Days Transcript Thursday 7/20/06

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 7/20/06 - Canada; Friday 7/21/06 - U.S.A.


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Austin: You're so upset. What is it? What?

Sami: I have to tell you something,'s something that you're not gonna like.

Lucas: Don't tell me that. You got to be kidding me. Look, we got to get this place fixed up. We got a baby on the way. What do you want us to do, live out of suitcases for two months? You got to be kidding me. Whatever. You call me back as soon as you can, then, all right? I'm sorry. I'm sorry I've been yelling at this guy all day. It's just we got to get this place fixed up, and don't worry about this stuff, okay? It's ruined. It's burnt. We got to throw it out.

Carrie: Look what happened to our baby book.

Max: Oh, my God. He said this was bad, but not this bad.

Stephanie: At least they got Philip out.

E.J.: Hey, what happened? Max, is that your car?

Max: It was.

E.J.: Well, who was driving?

Max: Philip, what was he doing on the track. I should have never told him he had a shot at being my second. He has no experience, and I thought he understood that it takes years to train for this sort of thing. [Grunts] I should have known better. I just wanted the sponsorship so badly.

Stephanie: Don't blame yourself, Max. You didn't give him permission to take out your car today. Like you said, you were gonna ease him into it.

Max: Yeah, but --

Stephanie: No, the important thing is that it looks like he's gonna be okay.

Belle: [Sobbing] This is all my fault. If he doesn't make it, it's gonna be my fault.

Shawn D.: Belle, this is not your fault, okay? Look, you can tell Philip exactly how you feel on the way to the hospital.

Belle: I feel guilty!

Shawn D.: There is nothing you can do for Philip right now. I don't want to lose you and the baby, okay? I've already lost my brother. Belle, look at me. I love you, okay? Philip, okay, Mimi -- what I meant --

Mimi: Philip and I know exactly what you meant. Philip, I'll be at the hospital.

Shawn D.: Mimi.

Mimi: Aah!

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Lucas: Baby, stop, they're just blank pages, all right? There's no memories in there. The baby's not even born yet.

Carrie: I know. It just -- it seems so sad that these are always gonna be empty, you know?

Lucas: I know, I know.

Carrie: I don't know. Call me hormonal. But the salesman, remember, he said that this one was discontinued, so we won't be able to replace this one.

Lucas: Honey, don't worry about it. We'll look on the internet, okay? We'll get you another book, I promise.

Carrie: Thanks for being so patient with me.

Lucas: Ditto. The important thing is, is you're okay and the baby's okay, right?

Carrie: You're right. Thanks to Austin and Sami, we're fine, and I heard that Sami ran back into the burning apartment to rescue you.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, she did. Who knew she had it in her, right?

Carrie: She cares about you a lot, Lucas.

Lucas: Yeah, whatever. I guess she does.

Carrie: Lucas...I know that I probably shouldn't ask you this, you ever wish that it was you and Sami who were having this baby together?

Lucas: Honestly? Yeah, I mean, we talked about having another child, especially since Will is such a bright spot in our life. Yeah, we talked about that.

Carrie: He's a great kid.

Lucas: Yeah, and she's a great mother. It's just we don't agree on everything when it comes to parenting. So it's over between Sami and I. It's for the best, you know?

Carrie: Yeah. I know what you mean. [Sighs] It's hard to believe not that long ago I was living in L.A., totally career-driven, not dating, not even thinking about kids or marriage, and it's amazing how my priorities have changed. I don't even know if I want to work full time once the baby's born.

Lucas: It's all right. You got nine months to think about it, right?

Carrie: I know.

Lucas: And I'll support you. I'll support you in whatever decision you make.

Carrie: It's pretty ironic, isn't it? That I broke up with Austin over everything that happened with the Highstyle takeover, and now I can't even believe that ever even mattered to me.

Lucas: You're not having second thoughts, are you?

