Days Transcript Wednesday 7/12/06

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 7/12/06 - Canada; Thursday 7/13/06 - U.S.A.


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[Dance music playing]

Stephanie: I'm glad you were able to meet me, gives me a chance to make up for the little incident we had last night on the racetrack.

Max: I don't think one drink will quite cover the damage, minor though it was. I do appreciate the gesture, though.

Stephanie: Mind you, I am not admitting liability. I mean, yeah, I'm sure you were surprised when I blew by you on the racetrack like you were standing still, but you were the one who lost control.

Max: Hey, I never lose control.

Stephanie: Really?.

Abby: Hey, Max, Stephanie. Have you guys seen Chelsea?

Max: Abby, what are you doing? I thought you went home to check on your dad.

Abby: I was just there.

Stephanie: Is Uncle Jack okay? What's going on?

Abby: It is unbelievable, Stephanie. He might really be okay. Frankie did some research on the internet and found experimental treatments for my dad's disease, and it looks really promising.

Max: That's great!

Abby: He even got accepted into clinical trials and everything, so there's definitely hope.

Stephanie: That's wonderful.

Abby: I couldn't wait to tell Chelsea. Where is she? Is she still here?

Max: Oh, yeah, she's, uh, out here on the dance floor... having some fun..

Abby: Oh.

Hope: Dr. Bader, thank you so much for calling and arranging this so fast.

Dr. Bader: I know it's late, but I know how anxious you all are to have the answers.

Hope: Yeah, we are. I just hope Patrick got my message.

Bo: You called him?

Hope: He has a right to be here, Bo.

Patrick: I got your message. What's going on?

Hope: Dr. Bader's gonna do an ultrasound tonight, and hopefully we'll finally know how far along I am.

Bo: And we'll know that I'm the father.

Dr. Bader: Hope, why don't you come with me? We need to get you prepped.

Hope: Yeah.

Dr. Bader: We'll let you know when we're ready.

Bo: This baby's mine.

Patrick: Yeah, well, I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Bo: And you'll be out of here, out of our lives.

Patrick: I've already told you. If that baby's mine, I'm not going anywhere. And even if it's not --

Bo: You're not getting anywhere near my wife again.

Patrick: Well, I think Hope will have something to say about that.

Shawn D.: Hey, I got mom's message. They're doing the ultrasound tonight?

Bo: Yeah, the doctor's seeing her right now.

Shawn D.: I know you want this baby to be yours.

Bo: Yeah, I do. You still wish it's not, huh?

Shawn D.: Dad, I don't mean to hurt your feelings, but... I know how bad you want another chance.

Bo: Yes, I do.

Shawn D.: So what are you gonna do with that chance? You gonna love this baby with your whole heart?

Bo: You know I will.

Shawn D.: No, I don’t. You loved mom, and you loved Zack, but not enough.

Bo: I -- I may have made some mistakes in your opinion.

Shawn D.: It is more than that or Zack would still be here. Look, I know that's hard to hear, but it's the truth. You know, Mimi and I have been trying to get pregnant for some time now, and she just had this miscarriage. You of all people know how hard it is to lose a child. And not once -- not once -- have you asked her how she's doing or how I'm doing.

Bo: And you're putting that on me? You don't take my calls. You don't want to hear from me. You're the one that's making this difficult. Shawn, look. I love you. I am sorry that things are the way they are between us right now.

Shawn D.: So am I. You know, I really miss having a father that I can count on. And now I am gonna be a father, and I am scared as hell, Dad, because... the one that I looked up to my entire life let me down.

Bo: Shawn... I'm sorry you feel that way, but you're gonna be a great father. You shouldn't doubt that. Remembering you with Zack and J.T. --

Shawn D.: You know, when I remember J.T., I don't remember you there, Dad. You couldn't take care of him because he wasn't your blood. Now, that only lasted for the first couple of months, but you let him down. I just hope I'm a better father than you. If this baby does turn out to be Patrick's, I just hope you don't treat this child the same way you treated J.T. And if this is your child, I hope mom doesn't take you back, for her sake and the baby's.

Bonnie: Hey, hey, baby. Any news?

Mimi: Yeah, I was just gonna call you.

Bonnie: Where's Shawn? Why isn't he with you?

