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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 7/4/06 - Canada; Wednesday 7/5/06 - U.S.A.


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Mimi: I love weddings, and we've had so many lately.

Philip: My wife's sister is marrying my brother -- talk about keeping it in the family.

Belle: I just hope she's not rushing into this because of the baby.

Philip: What do you mean by that?

Shawn D.: Do you think Carrie still has feelings for Austin?

Mimi: Carrie and Lucas got engaged before she found out she was pregnant.. She wouldn't have said yes if she wasn't sure. She's a smart girl, right?

Belle: Yeah, right.

Mimi: Seems like everyone's having babies these days. Hopefully we are. Philip, thanks again for fitting us in with Dr. Jaynes so quickly. He did the in vitro so fast. It was amazing.

Philip: Well, I just hope it works for us, too.

Mimi: Oh, I know you guys are gonna get pregnant. I just hope we don't have any problems this time. I just don't think we could take one more disappointment.

Dr. Jaynes: Okay, let's pray those Brady and Kiriakis eggs fertilize and nothing goes wrong. Can you get me that additional paperwork? I got an awful lot of grant money riding on this one.

Max: What the hell was that?! Do you see this?! You see what you did to my car?! What the hell is the matter with you? Do you see this? Hello? Are you crazy? I'm talking to you.

Stephanie: Sorry, you got in my way.

Max: Ah. I can't believe it was a chick.

Stephanie: Do you have a problem with women drivers?

Max: No, I have a problem with any driver who almost gets me killed and then makes a snide remark about it.

Stephanie: What do you want to do, go out for a beer?

Max: No, no, I'm gonna report you to the racing officials for reckless driving.

Stephanie: I stayed in my lane. You're the one who lost control. I'm glad you weren't hurt, and there's not much damage to your car. As for the damage to your ego, not much I can do about that.

Max: Who are you?

Roman: seem a little shaky. Are you okay?

Carrie: Yeah. I'm just nervous. I haven't had a lot of luck with weddings, you know?

Roman: Are you happy, Carrie? All right, well, good 'cause... I know life doesn't always work out the way we expect it to.

Carrie: You're right, Dad. I thought that I'd be marrying Austin today.

Billie: Excuse me. Hey, come here. You okay?

Austin: Yeah, yeah, why? I'm fine. Do I look sick or something?

Billie: No, no, you don’t. I was just wondering were really ready to stand up for Lucas today...if you're okay with him marrying Carrie.

Will: This is so weird. I mean, I can't believe you're marrying Aunt Carrie.

Lucas: You're still okay with it, right?

Will: Well, yeah. I mean, you know I'm proud of you, dad. I just don't want this wedding to end in disaster like the other two with mom.

Lucas: Listen to me, all right? I know last time was traumatic for both of us, but this time it's gonna go smoothly. I promise.

Abe: [Sighs] did we end up like this? [Sighs]

Tek: Lexie. How'd it go with Sami? Did you blow her out of the water? What happened? Are Carrie and Lucas still getting married today?

Lexie: Yeah.

Tek: Well, did Austin dump Sami? Please tell me that conniving bitch got what she deserves. Please.

Lexie: I didn't do it.

Tek: What?

Lexie: I-I-I couldn’t.

Tek: Why not?

Kate: So, we meet again.

Sami: You know what, Kate? I'm in a hurry.

Kate: Oh, I'm sure you are. Still dodging bullets, Sami?

Sami: You are so funny.

Kate: Why don't you just tell me the truth. I mean, we all know how this story ends. It always ends the same way -- I'm gonna find out this truth. I'm going to stop you at the altar. You're going to be humiliated. Is that really what you want to happen?

Sami: You don't know what you're talking about.

Kate: I know a lot more than you think I do. I know...that you left a message on Lexie's phone, and I heard it. "Hi, Lexie. Let's talk. Carrie and Lucas wouldn't be getting married right now if you had told everyone how I was blackmailing you. We really need to talk." Does that sound familiar to you?

Sami: Are you gonna tell them what you heard?

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Roman: Carrie...have you changed your mind? Are you still in love with Austin?

