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Sami: Look, Lexie, do you have cancer or not?

Lexie: No. This confirms the previous test. The lump is benign. I don't have cancer.

Sami: Oh, thank God.

Lexie: This is a first.

Sami: What's a first?

Lexie: You've never shown the least concern for anyone other than yourself, Sami, certainly not me. So what's really going on here?

Belle: Come on, Mimi. It's gonna be okay.

Mimi: No, it's not, Belle. I am losing my baby.

Belle: No. Somebody help! We need a doctor!

Nurse: What's wrong?

Belle: She's pregnant, and she's having cramps.

Nurse: I need a wheelchair. Good.

Mimi: [Screams]

Nurse: Just try to relax.

Mimi: I can oh, my God, my baby!

Nurse: Get an ob-gyn right away. We'll be in cubical one.

Orderly: Here you go. Have some water. You're really dehydrated.

Jack: My vision is really screwed up. For a second, I thought you were someone I... Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Talk to me. Say something. Say anything.

Orderly: Come on, just drink.

Jack: Steve. Steve.

Eve: As I was saying, your honor, this morning only one officer used his security pass to gain access to the evidence room.

Hope: Who was it?

Eve: It was your husband, Detective Bo Brady.

Bo: Hold on. You're not thinking I took that disc.

Frankie: Bo.

Hope: How could he?

Shawn D.: If he did that...

Jennifer: He didn't do that. Bo would never tamper with evidence -- never, Hope. You know that.

Judge Lawler: Order. I want order.

Bettis: You're excused, Officer Michaels. I reserve the right to call you as a witness.

Judge Lawler: Detective Brady. I can talk to you right where you are. And I remind you you're under oath. This is obviously a very disturbing development. And I must ask, did you have anything to do with the disappearance of this evidence?

Bo: No, your honor, I did not.

Judge Lawler: Then why were you in the evidence room this morning?

Bo: At the request of the D.A., I was there in connection with a narcotics case I was working on. The only evidence I removed was a handgun related to the case.

Judge Lawler: So you were there.

Bo: Yes. And I gave the gun to the D.A.

Judge Lawler: I'm ordering a full investigation to get to the bottom of this regrettable situation. When I do, detective, I'm gonna lower the boom on whoever's to blame. But for now, this trial will continue.

Bettis: Your honor, I move to adjourn so we can search for the disc.

Judge Lawler: Motion denied.

Bettis: But the state needs this evidence.

Judge Lawler: We'll soldier on, counselor. After all, we know there was a surveillance disc, and we know it showed the defendant using her cellphone while driving on the night of this tragic incident.

Frankie: Allegedly showing.

Bettis: Judge, the disc was subject to discovery. The defense attorney has viewed it several times. It is beyond dispute that Ms. Brady was using her cellphone.

Frankie: Yes, but at what point? It's a critical question of timing, your honor, an issue that the defense intended to explore when the disc was introduced as evidence. And since the disc doesn't exist, well, I move to have all charges against my client dismissed.

Bettis: This is an outrage! We've heard testimony --

Frankie: Yes, by two witnesses -- Hope Brady and Bo Brady, neither of whom were present at the scene, therefore have no firsthand knowledge of the accident, which is exactly what it was, your honor -- a tragic accident. There's no evidence that anything criminal transpired, so you must agree, judge. There's no case.

Hope: Dear God, please. This cannot be happening. She can't get off scot-free.

Shawn D.: You call this justice?

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Jack: [Breathing heavily] Thirsty -- I need water.

Orderly: Oh, now he needs some water. Take it easy. Easy.

Jack: This is incredible. You're here. You're alive. We were... but you're... you're alive. Steve, you're here.

Orderly: I'm sorry, sir... but I don't know you.

Frankie: Your honor, I respectfully ask that all charges against my client be dropped. With lack of physical evidence --

Bettis: We had physical evidence -- the disc, which Ms. Brady's father obviously took from the evidence room in a deliberate attempt to undermine the people's case.

Bo: I did not touch the damn disc.

Judge Lawler: I won't tolerate outbursts in my courtroom, and I won't tolerate profanity, either.

Bo: I'm not gonna sit here and let her accuse me of --

Judge Lawler: I admonish you to hold your tongue if you don't want to be held in contempt.