Mimi: He got a message from his mom. She's having the ultrasound tonight, so he wanted to check on her.

Bonnie: Tonight? Are you telling me we're gonna find out tonight if Hope has Patrick's bun in her oven? Hallelujah.

Mimi: What are you still doing here? Isn't it a little late to be volunteering?

Bonnie: Not when the hunkiest orderlies work the night shift.

Mimi: I thought your whole plan was to snag a rich doctor.

Bonnie: I may not have to if two of my precious babies hit the jackpot. Oh, my God, did they implant the surrogate?

Mimi: Yes, they did. That's what I wanted to tell you. Dr. Jaynes said it was a complete success.

Bonnie: Honey, baby, I'm so happy for you. Oh, God, just think. Nine months from now, you could be the mother of a brand-new Horton-Kiriakis Heir -- I mean, bundle of joy. And that's something no one can ever take away from you.

Mimi: The baby will also be a Lockhart.

Bonnie: Exactly. And that way, our families will be bonded for life. Add Patrick and Hope's baby into the mix, and I'd say it's a done deal. We'll all be on easy street.

Mimi: Patrick and I don't care about the money. We have told you that over and over again. Besides, you don't even know if Hope's baby is Patrick's.

Bonnie: Well, I have a good feeling.

Mimi: Plus, a lot could still go wrong with this whole surrogate thing.

Bonnie: Like what?

Mimi: Well...

Bonnie: Wait, no, you said yourself the procedure was perfect. It went off without a hitch.

Mimi: The egg has to stick, first of all. And even if it does --

Bonnie: Even if it does what?

Mimi: I don't know. I just -- I'm having a really bad feeling. Something just doesn't feel right.

Betty: This can't be happening. I checked and double-checked. There's no way I could have mixed up those petri dishes.

Rhonda: You're the one Dr. Jaynes gave them to, correct?

Betty: Yes. And I was extremely careful with them, just like I always am..

Rhonda: Did you have something else on your mind tonight?

Betty: No. I was called away, but I'm sure I put them on the right racks after the procedures. Oh, Dear Lord. What if the Kiriakis egg was implanted in the Brady surrogate and the Brady egg was implanted in Mrs. Kiriakis?

Rhonda: That's exactly what I'm afraid of.

Betty: Oh, God.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Bo: Do you think you're helping your mom by talking to me like that? She doesn't need any more stress in her life, and you're just adding to it.

Shawn D.: You're the one who's adding tension to her life. I am trying to protect her. Do you even know how much you hurt mom? And that is why I really believe that she is better off without you, and so is this baby.

Dr. Bader: Mr. Brady, Mr. Lockhart, Hope is ready if you'd like to be present for the ultrasound.

Bo: Of course I want to be present.

Patrick: Me, too, if it's okay with Hope.

Dr. Bader: She'd like you both to be there. You can come in now.

Shawn D.: Doc, you let my mom know her son's out here.

Dr. Bader: Sure. Gentlemen. Hope, your son Shawn is here, and he'd like you to know that he's waiting outside.

Hope: Oh, okay. Thank you.

Bo: This is it.

Hope: Yeah.

Bo: How are you feeling?

Hope: I'm just anxious to get it done, not only to find out who the father is but to know the baby's okay, it's healthy.

Dr. Bader: Then are we ready to begin?

Hope: Yeah, we're ready.

Dr. Bader: Okay.

Caroline: Shawn, hi.

Shawn D.: Grandma, hi. What are you doing here?

Caroline: Your dad called me and told me about the ultrasound, so I -- I wanted to be here for him. Any news?

Shawn D.: They're just starting. Patrick and he just went in.

Caroline: Oh, oh.

Shawn D.: Where's grandpa?

Caroline: Oh, he's a little under the weather.

Shawn D.: Is he okay?

Caroline: Oh, yeah. He has just a cold, but the hospital's the last place that needs his germs, so he's gonna stay home and get some rest.

Shawn D.: Well, I'm glad you're here. I'm glad you came down.

Caroline: Oh, well, your dad's not the only one, you know. You could probably use some moral support. How are you? This has got to be hard for you.

Shawn D.: It is. Mimi and I have some good news, though. The procedure went well.

Caroline: Yeah?

Shawn D.: They implanted the fertilized egg into Lauren, our surrogate, and she is pregnant.

