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Shawn D.: Hey, you ready to go?

Belle: I'm sorry, it takes us like 10 years to get ready to go anywhere.

Shawn D.: Oh, that's all right. Mimi and I were running way late, too.

Belle: We've probably already missed the wedding.

Shawn D.: No, no, Frankie and Jen will understand.

Belle: Yeah.

Shawn D.: So, are you ready to go? 'Cause I got the car in front of the building.

Belle: Oh, I can't -- I can't leave her with Mrs. Cooper like this. It's okay, honey. Philip went over to your place to get her fuzzy bunny. Maybe that'll help.

Shawn D.: Here, let me try.

Belle: Yeah, I think maybe she's cutting a tooth.

Shawn D.: Aw, it's okay. It's okay, baby girl. You're here with Uncle Shawn now. Hey, you know what? This tooth thing -- listen, it's a good deal. Let me tell you, because then you get this whole new world opening up to you, like steak and corn on the cob and apples. Yeah, see, that's getting you excited. Yeah, it's okay. It's okay. Uncle Shawn's here. I understand.

Belle: You really do have the magic touch with her.

Shawn D.: She's got the magic touch with me, I think. It's weird -- when I hold her, she's got this really calming effect on me.

Mimi: [Sobbing] Shawn and I are never gonna have a baby. Because of that, I'm going to lose him.

Philip: Did he say that? No, 'cause he loves you.

Mimi: But eventually that won't be enough, and then he'll leave me. And when he does, when he's single again, Belle will leave you, and it'll all be my fault.

Philip: No, no, Meems... that's not going to happen, okay? Listen to me. I'm not gonna let that happen.

Kayla: Steve. It can't be. It can't be. You're not really here. You're dead.

Nick: Oh, I'm not dead.

Kayla: But I -- you died in my arms. I-I picked out your casket. I-I-I went to your funeral. I-I -- you're buried right over there.

Nick: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to freak you out. I don't know about any of that. You're Kayla, right?

Kayla: Of course I'm Kayla. D-d-do I look that different?

Nick: You look the same as in the photo.

Kayla: Photo? What photo? Don't you know me?

Nick: No, I'm afraid I don’t.

[Cheers and applause]

Jennifer: Jack? [Congregation gasps]

Nick: Wait a minute. Hold on.

Jennifer: Is he okay?

Sami: Oh, my God. Is that really...

Jennifer: No, it can't be him.

Frankie: I don't believe it.

Abby: Daddy? Daddy.

Jack: [Breathing heavily] Abigail, Abigail.

Abby: Daddy, I knew you were alive. I kept telling everyone. I told mom she shouldn't marry Frankie, that she should be faithful to you.

Jennifer: What is going on? What is going on?

Jack: This is -- this is your wedding?

Frankie: Yes.

Jack: I -- I came in to light a candle and say a prayer. I had no idea. I had no idea. [Sighs] Jennifer, I'm -- [Congregation gasps]

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Kayla: How could you not know me? You -- you were the love of my life. We were married. We have a baby daughter together.

Nick: I've heard all that. I -- and believe me, I've been trying to get it. But the truth is, I don't have any memory of ever being Steven Johnson...or being married to you or having this daughter. What was her name?

Kayla: Stephanie. Her name is Stephanie. She was named after you. You adored her. She was the light of your life. She was a baby when you died. Now she's all grown up. You missed her entire life.

Nick: Hey, if that's true, it wasn't intentional.

Kayla: But you died in my arms. I -- I -- I buried you.

Nick: Oh, come on. That's just not possible. It's not possible. There's got to be a mistake. I can't be that guy. Listen, all I know is I'm Nick Stockton.

Kayla: [Sobbing] Oh, God.

Nick: I'm Nick Stockton. I've been Nick Stockton for years. I got a job at a hospice a couple hours from here. A few days ago, a patient of mine said he recognized me. When he saw me, he was blown away. He says I'm Steven Johnson. I'm from Salem. I didn't believe him. But then he begged me to take a DNA test. And according to that test, we're brothers.

Kayla: Brothers?

Nick: Yeah, Jack Deveraux. You know him?

Kayla: Jack?

Nick: We came to Salem together.

Kayla: Jack's alive? Oh.

Jennifer: No, I'm okay.

Frankie: Are you sure?

Jennifer: Yeah, I'm okay. Jack.

Jack: Are you all right?