Frankie: Your honor, if I may. I hope whoever took that disc is found and properly punished. But the D.A.'s office had a duty to protect its evidence. It failed to do so. My client can't be held responsible for the state's negligence.

Judge Lawler: You make a good point, counselor.

Bettis: Forget the disc. I remind the court that Ms. Brady confessed to using her cellphone.

Frankie: That so-called confession was made by my client before she had legal representation.

Judge Lawler: Hold it, counselor. As I understand it, Ms. Brady was advised of her Miranda right to an attorney and confessed anyway. Now, you're not suggesting she was coerced, are you?

Frankie: No, sir.

Judge Lawler: You're not denying that after running over and mortally injuring Zack Brady, she drove away from the scene?

Frankie: She didn't know she had hit him, your honor. Zack was her brother. She loved him. Had she known she'd hit anyone, especially Zack, she would have stopped.

Bettis: She should have never have been on the road that night in the first place. She was obviously distracted, whether it was because of a cellphone or for some other reason. Otherwise, she would have seen that little boy in the street. And when she felt the bump, it was reckless of her not to stop and find out what it was that she hit.

Judge Lawler: I agree completely. I believe I have heard enough from both sides in this matter. I'm ready to render my verdict.

Shawn D.: But I thought this was an informal hearing.

Judge Lawler: Ms. Brady, will you please rise? In the matter of the People vs. Chelsea Brady, I find the defendant guilty of vehicular manslaughter in the death of Zack Brady. Now, rather than having to reconvene tomorrow, I see no reason not to proceed with sentencing.

Lexie: I'm curious, Sami, where's this sudden concern for my health coming from?

Sami: I know that we're not friends, Lexie.

Lexie: You're right about that, Sami. We are the opposite of friends. I know you. And for you to act like you actually care whether someone else lives or dies, something else is going on.

Sami: Lexie, you don't know me. Give me a break. Look, I care, okay? It matters to me.

E.J.: Excuse me. Sami, didn't you say you were supposed to go and pick up Will?

Sami: Yes! Thank you. I'll see you later. Um, just for the record, I really do care, and I really am glad you're all right.

Lexie: Nice assist. Sami doesn't deserve your help.

E.J.: I don't know what you're talking about.

Lexie: You're new to Salem, E.J., so, um, I'm going to give you some friendly advice.

E.J.: Really? About Sami?

Lexie: Yes. Yes. Whatever's going on between the two of you, if you're smart, you'll end it now.

Philip: Belle.

Belle: Thank God you're here.

Philip: How are you doing? I came as soon as the babysitter got there. How's Mimi?

Belle: She's in a lot of pain. It doesn't look good.

Philip: You know how bad she wants this baby.

Belle: Did you reach Shawn?

Philip: No, I tried, but he's at the trial, so his cellphone's turned off.

Belle: You left a message, though, right?

Philip: He'll be here. What?

Belle: How is Mimi?

Nurse: I'm so sorry. Your friend lost her baby.

Belle: Oh, no.

Philip: My wife and Mimi have been friends since childhood.

Nurse: Then it's good she's here. Mimi needs a lot of support right now.

Belle: She knows? Philip, I --

Philip: Go be with her. Go on.

Belle: Mimi? Mimi, I am so sorry. I know how much this baby meant to you.. Please, just tell me if there's anything I can do.

Mimi: It's my fault, Belle. It's all my fault.

Jack: Steve, it's me. It's Jack -- Billy Jack Johnson Deveraux. Don't you remember your own brother?

Orderly: Hey, man, come on. You're delirious, and you're still dehydrated. You need to drink some more. Come on. Come one. Take a drink.

Jack: [Gagging]

Orderly: Easy, easy, easy.

Jack: Wha-- why -- what's wrong? Why are you acting like... you donít...know me?

Orderly: Because I donít. I've never seen you before. It's okay. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

[Machine beeping] Hang on. Hang in. Hey! Get a doctor in here! The patient is seizing! Come here. Come here. No, no, no. Come on. Hold on. Come on. Hold on. Get a doctor in here! Come on. Hold on.

