Days Transcript Tuesday 5/9/06

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 5/9/06 - Canada; Wednesday 5/10/06 - U.S.A.


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Chelsea: Hey, I'm glad you're here.

Max: Why? What's going on?

Chelsea: I just came from your brother's office, and I kind of need a favor.

Max: You want a favor from me?

Chelsea: Yeah, is that a problem?

Max: This is so typical of you, Chelsea.

Chelsea: What?

Max: You treat me like crap, and then the minute you need something, it's like nothing happened.

Chelsea: No, what happened was you hate seeing me have a good time, and now you're treating me like crap.

Max: Forget it. What do you want?

Chelsea: I was just wondering if maybe you would be a character witness for me at my trial.

Max: A character witness.

Chelsea: Don't be so surprised, Max. You're a celebrity. Well, sort of. You're clean-cut. You're sincere. Maybe if you tell the Judge what a good person I am, then he'll let me --

Shawn D.: He'll what? He'll what? Let you walk?

Chelsea: Shawn, I didn't know that you were here.

Shawn D.: You think just 'cause Max is a race car driver that they're gonna let you out of jail? You think he should even try?

Austin: You're really sure about this? You've made up your mind?

Carrie: Yes, my future is with Lucas.

Austin: Wow. Wow, I'm, um... I'm really sorry for putting you both through all this.

Lucas: It's fine.

Austin: I just really thought --

Carrie: I didn't mean to keep your hopes up, Austin. I don't know how to make it any clearer. What you and I had, that's in the past.

Lucas: So, it's settled, right? For good this time, bro?

Austin: I'm, uh, I'm sorry for pressuring you. I mean, all this time, I read you all wrong.

Carrie: I'm sorry.

Lucas: What do you have to be sorry about?

Carrie: I'm sure it seemed to Austin like I was waffling, but I'm not -- or I wasnít. I love you, Lucas.

Lucas: I love you, too.

Carrie: Okay.

Lucas: Come on. Let's go.

Carrie: Yeah.

Lucas: See ya.

Carrie: Hi. Excuse me.

Lucas: I'm really glad that's over. I'm glad that Austin finally got the message, you know? I'm gonna get a soda. Do you want anything -- something with a little more kick? Anything at all? Are you, uh -- you okay?

Carrie: No, I'm not.

John: Well, here's your warning, Alex North. If you hurt my wife, I'm gonna spend the rest of my days hunting you down.

Alex: Oh, my goodness. Look at the time. I really must run. But I will give your love to Marlena, John. Ta-ta. Why don't you just give up, John? You're never going to win.

John: Damn, I didn't have him on long enough for a trace.

Bo: Hey. Anything new on Marlena and North?

John: Yeah, he just called.

Bo: What'd he say?

John: In a nutshell, he's gonna kill my wife. I'm at the end of my rope. No one knows where he took her. How the hell am I supposed to save her?

Marlena: Hope?

Hope: Oh, my God. Marlena.

Marlena: That is you.

Hope: Yes. Uh... what an amazing coincidence. Are you all right?

Alex: Well, of course she's all right.

Marlena: Look who's here.

Alex: I see. Small world.

Hope: Yes, very. I just -- I can't believe that you're here. What are the two of you doing here?

Alex: I suppose we could ask you the same question. But a far more interesting question would be, where's Bo?

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Sami: Hey, Austin, do you want me to make you a sandwich or something? Or I could get some coffee going and get you a biscotti.

Austin: Huh? No. No, no thank you. I got to get back to work. You know, life goes on.

Sami: Well, I have, in that case, something to show you.

Austin: What's this?

Sami: I had a strategy meeting with the head of marketing today, and I -- well, I told him about my ideas to relaunch Highstyle. So, what do you think?

Austin: This is really nice.

Sami: Really?

Austin: Yeah, yeah. I'm really impressed. I mean, this is A... well-mapped-out plan. You know, I'm gonna green-light this.