Jennifer: What do you mean? What do you mean am I all right? What are you doing standing here? Oh, my God. You're dead. Your car slid off that ridge. The divers searched and searched. There was no body. They said there was no way that anyone could survive that cold water.

Jack: Well, I -- I guess I'm not just anyone.

Frankie: How?

Jack: I remember the car and the water. I remember -- I remember being pulled from the car and fished out by some fishing troller.

Jennifer: No, no, that's not true. The police contacted every ship that was in the river that night. No one picked up anyone. That's impossible.

Jack: Well, they mustn't have talked to the people on the pearl fisher because they said I was the catch of the day.

Jennifer: Why didn't you call me? Why didn't you tell me that you were alive? You walked away from us?

Jack: No. I-I came back. I came the house. I came back several times to make sure you were okay. At Christmas, I came back.

Jennifer: You came to our house at Christmas?! You came to our home on Christmas and let me believe that you were dead?!

Carrie: Maybe we should give them some privacy.

Austin: Yeah, good idea.

Lucas: Hey, I'm gonna check on Gran. Come with me, all right?

Lexie: You are going to pay for telling Abe about Tek and me, you blackmailing little bitch.

Abby: I kept telling mom that you were alive, but she wouldn't listen. I told her that you guys belong together, and I was right.

Jack: No, you're wrong, Abigail. Your mother doesn't belong with me anymore. Not anymore.

Philip: Here.

Mimi: Thanks.

Philip: Mm-hmm.

Mimi: Philip, I don't mean to make you feel bad. I know Shawn loves me, but I also know how much he wants kids, and it's looking more and more like I'm never going to be able to give him any.

Philip: So you'll adopt like you were going to before this whole in vitro idea even came into play.

Mimi: I would be fine with that, but I'm not sure Shawn would be.

Philip: He's the one who always used to talk about it.

Mimi: Used to. He's also the one who jumped at the idea of having a surrogate so the baby would biologically be his, even if it wasn't mine. And he might not admit it, but it's obviously important to him. What if he leaves me?

Philip: That's not going to happen.

Mimi: What if it does? What if he is suddenly single, hmm? He'd be one hell of a temptation for your wife.

Philip: Look, we both know that there was a time when Belle loved Shawn. Maybe part of her always will, fine. But she chose me. She is my wife. Claire is our baby.

Mimi: [Thinking] But if she and Shawn ever find out Claire is really his...

Philip: What? What are you thinking?

Mimi: That -- [Sighs] I want you to understand that I'm not wishing this on you or me, but if Shawn were to leave me and he was out there, available, and let's say that you and Belle started to have problems, are you really sure that she wouldn't take the easy way out?

Philip: That's not going to happen. Our marriage is strong. She's not gonna leave me, just like Shawn is not gonna leave you. I'm gonna make sure of that right now.

Mimi: How? Who are you calling? Philip.

Philip: Yes, this is Philip Kiriakis.

Belle: Wow, I cannot believe you got her to calm down so fast.

Shawn D.: I just hope she stays this quiet for Mrs. Cooper.

Belle: Hey. I'm really sorry that you and Mimi lost your baby. I really hope it works out for you. And you know what? I'm sure it will. You're gonna be a great dad, obviously..

Shawn D.: Yeah, well, I can't wait. And I really hope Philip and Mimi are ready to go because I definitely do not want to be so late to this reception we miss cake.

Belle: Hey, hey. Listen, I just want to say that, from someone who has been there...well, I really wish Philip and I would have just solidified our marriage a little more before we started having a family, you know? I mean, we didn't even have a honeymoon, which was not by my choice.

Shawn D.: I think we know what we're doing.

Belle: I'm not saying you don’t. All I'm saying is that we're still young, you know, and obviously having a baby changes everything in a relationship, and, yes, it is the biggest blessing in my life, and I would not trade her for anything in the world, but, Shawn, you can't even imagine how stressful it can be until you've been there. And once you are, there's no going back.

Shawn D.: Oh, believe me, I do know. Mimi and I both have experience with our little brothers, so we have some idea of what to expect, and we have some idea of what we want. Going through not being able to get pregnant has been very stressful for the both of us, and Mimi wants more than anything to be a mom. She has...really been beating herself up about the abortion lately, and with the year I have been having with my family, we both want nothing more than to bring a life into this world. We would be so blessed. And we're committed to each other, and we're committed to having a family. I think it said somewhere in the vows till death do us part,'s just like you and Philip. It's just like my parents used to be.