Carrie: No, of course not. I'm just -- I can't believe that my life has turned around so much because of this baby, and I'm not even showing. I haven't even felt him or her move, and I'm already on the internet looking for college-saving plans.

Lucas: Yeah, I did the same thing myself. Look, I missed out on a lot when Will was first born. I didn't experience any of that. And I can't wait to be there with you, with my wife, the woman I love. I can't wait to get to know this baby. I hope it's a girl. I hope it's a girl, and I hope she takes after you in every single way possible. I really do love you.

Shawn D.: Are you okay?

Mimi: I'm not hurt, but I'm not okay, either.

Shawn D.: Look, okay, I am sorry, all right? I definitely did not mean --

Mimi: You did mean it. You love Belle. You can't deny it this time. You can't say it's in the past. You can't say that you love me more because I'm your wife and I'm the future mother of your children. Belle is carrying your child right now in her womb -- just like you two always hoped and dreamed and planned for years.

Shawn D.: No, we did not hope or dream any of that, Mimi. You have to believe that.

Mimi: Yeah, but the whole part about being married to me is a real inconvenience, isn't it? Stop lying to me, Shawn! Do not insult my intelligence. When I heard you tell your father that Belle was the love of your life, you meant it. She was and she always will be. I'm gonna check on Philip.

Belle: Thank God you are okay. You could have killed yourself out there today. You weren't even wearing a helmet.

Philip: [Wheezing] I would rather die [Gasps] Than see you with him.

Paramedics: All right, we got decreased breathing on the right side. All right, I need you to take slow, deep breaths.

Belle: What? What's wrong with him?

Paramedics: He could have a collapsed lung. B.P.'S 90/60. We might be looking at internal injuries, as well.

Belle: But you said that his vitals were fine. What's going on?

Paramedics: Your husband's been very lucky so far.

Mimi: Philip, you're gonna be fine. We are all here for you.

Belle: I'm going with you.

Shawn D.: Come on. I'll take you to the hospital.

Mimi: I can get there myself.

Shawn D.: Please, we need to talk.

Mimi: Fine.

E.J.: I'm sorry about your car, Max.

Max: Yeah, it happens.

E.J.: You know, it's part of the job. I think we've all been there.

Max: Yeah, I'm just glad Philip's okay.

E.J.: Yeah.

Max: I should probably make arrangements to get this towed back to the garage, though, not that I can use much of it anyway.

E.J.: Well, good luck. Listen, if you need anything, okay, you just let me know.

Max: Yeah, thanks. See you around.

Stephanie: You okay?

Max: It's just a car, right?

Stephanie: No, it's your livelihood and your baby. Look how upset you got when I just dinged it.

Max: You did just a little bit more than just ding it, Steph.

Stephanie: Okay, still, I know you're glad Philip's all right, but it's okay to be upset. This never should have happened.

Max: Thank you for understanding. And thank you for being here. I mean, who knows what would have happened if you hadn't been here?

Stephanie: Come on.

[Cellphone rings]

Chelsea: What?

Abby: I just got your text. You said to call.

Chelsea: Abby, thank God it's you. Listen, I kind of need your help with something.

Abby: With what?

Chelsea: I need to run a certain woman out of the race.

Austin: Are you gonna tell me why you're so tense?

Sami: Do I feel tense?

Austin: Yes.

Sami: Thank you, honey. That feels so good.

Austin: You're welcome.

Sami: No, no. I have to tell you something, and it's bad. Look, please understand that I am really ashamed.

Austin: Sami, whatever it is -- [Cellphone rings] Hold on a second. I'm sorry.

Sami: What?

Austin: I really got to make this call.

Sami: No, Austin, we're talking about something that's really --

Austin: I'm really sorry, but this cannot wait. Whatever it is, I guarantee you, it's not half as bad as you think it is.

Sami: I think you might be wrong about that.

Austin: Sami, we'll talk at dinner, okay? But I really do have to make this call.