Sami: Oh, that's great, Austin.

Austin: I got to tell you, I am really -- I am really lucky to have you on my team. You know, I got a new assignment for you.

Sami: Um, before you do that, I have to talk to you.

Austin: Yeah, what about?

Sami: I don't want a new assignment. I have a project that I'm working on for myself.

Austin: Really? Wow. Really? What about?

Sami: Well, like you said, life goes on, and I need to move on with my life without you.

Lucas: Look, Carrie, I'm sorry you had to go through this again. I know you feel real bad about having to hurt Austin. To tell you the truth, so do I.

Carrie: You do?

Lucas: Of course I do. He's my brother, not my enemy, you know? He loves you. He wants to fight for you. I can't really blame him for that. I'd do the exact same thing. I'm just glad you're marrying me.

Carrie: I never wanted to hurt either one of you.

Lucas: Well, of course you didn't, but he backed you into a corner. He gave you no choice. What else were you supposed to do? If you ask me, I think you handled things great. You couldn't have handled things better. You need to cheer up, don't you?

Carrie: Yeah.

Lucas: And I got something that I think will help.

Carrie: You do?

Lucas: Uh-huh. I do. You got to check this out. Feast your eyes.

Carrie: What do you have? You're always surprising me.

Lucas: I am. I'm glad. Look.

Carrie: Look.

Lucas: Come on! Come on!

Carrie: [Gasps] Lucas, what is all this?

Max: Take it easy, Shawn.

Shawn D.: Are you kidding me? She needs a reality check. Character witnesses are not gonna help you -- not Max's, not anyone's. My mother could give you a hug in front of the Judge, and that is not gonna help. You need to face the consequences of what you did. And you know what? I'm glad.

Max: Don't you think you were just a little bit too harsh?

Shawn D.: No, I donít.

Mimi: Honey, I know you probably don't want to hear this, but maybe it's time you gave Chelsea a break.

Shawn D.: [Exhales sharply]

Alex: I didn't realize that you had run off with Patrick Lockhart. Did you, Marlena?

Patrick: We didn't run off together.

Hope: No, we didnít. We-we -- it wasn't planned. We just happened to bump into each other down here.

Alex: Oh, that must have been some bump. I mean, here you are sharing a room.

Hope: For your information, I left Bo. He's back in Salem. And I'm starting over. I'm surprised you didn't know that.

Alex: Well, apparently you and I have been sorely out of touch with the latest news from Salem, Marlena. But we do have the perfect excuse. You see, Marlena and I have just renewed our wedding vows, and we are here on our honeymoon.

Hope: Oh, oh, I see. Well, I hope the two of you enjoy your stay.

Alex: I'm sure we will.

Hope: Marlena, could I ask a favor?

Marlena: Of course.

Hope: When you get back to Salem, please don't tell anyone you saw me here. I don't want anyone to know where I am, especially Bo.

John: Well, here's your warning, Alex North. If you hurt my wife, I'm gonna spend the rest of my days hunting you down.

Alex: Oh, my goodness. Look at the time. I really must run. But I will give your love to Marlena, John.

John: Could have kept him on a few seconds longer, I'd have been able to track down Marlena's location. I think he knew that I was tracing him, though.

Bo: John, he didn't say anything about killing her.

John: Bo, that's what he meant, and he said it in so many words, for God's sakes.

Caroline: Hi.

John: Hey.

Caroline: I brought you some goodies.

Bo: Mom, what are you doing here?

Caroline: Well, I'm sorry to interrupt you. Hello, John.

John: Hey, how are you, Caroline? Good to see you.

Caroline: It's always good to see you, John. How is Marlena?

John: Well, I don't know. That's what I'm talking to Bo about. I'm trying to find her.

Bo: Mom, is there something wrong?

Caroline: No, no, no! I just brought you some chicken and dumplings 'cause I know how much you like them.