Belle: Oh, hey, you know what? When two people love each other, when they are meant to be together and nothing is gonna come between them, then nothing can keep them apart in the end, right?

Sami: Hey, what's going on? I thought we were leaving. Where's the limo?

Lucas: I just sent Gran and Will home, all right? The driver will be back later to pick us up.

Sami: What do you mean "later"? We could have all squeezed in together.

Lucas: No, Sami, we couldn't have, all right?

Sami: Oh, come on. We should have come separately.

Lucas: What is your problem? What's the big deal anyway?

Sami: Nothing. I'm just upset.

Lucas: Oh, again?

Austin: Why? I mean, yeah, we're all shocked to see that Jack's still alive, but this is clearly not about that, Sami.

Lucas: Yeah, clearly.

Carrie: Sami, what's going on?

Sami: Look, I mean, it's not my place to tell you, so obviously I guess I should because you're gonna find out soon enough anyway.

Austin: Find out what?

Sami: Lexie and Abe's marriage is over.

Lucas: What?

Sami: Abe walked in and caught Lexie and Tek in bed together. Apparently, they've been having an affair for over a year, and so now Lexie and Abe are getting a divorce.

Carrie: That's awful.

Austin: It sure is.

Lucas: Since when do you care so much about Lexie and Abe's marriage anyway?

Sami: I care about Abe. He's practically been an uncle to us since we were little kids. And anyway, I mean, what's Theo's life gonna be like now? And Lexie -- I mean, she's already had a number of problems. She's cheated on Abe in the past, and he forgave her once before. He's not going to now. She's gonna lose her husband and her son. What's she capable of doing now? What kind of lies is she gonna tell now? She's Tony DiMera's sister. She's Stefano's daughter for God's sake. Nobody can trust her with anything now.

Austin: I think I know what's really going on here.

Tek: Hey.

Lexie: Tek, you shouldn't have followed me out here.

Tek: I just want to make sure you're all right.

Lexie: How can I be all right? But I'll be much better once I tell everyone exactly what Sami did to keep Austin and Carrie apart.

Tek: There's no time like the present. They're all here.

Lexie: No, now's not a good time. Jack might need me. He doesn't look well, you know? His condition is still terminal.

Tek: Well, just know that I spoke to Sami. She knows it's coming. I want to be there.

Lexie: Yeah.

Abe: two can't stay away from each other, can you? Not even in the house of God.

Bo: Jack coming back is proof that miracles do happen. So us finding our way back to each other -- that's got to be possible. Why don't we go find someplace to talk?

Hope: No, we can't leave, not right now.

Bo: Well, the wedding's over.

Hope: What about Frankie? He loves Jennifer. Your brother's going to need you. And Jennifer's gonna need me. We can't leave, not right now.

Bo: Well, sit down.

Chelsea: Why don't you two just shut up and get divorced already?

Max: This is kind of freaky, huh?

Chelsea: Yeah.

Max: After all these years, Frankie's been looking forward to this day. This is one of the worst possible things that could have happened.

Chelsea: Yeah, but it's the best possible thing that could have happened to Abby. I mean, if I found out that my parents, and I mean the Benson’s, um...if they were still alive, then...she's just really lucky. Most people don't get to experience that type of miracle, let alone twice.

Abby: No, daddy, you're confused. You don't know what you're saying. Of course mom belongs with you.

Jack: No. No, Abigail. This is -- this is why I stayed away so that your mother and Frankie would get married and -- so that you all could start as a new family again -- all of you as a family. I'm still gonna die. The doctor said I just ha-- it's just a couple of days. That's all I've got.

Abby: Daddy, please.

Jo: Jack.

Jack: I -- I just came back to say goodbye to the people that I love.

Kayla: Jack's alive?

Nick: Well, not for long. You know, he's still terminal.

Kayla: Why didn't he come home sooner? Why didn't he let Jennifer know?

Nick: The doctor at the hospice and I tried everything to convince him to contact his family. He was stubborn. He said everybody he loved thought he was dead and already mourned him once. He wouldn't put them through watching him die a slow, painful death and mourn him all over again.

Kayla: Well, then, what changed his mind?

Nick: It's when he saw me. Then the DNA test. He had this idea that I should come here and reconnect with the family, you know? The Brady’s...then eventually with you, but he said you were living somewhere in L.A.

