tell us what's going on?

Abby: Well, Frankie came in the pub this morning. He was really worried. He said that my parents didn't come home last night. Look, I know what you're thinking. I was thinking it, too, but Frankie's right. It doesn't make any sense.

Abe: So, what did he say?

Abby: Well, he said he saw my dad yesterday and he was really weak. He said he was even too weak to drive. I mean, I'm scared. What if the same person who took will took my parents?

Jack: Hello?!

Jennifer: Open up the door hello?!

Jack: Jennifer, are you sure you saw someone in there?

Jennifer: Yes.

Jack: Are you positive?

Jennifer: Yes, Jack. What do you think, I'm delusional?

Jack: I'm thinking maybe you're trying to get out of answering my question.

Jennifer: What question? Oh, my gosh. Who I'm gonna chose -- that question? That is so ridiculous. You know, I have been a single mother for a long time, and I was perfectly happy with the fact that I might never have another man in my life again. And now I have two wonderful men in my life -- two wonderful men who love me and who I love.

Jack: And I love you, too. [Door unlocks] Let me do the talking. Let me do the talking.

Person: Who in the hell are you?

Frankie: All right. Hope... before we get started, I [Sighs] I want to ask you something, and I really want you to think about it. Are you sure you want to divorce Bo?

Hope: Of course I don't want to. Frankie, come on. How could I go back?

Frankie: A hell of a lot easier to do it now than later. So, Hope, you don't have to decide today. You know that. Think about it, okay? [Cellphone ringing] Excuse me.

Patrick: You know, while you're thinking about it, you should remember that your lawyer is your husband's brother.

Frankie: Bo, why aren't you here?

Bo: Abby just walked into the station saying that Jack and Jennifer are missing.

Frankie: It's true. What are you doing at the police station? You're supposed --

Bo: I know I'm supposed to be at the courthouse, and I'll be there. But, listen, were Jack and Jennifer working on something together?

Court Reporter: Brady vs. Brady next on the docket.

Frankie: Bo, you better get down here now.

Abe: I think we might have something.

Bo: Hey, listen. I can't right now. You're gonna have to stall for me.

Frankie: How am I supposed to do that?

Bo: I don't know, but Abe's onto something -- something that might bring Jack and Jen back to us.

Frankie: Hope... have you thought about what I said?

Hope: Yeah. Frankie, I was so sure when I walked in here. I need to talk to Bo. He's got to be here by now.

Frankie: Actually, he's stuck at the police station. It's not his fault, Hope.

Hope: I don't want to hear it. I don't want to know. This puts everything in perspective for me. Now I know exactly what I have to do.

Maggie: Hope?

Hope: It's over, Maggie ... for good this time.

Bailiff: All rise for the honorable Judge Fitzpatrick.

Maggie: When is Bo getting here?

Frankie: I wish I knew.

Bo: Jack and Jen were working on a story for the Spectator. Care to guess which one?

Abe: Eve Michaels' murder?

Bo: Yeah. Someone was feeding Jack information. The last time he checked in, he told his editor that he and Jen were going out to meet the source.

Abe: I don't like the sound of that.

Bo: Neither do I. Thanks for giving me Jack's notes. In the meantime... hey, it's Brady. Yeah, I need to put out an APB on Jack and Jennifer Deveraux.

Abby: Oh, my gosh.

Person: We shoot trespassers around here, and nobody ever hears tell.

Jack: We hope you'll make an exception this time.

Person: Are you two a couple of feds?

Jennifer: No. No.

Person: Then why are you snooping around my place?

Jack: Uh, well, we're, uh, actually, my wife -- my ex-wife --

Jennifer: We were kidnapped, and we're trying to find our way home.

Person: Kidnapped? Don't get me mixed up in that.

Jennifer: It's not what you think. We're reporters.

Person: Reporters? Now, that's a trophy for my wall.

Jack: You can't be.

Person: I can be anything I want to be.

Jennifer: Jack!

Billie: My name is Billie Reed, and with the court's permission, I would like to speak for Bo Brady.

Roman: I am saying that it's very suspicious that both of you are so interested in this case.

Tek: If you want to believe Abe's done a complete 180 for no reason, that's fine, but my instincts as a cop tell me he's up to something.

Bo: Patrick Lockhart, you're under arrest for the murder of Officer Eve Michaels.

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