Carrie: Dad, a part of me will always love Austin...and mike. What we had was so intense, but I guess it wasn't meant to last. Lucas and I -- we've been friends forever and we're comfortable with each other. You know, it's not so up and down all the time. I want this marriage to last. I'm having Lucas' child. He's my future.

Roman: So then you're sure, sweetheart?

Caroline: That's my girl -- sure and mature. [Chuckles]

Roman: Carrie...I'm proud of you.

Caroline: Roman, would you leave us alone for a few minutes? I've got to get the bride ready, or there won't be any wedding.

Roman: Yes, Mom, yes, Mom.

Tek: Why didn't you pull the trigger on Sami?

Lexie: I got a phone call, okay?

Tek: Well, who called you? Come on, how did this person know about Sami's blackmail? What, did they threaten you into staying quiet? What?

Lexie: Look, Tek, I can't talk about this anymore, okay? I've already said too much. Just forget it, okay?

Tek: Who forced you into letting that bitch off the hook?

Kate: Unfortunately, I'm the only one who heard the message, and I don't have any proof, and, of course, no one's going to believe me. But I do know that there's more going on here, and I'm going to find out what it is, and when I do and that little secret comes out, you're going to lose Austin for good.

Stephanie: Why do you need to know my name?

Max: Because I'm gonna report you to the officials.

Stephanie: Oh, please. I was driving fast but safely. You weren't keeping your eyes on the track, or if you were, your mind was someplace else. Let me guess -- girlfriend trouble?

Max: You didn't answer my question. Who are you?

Stephanie: Obviously, you haven't done your homework. How are you ever going to assess your competition?

Max: I do my homework. I just haven't raced much this year, and I didn't know -- I wasn't aware that there was a female driver on the circuit. Obviously, you're not doing that well.

Stephanie: Ouch. There's a slap across the face with a glove. Well, there's a girl out there now, and if you don't know my name, you're about to.

Mimi: May God bless...our surrogate mother. May her pregnancy give us a healthy baby.

Shawn D.: Amen.

Mimi: You know, I've always loved weddings so much. And now that I've actually been the bride and just being here where we got married, it, um, just makes me feel really close to you.

Shawn D.: I love you so much. Please don't ever doubt that.

Mimi: Shawn, I'm sorry for last night. I, uh -- throwing my wedding ring at you and asking you for a divorce -- I was just having a total meltdown. I think a lot of it had to do with all the hormone shots I've been taking, and then I overheard you talking to your father about your feelings --

Shawn D.: Which is something that I never should have said, and I'm so sorry about that, but...our future is together. We're gonna have a baby together. Honey, I love you. Just remember that, okay?

Belle: Okay, so, Carrie has her hair and makeup done. She looks beautiful.

Mimi: Oh, I can't wait to see her dress.

Shawn D.: We probably have a few minutes before the ceremony starts, right? I'm gonna call Dr. Jaynes.

Mimi: Not like there's going to be any news yet.

Philip: No, but I know what he's going through. We can't wait to have another baby, a little brother or sister for Claire.

Austin: Thank you. Well, for a long know, I thought I was gonna be with Carrie. Lucas with Sami -- that makes sense, right? They were engaged. They loved each other. They have a family with Will.

Billie: Hey, just because two people have a child together doesn't mean they'll end up as a couple. Look at Bo and me.

Will: Dad, I hate to ask, but what if mom does something to screw this up, even though it's not her wedding? I mean, she's done that before, too.

Lucas: I know, don't worry about it. This wedding is going to be perfect.. Trust me, all right?

Will: I hope so.

Lucas: It will. Don't worry about it. Everything's gonna be perfect as long as Sami doesn't ruin another wedding. Professional level. So I think that's only natural for people to do that. But for me personally and professionally, it's time to move on, and life goes on.

Dr. Jaynes: Hello, Shawn. I thought you were at a wedding.

Shawn D.: Uh, yes, yes, actually, I am. The ceremony's about to begin, Dr. Jaynes, but I just had a few minutes here. I wanted to call and see how are those eggs doing?