Judge Lawler: Ms. Brady, this has been a complicated case with missteps on both sides. You caught quite a break today when the surveillance disc of the incident disappeared. Now, that leaves the prosecution without its most crucial piece of evidence against you. Ms. Brady, the maximum sentence for the crime you've committed is 25 years in prison and a $300,000 fine. However, in imposing sentence, I am taking into account the fact that you have no prior criminal record, also that the victim in this tragedy was your brother. Furthermore, without the missing video disc, it's impossible for me to gauge more precisely your level of concentration at the moment the crime occurred. Therefore, I'm sentencing you to 200 hours of community service, and I'm revoking your driver's license.

Shawn D.: Community service?

Judge Lawler: You should consider yourself a very lucky young woman because if that disc hadn't mysteriously disappeared, your fate could have been far worse.

Shawn D.: You got to be kidding me -- for killing my brother?

Jennifer: Hope, I'm so sorry. Come here. I am so sorry.

Judge Lawler: Now, about the missing evidence. As I said before, I'm ordering a thorough investigation into its disappearance. When I find out who's responsible, I'm not going to be as lenient with that person or persons as I just was with Ms. Brady. Court adjourned.

Bailiff: All rise.

Billie: Okay. All right. It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay. I'm gonna be out in the hall. I'll be right back.

Kate: I am so relieved for you. This is very good news.

Chelsea: Yeah. I have to say, I'm quite relieved, too.

Kate: We'll talk later.

Bo: Hey.

Chelsea: I'm so glad it's finally over.

Bo: Yeah, well, let's hope so.

Chelsea: Thank you for everything.

Shawn D.: I don't want to have anything to do with him, and I'm gonna tell him so.

Hope: Shawn, no. Donít.

Shawn D.: How can he do this to you? He cannot get away with this!

Hope: I appreciate your support, but it's not gonna bring Zack back. Nothing is ever gonna bring him back... not ever.

Billie: You did it, didn't you? I don't know how, but you're the one who got rid of that disc.

Hope: So much for our wonderful judicial system. Community service and a revoked license -- that's it? Chelsea goes free while my son lies in a cold grave.

Jennifer: I'm as shocked as you are.

Hope: It's appalling. It's beyond appalling. It's disgusting. I am so angry at that judge. And as for Bo, oh, so help me God.

Bo: Well, now you can get on with your life. No prison.

Chelsea: Yeah, no prison.

Bo: Hey, come on. You could sound a little happier about it.

Chelsea: It's just, how am I supposed to get on with my life with 200 hours of community service without a driver's license?

Shawn D.: Oh, yeah, and we all feel so sorry for you. You killed my brother. Now you are not even going to jail, and you want to stand there and bitch about it?

Chelsea: Look, Shawn, all I meant was --

Shawn D.: "Look" nothing. I know what you meant.

Bo: Shawn, I know this isn't the outcome you expected.

Shawn D.: Get away from me.

Bo: Come on, Shawn. I'm your father.

Shawn D.: Not anymore. You turned your back on mom, and you betrayed Zack. You can go to hell. [Cellphone rings] Hello?

Belle: Shawn, it's Belle.

Shawn D.: Belle, what's going on? Aren't you with Mimi?

Belle: Well, that's why I'm calling.

Shawn D.: What's going on?

Belle: You didn't get Philip's message?

Shawn D.: No, I haven't checked my messages. I just got out of the courtroom.

Belle: Get to the hospital. Mimi needs you.

Shawn D.: Hospital? All right, I'll be right there.

Caroline: Oh! She must be there by now.

Kayla: Hello?

Caroline: Oh, honey, I'm so glad I finally reached you. Darling, we really need you to come home.

E.J.: I've heard some people in this town aren't too fond of Sami. Why should that bother me? I mean, it's not like there's anything going on between the two of us.

Lexie: You sure about that?

E.J.: She's a neighbor and a friend, that's all.

Lexie: I'm gonna stop you right there, okay? Sami is nobody's friend, E.J.

E.J.: Have you ever considered the possibility maybe she's just a little misunderstood? I mean, I can relate to that. I've always considered myself to be a little bit of an outsider.

Lexie: Okay, let's see. Misunderstood, outsider -- no. No, those words don't even begin to describe Sami Brady. She is selfish, manipulative, cruel. Sami's a bitch, and that's a word I don't use lightly.

E.J.: That's quite an indictment.

