Days Transcript Wednesday 9/6/06

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 9/6/06 - Canada; Thursday 9/7/06 - U.S.A.


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Jennifer: Hey.

Jack: Oh, did the results come back yet?

Jennifer: No, not yet. Abby's called three times in the past hour. She's a wreck. The nurse is paging Dr. Berman .

Jack: Berman? Where's Lexie?

Jennifer: Well, she went off duty.

Jack: She went off duty? You'd think she'd want to be around here for my results when they came in. I mean, she took the lead on this whole thing. I guess she just expects it's gonna be bad news.

Jennifer: No, that's why I think it's good news, Jack, or else she would be here like she before.

Jack: Yeah, I guess you're right.

Jennifer: I mean, she was gonna stay past her shift, but Abe needed her at the police station, so she needed to go.

Jack: What, so they can talk about getting back together?

Jennifer: No, I think they're gonna move ahead with the divorce.

Jack: I can't imagine Abe would talk about something that personal at the police station.

Jennifer: You know what? People do crazy, irrational things when they're hurt. But Lexie wants you to know that she is praying for you.

Jack: Great. Thanks. So, what about you? What's your gut reaction about my test?

Jennifer: Um... you know, I'm optimistic. I feel great. You feel great. You look great. I think the doctor is gonna come in and say that you are in complete remission, Jack.

Jack: Good. Let's go with that. I'm in remission. I'm getting back to my life, getting back to my family.

Frankie: Knock, knock.

Jack: Frankie, come on in. Come on in, please. Please.

Jennifer: Hi.

Frankie: Hi.

Jack: Look, I asked Frankie to be here because I couldn't imagine you not being here. I mean, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be allowed to even take this treatment.

Frankie: Well?

Jack: No news yet.

Jennifer: Thank you for coming.

Frankie: Absolutely. Hey, I'm just as anxious to hear about the results as you are.

Abby: I don't know what is taking my dad's test results so long.

Max: Lab results take hours sometimes, Abby. I don't know. I really don't think your mom and dad left you hanging on this on purpose.

Abby: I just don't want to call them and bug them. I just pray everything's okay.

Chelsea: So do we. Here. Have some.

Abby: Thanks.

Max: We all want to make sure to get a clean bill of health. That includes my brother, you know, no matter what that means for him and Jen.

Abby: [Sighs]

Max: Hey, man.

Abby: Hey.

Philip: There he is. Ready to go? Yes?

Abby: Yeah.

Max: Any news on Lucas' son?

Philip: No, nothing. How did you hear about that?

Max: E.J. told us when we came here.

Abby: Do you really think he's been kidnapped?

Philip: That's what it looks like.

Abby: You know what I think happened? I think he was just so embarrassed that his mom bailed out on another wedding that when he went to school, he'd be made fun of and stared at. Maybe he's just at the arcade.

Philip: Well, I wish you were right, but Sami and Lucas think something. They asked all of his friends, and unfortunately, no one has seen him.

Abby: I hope he's okay.

Philip: My nephew's a tough kid. You need to get ready for the press conference, okay? Go.

Max: Oh, all right, I'll see you guys. Oh, jeez.

Stephanie: Oh!

Max: Oh, jeez.

Stephanie: Oh, sorry.

Max: Whoa. Is this what I'm gonna be looking forward to on the racetrack?

Stephanie: Well, yeah, if you don't watch where you're going.

Max: Oh, yeah, the press should have got a picture of our little run-in. Aren't we supposed to be at each other's throats or something?

Stephanie: After the race, they'll be writing about how I brought you down a notch or two.

Max: Oh, that's why I love beating overconfident racers just like you.

Stephanie: You think you can handle me, Max?

Max: Oh, bring it, baby.

Stephanie: Okay. Okay, so, at the press conference, should we really pretend to hate each other?

Max: Yeah. We should do the boxers' thing -- the nose-to-nose, toes-to-toes, like... [Growls]

Stephanie: Stop.

