Days Transcript Monday 8/14/06

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 8/14/06 - Canada; Tuesday 8/15/06 - U.S.A.


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John: Hey, Tek.

Tek: John. What's going on?

John: Doing a little undercover work.

Tek: Yeah?

John: So Bo Brady is investigating the evidence that came up missing during his daughter's manslaughter trial, and Hope has filed for divorce. Translation -- there's no way he's gonna get her back unless we can prove definitively he wasn't messing with that evidence.

Tek: I was there when Hope saw the tape from the evidence room, and it didn't look good for Bo.

John: Bo thinks -- and I happen to agree with him -- that he was set up. Given how tight security is around here, it's got to be an inside job.

Tek: One of our officers?

John: Yep. So, Tek, got any idea who's out to hurt Bo Brady?

Eve: Detective Brady's still investigating. I told you, I'm gonna need more cash if you want me to make sure he doesn't find the answers that he's looking for. Hey, when the stakes go up, so does my price.

John: Tek. I hope you're with me on this one 'cause we got to shut down whoever stole that evidence -- and fast -- or Bo Brady's gonna lose his marriage.

Hope: Look, I -- I -- I don't want to be difficult... but this isn't your home anymore. So if you need to see me or talk to me, I'd really appreciate it if you'd call first.

Bo: Coming here was kind of on impulse. Sorry I didn't call. By the way, boy scout, she's still a married woman, just for the record.

Hope: You must have heard from my attorney by now. I filed for divorce.

Bo: Yeah, I got the summons. You want to see it? My official response.

Hope: Don't be childish. Don't fight me on this.

Bo: I would do anything to save our marriage, and you're calling me childish?

Hope: No, you ended our marriage, Brady, when you chose to keep Chelsea out of jail over getting justice for our dead son! So now I'm moving on with my life, without you.

Bo: You're not moving on with him.

E.J.: Stephanie, you cannot keep us in suspense forever. Kate, Austin, and I are dying to know if you're gonna be our next racing superstar.

Stephanie: E.J., I am so flattered. Really, I am.

E.J.: "Flattered." Yeah, I'm not sure if I like the sound of that.

Stephanie: It's just that I'm already being sponsored by another company..

E.J.: But you're not happy with those people. Come on, they're...tight. They're cheap -- you know, marketing strategy -- and I mean cheap in every sense of the word. You're far too good for them.

Stephanie: Well, my contract is almost up.

E.J.: We know your contract's up. That's exactly why we're talking to you right now. Come on, say goodbye to these cheesy product endorsements and say hello to a little bit of class and more success than you can shake a stick at.

Stephanie: It's just that I hate to bail on people, you know? But this could be the perfect opportunity for me.

E.J.: You're weakening. I can hear it in your voice. Stephanie, the state-of-the-art training facility that I showed you this afternoon, that could be your home away from home. The car of your dreams is gonna be parked outside, waiting for you to show it who's boss. Have I got your attention?

Stephanie: I could compete on Max Brady's level with that car, even with the engine he and Shawn are developing with Titan Enterprises.

E.J.: Oh, Titan Enterprises is yesterday, darling. You sign with us, you are gonna leave Max Brady in your dust.

Stephanie: You know what? I'll talk to my agents. I'll have them give you a call. If you can figure out a deal that makes everybody happy...

E.J.: Great. Perfect. Thatagirl. Okay, I'll talk to you later.

Lucas: Stephanie, if you take that deal, you're crazy.

E.J.: There's a bottle of champagne lying around. I think we should put it on ice.

Kate: Stephanie said yes.

Austin: She's gonna be our driver.

E.J.: It's not a done deal yet, but she said we would be hearing from her agents this afternoon.

[Knock on door]

Sami: Excuse me. Sorry, I don't mean to interrupt, but, Austin, you got to put the work away.

Kate: Sami, we're in the middle of a business meeting.

Sami: Kate, don't tell me you forgot already. It's final exam time. When did I say the wedding's gonna be? Next month? Next week? Anybody, come on.

Austin: Samantha, come on.

Sami: Come on, the wedding is tomorrow! Austin, seriously, we got to get to work here. We have a lot of stuff to do. We have to go around and invite everybody to the wedding tomorrow.

