Days Transcript Wednesday 8/23/06

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 8/23/06 - Canada; Thursday 8/24/06 - U.S.A.


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Carrie: Okay. [Knock on door] Oh, Sami, thank God.

Billie: Hi, Carrie. Wow, you look gorgeous.

Carrie: Thanks.

Chelsea: So, um, where's Sami?

Billie: Yeah, that's not her dress under there, is it? I mean, she's here, right?

Carrie: Yeah, I've been here over an hour, and we left her apartment the exact same time. I went to Will's football camp and back.

Billie: Hold on a second. Sami has been after my brother since she was a teenager, and now she's not here? I'm speechless.

Chelsea: You don't really think she's not coming, do you?

Carrie: I think something must have happened to her.

Billie: Or she's trying to save face because she knows that something bad is gonna happen to her at the altar like it always does -- something humiliating -- and she's just trying to spare herself.

Chelsea: And everybody else.

Carrie: She was a nervous wreck this morning.

Billie: Yeah, well, with her track record, can you blame her?

Carrie: No, but believe me, there is nothing that could keep her from this church except an act of God.

Chelsea: Well, what kind of act of God do we think is gonna stop the wedding this time?

E.J.: Let's try this one!

Sami: E.J., this house is not gonna be unlocked. What?! How did you do that?! I don't feel good about this. What if the people who live here come home or something?

E.J.: Sami, clearly nobody lives here. Look at this place. Don't worry about it.

Sami: Don't worry? That's easy for you to say. You're not the one who's supposed to be putting on your wedding dress and getting ready to walk down the aisle and marry the man of your dreams.

E.J.: I think it'd be exceedingly strange if I was.

Sami: Stop joking with me!

E.J.: Samantha, look, I understand you're upset, but this is not your fault, okay? Please, I will swear on a stack of bibles to whoever will listen -- my car broke down, my brand-new car, okay? Who could have predicted that?

Sami: You know, I checked the weather report for today. They said 1% chance of thundershowers. What is that?! [Thunder rumbles]

E.J.: At least we're not out there getting wet.

Sami: That doesn't make me feel better. We're stuck here, and I'm supposed to be at St. Luke's about to get married.

E.J.: Well, listen. We're not going anywhere until this deluge clears up.. It's a summer shower, Sami. It will be gone in a flash. I promise you, as soon as the weather breaks, I will find you a car, and we'll get a ride to take to the church, all right?

Sami: Why did it have to rain today, of all days?

E.J.: They do say rain on your wedding day's good luck.

Sami: Not if it makes you miss your wedding! Aah! Do you hear me, mother nature?! You are not gonna ruin this for me! I am getting married today!

Shawn D.: Belle, what's wrong?

Belle: It's this -- Claire's file, what it says.

Shawn D.: What is it? You're certainly scaring me here. What the heck does it say?

Belle: It says that Claire isn't Philip's daughter. She's yours.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Shawn D.: Let me see that. This is impossible.

Belle: I know, but...

Shawn D.: Where did this come from?

Belle: It was on the table.

Shawn D.: This is a private patient file. What is it doing in this cubicle?

Belle: In your cubicle.

Shawn D.: Someone would have known that I was in here. What kind of sick joke is this?

Belle: I don't know. I don't know anyone who would do something like this.

Shawn D.: Well, at least we know one thing for sure.

Belle: What?

Shawn D.: Well, I'm definitely not Claire's father. You and I -- we would have had to... I mean, we talked about it, we thought about it, and we dreamt about it, but you and I -- we never did it, so this is impossible.

Belle: Right, right. It's impossible.

Shawn D.: Right.

Belle: Except maybe...

Shawn D.: Maybe what?

Belle: Maybe when we were stranded and we had hypothermia and the barn caught on fire -- you remember?

Shawn D.: I don't remember much about that night.

Belle: That's what I mean. I don't either. Maybe somehow...we did.

Shawn D.: I would think it's the sort of thing you remember. I don't know about you, but I don't have amnesia from that night.

Belle: Yeah, all I know is I was completely out of it. I was sort of drifting in and out of reality, and I thought I dreamt it. I mean, I think it might at least be possible that --

Mimi: Oh, honey. Oh, thank God you're okay.

Shawn D.: I'm so sorry for scaring you.