Sami: It'll only take you five minutes.

Austin: Don't look so sad. You will understand how important it is later, okay?

Sami: But, Austin, please.

Austin: You're making this really rough. I have a surprise for you. You're gonna love it, but you got to let me go so I can...put things in motion. See, I've already told you too much already.

Lucas: You want some lemonade or some ice tea?

Carrie: No, nothing. I'm fine.

Lucas: You sure?

Carrie: I just feel so bad about your apartment.

Lucas: Stop with that. It's our apartment. And it was my idea to light the candles. I'm sorry, all right? Look at me. I know this is inconvenient for you. And I know I've been yelling at that contractor all day, but... we got to keep things in perspective. The important thing is, is we're okay, right?

Carrie: Yes, that's right.

Lucas: And soon we're gonna be in sunny Italy together -- you and I.

Carrie: Ooh, Bella Italia.

Lucas: And when we get back, the apartment will be as good as new. Everything will be fine. That spare bedroom is gonna be magically transformed into a nursery. There it is. There's that smile I know and love.

Carrie: Aw.

Chelsea: Finally.

Abby: Who died?

Chelsea: That's not funny, Abby. Philip almost did.

Abby: Philip? What are you talking about?

Chelsea: He went out in Max's race car, and he crashed it into a wall.

Abby: Oh, my gosh. Is he all right?

Chelsea: I don't know. They took him to the hospital.

Abby: I hope it's not bad.

Chelsea: Me, too. But, listen, I...I kind of did something...this morning.

Abby: What now, Chelsea?

Chelsea: Um, well, Max and I, we went out for breakfast at the Brady Pub, and he had his cellphone on the table, and he went to the bathroom. And while he was gone, it rang, and I looked at the caller I.D., and it was Stephanie. So I saw it and I disconnected it.

Abby: Chelsea.

Chelsea: Abby, she wants my guy. Wherever Max goes, she's sure to follow.. Anyway, Max came back from the bathroom.

Abby: And you didn't tell him that she called.

Chelsea: Of course not. She wants him. If you think I'm just gonna sit back and let her make moves on my man, you don't know me.

Abby: I know you too well, and that's why I'm worried about what you're gonna do next.

Chelsea: Oh, I've got a plan, but I'm gonna need your help.

Stephanie: I got it. I got it. Well, the engine's shot. No doubt about it. The body, too. But I don't know. Maybe we can salvage some of the parts.

Max: Damn it! I'm trying to stay calm about all this, but I'm really, really angry about Philip. He had no business taking my car.

Stephanie: And then to wipe it out.

Max: Anything I ever said about this, forget it, okay, about the car. This is not just a car. Her and I have been through a lot together.

Stephanie: Well, if one of you had to go, I'm glad it was the car.

Max: Thank you.

Stephanie: Tell you what. When you get a new car, I'll help you fix it up, break it in. How's that?

Max: You'd really do that for the competition?

Stephanie: If you'll let me.

Max: You know, I would have thought that the not-so-secret part of you would be happy about me breaking my car.

Stephanie: Why would you think that?

Max: I love the motor sports game, too, and the fact of the matter is, there's a lot of drivers out there who enjoy the long as it's not their carnage. But you're not really like that.

Stephanie: For me, racing doesn't mean anything unless you're competing against the best, and that's you, Max.

Max: Okay, okay, stop. Stop, okay? But keep the compliments coming because I need it. Wishing me luck is one thing. It's good sportsmanship, but... why are you going out of your way to help me?

Chelsea: Oh, I think I can answer that. Could it be because my cousin has a little thing for you?

Lexie: How's he doing?

Nurse: Pulse is at 85. His B.P.'s back up to 110/70. He's alert and oriented. Seems to have full range of motion of his extremities.

Lexie: All right, let's get him in cubicle one. Belle, I need you to wait out here.

Belle: I need to know that he's okay.