Austin: You're right. You have been so patient. We're gonna take this time for our wedding. I'm taking the rest of the day off, okay? And tomorrow.

Kate: Austin, this meeting with E.J. is extremely important.

E.J.: Kate, the wedding is much more important. Look, we're kind of stuck in a holding pattern, anyway, until we hear back from a certain agency.

Sami: Well, thank you very much for understanding, E.J. All right, so I can't wait. Everything's gonna be perfect for the wedding of my dreams.

Austin: That's right.

Sami: Let's go.

Austin: All right. We'll see you later.

E.J.: Take care.

Kate: The wedding of my nightmares.

E.J.: Don't stand on ceremony, Kate. Why don't you tell me how you really feel?

Kate: I'm serious. This wedding can't happen, and you may be the only one who can stop it.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Lucas: You are at the start of a huge racing career, isn't that right?

Stephanie: Thanks. I think so, too.

Lucas: Confidence is good. I like that. Are you sure you're making the right move, signing with a company that has no track record in the car-promotion or automotive industry? You could be a flash in the pan, you know, a little footnote in the racing pages of history -- the once-promising Stephanie Johnson.

Stephanie: You already have a top driver -- Max Brady.

Lucas: Yeah. Yeah. He is the best.

Stephanie: We'll see. I mean, if you're so confident, I'm just trying to figure out why you're trying to talk me out of being Max's competition on the track.

Lucas: No, no, no. That's not my intention at all, really. Just my brother's company is a start-up. You know, I'm not saying he's not smart... really, but Titan is a multinational corporation. With that turbo technology we have, we are gonna set the sport of racing on its ass. E.J., my mom, and Austin, they can't compete. They know it.

Stephanie: Kate's got Basic Black backing her. I mean, that's why they're partnered. And E.J. Wells is the best.

Lucas: Best driver, maybe, but as a businessman at a start-up, I don't think so.

Stephanie: Lucas, he graduated from Oxford.

Lucas: Yeah, well, I'll take experience over education any day of the week. If you ask me, E.J.'s company's gonna go under. They should think about changing their name to Chaos Inc. or something. And then you'd be stuck there while the pack passes you by. You'd have to fill out the terms of your contract. And then when you were free, you might not be such a young hotshot anymore, you know? I just want you to think about it. You know, I care about you. Think about your life. I have a feeling you're having second thoughts, too.

Stephanie: The only reason I'm having second thoughts is out of loyalty to my current sponsor. And you know what? I don't even know why.

Lucas: Let me tell you something about Kate Roberts, all right? She's my mother. I love her, but... for the most part, she's a monster. I've worked with her and I've worked for her, and I know exactly what I'm talking about.

Stephanie: You're her son. I don't really have that disadvantage.

Lucas: That's right. I can't bad-mouth her that bad. The woman did give me life. But let's just say she's done some questionable things, you know, morally speaking.

Stephanie: That's a pretty strange thing to say about your own mother.

Lucas: Let me hand you a little reality check. E.J. Wells -- he may have a heavy foot and maybe even a pretty face, but how well do you really know this guy, huh?

Kate: What? What? It's the truth. Sami is wrong for Austin. And if he marries her, his life is gonna be a disaster.

E.J.: You really have that little faith in your son's choice of partner.

Kate: When it comes to Sami, yes.

E.J.: Austin's a pretty worldly businessman. From what I understand, he crafted quite a reputation for himself in New York. I see a man who's very capable of choosing himself a life partner.

Kate: Yeah, well, the only life partner he's ever been interested in is.... well, as if you hadn't noticed, Carrie.

E.J.: Well, as if you hadn't noticed, she's already taken.

Kate: Yeah, she is, and I'm very pleased by that. She's made Lucas happier than he's ever been in his life.

E.J.: Well, I'm not sure I entirely understand, Kate. Surely you wouldn't want Austin to covet his brother's wife.

Kate: No, I wouldn’t. I want him to move on but with someone who doesn't poison everything she touches.

E.J.: Oh, that's harsh.

Kate: Harsh? You don't know the half of it.

E.J.: So I take it you're not a subscriber to the belief that Sami's changed.

Kate: Only a fool would believe that, E.J.

E.J.: Really? Is Austin your fool?

