Days Transcript Monday 5/8/06

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 5/8/06 - Canada; Tuesday 5/9/06 - U.S.A.


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[Door slams open]

Shawn D.: Man, I got to fix that door. Hey, what are you reading?

Mimi: The in vitro information that Lexie gave us. It's amazing that -- what's that?

Shawn D.: That is a present. I didn't have enough wrapping paper to wrap it, but --

Mimi: Is it for me?

Shawn D.: Well, open it and find out.

Mimi: Hmm. You did a great job wrapping it.

Shawn D.: Thank you.

Mimi: Aw. Babe, that is so sweet. [Laughs]

Hope: [Sighs] Another beautiful day in paradise.

Patrick: It sure is. What do you say we take a bike ride to the north side of the island and do a little snorkeling?

Hope: I'd like that.

Patrick: Good. I know a spot that attracts the most exotic, colorful fish, and on a day like today, the water's probably clear for 30 feet or so.

Hope: Sounds beautiful.

Patrick: It is. But not as beautiful as you are. Now, don't be surprised if we're snorkeling and the fish come over to get a good look at you.

Hope: Oh, my -- Patrick. [Cell phone rings] I'd better get that.

Patrick: Okay.

Hope: It's probably Uncle Mickey or Frankie calling about the divorce.

Patrick: I'll give you some privacy.

Hope: Thank you. Hello?

Caroline: Hope, is that you?

Hope: Caroline? How did you get this number? Did Frankie give it to you? Wait a second. Oh, my God. Did something happen? Is Shawn all right?

Caroline: Oh, Shawn is fine. He and Mimi just got back from the honeymoon. I'm calling about Bo.

Hope: What about him?

Caroline: Darling, I need to talk to you about my son.

Bo: This killer the Chicago P.D.'s looking for has got to be Lockhart. Everything fits.

John: I'm glad you're in, Bo. I need your help.

Bo: Hey, man, I'm in the middle of something.

John: You got to drop it. I finally have tangible proof that Alex North is gonna kill Marlena.

Alex: I'll pocket a substantial amount of cash when I sell Marlena's penthouse, but when my blushing bride meets her maker, this life-insurance policy will make the pot even sweeter.


Marlena: When exactly did you plan to tell me about this?

Lucas: Tell my brother one more time to stop living in a fantasy land. Tell him you're gonna be with me.

Austin: Don't be so sure.

Lucas: That is my engagement ring on her finger.

Austin: Hey, plenty of engagements wind up broken. You of all people should know about that.

Lucas: But not this one. Trust me.

Austin: You know, initially, she said yes, but look at her questioning her decision.

Lucas: In your dreams, she is. She's fine.

Austin: You are, aren't you?

Lexie: Get your hands off --

Sami: So you can tell Carrie the truth? I don't think so.

Lexie: Carrie and Austin belong together, Sami. I'm not gonna lie for you anymore.

Sami: Fine, then I'll tell Abe the truth about your sordid affair with Tek. Then maybe, yeah, Carrie and Austin will get together, but you and Abe will be history.

Lexie: Sami, I took an oath as a doctor to do no harm, to help my patients.

Sami: What happened to your oath to your husband? What happened with that, huh?

Lexie: When Tek and I started seeing each other --

Sami: "Seeing each other"? That's a pretty polite word for what I saw in the park.

Lexie: We thought -- you know that we all thought that Abe was dead.

Sami: Yeah, and then it turned out that Abe wasn't dead, Lexie. So why didn't you stop seeing Tek then?

Lexie: Oh, things just -- they just kept happening, Sami, okay?

Sami: Oh, I think Abe will really understand that. So will the Judge that's awarding custody of Theo.

Lexie: I can make Abe understand.

Sami: You are dreaming if you think that Abe will ever forgive you. If you tell Carrie the truth, you will end up all alone, and you'll end up with nothing.

Lexie: Maybe you're right, Sami. What I did was wrong. There are no excuses. But at least I can try to make amends to the people that I've hurt, and I am going to. But you -- you'll lose Austin, you'll live the rest of your life alone, and you'll burn in hell for all eternity.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Caroline: Hope, please listen to me.