Caroline: Oh, that's wonderful news! Congratulations.

Shawn D.: So we're pretty excited.

Caroline: Yes, I can imagine you are. Yeah, but you're probably still worried about your mom.

Shawn D.: Yeah. Yeah, I am. And I'm worried about this baby.

Caroline: You're worried that Patrick might be the father.

Shawn D.: Actually, I'm worried that my father will. I'm sorry, grandma, but after how much my father has hurt my mother and how he has destroyed our family, I can't help but believe that my mom and this baby would be better off without him.

Dr. Bader: Okay. A little cold.

Hope: Do you see anything yet? Is the baby okay?

Dr. Bader: So far, everything seems to be perfectly fine. Baby's developing normally, it's got a good, strong heartbeat. Would you like to see?

Hope: Yeah.

Dr. Bader: It's right there.

Hope: Oh, my God. It is a miracle, a gift from God after losing Zack.

Bo: Yeah. We've been given a gift, a second chance. Fancy Face, this baby is our future.

Chelsea: Abby, what are you doing here? I thought you said that you were gonna go home to your dad.

Abby: I found out some amazing news, Chelse. I couldn't wait to tell you.. My dad's been accepted into medical trials. So it's not for sure, but he could be cured.

Chelsea: That's so great! You must be so relieved. That's it. We got to get you celebrating.

Max: That's a great idea. Yeah, let's go somewhere else where there's maybe less people. Maybe that coffee shop down the street, the one that's open late. It has a lot of live entertainment.

Stephanie: That sounds perfect. Let's go.

Chelsea: Coffee at this hour? With some guy playing folk music on a guitar? You guys are kidding, right?

Abby: Well, where do you want to go?

Chelsea: What's wrong with staying here? I mean, personally, I love Dune, and I'm having a great time.

Guy: Excuse me, how about a dance?

Stephanie: Sure, why not?

Max: You okay, Chelsea? Aren't you having a great time?

Chelsea: Yeah, I'm having an incredible time. Like I said, great time.

Abby: I'm gonna go get a soda. I'll be right back.

Max: I was just kidding.

Chelsea: Mm-hmm.

Max: I'm really glad you're here, even if you did follow me.

Chelsea: I did not follow you.

Max: Whatever. No, I just thought maybe we should have some time to ourselves, maybe talk.

Chelsea: Aren't you on a date?

Max: No, Stephanie asked me to meet her here, and we're just friends. Come on, you know how much I care about you. And I think I know how much you care about me. And if I didn't know before tonight, I kind of know now.

Chelsea: You've really got to stop flattering yourself.

Max: Why do you keep playing these games, huh? Are you so insecure with yourself you can't admit when you like someone?

Chelsea: Max, honey, I do like you. I like you a lot, even. It's just right now I'm not really into having this conversation again. What I am into is dancing, though, so that's what I'm gonna go do.

Bonnie: Honey, honey, I'm sorry you have a bad feeling. But it's not like Celeste saying she has a bad feeling. If you were psychic --

Mimi: I know I'm not psychic, Mother.

Bonnie: No, you're a pessimist. And, frankly, I don't know where you get that from.

Mimi: I am a realist, and I didn't get that from you. But sometimes being a pessimist is about the same thing as being psychic when it comes to my life.

Bonnie: Are you kidding me? You're married to Shawn, and you're gonna have a baby. There's plenty that's good about your life.

Mimi: I know.

Bonnie: I'm sorry. Look, honey, I understand what you're going through, okay? I do. I do. You've been through hell and back between your infertility and the miscarriage, that first surrogate falling through, and Lauren's car accident.

Mimi: See, it's like it's not meant to be.

Bonnie: But behind every dark cloud, hasn't there been a silver lining?

Mimi: Yeah, then there's another cloud.

Bonnie: Look, you can't worry about everything, so just stop it, okay? You said yourself the doctors are very optimistic. So you can't make yourself crazy by thinking about every possible thing that could possibly go wrong.

Mimi: Yeah, I'm sure there's plenty of other things that could go wrong that I haven't even thought of yet.

Betty: It can't be possible. I refuse to believe they implanted the wrong fertilized eggs into those women.

Rhonda: Then how did those petri dishes and vials end up on the wrong racks?