Kayla: I came home for a visit.

Nick: Well, you see, it was the last thing I expected. I'm sorry. You know, I did this for Jack. I told him I wouldn't come here unless he came with me.

Kayla: So you didn't want to come back?

Nick: Jack showed me a picture of you. And I said, "what a beautiful woman." But that was it. I don't know you. I don't know any of you.

Kayla: I cannot believe this.

Nick: So, uh...these Brady’s, they're, um, they're your family?

Kayla: And they love you. And I love you. I know this sounds trite, but when you died, a huge part of me died, too. And I have never...been able to move on. I could never let go. I could never love anybody else.

Nick: It's been so many years.

Kayla: I know, I know, I know. It's insane. I know it's crazy. I kept having this dream that someday you would come back, and here you are. It's crazy. And now Jack's alive, and... oh, God. And Jennifer married Frankie.

Nick: Well, you know, that might not be an issue because Jack's not doing so well. That's one of the reasons I was able to convince him to come back... so he could say goodbye to his family.

Kayla: It's not fair. It's just not fair...for him to come back and then for her to lose him again. You know what? I'm not gonna do that with you. I'm not gonna do that with you. I'm not gonna let you go. I'm not gonna let you go anywhere. I'm not gonna lose you. I'm not.

Nick: I'm sorry. This is not gonna work.

Kayla: [Sobbing]

Sami: Austin, I'm upset because Lexie has ruined her marriage to a wonderful and kind man. I care about Abe.

Austin: I think it's more than that. I mean, Lucas kept saying that you were gonna destroy the wedding today, you know, if you showed up, but, of course, you had nothing to do with what happened today. But, you know, you're feeling for Frankie and Jennifer. You've been here more than once.

Lucas: We're all probably having traumatic flashbacks to bad experiences at the altar.

Austin: Lucas, will you shut up? Just for once, will you just please shut up? That's not all she's upset about.

Lucas: Are you sure?

Austin: She's worried about Theo. She said so herself.

Sami: Yeah, I did.

Austin: Look, and it makes perfect sense. You were about his age when your mother was abducted by Stefano DiMera. And you hate seeing a family being torn apart. I mean, it's been a long time, but you are still not over your parents' divorce, so you are totally identifying with Jennifer and Theo.

Sami: You are so right, Austin. I didn't even know why I was so upset about this myself, and [Sighs] I'm so glad you know me so well.

Shawn D.: You're not trying to say that we belong together, 'cause we've been through that.

Belle: No, no, no. I was talking about your parents and about mine. You know, they've been through so much. But in the end, my parents' love -- it helped them overcome everything and it brought them back together.

Shawn D.: Yeah, it did.

Belle: Yeah, so that's what I meant when I said that if two people really love each other, then nothing should keep them apart. Because that's the kind of love that I want to believe in.

Philip: Thank you, Dr. Jaynes. The foundation will remember this. Oh, we'll see you soon.

Mimi: Okay, what's going on? Who is Dr. Jaynes?

Philip: Dr. Jaynes heads up fertility research at the hospital. He also gets major funds from the Kiriakis Foundation. Now, he said he was gonna look at your chart. He also agreed to meet with you because he has a procedure that he thinks will be a lot more successful in harvesting eggs than Dr. Ross.

Mimi: You mean there's still a chance for Shawn and me to have a biological child?

Philip: That's what he just said.

Mimi: Oh, my God! I don't know how to thank you!

Philip: and I both know I was born into a lot of money. I like to share it with the ones that I love. That's why I don't understand people who are so blessed who just think about themselves.

Mimi: Philip, you really are amazing. Belle is very lucky.

Philip: No, no, I'm the lucky one. I've got her, and I've got Claire. And you'll find out soon enough that having a baby with the one you love is the ultimate bond.

Mimi: Yeah. Well, um, maybe Dr. Jaynes can do something to help you and Belle, too.

Philip: Well, maybe, because, apparently, there's a procedure where they literally take one sperm and inject it into an egg. It's incredible. So after all, Claire may have a little brother or sister.

Mimi: Philip, there's a problem.

Kayla: You don't want me?

Nick: I don't know you.

Kayla: I know you don't remember. I know you don't remember this, but look. Look at this. Look, look. This is us at our wedding, and this is us on our honeymoon. And...look at this. This is the three of us. We were a family.

