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Steve: That's good coffee.

John: Vet down. I want to talk about Eve's murder.

Steve: Where's Bo?

John: He's coming. [Sighs]

Bo: Morning, gentlemen. Sorry I don't have much time. Hope is meeting me at the station. We're gonna go to the hospital for the ultrasound, we're gonna see the baby.

John: That ought to make you feel good.

Bo: Yeah, it does. Now to business. If Eve Michaels had something to do with that missing evidence, and she's dead, am I gonna be able to prove to Hope that she can trust me?

John: It's a shame Eve had to lose her life, but her murder could be our big break.

Bo: She was probably paid to steal that evidence and was supposed to give the disc to someone.

Steve: But she blackmailed that someone instead.

Bo: Now she's dead, which means --

Steve: Whoever bribed Eve killed Eve. You still think Kate Roberts could be a suspect?

Bo: I don't -- bribing someone to keep her granddaughter out of jail? Murder? I don't think so.

John: I got a hard time believing that, too. However, I do think Kate knows something.

Bo: What makes you say that?

John: 'Cause I know her. I told her about the murder. She got a little nervous, so I called Roman.

Bo: What did he say?

John: He made it pretty clear that he wanted to handle Kate Roberts himself.

Bo: Yeah, I'll bet.

Kate: Ah! Yes, yes. Damn. Damn it!

Roman: Looking for something, Kate?

Kate: [Sighs]

Austin: Do you know what I want to do?

Carrie: Already?

Austin: Get your mind out of the gutter, woman.

Carrie: [Giggles] You're not interested? Okay. That's fine. See you later, then. [Laughing] Hey, don't, don't! Oh, my goodness. [Giggles]

Austin: Stay.

Carrie: Why?

Austin: Until we tell Lucas and Samantha everything.

Carrie: Austin.

Austin: No, I mean it. We're not gonna kiss. We're not gonna hug. Nothing. Okay? [Sighs] I don't want to screw up. You know? I want everything to be out on the table.

Carrie: I can't just say, "honey, I'm sorry. I'm gonna leave you for your brother." It wouldn't be fair. He hasn't even had a chance to see this coming.

Austin: I know. It's gonna be really hard, but we have to do it. I mean, we have to.

Lucas: Listen, I know you're probably busy. I hate to interrupt you, but I'm like 2 feet outside your door, and I have a surprise I just think you're gonna love. Come on, open up. [Knock on door] Come on!

Sami: Lucas is right there. Oh, my God, E.J., maybe this is what the blackmailer meant about making me lose Will.

E.J.: What do you mean?

Sami: Lucas and I have had a ton of ugly custody battles. If he finds out that Will is missing, oh, my God, E.J., he'll kill me.

Lucas: I don't have all day!

E.J.: Calm down.

Sami: I'll be right there. Okay, will you take this list? Will you go to a coffee shop or something, and call everyone?

E.J.: Take a deep breath.

Sami: Please, just call everyone. Find him.

Lucas: I'm getting old out here!

Sami: I'm coming! I'll stall Lucas until you can come back with good news.

E.J.: Get the door.

Sami: Do I look like I've been cry--

E.J.: You look great. Open the door.

Sami: Lucas, hey.

E.J.: Hey, Lucas. Excuse me. I've got to run.

Lucas: No problem. See ya. What the hell is E.J. doing here? Where's Austin? You two getting married?

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Sami: I'm not marrying Austin. You saw me walk out on him at the altar.

Lucas: Yeah, I know, but didn't he... my brother said he was gonna try to get you to change your mind.

Sami: Well, he didn't, so there's nothing to celebrate. You can take your champagne and get out of here. In fact, don't take your champagne. Leave it here.

Lucas: Wait a minute. What's up with you? What's going on?

Sami: Nothing.

Lucas: Don't give me "nothing." I know that look.

Sami: What look?

Lucas: That look you get when you're hiding something.

Tek: What you got, rookie?

Patrick: I've got photos of the footprints taken from the murder scene.

Tek: And?

Patrick: And I've been doing some research. It turns out this particular sole is only used on these three brands of Italian shoes.

Tek: Really? Nice work, rookie. You want some more practice playing cop?

Patrick: I don't know. Does that mean I have your job when I graduate from the academy?