Hope: Caroline, I love you. You and Shawn are like parents to me.

Caroline: Well, then, dear, hear me out.

Hope: But I'm gonna tell you the same thing I told Jennifer and the rest of the family. Please, I need you to stay out of this.

Caroline: I can't do that.

Hope: Please, you have to.

Caroline: I can't, Hope. [Voice breaking] I can't stand by...and I can't watch two people that I love as much as you and Bo -- and whom I know love each other -- make a really terrible mistake.

[Telephone rings]

Patrick: Hello? How the hell did you find out I was here?

Bo: What kind of proof do you have?

John: I just got a call from a real estate agent saying North suggested that I might find it kind of interesting to know that Marlena's penthouse is on the market -- fully furnished, all of her belongings.

Bo: That doesn't prove anything.

John: All of her belongings, Bo. That's her home.

Bo: There are a lot of memories there with you. Maybe she wants to start fresh with North.

John: Bo, she doesn't remember our past together. There's no reason to get rid of it. Besides, before North took her away, she told Kate, "as soon as the honeymoon's over, I'm coming right back to Salem."

Bo: She could have changed her mind.

John: He's gonna kill her. He's gonna dispose of her possessions first, and then he's gonna dispose of her.

Marlena: I can't believe what you're doing.

Alex: You weren't supposed to see that.

Marlena: Obviously not. But I did.

Mimi: Where did you get this? It's so beautiful.

Shawn D.: Actually, my Grandpa Shawn made it for my dad when he was a kid, and then he passed it on to me.

Mimi: It's amazing. It still looks new. Your mom must keep that attic awfully clean.

Shawn D.: Actually, I didn't get it in the attic. I got it out of Zack's room.

Lucas: This is ridiculous. You're upsetting her, obviously. She's made her choice, all right? Accept it.

Austin: I don't want to upset you or disrespect you. You're my brother.

Lucas: Yeah?

Austin: I have loved you for so long, and I know that you loved me, too. I just want you to be sure that you are marrying the right man.

Lucas: She is, all right?

Austin: I want to hear her say it. Please, I mean... just think back to all the times we shared. And then you can honestly tell me that you're gonna choose Lucas over me.

Austin: For you.

Carrie: Where did you get that?

Austin: Well, I climbed down the fire escape, picked it from Mrs. Willy's garden. She says hello, by the way.

Carrie: I love you.

Carrie: [Gasps] Austin, everything looks so beautiful.

Austin: I just wanted to make up for last night -- for us not being together.

Carrie: [Smooches] Oh, I don't ever want to wake up without your arms around me ever, ever again.

Austin: Not a chance of that happening.

Austin: You can't deny our love, can you?

Lucas: Carrie, let's go. We're out of here.

Austin: Not until she answers me.

Sami: When I get to hell, I'll be sure to look you up, Lexie. But in the meantime, I want you to call Carrie and remind her of all the horrible things that will happen if she and Austin have kids.

Lexie: Sami, she's your sister.

Sami: I know she is, and I'll see to it that she marries Lucas.

Lexie: And she thinks you've changed. She just told me how proud she is of you for giving up all of your old manipulative

ways and becoming the caring, kind, loving person that she always believed you were.

Sami: Isn't that sweet?

Lexie: [Chuckles] Oh, goodness. How could such an intelligent, intuitive woman let herself be fooled by you?

Sami: I don't know. Why do people do the things they do?

Lexie: You will never learn, Sami. You're worse than you ever were, you know that?

[Door opens]

Tek: Exactly. And we're through putting up with it.

Patrick: No, I'm not available. I'm on vacation. I'm not in that line of work anymore. Alex North? That's who's asking? [Sighs] All right. I'm interested. Tell me more.

Hope: I really appreciate your concern, but this is between Bo and me.

Caroline: He's my son, and you -- I love you as much as if you were my daughter. I can't -- I can't stand to see you two going through this. Bo is in agony. He's desperate to talk to you.