Betty: I don't know, but there has to be some explanation.

Rhonda: I'm sure there is, but what is it?

Caroline: I know you and your father are having difficulties, but he's a good man. He would never intentionally hurt any of his children. Zack's death was an accident.

Shawn D.: Which could have been avoided if he had been a decent parent.

Caroline: If you were Chelsea, wouldn't you want your dad to be a good parent and find forgiveness in his heart for you?

Shawn D.: Forgiveness is one thing, grandma, but... I screwed up a lot when I was younger -- quite a bit -- and my father always came down hard on me...always. But Chelsea -- Chelsea could do whatever she wanted. She got away with it. And the person who paid the price for that was my brother with his life. Now, I know my dad is hurting, and I know he regrets the mistakes that he made, but my question is why does he continue to make the same mistakes? I tried to forgive him, grandma, I really did. I even wanted my parents to get back together for a while, but then the trial came. And my mother, she just wanted to have a little closure. She wanted to have a little bit of justice. And then Chelsea gets to go scot-free. Why? Because my father goes and destroys the very little evidence that the D.A. had to convict her.

Caroline: Shawn, that was never proven. I don't believe that. Bo would never do anything like that.

Shawn D.: Well, we're just gonna disagree on this. But if this child does turn out to be my father's, I'm just concerned that he's gonna put even more pressure on her to get back together. And considering the circumstances, that is the worst thing that could happen.

Bo: This is amazing, Fancy Face. We can see the baby's heartbeat.

Hope: We used to love this when I was pregnant with Zack.

Bo: Yeah. We've been given another chance. It's exactly what our little boy would have wanted.

Patrick: Dr. Bader, are you able to tell us when her due date is?

Dr. Bader: That's what I'm trying to determine right now... but...I'm afraid that's not possible.

Abby: I'm sorry, Max.

Max: For what?

Abby: Chelsea's only acting this way because she's jealous.

Max: Jealous of who?

Abby: Of Stephanie, who else?

Max: I told her already that we are just friends.

Abby: Well, she's a little freaked out, okay? She really does care about you.

Max: She's got a funny way of showing it. I got to get some air. Sorry.

Abby: Max, please don't give up on her, okay? She needs you.

Max: If she does, then she can find me outside.

Chelsea: Okay, did you just see that guy that I was dancing with? He was seriously, incredibly hot.

Abby: We all did, Chelsea.

Chelsea: What's wrong with you? You just got this great news about your dad. You should be celebrating.

Abby: I'm not in the mood.

Chelsea: Why not?

Abby: I don't know. Maybe because I'm sick of watching you do this to Max.

Chelsea: Do what? What am I doing to Max?

Abby: Chelsea, you are being a total witch. And if you're trying to push him away, then you're doing a really good job.

Max: Maybe I should get out of here.

Stephanie: Guess who?

Max: I was hoping you'd come out to me.

Betty: I don't know, Rhonda. I have no idea of what happened. I'm just hoping the dishes were put on the wrong racks after the procedures were completed, which would mean everything's okay and the two women were implanted with the correct fertilized eggs.

Rhonda: But if they were placed on the racks this way before the procedures --

Betty: Then obviously we have a problem.

Rhonda: So what do we do?

Betty: We can only do one thing. We have to tell Dr. Jaynes.

Rhonda: You're right. He has to know.

Betty: I'll go find him. I hope he doesn't fire me.

[Metal crashes] [Screaming]

Mimi: Oh, my God. What was that?

Bo: What's wrong?

Hope: I thought with the ultrasound, you'd be able to tell how far along I am.

Dr. Bader: Usually that's the case, but not always.

Bo: So what's the problem?

Dr. Bader: Simply put, I can't get a clear enough picture to take the detailed measurements I need to calculate Hope's due date. We got to see the baby's strong heartbeat today, which is the most important thing.

Hope: Absolutely. I agree.

Dr. Bader: We could do a blood test to find out the other information that we need.

Hope: You mean how far along I am?

Dr. Bader: Yes.

Bo: Why didn't we do that before?

Dr. Bader: It won't be exact, but in conjunction with the information I got from the sonogram, now we should have a much better idea. And we can do another ultrasound later to look at the structures that we weren't able to see today.

Hope: So if I have the blood test, any chance of getting results back tonight?