Tek: Keep dreaming. I don't think so.

Hope: Hey, guys, I'm sorry to interrupt. I'm looking for Bo. Have you seen him?

Patrick: I think he went to the pub to meet some friends.

Hope: He went to the pub to meet some friends.

Patrick: What? Is something wrong?

Hope: I just -- never mind.

Patrick: Well, is there something I can do for you?

Hope: I have an ultrasound at the hospital today.

Patrick: And you asked Bo to go with you.

Hope: He keeps trying to tell me to give our marriage another chance, that he'd happily raise our child as his own. And, well, after what happened with Shawn the other night, I felt like I was reaching out to him, but you know what? I guess I was really just calling his bluff.

Patrick: Well, maybe he just forgot about the appointment.

Hope: Patrick, believe me, if it were his biological child, he would never, ever forget. You're the one that I should have asked.

Patrick: If you don't want me there, that's your prerogative.

Hope: Please. Don't be silly. Of course I want you there, but don't you have to work? I mean, today I figured is your first day.

Patrick: Hope, this job is important to me, but only because I want to take care of you and this little one. I mean, today, we have our first chance to see our baby, and that's all I care about right now. So, what do you say? Can I drive you to the hospital?

Hope: Absolutely.

Patrick: Good.

Hope: You're always there for me. You're a good man. Thank you.

Kate: Looking for you.

Roman: Kate, what the hell is wrong with you? Why do you always have to lie and cheat?

Kate: Why do you always have to be so self-righteous?

Roman: John thought you might come by and try to steal this disc.

Kate: He did?

Roman: Yes, he did. He didn't want to think about it, but he suggested I put a tail on you just in case.

Kate: Oh, and you refused, hmm?

Roman: Yes, I did, Kate. Because I thought if you were involved in this up to your neck, I would rather handle it on my own.

Kate: Really?

Roman: Really.

Kate: Aw. I always love it when you're protective towards me. Is there anything I could do to show my appreciation?

Roman: You really want to me happy, Kate?

Kate: Oh, I really want to make you happy.

Roman: Then don't resist arrest.

Kate: [Sighs] You're not going to arrest me. All I did was follow my ex-husband into the apartment. It's not like I stole anything, Roman.

Roman: You stole my brother's life, Kate. And now you're gonna pay for it.

Carrie: I promise you, Austin. I am not going to change my mind again, but can't we just ease them into it? I mean, a couple of hours ago, you were trying to talk Sami into marrying you.

Austin: You're right, and we both realized it was a mistake. Why? Because I love you. Look, this is gonna be really hard for Lucas no matter what, but at least we're telling him right away. He finds out three weeks or a month and he’s gonna be like, "thank you guys so much for easing me into it." He's gonna hate us for treating him like a fool.

Carrie: I'm afraid that I've already done that. I have been incredibly selfish. Why did I accept his marriage proposal to begin with?

Austin: Put it this way. You're doing him a favor. Yeah.

Carrie: I guess. You're right. I just hope he sees it that way someday.

Steve: All right, man. Thanks a lot for the coffee. You know, I think I'm gonna head down to the station, see if I can help out over there.

John: Mind if I ask you something personal?

Steve: No, I don't mind. If it's personal, I probably won't remember the answer.

John: You've been away from Kayla for years. I was thinking if my wife were tending the home fires, I wouldn't be looking for excuses to go anywhere.

Steve: You know me that well, do you?

John: I know you that well. I don't talk about this much, but I don't remember much about my past, either.

Steve: You don't?

John: Probably never will.

Steve: So how do you live with that?

John: Made a life for myself here. Try not to look back too much.

Steve: Well, that's what I tried to do in Cincinnati. But now I'm here, and I got my past staring me in the face. I don't recognize anything about it.

John: Yep.

Steve: You know, Kayla and Stephanie look at me with such expectation. Like me, my memory's gonna come flooding back. I'm gonna remember everything. Then maybe I'd understand why a classy lady like Kayla thinks I hung the moon.

John: Ah, "classy lady like Kayla." So that's it. That's what's bugging you, huh? You know, Steve, when you first came to Salem here, you were a tough guy. A little rough around the -- I'm not gonna candy-coat it. You were bad to the bone.