John: Damn, that smells good.

Caroline: There's plenty of it, so you just dig in, John.

Bo: I appreciate this, Mom, but you didn't drive all the way down here to get me lunch.

Caroline: Well, that's not the only reason. I thought you might want to know I talked to Hope.

Austin: What are you saying?

Sami: It's actually something you said, Austin. When you were telling me that you still have feelings for Carrie and you weren't sure about us, you said you really thought that Carrie was gonna break up with Lucas to be with you.

Austin: Yeah, yeah, I did. Yeah, I'm -- wow. Was I deluding myself or what?

Sami: Well, you said that it didn't matter which way Carrie decided. You weren't sure you wanted to be with me, and those words have sort of been echoing in my head. And I've been thinking a lot about it. And look, Austin, after everything I went through with Lucas, I don't think I can put myself through that kind of loss again. I love you. And I probably always will, but I can't spend the rest of my life trying to make a relationship with a man who doesn't love me.

Austin: But I was honest with you.

Sami: And I appreciate that, and now I'm trying to be honest with you.

Austin: I told you what was going on with me. When I kept talking to Carrie, I kept getting these vibes that she wasn't fully committed to Lucas.

Sami: Vibes? Austin, she said she didn't want to be with you.

Austin: But that's what she kept saying. But yeah, her heart wasn't in it -- at least I didn't think it was. I mean -- I don't know. I just felt like she was hiding something or kept waiting to hear something before she could make her final decision. I don't know. Maybe I'm just completely nuts, you know? Even when she told me she was staying with Lucas, it just.... it just felt like it wasn't so much she choosing him. It's more she was, like, afraid to be with me. You're her sister. Do you have any idea what I'm talking about -- why being with me would scare her like that?

Lexie: Sami, she's your sister.

Sami: I know she is, and I'll see to it that she marries Lucas.

Sami: Austin, I have no idea why Carrie made the decision that she did. But I do know that you haven't given up on her, that you want to be with Carrie, and you have not accepted that she doesn't want to be with you. And believe me, I can relate. I sympathize with how difficult it is to see the love of your life moving on without you.

Lucas: Uh-huh.

Carrie: Hoo-hoo! Travel brochures? Are you trying to tell me something?

Lucas: I am. Let your imagination run wild. Carrie Brady, you get to choose where you want to have your honeymoon.

Carrie: Oh, my goodness! This is incredible!

Lucas: Isn't it?

Carrie: Whoa, these are 5-star hotels, Lucas. Oh, my goodness. A private jet. That would cost a fortune.

Lucas: Yeah, cost a little bit of a fortune. My mom's paying for the whole thing. Let's not worry about it. She wants to pay for the wedding and the honeymoon of our dreams.

Carrie: That is so generous. I don't know how I'd feel about accepting that.

Lucas: Come on, let her do it. She wants to do it, and we're letting her, okay?

Carrie: What would you say if I told you I always wanted to go to Venice?

Lucas: Good call. Venice it is. Perfect.

Carrie: Could we really do that?

Lucas: Yeah.

Carrie: That would be a dream come true.

Lucas: You're a dream come true. And I love you so much.

Shawn D.: I know you want me to make nice to Chelsea, but that's not gonna happen. She is the reason my family no longer exists.

Mimi: I know --

Shawn D.: I know that she didn't mean to get into the accident. I know it wasn't done on purpose, but she was talking on her phone. She wasn't looking at the road. She wasn't paying any attention. She didn't stop after she hit him. She is the most selfish person that I know, and I don't care what anyone says. She, yes, might be my sister, but I still hate her, and no one's gonna talk me out of that.

Mimi: Shawn, I understand how you feel. I do. But she loved Zack, too.

Shawn D.: She barely knows him.

Mimi: All right, well, you know what? She's gonna have to live with this for the rest of her life.

Shawn D.: Yeah, well, and she should. We all have to live with this for the rest of our lives.