Lexie: Listen, let me examine him and then we'll talk, okay?

Belle: Oh, my God.

Lexie: Okay, Philip, I'm right here. All right, open your eyes. Where does it hurt? Open your eye.

Philip: [Wheezing] It's in my -- it's in my chest.

Lexie: Anywhere else?

Philip: No. It's hurts when I -- when I exhale. It hurts like hell.

Lexie: Okay, okay. Take some deep breaths.

Philip: [Breathing deeply]

Lexie: Okay.

Philip: What? What?

Lexie: Well, we'll know for sure once we take an X-Ray, but I'm fairly confident you don't have a collapsed lung.

Philip: What the hell's wrong with me?

Lexie: It's probably fluid build up in your pleural membranes. The good news is everything here looks treatable. Whose car were you driving?

Philip: Max's. It was Max's. Max Brady's.

Lexie: How fast? Why am I asking that? Why get in a race car if you're not gonna go that fast?

Philip: [Coughing]

Lexie: Philip, you're not a race-car driver. Are you crazy?

Philip: I was -- I was mad. I was -- I was so mad. I just wanted to blow off steam.

Lexie: Oh, my gosh. You are crazy. It says here you were doing 200 miles an hour. Philip, you could have killed yourself. Why would you do something so reckless?

Philip: Why? Because my pregnant with Shawn's baby.

Mimi: Why are we still arguing? You told Belle you loved her.

Shawn D.: I loved Belle the same way you loved Rex.

Mimi: It's not the same thing and you know it.

Shawn D.: Yes, it is the same thing. When you care about someone the way we cared about them, it's not something that just goes away. How many times do I have to convince you that I love you? You are the one that I want to be with, the woman I married.

Mimi: Only because Belle wasn't available.

Shawn D.: That is not true.

Mimi: Look, you think I like constantly feeling insecure about this? I hate it. And I know that I'm driving both of us crazy, but I also know that I am not crazy. Belle is having your baby. The two of you have always shared a special bond, and when that baby is born, it's just going to bring you even closer. I'm afraid that you're gonna want to be with her.

Shawn D.: That won't happen.

Mimi: You say that now.

Shawn D.: I won't let it happen. I promise.

Mimi: Please don't make promises you can't keep.

[Knock on door]

Sami: E.J., what's up?

E.J.: Hey, listen, I just wanted to stop by and let you know that Philip's gonna be okay.

Sami: Philip? What happened to Philip?

E.J.: Oh, you didn't hear? There was an accident.

Sami: Oh, my God. What kind of accident?

E.J.: Well, he was down at the track. He was driving Max's car. He lost control. He's a little bit banged up, but the paramedic said he was gonna be fine, so...

Sami: Oh, thank God.

E.J.: Yeah, he's -- he's in the hospital.

Sami: I better call Belle. I mean, she must be a wreck.

E.J.: I'm sure. Listen, before you do, have you leveled with Austin yet? Did you get that figured out?

Sami: No, I mean, I tried.

E.J.: Mm-hmm. What do you mean by you tried, exactly?

Sami: Well, I-I tried to talk to him, but he wouldn't listen.

E.J.: Right, well, you might actually just have to make him listen.

Sami: Well, I know, okay? I was trying to talk to him, and he got a call, and he said he had to talk to this person and that -- and that it was for a surprise for me, and I don't even know what the surprise is, but maybe that means I should wait. I mean, maybe that's just supposed to be, that -- that I didn't tell him.

E.J.: Samantha, look at me. You need to focus, okay? If you don't tell Austin about this dirty little secret of yours, then your whole world is going to come crashing down.

Sami: What am I supposed to do, E.J.? He kept putting me off.

E.J.: You're supposed to not take the easy way out, okay? If he finds out about this from someone else, it's gonna be a hundred times worse.

Sami: Look, he's -- it's just so hard.

E.J.: I'm sure it is. Let me give you my advice, okay? You need to find Austin right now and you need to tell him the truth.