Steve: I can believe that. So what happened? Kayla tamed me?

John: She would have killed anybody who tried. She loved you, man -- everything about you. In fact, she told me one time that you were the one person she could live with for the rest of her life. And you know what? She proved it. 'Cause all the years that you were gone, she never stopped.

Steve: I got to get out of here, man.

John: Hey, Doc.

Marlena: Hi. Hi, Steve.

Steve: "Doc"?

Marlena: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Dr. Marlena Evans Black.

Steve: Oh, yeah, Doc! Okay, yeah, you're the shrink of the family Kayla wants me to see. So you're married to John?

John: You don't think a classy lady like this could fall for a guy like me? Is that what you're saying?

Steve: No, no, I just heard you were separated.

John: Well, yeah. We are. Hopefully for not much longer.

Steve: Listen, you know, I saw a couple of doctors back in Cincinnati. Nothing ever came of it. They couldn't help me, but Kayla tells me you're the best. So what do you say? Can you help me get my memory back?

Marlena: I'd be glad to. I'm a little tied up for the next little while, but if you'll take my card and call my secretary, she will set you up with Dr. Baker. He's just terrific.

Steve: All right, maybe I'll call the secretary. Thanks. I got to go.

Marlena: Steve, good luck.

Steve: All right, thanks.

John: Couldn't find any time in your schedule to get an appointment for Steve? Or...ah, this case -- it hits a little too close to home?

Marlena: I've got to talk to you about something.

Sami: I'm not hiding anything.

Lucas: Talk to me.

Sami: No, if you can't be supportive of me, then you can just get out!

Lucas: Supportive of what?

Sami: Any number of things. My mother leaving town again. My failure to marry Austin again.

Lucas: Wait. You leave my brother at the altar, and you want me to be supportive of you? And then he begs you to give him another chance, and you turn him down? I'm sorry, Sami, but if your life's screwed up, it's your own damn fault!

Sami: That is exactly what I...

Lucas: What?!

Sami: ...Expected you to... [Voice breaking] Oh, my God. It's true. It's true, Lucas. I screw everything up, and now, because of me...

Lucas: What?! What is going on, Sami?! Tell me. What?!

Carrie: I wish this was over.

Austin: Okay. We walk in, we tell her, we walk out.

Carrie: [Sighs] Okay.

Lucas: I'm sorry for yelling at you. Why are you upset? Why are you crying?

Sami: Everything you've said about me is true. I hurt people, I do these things, and...

Lucas: And what?

Sami: And they're all my fault. I'm sorry, Lucas. I'm so sorry.

Lucas: Tell me the truth. If you tell me the truth, I can handle anything. It's when you lie to me, it drives me crazy. Now, tell me what's going on. What?

Sami: It's Will.

Lucas: What about him? Is he hurt?

Sami: I don't know. Lucas, I don't know. Oh, my God. He's missing.

Lucas: What?

Sami: It's my fault.

Lucas: It's what?!

Kate: You're going to arrest me for stealing Bo's life? Well, good luck making that charge stick.

Roman: Katie, how the hell do you live with yourself?

Kate: Very well, thank you. I mean, I do have regrets, but anything I did I did to protect Chelsea, not that, that's a confession.

Roman: Doesn't work that way, Kate. You don't bribe a police officer to steal evidence and then get a pass by saying you're protecting somebody -- somebody who, by the way, didn't deserve protecting.

Kate: Chelsea is your niece.

Roman: And Zack -- Zack, the little boy that she ran over while she was talking on that damn cellphone -- was my nephew.

Kate: Oh. Well, now I see what this is all about. So Chelsea isn't really a member of the Brady family because she hasn't been on the family radar screen long enough? Well, it's a good thing she had someone like me to take care of that evidence, otherwise she'd be in prison right now, wouldn't she?

Roman: Now there is a confession.

Kate: [Scoffs] God.

Roman: Katie, you always did talk too much, and now you're going to jail..

John: Would you like something to eat?

Marlena: No, just coffee. Thanks.

Lisa: Okay, two coffees coming right up.

Marlena: Thanks, Lisa.

John: Okay, so what was the big news that you couldn't wait to tell me until we were sitting down?

Marlena: Well, I wasn't exactly sure how to tell you. I simply came here to tell you goodbye.