Kate: So, bottom line -- be sure to mention the name of the company and the name of the partners.

E.J.: Darling, I have been down this track before.

Maggie: E.J., Kate, does anyone have any news on Will yet?

Kate: Maggie no I don’t. And frankly, I'm worried.

Maggie: Well, it isn't too late to postpone the press conference.

Kate: Thank you, but, uh --

E.J.: Well, I think that Kate and I, we did consider postponing the press conference, especially with Lucas and Austin not being here, but we felt on balance that it was best to keep very busy and take their minds off Will.

Maggie: I understand. Well, then, the press corps is on their way. Kate, I can't tell you how grateful I am that you decided to hold it here at Chez Rouge. It's gonna do wonders for business.

Kate: Yes, well, it's good business for everyone. Now, let's pray that we get some good news about Will, huh?

Bo: Okay, where'd you see him? Was he wearing a green jacket and has red hair and bells on his toes? Wrong kid. I wish these crackpots would stop wasting my time.

Abe: Well, we got the APB out, and personally, I think Will's still in town.

Bo: Yeah, well, Roman's out looking for him with half the Salem P.D.

Abe: Damn it. Why the hell didn't Sami save those notes from whoever is blackmailing her?

Bo: Well, she seems to think that Lexie wrote those notes and made house calls, but come on. You don't think she's capable of kidnapping Will, do you?

Abe: I don't think I know Lexie anymore. She could be a kidnapper or a cop killer or a blackmailer.

Bo: Oh, come on. She's my friend. She's Will's doctor, for God's sake.

Abe: She's a DiMera. The DiMeras have never been friends to the Brady’s, so if somebody is out to get your family... anyway, Grand Prix is gonna have a press conference at Chez Rouge today, and Max and Stephanie are gonna be interviewed.

Bo: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm on it. I've already directed plainclothes officers to pose as members of the press.

Abe: Well, I'm gonna preempt trouble by keeping Lexie busy this afternoon.

Bo: Oh, are you going on that date like Roman suggested?

Abe: I just hope she doesn't catch on she's being investigated for Eve's murder and et cetera, et cetera, cetera. I also hope she doesn't get invested in the idea that we might get back together because that is not going to happen.

Bo: Yeah, well, I hope she's innocent.

Abe: I do, too, but --

Bo: Hey, we'll get to the bottom of this. We'll find out what's going on.. And with all the precautions we've taken, the press conference, it should go off without a hitch.

Abe: After everything that's happened in the last couple days, I wouldn't put money on it.

Bo: Yeah.

[Knock on door]

Jennifer: Come in.

Nurse: Sorry to interrupt, but I need to go through some insurance information with you, Mr. Deveraux.

Jennifer: I feel like I already filled out a hundred forms already.

Nurse: I'm sorry. We run into a lot of red tape with these experimental treatments.

Jack: It's okay. Why don't you and Frankie go get a cup of coffee or 10?

Jennifer: We'll just wait outside.

Frankie: If you need anything, yell, okay?

Jack: Sure. Right, I'll yell. Here we go.

Nurse: Yes.

Jennifer: Thank you for coming.

Frankie: Absolutely. You okay?

Jennifer: Yeah, I'm just going crazy. I want the doctor to just come in and say that Jack is in complete remission.

Frankie: Yeah.

Jennifer: You know, he seems to be feeling so good.

Frankie: Yes, he does. I really hope he goes into remission, too. You know that, right?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Frankie: Big question is... then what?

Jennifer: Frankie --

Frankie: Jennifer, I know I told you that we would take this one step at a time and that I would wait until you knew what you wanted me to do or you knew. When we got married, you thought he was dead. You've made it perfectly clear that he's the love of your life..

Jennifer: That's not exactly what I said.

Frankie: That's what you felt.

Jennifer: Frankie, but I love you.

Frankie: But not the same way.