Nick: I'm sorry. Just try to understand -- a few days ago, I was happy being the guy that I thought I was, and now all of a sudden, I find out I might be somebody else, somebody with a wife and a kid and a dying brother. It's a lot of information to try to adjust to.

Kayla: But don't you want to adjust? Don't you?

Nick: I don't know. Look...I don't want to hurt you or the kid or anybody else. I know you've probably already been through hell...but what if I never remember anything?

Kayla: Then we'll help you remember -- all of us. You'll get your old life back.

Nick: What if it's a life I don't want?

Tek: Be careful, Abe.

Abe: I'm only speaking the truth -- something the two of you are obviously not on intimate terms with. Maybe the only thing.

Tek: I'm warning you, man.

Abe: No, I'm warning you. Now, I may not be able to fire you for making my wife your whore, but you watch your ass. You slip up one time -- you file a report late, you clock out five minutes early, you leave an empty coffee cup in a squad car -- and I'll have your badge. And don't you even think about touching her again, whether she's my wife or not, or you'll be a dead man.

Hope: I can't believe Jennifer's gonna lose Jack all over again. My God, how could God be so cruel?

Bo: I don't know.

Max: Frankie always said that Jack was the only true love of Jennifer's life, which is long as he was dead.

Chelsea: That wouldn't be okay with me.

Max: Me, either. So, what are you saying?

Chelsea: About what?

Max: About us being together.

Chelsea: Oh, right. Um...

Max: Look, Chelsea, I'm not sure how long I'm supposed to let you think about this, because I want to be with a woman who only wants to be with one man -- me.

Jennifer: You can't still be dying. You wouldn't have come back here just to say goodbye to us.

Abby: Look, mom's right. As long as you're still alive, we still have hope.

Jo: We have to have faith that God wouldn't bring my son back to me just to take him away over and over again.

Jack: This is why I didn't -- I should never have come back. I didn't want to put everyone through this. This is why I should --

Abby: Daddy, you don't have to. We'll find you a doctor, a specialist.

Jack: No, Abigail, no. I'm sorry. If there was anything I could do, I would do it, but there isn’t. All that's left for me now is to say my goodbyes and go back to the hospice..

Jennifer: No, you're not going anywhere. You're gonna stay here with your family, with the people who love you, Jack.

Jo: Jennifer is right.

Jack: I want you to be happy. I wanted you to move on with your lives...and you were. You all were, and then I walked back in. And now where are we? If I stay, all we can do is sit around and watch me die. Don't you understand? Don't you understand? I'm glad that you and Frankie got married. I'm glad I'm gonna die knowing have each other. [Sighs] That my plan actually worked. I mean, it worked, didn't it? I didn't interrupt everything too soon, did I?

Jennifer: No, we said "I do." We are husband and wife.

Jack: Great. Thank God.

Frankie: You're alive, Jack, and that makes our marriage legally null and void.

Jack: Damn. Well, I guess I always did have lousy timing.

Philip: What do you mean there's still a problem?

Mimi: Even if Dr. Jaynes can harvest some more eggs, Lexie said I probably can't carry a baby to term, which means we're still going to need a surrogate, and after the disaster with the last one we found...

Philip: It's taken care of.

Mimi: Huh?

Philip: Come here, sit down for a sec. After we met Holly at the pub, I realized there was a need for a top-of-the-line program in Salem to find surrogate mothers. So I got the Kiriakis Foundation involved, and I think you'd be pretty amazed what they can come up with and how quickly. In fact...there she is. You are looking at the ideal candidate.

Mimi: I don't believe this.

Philip: She has been through an extensive background check. She's in good shape physically. She's in good shape mentally. No martinis, no cigarettes, and she's on call to meet with you and Shawn.

Mimi: Philip, I -- I don't know what to say.

Philip: Don't say anything. I care about you. I care about both of you.

Mimi: Yeah, but...I don't deserve this.

Philip: Yes, you do. You and Shawn both do. I know how badly you want to have a kid. I see how good you are with Claire. You've been through everything, good and bad, with Belle and me. So why should I not do everything in my power to help you?

Mimi: It's much.

Philip: You two deserve to be as happy as we are.

Shawn D.: I know you and Philip were having trouble for a while, but everything's fine now, right? I mean, you wouldn't be talking about having a baby.

Belle: Yeah, things are great.