Mimi: I just hate seeing you so upset, that's all.

Shawn D.: [Sighs] You know, I don't want to talk about this, okay? I'm sorry. Just tell me how your day's going.

Mimi: I'm fine.

Shawn D.: Yeah?

Mimi: Mm-hmm.

Shawn D.: Did you have another appointment at the hospital?

Mimi: Yeah, with the fertility specialist, but it's not until later.

Shawn D.: Oh, so, you stopped by 'cause?

Mimi: 'Cause I wanted to see if you wanted to have lunch. I want to go to Buddy's.

Shawn D.: Buddy's? Oh, my -- that would be so good right now, but I canít. I'm sorry. I'm swamped.

Mimi: Okay.

Shawn D.: But I can make it up to you.

Mimi: Well, when I'm having a craving.

Shawn D.: Oh, yes, absolutely when you're having a craving. It's just I told Max I need extra work around here. I wanted to start saving up extra money, bank it for our baby.

Mimi: I did the same thing. I called Gloriane and asked her for more hours, and I'm gonna see if the Java Cafť could use me on one of their weekend shifts.

Shawn D.: Are you sure you want to do that?

Mimi: Yeah, like you said, we need the money.

Shawn D.: All right. It's just, we can always dip into the trust fund if we really need the money that bad.

Mimi: No! That is for our baby's college.

Shawn D.: Well, what about the check that Gran gave us? That's a lot of extra money.

Mimi: We should save that for emergencies. I really want to try and get by on our own, Shawn.

Shawn D.: You're right.

Mimi: Yeah, and I want to set this kind of example for our kids, you know -- the kind that I never got from my parents.

Shawn D.: Yeah, well, how angry was my mom with me when I dropped out of college, but you know what? I am happy, and I know I'm exactly where I want to be.

Mimi: Me too.

Shawn D.: Oh, I'm greasy.

Mimi: I don't care. So, what's wrong with this car?

Shawn D.: This car -- oh, it's just -- when it's starting up, it's failing when it's idling.

Mimi: Did you check the carburetor?

Shawn D.: Uh, yes, and I changed the plugs.

Mimi: Well, hello! The vacuum hose has come loose from the intake. That's your problem.

Max: Hey.

Chelsea: Thanks.

Max: Mm-hmm.

Chelsea: You're too nice to me, you know that?

Max: Yeah, I know.

Chelsea: I really am worried, Max.

Max: I'm sure you are, but you're gonna get through this.

Chelsea: Yeah, I don't know.

Max: Really, whatever the outcome of the trial is, we'll deal with it.

Chelsea: You mean I'll deal with it.

Max: No, we'll deal with it. All right, you're not alone. You got me.

Chelsea: But you were mad at me two seconds ago.

Max: Well, I'm not going anywhere. And I hope you're not going anywhere either. So, I want you to stop hanging out at the clubs and getting your picture in the paper. I want you to stop getting drunk and picking up guys you don't even know. I know you're tired of hearing it. Trust me, the people who care about you are tired of saying it. But your freedom's at stake here. Everything you do is gonna be looked at through a microscope. So I want you to promise me that you'll stop running wild every time you're bored or scared or whatever. And if you can do that, then I'll be with you every step of the way.

Chelsea: Even if it causes problems between you and Shawn?

Max: I won't let that happen, okay? If you're totally honest with me, then you'll be first in my life.

Hope: Hey. Hi.

Marlena: Hi. I've got to say, the last thing I ever would have expected to see was you with Patrick Lockhart.

Hope: Yeah, believe me, neither did I. It just, you know, just sort of happened. I know you're wondering about Bo. I filed for divorce.

Marlena: Oh, I'm so sorry.

Hope: Yeah, it's sad -- very sad. I need to move on.

Marlena: Are you sure that's what you want?

Hope: Yeah.