Kate: No. No, only when it comes to Sami. I don't know what it is. I don't know what she holds over him. I don't know. Maybe she studied the Kamasutra in great detail. That's the only way that could explain it.

E.J.: Well, I certainly think there's a lot to be said for physical compatibility. Speaking of which, why don't we find that bottle of champagne and see where it leads us?

Kate: Oh, that's a great strategy, but, unfortunately, it's the wrong woman.

E.J.: Mm-hmm.

Kate: I think I've noticed a little chemistry between you and Sami, though. If you're really interested, it's getting a little late. Maybe if you took that bottle of champagne to her tonight, you could get, I don't know, lucky. And then I would be lucky when Austin called off the wedding. What do you think, hmm? 'Cause if you're really interested, this is your last chance. Excuse me.

Sami: [Squeals] [Laughing] Well, it was perfect that Aunt Kayla was home so she could say that she and Steve are gonna come.

Austin: Mm-hmm.

Sami: And she's gonna make sure that our new superstar, Stephanie, gets her invitation to our wedding.

Austin: I'm glad you're so happy.

Sami: Austin, I'm happy because of you, 'cause I'm gonna walk down the aisle and marry you, the man of my dreams. And nothing is gonna stop me this time.

Chelsea: This community-service gig is so lame. You volunteer because you want to, Abby. I'm here under a court order. It's not the same. No, I wouldn't rather be in jail. But, seriously, why do they have to make it so boring? I'm filing hospital records. Yeah, Abby, I hope your dad feels better, too. Just give me a call anytime, okay? Bye. Abby. Sometimes life can be so tragic, you know?

Lexie: Mmm. Like little Zack being run over by a careless driver reaching for her cellphone. No cellphones in the hospital, Chelsea. I don't want to have to tell you again..

Chelsea: But I'm not in the hospital.

Lexie: You're supposed to be.

Chelsea: Okay, fine. I might as well be in prison.

Lexie: Excuse me?

Chelsea: Uh, I said that this sure beats prison.

Lexie: Yes, it does. This isn't a scheduled break, Chelsea. Get back to filing.

Chelsea: Okay. I'm sorry. I will make up for the time that I lost, though, okay? I really need the hospital to write a positive report to the judge for me.

Lexie: Get back to work.

Sami: This is fantastic, Austin. I am so glad that we moved our wedding up to tomorrow. So far, we're batting a thousand on the guest list. I hope everyone else can come, too.

Chelsea: What about your bridesmaid? Were you not planning on telling me?

Bo: That's what I think of your lawyer's summons.

Hope: I'm not surprised. But papers can be drawn up again. Bottom line is I am going through with this divorce.

Bo: No, no, Hope. Once I prove to you that I did not steal that evidence against Chelsea --

Hope: You've been saying that for a long time.

Bo: I was set up, Hope. And once you see that, you'll forget about ending our marriage. Now, come on. You know we belong together. We love each other.

Patrick: Can't you see you're upsetting her?

Bo: What the hell are you -- I would like to speak to my wife alone.

Hope: Patrick, it's okay.

Patrick: Yeah? You're sure?

Bo: Yeah, she's sure. Get the hell out of here.

Patrick: All right, look. I'm gonna go by headquarters and drop off my application.

Bo: Headquarters?

Hope: He's applying to the police academy. He wants to be a cop.

Bo: [Laughing] He wants to be a cop. Oh, isn't that -- [Laughing] Yeah, well, let me tell you something. You're gonna be a cop over my dead body.

Tek: Okay, here's the duty roster from the day of Chelsea Brady's trial when the disc disappeared.

John: Yeah, they're all good, honest, hardworking cops, every one of them. Who's this?

Tek: Oh, she's new.

John: Yeah?

Tek: No, no, no, no, no. Eve's record is clean. She had high marks at the academy, commendations. She's super ambitious.

John: In my experience, when you find corruption, ambition's lurking in the background.

Tek: Would you say that about a male cop?

John: I'd say it about anybody. Some people try to take a shortcut to the top. For them, the ends justify the means. Let's run a little test.

Tek: You're undercover, John. You're not officially on this case.

John: Makes me the perfect man for the job, then, doesn't it? I'm gonna set a little trap, see if we can catch a little blond rat.

