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Mimi: How long does this in vitro fertilization take again?

Lexie: We should know whether or not it worked pretty soon.

Mimi: But there's still a lot that could go wrong. They only had one egg to work with, and once it's fertilized, it could still die before they implant it. And the implant might not even take, right? I mean, that's why they like to have more eggs.

Lexie: Mimi, honey, that's true, but there's no reason not to stay positive, okay?

Mimi: Okay.

Lexie: I’ll be back to check on you.

Mimi: I'm sorry.

Shawn D.: Shh.

Lexie: Thanks for coming so quickly, honey.

Abe: I got your message. It sounded important.

Lexie: Well, it could be. Okay, I know what I said before, but, um, working with Shawn and Mimi to help them conceive a baby has me seriously thinking about having another child.

Abe: I would love to have another kid, Lexie... but it was hard enough for us to have Theo, and that was before my... my problem.

Lexie: But, honey, I've done some research, and I've spoke to the head of urology. And, okay, I didn't mention you by name, but the point is, there may be a way to deal with your E.D.

Austin: We can have any kind of wedding you want, but when it comes to the honeymoon, I do have a couple thoughts. Hello? Are you daydreaming about the wedding or the honeymoon? I think the honeymoon would be much more interesting to daydream about.

Sami: Neither. I'm still thinking about that report Will did on karma.

Austin: What about it?

Sami: Austin, I have done so many terrible things in my life. What if it all catches up with me? What if I lose you again?

Austin: That's not gonna happen, karma or no karma. We're together. All the bad stuff you've done is in the past. That part of your life is over, right?

Sami: Right. Right, it totally is. But, I mean, well, I've definitely paid for everything that I have done -- in spades -- but what if whoever is in charge of karma doesn't think so?

Austin: I'm gonna put a stop to this right now.

Sami: Austin, I'm serious.

Austin: So am I. No, no, no. So am I. I am gonna do something to put you in a better mood.

Sami: Well, but --

Austin: [Speaks gibberish]

Sami: I was --

Austin: [Speaks gibberish]

Sami: [Laughs] Stop it.

Austin: I'll be right back. Okay. Just...good thoughts -- honeymoon, sensual.

Sami: Okay.

Austin: Sensual thoughts.

Sami: Austin, Austin, you don't know all the horrible things that I have done.

Jennifer: What do you mean, you want to have a baby?

Abby: Why not? At least I know they'd love me and they would never leave me.

Jennifer: Abigail, look at me. I am not going anywhere.

Abby: Well, maybe I am. I'm not a little kid anymore. I can do whatever I want.

Jennifer: Well, you are still my daughter, and you are still living in my house.

Abby: Well, that doesn't mean you can tell me how to run my life.

Jennifer: Yes, it does.

Abby: You are a total hypocrite. You tell me to save myself for marriage, not sleeping around with guys, when you're doing the same exact thing with Frankie in dad's bed..

Jennifer: Abigail, don't you walk away from me. Abigail, come here right this minute! Don't you walk away from me!

Frankie: What's going on?

Jennifer: I just wish that Jack were here. He would know how to handle all of this.

Jack: Doc, no one will talk to me. Was the procedure successful? Am I gonna live?

Dr. Butler: Jack, it's too soon to tell. Hopefully, you, your wife, your children will have many happy years together.

John: Well, Marlena, as beautiful as this place is, I just can't wait to get you back to Salem.

Marlena: Oh, my goodness. We're going home.

John: Mmm, home.

Marlena: To our friends and to our family.

John: To us.

Marlena: We've lost so much time... because of Tony... the amnesia... Alex... and we're finally back together.

John: Never gave up.

Marlena: Maybe Bo and Hope can get together, too.

John: Yeah, maybe.

Marlena: They love each other so much. They love each other the way we do. And with true love, nothing can stand in the way.

John: Now, that is a fact.

Bo: Hope, all these years, whatever life has thrown at us, we've been able to make it through. Nothing has been stronger than our love... and I do love you, more than ever.

Hope: I love you, too.

Bo: Well, great, Hope, then we can make it through this.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Abe: Look, uh, I'm trying to come to terms with who I am now and what I can never do again, and it doesn't help to get my hopes up over and over for nothing.