Jennifer: No, it's not the same way, but --

Frankie: When he was dying, you asked me to stay, so I did. But what I need to know is what am I suppose to do if he gets better?

Jennifer: That's what I want to make absolutely clear. I don't want you to think that I'm hedging bets -- that if Jack dies, I have Frankie waiting on the side for me.

Frankie: I don't think that.

Jennifer: And that's what I want to say to Jack, but what do you say to him? You know, what do you say to a man who's dying that you love with all your heart, that you are furious with him? He didn't even tell me that he was dying. He didn't even tell me that he was trying to force the two of us together. Not for one moment did he think about how I felt or what I wanted. So, I have lost this time -- these precious months with him, and I'm having a hard time forgiving him.

Frankie: Hey, hey, hey. He wanted to protect you, that's all.

Jennifer: I know. I know the story of him wanting to protect me. That's why we got divorced in the first place because he has secrets and then he abandons us all to protect us. I know all this about Jack. But I love him. And I love you. So I don't know what to do. If you want to walk out the door right now, I don't blame you, Frankie. I don’t.

Frankie: I love you way too much. Look, I know you're confused. This can't be easy. But if you know he is getting better, you have to make a decision. I don't want to live in limbo anymore.

Jennifer: I know you don’t. [Footsteps approach] Dr. Berman?

Dr. Berman: If you'll both come with me.

Jennifer: Okay.

Jack: Oh. Right.

Dr. Berman: Jack...

Jack: Can you tell me, am I still dying or not?

Abby: Chelsea, I've been waiting forever to talk to you.

Chelsea: About what?

Abby: I heard about Shawn seeing that report in the hospital about him being Claire's real father -- that secret paternity thing. That's what it was, right?

Chelsea: Yeah. And, Abby, I really did try to do the right thing. I left the file in Shawn's cubicle while he was still unconscious so that when he woke up, he could read it and know the truth. Then he and Claire and Belle and their new baby, they could all be a family..

Abby: Well, so what happened?

Chelsea: Not what I expected. Nobody believed that it was true.

Abby: Are you serious?

Chelsea: Yeah. Oh, and get this -- God knows why, But belle and Shawn, they never slept together. So there's no way that Claire could be his.

Abby: So you think someone doctored that report and left it for you to find or what?

Chelsea: I have no idea. But not only did my good deed turn out to be a bad one, but now Shawn and Philip think that whoever left the file for them is the same person that switched the embryos.

Abby: He, didn't --

Chelsea: God, no. Jeez, Abby, here I am confiding in you and you accuse me? Thanks a lot.

Abby: Chelsea, wait.

Philip: Look who's here -- just who I wanted to say hello.

Kate: Hi, sweetie.

Philip: Funny story. This morning I'm watching CNBC, and imagine my surprise when I learn that the two of you are starting a new company called Mythic Communications..

Kate: Yes, darling, we are.

Philip: So, you're leaving Basic Black?

Kate: What I'm doing is gradually decreasing my involvement with Basic Black so there won't be a conflict of interest.

Philip: Well, it would have been nice to hear about that from my own mother, even if I am the competition.

Kate: Honey, listen to me. We were going to announce it tonight, and then suddenly, here it is. It's going out on the airwaves.

E.J.: Kate -- actually, Philip, keeping it a secret was my idea. I've always had an interest in telecommunications. It is, after all, the way of the future. You know what they say. He who controls information controls everything.

Kate: E.J. is right.

Philip: So am I to understand, E.J., then that's what you're all about -- just control and power?

E.J.: You know, I'm a race car driver. I'm used to being out in front, and that's the way I intend to keep things.

Bo: Do you think there's a connection between Eve's murder and Will's kidnapping?

Abe: The only potential connection I can see is Lexie.

Bo: She was lurking around the church during Sami's wedding, and that's where Eve was killed. But as far as I know, Lexie didn't know Eve. And why the hell would she kill her?