Dr. Jaynes: Well, we have good news. Both Belle and Mimi's eggs fertilized successfully.

Shawn D.: Oh, oh, my gosh. That's -- that's great.

Dr. Jaynes: I supervised the procedure myself. I don't see any complications. And if all goes well, we should be able to schedule the embryo transfers very soon.

Shawn D.: I wasn't expecting that you'd even have any news, yet. This is -- this is incredible. I can't wait to tell everyone.

Dr. Jaynes: Well, congratulate them for me.

Shawn D.: Yes, I definitely will. Thank you.

Dr. Jaynes: You're welcome.

Roman: Hey, pard. Glad you could make it. I know this can't be easy for you.

Abe: [Sighs] No. No, it's not. But I've known Carrie ever since she was a little girl, so I'm very happy for her today.

Roman: Look, pard...I can't imagine what that must have been like. I mean, you get a note from God knows who and then to find Tek and Lexie like that -- but...I want you to do something for yourself.

Abe: What's that?

Roman: Give her another chance. I want you to think about what you're giving up, and I want you to think about the impact it will have on your son.

Caroline: How's it going back there? The alterations work?

Carrie: I think we have a problem.

Billie: Austin...Will loves you, and you are gonna make a great dad to him when you marry Sami, but --

Austin: You don't see me with Sami. Yeah, I know. I know. And I know that every time that I find myself alone with Carrie, Billie, I can't help wondering what it would be like to be with her.

Lucas: Well, there's no point in that. You'd just be driving yourself nuts. I think it's great you're getting over your feelings for Carrie. You're engaged to Sami. You proposed to her. You know, I always thought that Sami would be the one to break your heart. But maybe you're gonna break hers.

Sami: You're wrong, Kate. Sorry, you are not gonna be able to break me and Austin up this time 'cause I didn't do anything wrong.

Kate: Oh, my God. You are absolutely ridiculous. I know you have to be smarter than this. You blackmailed Lexie. You blackmailed her. I know there's a lot more going on here, and I'm gonna find out what it all is. Time is running out on you and your little secret, Sami.

Stephanie: You're one of the drivers I've been watching, you know. I'm more than ready to race you.

Max: You've been watching me race?

Stephanie: Ever since your rookie year. It's not like I'm the only one. Actually, you're part of the reason I got into racing.

Max: Really?

Stephanie: Yep, I knew if I worked hard enough, I'd be able to compete with Max Brady and come out on top.

Max: Well, then, I'll tell you what -- I've already checked over the engine, and everything's intact. Axles aren't bent. What do you say to a little challenge?

Stephanie: You mean right now?

Max: Right now.

Stephanie: Are you really sure your car's okay? I mean, I wouldn't want to race you unless I can win fair and square.

Max: There's no worries here, darling.

Stephanie: Then you're on.

Max: Then we'll see who actually comes out on top.

Austin: Come here. You know,, you don't got to worry about a thing, okay? I'm not gonna break Sami's heart, and...I really do want you to be happy...with Carrie. But, you know, I'm not gonna deny the past. I loved her, all right? But you know what? Hey, she chose you, you know. She chose you. It's your wedding day. I'll honor that.

Lucas: Well, thanks. And I promise to back off of Sami. You know, I'll honor her marriage to you, as we

Austin: All right, brother, well, then...I give you my best wishes.

Lucas: Same to you.

Billie: Gee, Mom, what are you gonna do when you can't meddle in your children's lives anymore? Lucas seems very happy with Carrie.

Kate: Yes, he does. I just wish Austin could find a little happiness, too.

Billie: He seems happy.

Kate: Do you think? No.

Billie: No.

Kate: No. You know Sami is the worst thing that has ever happened to Austin, but he won't listen to me. He won't listen to me. Maybe he'd listen to you.

Billie: Me? Oh, come on, Mom. I'm the last person to give out love advice. And no offense, don't take this the wrong way, but neither are you.

Kate: I wasn't wrong about Sami, now was I? And I wasn't wrong about you and Bo, because the two of you still love each other.

Billie: Mom, I don't want to talk about this.