Mimi: It's okay. Hey, what's going on?

Shawn D.: Um, well, I'm all right, but there's something that's wrong -- very wrong.

Philip: Do you want to explain that in English?

Shawn D.: Yeah. This.

Philip: What are you doing with Claire's file?

Shawn D.: I don't know, but I sure as hell want to find out.

Chelsea: Oh, my God. This is the dress that Sami picked out for me to wear? No kidding she didn't want me to upstage her. Can you believe how tacky this is?

Billie: Hey, it's not that bad.

Chelsea: Mom, bridesmaids even wear black to weddings these days -- chic weddings. And I look fabulous in black. It makes my skin look to die for.

Billie: Oh, shh. Be quiet. Carrie's on the phone, okay?

Carrie: Ugh, I wish I was. I keep getting Sami's voicemail. I wish I had E.J.'s number.

Billie: E.J.? E.J. Wells?

Carrie: Yeah, when I went to pick up Will, he said he would drop Sami off at the church.

Billie: Huh, E.J. to the rescue.

Chelsea: Well, maybe they got lost.

Carrie: On the way to St. Luke's?

Billie: Sami could drive here blindfolded.

Chelsea: Lost accidentally on purpose. E.J.'s hot, Mom.

E.J.: Hey, you can't be a beautiful bride with nasty nails. Get those out of your mouth.

Sami: Give me your phone.

E.J.: Okay, your highness.

Sami: Oh, stop it. I don't have time to be polite. I'm panicking here. I'm gonna see if I can get a signal. Oh, okay, I've got a signal. I'll call Carrie.

[Cellphone rings]

Carrie: Hello?

Sami: Carrie!

Carrie: Sami, thank God. Where are you?

Sami: E.J. and I -- we got trapped in the storm, Carrie. We were stuck here. We're... Carrie?

Carrie: You and E.J. What? Sami? Sami?

Sami: Your phone died.

E.J.: What are you gonna do? You want to say a novena?

Sami: I want to throw this at your head. How could you not charge your phone on my wedding day?

E.J.: You want to throw it at my head? Who are you, Russell Crowe? Come on. Sami, look, let's make the best of this. Smile, sweetheart.

Sami: I am not gonna smile until I am standing in St. Luke's with my wedding dress on. All I wanted was to be a beautiful bride.

E.J.: And you still will be. On the upside, you've forgotten all about those burns, haven't you?

Sami: Oh, my God.

E.J.: You see? The aloe's really doing its job. You can hardly see the marks.

Sami: It doesn't hurt anymore either.

E.J.: That's some good news. And I have some more good news. Look what I found. Ta-da!

Sami: What, a radio? How is that gonna help?

E.J.: It's not just any old radio. It's a ham radio. It's two-way. We can talk to people all over the world.

Sami: Oh, my Grandpa Shawn had one of those, and he used to talk to his friends back in Ireland all the time. Can you work it?

E.J.: As a matter of fact, I think I can. My dad used to have a collection of these. These are incredibly useful in case of emergencies. If we can get it switched on... [Static] Okay, it's on. You know what? We can get the 411 on the weather forecast from this. We can contact the Salem P.D., and seeing as how you're Commander Brady's daughter and it's your wedding day and you're stuck with a very annoying Englishman who keeps making bad jokes, I'm sure they'll send a squad car over here to get you to the church in two minutes.

Sami: Oh, E.J., you are amazing! Thank you so much. What would I do without you?

E.J.: Come on.

Sami: Come on, baby.

E.J.: Baby?

Sami: Not you. The radio. All I hear is static.

E.J.: Well, that's how we know it's working. We just need to find a radio station.

Sami: I hear something.

E.J.: What?

Sami: Shh.

[Speaking foreign language]

Sami: That is not the Salem Police Department.

E.J.: No, but on the upside, at least we know now that it's definitely working. [Big band music plays] Mmm, old-timey music. Lovely.

Sami: E.J., What is gonna happen? I mean, everyone is just gonna assume it's another Sami wedding fiasco. Oh, and Austin -- what is Austin gonna think? [Radio tuning]

E.J.: [Smooches]

Carrie: The line went dead.

Billie: She must be out of range.

Chelsea: Or her battery died.

Carrie: Well, it wasn't Sami's phone. It must have been E.J.'s.