Hope: I'm well aware of how Bo feels, believe me. But, like I told him, anything left to say is best said through the attorneys, Uncle Mickey and Frankie.

Caroline: Hope, I'm begging you. I have never seen Bo like this. Please don't turn your back on him.

Hope: Bo?

Hope: Let me ask you something. When you saw Bo, was he alone?

Billie: Oh, I could use some serious coffee.

Bo: Let's sit over here, closer to the coffee.

Billie: That's a good idea.

Hope: You're not answering me. He was with Billie, wasn't he? You don't have to say anything. I know he wasn't alone.

Caroline: Hope --

Hope: No, Caroline. I'm sorry, but I didn't turn my back on Bo. He turned his back on me.

Bo: Okay, you can use the department's resources, but I can't spare any manpower.

John: I don't need anybody else -- just you.

Bo: Can't help you. I have to stay focused on this case.

John: What is more important right now than saving Marlena's life?

Bo: The Chicago P.D. have linked Patrick Lockhart to a string of cons that led to a young woman's murder.

John: Well, now, how do you figure that? I don't see his name mentioned here anywhere.

Bo: The description fits him perfectly. I've got to find him and bring him in.

John: [Sarcastically] Yeah, and you say my case is circumstantial.

Bo: It won't be when I'm finished. You can use the computer. I got to track down this lead.

John: Sounds like a diversion to keep from thinking about Hope. Have you reached her yet?

Bo: I've tried, but she doesn't want to have anything to do with me. You know, John, we said we wouldn't give up on our wives, but it looks like, maybe eventually, we're gonna have to respect their wishes and let them go.

John: Well, I'm never gonna give up on Doc, Bo. Never gonna happen.

Alex: Well, now that you've caught a glimpse of what I was up to, I might as well let you in on the rest of my little secret.

Marlena: It's pretty obvious. You're taking out an insurance policy...on my life.

Mimi: It must have been so hard for you to take this out of Zack's room.

Shawn D.: It was.

Mimi: You know what? Maybe we should just put it back. We don't need it yet, and your parents probably don't want things disturbed.

Shawn D.: Why not? Things are already disturbed at the homestead. My mom's not even living there anymore, Zack's dead, and my parents are getting a divorce. It's done.. Plus Zack would want this in a home that was filled with love, and I'm sure my parents feel the same way. 'Cause Henry the horse here -- by the way, that's his name. Henry. He's a horse, of course.

Mimi: [Laughs]

Shawn D.: He meant a lot to Zack, and he's gonna mean a lot to our baby. What? What's wrong?

Mimi: Nothing. I just love you so much.

Shawn D.: I love you, too.

Mimi: I know how much your family has always meant to you, and I'm so sorry that it feels like they're being torn apart. I hate seeing what it's doing to you.

Shawn D.: Well, I don't want to think about that. This is the only family that matters now, and I want to focus on the children that we're gonna have because my mom, my dad, Zack, that family is dead.

Bo: Do you really believe that?

Mimi: Oh, my God.

Carrie: [Exhales deeply]

Lucas: Well, Carrie, come on.

Carrie: Why don't you call me, you tell me everything once you finish looking at the tests?

Carrie: Maybe this isn't the best time to have this conversation?

Austin: Why?

Lucas: Because you're hounding her, that's why. It's over between you two, all right? We're engaged, and we're gonna be married. We're gonna live happily ever after. End of story. You got that? Now tell him. Tell him, Carrie, so we can end this once and for all.

Carrie: [Thinking] Why haven't you called yet, Lexie?

Lucas: Carrie?

Carrie: I'm sorry, Lucas. I canít.

Tek: Your game is over, Sami.

Sami: Is it?

Tek: Yeah, I'm not letting you blackmail Lexie anymore.

Sami: That's pretty strong words coming from someone who stands to lose as much as she does if the truth comes out about you two.

Tek: Don't ever try to threaten me.