Kate: Fine, fine. Then let's talk about Sami. Let's talk about Sami. She has a secret, a very ugly secret. And for some reason, Lexie feels compelled to protect her. But you know something? I'm gonna find out the truth. I am.

Billie: Okay, but just remember one thing, Mom -- this could backfire on you and Austin.

Philip: Hey, did you find out anything?

Mimi: No news yet, right?

Shawn D.: Actually, the eggs were successfully fertilized.

Mimi: [Gasps]

Philip: What?

Mimi: Oh, thank God!

Shawn D.: [Laughs]

Belle: Mimi, we are on our way.

Philip: What a relief.

Shawn D.: Pretty soon, we're gonna be here baptizing our own kids.

Philip: Do you realize that they could actually be born on the same day?

Mimi: Oh, please let this happen for us.

Dr. Jaynes: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Caroline: Honey, what's the problem?

Carrie: I've lost weight. How could that be? I'm pregnant.

Caroline: Well, maybe you've had morning sickness.

Carrie: I've hardly had any at all.

Caroline: Well, then, you're probably worried about the wedding and you haven't been eating properly.

Carrie: No, Grandma, I've been very careful to eat a proper diet. How could I have lost so much weight since my last fitting? Normally, I'd be very excited about this, but....

Caroline: Well, I guess you're just worried about the baby, you know. Don't worry. It must be my fault. I must have gotten the measurements wrong.

Carrie: You think?

Caroline: Yes, I think, so give me the dress and I'll work on it, and stop worrying.

Carrie: Okay, you think you can fix it in time?

Caroline: You can count on me. I promise. Now, don't worry.

Carrie: Okay, I so appreciate everything you've done, Grandma, and I know that you had to work really hard to get the dress ready so fast. Thank you.

Caroline: Darling, I would do anything to see you happy.

Carrie: [Sighs] I just hope nothing else goes wrong today.

Roman: You know what, Abe? After all these years, it seems like Sami's finally getting it together, but I think a lot of pain and heartache could have been avoided had she had a normal childhood, like, say, her mother and father staying together.

Abe: Hey, look -- it wasn't your fault. Everything that happened to you is because of Stefano DiMera. And I hate to say this, but I think a lot of the problems between Lexie and me stem from the fact that she's a DiMera. You know, as much as I deeply loved her at one time...and maybe part of me always will... she is truly Stefano's daughter. He said that she would always be true to her name. And that's what's happened. No wonder that she betrayed me again and again.

Tek: Lexie, you are shaking. What is wrong? What is going on?

Lexie: Please let this go. Okay, this is something that I need to deal with myself.

Tek: No, it isn’t. Something or someone scared the hell out of you and it's not Sami.

Lexie: No, no, it's not Sami. That's all I'm going to say.

Tek: I'm gonna get to the bottom of this. Who in the hell would be protecting Sami?

Billie: I don't get it, Mom. You are beautiful and talented and successful. You are the vice-president of a huge company. I don't understand where you get the time or the energy to keep interfering in your children's lives.

Kate: Because I'm not interfering. I'm just trying to fix a few things, make a few things right. You know, you and your brothers, you missed out on a few life lessons growing up, and maybe that's because I wasn't there. Who knows? But one thing I do know, once you're all settled and you're all happy, you won't have to ask me to butt out twice. Excuse me. I need to go talk to Lexie.

Billie: Mom, don’t. Leave her alone. Mom, butt out. Mom!

Lucas: I really hoped that mom was gonna be on her best behavior today.

Billie: Oh, don't worry, Lucas. She will be...once you and Carrie step up to the altar. She's thrilled for the two of you. Anything earlier than that, just don't hold your breath..

Lucas: Great, thanks.

Kate: Lexie, we need to talk.

Austin: Hey.

Sami: Hi.

Austin: You okay? Hmm? You feeling all right?

Sami: Yeah, yeah, no, I'm fine. I just, you know, have matron-of-honor jitters.

Austin: Are you sure that's all that's going on? Come on, Sami. Be honest with me.

Sami: Austin, I am.

Austin: So, how do you feel about Lucas getting married?