Sami: I don't even know where he is.

E.J.: Well, I can help you with that. I know where he is. He's at Lucas' apartment. He's across the hall.

Carrie: Oh.

Austin: Sorry. I didn't mean to disturb you. The door was open.

Lucas: It's all right. No problem.

Carrie: We're still airing out the apartment.

Austin: Hey, do you have that box of CD’s that I left here when I moved to New York?

Lucas: Yeah, somewhere.

Austin: I just remembered them. Uh...I'll come back later.

Lucas: Well, you don't have to do that. I'll get them for you. I'll find them. Luckily, they weren't in that room, though. They'd be a burnt-up clump of plastic by now. I'll be right back.

Austin: How are you feeling?

Carrie: Much better.

Austin: Did you get the test results from the hospital?

Carrie: No, not yet, but I'm sure it's fine. Don't worry about me.

Lucas: Here we go. Some oldies but goodies in here. [Laughter] There you are.

Austin: Okay. Wow. Wow, Marvin Gaye, Barry White, Barry Manilow. That must be you, bro.

Carrie: Austin's old romantic streak.

Lucas: That is mine, actually.

Austin: Yeah, I guess. So, when do you take off on your honeymoon?

Lucas: When the contractor and the building manager agree on a renovation schedule, which will be never. We're just gonna crash at a hotel until then.

Austin: Are you serious?

Lucas: Where else are we gonna stay? Can't stay here.

Austin: Well, I'm sorry. That's just ridiculous. I mean, you're family. Carrie's pregnant. We live right down the hall, and we have, like, a spare bedroom where you could stay there. I mean, I know will would love having both of his parents under the same roof, plus I'm throwing a special dinner for Sami tonight, and I really want you guys to be there.

Sami: Wait, no. No, you can't do that. it's cool. Learned in my entire life. Up. We haven't seen that yet. That was great. Great to see.

Stephanie: And you say you're not jealous.

Chelsea: Of you? Please.

Stephanie: Admit it. You're afraid I'm gonna steal him away from you.

Max: Stephanie, come on.

Stephanie: No, no, no, wait. I want to hear what she has to say. Do you realize what's happened because of your pettiness? If Max had gotten my message right away, he probably would have made it out to the racetrack in time to save more of his car, and he also probably could have help the rescue squad get Philip out faster.

Chelsea: I'm really sorry about Philip, and I'm sorry that your car got totaled, but I had a perfectly good reason why I didn't tell you that she called.

Stephanie: I'd love to hear it.

Max: Yeah, me, too.

Chelsea: I didn't tell him that you called because you're stalking my boyfriend.

Stephanie: [Laughs] Stalking? Me?

Chelsea: Mm-hmm. And I'm not saying that because I'm jealous. I'm saying it because, personally, I find it a little bit creepy.

Max: What are you even talking about?

Chelsea: When we were at the pub this morning, she was standing outside the window watching us eat, and she didn't come in. She just stared.

Stephanie: Yeah, I was at the pub because that's where my mom is staying, and when I didn't see her inside, I just kept walking.

Max: You know what, Chelsea? Chelsea, you shouldn't have kept her from getting ahold of me, okay? And right now, we're trying to salvage the rest of this scrap pile, so I'll call you later.

Chelsea: Max.

Max: No, Chelsea, I'm in a bad mood. Get out. I'll call you later.

Chelsea: Fine.

Chelsea: I can't believe that he just sat there and he defended her. And why didn't you say anything?

Abby: Chelsea, what was I supposed to say?

Chelsea: I don't know, Abby. Maybe, "Chelsea, you're right. Stephanie, you're wrong."

Abby: I couldn't say that because I thought what you said sucked.

Lexie: It's hard to imagine how that could have happened. Dr. Jaynes is the best in his field. That department has so many safety --

Philip: Lexie, they told me it was human error. That's ridiculous. And Dr. Jaynes just kept apologizing and apologizing over and over. It does nothing for me. It does nothing.