Abe: That's a good question. Michaels was on the take. And that bribe she took from Kate Roberts could be just the tip of the iceberg.

Bo: Yeah, well, there's obviously someone bigger and more powerful in control.

Abe: Who might be the same person that has an ax to grind against the Brady’s and who kidnapped Will. And whoever it is, we know that he or she took the real evidence disc from Michaels' apartment.

Bo: Yeah, well, that disc is gonna save my marriage. I got to get my hands on it.

Abe: [Sighs]

Bo: I know this is difficult for you.

Abe: Yeah. Think how tough it's gonna be on Theo if Lexie's guilty.

Bo: Yeah. Hey, Lexie.

Lexie: Hi. You wanted to see me?

Abe: Yeah, I didn't expect you so soon.

Lexie: So, why are we meeting here?


E.J.: Here we are.

Philip: Thank you.

E.J.: So, you're the competition, are you?

Philip: Well, obviously I'm dealing in racing now, and my father and I have also started to dabble in mutations, as well, so...

E.J.: I have a funny feeling he's doing a little bit more than dabbling.

Philip: Let's just say I'm quite certain we'll more than give you a run for your money. My dad did teach my mom and Austin everything they know about business, after all.

E.J.: Well, in my business as a race car driver, I've learned that you hit or you serve it. I'm looking forward to this competition and serving you a healthy portion of dust.

Abby: Look, Chels, I'm sorry that I asked if you switched the embryos, okay? The question just sort of popped out. I don't even know why I asked it.

Chelsea: I do. Because whenever something horrible or stupid happens to people in this town that ends up hurting a lot of people, it's usually me that does it. But, Abby, I swear to you, this time it wasn't me.

Abe: Thanks -- thanks for coming, Lex. I'm sorry to make you drive over. I would have come to you myself, but I'm buried under a lot of work here.

Lexie: Abe, why am I here? I assume it has something to do with the divorce.

Abe: In a way, yeah. Yeah.

Bo: You know what? I'll head over to Chez Rouge. I want to catch some of that press conference.

Abe: Yeah, okay. Okay, good. Call me if you need me, all right?

Bo: Yeah, sure.

Lexie: Bye, Bo.

Abe: Come in. Come in. You know, it's really good to see you again.

Lexie: It is?

Abe: I've been doing a lot of thinking, and I realized that I have made a huge mistake.

Lexie: A mistake?

Abe: I'm withdrawing my petition for a divorce.

Dr. Berman: Unfortunately I don't have an answer for you yet.

Jack: You're joking.

Jennifer: Why not?

Frankie: What's the delay?

Dr. Berman: I'm sorry. The lab sent the samples to the doctor who's heading up the trial, and he is most qualified. I have just the results.

Jack: So, when can I expect to know anything?

Dr. Berman: I wish I knew. I'm so sorry. I know how anxious you all are to have an answer here, but believe me, as soon as I know, you'll know. Hang in there.

Jennifer: Jack, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

Frankie: All right, listen, Jack, I'll call my buddy and see if I can figure out a way to push this thing up.

Jack: Thanks. Thanks for coming today. I'm sorry this is such a waste of time for everyone.

Frankie: Oh, come on. Come on. No. Hopefully we'll get some good news, okay? I got to go. I got to get to Max's press conference.

Jack: Press conference?

Jennifer: Oh, right.

Jack: What for?

Frankie: Salem Grand Prix, huh? Max and Stephanie are going head-to-head, and the press are trying to make it out like they're bitter rivals.

Jennifer: Right, but they're not.

Frankie: No, no, no, no, they're just playing along with it. Hey, you guys want to go? Chez Rouge.

Jack: Actually, I'm tired. I think I'm gonna take a nap. Why don't you go?

Jennifer: No, Jack, if you're tired, you shouldn't be driving home.