Dr. Bader: Well, I'll ask the lab to put a rush on it. We can try.

Hope: Okay, let's do it. Let's get it done.

Patrick: Hope, if you're not up for this --

Hope: No, no, no. I'm fine. Patrick, I am fine. I need to have this settled tonight. We all do.

Dr. Bader: I will have the nurse come and draw some blood, and I will get back to you later on with the information.

Hope: Thank you, Dr. Bader.

Bo: Yeah, thanks for everything.

Dr. Bader: You're welcome.

Hope: Okay, so, uh, we wait again.

Patrick: At least in the meantime, you know the baby's fine and everything's okay.

Hope: Yeah, thank God. You know, I just can't get over seeing the little heartbeat. I mean, suddenly it just... it made it seem all so real.

Bo: It is real. This little baby is meant to be, just like we are.

Abby: I know that was harsh, but you need a reality check.

Chelsea: I really appreciate your concern, but, seriously, I know what I'm doing with Max.

Abby: I don't think so. If I were you, I would rethink your strategy because while you're out playing games, Max may just realize that you're not worth the effort and find somebody else.

Max: You're lucky. I was just gonna head out. It's you.

Stephanie: I guess you were expecting someone else. Sorry to disappoint.

Max: No, no, no. I'm not disappointed. I'm just surprised.

Stephanie: So am I. Ditching me so soon?

Max: I was gonna go for just a ride. I needed some air.

Stephanie: Mm-hmm. This yours?

Max: Yes, and please do not touch it. It has no scratches on it. I want to keep it that way.

Stephanie: Very nice. You say that like you're joking, but you really still think I caused that accident, don't you?

Max: You came out of nowhere, just like this right here. You really shouldn't sneak up on people like that.

Stephanie: I'm stealthy. That's why I'm good.

Max: Stealthy. You're good, all right.

Stephanie: And if you must know, I'll tell you. I was just trying to get your attention.

Max: Excuse me?

Stephanie: I wanted to see if you're really as good as everyone says you are.

Max: So what's the verdict?

Stephanie: I think I see some real potential.

Max: Oh, gee, thanks.

Stephanie: But there's only one way I'll know for sure.

Max: Yeah? Well, don't leave me hanging. How are you gonna find out?

Stephanie: I'll have to take you for a test drive.

Caroline: You're right, Shawn. I don't agree with you. Your father is a good man. I know he's made mistakes, like you have, like we all have. I hate to hear you talk like this. You need to let go of your anger.

Bo: Hey, ma. What are you doing here?

Caroline: Well, I just wanted to be here for support.

Bo: Thanks, but you didn't have to come all the way down here.

Caroline: Have they done the ultrasound? What happened?

Shawn D.: Who's the father?

Patrick: We don't know yet.

Bo: They have to do a blood test to determine the age of the fetus. The nurse is in with her right now.

Shawn D.: What about the ultrasound?

Bo: Apparently, they couldn't get a clear enough picture, but the good news is that the baby's healthy. Everything seems to be fine.

Caroline: That is good news.

Shawn D.: How soon do we find out the results from the blood test?

Bo: Hopefully tonight, Shawn.

Patrick: Hey, Shawn, is Mimi still around? I'd really like to see how she's doing.

Shawn D.: Yeah, yeah. She's over at the nurse's station. She was hoping to meet up with your mom. Can I talk to you for a second?

Patrick: Sure, what's up?

Shawn D.: I just wanted to thank you for sticking by my mother. I know that -- well, she told me she wouldn't have made it off that island alive if it hadn't been for you, and I know that's not the first time.

Patrick: Well, I just did what any friend would have done.

Shawn D.: Well, you did a little more than that. But she did tell me that you helped her through some of the hardest days of her life, and I know I've been a jerk. I shouldn't have listened to my father. I should have listened to my mom and to Mimi.

Patrick: Well, look, you had good reason not to trust me. I mean, I've done some things in my past I'm not proud of, but those days are long gone.

Shawn D.: I know that. I just hope no matter what happens here, that you stick by my mother.

Patrick: Well, I intend to. But listen, I really want to talk to Mimi. I know she's nervous about this whole procedure.

Shawn D.: I wanted to tell you about that. The procedure was a success. Our surrogate should be pregnant.