Sami: He's the father of my child, and...I loved him, and I wanted to have a future with him.

Austin: So how do you feel about him marrying your sister?

Sami: It's what Lucas wanted. He's finally getting everything he dreamed of, and I am -- I'm happy for him.

Austin: Good. Good, because I'm happy for them, too.

Sami: And I hope this wedding goes off perfectly because then it'll be our turn, and I want our wedding to be perfect, Austin.

Lexie: All right. I'll tell you the truth.

Max: You know, good race. I'm impressed, and I'm sorry if you're disappointed I didn't let you win. You should be happy with a draw.

Stephanie: Oh, was that it? You could have won, but instead you decided to give me a break and allow me to cross the finish line with you?

Max: Yeah, sorry to burst your bubble.

Stephanie: Sorry to burst your bubble, but I went easy on you. My gas pedal was still an inch from the floor on the last quarter mile. All I had to do was stand on it and you would have been last in a two-car race.

Max: Well, this is fun and all, but I really do have to get going. Ahh.

Stephanie: Didn't I see something like that in an old James Bond movie?

Max: Well, actually, I think it was a scuba diving wet suit. And look -- it's been fun...but I really have to get going. I got a wedding to go to. And I would ask you to come with me, but I don't think the racing suit is gonna be appropriate.

Stephanie: [Clears throat]

Max: I got you. Great, but where's your shoes?

Stephanie: I'll put these on while you drive. I just happen to be going to the same wedding.

Caroline: Carrie...are you ready? You know, when you take those vows, you know, they're forever.

Carrie: I know, Grandma. We've had this talk before. I've thought a lot about the fact that you were in love with Victor and you had a son by him. But you still made a commitment to grandpa.

Caroline: I'm only asking you these questions because I love you. And I don't want you to make the same mistake that I did. So, before you walk down that aisle, are you having any second thoughts?

Abe: Look, Roman, if this was the first time that she'd done this to me, it might be different. But she doesn't love me enough to be faithful to me and that's the bottom line, Roman.

Roman: Listen to me, okay? I know that Lexie is sorry for what she did to you. She pleaded to me to ask you for another chance. She would do anything to make it up to do.. So why don't you just talk to her? Let her explain. Let her say she's sorry. I think it's the least you can do before you make a decision like this. For Theo's sake, if nothing else.

Abe: All right. All right, I'll talk to her.

Lexie: The truth is... well, I was unfaithful to my husband and Sami found out.

Kate: Lexie, I already know all of that. She was blackmailing you, and, obviously, she expected something in exchange. What I want to know is why you are protecting her.

Lexie: Kate, I-I only have myself to blame. Trust me...if I could blame any of this on Sami, I would. But I can’t. Excuse me.

Belle: Just think, if the IVF goes well, our babies are gonna be born around the same time. They could be baptized together.

Mimi: And go to school together.

Philip: They could be on the same little league team.

Shawn D.: With their dads coaching.

Belle: But what if one's a boy and one's a girl?

Philip: Then they will play co-ed.

Mimi: Well, whatever they do or play, I know one thing for sure -- they're going to be best friends.

Philip: Just like us.

Dr. Jayne: Watch where you're going. You almost pushed that gurney right into me.

Nurse: I'm sorry, Doctor.

Mimi: All right, you guys, let's not jinx this. We still have a lot to go through before we're standing here baptizing our babies.

Belle: You're right, I know.

Philip: All right, well, the wedding's about to start. We better take our places. Come on. Yeah, right.

Mimi: Oh, yes. [Laughs]

Austin: I do love you, Sami. We're gonna have a wonderful life. We are.

Sami: Austin, I'm gonna make you happy. I promise.

Austin: You had me [Laughs] You had me worried there for a while, you know, when Lexie told us that you were blackmailing her. But it's for a noble reason. For Abe and Theo. You didn't want Lexie to lose her family.

Sami: And she's going to anyway, isn't she?

Austin: Not your fault. You were trying to do a good thing. Which proves....that you have changed. I'm proud of you.

Sami: Thanks, Austin.