Bo: This is -- this is -- how do you get the nerve to think you could be a cop? Police officers, they -- they -- they act within in the law, not really something you're used to. You worked for the DiMera’s, for God's sake. Yeah, the ISA sealed your file as a favor to Billie, but, uh, a history like yours, you can't really hide that forever. Working for an international crime family -- yeah, that kind of disqualifies you from meeting the Salem P.D. standards for their officers. But, you know, I tell you what. I will personally take your application to the academy and put it in the trash, along with your divorce papers.

Hope: Is this your big plan for getting me back, blacklisting this baby's father? I'm not gonna let you get away with it, Brady. He wants to have a respectable job in the community where his child will be growing up. You're mad at me. Stop taking it out on Patrick.

Bo: Fine, fine. Their background check will disqualify him. I won't have to do a damn thing.

Hope: Patrick, don't you worry about a thing. I'm gonna write you a glowing recommendation. In fact, if I wasn't pregnant, I'd volunteer to be your partner.

Stephanie: I know you see your brother's company as Titan's major competition in the racing world now that he's partnered with E.J. Wells, and I think you're right, Lucas. That's why you don't want me to sign with them. But I have to look out for my own interests.

Lucas: That's exactly what I'm trying to help you do. Look, we have exclusive access to Shawn Brady's cutting-edge engine. With the engineers at Titan, with Max Brady driving, and Shawn Brady's design, you and I both know you don't stand a chance on that track. Now, come on.

Stephanie: That's your opinion. In my movie, I kick Max's butt on the track.

Lucas: What kind of movie is this, fantasy movie?

Stephanie: It was nice talking to you, Lucas.

Lucas: Wait. Wait a minute. Don't go. I shouldn't have said that, all right? I apologize for making you angry. You're my wife's cousin. I'm just trying to look out for you.

Stephanie: Mm-hmm. So this is a family thing?

Lucas: Yeah, it's a family thing. Brady’s love family, I guess, right?

Stephanie: I guess.

Lucas: Look, we are happy that you're back in town. We are. I think it's a great opportunity to get to know you. And thank you for coming to my wedding. And I'm sure Austin and Sami will invite you to theirs tomorrow.

Stephanie: Tomorrow? When did that happen?

Lucas: You know those crazy kids. They just can't wait for anything. They're getting married tomorrow. They didn't send out any invitations yet, but I'm sure you'll get one when they do.

Stephanie: Well, that's an interesting way to do it. What's the big hurry to get married, anyway?

Kate: I'll tell you what the big hurry is. Sami wants to exchange vows and consummate the marriage before, I don't know, Austin changes his mind.

Patrick: I'm gonna be a cop, Bo, whether you like it or not. I am entitled to apply to the police academy, just like anybody else. If you do anything to try and get me kicked out, I'll see you in court. Hey, I'll, uh, I'll see you later, okay? Just call me if you need me..

Hope: Okay. Let me know how it goes. I'm proud of you.

Patrick: Okay.

Bo: He's a criminal, and you're backing him up. It's... how could you sleep with him when you knew that I loved you and wanted you back?

Hope: I decided I didn't like the terms.

Bo: What terms?

Hope: Oh, come on. You made it perfectly clear in your e-mail that if I spoke out against Chelsea at court, our marriage was over.

Bo: I didn't say anything like that.

Hope: Lying comes so easily to you now.

Bo: I am not lying!

Hope: Oh, sure. Okay, then, if it wasn't you, then who?

Bo: That's a very good question.

Sami: Chelsea, what are you doing here, anyway? Oh, that's right. You work here -- the community-service thing.

Chelsea: Sami, I can't believe that your wedding got moved to tomorrow and you didn't tell me. What if my dress isn't ready by then?

Sami: Don't worry about it. Your dress is gonna be ready. I already called the seamstress. She said that everything is fine. She'll have them all ready by tomorrow morning. And besides, no one's gonna be looking at you, anyway. I'm the bride, remember?

Chelsea: Well, yeah, but I am younger and prettier.

Sami: There is no way you are gonna upstage me on my wedding day. Why did you think I asked you to be in my bridal party?

Chelsea: Um, 'cause everyone else said no.