Chelsea: Boy, is he in trouble, huh?

Carrie: What if it's something else?

Billie: Like what, Carrie?

Carrie: Maybe they got in an accident.

Billie: She's with one of the best drivers in the world.

Carrie: Why aren't they here?

Billie: I -- okay, look. One thing I know -- if something really serious had happened, we would have heard from the police or the hospital by now, not E.J.'s cellphone. And you know, don't get me wrong. I don't want anything bad to happen to Sami, but maybe her not being here is the way things were meant to be for Austin and Sami...and for you, Carrie.

Carrie: Billie, please --

Billie: We both know that this is the wedding of Sami's dreams, but it's not Austin's. And maybe Sami being late or not showing up at all is fate finally giving my brother a break.

Philip: What is this file doing here, Belle?

Belle: I didn't bring it, if that's what you're asking. It was already here.

Shawn D.: You'd better read it, Philip.

Mimi: What's it say?

Philip: That's ridiculous. I don't know where that came from, but Claire's my little girl -- mine and Belle's -- not yours.

Shawn D.: The file says that I'm a match for Claire -- my DNA.

Mimi: Really? Wow. Well, that's weird. Do you think it's true?

Carrie: Billie, I know you mean well, but, please, let's not talk about this.

Billie: We both know that Austin still loves you.

Carrie: [Exhales] He's marrying my sister today, and I am married to your brother Lucas, in case you forgot.

Billie: No, I haven't forgotten, and it's not like I wish one brother's happiness over the other's, but... how do I s--? When Lucas married you, it was like he was marrying a dream. He has this idealized vision of you, you know?

Carrie: Well, believe me. I'm not living up to it.

Billie: No, that's not what I mean at all, Carrie. It's just that you're not happy and Austin isn't happy and neither are Sami and Lucas, if that's what you're worried about, so I don't know how to put this gently, but...what the hell are you guys doing? I mean, come on, Carrie. I have shut my mouth long enough. I've got to say something about this. You were my first friend when I moved to Salem, and I know you better than just about anybody, and I also know Austin would rather be marrying you today. He said he thinks you feel the same way, but he doesn't know why you broke up with him.

Carrie: I didn't break up with him.

Billie: My point is that one minute, you're planning a future with Austin, and the next you're marrying Lucas.

Chelsea: Lucky girl.

Carrie: No, I'm not lucky.

Billie: Carrie, look, this is eating you up inside. I can see it in your eyes. You need to talk to somebody. I'm here. Talk to me.

Carrie: I did some very stupid, selfish things, and I hurt a lot of people, and talking about it is only gonna hurt them more. Let's just say that I never want to do what I did ever again. Oh, God.

Billie: What do you think you're doing now?

Carrie: What do you mean?

Billie: If Austin loves you, do you really think that he should be marrying your sister?

Chelsea: Then why is he?

Billie: [Exhales] Because your Uncle Austin is a stand-up guy, and he made a commitment. And Sami looks at him like he's her hero, and he loves that about her. He doesn't really love her. You two think that by putting other people's happiness in front of your own, you're doing the selfless thing and it's all gonna be great. Well, you know what? It doesn't always work that way. Trust me.

Carrie: So what are you saying, Billie? That Lucas will be happy if I divorce him, and Sami's gonna be thrilled if Austin leaves her at the altar again?

Billie: Of course not.

Carrie: Then it's too late to be having this conversation. Billie, Austin and I -- we had our chance, and I wrecked it for us forever. And what kind of person would I be if I turned around now and wrecked everything for Sami and Austin?

Billie: You're talking about Sami and Austin like they're gonna be celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. It's not gonna happen even with Sami on her best behavior, which we both know will never happen. I give their marriage a year max because they don't belong together. You and Austin belong together, and as much as I hate to admit it, Sami and Lucas belong together. So don't play the martyr by letting your sister marry the man you love.

Carrie: [Sighs] I shouldn't be listening to you. You're getting me confused.

Billie: I'm sorry. Listen to your heart, then, Carrie. Do yourself a favor and Sami one, too. Do the right thing before it's too late.

Sami: I wish I had at least a towel to dry my hair. I'm gonna look like a drowned rat at my own wedding. That is if I even make it to my wedding...if Austin hasn't given up on me.