Jack: I'll be fine. I'll be fine. Look, I know you love a good press conference, and I'm sure Abigail will be there maybe she'll give you some more inside scoop.

Jennifer: Well, you know what? She can fill us in when she gets home. I would feel terrible if something else happened to you. Please, let me just take you home.

Frankie: All right, um... I'm gonna go. I'm gonna get out of here.

Jack: All right.

Frankie: Yeah

Jack: See you.

[Cellphone rings]

Jennifer: Oh, gosh. I thought you turned that off before we got in here.

Jack: I did, too. Hello?

Deep throat: I have information on the murder of Officer Eve Michaels.

Jack: I have the cover photo and to me she's a dead ringer for mom.

Max: Stephanie! The press conference is gonna start in about two minutes.. Are you ready?

Stephanie: How do I look?

Max: Um...

Stephanie: What do you think? Should I lose the jacket?

Max: No, it looks perfect to me. Yeah.

Chelsea: Max... what are you guys doing? Philip sent me in here to see what's keeping you.

Max: We're ready. We're ready, right?

Stephanie: Wait, I forgot my helmet. I'll be right back.

Max: Okay. I’m glad we seen that one because I've been dying to do this all day.

Chelsea: Do what?

Max: It really means a lot to me that you came down here.

Maggie: Hello, Frankie.

Frankie: Maggie, hey. I didn’t miss the press conference, did I?

Maggie: Oh, no, it's gonna take place in a few minutes. No, I'm waiting for your brother and Stephanie to come out.

Frankie: Good. Great.

Maggie: So, Jennifer didn't come.

Frankie: She's busy.

Maggie: With Jack?

Frankie: Yeah. All right, look, you know at between you and me, I'm about to lose my mind. I know I told her to take her time, but I've been patient. And I don't know how much longer I can wait.

Maggie: Jennifer called me earlier. Jack had some tests done today. Is he in remission?

Frankie: I don't know. I just came from the hospital, and the results weren't in yet. But if he is, she has to make a decision, and it better be sooner rather than later.

Jennifer: Who's on the phone?

Jack: I'm sorry. I didn't get your name. Who did you say is calling?

Deep throat: [Laughs]

Jack: Sorry, just thought I'd ask. So, you have information on Officer Eve Michaels' murder.

Deep throat: I'd rather tell you in person. I guarantee it'll make a great scoop for you, Jack.

Jack: Well, to tell you the truth on a little bit of a sabbatical. I haven't gone back to work yet.

Deep throat: This would make a great re-entry story. Why don't you grab a pencil and paper?

Jack: Uh -- uh, sure, just A... okay, shoot -- I mean, go ahead.

Deep throat: Meet me at the warehouse across from Pier Five.

Jack: The warehouse across from Pier Five. When?

Deep throat: Within the hour. [Receiver clicks]

Jennifer: What? Who was that? What is going on?

Jack: It was deep throat II.

Jennifer: Wait a minute. He has information about the death of Eve Michaels? And did I hear him right? He wants you to meet him?

Jack: Yes, he does. And I'm gonna do it.

Jennifer: Oh, no, you're not gonna do it.

Jack: Jennifer!

Jennifer: What?

Jack: The police have nothing in the way of a clue, and there's a cop killer loose.

Jennifer: I don't care. This is not a good idea. The only reason you are out of the house was so that I could bring you to the hospital. You are in no shape to do this.

Jack: Wait a minute. Jennifer, strike while the info's hot. If I wait around till I feel better, I'll never get around to it. Look, I'm back. Jack's back!

Jennifer: You're not back. What are you talking about?

Jack: Look, I know you want to argue with me. That's fine. But I'm telling you right now, you also know that this is the best medicine I ever could have asked for. I'll see you later. I'm back!

Jennifer: Don't you walk out that door, Jack! Ugh!

Lexie: You want to withdraw the divorce petition? What changed your mind?

Abe: I took a good, hard look at myself in the mirror, and I realized that I'm the reason you weren't satisfied in our marriage.