Sami: [Laughs] Look, cousin --

Austin: We should get going.

Sami: Oh.

Chelsea: Oh, hey, before I forget -- do you have money in the pool?

Sami: What pool?

Chelsea: Oh, well, everyone in the hospital is kind of betting on, you know, whether or not you're gonna actually get married this time. And the odds are against you to actually make it through the "I do’s," so if you bet on yourself, and you actually do get married, then, Austin, you can be marrying a really rich lady.

Sami: Your jokes aren't funny, Chelsea.

Chelsea: No, I'm not joking. Rita in accounting's running it. Seriously, ask her.

Sami: Look at you. You're exhausted. You got bags under your eyes. I mean, you just must be killing yourself giving back to the community like this, Chelsea.

Chelsea: And you're actually gonna marry her?

Austin: Yep.

Sami: Yes, that's right. Come on, Austin, let's go. I'm tired, and I need to get a good night's sleep before tomorrow.

Austin: I can help you with that.

Sami: Oh, I know you can, but we can't 'cause tomorrow's our weeding day, and it's bad luck. So one of us is gonna have to sleep somewhere else.

E.J.: Samantha, you're welcome to sleep with me.

E.J.: Well, I can certainly tell from the look on your faces that my invitation wasn't received in the manner in which it was intended. What I mean, of course, was that Samantha can sleep in my bed.

Sami: Um...

E.J.: Granted, that did sound worse. I will sleep on the sofa. Samantha would sleep in the bed. Anyway, um, you're probably wondering why I came down here.

Austin: As a matter of fact, I am.

E.J.: Right, well, Samantha, you left this list of your wedding plans in my apartment. I thought you might need it.

Sami: Oh, thank you. I do need this. Oh, thank you. I always find myself thanking you.

Austin: E.J., that's a very generous offer, but, uh, well, no thanks. Why don't you stay with Carrie and Lucas?

Sami: I don't want to stay with Carrie and Lucas the night before our wedding. Do you?

Austin: No, no.

Sami: Look, Austin, I want you to stay at our apartment, and I'll find somewhere else. Because, honestly, if you stay with Kate or something, she could brainwash you or try to keep you from coming to the wedding. I mean, any number of things. So, please, maybe you could stay at our -- it would make me feel better.

Austin: Okay, stay with your mom.

Sami: I talked to her about the wedding, and she didn't invite me to stay with her. She's going through something right now, and I think she wants to be alone.

Austin: Okay, your grandparents at the pub.

Sami: Yeah, yeah. That's a good idea.

Austin: Okay.

Sami: Oh. Oh, that's not gonna work.

Austin: Why not?

Sami: Stephanie and Aunt Kayla and I all sharing a bathroom the day of my wedding? No way, Austin. Look, I know it's not your favorite idea in the world, but I don't think it's that big a deal. Maybe I could just take E.J. up on his offer. What do you say?

Austin: This is not a good idea.

Sami: Honey, are you serious? Come on. It's not that big a deal. Please, it'll just make everything easier, and then we could still be close to each other. What do you say?

Austin: Okay, all right. If it's gonna give you peace, all right.

Sami: Good. Thank you, E.J. We are gonna take you up on your offer.

E.J.: Great.

Chelsea: Don't sound so disappointed.

Sami: Would you butt out? Seriously, Chelsea. E.J. just makes the most sense. Thank you.

E.J.: You're welcome.

Lexie: Chelsea!

Chelsea: Yeah?

Lexie: I don't want to have to constantly check up on you. Would you please get back to filing?

Sami: Ooh, Chelsea, better be careful. You won't like Lexie when she's angry.

Tek: It's a good plan, John. No one would ever suspect.

John: Well, time will tell.

Tek: Let's see if eve takes the bait.

John: Hey, Lockhart. How are you doing, man?

Patrick: Hey, John. Good, good. Hey, uh, do you mind if I use you as a reference on my police academy application? It says I need three people to vouch for me.

John: Police academy? Hell, yes. It's the least I can do for you after you helped me rescue Marlena from Alex North on Morgan Island.

Patrick: Yeah, that guy was a piece of work. I bet you and Marlena are happy to have him out of your lives.

John: It wouldn't have happened without you. Top shelf undercover work. Salem P.D.'s gonna make you a welcome addition.