E.J.: I'm really sorry about the radio. I can't seem to get anything except old-time music.

Sami: This trunk is pretty cool, huh? How old do you think it is? There's all these cool decals on it. Do you think it really went to all these places? Should I open it?

E.J.: Can you resist?

Sami: I can't! [Radio tuning]

E.J.: What do you got? Skeletons? Treasure? Both?

Sami: Wow. It's beautiful.

E.J.: What did you find?

Sami: Just old stuff. It's so beautiful -- all of it. Look how cool this --

E.J.: Wow. That's really amazing.

Sami: Oh, my gosh, E.J., look. Someone was in the navy. Oh, man, I got dust on it.

E.J.: You know what that is? Hold on. Let me see. This is a World War II Commander's outfit. Wow, it's in perfect condition. Think I should try it on?

Sami: Do you think it'll fit?

E.J.: Well, there's only one way to find out, really. Come on.

Sami: All right.

E.J.: Wow. Like a glove. All right. What do you think? Do I look like a war hero from bygone days?

Shawn D.: I don't see how it can be true. Belle and I -- we never had sex.

Philip: Oh, I know.

Belle: Well, that's what I always thought.

Philip: And now you're not sure?

Belle: Well, there was that night in the barn, and we both had hypothermia. We were wheeled into the emergency room naked, and I had a dream --

Philip: Oh, you had a dream about having sex with Shawn?

Belle: Philip, I never told you 'cause I didn't think it really happened..

Philip: You were unconscious. You can't have sex when you're unconscious..

Shawn D.: No, we would have remembered. I'm positive.

Mimi: Shawn found her and rescued her from the river and they ended up in the barn to keep warm from the storm. What? What? What?

Bonnie: Apparently the barn wasn't the only thing that caught fire that night. According to Manny, when the EMT’s arrived on the scene, they found Belle and Shawn passed out in each other's arms and... naked as the day they were born.

Mimi: I know that.

Bonnie: You know? Do I have to draw you an x-rated picture of what must have gone down in that hayloft?

Mimi: They were huddling together to keep warm. I talked to Belle about this. I mean, she didn't really remember everything, but...

Bonnie: Now we know. They were so out of it from everything that happened, baby -- the hypothermia and the smoke inhalation from the fire -- that they have no memory of ever doing the nasty, but as sure as I'm standing here, that is the night they made a baby -- Claire.

Mimi: Are you sure?

Philip: What do you mean is he sure?

Shawn D.: Yes, I'm sure.

Belle: Then can anyone explain the transplant from Zack -- how Shawn's little brother's organs were a perfect match for Claire and Philip's weren't?

Philip: A lot of people could have been a match for Claire, and luckily for us, one of them was Zack, who everyone seems to forget is also related to me.

Mimi: Well, anyway, I just want to know who left this damn file in here. Obviously someone wanted us to find it.

Philip: We never even had a DNA test run on Claire.

Belle: Not that we know of, but she had a ton of tests done when she was in the hospital, and Shawn donated blood. Maybe when we were discussing the possibility of a live --

Philip: Why are we even entertaining the possibility? It's almost like you want it to be true.

Belle: No, I don’t. I was just saying.

Philip: Someone has it in for us, and I believe it's the same person who switched the embryos at the IVF clinic. I'm gonna make it my job, from this point on, to find out who's behind all this.

Chelsea: Hmm, looks pretty good.

Billie: I thought you hated it.

Chelsea: Yeah, well, I make it look cute almost.

Billie: Hey, Carrie, what we were talking about earlier --

Carrie: We're finished, Billie. I'm just so glad that Shawn's okay. I guess that Belle and Philip will be here soon.

Chelsea: Oh, I wouldn't count on that. [Big band music plays]

E.J.: Say something.

Sami: Give me a break, E.J. You don't need to hear me tell you how good you look in that. I can't believe this.

E.J.: What? You've finally crushed my ego?

Sami: [Laughs] I doubt that's even possible. No, look at how pretty. This must be a wedding dress. It's like this trunk is telling us a story.

E.J.: A beautiful bride, her handsome sailor husband. They probably started their lives in these clothes. That's how it was done. None of this living together business.

Sami: [Laughs] I like swing music, do you?

E.J.: It's lovely if you're into romance.

Sami: You like romance.

E.J.: Yes, I do.