Lexie: Honey, I just --

Abe: Lexie, I know. You've been trying to help Shawn and Mimi with this in vitro process, and it's made you realize how much you want another child.

Lexie: Yes.

Abe: And I understand. I do. I want another child, too. And Theo... he seems to be stuck on this idea that the only thing he wants for his birthday is a little brother or sister. I can’t...give you another baby, Lex... and I can't meet your sexual needs... because I can't have sex.

Tek: I want to make love to you right here, right now.

Lexie: Here? What if someone sees us?

Tek: I don't care.

Lexie: Okay. Okay.

Lexie: Abe... you choose not to meet my sexual needs. Sex isn't just one specific act, honey. I've told you over and over again there are many ways that we can be intimate, that you can fulfill me. But you don't even want to hear it because you know what? It's not about my needs. It's about your ego.

Abe: Lex, you don't get it, do you? I mean, men are raised to believe that their masculinity is tied to their ability to perform.

Lexie: But that's not true. I fell in love with you, not --

Abe: Sweetheart... if that lump in your breast was cancer... and you had to have a mastectomy... you wouldn't be any less desirable to me. But it would make a difference to you, wouldn't it?

Lexie: Yes.

Abe: I love you. I love you. And I appreciate what you're trying to do. Hey... how about a nice, quiet, romantic dinner? What do you say? Your mother's already watching Theo.

Lexie: Yeah. Yeah, I... I'd love to spend a quiet, romantic evening with you. I need to, uh, check on Shawn and Mimi first, okay?

Abe: Okay, uh, take as much time as you need.

Lexie: Helen, hi, it's Lexie Carver. Yes, the patient's name is Mimi Brady. Do you have an update for me?

Mimi: Oh, I can't take this.

Shawn D.: Honey.

Mimi: Wh-wh-wh--

Shawn D.: Come on, take a deep breath.

Mimi: Please, God, let this work -- ohh, thank you.

Shawn D.: You're welcome.

Mimi: Lexie?

Lexie: Yeah.

Shawn D.: All right, any news?

Lexie: I just spoke to Dr. Ross. She knows you're here waiting, and she'll let you know as soon as she gets from the embryology lab. It shouldn't be much longer.

Shawn D.: All right.

Lexie: Good luck.

Shawn D.: Thank you very much for everything.

Lexie: Breath!

Mimi: [Sighs] Maybe we should have just waited at home like normal people do.

Shawn D.: Well, you see, we're not normal. So we're here now. We got to figure it out. Why don't you, actually, take a seat, get off your feet?

Mimi: Honey, I'm not pregnant yet.

Shawn D.: I know. Well, I'm just saying, it's my job to take care of you.. That's what I'm gonna do.

Mimi: It's very sweet of you, but unless you can come up with some miracle to make time go by faster...

Shawn D.: I'll have to work on that. But, for now, I do have a good idea of what we can do while we're waiting.

Mimi: Oh.

Jack: Is it too late for second thoughts?

Dr. Butler: I'm afraid so.

Jack: I already had everything worked out. I faked my death, convinced Jennifer to move on with her high-school sweetheart.

Dr. Butler: Now she won't have to.

Jack: What if she already has? What if she and Frankie are already married or living together?

Dr. Butler: Why don't you give her a call and ask her? When she finds out you're alive, I guarantee you, whatever's happened with this Frankie, she'll be on the next plane out here. Call her.

Jack: Maybe.

Dr. Butler: And that's a good thing. Having her by your side will just aid in your recovery. Call.

Jennifer: But Jack isn't coming back.

Frankie: No, he isn’t.

Jennifer: I know I have to figure out on my own what I'm supposed to do with my daughter.

Frankie: I'm here to help.

Jennifer: I know you are. Thank you. I just can't even believe. I mean, this is my baby girl. I can't believe the way she's acting. And that picture on that website of her with Josh -- the "Sluts of Salem."

Frankie: They were just kissing.

Jennifer: They were doing more than kissing, Frankie.

Frankie: Maybe you're overreacting.

Jennifer: Do you think? How do you think Billie felt when she saw the same picture of Chelsea on there?

Frankie: Not good.

Jennifer: So why is it different for me?

Frankie: Because it's not the same thing. Abby's not about to go on trial where her behavior can be a factor in whether or not she goes to jail.