Lexie: No, Abe, it wasn't your fault.

Abe: No, my physical problems weren't my fault, but... I'm the one who drove you away. You know, whenever you would mention our sexual relationship, I would just -- I'd shut down, and I wouldn't even consider that there were any other ways of being intimate. I was feeling sorry for myself. That was unfair to you. I'm sorry. Can you forgive me?

Lexie: Yes, of course I can forgive you. The real question is can you truly forgive me?

Maggie: Good evening, members of the press, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Chez Rouge. Well, the City of Salem is very excited about this year's Grand. And it's my privilege to be able to host tonight's press conference.

Chelsea: My dad just walked in. Wonder what he's doing here.

Abby: Maybe he came to support Max.

Maggie: And now it gives me great pleasure to introduce one of the most popular, successful race car drivers in the world. Just decided to do business and to make his home in Salem. And yes, he will be participating in Salem's Grand Prix. Please welcome E.J. Wells.

[Cheers and applause]

E.J.: Thank you. Thank you.

Maggie: You're welcome.

E.J.: And thank you members of the press, for coming here today for what promises, I think, to be an incredible Salem Grand Prix. Now, as Maggie mentioned, I will be participating in the Grand Prix this year, but not on the track. I'm here to announce the formation of a new company, with my partners Kate Roberts and Austin Reed, called Mythic Communications.. And we have the privilege of sponsoring a young lady who I'm quite sure will be taking the title home for us this year. Ladies and gentlemen, Stephanie Johnson.

Stephanie: Hi, everybody. It's a pleasure to be here. I've raced all over the world, but I am thrilled to be home in Salem after all these years and racing for a terrific new sponsor. Thank you very much.

Philip: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming. I've had the good fortune of working my entire life alongside a man who has never conceded anything to anyone. Now, that man is the C.E.O. of Titan Industries and my father, Victor Kiriakis. And although he couldn't be here today, I assure you that both he and I are very excited about the man I'm introducing today as Titan Industries' new driver. In fact, Stephanie Johnson herself has said in interviews that he was her inspiration to becoming a race car driver. And personally, I still think he has a few things left to teach her. Without further ado, Max Brady. [Cheers]

Max: Thank you. Oh, man. I just want to thank you for the great introduction and the opportunity to race for Titan. And...oh, man. I feel like the luckiest guy on the planet right now.

[Crowd aw's]

Lexie: I know it’s got to be really hard for you to trust me again..

Abe: Yeah. Yes, it will be. But I'm willing to make a go of it as long as Tek is in your past and nothing like this ever happens again.

Lexie: It won’t. It won’t. I promise, it's over with Tek and me. It's been ever since you saw us at the -- yeah.

Abe: Good. Yeah, I guess I really miss you and Theo, the family we created together.

Lexie: I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that.

Lexie: Mmm. Mmm. Theo's going to be so happy that his daddy's moving back home.

Abe: Oh, uh... I don't think I'm ready for that yet.

Lexie: Oh, I'm sorry. I just assumed.

Abe: Yeah, how about dinner at the Penthouse Grill first?

Lexie: Yeah, sounds good. Let me just call my mom and see if she can stay longer with Theo, okay?

Abe: Okay, but I hope you're not letting Celeste teach our son how to read tarot cards.

Lexie: Are you kidding? My mom takes those cards very seriously, Abe. And Theo's into collecting NBA cards, thanks to you. I can't believe what you started. Did you know it cost me $25 for one Dwyane Wade card?

Abe: That's all? You must have bought that before Miami won the championship. You know there are some out there worth $2,000. You got off cheap.

Lexie: $2,000?

Abe: Mm-hmm.

Lexie: Oh, that is unbelievable.

[Door opens]

Officer: Excuse me, commissioner...

Abe: Yeah.

Officer: ...But we were able to make a positive I.D. on prints found on the file left in Shawn Brady's hospital room.