Sami: It's not a threat. It's a promise. You know how Abe -- you remember Abe, right? Lexie's husband? Just got promoted to Commissioner of the Salem P.D., so you will lose your job if the truth comes out about how you're sleeping with his wife. You know how cops are. They all consider each other family. They're not gonna be too happy to have you betraying one of

their own.

Lexie: Tek, she's right. You'll lose your job.

Tek: No, no, not necessarily, and if I do, I'll go back to the ISA.

Sami: Oh, the ISA? John Black is in the ISA, and he and Abe are like best friends. And right now John is going through quite an ordeal with Alex trying to steal his own wife, so somehow I don't think he'll be sympathetic to you trying to steal his best friend's wife.

Tek: Yeah, well, John Black doesn't write ISA policy.

Sami: You're right. He doesnít. But he has friends who do. And right now the ISA holds their agents to a pretty high moral and ethical standard. You know, it's a security risk.

Tek: Yeah, I know about that.

Sami: So I'm right. You stand to lose just as much as Lexie, if not more.. So if I were you, I'd be a little nicer to me.

Tek: You're messing with the wrong man this time, Sami.

Sami: I don't think so, Tek. Why don't you make sure you don't make me angry.

Lexie: Don't let her goad you.

Tek: All my professional life, I've been taught never to negotiate with terrorists. I'm not about to start now.

Alex: You're looking particularly lovely in this light, my dear, and you look stunning in this necklace.

Marlena: Yes, it's beautiful.

Alex: Well, it's a symbol of our love. That's why I never want you to take it off.

Marlena: You're not answering my question.

Alex: No, I'm not. I'm sorry. Yes, I was taking out a life-insurance policy on you, but it was supposed to be a surprise. You see, I've already taken one out on myself. Now, every reputable financial advisor is recommending that, just in case something should happen to either one of us, the other one will be protected, will be taken care of, as well as your children.

Marlena: Oh. You've thought of everything.

Alex: I try, my dear. I certainly do try. Now, why don't you run along and change into your bathing suit? And we'll go out for a swim.

Marlena: That sounds nice.

Alex: Go on. Go. Remember, don't take off your necklace.

Marlena: No, I'd feel naked without it.

Shawn D.: Ever heard of knocking?

Bo: The door was open.

Mimi: Don't worry about it. Our casa is su casa, Dad. Oh, wow, I haven't called anyone that in a long time. It feels kind of good.

Bo: Yeah, it does.

Mimi: Can I get you a juice or soda?

Bo: Water would be fine.

Mimi: Sure. Coming right up. Shawn?

Bo: Pretty terrific lady.

Shawn D.: Why, 'cause she calls you dad?

Bo: No, because she's got a big heart. It was wrong of me to just walk in like that. I'm sorry. I'm also sorry to hear you talking about our family the way you do.

Shawn D.: Why? It's true. Mom's gone, Zack's dead, there's nothing left.

Bo: And I know that's got to hurt, and I wish things were very different, believe me. But your mom has made a decision, and no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to change her mind.

Shawn D.: Why would she? [Chuckles] After what you did, after what you let Chelsea do, I don't blame mom for never wanting to forgive you, and I don't want to have anything to do with you, either.

Bo: Shawn, if you'd just give me a chance --

Mimi: Here's your water.

Bo: Thanks.

Mimi: Um, I'm not the world's best cook, but maybe one night you could come by for dinner.

Shawn D.: My dad is a very busy man.

Bo: [Chuckles] We'll play it by ear, okay? Uh...what's Henry doing here? I mean, why'd you take him out of Zack's room?

Shawn D.: Well, since you're here, you might as well know. Mimi and I are planning on having a kid.

Caroline: Hope, please. Just talk to him. I know the two of you can work it out.

Hope: I know you mean well, and I really appreciate the call, but I honestly do not want to discuss this anymore.

Caroline: I thought Bo was stubborn. Hope, come on. Admit it. You still love him.

Patrick: [Exhales deeply] Alex North's offering quite a bit of money. No, not yet. There are some things I have to be sure of first. I'm here with someone... and I won't put her in danger.