Sami: I can picture the bride walking down the aisle to meet her handsome husband in his uniform, all the officers with their swords drawn, crossed. That's how it was at my sister's wedding. It was very romantic. And then the bride and groom begin their first dance together.

E.J.: Just the two of them.

Sami: Just the two of them. ["The way you look tonight" plays]

E.J.: May I?

Just thinking of you and the way you look tonight oh, but you're lovely

Carrie: Why wouldn't Belle and Philip come to Sami and Austin's wedding?

Billie: What do you know that we don't know?

Chelsea: I don't know anything, mom. Come on. You were there. At the hospital, we saw Philip and Belle, and did they look like they were on their way to a wedding? Because they didn't to me. Okay, look. I'm actually gonna go check on Shawn. I know that the guy hates me, but I still care about him. He's my brother, right?

Billie: That girl. That girl. I love her, but the wheels are constantly spinning, you know? I'm just always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Lexie: I'm reading this, but... where'd this come from?

Philip: That's the mystery. It was just sitting here when Belle came in to visit, right?

Shawn D.: Is that really from the hospital lab? Can you tell?

Lexie: It looks like it. But to be absolutely certain, I'll have to check with the lab technicians who were on duty the night of Claire's transplant.

Philip: Lexie, I don't even know if that's completely necessary. There is no information in there that's true, and I want that to be very clear.

Lexie: Philip, I have to check into this.

Philip: All right. Check it. But understand that is someone messing with our heads. The only truth here is that I am Claire's father. In fact, I think the person who did this is the same person who switched the embryos on us.

Lexie: No, wait a second. The embryo mix-up was a mistake on the part of Dr. Jaynes' nursing team.

Philip: What if it wasn't? I've been saying that for days now, and nobody believes me.

Belle: Philip, you're coming up with a conspiracy theory. Does that really make sense?

Philip: It makes a lot more sense than Shawn being Claire's father through immaculate conception, doesn't it? Now, someone has a grudge against us. Maybe it's just one of us. I don't know. If the three of you want to sit there and do nothing about it, that's fine, but I'm not gonna stand for it.

Belle: This is just awful that someone would want to hurt us like this. It's unreal. I don't even know who would want to do this.

Shawn D.: My family's the Brady’s. We have enemies going back for years.

Philip: The same thing with the Kiriakis family. It started in Greece, and then it came here. I'm sure there's plenty of enemies I don't even know about.

Lexie: If there really is someone out to hurt one of you, that means they've been here in the hospital.

Mimi: It could be someone who works here.

Lexie: I am stunned by all this, although I suppose I shouldn't be.

Mimi: You mean because your father is Stefano DiMera?

Lexie: Yeah. He was responsible for so much pain. He ruined so many lives. Look, I'm going to alert security that there may be a dangerous person roaming the hospital. I'm also going to check out the authenticity of this file with the lab technicians, okay? Excuse me..

Chelsea: Hello? Hi, this is Chelsea Brady -- Shawn Brady's sister. I was calling to check and see how he was doing. Can you tell me anything? Oh, sure. I'll hold.

Nurse: Dr. Carver? A family member of Shawn Brady's is asking about his condition.

Lexie: Which line?

Nurse: Line 3.

Lexie: Okay, thanks. This is Dr. Carver.

Chelsea: Hi, Lexie. It's Chelsea Brady.

Lexie: Yes?

Chelsea: Listen, I'm really worried about Shawn. Can you tell me how he's doing?

Lexie: Uh...Shawn's doing fine, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Are you telling me the truth? I'm sorry. I don't mean to call you a liar. It's just that you hesitated when I asked you how he was.

Lexie: Well, it's nothing health-related, but a situation has come up. Um, Chelsea, this is nothing for you to concern yourself with.

Chelsea: I'm his sister. Why wouldn't I be concerned?

Lexie: If you're so concerned, I suggest you talk to Shawn and ask him to explain.

Just the way you look tonight [Both laugh] [Radio tuning]

Joel: Come in, come in.

E.J.: Oh, that's good.

Sami: What?

Joel: Come in, come in.

E.J.: Yes! Um, E.J. here. Downtown Salem. Hello, friend.

Joel: I'm Joel. I live in Saginaw.

E.J.: Where?

Sami: Michigan. He's not gonna be able to help us.