Lucas: Tell me everything.

Sami: I got a phone call this morning --

Lucas: From who?

Sami: I don't know. It was like a computer, like a mechanical voice or something. It said, "it's time for school. Do you know where your son is?" I called the principal, and she said that Will never showed up for home room this morning.

Austin: He just cut class. The school probably has a program that notifies the parents when a kid is absent.

Sami: I asked the principal. She didn't know anything about a mechanical voice.

Lucas: It's the first day of school. He wouldn't miss it. He's been IM’ing his friends all damn week.

Carrie: Have you tried his cellphone?

Sami: A million times!!

Carrie: What about the police?

Austin: They can't do anything for 24 hours.

Sami: I made a list of anyone who might know where he is, and I was going through it when you got here. I was afraid you'd be mad at me. I gave it to E.J.

Lucas: It's our son!

Austin: Whoa, you guys, this is getting way out of hand. Will is a teenager. Teenagers cut class. I'll bet you none of his buddies showed up at school.

Lucas: You're probably right. We're running the worst-possible-case scenario right now. I mean, think about it. Who would want to hurt Will? Damn it!

Carrie: It's not right.

Austin: We have to tell them the truth. Just now is not the time.

Lucas: I don't get it. I don't understand. Why would you think that someone would want to hurt Will? Tell me.

Sami: E.J., What did they say? Have you heard anything? Noah, Arthur, what did they say?

E.J.: Nothing. Sorry.

Sami: God, Lucas, I'm so sorry. I can't tell you. I wish I had told you sooner. I'm so sorry.

Lucas: Whenever something goes wrong with Will, I yell at you. It's my own damn fault you didn't think you could come to me.

Sami: No, it's my fault. It is all my fault. I have been getting these threatening notes for months and I didn't say anything and now Will is missing because of me.

Lucas: Months?

Kate: Just hold on, okay? Just wait a minute. Eve approached me, and, yes, I did pay her, but do you know what I got for that? I got a blank disc. She double-crossed me, Roman, and I didn't realize that until just recently.

Roman: And that's why you came to find this, but I beat you to it. And guess what, Kate? Eve did steal the evidence on your behest. I don't care whose idea it was or what the hell she did with it, 'cause you got what you wanted. Chelsea is not going to jail.

Kate: Roman, you know Chelsea didn't mean to kill Zack.

Roman: It doesn't matter whether she meant to or not. Zack is still dead..

Kate: That's exactly the point, and nothing is ever gonna change that. All that's gonna come out of this is that another young life is going to be ruined.

Roman: No. Justice will be done. People break the law, people pay for it.. That's the way it works.

Kate: Oh, God.

Roman: And now you walk around so damn proud 'cause Chelsea only has to do 200 hours of community service, whereas Bo -- Bo has lost the respect of his son, Shawn, his wife's trust, and his good name. Half the cops on the force think he's dirty.

Kate: Oh, it'll blow over.

Roman: Yeah? It'll blow over, huh, Kate? Yeah? Kate, Eve is dead. She was her mother's sole support, and she lost her life over this.

Kate: [Scoffs] Well, surely, you don't think that I killed her. Roman. Look, I know what you think of me now, but you loved me at one time. You know I am not capable of murder.

Roman: You know, one thing I know, Kate, that you're not capable of? That is taking responsibility for your own actions. Well, that is about to change. Turn around, Kate. Turn around.

Kate: [Sighs]

Roman: Kate Roberts, you are now under arrest.

Patrick: You know, maybe just...Bo lost track of time.

Hope: Or maybe this is his way of saying goodbye.

Patrick: Do you really think that's what he wants?

Hope: I don't know. It's complicated.

Patrick: Yeah? Well, try me.

Hope: It's all about Zack. Bo and I made him, adored him, shared him. And then we lost him.

Patrick: I'm sorry. Look, you don't have to do this right now.