Marlena: Did Patrick have anything to do with your decision to --

Hope: No. No, like I told you, we really did -- we just ran into each other down here -- total coincidence. But you know what? I want to hear about you and Alex. Marlena, I have been so worried about you.

Marlena: Oh. Oh, my goodness. I'm fine, as you can see.

Hope: But you still have amnesia.

Marlena: Yes, sadly, I do.

Hope: There's something that's bothering me.

Marlena: What?

Hope: I don't quite know how to put this, but you just -- you don't seem like my old friend.

Marlena: I don't know what you mean.

Hope: It's you and Alex. I don't know what it is, but there's something about the two of you that's just -- it's not right.

Marlena: What do you mean? We're very happy.

Hope: When did the two of you get remarried?

Marlena: Right before we got here. We had a very small ceremony. Actually, it's a good thing that it was small because it was almost Alex's funeral.

Hope: What? What are you talking about?

Marlena: John tried to kill him. He almost succeeded.

John: I'm gonna call the ISA and lean on them to help me find Doc before North carries through on his threat.

Bo: Catch you later. Good luck. Ma --

Caroline: I just can't believe this. It's terrible what you two are going through. The women you love are gone. You can't even find out where they are.

Bo: Ma, you said you talked to Hope. Don't leave me hanging here. How'd that happen?

Caroline: Well, I tried, Bo. You know, I tried to reach out to her. It just -- she wouldn't listen to me.

Bo: Yeah, well, apparently she's not listening to anybody. Where'd you get her number from?

Caroline: I can't say.

Bo: Come on, Ma, don't do this. It had to be Jen or Frankie, right?

Caroline: I wish that I could tell you, you know, because I really believe you're the only one that has a chance of getting through to her.

[Knock on door]

Alex: Well, I wondered when you might be making contact. Come in.

Patrick: I got the message that you wanted to talk. You say you have a job for me.

Alex: That's right. I think it'll be something right up your alley.

Patrick: Well, I'm sorry, but I'm not in that line of work anymore.

Alex: Of course you are. I looked you up in the yellow pages -- right there under "thuggery and skullduggery."

Patrick: Funny.

Alex: Seriously, you need my help as much as I need yours.

Patrick: I don't think so.

Alex: Lockhart... I need a man with your skills on my team.

Patrick: Your team?

Alex: Figure of speech. Let's just say that any man who's slick enough to steal Hope Williams away from Bo Brady is a man I want on my side. But if you want to stay in Hope's life, you're going to need my help.

Chelsea: You're amazing, you know that? After every stupid thing I've done, you still haven't given up on me.

Max: You don't make it all that easy.

Chelsea: I'm sorry. I'm incredibly lucky to have my mom and dad behind me. I know that, but... to have you believe in me... I could almost cry. You're like my guardian angel.

Max: Yeah.

Shawn D.: So, how did you learn so much about cars?

Mimi: Patrick -- he spent a whole summer teaching me auto repair in case some guy I was out with pretended that his car broke down at lookout point or something. Anyway, speaking of Patrick, I was thinking about what your dad said, and I can't believe that he thinks that Patrick had something to do with Alma's death.

Shawn D.: I don't know if he thinks that. He said he's following up on a lead.

Mimi: The lead's gonna go nowhere. Patrick is a great guy, Shawn. I do worry about him, though. It's funny. I mean, he's been involved with a lot of women, but Alma was the only one that he was ever really serious about. I just hope that he can find that kind of love again.

Shawn D.: I hope so, too.

Mimi: Thank you. It's nice of you to say that.

Shawn D.: Come on. Don't you know I want what you want?

Mimi: I just want him to be happy -- as happy as we are.

Shawn D.: Let's see if this car works.

Mimi: Okay. [Engine turns over]

Shawn D.: Wow. Sounds great thanks to you.

Mimi: I'll close this for you.

Shawn D.: Okay.

Mimi: Oh, honey, look at this. Come here.