E.J.: Joel, listen, buddy. We need a bit of a favor. My friend Sami Brady and I -- we're stranded in a storm, and we need some help. We're at the corner of Maple Avenue and 6th Street. Do you get that? It's Maple and 6th.

Joel: Got it.

E.J.: Okay, good. Now, listen. What I need you to do is call the Salem Police Department and have them send a squad car over here as soon as possible.

Sami: It's really important, Joel!

E.J.: Can you do that?

Joel: I'll try.

E.J.: Okay, great, now just stay with us. [Radio tuning]

Sami: What happened? Where'd he go?

E.J.: It's okay. He signed off. I'm sure he's just phoning the police right now.

Sami: E.J., think about it. He's just a little boy. He's not gonna be able to help us. Damn it. When we were dancing, I really thought things were gonna work out. I thought I was gonna get to the church and that I was gonna get to marry Austin, but it is still pouring rain outside, and I'm still stranded in this house. Everybody was right, and I was wrong.

E.J.: About what?

Sami: I'm never gonna get to marry Austin, am I?

Billie: You sure you don't want any coffee?

Carrie: I'm sure.

Billie: How about a shot?

Carrie: Oh, man.

Billie: Come on, Carrie. You got to calm down. You're gonna break out in hives.

Carrie: Oh, thanks. That helps a lot.

Billie: You're acting like pacing up and down and checking your watch every 10 seconds is gonna change the course of things. It's not. Either Sami shows up or she doesn't, and whether you want to admit it or not, you're not sure which one to root for -- a wedding or a no-show.

Carrie: You are making this so much harder for me.

Billie: Sorry. I'm not trying to do that. I'm just trying to help -- not just for today, but for the long haul, Carrie. I want you and both my brothers to be happy.

Carrie: So what are you saying -- that I should follow your example?

Billie: What do you mean?

Carrie: Well, you and Bo. You've had a complicated history.

Billie: No, no, no. Listen, listen. Things are different, okay? It's totally different. Austin loves you. Bo -- [Sighs] Bo loves Hope.

Carrie: Oh, Billie. Billie, Billie, I'm sorry. I'm just trying to do the right thing.

Billie: I know. It's just sometimes it's hard to figure out what that is.. All right, I'm gonna go find Chelsea before she blows up the church or something. We'll be out there waiting for you when Sami gets here... if Sami gets here. [Dialing]

Carrie: [Exhales deeply] Marlena, it's Carrie. I'm sorry to bother you, but it's Sami. I sure hope that you can help me.

Philip: Nurse, have you or any other nurses on the staff noticed an unauthorized person going into Shawn Brady's cubicle any time today?

Nurse: I've only noticed family members entering, but I haven't been on duty the whole day. I can ask some of the other nurses for you.

Philip: Why don't you do that for me? Thank you.

Mimi: Well, if there is someone out to get us, they're not out to get me.. I'm a Lockhart. My family aren't rich moguls like your families.

Shawn D.: Brady’s aren't moguls.

Mimi: Well, they're Brady’s. They're the foundation of Salem. My family's not in the spotlight. We never have been, so I don't have the same worries as you guys do about having enemies and all that.

Belle: What's your point?

Mimi: Just that even if you do have those fears, if someone is out to get one of us, they failed. They did. We didn't fall for it, did we? Right?

Shawn D.: Right.

Mimi: Yeah, so this plan, then, whatever it was, backfired. We are together and we are stronger than ever, and all I care about is that you are okay. So I think we should just forget about this file and all this stuff. Like Philip said, there's no way it could be true. We don't need someone to tell us. Let's just move on.

Belle: I wish it was that easy.

[Thunder rumbles]

E.J.: Hey, maybe we could play a game to pass the time.

Sami: I don't want to play a game. I want to get married.

E.J.: You want to marry Austin.

Sami: That's what I said. God, this is, like, the worst day of my life!

E.J.: Samantha, from what I know about your life history, I sincerely doubt this qualifies as the worst day of your life.

Sami: Okay, well, it's not like being stuck on death row or anything.

E.J.: Okay, see, that's quite a standard to measure happiness by. Samantha, you're a very strong woman. You've been through things that most people can't even imagine, and I know that one day, you're going to laugh at this.