Hope: No... I've never told anyone this before. I think maybe -- maybe it helps to say it aloud. When Zack's coffin was being lowered into the ground... [Voice breaking] ....I wanted to climb down there with him, to hold him, tell him not to be scared. He was my baby.. [Sighs] I was so scared -- scared to death to close my eyes and go to sleep because I was afraid that when I'd wake up, he'd be farther away, that my memories of him would fade, that I couldn't remember his face anymore. And then one day Bo took me to the mirror and told me, "Hope, look at our faces." He said Zack had, had big, green eyes just like mine and he had his daddy's beautiful smile and that Zack had DNA in his chin and his forehead, and as long as Bo and I were always together, we'd be able to see our little boy. Nobody understands. They don't know how this feels, and when I'm with Bo, I -- Patrick, I thought... I thought that if we shared awful, unbearable pain, I thought maybe somehow, if we went through it together -- I don't know that it would make it easier, but sometimes it seems that, I don't know, even if we're together, when we're together, the pain is twice as much. I don't know. Maybe if I do decide to walk away from this marriage, I'll know that it's not just Bo, but it's me saying goodbye, as well. [Sniffles]

Patrick: Hey, it's okay.

Nurse: Your doctor is ready for you, Mr. and Mrs. Lockhart.

Hope: Bo. Bo, wait.

Patrick: Hope, let him go. It's time.

Steve: [Sighs]

Kate: Ow! Roman, I said I want to talk to my lawyer. This is unbelievable. Unbelievable. Do you realize that I --

Roman: Tek, get somebody to take this suspect down to booking.

Tek: Okay.

Roman: Yeah, Kate, I thought you might calm down once you lost your audience. Why don't you have a seat there?

Kate: I would like a cup of coffee, please.

Roman: Well, I think what we're gonna do instead -- we're just gonna sit here and wait till somebody comes and takes your butt down to booking.

Kate: Oh, that sounds like fun.

Roman: You know what sounds like even more fun? Let's look at the evidence. Let's just check this out, kill some time, see what all your money bought. What the hell?

Kate: Well, it looks like it bought a lot.

John: Goodbye? This...separation is supposed to be temporary, just to give you a little bit of space.

Marlena: I know it is. I just realized that I'm gonna need a little more time and a little more space.

John: Why?

Marlena: Well, I've been asked by one of the commissioners in New Jersey to come to Trenton and set up a women's protection place like I have here, but it would be statewide there.

John: You know, I've been to Jersey. The women there seem plenty empowered to me.

Marlena: [Chuckles] Forget about it.

John: I'm sorry. I don't mean it as being unsupportive.

Marlena: John, you're the most supportive man. I feel like I keep asking you for more -- more things, more time, more favors, more help.

John: You know that I think it's important that you do whatever you need to do to heal yourself, and that's all that I want for you.

Marlena: When I come back, I hope that you recognize the woman you married...the woman that you love and remember.

John: Everyone knows that, before I met you, my life was a blank state, and you're my touchstone. You're the reason that I live in the here and now and don't look back anymore. And what you have been through traumatic, and I know better than anyone, so I just want to be here for you now like you were there for me then.

Marlena: I haven't let you, have I?

John: Whenever you're ready, I'll be there for you.

Austin: Someone has been sending you threatening notes?

Carrie: Why didn't you tell anyone?

Sami: I told E.J., and he was here when one of the notes got here. He told me to call the police.

Lucas: And did you?

Sami: Of course not.

Lucas: Why not?

Sami: Because I was scared. I didn't want my dad to find out that I was a total screw up.

Carrie: What about Will? Weren’t you worried about him?

E.J.: They were never about Will.

Sami: The notes were always addressed to me. Someone was threatening me.

Lucas: Our son was kidnaped because someone wanted to hurt you?

Austin: What kind of threats were they making, Samantha?

Sami: It was never anything specific.

Carrie: Well, how do you know that it was the same person?

Sami: Because they called and I've heard that voice before.

Lucas: You heard that voice before? Listen to me. We got to get your dad involved. Call him right now.

Sami: I am so sorry that I didn't do this sooner.

Lucas: Just call him.

Hope: [Chuckles] Wow. Beautiful.

Patrick: Wow, that is unbelievable.

Doctor: Is this your first child?

Patrick: Yeah, yeah.

Hope: Look.

Doctor: There's a good, clear picture -- definitely one for the scrapbook. So would you like to know the gender?

Hope: No, we want to be surprised. I've always been surprised with all of my children.

Patrick: We have to know what color to paint the nursery.

Hope: I guess we should have discussed this beforehand, huh?