Shawn D.: Yeah, so, I know that you wouldn't want to bring a baby in this world unless you were sure.

Belle: Of course I wouldn’t.

Shawn D.: And Mimi and I are sure. We know that this baby is gonna bond us together in a whole new way, just and Philip with Claire. And we can't wait.

Carrie: I'm glad things are working out so well for you and Sami. You're good for her, you know?

Austin: Yeah, well, you know, it's not a one-way street. She's good for me, too.

Carrie: Look, Austin, I'm gonna to be very honest with you. Things with me and Lucas are... a little more rushed than I would have liked, not that I'm not happy. I just -- I don't want you to rush things with Sami. You know, I don't want to see her get her heart broken again.

Austin: But how can you say that? I'm not rushing anything. I've known Sami almost my entire adult life.

Carrie: But do you love her?

Austin: Of course I love her. I'm marrying her.

Carrie: But she's not the love of your life.

Lucas: Was Austin really right about why you're so upset?

Sami: Of course he was. Is that so hard to believe?

Lucas: I don't know. Maybe you're nervous about your own wedding. You don't have a good history when it comes to weddings, remember?

Sami: Of course I do. This one is gonna work out. Austin and I are gonna live happily ever after, and there is nothing you or anyone else can do to stop me.

Belle: Wow, I didn't realize we've been talking this long. I have to get Claire down to Mrs. Cooper's.

Philip: Hello.

Belle: Hey, sorry we're late. We're almost ready, and I'm sure we've missed cocktail hour.

Philip: That's all right, 'cause we're not going to the reception. We're going to the hospital.

Shawn D.: What's wrong?

Philip: Nothing's wrong, but you two are gonna be having a baby, and soon so will we.

Mimi: Shawn, you are not going to believe what Philip has done for us. It is incredible.

Austin: You know that Sami's not the love of my life. You are. But you chose Lucas over me. I had to accept that. I mean, this is what you wanted, right? Right?

Carrie: Well, you do love Sami.

Austin: Yeah...just in a different way. And now my future is with Sami, and yours is with Lucas.

Lucas: I know you. You're acting all defensive, and that means that you're desperate.

Sami: As it turns out, Lucas, you don't know anything about me.

Lucas: Oh, yeah? I can hear it in your voice. I can see it in your eyes. You're afraid you're about to lose everything, and that probably means you will, right?

Sami: Nobody asked you. I'm through talking to you. [Thinking] All our lives will be destroyed if I don't find a way to keep Lexie's big mouth shut.

Abe: What are you waiting for? Get out of here. And you stay away from me. And you stay away from Lexie. You know, your boyfriend, he may have abs of steel, but he's got a spine of jello.

Lexie: Sami Brady's going to pay for this.

Abe: Sami's not the one who jumped into bed with Tek. You did that, and you've got nobody to blame but yourself. You'll hear from my lawyer.

Bo: We could use some time together, time alone.

Hope: I have to stay here for Jennifer and Jack. They may need me, Bo.

Bo: I know. But we need each other.

Jennifer: Jack, I don't care about your timing. We need to spend your last few days saying goodbye to you together.

Jack: Jennifer, I love you.

Jennifer: I love you, but if you're gonna die, you're not gonna spend it somewhere alone with complete strangers.

Jack: You are so strong, and you seem sure.

Jennifer: Well, then you must be, too, or you never would have come back here.

Jack: Well, it wasn't exactly my choice. Uh...I-I-I came here with someone.

Jennifer: Who did you come here with?

Jack: I c-- Jo, I should have told you this before now, but...I...I came here with Steve.

Jennifer: Steve who?

Jack: Steve, my brother.

Jo: What?

Jennifer: Steve is dead. He's been dead for years.

Jack: No, he's not. He's alive. He's well. And he's right out there.

Kayla: How do you know it's not the life you want if you don't remember it?

Nick: How could I know if it is the life I want if I don't remember it?

Kayla: Well...well, we'll just get you to remember.

Nick: I don't think it's gonna be so easy. Jack tried. He told me stories. He showed me pictures. Everything.

Kayla: But he didn't do this.

Nick: I can't give you false hope that things are ever gonna be the way they used to be.

Austin: If Carrie chose me, boom, I'd ask her to marry me, and then she would be pregnant with my baby right now.

Mimi: Why can't I be lucky like Belle?

Bo: Hope, Fancy Face?

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