Jennifer: Chelsea has really got herself into trouble, doesn't she?

Frankie: Yeah, she does, and those pictures didn't help.

Jennifer: Well, she has a great lawyer.

Frankie: She doesn't need a lawyer. She needs a miracle. Bo went to see Hope.

Jennifer: What? Finally.

Frankie: Yeah, he went to the island.

Jennifer: Are they getting back together?

Frankie: I don't know. But if they do, and she testifies at the trial with Bo at her side... well, odds are Chelsea's going straight to jail.

Jennifer: I'm sorry. I feel bad for Billie, I feel terrible for Chelsea, but Bo and Hope belong together, Frankie.

Hope: I want to work things out. But your daughter killed our son... and lied about it, and you covered up for her.

Bo: I won't defend those lies... hers or mine.

Hope: But you still don't think that she deserves to go to prison.

Bo: It was an accident, Fancy Face. Her...whole future, her life, is on the line.

Hope: Because of her, our son has no future... no life. Zack's dead.

Bo: And there are no words to describe the horror that we have lived through. But, Hope, a family, when they go through a tragedy like this, they need each other... to grieve, to lean on each other. Now, Hope... you disappeared. You wouldn't return my calls, my e-mails. And then... you asked me for a divorce. In my worst nightmare, I never thought that would happen, never thought I would lose you.

Hope: That's not what you said.

Bo: What are you talking about? Didn't you get my e-mail?

Sami: [Laughs]

Austin: Are you feeling better?

Sami: Uh, definitely. This molten devil chocolate decadence is certainly gonna send me to hell for eating it. But with my track record, I'll be there already.

Austin: Don't you believe it. God is very forgiving, even if the sin is too much chocolate. And that's where treadmills and confessions come in.

Sami: So I was really hoping that there's something I could do, you know, to take care of this, karmicly speaking.

Fr. Jansen: Karmicly speaking, you would have to make amends to those you hurt.

Lexie: Thank you.

Austin: What is wrong?

Sami: I think I just got a sign from God.

Lexie: Honey, I'm not so sure this was a good idea. Maybe another restaurant.

Abe: Why? You love the food here at Chez Rouge. We can relax, enjoy ourselves, and forget all of our problems.

Waitress: Enjoy your meal.

Abe: Thank you.

Lexie: Thank you.

[Babies crying]

Shawn D.: What better place to wait for the news than the hospital nursery?

Mimi: They're all so cute.

Shawn D.: Here you go, slugger.

Mimi: Oh, I think it's a little big for him.

Shawn D.: No, this one's for you.

Mimi: Oh!

Shawn D.: There you go.

Mimi: Thanks, honey.

Shawn D.: Yeah. [Laughing] This one's for him. All right, buddy. We'll just put it on. I think it's a little big on him, too. What happened to your eyes?

Mimi: He looks so much like you. He's a very lucky baby.

Shawn D.: Really? I think he happens to look like his mother, which I was kind of hoping he would.

Mimi: Mother. I'm a mother. A year ago I never thought that, that would happen. Now I'm married to you, and I just had your baby.

Shawn D.: We're a family... for the rest of our lives. Come here, kiddo.

Mimi: It's really gonna happen, isn't it?

Shawn D.: Of course it is.

Nurse: I thought I might find you two up here. Dr. Ross wants to see you.. She said there's news.

Abby: We weren't even really doing anything. [Knock on door]

Jennifer: Abigail, it's your mom. Open this door. Open this door right now. I mean it. Abigail, I am coming in this room. Open the door. Thank you. We have to talk to each other right now.

Abby: Mother to daughter or slut to slut?

Jennifer: Abigail, how can -- that is enough. I mean it, that is enough!

Abby: I don't want to talk to you. I hate you! I wish you were the one who got the incurable disease instead of dad, and I wish you were the one who went over that bridge. Now leave me alone!

Frankie: That was quick.

Jennifer: This is pointless. That child knows how to push my buttons, and I did not let her down.

Frankie: It's okay. You're laying the groundwork. At least she knows you care. That's what's important. Look, just give it some time.

Jennifer: But you don't understand.

Frankie: Look, whatever she's going through, she's a good kid. That's what's important. Here, a little toast, all right?

Jennifer: No, I can’t.