Lexie: Yeah, well, some people feel sorry for her. But as you can tell, I am not one of them. I'd hate to see you become one of her victims, and that's exactly what'll happen if you spend any significant amount of time anywhere near Sami Brady.

Sami: God, I don't care what Lexie says or what she thinks. I really am glad that she is okay and that she doesn't have cancer. I know I have done a ton of terrible things in my life, and I'm sure you have them all written down in some big book somewhere, but, honestly, letting Alex switch the test results of Lexie's biopsy... letting her think that the lump in her breast... was benign even if she had cancer... well, that was pretty low, even for me. And... I don't have an excuse. I fell for Alex's story. I wanted to believe that I had been wrong about him. I wanted to believe that he was good for my mom -- better than John -- and that he was gonna help me with Austin. And, um, I didn't have any idea that he was gonna try to hurt her, so thank you. Thank you for letting her come home safely. And thank you for making sure that Lexie doesn't have cancer. And... I'm really glad now because I can live the life that I always wanted with Austin. My conscience is clear...almost. And now Austin and I can be together, and we can live a life together with no more lies. I promise. Amen.

Tek: You and I need to have a little talk.

Belle: Honey, how can you say that this is your fault? Lexie and the specialist both said that this in vitro might take a few times.

Mimi: I know, but I just can't help thinking that if I had been a better person, God wouldn't have taken my baby from me.

Belle: Oh, honey, lots of women miscarry. Things go wrong. Look at my mom. She lost her baby, too.

Mimi: Yeah, but she fell down the stairs. That I understand.

Belle: Well, you can drive yourself crazy trying to figure out why some things happen, but there is nothing that you could have done to prevent this miscarriage.

Mimi: No, you're wrong. There was something.

Belle: Like what?

Mimi: I could have told the truth. Shawn.

Shawn D.: What happened?

Mimi: I'm sorry.

Shawn D.: What? The baby?

Mimi: Yeah, I lost it. Our baby's gone, and it's all my fault.

Dr. Butler: He's stable now. I know he's had a high fever, but I'm surprised at the seizures. Was he speaking? Did something upset him?

Orderly: Yeah, I'm sorry, man. It was me. He seems to think I'm his dead brother.

Dr. Butler: Why would he think that?

Kayla: Mom, what's wrong? What happened at the trial?

Caroline: Well, Hope expected Chelsea to do some prison time, but the judge let her off, and she's just doing community service. And Hope is so upset. She's just furious with your brother Bo.

Kayla: Why?

Caroline: Because he sided with Chelsea. Darling, things have never been worse between Hope and Bo. Your brother really needs you. We hoped you could be here for Zack's funeral.

Kayla: You know, I wanted to be there. You know that. I just -- you know, I -- I was on call, and I had a critical patient.

Caroline: Yes, I know. And you saved his life. We're very proud of you. We're proud to have a doctor in the family.

Kayla: Well, then, you understand why I can't just run home at the drop of a hat.

Caroline: Yes, of course I do. And I understand that you couldn't make it for Frankie and Jennifer's wedding. But, you know, with the way things are happening now, couldn't you just find some way to come home?

Billie: You don't have to say a word, but I know that you had something to do with the missing evidence.

Kate: Well, say that I did. Shouldn't you be happy? Shouldn't you be happy? Chelsea's not going to jail. Isn't that what you wanted?

Billie: What I wanted was for Chelsea to face the consequences for her actions.

Kate: Really? Even if that means seeing her behind bars, Billie? Listen to me. What happened to Zack was a terrible, terrible thing, but this vendetta against Chelsea is uncalled for. Everyone uses their cellphones when they're driving in their car. Maybe they shouldn't, but they do. And she shouldn't go to jail because of it.

Billie: Mom, not everyone uses their cellphones while they're driving. Haven't you heard of hands-free cellphones? And how about this? How about turning off your cellphone while you're driving in your car? That's what I do.

Kate: Oh, well, that's really good for you. You're a wonderful example of what people should do, okay? But you're ignoring the question here. Do you want to see your daughter go to jail? Because, believe me, I can make that evidence reappear. Maybe they won't file the same charges against her, but they'll find something else. Is that what you want to see happen?

Chelsea: Dad, I really am glad that this is over. And I owe it all to you.

Bo: To me? Hey, you don't think that I --

Chelsea: You got rid of that disc, right?