John: I'm gonna find you all right, North. [Cell phone rings] And when I do... John Black.

Alex: Hello, Johnny.

John: Alex North.

Alex: Yes, I just thought I'd give you a little ringy-dingy and let you know how much Marlena and I are enjoying our honeymoon.

Mimi: So if the in vitro works, then we can have our own biological child, and if not, then we can still adopt, and down the road, we might still adopt anyway.

Bo: So Henry here is kind of a good-luck charm.

Shawn D.: In a way.

Mimi: Yeah.

Bo: Well, I like that. I think that's good. The day I got him out of my folks' attic, and brought him home, this one was pretty excited. He's the one who named him Henry the horse. Remember that?

Shawn D.: I don't know.

Bo: He was so excited, he jumped on him, put his cowboy hat on, and rode off into the prairie. We couldn't get him off there for hours.

Mimi: [Laughs] I wish you had videos of that.

Bo: We...we just might. I do know that we have video of Zack riding him. I think he liked Henry more than -- more than Shawn did. You do remember that, don't you?

Shawn D.: I remember a lot of things, Dad, but mostly I remember it was your daughter who killed my brother.

Mimi: Shawn.

Shawn D.: How could you let some girl you didn't even know back into your life and just destroy your family?

Bo: She's my family, too, Shawn. She's my kid.

Shawn D.: Well, she's your only family now because you made her more important than mom and Zack and me.

Bo: No, Shawn, that's not true.

Shawn D.: You wouldn't know that by the way you've been acting. You don't know anything about her, and what you do know, how can you not hate her?

Bo: I hate what she's done, but I love her, and that is something you're gonna have to accept.

Shawn D.: Never.

Bo: When you have a kid, you might not feel that way.

Shawn D.: The hell I wouldnít.

Mimi: Um, my brother Patrick had a horse, something like this. It wasn't handmade. I think my mom just bought it after a good day at the track. Anyhow, he was 12 at the time, so he wasn't really into it, so I used to ride it. But then it disappeared when we lost our house, just like everything else.

Bo: Sorry to bring up a bad memory.

Shawn D.: Why'd you come over here, Dad?

Bo: Actually, to talk about your brother, Patrick.

Mimi: Why? What happened? Was he hurt? Is he in some kind of trouble?

Sami: You're gonna call me a terrorist, Tek?

Tek: Well, can you think of a better word?

Sami: I'm just a woman who's gonna make sure she winds up with the man she loves.

Lexie: Okay, okay, Sami, Sami, listen to me. You say you love Austin, but you're denying him the one thing that would truly make him happy -- Carrie.

Sami: I make him happy, and he'll realize that.

Lexie: You're pathetic.

Sami: Well, at least I'm not a tramp.

Lexie: Oh. You know what? If you do wind up with Austin, you will never really make him happy because he will always be dreaming of the life that he could have had with Carrie, and eventually he'll leave you, Sami.

Sami: Shut up and listen to me. You want your boyfriend to hold onto his job, you want to make sure that you can continue to have sex with him whenever you want and still stay married to Abe and keep Theo? Then you're gonna call Carrie right now. Otherwise, I will tell Abe and everyone in this whole town everything about your dirty little secret.

Lucas: You don't want to hurt Austin. That's what this is about.

Austin: Is it, Carrie? Is that why you haven't answered me?

Carrie: I -- [Cellphone rings] Uh, I've got to take this in private. Excuse me.

[Ringing continues]

Carrie: Lexie, thank God. I've been waiting for your call. Austin's pressing me for an answer, and Lucas... I'm just confused. I need all the information before I can decide what I really want to do. Please tell me the news that I want to hear.

Lexie: I'm sorry I took so long, Carrie, but I wanted to be positive about what I had to say.

Carrie: And?

Lexie: And, uh, I've reviewed your test results -- yours and Austin's -- and I consulted with a colleague.

Carrie: Just tell me.

Lexie: There was no mistake. If you ever had children with Austin, the results would be devastating.