Lexie: I cringe whenever I read about a surgeon operating on the wrong leg or leaving a sponge in a patient's body. I know firsthand about babies being switched, but fertilized eggs? Philip, I am so sorry. My heart goes out to you, to all of you.

Philip: Oh, this mix-up is bad. It's really bad, Lexie. Shawn and Belle together, the feelings come back. I know it. Their old feelings are gonna come back.

Lexie: Okay, don't start thinking the worst.

Philip: No, Lexie, you know how they were. Everyone knows how they were. I just heard him, just right now on the track. He told them. He told them that he loved her right in front of me.

Lexie: Well, of course. They'll always love each other.

Philip: No, he still loves her. He still loves her, and now they have a baby together.

Lexie: Well, you and Belle have a baby together -- a beautiful little girl, born of love and intimacy, not some screw-up in some fertility clinic. Don't you think that counts for more?

Philip: I don't know.

Lexie: Okay, you listen to me. Listen to me, Philip. What happened with the in vitro is very unfortunate, but don't be angry with Belle about that. Belle didn't do anything wrong. Neither did Shawn. They didn't make the error, the hospital did. They're victims just as much as you are.

Philip: I know that.

Lexie: Okay, good. Good, and don't let this destroy your marriage. You love Belle. Don't take this out on her or the baby or yourself. Your wife almost lost you today. How do you think she's feeling right now? Did you see how frightened she was?

Philip: I saw.

Lexie: Don't you know how much she loves you? Go to Belle, talk to her. Talk to Shawn and Mimi. I'm sure that you'll be able to come to some sort of agreement that you can live with.

Mimi: I am trying really hard to be rational about all this and not let my emotions guide my decisions, but this is about the man I love and our family and our future. I can't help getting emotional. Shawn, we all know that you and Belle would be together to this day if it hadn't been for Jan Spears.

Shawn D.: It wasn't all Jan's fault, okay? I am responsible for what happened. Belle is responsible, but we have grown up a lot since then. I don't know how many different ways to tell you this, but I love you, and we are gonna be raising a child together.

Mimi: And which child are you talking about -- the one our surrogate is carrying or the one that you and Belle are having?

Shawn D.: I-I don't know.

Mimi: Well, how are we gonna figure that out? Which child do we raise, Shawn? Which child do Belle and Philip raise? Maybe it would just be a hell of a lot easier if we swapped partners.

Shawn D.: Would you stop, please? We will all sit down as a group, and we will figure it out together.

Belle: [Clears throat] Hello.

Mimi: Hi.

Shawn D.: How's Philip doing?

Belle: I don't know. Lexie's still in there with him.

Shawn D.: What was he thinking getting into Max's race car and just taking off without even asking? He starts racing flat-out without a helmet on?

Belle: I guess he just flipped out.

Shawn D.: Okay, this is hard on all of us, but why does he have to go crash a race car? I don't get it.

Belle: Philip is really freaked out about this. This is why I'm so worried about him. I told you. The fact that you and I are having a baby together completely freaked him out.

Sami: I'm sorry. I didn't mean that the way it sounded. Uh, I guess I was just thinking about how much you've been through in the last 24 hours, and, Carrie, you just got home from the hospital, so I can't imagine that either of you really want to go out on the town or whatever tonight for dinner.

Austin: No, it's gonna be really simple, nothing fancy.

Lucas: Yeah, we feel fine, right, Carrie?

Carrie: Yeah, sure.

Lucas: Then, Austin, if the offer still stands, we'd love to bunk with you guys, just for a while.

Austin: Of course, yeah. It still stands.

Lucas: It would be easier for Will, you know, be closer to him, and that way I can stay on top with the contractors, too.

Austin: You can have the spare room now.

Sami: Austin...