Shawn D.: What? What? Oh, the cap on the oil fill's loose, too?

Mimi: Yeah.


Mimi: Oh! Oh! Aah!

Shawn D.: Jeez.

Austin: You're right. Carrie has moved on.

Sami: And now I am gonna move on, too. Austin, I've spent my whole life thinking that I needed a man to make me happy. And I chased after you for so long. And -- and then there was Brandon. And then there was Lucas. And I went from relationship to relationship, and every relationship would end in this horrible disaster. And I would be the one humiliated. And I'm just tired of being a pathetic loser.

Austin: You're not a loser.

Sami: Yeah, I am, and I --

Austin: No.

Sami: Look, I don't want to be anymore. So starting today, I am changing my life. When it became clear to me how -- how hooked you still are on Carrie, I guess something inside me just snapped, and I realized that this relationship is not healthy. So I have to get out of your life, and I have to ask you to get out of mine.

Austin: Stop it. Will you just --

Sami: No, Austin, please, please, please don't try to change my mind. This is really important to me. I have to find a way to become more realistic. I cant spend my life chasing after false hopes and unrealistic fantasies. Our relationship is not real, so we shouldn't be living together, and I would like you to move out, please.

Austin: You really want me to leave.

Sami: I think that would be better for both of us.

Austin: Okay, um... well, I mean, just because I thought I had a chance with Carrie doesn't mean that you're not important to me. You are. I mean, we laugh a lot. And you're a great friend.

Sami: Oh, yeah, I'm a real pal.

Austin: You are, among many other things.

Sami: Austin, I really don't want your pity.

Austin: You think I pity you?

Sami: Yeah, I think you do, and I think that is the only reason you got involved with me in the first place. I --

Austin: Well, you're wrong. Look at me. Look at me. Don't you know that I care about you? Always have. Can't you see it?

Alex: Look, don't get me wrong. I'm sure you're catnip to the ladies, but you're going to need a lot more than a handsome mug and a hard body to keep a woman like Hope interested.

Patrick: If you're suggesting I don't have the intelligence or social skills, I can assure you Hope and I have no trouble communicating.

Alex: That's not what I'm talking about.

Patrick: Oh, so tell me. I'm sure a big-time pseudo shrink like yourself has all the answers.

Alex: I am talking about your bank account. Hotels like this don't come cheap.

Patrick: Get to the point.

Alex: The point is you obviously like the good life. So does Hope. That requires money.

Patrick: Not necessarily. I've had plenty of good nights at the casino. And Hope isn't high-maintenance.

Alex: Give them half a chance, my boy, and all women are high-maintenance. And I am talking serious money here -- money that I have and you donít. Now, I am making you a proposition.

Patrick: All right. I'm listening.

Alex: I have certain plans -- plans that require an ally to help me put those plans in motion.

Patrick: And these plans are to do what exactly?

Alex: Well, let's just say that they aren't quite kosher.

Patrick: I take it you're not referring to the dietary laws.

Alex: That would be a safe assumption.

Patrick: You're gonna have to be more specific, North. I need details.

Alex: All in due course. For the time being, let me offer you a small advance.

Hope: Marlena, I have known John for a lot of years, and he would never, ever do something like this unless he thought you were in danger, which means you need to go back to Salem and John as soon as you can.

Bo: Ma, come on. You got to give me the number. It's the only way I can reach Hope.

Caroline: Bo, no, I really canít. I promised Hope. She was adamant.. I said I'd never tell --

Bo: How am I supposed to get her to come home? You said yourself that I'm the only one who can convince her.

Caroline: I just -- oh, my God.

Bo: Ma -- Ma, I'll get it.

Caroline: Yeah, okay.

Bo: Thanks, Ma.

Caroline: What? What? Well, I guess you're not gonna eat this. I'll put it in the fridge.

Bo: Okay, thanks.

Caroline: Yeah. [Door closes]

Mimi: Oh, yuck. What is with that car?