Sami: Oh, I'm sure I will -- when I'm a bitter, lonely old maid.

E.J.: Please, let's not make the situation any worse than it has to be, okay? Just try and breathe. Try and relax.

Sami: I don't want to relax, E.J. I don't want to. I want to be mad. Do you know the only thing that works in this place is my watch? So I can just watch the minutes tick by. I would have my hair done by now, and I would have my makeup perfect. And Carrie would be helping me put on my wedding dress, which of course would fit perfectly because I've been starving myself. And I had the most beautiful veil. You should see it. But of course you won’t. No one will. E.J., do you have another handkerchief?

E.J.: I'm sorry. I don’t.

Sami: Of course not. I've used them all, haven't I? And I don't even have a Kleenex. Well, I found my silver lining.

E.J.: What?

Sami: Whoever's been writing me these threatening notes wasted their time, didn't they? Because I managed to ruin my wedding to Austin all by myself.

E.J.: My God, Samantha. You're not carrying that around in your purse.

Sami: It just seemed like the safest place. I know, okay? I know I'm a big baby.

E.J.: You're not a big baby. A woman's wedding day is an important occasion.

Sami: It's all I've dreamed of. And no one can say that I didn't try. All I've wanted is to marry Austin and start our life together, start a family... everything I dreamed of since I was 15 years old. And now I'm never gonna be Mrs. Austin Reed. [Knock on door]

Carrie: I was really hoping that Sami contacted you. No, nothing's wrong.. It's just that -- you know how Sami is about her hair. She always wants it to be perfect. I want her to be happy today of all days. Well, I'm sure she'll be here any minute. I don't think anything could stop her from marrying Austin this time.

Sami: I love you! Thank you so much!

E.J.: She's a little excitable, officer, but she's harmless.

Sami: Sorry.

E.J.: I'm E.J. Wells. This is Samantha Brady.

Officer: I'm Officer Peters.

Sami: Officer Peters, thank you so much. You are a savior. Oh, E.J. we have to find some way to thank Joel for this. Someday, I'll get him some big present or something. All right, okay. I have everything we came with. Oh, Officer Peters, you have no idea how glad I am to see you.

Officer: I don't know why 'cause you and your partner here are under arrest for trespassing.

Billie: So, what did you find out about Shawn?

Chelsea: The news couldn't be better.

Billie: Good. Good, I'm glad to hear that about Shawn. I'm just wondering why you're so ecstatic.

Chelsea: Aren't you the one that's always telling me to be more positive, Mother?

Billie: True, true, but that smile usually means you're up to something.

Chelsea: Oh, jeez. Just relax, okay? I swear to God, you have nothing to worry about this time. Okay. Remember how we were talking about doing that good deed?

Billie: Yes.

Chelsea: Well, I did it.

Billie: You did.

Chelsea: Mm-hmm.

Billie: You did a good deed?

Chelsea: Yes, and it's gonna make all the difference in the world.

Shawn D.: Thank you. What were we talking about? What are you thinking?

Belle: I don't think that I can just move on like Mimi says, not until we know who's behind this. I mean, if someone really is playing with our lives, then we need to figure out who it is and get to the bottom of it. I know I won't feel secure about any of our futures while we have this question mark just hanging over our heads.

Lexie: Okay, I have some information. I spoke to the head of the lab and the lab technicians, and they all say the information in this chart is legit. There was no mistake.

Philip: So you're telling me the actual lab technician that handled the paperwork --

Lexie: That specific person is off today.

Philip: So then we don't know for sure. I mean, how can it be so damn clear there wasn't a mistake? There's not a doubt in my mind this is a bunch of lies anyway, Lexie.

Lexie: I know a way we can get rid of the doubt in all our minds. There's something we can do right away to clear this up.

Mimi: Right away?

Lexie: Yep.

Shawn D.: How?

Lexie: Simple. I'll run the test again. I'll take a sample of Shawn and Philip's DNA, and then we'll see which of them matches Claire's.

Cop: That perp I brought in was telling the truth.

John: What the hell? You just arrested Samantha Brady?

Sami: Now, will you kindly take these handcuffs off me so that I can go get married?

Chelsea: Oh, my God. You two are still together?

Belle: What are you talking about, Chelsea? Why wouldn't we be?

Marlena: You're hoping this wedding doesn't happen.

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