[Press members talking over each other] [Crowd ooh's]

Spokesman: Max -- Max, is there really any animosity between you and Stephanie?

Max: Yes, actually, we hate each other's guts.

Stephanie: I can't stand him.

Spokesman: So much for that. Let me ask a fair question. Stephanie, what's your game plan for this particular race?

Stephanie: Depends on how I qualify. If I'm in pole position at the front row, I really trust my car, so I'll take e s fast as I can. And hopefully I'll stay there.

Spokesman: What about you, Max?

Max: The same. But if I'm somewhere in the middle or the back, then I'll let the cars slowly thin out and pick them off one by one.

Spokesman: But isn't this Grand Prix all about the two of you racing against each other?

Stephanie: Well, it's not all about it, I mean, everyone's objective is gonna be to win the race. When you start making it personal, that's when you make mistakes and allow somebody else to finish ahead of you.

Max: Yeah, Stephanie's right. But we'll let you press have a little fun with that. [Laughter] But no, not fooling each other here. Stephanie and I, even though we're not blood related, we are still family. And we're both living in Salem now, and this is our first official race against each other in our hometown. So, you better believe we'll be racing for bragging rights..

Stephanie: Oh, yeah, I mean, I don't want to just finish with Max in second. I want him to finish dead last. [Crowd oh's]

Max: You're cute, sweetheart, but that ain't gonna happen. It's not gonna happen.

Stephanie: Why don't we go ahead and bring our sponsors up here?

Max: Yeah. No, come on. Kate, E.J., Philip, come on. [Applause]

E.J.: Thank you. I'd just like to say, as well, I think the truth is that Max has a really great car, that is, unless, Philip, you haven't been taking it out for a test-drive again, have you? [Laughter]

Philip: Tall and funny -- what a combination. I'm impressed. No, I am lucky to be alive, so I'm gonna have to let that one slide. Truth of the matter is, Max's car has been revamped with the new Shawn Brady turbo charger, and it's never been faster. So, Stephanie, if you wouldn't mind, I would love to hear what it sounds like when he laps you. [Crowd oh's] Here you go, Mom.

Kate: Okay, the bottom line is both drivers are going to do excellent jobs for the world of racing and their respective companies.

Spokesman: One more question for Max and Stephanie. You both seem to have a very good rapport with each other. There's no denying your chemistry.

Max: Yeah, what's your question?

Spokesman: Just wondering if you two might be racing together off the track, as well.

[Crowd murmurs]

Jack: Hello? Is anybody there? Hello? Is anybody...there? This better not be a wild-goose chase.

Deep throat: This isn't a wild-goose chase.

Jack: Hey.

Deep throat: Stay put. You're fine where you are, Jack. Sit.

Jack: Sit.

Deep throat: I appreciate you meeting me like this, Jack. I just hope I can trust you.

Jack: Oh, anything that you say will be held in strictest confidence.

Deep throat: Good, because what I'm about to tell you could get us both killed.

Jack: Just a second. I'll be right back.

Jennifer: [Gasps]

Jack: Jennifer...

Lexie: Okay. Okay, thanks, I’ll call mom when I'm on my way home. Bye. All right, Penthouse Grill, here we co-- bad news?

Abe: It's about as bad as it can get for the Brady’s.

Max: Actually, Stephanie and I are good friends. In fact -- thank you -- I'd like to introduce the woman I am seeing now, my good-luck charm, Chelsea Brady.. [Crowd murmurs]

[Cellphone rings]

Bo: Brady. Yeah, what's up?

Max: Come on, Chelsea. Come down here.

Spokesman: Go on! Go on! [Applause]

Bo: Thanks. Excuse me. I'm detective Brady, Salem P.D. This press conference is over. Will you all leave?

Spokesman: Sir, what's going on?

Kate: Bo, is the information about Will's kidnapping?