Lucas: Sami, don't worry about it, all right? As soon as our apartment's done, we'll be off on our little honeymoon and we'll be out of your hair.

Austin: It's all right. Right, Sami? It's all right.

Sami: Right.

Lucas: Cool. I'm sorry. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything without asking you. Is that okay? You okay with that?

Carrie: Uh, yeah. I'm okay. I just want to make sure that Sami's okay with two more people being around.

Austin: You don't mind, do you? So, it's all set, okay? Look, I've got to run. Grab my Barry Manilow.

Sami: Wait, wait, Austin. Um...I have to talk to you about something. Remember, I told you?

Austin: We'll talk at dinner, okay?

Sami: Um...but I -- [Chuckles] I'm really glad you both are okay and, uh...see you tonight.

Lucas: You all right? What's all this?

Carrie: What's all what?

Lucas: Your body language. Is something wrong? I mean, are you okay with staying with them?

Carrie: Yeah, I'm okay, really.

E.J.: That doesn't sound good. I take it your thing with Austin didn't go very well.

Sami: I didn't tell him.

E.J.: You're kidding.

Sami: No. No, I tried to tell him, but, once again, he couldn't talk to me. He was in the middle of something. And then he asked Carrie and Lucas to join us for this dinner tonight that he's planning for me.

E.J.: You know what?

Sami: What?

E.J.: I'm sorry, but I just think you don't want to tell him, and you're using any excuse you can to get out of doing it forever.

Sami: No, E.J., You're wrong. I do want -- well, no. No, of course, you're right. I don't want to tell him. Of course I don't want to tell him, but I know that I have to. I know that, that's the only way he and I will ever be able to have a real relationship together is if I tell him and he forgives me. But I don't think that's gonna happen. I think tonight is gonna be my last dinner with him ever.

Max: Can you hand me that 12-millimeter over there? Thanks. You're awfully quiet.

Stephanie: My head's just into this.

Max: We can still talk, Steph.

Stephanie: What do you want to talk about?

Max: I'm sorry Chelsea gave you such a hard time.

Stephanie: You know what? It's not your fault.

Max: But look -- she's young and insecure, okay? And I know that's not an excuse, but I'm sorry.

Stephanie: [Sighs] To be honest, if I were in her shoes, I'd probably feel the same way. She doesn't want you working so closely with a woman.

Max: Is that what we're doing, "working so closely"?

Stephanie: What would you call it? Can you hand me the Phillips, please? Although, she might be afraid we're not just working.

Chelsea: I can't believe that my best friend is siding with Stephanie.

Abby: Chelsea, I am not siding with anyone. I just don't understand why you have to play these games.

Chelsea: It's really hard to be mean when you're so damn perfect all the time.

Abby: I never said I was perfect. But doing stuff like this -- what happened to the new, improved Chelsea, the girl who was so grateful that she didn't have to go to prison, the girl who swore that she was gonna change her life around?

Chelsea: Okay, point taken, all right?

Abby: Well?

Chelsea: I'm a pathetic loser, okay? Is that what you want to hear?

Abby: Of course not.

Chelsea: Well, I am. I've probably lost Max for good this time, and, really, I have no one to blame but myself.

Abby: You haven't lost Max, okay, at least not yet.

Chelsea: Come on, Abby. You were there when that happened. He totally just shut me out.

Abby: He was distracted, Chelsea. Give him a break. He loved that car, and he just lost it. It was his life.

Chelsea: I know.

Abby: I've just never seen him so down.

Chelsea: Yeah, and Stephanie thinks that she can comfort the poor dear. You know what? You're right. I haven't lost him yet. Two can play this game.

Abby: Great, what are you thinking?

Chelsea: Well, I'm just not gonna sit back and let Stephanie sink her claws into him. No, when I'm done with Max, he's not even gonna remember her name.

Philip: You know, Lexie... you're right.

Lexie: I hope I wasn't too harsh.