Bo: No, Chelsea, I had nothing to do with that. And I'm gonna do my damnedest to find out who did so real justice can be served.

Chelsea: What do you mean by "real justice"?

Sami: What do you want?

Tek: Let's talk about what you want. Did you come here to get absolution for all the evil things you've done? Think you can say a few prayers and you're home free?

Sami: What I pray about is none of your business.

Tek: You blackmailing Lexie is my business. I'm not gonna stand by and let you put a good person like her through hell.

Sami: A good person? Good people don't cheat on their spouses.

Tek: You don't know what you're talking about, Sami. You're not gonna get away with this. You played real dirty to hook Austin. It's gonna come back to you.

Sami: You don't know anything about it.

Tek: You got bad karma, baby. You landed him with a big, fat lie, and it's gonna come on back to you. Amen.

E.J.: What was all that about?

Sami: Nothing. Um, E.J., I want to thank you again for helping me with Lexie. She's sort of a pain, and, well, anyway, I owe you big-time. How can I show my appreciation?

Belle: God, I just feel so bad for them. Mimi was so excited about having this baby and, you know, Shawn, too. It's just not fair. I mean, it's the same day as Chelsea's trial. I just -- I want you to know that I count our blessings every day. If it hadn't been for Bo and Hope donating Zack's liver, Claire --

Philip: We're gonna give Claire a little brother or sister now, too.

Belle: I hope so.

Philip: You hope so? We haven't been trying very long.

Belle: I know. I know. I don't even think it's right for us to be talking about this since Mimi just lost her baby. They're really gonna need our support right now.

Philip: And they'll have it. We'll be there for them. I promise, okay?

Shawn D.: Baby, I feel so awful. I wasn't here for you. You must have been so scared.

Mimi: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I know you were already having such a hard day.

Shawn D.: This is not your -- some pregnancies were just -- they're just not meant to be. This was not your fault. There's nothing you could have done.

Mimi: Yes, there was.

Shawn D.: What? What could you have possibly done?

Mimi: I could have told the truth.

Shawn D.: The truth? What truth? What are you talking about?

Mimi: Losing our baby is my punishment for being dishonest.

Shawn D.: Dishonest about what? Are you talking about the abortion again? How many times have we talked about this? You have to stop torturing yourself.

Mimi: I'm sorry, Shawn. You don't deserve to be punished just because I do.

E.J.: Don't be silly. You don't have to get me anything.

Sami: Well, you rescued me twice with Lexie, and I really feel like I want to repay you somehow.

E.J.: I don't think that you could get me what I want.

Sami: You don't know unless you ask.

E.J.: The price could be pretty steep.

Sami: Okay, have it your way. You don't have to tell me anything. But I really am grateful to you for helping me back there. People don't normally do that. But, anyway, I do feel like I owe you a favor.

E.J.: Duly noted.

Tek: Knock, knock.

Lexie: Oh, Tek. You shouldn't be here.

Tek: You didn't leave me much choice. You didn't return any of my phone calls.

Lexie: Yeah, and we both know why.

Tek: I just needed to make sure you were okay.

Lexie: I'm fine. I'm fine. In fact, at Sami's urging, I just had another biopsy done, and it came back negative.

Tek: That's great news. I mean, I can do without hearing Sami's name, but you must be relieved.

Lexie: Yeah, I am. Look, um... you really should leave, okay? I really appreciate your concern, but I really don't want anyone to see us together, okay?

Tek: But, Lexie, Lexie, I can't stay away from you. I love you.

Lexie: Look, I can't do this.

Tek: Look, I'll make a deal with you. Give us a fair chance. And if you still want to stay in your marriage, I will bow out gracefully. But you just got to give us that chance.

Lexie: I -- I --

Belle: Mimi was so worried that this was gonna be her only chance to get pregnant.

Philip: If it is, then they'll adopt.

Belle: I know. They've just been through so much, you know? Mimi keeps saying she's being punished for having an abortion, which is ridiculous. We both know it isn't true. I just hope they can get through this.

Shawn D.: You keep saying that God is punishing you, but it doesn't work like that. I don't know what you have done or what you think that you have done, but... you have to forgive yourself. I know he has. I know I would.

Mimi: I'm not a good person, Shawn. And if you don't want to be with me anymore, I'll understand, especially now that I can't have your baby.