Frankie: Come on. I need to...I need to talk to Hope. I pray that she and Bo are doing a lot better than me and Abby.

Hope: Yeah, I got your e-mail.

Bo: Then how could you think I would want a divorce?

Hope: How could I not? Ever since Zack died you've made it perfectly clear you were choosing Billie and Chelsea over me and Shawn.

Bo: Hope, how often have we done everything we could to protect Shawn?

Hope: Shawn never killed anyone.

Bo: Hope... I wish I could turn back time, but I can’t. I never thought I would lose you or our marriage.

Hope: Really? You could have fooled me, Brady.

Bo: Yeah, yeah, it's... it seemed like our problems have been too great that the things that have been pulling us apart have... been too strong. Maybe we should just face the inevitable. But what's inevitable to me is us... you and me together. And we have proved that over and over again. You don't belong with Lockhart any more than I belong with Billie. It's you and me -- always has been, always will be. Hope, all you got to do is believe that, and we're halfway there.

[Cellphone rings] Trust me, Hope. That's all you got to do. Trust us! [Cellphone continues ringing]

Hope: I have to take this.

Bo: I'm not going anywhere.

John: How's it going?

Bo: We're talking.

John: So have you told her Chelsea's trial's been moved up?

Bo: Not yet.

John: Come on, Bo, you got to be honest with her.

Bo: Yeah, I know. I will tell her. But it's just been so long since we've talked. We' a lot of things to go over first.

John: Yeah, I hear that.

Hope: That was Jennifer.

John: I'll, uh, I'll see you later.

Bo: Is something wrong?

Hope: Frankie told her you were down here. She wanted to know how I was doing.

Bo: That's nice of her.

Hope: When were you gonna tell me Chelsea's trial date was moved up? How dare you stand here and say that you love me, that we should trust each other. And, once again, you're lying to me, keeping secrets!

Abe: You know, if we switch seats, you won't even have to see she's here..

Lexie: Honey, I'm fine. But would you excuse me? I have to go to the ladies' room.

Abe: Sure.

Lexie: Thanks. Thank you.

Abe: Certainly.

Sami: Um...

Austin: Holy cow.

Sami: I know, it was really good. Austin, do you mind excusing me? I have to use the restroom. I'll be right back.

Austin: Yeah, don't take too long 'cause you don't want your molten chocolate to get cold.

Sami: Or disappear.

Austin: [Laughs] Yeah.

Sami: Hi, Lexie.

Lexie: Did you follow me in here?

Sami: I need to talk to you.

Lexie: Well, I don't want to talk to you, Sami. In fact, I don't even want to see you.

Sami: Yeah, well, you think I want -- I promised myself I would be good.

Lexie: You're incapable of being good, Sami.

Sami: That's not true.

Lexie: I heard how you manipulated Austin into proposing to you again. I'm sure he has no idea that the only reason Carrie turned him down is because you blackmailed me into lying and convincing her that they couldn't have healthy children together.

Sami: I'm really sorry that I put you in that position.

Lexie: Save it, Sami.

Sami: I want to make it up to you.

Lexie: But you can't because if you tell Austin the truth, you'll lose him. Lovely seeing you, Sami. Let's not make a habit of it.

Sami: No, wait.

Lexie: Let go of me.

Sami: I'm worried about you.

Lexie: That I'll tell your dirty little secret?

Sami: No. No...I'm worried about, um, well, you told us that you might have breast cancer.

Lexie: I don't have breast cancer. The biopsy results were negative.

Sami: Right, I know that. But don't you think you should get retested? I mean, don't you think it's good to have a second opinion? I mean, breast cancer -- it's really serious.. And you don't want to take any chances with that, right?

Lexie: And you are saying this because...

Sami: Because...

Sami: Oh, God, she has cancer, doesn't she?

Alex: I told you to leave this to me. It's better that you don't know.

Sami: No. No, if you changed those test results, we have to change them back. You can't let her die.

Sami: Because -- because I just think you should get retested, Lexie.

Lexie: And I know why. Oh, my God, Sami!

Shawn D.: You okay?

Mimi: Yeah, I'm just really nervous. I just want this to happen so badly.. I don't want to let you down.

Shawn D.: It's gonna happen. You're not gonna let me down no matter what happens, okay? I love you.