Mimi: What's going on with Patrick?

Bo: Do you know if he was ever involved with a woman named Alma Delgado?

Mimi: Yeah, he was. He mentioned her name to me a couple of times, and he never talked about his love life. I think he really cared about her, but she died in some sort of accident. Why are you asking about her?

Bo: Her death wasn't accidental. She was murdered.

Mimi: Oh, my God. You don't think that my brother had anything to do with her murder, do you?

Bo: I'm not sure.

Mimi: Well, I am. Patrick's not a murderer.

Bo: I know you love him and that this is difficult to hear, and maybe you're right, but there are a lot of questions about Alma's past.

Mimi: Patrick loved her. I know that he's done some bad things in the past, but he would never have hurt Alma ever.

Bo: Maybe you're right. But I do have to question him, and if it turns out he was involved with her death, I got to find him before he hurts somebody else.

Hope: You're right, okay? You're right. I do. I still love Bo, but it's completely irrelevant.

Caroline: How can love be irrelevant?

Hope: Because there is no way Bo and I will ever be together again.

Caroline: Hope, you don't mean that.

Hope: Caroline, I'm sorry, but you know what? I have to go.

Caroline: Hope...

Hope: God, I hate this.

[Door opens]

Patrick: Rough phone call?

Hope: Yeah.

Patrick: Well, that's what happens when you deal with lawyers, even when they are your relatives.

Hope: It wasn't them.

Patrick: Who else has your number?

Hope: Frankie gave it to my mother-in-law.

Patrick: Caroline?

Hope: She's not about to let Bo and me get divorced without a fight. I know she's doing it out of love, I know she means well, and I shouldn't expect anything less... it's just so hard to keep talking about it. [Sighs]

Patrick: It's okay.

Alex: It's always a pleasure talking to you, John.

John: You know, I've been trying to get ahold of you, North. Where are you, anyway?

Alex: Well, I'm in paradise. Of course, wherever Marlena is, is paradise.. Don't you agree?

John: Yeah, I do. In fact, I'd like to talk to her about that.

Alex: Oh, now, John, John, not on our honeymoon. Ooh, and what a honeymoon it is.  [Chuckles] The most sensual, exquisite, erotic experience imaginable.

John: Well, that's quite a visual. So when are you planning on coming back to Salem?

Alex: Why, you miss me? [Chuckles] With everything that's going on, I really can't say.

Marlena: I'm changed.

Alex: Oh, well, I'm just finalizing everything with the insurance agent.

Marlena: Oh, good for you. [Smooches]

Alex: I love you, Marlena.

Marlena: Oh, I love you, Mr. Husband.

John: Marlena?! Marlena, it's John! I need to talk to you! Doc!

Alex: I'll tell you what. Why don't you go out on the balcony and get some sun while I finish up here, and then we'll go for that swim.

Marlena: Oh, let's do that. Don't be long.

Alex: I wonít.

Marlena: Don't be long.

Alex: I wonít.

Marlena: [Sighs]

Alex: Oh, John, Marlena does send her love, but, sorry, she couldn't talk just now.

John: You sick son of a bitch. What are you planning on doing to my wife?

Alex: Oh, come now, John. You know exactly what I have planned for Marlena. I mean, I told you everything that day we met at the morgue. I can't believe you don't remember.

John: You're gonna tell me what your plans are for Marlena.

Alex: All right, all right. Let me ask you this. You want a detailed explanation, step-by-step, or do you just want me to cut to the chase and tell you how it's all gonna play out?

John: You just start talking, pal.

Alex: Fine, fine, but do you have a tape recorder? Otherwise, how are you gonna remember all this, huh? Wait a second. You're a hotshot ISA agent. Now, how rewarding would that be to you if I just went ahead and gave you all the answers? No, I've reconsidered. For me to know, for you to find out.

John: Damn it! Tell me!

Alex: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Getting a little rough here, aren't you?

John: You want to lose an eye?