Philip: No, no, no, no. You're absolutely right. This mix-up with the embryos is a disaster. I've got to do something about it.

Lexie: Exactly.

Philip: I've got to go talk to Belle, take control of the situation. See, I still think like a marine. It's all about holding your position. I love Belle. I love Claire. I don't want to lose either of them.

Lexie: Now, that's the way I like to hear you talk.

Philip: Yeah.

Lexie: Yeah, but before you go undertaking any military maneuvers with your wife, I want you to rest. Understood? Now, thank goodness your injuries aren't more serious, but I still want to keep you overnight for observation.

Philip: Yes, ma'am.

Lexie: [Laughs] I'll go find you a room. I'll send Belle in shortly.

Philip: Thank you. [Coughs]

Mimi: Philip crashing a car into a wall -- I hate to say what that reminds me of.

Shawn D.: Oh, don't even.

Mimi: All I'm saying is just don't be so hard on him.

Shawn D.: Okay, I have done a lot of stupid things in my life. Crashing my bike through the window at St. Luke's -- that is on the top of the list. But Jan drugged me, okay? I wasn't in my right mind.

Belle: Neither was Philip, which is my fault. I should have handled things a lot better.

Mimi: We all should have. I'm gonna go call my mom. I'll be back in a minute.

Shawn D.: I'll be right here.

Belle: [Clears throat] Shawn.

Shawn D.: What?

Belle: The fact that you and I are having a baby together -- it's not the only reason why Philip went ballistic.

Shawn D.: What else is he angry about?

Belle: He knows that I want to have your baby.

Shawn D.: W-w-what are you talking -- you didn't say that?

Belle: Of course not. I...can't hide the way I feel, though. I do want to have your baby. The truth is that...I couldn't want anything more.

Lexie: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Can this be right? [Sighs] [Telephone rings]

Carrie: Hello?

Lexie: Carrie, hi. It's Lexie Carver. Your test results are back.

Carrie: And?

Lexie: Would you and Lucas come to my office? I'd like to discuss them in person as soon as possible, please.

Carrie: Sure, we'll be right there. Lexie wants us to go to her office right away.

Lucas: Did she say why?

Carrie: Only that my test results are back and that she wants to talk to both of us.

E.J.: Sami, has it not even occurred to you that the person who is writing these anonymous notes might not send the next one to you? They could just as easily send it directly to Austin. Hey, Austin.

Austin: You know what, E.J.? I'm glad you're here. What are you doing for dinner later? You know, 'cause I'd like you to join us. I have a little special surprise planned for Sami. Carrie and Lucas are gonna be there, and I'd like you to be there, too. [Beeper beeps] Oh, excuse me. I'm sorry.

Sami: Austin.

Austin: Oops. Ah! There's something else I forgot to do. Okay, uh...I'll be back A.S.A.P.

Sami: No, no, Austin. Please, please, give me a second. I need to talk to you about --

Austin: Just do me a favor, please. Just put something...awesome on and meet me up on the roof.

Sami: No.

Austin: Look, I promise you won't regret it, okay?

Sami: Austin, I really need to talk to you about something.

Austin: We will talk, I promise. I promise.

Sami: Do you see? Do you see?

E.J.: Yes, I see. But, Sami, you're just gonna have to pin him down.

Sami: Why should I even bother? Either way he's gonna hate me and he's gonna want to make sure he has nothing to do with me ever again.

E.J.: Whatever happens, I promise you...I'm gonna be around to help. You can count on me.

Sami: Thank you, E.J. If I'm only gonna have one best friend ever...I'm really glad it's you.

E.J.: Come on.

Sami: Yay, you did it.

E.J.: If Austin can't forgive you for whatever you've done, then he doesn't deserve you.

Frankie: We shouldn't do this.

Jennifer: No, I want you. I need to do this, please.

Lexie: There's something else I need to discuss with you.

Carrie: Lexie, don't tell me that I can't have children.

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