Patrick: Thanks, man. I appreciate that. Try telling Bo Brady that, huh? The guy will do anything to keep me off the force.

Bo: Hope, I remember every word I put in that e-mail, and there was nothing about our marriage depending on you not testifying against Chelsea.

Hope: I remember every single word.

Bo: Then you remember me saying I did not agree to a divorce, and I wanted you to reconsider. You remember me saying how much I love you and I would always love you, and I would do anything, Hope, anything to have a future with you. And I still mean every single word.

Hope: Well, the e-mail I got said just the opposite. You said that we could never work things out. And, in fact, it sounded like you couldn't wait to end our marriage.

Bo: I never said anything like that! How could you -- all this time that's what you've thought? Someone changed the e-mail. And I bet you I know who did.

Hope: Don't blame Patrick.

Bo: No. No. It was Chelsea.

Kate: Stephanie, I need to borrow my son for a moment, a private conversation. You don't mind, do you?

Stephanie: Not at all, Kate.

Lucas: I'll talk to you later, Stephanie. You know, Mom, whatever you're plotting and planning, forget about it. Even though your tricks have worked in the past...

Kate: Lucas, what --

Lucas: The way you drugged Sami and threw her into bed with Brandon, just to pose that they were sleeping together just before I got married. Thanks a lot.

Kate: Oh, well, if I hadn't done that, gee, let's see, you'd be married to Sami right now instead of Carrie, the girl of your dreams. And also, if you hadn't suffered through all of Sami's devious plans in the past, you wouldn't have been capable of believing that she could cheat on you, now, would you?

Lucas: Why are you so impossible to argue with?

Kate: Because I know what makes Sami tick, that's why -- desperation. It's the same reason that she always gets left at the altar. But at least you went on to marry another time, which I am very glad of.

Lucas: I am married to Carrie. I'm happy about that, all right? That's all I'm gonna say.

Kate: You know, that wedding is going to implode tomorrow, just like it has every other time.

Lucas: Well, good, then you won't have to do anything, right? You could just go home and put your mother-of-the-groom dress on.

Kate: [Scoffs] And you don't care that if your brother marries Sami, he's going to ruin his life?

Lucas: No, I don't care. Sorry, Mom. [Cellphone ringing]

Kate: Excuse me for a minute.

Lucas: Who is it?

Kate: The police station.

Lucas: The police station? What, are you in trouble again?

Kate: Very funny. No, I'm on the steering committee for a charity for the Salem Police Department. You should know my good works just never end.

Lexie: Chelsea! Get back to work.

Chelsea: Do you happen to know how many hours I have left to do?

Lexie: Well, let's see. We have to tack on at least an hour for all the time you've wasted out here.

Chelsea: What? Um, by the way, I need time off for tomorrow to be in their wedding.

Lexie: I don't believe you. Look, that's not up to me. You'll have to take it up with administration.

Chelsea: Okay, fine.

Lexie: So, um, I hear you two have moved up the wedding. Well, that usually happens when the bride is pregnant.

Sami: Hold on. Okay, Lexie, it's not a shotgun wedding. It was actually Austin's idea to move it up.

Lexie: Ah. Austin, you're such a good guy. Are you sure you don't want to reconsider?

Austin: I know my heart, Lexie.

Lexie: Well, I know --

Austin: You know what?

Lexie: Well, I know how challenging marriage can be.

Austin: Listen, I know the two of you have had your differences, and... weddings have a way of bringing people closer together, so why don't you come to our wedding?

Lexie: You're inviting me to your wedding?

Austin: Yes, I think it could be a new start for both of you.

Lexie: Well, what a sweet thought. But, unfortunately, while I won't be on duty here tomorrow, I do have some very important business to attend to.

Sami: What business?

Lexie: Well, I hate to blow my own horn, but, um, I'm quite certain it should change quite a few lives.

Austin: Medical research?

Lexie: Research can lead to some...explosive discoveries.

Patrick: So I guess you'll be getting a call from somebody here, asking you to vet me.

John: I got you covered.

Patrick: I appreciate it. I guess I'll finish up here.

John: Good luck.

Patrick: Thanks.

Tek: Refile this duty roster for me? Thanks.