Bo: No, I have no information about Will's whereabouts. I'm here to take Chelsea Brady into custody.

Kate: Chelsea?

Jack: Jennifer, what are you doing here?

Jennifer: I was not about to sit back and let you get hurt. You are in no condition to be chasing after deep throat number two or whatever the heck his name is.

Jack: I was in no danger at all showed up. And -- just -- hello? Mr. Throat... I'm sorry. My assistant showed up out of nowhere.

Jennifer: I'm not your assistant. I'm not your assistant.

Jack: My assistant showed up. Hello? Hello -- [Sighs] Great. Now look what you've done.

Jack: Well, some things never change.

Jennifer: Well, I guess not, because you are never going to stop taking stupid chances, Jack.

Jack: I figured I'm dying anyway. Why not take one more?

Jennifer: There is a good chance you're not dying.

Jack: Look, I followed leads hundreds of times -- thousands of times. So have you.

Jennifer: Yes, and most of those times, I was there. I was backing you up, Jack.

Jack: I know what I'm doing.

Jennifer: I'm not questioning your ability, but I am not gonna let you risk your health and your life after everything we have already been through.

Jack: You don't understand. I feel alive. For the first time in a year, I -- I don't know what remission feels like, but this has got it all over remission. It -- although I'm feeling a little remission creep right now, myself.

Jennifer: I knew this was too much for you, Jack. I knew it. Listen to me.

Jack: No, no, no, no. I'm fine. I was on a high. I was going somewhere, and then you showed up. And now I got nothing.

Jennifer: Well, excuse me, Jack.

Jack: I think I will excuse you.

Jennifer: What? [Gasps] What the heck? [Gasps] Oh, my goodness. What is it?

Jack: It's a photograph of a gun. Now, I'm telling you, deep throat said he had information on the person who killed Officer Michaels. Unless he's leading me on a scavenger hunt, I would say that this is a photograph of the gun that killed her.

Jennifer: Well, there's only one way to find out.

Jack: Now you're talking my language.

Lexie: And ordered the DNA report and left it for Shawn to find?

Abe: You know, I can't believe how cruel she can be. Pretending to be Bo, she e-mails Hope saying that he wants the divorce. I mean, what the hell is going on in her head? And she seemed to be so upset when Shawn was fighting for his life.

Lexie: She may have done a lot worse, Abe.

Abe: What do you mean?

Lexie: Well, if Philip's theory is correct -- remember what he said. He thinks that the same person who doctored the DNA report is the person who switched the embryos.

Abe: He could be right.

Lexie: I hope not. I mean, otherwise, Chelsea's going to have a hell of a lot to answer for.

Chelsea: What is going on?

Max: Why are you taking her?

Bo: Her prints were found on the file in Shawn's room.

Philip: The file that said Shawn was Claire's father? I want to be there for this. When I'm done here, I'm coming to the station.

Chelsea: No, I please...

Bo: I don't want a word out of you, not till you get an attorney.

Chelsea: Let me explain, please.

Bo: Keep your mouth shut. I thought you were through screwing with my family.

Chelsea: I am.

Bo: Listen to me. Why are you doing this to Shawn? Do you hate him so much? Are you that resentful of the family I have with Hope? You know, I don't want to hear it..

Chelsea: No. Yes, Dad, you will.

Bo: No.

Chelsea: I didn't --

Bo: Not another word. Let's go.

Kate: Honey, what did he say?

Philip: I'll call you later.

Sportsman: Hey, Max, what kind of a good-luck charm is your girlfriend now?

[Crowd murmurs]

Jennifer: How else would he get a picture of this gun, Jack, unless...

Jack: He already had it in his possession.

Mimi: If she cries, then rock her, but stop coming to my husband for help.

Bo: What I should do is just lock you up and throw away the key.

Frankie: Try and you'll have me to deal with.

Shawn D.: Are you trying to tell me that my DNA matches Claire's?

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