Patrick: That's great, man. Congratulations.

Shawn D.: Yeah. Thank you. Listen, when you see Mimi, just tell her I'll be there in a little bit, okay?

Patrick: You got it. You know what? Thanks for the support, man. I appreciate that.

Shawn D.: Likewise.

Bo: What is he thinking, Mom, siding with that criminal instead of his own father?

Caroline: From what I understand, Patrick is far from being a criminal.

Bo: Oh, come on. Not you, too.

Caroline: Shawn is confused. He's still angry over Zack's death. You just have to give him a little time.

Shawn D.: Excuse me, can I go in and see my mom?

Nurse: Are you Shawn?

Shawn D.: Yes.

Nurse: She'd like to see you, too. Go on in.

Shawn D.: Thank you.

Bo: Confused or not, that criminal is tearing our family apart, and Shawn is helping him.

Hope: Oh, sweetie, thank you so much for coming. When I left you the message, I didn't mean come to the hospital.

Shawn D.: I was already here. Mimi's surrogate was implanted with the fertilized egg tonight.

Hope: She was? I didn't know.

Shawn D.: It was a last-minute thing.

Hope: So tell me, how did it go?

Shawn D.: It went fine. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

Hope: Oh, honey, I am so excited for you and for Mimi. And you should be with your wife right now. This is a very special day for you.

Shawn D.: I will be with her in a minute. We're gonna go home soon. I wanted to be with you when you found out about the baby.

Hope: That's still gonna take some time.

Shawn D.: I heard.

Hope: Yeah. I can't even believe this is happening, and I can't imagine what you must think of me.

Shawn D.: Mom, the only thing I think is you turned to someone who obviously cares very deeply about you. You did nothing wrong, not that you need to hear that from me.

Hope: As grateful as I am for this baby, it's just made a very complicated situation even more so.

Betty: Oh, I thought I saw someone watching us. It startled me and I tripped.

Rhonda: "Someone" as in who?

Betty: I don't know. I'm a nervous wreck right now, Rhonda.

Mimi: Is everything all right? I heard a really loud crash.

Betty: Oh, everything's fine, Mrs. Brady.

Rhonda: It's just a little accident. Betty, you go ahead. I'll finish cleaning up.

Betty: Thanks.

Bonnie: What happened?

Mimi: The nurse just dropped something.

Bonnie: So why do you look like it's the end of the world?

Mimi: Because that nurse, Betty, she just acted really strange. She kind of freaked out when I walked in there just now, and so did the other nurse. Why would that be?

Betty: I have no idea how this could have happened, but I thought you should know in case there's a problem.

Dr. Jaynes: This is not good. Recheck the charts A.S.A.P. and get back to me.

Betty: Yes, doctor.

Dr. Jaynes: In the meantime, the Brady’s and the Kiriakis’s will have to be told.

Abby: Chelsea, are you listening to me?

Chelsea: Max isn't going anywhere, not as long as I keep him guessing, anyway.

Abby: Really? He's not going anywhere? Take a look around, Chelsea. Who do you not see here?

Chelsea: Max -- Max didn't leave. He's probably just, um, he's probably just in the bathroom.

Abby: Right. Right. And guess who else disappeared with him?

Chelsea: Stephanie.

Abby: After you blew him off again, he went out to get some fresh air, and she went right along with him.

Chelsea: She really is going after him.

Abby: It's funny because the way you're treating Max, Stephanie could very well end up stealing him. It wouldn't technically be stealing since you've made it very clear that you do not want to be his girlfriend.

Max: Uh, uh, I can’t. So I'm sorry, Steph, I can’t. If it wasn't for Chelsea, I --

Stephanie: I understand. You don't have to explain. I'm sorry.

Max: No, I'm sorry. I thought I was gonna walk away. I really do care about her. And I know she can be a pain -- she's been through a lot -- but I just know deep down she's got a good heart. I just want to work things out with us.

Stephanie: Then I hope they do. And I hope we can also still be friends.

Max: Of course. Of course we can.

Stephanie: You know what else I hope?

Max: Hmm?

Stephanie: For Chelsea's sake, I hope she realizes how lucky she is to have you. You're a great guy, and, um, she'll regret it if she lets you get away.

[Dance music playing]

Chelsea: Hey. I'm really glad you're still here.