Eve: Yep.

John: Allow me.

Eve: Thanks.

John: I couldn't help but notice that you don't have a gold band on your left ring finger.

Eve: Nope. No diamond, either.

John: Does that mean you might be free for a drink later? Am I moving too fast here?

Eve: I like moving fast.

John: You got a number?

Eve: Yeah, yeah. I've got a card and everything. You?

John: Yeah, I got a card. I'll be in touch.

Eve: I hope so.

Kate: Hey. If I didn't know better, I'd say you were hitting on that officer.

John: Well... Marlena and I are separated.

Hope: Chelsea has damaged our lives so much. She killed Zack, our marriage, our family.

Bo: Well, if she did this --

Hope: I can't believe you even suspect her. I thought your daughter could do no wrong.

Bo: No. No, I've always known that she was selfish and manipulative. She wanted us apart 'cause she thought that would help gain my support at the trial. The thing is, she had my support. She's my daughter. But I would never choose her over my family and my wife. But if she did this, this malicious, spiteful thing... I will never forgive her.

Hope: Really?

Bo: Yeah, really. Fancy Face, if she did this, if she changed my e-mail, will you forget about this divorce? Will you give us another chance?

Hope: You keep saying that you could never choose your daughter over your wife and family, but you've already done that so many times, over and over. God, I just wish that I could believe you. But what if this is just another lie? You still haven't been able to prove that you didn't tamper with the evidence against Chelsea. And until you can do that... there's just absolutely no way I could ever believe in your innocence. I bet you can't even prove that Chelsea did this.

Bo: I didn't write that e-mail.

Hope: You can't keep going back and forth. "I love my daughter. I love my wife. I love my --" you can't have it both ways, not anymore, not after everything that has happened.

Bo: Come on, Fancy Face. Think about it. The hurt and anger you felt over these last few months was based on a lie. How much would have been different if you hadn't read that fraudulent e-mail? You wouldn't have been with Lockhart. I wouldn't have been with Billie. I mean...Hope... now I understand why you replied the way you did. At the time, I just thought that after I poured my heart and soul out to you, you had given up on us.

Hope: It's over. You've got to face that. After everything that's happened, I just don't see how I could ever take you back. I'm moving on with the divorce. I'll see you in court.

Kate: I didn't know. I guess I just, um, you know, assumed that after you rescued her that the two of you would be back together, that she'd want to be with you.

John: Yeah, you and me both.

Kate: So you're getting back out there. Kind of quick, isn't it?

John: I'm just having a drink, Kate. It's not like I'm getting serious or anything.

Kate: Okay. Listen, don't have too much fun, okay? I got your text message, Eve. You need to relax.

Eve: I'm trying.

Kate: Really? Well, no one's on to us yet, but I did see the sparks fly between you and John Black.

Eve: He's hot.

Kate: Yeah, well, he could also blow us out of the water. He can't find out that you know me or that you're responsible for the stolen evidence that kept Chelsea out of jail.

Chelsea: So I talked to Gordon in administration, and he's gonna give me the day off for Sami's wedding tomorrow.

Lexie: Hmm.

Chelsea: You know, watching Sami's wedding could be like watching the titanic go down.

Lexie: That may be an understatement.

Sami: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Lexie's up to something. She has something on me. Damn it. I wish I knew what it was.

E.J.: If Lexie was gonna expose any of your secrets, she would have done it by now. You really don't have anything to worry about.

Sami: I disagree. Obviously she was letting me know that she is planning something.

E.J.: Let's talk about more important things. Listen, what's the verdict? Are you gonna come stay at my place tonight?

Sami: Yeah, thank you. But don't worry about it. You don't have to plan anything special or anything.

E.J.: Well, um, I think I do. It's a bit of a bachelor pad. And, besides, this is your last night as a single woman. We have to make it special, especially if you're spending it with me.

Sami: Well, thank you. I can't wait.

E.J.: Good.

Stephanie: I race cars for a living. Mom was about to go to a war zone and practice medicine. We can handle danger. What we could never handle would be losing you again.

Sami: Austin.

Patrick: We're really stuck with each other now.

Hope: What are you talking about?

Eve: I'd better call it a night.

John: I was hoping to get to know you better -- much better.

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