Dr. Ross: I'm sorry to keep you waiting. I know this isn't easy.

Mimi: Okay, well, can you just tell us what happened? Is the egg okay?

Dr. Ross: It's no longer an egg.

Mimi: Oh, God.

Shawn D.: Oh.

Mimi: Ohh.

Shawn D.: Hey, it's all right. Don't worry about it. We will try as many times as it's gonna take, no matter what it costs.

Jack: Before I build up Jennifer's hopes again, I just have to make sure that the procedure worked, that I'm cured. Then I'll go home. I just have to trust that it won't be too late.

Jack: Jennifer, get ready for the shock of your life. Jack Deveraux has entered the building. Hey, honey, I'm home.

Jennifer: Who is it? Here I come. One second! Jack? No, it can't be.

Jack: It can.

Jennifer: You're alive?

Jack: I am! [Laughing] Listen, reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. I met this great doctor. He performed this experimental procedure on me, and I'm cured. I am cured -- no side effects or anything! That means I'm home. I'm back to my beautiful wife and children. We're gonna live happily ever after. Unless...

Jennifer: What?

Jack: Unless you actually respected my dying wish. Did you? Are you and Frankie together?

Frankie: How's she doing? Did Bo get down there?

Jennifer: Yeah, he got down there. They just, uh... they have a lot to work through. I guess kind of like me and Abby. I am so worried about her. You know, growing up is hard enough, and now she has all of this added on to that. Between Jack's death and our engagement, and I know she was embarrassed about that picture on that website. That's why she lashed out the way she did. And calling me a hypocrite? I understand that. She may be right.

Frankie: Don't do this to yourself.

Jennifer: Abby was her daddy's little girl. She could talk to Jack about anything, Frankie, and he could fix it. She is so lost without him, and I don't know what to do about it.

Frankie: Jen, if you want to postpone the wedding, it's okay.

Hope: You didn't want me to know that Chelsea's trial date had been moved up, did you? Because you didn't want me there. That's why you came down here because you wanted to make sure I was nowhere near Salem.

Bo: I came down here because of your message.

Hope: No, you're a lair. You knew I wanted to be at that trial to testify against Chelsea, to do everything in my power to make sure that she went to prison for killing our son. But you couldn't stand that, could you, Brady? At least be honest about that.

Bo: I wish you would reconsider, yeah.

Hope: So you stood there and you told me how much you loved me, that we belong together, that it was me you wanted to be with, not Billie. You are a hypocrite. Once again, you have chosen Billie and Chelsea all over again.

Bo: No, I have not.

Hope: Then why didn't you tell me about the trial?

Bo: I was going to, Hope. We just hadn't gotten there yet. We have a lot more important --

Hope: Nothing is more important than that! Why didn't you tell me when you first found out, Brady?

Bo: You wouldn't return my calls.

Hope: You could have left a message. You could have left a message. You could have e-mailed me. You could have left a message! But you didn't because you didn't want me to know.

Bo: When I first found out about the trial, yeah, I didn't want you to know.

Hope: Because Billie and Chelsea are more important.

Bo: No, because I wanted to protect my daughter.

Lexie: You want me to have another biopsy because you want me to have cancer, don't you?

Sami: Oh, my God, no!

Lexie: Sami, I always knew you were a monster, but what kind of person could wish that on someone?

Sami: No, that's not it. I don't want you to have cancer. That's why I want you to get tested again. I'm just trying to do the right thing.

Lexie: Yeah, right.

Sami: No, Lexie, wait, please. Please, please, just -- please. Do you still have the lump in your breast?

Lexie: Not that it's any of your business, Sami, but, yes, I do. Lumps don't usually just disappear! I'm fine.

Sami: What if you're not? What if you're not? Just have another test done on the biopsy, okay?

Lexie: This discussion is over.

Sami: God! Lexie, why won't you listen to me?

Lexie: Because I am through with you and your sick games, Sami. You know what? I've had enough of you!

Sami: Lexie... Lexie, wh --

Austin: Hey, what's going on here?

Mimi: That one little egg of mine probably wasn't even healthy.

Dr. Ross: Mimi, stop. Listen to me. Once an egg has been fertilized, we no longer call it an egg. We call it a pre-embryo, and that's what you have.