Shawn D.: All right, look at me. Stop this. Would you, please? I didn't marry you because I wanted to have a baby. I married you because I love you. And I want to be with you. You're more important to me than anything in this world. You know, today in court, I watched my father destroy his family... and I will be damned to let that happen to us. So listen, we'll try this in vitro thing again -- if you want -- when you're ready. And if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out. We'll adopt, just like we were planning on doing before. And even if we don't have kids, that's fine, as long as we're together. That's all that matters. That's all I want, just to be with you.

Kayla: You know, Mom, I feel awful about what's going on with Bo and Hope, but, honestly, I don't know what I could do.

Caroline: You could just be here. You and your brother Bo were so close. We miss you.

Kayla: I miss you.

Caroline: Well, then, darling, please, come home. It's really critical.

Kayla: You know, I just have so much going on here, Mom.

Caroline: Like what? I mean, what's more important than your family?

Kayla: I, um... I have family here, too.

Caroline: Yes, we miss our granddaughter, too.

Kayla: Well, you know, Stephanie is involved in a million things right now. You know what it was like when I was a kid, and I couldn't possibly uproot her right now.

Caroline: Well, that's what Kimberly says about Jeannie and Andrew.

Kayla: And besides, I've already planned to volunteer in Africa this summer, sort of an exchange program for doctors. I already contacted Bill Horton's Clinic.

Caroline: Kayla, you can tell me the truth.

Kayla: What?

Caroline: The reason you don't want to come home. It's because of Steve, isn't it? You stayed away as long as you could and as far away as you could because Salem has too many sad memories for you.

Jack: Steve. Steve.

Dr. Butler: Good, you're awake. You had us worried, Jack.

Jack: What happened?

Dr. Butler: You had an allergic reaction to the pain medication. Fortunately, your vital signs are stable now.

Jack: Where is he?

Dr. Butler: Where's who?

Jack: The orderly. He was here before. I talk to him.

Dr. Butler: Well, you must mean Nick. I'll go call him. Nick, could you come back in here, please?

Nick: What's up?

Jack: I thought I was seeing things... but I'm not. It is you. Steve, you're alive.

Billie: Of course I don't want Chelsea to go to prison, but I don't want this, either.

Kate: I would have thought that you would have learned by now that it's not always wise to leave important matters to chance.

Billie: Look, Mom, I appreciate the fact that you care so much about Chelsea, but this is wrong.

Kate: I didn't do it just for Chelsea. I did it for you.

Billie: Oh, please.

Kate: Oh, come on. Billie, I know you love Bo. And if you're not gonna do anything about it, then I'm forced to.

Billie: When did I ask you to do something about it, when did I want you to do something about it, and when are you gonna learn to stay out of your children's lives?

Kate: I'll stay out. I'll stay out when you stop playing dead and take control of things. Billie -- listen to me. Hope believes that Bo is responsible for tampering with this evidence. She's most definitely going to be asking him for a divorce. He's going to be available.. This is your chance. Take it.

Frankie: You realize I was just doing my job.

Hope: Frankie, it's not your fault. I don't blame you. I blame Bo.

Frankie: I think you need to talk to him.

Hope: What? No. I am way too angry.

Jennifer: He is just as confused and upset as you are right now.

Hope: I don't want to believe that he had anything to do with that disappearance of the disc, but who else could have done it if he was the only one to go in the evidence room?

Frankie: There has to be another explanation.

Hope: Frankie, I came here with two objectives today -- one, to see that the person responsible for Zack's death paid a price for it and two, to see exactly where Bo stood regarding our marriage. Well, Chelsea got off way too easy, to say the least, but at least she was found guilty. And I got my answers regarding my marriage -- not exactly the answers I was looking for... but I'm gonna have to accept it. Where are those divorce papers you drew up? Do you have them handy? Because now I'm ready to sign.

Jack: You're Steve Johnson. You're my brother, and I'm gonna prove it to you.

Nick: How?

Jack: I'm gonna call your wife.

Jennifer: Even though I love Frankie, if Jack were still alive...

Caroline: I know.

Frankie: So you'll do it. You'll tell the truth.

Chelsea: No.

Bo: I wouldn't do anything to hurt you.

Hope: No, you're a liar.

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