Doctor: Well, it looks like a moot point anyway. You have a very modest child.

Patrick: Hey, come on in there, sweetie. Turn over. Turn over.

Hope: Does everything look okay?

Doctor: Perfect. Very active.

Hope: Oh, my gosh.

Patrick: Look at that.

Hope: Look how much the baby's moving.

Doctor: Do you feel that?

Hope: Look.

Tek: We're not sure if this is the murderer's footprint, but it's the only lead we got. This sole's only been slapped on the bottom of three different types of shoes -- all expense.

Steve: Well, looks like we're gonna catch a killer.

Tek: Let's hope so.

Kate: Since the evidence against Chelsea no longer exists you can hardly arrest me for bribing Eve. Okay, then, I guess I'll be saying buh-bye. But, you know, it is kind of a shame that she died so young. I mean, I really think she had potential. Maybe what I'll do is I'll stop by the church and light a candle for her dearly departed double-crossing soul.

Roman: I wouldn't go into any dark places, Kate.

Kate: Really? Why's that?

Roman: Because she didn't double-cross you. The killer did. Otherwise Eve would have had the real disc in her possession, which means, Kate, assuming you are not the killer, there's a murderer running around Salem who knows your role in this little drama, so, Kate, listen to your back. Kate, I'm busy.

Kate: I don't care. I want you to arrest me. Now.

Bo: Hey, Steve. I got the coroner's report on Eve Michaels.

Steve: Oh, yeah? You doing all right?

Bo: Anything happen while I was gone?

Steve: Well, yeah, as a matter of fact, something did happen. Roman found a disc at Eve's apartment. Guess who he found there snooping around, looking for it? Kate Roberts. So if he can prove she paid eve to lift that evidence disc from the room, you're off the hook, dude.

Bo: You know what this means?

Steve: I'm happy for you, man.

Kate: Roman, I mean it. I want you to arrest me.

Roman: No evidence, remember, Kate?

Kate: Fine, fine, then just give me police protection.

Bo: You bitch.

Roman: Now, Bo, calm down. Take it easy.

Bo: You're going down. I'm gonna find the toughest judge I can to preside over your trial.

Kate: There isn't going to be a trial.

Bo: You're not letting her walk, are you?

Roman: The disc I found at eve's was useless. The killer must have gotten the real one.

Bo: Son of A...

Roman: All right, Kate, get out of here right now go.

Bo: I got nothing to take to Hope.

Roman: Bo, it's not over, okay? The real disc is out there. I'll find it.. Give me time.

Bo: I don't have time, Roman. My marriage is dying. Lockhart's got his claws in my wife. If I don't prove to her I didn't take that disc, he'll steal her from me.

[Telephone rings]

Roman: Commander Brady.

Sami: Daddy, it's Sami. I need you. Will is missing.

John: When are you leaving?

Marlena: Tomorrow.

John: You're kidding me.

Marlena: No. I know it's just all happening on such short notice. It's also a terrible time to leave Belle. She's having an awful time with adjusting to the separation.

John: Does she know yet?

Marlena: No, I've only told Sami so far.

John: Right, well, I'll try to keep an eye on her while you're gone.

Marlena: I know. You always do. She just doesn't make it easy for you.

John: I just wish she knew how much I loved her.

Marlena: I don’t want my family is being torn apart like this. I love you all. I love you and the children so much. When I come back, we're gonna be a real family again.

John: I understand.

Roman: All right. Now, sweetheart, how many of these notes did you get?

Sami: A bunch of them. I don't know how many.

Roman: All right. I want to see them all.

Sami: I don't have them. They're gone, Dad.

Roman: Sami, what the hell do you mean they're gone?

Sami: I got rid of them 'cause I didn't think they meant anything. I didn't know that --

Roman: Sami, your my daughter. You know about not destroying evidence.

Sami: I'm so sorry, Dad. I'm sorry, Lucas. Oh, God, now I can't even help you find him.

Roman: Honey, I'm sorry. I will help you. I promise that. I’ll get Will home. I give you my word.

Jack: So tell me -- am I still dying or not?

Abe: I miss you and Theo -- the family we created together.

Bo: I'm here to take Chelsea Brady into custody.

Chelsea: What?

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