Mimi: You mean it worked?

Dr. Ross: Would you like to see it?

Shawn D.: No, yeah. Can we?

Mimi: Yeah.

Dr. Ross: Absolutely.

Mimi: Oh, my God.

Dr. Ross: We can hook right into the lab. There you go. It's only a few cells at this point.

Mimi: Oh, my God, Shawn.'s our baby. Honey.

Shawn D.: Yeah.

Mimi: It's our baby. Oh, my God.

Shawn D.: How soon until you can implant the pre-embryo?

Dr. Ross: Ideally, we like to wait until the egg has grown to be 100 or more cells. That ensures the best chance of survival.

Mimi: But, still, so many things can go wrong at this point.

Dr. Ross: Yes, but so far, everything's going right.

Mimi: It is, isn't it?

Dr. Ross: Yes, it is.

Shawn D.: I keep trying to tell you that.

Mimi: I know. I'm sorry.

Dr. Ross: Good luck.

Mimi: Thank you. Oh, we finally have a real chance of having our baby.

Shawn D.: Yeah.

Mimi: [Squeals]

Shawn D.: Yeah, we do.

Mimi: Wow.

Austin: Sami, I'm serious. What was going on between you and Lexie?

Sami: Um, nothing, Austin. I ran into her in the restroom, and I was trying to talk to her about her breast cancer. I wanted to encourage her to maybe have the tests redone -- the biopsy -- because, well, I'm just worried. But she wouldn't listen to me. She not only wouldn't listen to me, she totally lost it on me.

Austin: Well, she's a doctor. She knows better than you what she needs to do.

Sami: Austin, she's a really bad doctor. Don't you know all the bad diagnoses she's made over the years? I mean, look, I just wanted to recommend that she get a second opinion. I mean, everyone needs a second opinion, right? That's all I wanted to tell her.

Austin: This is the Sami I love... the loving, caring Sami. You really have changed.

Sami: You don't have to sound so shocked.

Austin: I'm sorry. I'm not. I'm not. I'm thrilled. I'm so proud you're gonna be my wife.

Abe: Okay. Something's wrong. What happened?

Lexie: Sami Brady happened. She followed me into the ladies' room.

Abe: So now you want to tell me what's going on?

Lexie: No. This is our night, Abe. I don't want to think about her anymore.

Abe: You know, she and Austin look happy. Maybe this marriage would be good for her.

Lexie: Sami doesn't deserve Austin. But you know what? It doesn't matter because she won't have him for long. She'll lose him. She'll screw this up, just like she screws up everything else in her life.

Jack: Jennifer, did you and Frankie... did you get...

Jennifer: No, we didn't, because I realized that no one, no one could ever take your place. You are the only man that I could ever truly love, Jack.

Jack: And you're the only woman for me.

Jack: It could be that way. I just have to believe.

Jennifer: No. No, listen to me. I don't want to postpone this wedding. I love you, and I want to marry you. I'm ready to move on with my life...if you'll have me.

Frankie: Oh, please. I've been wanting to marry you since we were teenagers.

John: What do you say we check out of this hotel so I can take you home?

Marlena: Home. Mmm, that sounds so wonderful.

John: It sure does. Come on.

Hope: It's over, Brady.

Bo: Hope, don't say that. We can make it through this.

Hope: No, we can’t. So go home... back to Salem, back to Billie. You're gonna need each other when Chelsea's trial starts.

Bo: Hope, you're the one I need.

Hope: Brady, you have proven over and over again you don't mean that.

Bo: Yes, I do.

Hope: No. Oh, right, you do. I forgot -- to save your daughter's life. But I'll tell you something, Brady, that's never gonna happen because when I get back to Salem, I'm gonna do my damnedest to make sure they put her away for as long as the law will allow, and there is nothing you can say or do that's gonna stop me.

Bo: Hope, please.

Hope: Please, don’t. We will never, ever be together again.

Abby: I'd appreciate it if you didn't use dad's memory to try and manipulate me into staying in your house and having no life.

John: They can't blame you for your behavior.

Lexie: If anyone is to blame, it's me.

Shawn D.: I'm glad you're home.

Hope: This isn't my home... not anymore.

Bo: She's here and just itching to testify at Chelsea's trial.

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