Max: I was about to head out. You were having such a good time in there, I didn't think you'd notice.

Chelsea: I noticed... that you were gone. I wanted to apologize, but you weren't there.

Max: For what? Apologize for what?

Chelsea: For the way I've been treating you. I'm really sorry, Max. I know that I haven't been the easiest person to get along with.

Max: [Scoffs]

Chelsea: And you've been nothing but patient and understanding. And you stood by me when nobody else would. And now you're just so fed up. So I'm sorry. And I'm asking you to forgive me... and maybe give me another chance to make up for the way I treated you..

Max: I don't know, Chelsea. I don't know. I don't know if you really mean it this time or if you're playing games. Why all of a sudden this change of heart?

Chelsea: I don't know. I guess it just sort of hit me when I came off the dance floor and you weren't there and Stephanie wasn't there, either.

Max: Oh.

Chelsea: I just got this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach, like, maybe this time I really had blown it. Look, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me. So I'm done playing games, and if you still want me, I'm yours. Okay, um, I guess I am too late, and I have blown it, so... I'm sorry.

Max: You really mean it?

Chelsea: Yeah.

Caroline: Bo, why don't we sit down, have a cup of tea?

Bo: Why don't you just go home? I'll be all right.

Caroline: I'm gonna stay right here with you.

Bo: This could take all night.

Caroline: I've got plenty of time.

Bo: I wish they'd hurry up. This waiting is killing me.

Caroline: I know. There's a lot riding on that blood test.

Bo: There is -- my marriage, my whole life. If this baby isn't mine, if it's his... I could lose Hope for good.

Hope: I wish things were different. I'm sorry, honey.

Shawn D.: Mom, I'm your son. I care about what happens to you.

Hope: I know you do. But you know what? Let's focus on the good things right now, okay? Because not only do you have a little brother or little sister on the way, but you and Mimi are gonna have your own child. And this is wonderful news. Mimi must be so excited.

Shawn D.: Yeah, we both are. Oh, Philip and Belle had their procedure tonight, too, so Lauren and Belle both were implanted tonight. Unfortunately, there was no two-for-one deal.

Hope: It's raining babies in Salem.

Shawn D.: Tell me about it.

Hope: Where's Mimi? I'd like to congratulate her.

Shawn D.: I will go get her. But you hang in there, okay? Everything is gonna be all right. I promise you.

Hope: I love you, honey.

Shawn D.: I love you, too.

Hope: Thanks, honey. I love you, too... no matter who your daddy is.

Bo: Hey.

Dr. Bader: Hope, the test results are in. And I think we can determine now who the baby's father is.

Bonnie: Sweetheart, you've got to stop with the negative thoughts. Yes, it's true. Worry burns calories. But in this case, it's just not worth it. Honey, you and Shawn are having a baby. And you can take that to the bank, literally.

Patrick: Mimi, congratulations. I just heard the good news from Shawn. It's great.

Mimi: Thank you. Yeah, Lauren is pregnant. We're having a baby, God willing.

Bonnie: What about you? Don't keep me on pins and needles. How did the ultrasound go? Is Hope having your baby?

Patrick: We still don't know. The ultrasound wasn't able to tell us how far along she is. But we're waiting on a blood test right now, so we should know something tonight.

Bonnie: Well, tonight's my -- our lucky night. I can feel it in my bones.. I'm gonna be a future grandma twice over.

Patrick: We'll see, Mom. But right now, I'm just so happy for you guys, you and Shawn.

Mimi: Yeah, it seems too good to be true, actually.

Shawn D.: It's happening, all right? This time, nothing's gonna go wrong..

Bonnie: We'll leave you two alone so you can go home and celebrate your baby-to-be.

Mimi: Thanks, Mom.

Dr. Jaynes: Mrs. Brady, I'm so glad you're still here.

Shawn D.: Dr. Jaynes, hi. Is everything okay?

Dr. Jaynes: I'm afraid not. I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but we have a problem.

Sami: What am I gonna do? What if the truth comes out?

E.J.: Truth about what?

Hope: I know exactly who the father of my baby is.

Bo: Who's the father?

Mimi: Well, if our surrogate is not carrying our baby, then whose baby is she carrying?

Philip: What's going on?

Belle: Hey, what are you doing here?

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