Shawn D.: I don't know. It's a piece of junk. First it's the vacuum hose, then the oil fill. It's a good thing you caught that, though.

Mimi: Well, if the owner had driven off with the cap not screwed on and the dipstick wasn't all the way in either, he would have had a real problem.

Shawn D.: Yeah, so, you saved my butt.

Mimi: Yeah, I did.

Shawn D.: You did. You're like a triple threat. You're a receptionist. You're a waitress. You're a grease monkey. Is there anything you're not good at, Mrs. Brady?

Mimi: Well, I can't cook.

Shawn D.: This is true.

Mimi: [Laughs]

Shawn D.: It just makes me wonder what other secrets you're keeping from me.

Chelsea: Thanks, Max.

Max: Mm-hmm.

Chelsea: I owe you big-time.

Max: Yeah, just don't forget about what we talked about.

Chelsea: I wonít. Listen, I should probably head home.

Max: Yeah, I should probably get back to work.

Chelsea: I'll see you later?

Max: Absolutely. You feel any better?

Chelsea: Yeah. I actually think that things might work out.

Max: Don't lose that thought. I'll call you later.

Chelsea: Okay.

Lucas: [Exhales sharply]

Carrie: Mmm. What are you thinking?

Lucas: I'm thinking about you -- how happy you make me.

Carrie: Mmm. That's funny. I was thinking the same thing about you.

Lucas: You think I'm making you happy now, you better hold on 'cause I'm just getting started.

Carrie: Yeah?

Lucas: Mm-hmm.

Sami: Are you saying that you care about me as more than a friend?

Austin: I don't make love to women who are just friends. I love you.

Sami: You're just saying that because you know that's what I want to hear --

Austin: I'm not just saying that. But I do have to tell you -- I still have feelings for Carrie.

Sami: You love us both. Then we're back to where we started, Austin, and I don't think that you have gotten over her. You have to take the time to move on from Carrie.

Austin: I know. I know. I will. That's gonna take time. I'm accepting the fact that she's my past. You and me -- I hope that'll be the future. But here's the deal -- I am not rushing into anything with you. If we're gonna be getting closer, having a real relationship, we're gonna do it the right way.

Sami: That's all I wanted to hear. I love you, Austin, and I'll do anything for you.

Austin: Okay, then. Then we'll go nice and slow.

John: That's a good idea. Listen, you come up with anything at all, you call my cell phone, okay? Yeah, thanks.

Caroline: Still not able to track down Marlena?

John: Yeah, I'm afraid not. Don't worry, Caroline. I'm not giving up.

Caroline: Well, I know you wonít. Just know you and Marlena are in my prayers.

John: Thanks. I think it's gonna take more than prayers to get Marlena away from Alex North.

Alex: I'll be in touch.

Patrick: [Sighs]

Marlena: Why does everybody keep trying to push John on me? He almost killed my husband. There's something really wrong with him.

Hope: Marlena all he is trying to do is protect you. John's the most decent, most loving man you'll ever meet, ever know.

Hope: [Telephone rings] I'm sorry. I've got to get that. Hey, could you -- oh, hey. Did you just win all that?

Patrick: Yeah, yeah, we're gonna celebrate tonight.

Hope: Patrick, could you answer that? I think it's Jennifer.

Patrick: Sure.

Hope: Thank you.

Patrick: Hello?

Bo: Hello?

Hope: Is it Jen?

Bo: Lockhart? What the hell are you doing with my wife? Answer me, damn it!

Hope: Okay, fine, one question.

Bo: Have you been sleeping with Lockhart?

Shawn D.: I feel like I've been waiting forever, but promise me, don't do anything to make Mimi suspicious.

Bo: So, what's the plan?

John: I'm gonna get to that island and rescue my wife before Alex North kills her.

Alex: You help me eliminate John Black. I help you get rid of Bo Brady.

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