Alex: Okay, I've reconsidered. I've reconsidered. I'll tell you. What I'm going to do to your beloved, precious Doc is to cause her more pain and misery than she has ever suffered -- more than anyone, even you, John, can imagine.

John: You know, Alex North... [Laughs] You're not gonna get away with this.

Alex: [Scoffs] But I already have.

John: Oh, you have, have you? What do you mean by that?

Alex: I mean I am here with Marlena, and you're not. In fact, [Chuckles] You don't even have any idea where "here" is.

Patrick: Hey, why don't we get dressed and go do that snorkeling, huh?

Hope: That sounds like a great idea. Thank you for everything.

Patrick: It's my pleasure.

Marlena: Oh, my goodness. Hope, is that you?

Hope: Marlena.

Austin: You must really want to take a swing at me, huh?

Lucas: Yeah, kind of. Yeah, the thought crossed my mind, but I decided against it.

Austin: Yeah, you got every right to be furious with me. I'm sorry, man. I'm sorry. I really understand. I wish I could just walk away from Carrie, but I can't, man. I'm in love with her. Maybe it's just wishful thinking that she still loves me, but until she tells me she doesn't, part of me is never gonna believe it.

Lucas: Yeah, well, believe it or not, I understand.

Austin: You do?

Lucas: Yes, I do. I felt the exact same way when you guys were together years ago. After spending the last few months with her, I can see why you fell in love with her the way you did. I'd do anything to keep her, just like you. But you know what? You got to let go. You got to give up, all right? It's a lost cause.

Austin: Well, not until Carrie tells me so.

Lucas: You know, Austin, I wish we could clone her. I wish she had an identical twin, but the fact is, she doesnít.

Austin: No, you're right. There is only one Carrie.

Carrie: Thank you for rechecking everything.

Lexie: I'm so sorry, Carrie.

Carrie: I knew it was really a long shot.

Lexie: I'd like nothing more than to be able to give you good news, but that would be incredibly irresponsible of me.

Carrie: I understand. I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

Lexie: Good luck, Carrie.

Lexie: [Hangs up] Are you happy now?

Sami: Overjoyed.

Lexie: You just ruined your sister's life, Sami.

Sami: Carrie is making her own choices here. She is the one who wants the perfect future. She wants a perfect pregnancy, perfect children, and she's choosing that over her supposed love for Austin, so if you ask me, she doesn't belong with him. She doesn't belong with Lucas, either, but that's Carrie's choice, too, and she'll be fine. She always is, and there are fates worse than marrying Lucas.

Lexie: And what about Lucas, Sami?

Sami: He made his choice, too, and now I get to have a happy future with Austin. And you two can go back to doing

whatever it is Oh, and, um, lock the door so no one else walks in on you.

Tek: That smug little --

Lexie: Bitch!

Tek: Exactly.

Lexie: Unfortunately, we only have ourselves to blame.

Tek: The hell we do.

Lexie: Tek, we gave her the ammunition.

Tek: And she loaded the gun.

Lexie: Yeah, but she's still holding it.

Tek: Look, she's gonna pay for this. I promise. I promise.

Lexie: [Sighs]

Tek: This isn't over yet.

Sami: Mission accomplished.

Carrie: I guess this is the choice I was always supposed to make. [Sniffles, sighs]

Carrie: Listen, sorry to keep you waiting.

Lucas: That's all right. Who was on the phone?

Carrie: Uh, my dad.

Lucas: Your dad? Is everything okay?

Carrie: Yeah, fine.

Lucas: Carrie?

Carrie: So where were we?

Lucas: Nowhere.

Austin: You were about to answer my question.

Carrie: Austin, a part of me will always love you. You know that. But I'm sorry. My life and my future is with Lucas.

Lucas: Hey.

Bo: You didn't drive all the way down here to get me lunch.

Caroline: I talked to Hope.

Marlena: It was almost Alex's funeral. John tried to kill him.

Alex: If you want to stay in Hope's life, you're going to need my help.

Austin: It wasn't so much that she was choosing Lucas. It's more she was afraid to be with me.

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