Austin: And I'm going to be even more proud when we become husband and wife.

Sami: [Laughs]

Kate: So, when is Hope going to have the test to find out who the father of the baby is?

Billie: Soon, I hope. She was supposed to have it today, but the ultrasound machine wasn't working. Bo's going through hell. His own son hopes that the baby is Patrick's.

Kate: That makes two of us. Three of us.

Billie: Hey, don't include me in this, okay? I want what Bo wants, and Bo wants Hope.

Kate: Yeah, well, I think Hope is going to have a little bit to say about that, especially if Patrick is the father of the baby. Don't you think?

Lucas: Okay, we're about ready, all right? Carrie had a little mishap with an alteration in her dress.

Kate: Oh, honey, you didn't see her, did you?

Lucas: No, no, it's fine. Caroline told me through the door. I didn't jinx anything, all right?

Kate: Good. You know that I want all good things for you. You know that? Hopefully, everything is going to turn out just the way it's supposed to be. I love you, sweetie.

Lucas: Thank you. I appreciate your support. Come on, we should go.

Max: I can't believe you're coming to the same wedding. I mean, are you sure? It's the Brady-Roberts wedding down at St. Luke's Church.

Stephanie: Uh-huh, the church I was baptized in, where my family has all their weddings.

Carrie: I wish my mom could have been here.

Caroline: Oh, so do I, honey.

Carrie: John and Marlena, too, but they're still out of town. I know if we would have kept the original date, everyone could have come. My mom's been planning this huge fashion thing all year, and it just happens to be this week, but, you know, at least Lucas and I will get to see her on our honeymoon in Milan.

Caroline: Yeah, and when the baby comes, she'll be here in a heartbeat. I have a present for you.

Carrie: You do?

Caroline: Yes, your mother sent it. It's a bracelet that she wants you to wear on your wedding day. This bracelet is the one that she wore...when she married Roman. It's a family heirloom.

Carrie: I love it.

Caroline: Oh, you look absolutely beautiful.

[Knock on door]

Roman: Ready?

Carrie: We're ready.

Roman: All right. Let's have a wedding.

Kate: Sami, I pray your lies and your schemes are exposed.

Austin: Wait, wait, wait. You know what? [Clears throat] I cannot wait to walk down this aisle with you...and watch you become Mrs. Austin Reed.

Kate: Time is running out on you and your little secret, Sami.

Sami: Austin, you know what? I think I should, um, check on Carrie, make sure she's ready.

Austin: Yeah, well...see you in a second.

Tek: Lexie. Lexie, I care about you so much. I can't stand to see you like this.

Lexie: Then you should have stayed away when I asked you to, Tek, instead of coming back again and again. Oh, goodness. What am I talking about? It's my own fault, you know? And just on the night when I thought I was strong enough to finally put you out of my life and be faithful to my husband --

Tek: I'm sorry, Lexie.

Lexie: Well, it's too late for that, Tek. There's nothing we can do to fix it, you know? Whether I expose Sami or not, the damage is already done to my marriage and my husband. [Sighing] Oh, God. I want her to pay.

Tek: Come here.

Mimi: Hi.

Shawn D.: Hi, Grandma.

Mimi: How are you?

Shawn D.: [Sighs]

Mimi: Are you okay?

Shawn D.: Yeah, I'm just thinking about my mom. I really don't know what I'd do without you.

Mimi: Me neither.

Shawn D.: I can't wait till we have a family. I love you so much.

[Bach's "Air on the 'G' string" plays] [Wagner's "Bridal Chorus" plays]

Sami: [Thinking] As soon as Lucas and Carrie are married, Austin will be mine.

Kate: You better be here to nail Sami.

Kate: Lexie Carver has something to say. [Congregation murmuring]

Mimi: We just got a message from Dr. Jaynes.

Shawn D.: He said we should go to the hospital right away.

Philip: What the hell are we waiting for? Let's go, come on.

E.J.: Stephanie.

Stephanie: E.J. Wells. You're in Salem?

E.J.: I am, and now I have another reason to be glad about it.

Nick: We can't be a family if I can't remember our life together.

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